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Blazon of Arms

Coat of Arms
                  LANCASTER COUNTY (974.815) 
     Boughman [Baughman] Cemetery near Georgetown in Bart Twp., PA 
          (Jenkins--1978) NS
     Burial Information of Ream-Reddig Cemetery, Reamstown,, PA (Lesher,
          Albright, & Lee--1973) (unindexed)
     Grave Undertakings:  Gravestone Inscriptions of Old Warwick Twp. in
          Lancaster Co., PA, 2 vols. (Xakellis) NS
     An Index to Tombstones in the Brickerville Cemetery, Brickerville, PA,
          Lancaster Co.:  Based on Records Taken by F. E. Schnerer (Hawbaker) 
     Inscriptions in the old graveyard at Hanover Church, Lancaster Co., PA,
          from Egle's Notes & Queries, series 3, vol. 3, pages 380-381 - yes
          <this cemetery now in Dauphin Co.>
     Lancaster Co., PA, Cemetery Surname Index (Closson & Closson) yes
     Millersville Mennonite Cemetery Index (Hawbaker--1984) NS
     Rutt Cemetery Notes (Rutt--1988) NS
     Steinmetz Cemetery, Between Akron & Ephrata, PA (Cummens) NS
     1790 - 1860 census - yes
     1880 soundex - yes
     1900 soundex - yes
     1920 soundex - yes

     Bergstrasse Evangelical Lutheran Church, Ephrata Twp., Lancaster Co.,
          Parochial Registers, 1753-1915 (Weiser) NS
     Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church, Millersville, PA:  Parochial
          Registers, 1915-1942 (Weiser) NS
     Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Elizabethtown, Lancaster Co., PA,
          Parish Registers, 1770-1904 - NS
     The Cocalico Lutheran Parish, Observing the 25th Anniversary of Our
          Pastor, Harold F. Minnich (1961) (unindexed)
     A Discource Delivered in the Leacock Presbyterian Church, Lancaster Co.,
          Thanksgiving Day, 1854, in Which Is Sketched a History of  That
          Church &
          Congregation from 1741 to the Present Time  (Timlow--1855) NS
     The Earliest Records of Holy Trinity Church, Lancaster, PA, 1730-1744 - 
     Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lancaster, PA, Record Book I,
          (Geissinger & Haupt) NS
     Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lancaster, PA, Marriages, 1891-1948
          (Haupt & Benner) yes
     Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lancaster, PA, Funerals, 1891-1948
          (Haupt & Benner) yes
     Gleanings from our Past:  Masonville, Mennonite Church (Hess, Kendig, &
          Reitsz -- 1975) (unindexed)
     A History of Bethany Charge of the Reformed Church in Lancaster Co.,
          (Tobias --1881) NS
     History of Pequea Presbyterian Church Delivered 8 Sep 1876
          (Alexander --1878) NS
     History of the Cedar Grove Presbyterian Church & Congregation, of East
          Lancaster Co.:  A Colony from the Church of Pequea (Leaman --1853)
     History of the Muddy Creek Reformed Congregation, East Cocalico Twp.,
          Lancaster Co., PA (Hinke--1932) NS
     In Commemoration of the Sesqui-centennial, First Reformed Church, 
          1926 (The Committee on the Sesqui-centennial Celebration--1926) NS
     Lancaster Co., PA, Church Records of the 18th Century (Wright)
     vol. 1:
          Blaser's Reformed Church, West Donegal Twp., baptisms, 1752-1797 - 
          Cocalico Reformed Church, Ephrata Twp., baptisms, 1738-1800;
catechumens, 1766-1779; marriages, 1767-1779; burials, 1767-1777
          - NS
          Manheim Lutheran, baptisms, 1771-1808 - NS
          Manheim Reformed, baptisms, 1771-1810; communions/confirmations,
1771; deaths, 1799-1829 - NS
          Maytown Lutheran (St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church), baptisms,
 marriages, 1771; burials (2); confirmations, 1771, 1774, 1793 - NS
          Maytown Reformed, 1765-1778 - NS
          Muddy Creek Lutheran Congregation, baptisms, 1728-1745; marriages,
1730-1736 - NS
          Muddy Creek Reformed Congregation, baptisms 1743-1800; marriages
burials 1766-1794; catechumens 1767, 1768, 1771, 1775, 1777 - NS
          Pequea Reformed Church, New Providence Twp., baptisms,
catechumens, 1771, 1778, 1779, 1811 - NS
          Reiher's (Reyer's, White Oakes) Reformed Church, near Brickerville,
baptisms, 1766-1800; marriages, 1767-1779; burials, 1767-1778 - 
          Seltenreich Reformed Church, baptisms, 1746-1800; marriages,
1766-1779; deaths, 1767-1778 - NS
          Swamp Church Records, West Cocalico Twp., baptisms, 1788-1800 -
          White Oakes Congregations - NS
          Elizabethtown Lutheran Church - NS
          Bergstrasse Church - NS
     vol. 2:  First Reformed Congregation at Lancaster, PA - yes
     vol. 3:
          Sadsbury Monthly Meeting (Quakers) NS
          St. James Episcopal Church - yes
          St. Mary's Church (Catholic) - NS
          Marriages & Baptisms Performed by Rev. John Cuthbertson - NS
          Baptisms & Marriages Performed by Casper Stover - NS
          Donegal Presbyterian Church, East Donegal Twp. - NS
     Laubers, 1581-1988, of Old Zion, 1818-1988, Brickerville, PA (Lauver)
     A Memorial of the 175th Anniversary of Trinity Lutheran Church,
          Lancaster, PA (Whitteker --1936) NS
     Names on Stained Glass Windows of Old Churches in Lancaster Co., PA
          (Pettigrew --1991) NS
     150th Anniversary of the Presbyterian Church, Columbia, PA, 1807-1957
     133 Years:  A Sketch of the Reformed Church of Maytown, <Lancaster
          (Hay--1898) NS
     St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lititz, Lancaster Co., PA,
          Records, 1905-1919 (Weiser) NS
     St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church, Columbia, Lancaster Co., PA,
          Registers, 1881-1935 - NS
     250th Anniversary, First Mennonite Settlement, Weaverland, 1723-1973
          (Lancaster Mennonite Conference Hist. Soc.--1973) (unindexed)
     200 Years and More of the First Reformed Church, Lancaster, PA:  A
          Sketch of a Long History (Heller--1936) (unindexed)

     Genealogical Gleanings from Orphans Court Records of Lancaster Co.
     Lancaster Co., PA, Quarter Sessions Abstracts, Book 1, 1729-1742
     Lancaster Co., PA, Will Abstracts, 1721-1820, 3 vols. (Gen. Soc. of PA) 
     Lancaster Co., PA, Will Index, 1851-1875 (Iscrupe) yes

     Biographical Annals of Lancaster Co., PA, 4 vols. (Beers --1903) NS
     Conestoga Wagon, Masterpiece of the Blacksmith (Reist) (unindexed)
     Demuths, 1770:  Being a Brief History of the Demuth Shop which was
          the Province of Pennsylvania in the Year 1770 (Demuth--1919)
     History of Lancaster Co. (Ells & Evans --1883) NS
     History of Lancaster Co. (Klein --1924) NS
     A History of Strasburg, Lancaster Co., PA, until the Sesqui-centennial
          (Graduating Class of 1926 of Strasburg H.S.) NS
     Index to A Biographical History of Lancaster Co., PA, 1872 (Brown) NS
     Lancaster Co. Historical Society Papers
          vol. 1 - yes (see 1777 petition) and   vol. 22 - yes (see 1748 officer list)
     Lancaster Co. History (by??--1894) NS
     Lancaster Diary, 1776:  Excerpts from Diaries, Day-Books, Journals, 
Newspapers, &
         Court Records of the Daily Life of Lancaster Co., PA,  in the Year 1776
         (Ayars --1976) yes (from the PA Archives)
     Pennsylvania Genealogies (Lancaster Co. Hist. Soc.) yes
     Some Early Related Families of Lancaster Co., PA:  Including Greiner,
          Geib (Gipe), Fishburn, Laber (Laabour, Lowbar), Hoch, Klein,
          Schmidt, & Dieffenbach (Becker --1979) NS
     The Three Earls:  An Historical Sketch & Proceedings of the Centennial 
          at New Holland, PA, 1876 (Hist. of Earl Twp., East Earl Twp., & West
          Lancaster Co.) (Ranck & Sandow --1876) NS

     Churchman's Surveys in Chester & Lancaster Co., PA (by?) yes
     Lancaster Co., PA, Deed Abstracts and Revolutionary War Oaths of
          Deed Books A through M, 1729 through 1770, with Adjoining
          Witnesses (Mayhill) yes
     Film #21,443 = Index to deeds, grantors, S-Z, 1729-1894 - yes
     Film #21,447 = Index to deeds, grantees, S-Z, 1729-1894 - yes

     The Lancaster Barracks Where the British & Hessian Prisoners Were
          Detained During the Revolution <Lancaster Co.> (Sener --1895) NS

     J. H. Bryson's Lancaster Directory for 1843:  Containing the Names of the
          Inhabitants, Their Occupations, Places of Busiiness, & Residences 
          (Bryson --1843) NS

     Marriages & Deaths from the Newspapers of Lancaster Co., PA,
          1821-1840, 2
          vols. (Family Line Pub.) yes

     A New Index, Lancaster Co., PA, before the Federal Census (Hawbaker &
          vol. 1 = Index to 1780 Tax Records - NS
          vol. 2 = Index to 1780 Tax Records - yes
          vol. 3 = Index to 1750 Tax Records - yes
          vol. 4 = Index to the 1718-1726 Tax Records of Chester Co. Relating
to Areas Later Part of Lancaster Co. - NS
          vol. 5 = Index to 1770 Tax Records of Lancaster Co., PA - yes
     Lancaster Co., PA, Tax Lists, 1751, 1756, 1757, 1758:  With Additional
          Tax Lists & Index (Gerbrich & Brumbaugh) yes
     Taxables & Early Settlers in the West End of Hanover in 1750 (by ??) yes
     Wealthy Citizens of Lancaster Co., PA:  Containing an Alphabetical
          Persons Worth from $15,000 and upwards, Their Occupation,
          Residence, &
          Estimated Wealth Appended to Each Name .. Compiled from Actual
Assessments &
          Authentic Sources (Gish --1845) NS
     Marriage Licenses at Lancaster, 1791-1799 (Iscrupe) yes
     Marriages, 1753-1854, Lancaster Co., PA (Simpson) yes

Note:  The boundary dispute between William Penn and Lord Baltimore
Lancaster Co. as far north as the city of Lancaster.

(need date) -- Orphans Court Records, vol. 1, part 1, page 38:
     Petition of Robert Boyd concerning the Guardianship of Robert and Jane
Boyd, orphan children of John Boyd, deceased, being left destitute without
Effects to Support them.  John Caldwell proposes to take Jane and provide for
her until she is able to Earn her own living.  John Snodgrass proposes to keep
the said Robert Boyd, being now six years of age and 5 months, until he
reaches the age of 16 years.

3 Mar 1742 -- Warrant #344 granted to James Snodgrass, 100 acres.
Warrant dated 3 Mar 1742; survey dated 2 Jun 1817 for 322 acres.
Adjacent to William Snodgrass & Robert Ramsey; sold to Coleman 5 Feb
     (also in PA Archives, 3rd series, vol. 24, page 524)

17 Dec 1742 -- Warrant #329 granted to William Snodgrass, 50 acres.
Warrant dated 17 Dec 1742 for 50 acres to William Snodgrass.
Survey dated 26 Jan 1819; 54 acres for Robt. Coleman.
Patented 5 Feb 1823 to Robert Coleman.
Land between John Murphy & James Cunningham.
(C-213-76) (H-20-486)  (also in PA Archives, 3rd series, vol. 24, page 525)

14 Jan 1743 -- Surveyed for James McConnell, 50 acres, credit James
Solesbury, in Martick Twp.

17 Feb 1743 -- Surveyed for John Brownlee, 50 acres between James
          Snodgrass &
Wm. Steele, in Martick Twp.

1747-1748 -- PA Archives, 2nd series, vol. 3, page 510, & 5th series, vol. 1,
Officers of Associated Regiment of the West End of Lancaster County,  on
Susquehanna for the years 1747-8:
     Capt. James Snodgrass 
     Ensign John Snodgrass 

[vss - found online at website of Univ. Of PA Archives ...
16 Jun 1748 ... The Pennsylvania Gazette
  PHILADELPHIA, June 16. ... Continuation of the Account of the Names of
chosen by  the Associators, and commissioned by the Government. 
For PHILADELPHIA COUNTY.  Jacob Leech, late Lieutenant, now Captain, 
Room of Mr. Yorke; John Barge Lieutenant; and Jacob Naglee, Ensign. 
For BUCKS County. Bernard Vanhorn, Captain; Robert Cummings,
Ralph Dean, Ensign.
For CHESTER County. Thomas Hubbert, jun. Captain; John Rees,
          Lieutenant; and 
Ralph Dean, Ensign. 
For LANCASTER County.  Andrew Gregge, and James Snodgrass, Captains; 
William Crawford, and John Alexander, Lieutenants; Samuel Simpson, and
John Snodgrass, Ensigns. N.B. James Gillespy, Samuel Anderson,  and James
Esqrs, are chosen Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, and Major, of a Regiment in
For KENT County. John Catton, and James Edwards, Captains; Robert Catlin
James Lewis, Lieutenants; Joseph Hodson, and James James, Ensigns.     vss -

26 Sep 1748 -- James Snodgrass executor for William Whiteside, Little
Twp.; will dated 26 Sep 1748; will proved ___ 1750.

1749 -- York County formed from Lancaster County.

1750 -- Cumberland County formed from Lancaster County.

1750 -- Tax List:
Hanover Twp.
     Robert Snodgrass
     William McClenahan
     David McClenahan

1 May 1750 -- Will Book J, page 236:  
     In the name of God, amen!  The first day of May 1750, I James Snodgrass,
of the county of Lanchaster, township of Martick, farmer, being very sick and
weak in body, but of perfect mind and memory, thanks be given unto God
therefore, calling into mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is
appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and
testament, that is to say, Principally and first of all I give and recommend
my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it, and my body I
to the earth to be buried in decent christian burial at the discretion of my
executors nothing doubting but at the general resurection I shall receive the
same again by the mighty power of God.  And as touching such worldly estate
wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life, I give, demise, and
dispose of the same in the following manner and form
     Item, I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife the plantation until my
son James comes to the years of minnuerty, or while she remence a widow,
if she marry or dies before he comes to the years of menueraty, the plantation
to be his, and she is to find him in viteles and clothes, and to scoll him,
and if she marry, she is to have her shere of the effects that is on the
     Item, I give unto my son William eght pounds of lafull monney of this
commonwealth of Pencelvany.
     Item, I give to my doghter Ann five pounds of this corrance of Pencelvany.
     Item, I give to my doghter Sarah, three pounds of this corrance of
     Item, I give to my doghter Elisabeth, thirty pounds, and one hoers, and
     Item, I give to my doghter Mary twinty pounds and one hores and sadle.
     And what remains of the effects is to be divided in two shers betwixt my
well beloved wif and my son James, And if it please God to call of anney of
they com to the years of mennuraty, the shares is to be divided ammongst the
     And I do hereby utterly disallow, revok & disannul all and everay other
will, legacies by me in aney wayes befor named, and confirming this and no
          other to
my last will and testament, and In witness whereof I hove set my hand and
          seal the
and year above writen.
    James Snodgrass
Andrew Cowlwall and John Snodgrass executors of this will and no others.
Witnesses present: John Hunter (his   mark), Alexander Snodgrass (his  
Lancaster contay, May the 11 1750.  
     This day Alexander Snodgrass and John Hunter did aper befor me one of
majesty's justices for said county and being severely sworn on the holy
          eveng'ls, saith 
that they did see the within will perficted by James Snodgrass, sick of body,
          but in
sence and reason as we belived ... Done before me
    John Kyll
Witnesses present: Daniel McDermut, John McAnulty (his mark)

11 May 1750 -- Will Book J-1, page 237:  
     In the Name of God, Amen!  May the 11, 1750.  I Alexander Snodgrass of
the County of Lancaster, township of Martick, being verray sick and weak of
body, but of perfect mind, therfore calling to mind the mortality of my boday,
and that it is appointed for all men once to diy, therfore I do mak and ordain
this my last will and testament, that is to say, - Princably, and first of
all, I recommend my soul to God, and my body to the earth to be burred in
decent crasten order at the discrason of my exactors, nothing doting but at
the last and genral resorraction shal be reased agan by the mighty pour of
God, therfor as toching what worldy estat as it hath pleased God to blis me
with, I therefor demis, dispos of in the following manner and form.
     Item, In the first of all, I allow my will beloved wif, and all my
children to live together until my son William comes to the years of maniraty,
and each of them to remen with ther mother until they come to the years of
minnuaraty or til she mary, and if she maray she is to leve the plantation,
and she is to heve her hors and sadel, and her forth part of this plantation
at the velew of tow honest men; and after William, James, and Robert, gettes
each of them one hors and sadel what remenes is to be divided unto four parts,
and she is to have one shear, and she is to leve the plantation to my two sons
Alexander and Thoumas [Thomas]; and as for the other plantation, I allow it
          to my
sons William and James; and I allow them to give to my son Robert twenty
poundes of lafull monnay of this corrance, of that plantation and I allow them
to laber on that place as much as on this place unto my son William comes to
the years of menueraty, and what dets is on the whole esteate in both plases  is
          to be
of before eanny devison be med, and as for my cosan libe [my cousin Libby]
I allow her to have one cow of whol estat at the expirration of her time; I
allow this to be my last will and testament, I disallow of all and every other
will or testament but this I allow to be my last will and no other, I allow
John Calwell and Patrick Johnston to be my exaturs, In witness herof I seet to
my hand and sel the year and day above writen, and if any of them be caled of
before they come to the years of menuraty, ther share is to be devided
the rist.
(signed) Alexander Snodgrass (his O mark)
Witnesses:  John Snodgrass & John Nell / Hill (his I mark) [maybe John Neil
Proved:  21 May 1750.

12 May 1750 -- Alexander Snodgrass d. 12 May 1750, age 45 <b. 1705>,
Chesnut Level Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Little Britain & Drumore.
with him:  Mary, d. 1761; James, d. 1774; Alexander, d. 1804>

20 Dec 1750 -- PA Archives, 3rd series, vol. 24, page 533:  
     John Snodgrass was a warrantee of land in Lancaster Co.: 100 acres.
     Jennet Snodgrass was warrantee of land in Lancaster Co.: 100 acres.
20 Dec 1750 -- Surveyed for William Patterson, 100 acres, next John
& Thomas Boyd, in Martick Twp.          

20 Dec 1750 -- Surveyed for John McAnolty, 100 acres, next widow
          Snodgrass &     
John Alexander, in Martick Twp.
20 Dec 1750 -- Warrant #673 granted to William Snodgrass Jr. & James
in right of Jennet Snodgrass, widow.
Warrant dated 20 Dec 1750 for 100 acres to Jennett Snodgrass, widow.
Survey dated 20 sep 1751 for 207 acres to William Snodgrass Jr. & James
Patent:  15 Mar 1788 to William Snodgrass.
Adjoined land of John Snodgrass, James Patterson, & heirs of Alexander
     (owned in 1883 by George M. Steinman)
20 Dec 1750 -- Warrant granted to John Snodgrass, 100 acres.
Warrant dated 20 Dec 1750 to John Snodgrass for 100 acres.
Survey dated 28 Oct 1767 for John Snodgrass for 240 acres called Mt. Nebo.
Patent dated 9 Nov 1767 to John Snodgrass for 240 acres called Mt. Nebo.
Adjoining:  George Barnes, William Patterson, William Snodgrass, James
William Snodgrass Jr. & his brother, Andrew McCleary, John Mulcaster.
(owned in 1883 by George M. Steinman)
?????          & Patent dated 1 Oct 1788, 165 acres, "propriety" to John
part of a larger tract; warrant to Wm. Patterson dated 20 Dec 1760 and sold
John Snodgrass 8 Apr 1766.
1751 -- Tax list:  
     William Snodgrass - 7s 6d
     William Snodgrass
     Widow Snodgrass, Sener
     Widow Snodgrass, Junor
     John Snodgress
6 Apr 1751 -- PA Archives, 3rd series, vol. 24, page 533:
     James Snodgrass was a warrantee of land in Lancaster Co.: 20 acres.
     Mary Snodgrass was a warrantee of land in Lancaster Co.: 15 acres.

6 Apr 1751 -- #696 Lancaster Co.:
Pennsylvania, SS.  By the Proprietaries.  Whereas James Snodgrass, son of
James Snodgrass deceased, of the County of Lancaster, hath requested that
could grant him to take up twenty acres of land between his lines and Will
Snodgrass's lines in Martick Twp., County of Lancaster, for which he agrees
pay to our use at the rate of fifteen pounds ten shillings, current money of
this Province, for one hundred acres, and the yearly Quit-rent of one
half-penny Sterling for every acre thereof, These are therefore to authorize
and require you to survey, or cause to be surveyed, unto the said James
Snodgrass at the place aforesaid, according to the method of Townships
appointed, the said quantity of twenty acres, if not already surveyed or
appropriated, and make return thereof into the Secretary's Office, in order
for further confirmation, for which this shall be your sufficient Warrant:
Which survey, in case the said James Snodgrass fulfil the above Agreement,
within six months from the date hereof, shall be valid, otherwise void.  Given
under my hand and seal of the Land-Office, by virture of certain Powers from
the said Proprietaries, at Philadelphia, this 6 Apr 1751.

6 Apr 1751 -- Warrant granted to Mary Snodgrass, 15 acres adjoining James
Snodgrass & John Stofer in Martick Twp.  Warrant dated 6 Apr 1751; survey
dated 20 Sep 1751 for William Snodgrass, 37 1/2 acres.

6 Apr 1751 -- Warrant granted to James Snodgrass, 37-1/2 acres & allow.
Warrant dated 6 Apr 1751
Survey dated 20 Sep 1751
Patent dated 5 Feb 1823 to Robert Coleman
- - - - - - - - - -
     Courses & Distance:
     1.  N20 W5 to post
     2.  N40 E74 to ches.
     3.  N76 E126 to birch
     4.  S10 W15 to ches.
     5.  S6 E40 to post
     6.  N80 W70 to ch.o.
     7.  S70 W57 to hic.
     8.  S1 W42 to post
     9.  N76 W49 to red oc.
- - - - - - - - - -
     Whereas James Snodgrass, son of James Snodgrass deceased, of the
of Lancaster, hath requested that we would grant him to take up twenty acres
of land between his lines and William Snodgrass's lines in Martick Township,
County of Lancaster, for which he agrees to pay to our use at the rate of
fifteen pounds ten shillings, current money of this Province, for 100 acres...
this 6 Apr 1751.  
No. 696 Lancaster County.
Assigned by Jon Snodgrass one of his executors to Wm. Snodgrass, 20 Nov
(we also have the survey for this warrant)
(owned in 1883 by J. N. Massey)

20 Sep 1751 -- Survey Book C, Vol. 213, page 78:  This draught represents
addition survey'd to William Snodgrass in pursuance of a warrant granted in
the name of James Snodgrass bearing date the 6th day of April 1751,
37-1/2 acres and the allowance of 6%.  The right of said warrant is assigned
over to William Snodgrass on the back of the copy, which I have in keeping.
     The above is situate in Martick Township, Lancaster Co.  Survey'd the
20th of 9ber 1751.       Certify'd by   Geo. Churchman.   D.S.

20 Oct 1751 -- Survey Book C, Vol. 213, page 78:  This draught represents
addition survey'd to William Snodgrass in pursuance of a warrant granted in
the name of James Snodgrass bearing date 6 Apr 1751, Containing 37-1/2
and the allowance of 6%.  The right of said warrant is assigned over to
William Snodgrass on the back of the copy, which I have in keeping.  The
is situate in Martick Twp., Lancaster co.  Survey'd the 20th of October 1751.
     Certify'd by Geo. Churchman.  D.S.

1752 -- Berks County formed from Lancaster, Bucks, & Philadelphia

1754 -- Tax List:
Lampeter Twp.:
     Willem Snotgrass
Martic Twp.:
     William Snodgrass
     William Snodgrass
     Widow Snodgrass

16 Jun 1754 -- (according to Rev. War Pension application of Samuel
of Ross Twp., Greene Co., OH, he was born 16 Jun 1754 in Lancaster Co.,

6 Jul 1754 -- Will of Robert Steward [vss - Robert Stewart], dated 6 Jul 1754.
Lancaster Borough.
     Wife Agnes, son Robert.
     Executor:  William Snodgrass.
Proved 3 Aug 1754.

1756 -- PA Archives, 2nd series, vol. 2, page 531, & 5th series, vol. 1, page
Associated Companies, Lancaster Co., 1756:
     Lieutenant John Snodgrass.

1756 -- Tax List:
Martic Twp.:
     Janet Snodgrass, widow
     William Snodgrass Junior
     William Snodgrass on job someplace
     Widow Snodgrass
     John Snodgrass 
     Widow Snodgrass on job someplace
     William Snodgrass Senior.
West Hanover
     Robt. Snodgrass

7 Sep 1756 -- Orphans Court, vol. 1, part 3, page 62:
     Ordered that a Citation do issue to William Snodgras, Executor of Robert
Stewart, to appear at an Orphans Court to be held the first Day of October
next to pass the account of his administration.

18 Oct 1756 -- Orphans Court, vol. 1, part 3, page 62:
     William Snodgrass, executor of Robert Stewart, deceased, produced an
Account passed by Edward Shippen, Esquire, Deputy Register, whereby there
appears a Ballance to be distributed to Agnes, the Widow, and is assigned to
her.  A Note from Hugh Thompson.  Notes from Thomas McClenaghan 
[vss -Thomas McClannahan ?] & James Thompson.  
Note from John Smith, Bond from Samuel Hathorn, which she agrees to
take in full of her Legacy.

9 Nov 1756 -- Deed Book E, page 204:  David McClenaghan makes over to
McClenaghan, both of Hanover Twp.; land bounded by Robt. Snodgrass,
Rattikins, David McClenahan Junr., Joseph Hutchison, John McCormick, &
Hutchison Junr.
<we need this>

7 Dec 1756 -- Orphans' Court, vol. 1, part 3, page 67:  
     James Snodgrass, an orphan and minor son of James Snodgrass deceased
choses his brother William Snodgrass guardian during his minority.
     William Snodgrass & John Snodgrass are appointed guardians over
Thomas & James Johnson, Orphan and Minor Children of Patrick Johnson.

1757 -- Tax List:
Leacock Twp.
     Samuel Snotgrass
Martic Twp.
     William Snodgrass on Gibson place
     Widow Snodgrass
     John Snodgrass
     William Snodgrass Senior
     Janet Snodgrass.

6 Sep 1757 -- Orphans Court, vol. 1, part 3, page 81:
     Robert Stewart having by his last Will and Testament bequeathed sundry
legacies to Persons in Ireland on Condition of their Coming to this Country
within a certain time limited and on default of their appearing bequeathed the
same to his son.  Agnes Stewart the Widow of Decedent appearing now in
to issue a Citation for William Snodgrass the Executor to appear and give
Security for the Legacies (The Legatees not having appeared to demand
It is ordered by the Court that a Citation do issue returnable on Tuesday the
4th Oct next.

4 Oct 1757 -- Orphans Court, vol. 1, part 3, page 83:
     William Snodgrass, Executor of Robert Stewart, deceased, having
agreeable to a Citation, but not having his Security.  It is ordered that he
attend at the Orphans Court to be held her on Monday the 31st.

31 Oct 1757 -- Orphans Court, vol. 1, part 3, page 84:
     William Snodgrass, Executor of the last Will of Robert Stewart, deceased,
produced a further account.  Paid John Onell, nathaniel Lightner, Geroge
          [George ?]
Sanderson, George Gibson.  Total L21:0:2.

3 Nov 1757 -- Deed Book E, page 219-B:  John Hunter & Alexander Hunter
Lancaster Co. mortgage to Tobias Boyers of Lancaster Co., 200 acres in
Twp., for L30; land bounded by lands of John Hunter, John Alexander, &

7 Dec 1757 -- Orphans Court, vol. 1, part 3, page 92 <have xerox

1757 -- Provincial Tax of Martic Twp.:
     Janet Snodgrass - 9 shillings
     James Snodgrass - 10 shillings
     William Snodgrass - 1 pound 2 shillings 6 pence
     William Snodgrass - 15 shillings
     John Snodgrass - 1 pound
     William Snodgrass - 14 shillings
     James Snodgrass - 12 shillings

1758 -- Robert Snodgass was born in Lancaster Co.  Ref.:  Bio. sketch, 1889,
Allegheny Co., PA.

1758 -- Tax List:
Leacock Twp.
     Samuel Snutgrass, weaver
Martic Twp.
     Sarah Snodgrass, widow
     Mary Snodgrass
     William Snodgrass
     John Snodgrass
     William Snodgrass
     Jennet Snodgrass
     James Snodgrass.

28 ___ 1758 -- Intestate record of William Snodgrass:  
Administration bond of 500 pounds issued to Sarah Snodgrass, John Garvin,
Thomas Smith, & Peter Smith, all of Lancaster Co., PA; dated 28 ___ 1758;
Sarah Snodgrass & John Garven to be administrators of the estate of William
Snodgrass dec'd (Sarah signed by mark).
witnesses:  Joseph Boudr & Joseph Edwin Atlee.
<we have the original of this>

1759 -- Road Overseers:
     Robert Snodgrass

1759 -- Martic Twp. tax list:  
     William Snodgrass
     Mary Snodgrass
     William Snodgrass junior
     James Snodgrass
     widow Snodgrass
     John Snodgrass
     Sarah Snodgrass.

3 Jan 1760 -- Will of Hugh Gray, dated 3 Jan 1760; Martic Twp.
     wife Mary Gray
     children John, Margaret, & James.
     executors:  David Reed, John Snodgrass, & Mary Gray.

6 May 1760 -- Will of John Hunter, dated 6 May 1760; Martic Twp.
     wife Mary Hunter
     children:  Alexander & John
     executors:  John Snodgrass & James Blair

15 Dec 1761 -- Mary Snodgrass died 15 Dec 1761, age 38 years <b. ca.

buried Chesnut Level Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Little Britain &

(1760-1763) -- page 181:  Sarah Snodgrass & John Garvin, administrators of

William Snodgrass deceased, exhibit account.  Court ordered distribution to

the widow 1/3; son Robert the eldest son; and to Samuel, James & Sarah.

2 Feb 1764 -- Deed Book K, page 90:  William & Mary Brown (late Mary

widow and relict of Hugh Gray deceased) to David Reed & John Snodgrass,

guardians over James Hugh & Margaret Gray, minor children of Hugh Gray

deceased, 20 acres in Martick Twp.
Witnesses:  Patrick Agnew & James Bickham.
Recorded 5 Mar 1764.

ca. 1766 -- James Snodgrass born.  Ref: obituary, 4 May 1843, Stark Co.,

[vss - May 8, 1766, The Pennsylvania Gazette
New Castle, April 24, 1766.
Now in the Subscriber Custody, a certain Timothy Kelly, confesses himself to
          be a
William Snodgrass, of Mount Mebas, Lancaster County. His Master is hereby
desired to
          send for
him in six Weeks, or he will be sold for Charges, by ALEXANDER
 ... vss - end]

10 Apr 1766 -- Rebecca Snodgrass & Joseph Carmicahel, married by license

St. James Episcopal Church.

8/14 Sep 1768 -- Dorothy Snodgrass & Thomas McCullough, married by
          license at
St. James Episcopal Church.

13 Sep 1768 -- William Snodgrass married Elizabeth McClunnighan, Hanover
(records of the Rev. John Casper Stover).

1769 -- Martic Twp. tax list:  
     Thomas Snodgrass
     William Snodgrass Junior
     John Snodgrass
     James Snodgrass
     William Snodgrass Senior
     Alexander Snodgrass
     Sarah Snodgrass.

2 Feb 1769 -- Will of Robert Steen, dated 2 Feb 1769; proved 5 Mar 1769;

Drumore Twp.
     wife Margaret Steen
     step-son John Lush
     daus. Mary Snodgrass, Margaret Carson, & others.
     executors:  James Marshall & James Maxwell

1770 -- Tax List:
Drumore Twp.:
     James Snodgrass
Martic Twp.:
     William Snodgrass, 100 acres
     John Snodgrass, 200 acres
     William Snodgrass Jr. 200 acres
     James Snodgrass, 100 acres
     Thomas Snodgrass
     Widow Snodgrass.

1771 -- PA Archives, 3rd series, vol. 17, pages 71, 75, 79, 80, & 148:  Tax

Little Britain Twp.:
     Alex'r Snodgrass, 150 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle, L0.7.6 tax
Drumore Twp.:
     James Snodgrass, 120 acres, 2 horses, 2 cows, L0.4.0 tax
Martick Twp.:

     William Snodgrass Jr., 100 acres, 3 horses, 4 cattle, L0.13.0
     William Snodgrass Sr., 200 acres, 2 horses, 4 cattle, L0.17.0
     Widow Snodgrass, 100 acres, 1 horse, 1 cattle, L0.5.0 
     John Snodgrass, 200 acres, 4 horses, 4 cattle, L0.15.0
     Thomas Snodgrass, 50 acres, 1 horse, 2 cattle, L0.10.0
     James Snodgrass, 100 acres, 4 horses, 3 cattle, L0.10.0
     Wm. Snodgrass, 100 acres, 3 horses, 4 cattle, L0.13.0
West Hanover Twp.:
     William Snodgrass, 100 acres, 1 horse, 2 cattle, L0.5.0

1771 -- Martic Twp. tax list:  
     William Snodgrass Jr., 100 (or 400) acres
     John Snodgrass, ex. son of, 200 acres
     William Snodgrass Senior, 200 acres
     James Snodgrass, 100 acres
     Thomas Snodgrass, 100 acres
     widow Snodgrass & son of age, 100 acres.
<Note:  Not sure if this is the same list that appears above in the PA
Archives, or a different list.  The information, however, is somewhat
different.  The same applies to the 1772 & 1773 tax lists.>

1772 -- Northumberland County formed from Lancaster, Berks, &

1772 -- PA Archives, 3rd series, vol. 17, pages 199, 206, 210, 211, 257: Tax
Dromore Twp.:
     James Snodgrass, 120 acres, 2 horses, 2 cows, L0.5.0 tax
Little Britain Twp.:
     Alex'r Snodgrass, 150 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle, L0.7.0
Martick Twp.:
     William Snodgrass Jr., 100 acres, 2 horses, 4 cattle, L0.10.0
     William Snodgrass Sr., 200 acres, 4 horses, 4 cattle, L0.14.0
     Widow Snodgrass, 100 acres, 2 horses, 3 cattle, L0.7.0
     John Snodgrass, 200 acres, 4 horses, 4 cattle, L0.17.0
     Thomas Snodgrass, 100 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle, L0.10.0
     Jas. Snodgrass, 100 acres, 2 horses, 3 cattle, L0.10.0
     Joseph Snodgrass, freeman
West Hanover Twp.:
     William Snodgrass, 100 acres, 1 horse, 1 cattle, L0.4.0

1772 -- Martic Twp. tax list:  
     William Snodgrass Jr.
     John Snodgrass & son John
     William Snodgrass & son
     James Snodgrass
     Thomas Snodgrass
     Widdow Snodgrass & son.

[vss - January 16, 1772, The Pennsylvania Gazette

RUN away the 26th day of December last, from the subscriber, living in Little
Lancaster county, near Robert Campbell store, an Irishman, lately from
having a
with him from the ship, and calls himself in his pass Patrick Machaley; he
          speaks with
has short black hair, a down look, and pale colour; had on, when he went
          away, an
coat, a red jacket, and a striped ditto, old dirty sheepskin breeches, white
          stockings, old
blue ribbed leggings, old brogues, tied with strings, half worn felt hat. He
          stole, and
him, a white coloured coat with metal buttons, two new shirts, 7 or 800 grist,
          and a
pair of
shoes. Whoever takes up and secures said thief, so that the subscriber may
          have him
have FOUR DOLLARS, paid by me ALEXANDER SNODGRASS. ... vss -

1773 -- PA Archives, 3rd series, vol. 17, page 368, 371, 406, 434, 435: Tax

Dromore Twp.:
     James Snodgrass, 120 acres, 2 horses, 2 cows, L0.6.6 tax
Little Britain Twp.:
     Alexander Snodgrass, 150 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle, L0.7.0
West Hanover Twp.:
     William Snodgrass, 100 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle, L0.4.6
Martick Twp.:
     William Snodgrass Jr., 100 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle, L0.10.0
     William Snodgrass Sr., 200 acres, 4 horses, 4 cattle, L0.17.6 (William &
     Widow Snodgrass, 100 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle, L0.10.0 (widow & son)
     John Snodgrass, 200 acres, 3 horses, 4 cattle, L0.15.0 (included John's
     Thomas Snodgrass, 100 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle, L0.7.6
     James Snodgrass, 100 acres, 2 horses, 3 cattle, 0.12.0
     Thomas Snodgrass, a freeman, L0.15.0

1773 -- Martic Twp. tax list:  
     William Snodgrass Jr.
     John Snodgrass
     William Snodgrass & son
     James Snodgrass
     Thomas Snodgrass
     Widow Snodgrass & son.

23 Mar 1773 -- Deed Book R, pages 371-372: Robert Snodgrass of Hanover
yeoman, to Thomas Walker... land whereon I now live (except the Stove
          Room and
an acre of land that I reserve for myself during my natural life and at my
decease to fall to the said Thomas as may appear between the said Thomas
me by an artickle of agreement bearing date the 18th of this Instant last
referrence thereunto being had may appear) in Hanover Twp., Lancaster Co.,
said plantation being bounded by Thomas McNare on the east, James Porter
the south, and Joseph Hutchinson Jun. on the West and Widdow Parks on the

North supposed to contain about 200 acres...
Witnesses:  Andrw. McCullogh & Joseph Park.
Acknowledged 11 Oct 1774 in Lancaster Co.
Recorded 6 Jun 1777.

2 Nov 1773 -- Will of Margaret McCollough, Conestoga Twp., dated 2 Nov
     Children Samuel & Elizabeth.
     Executors:  William & James Snodgrass.
Proved 12 Nov 1773.

20 Sep 1774 -- Will Book C-1, page 268:  James Snodgrass of Martick Twp.:
     In the Name of God Amen this twentieth day of September in the Year of

our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy-four I James Snodgrass

Martick Township in the County of Lancaster and Province of Pennsylvania.

Being sick & weak but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto

Therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and that it is appointed

for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament

that is to say Principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into

the Hands of God, who gave it and my body I recommend it to the Earth to be

buried in a Christian and Decent like Manner at the Discretion of my

Executors.  Nothing doubting but at the General Resurection I shall recieve

the same again, by the Almighty Power of God.  and as touching such world

Estate as it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give bequeath and

dispose of the same in the following Manner and Form.
     Imprimis, I order that all my just debts and Funeral Charges be decently

discharged by my Executors after my decease then I give and Bequeath unto

Beloved Wife, Jane the one third part of my personal Estate and the one third

part of the profits of my real estate so long as she remains a widow and

unmarried, But if my wife shall marry her share shall be one Horse and sadle

to the value of thirty pounds, her bed and bed clothes, her spinning wheel,

her poplar chest   I likewise order that my wiffe & children live together and

that my wife nurse and school the children and learn them to read and write

out of the profits of my estate.
     Item:  I give and bequeath unto my son David the sum of Twenty pounds

be paid out of my personal estate, when he arrives at the age of Twenty-one

     Item:  It is my will that the remainder of my estate, real and personal,

be divided among my three sons, David, James and William and my Daughter

in such a manner that each of my sons shares shall be twice as much as my

dau. Mary's share, which several shares I give and bequeath to each of

them their heirs and assigns forever and when my son David, arrives at the ate

of Twenty-one years the land shall be appraised by three men that my son

David, shall have the land at the appraisement if he choose to take it, paying

the rest of the children their several shares as before mentioned and if my

son David, do not choose to take the land at the appraisement, then my son,

James, shall have his choice to take the land at the appraisement paying as

aforesaid and if my son James refuse to take the land then my son, William,

shall have his choice as aforesaid and if any of my children should die before

they arrive at the age of maturity then their share shall be equally divided

among the remainder of my children.  And I do constitute and appoint my

friends James Bigham and Thomas Clark to be whole and sole executors of

my last will and Testament.  And I do hereby revoke and disanull as former

wills and Testaments by me in any wise made and done before this time named

radifing and confirming this and no other to be my last Will and Testament in

Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year

James Snodgrass
witnesses:  John Snodgrass, William Richy, Jun., Lancaster Co.
proved 1 Oct 1774, and letters Testamentary were granted to James Bigham

Thomas Clark, the executors therein named.

28 Sep 1774 -- James Snodgrass d. 28 Sep 1774, age 32 years <b. 1742>;

Chesnut Level Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Little Britain & Drumore.

1775 -- Tax List:
Martic Twp.
     William Snodgrass Jr.
     John Snodgrass
     Widow Snodgrass
     Widow Snodgrass
     William Snodgrass Sen.
     Robert Snodgrass.

1 May 1775 -- PA Archives, 2nd series, vol. 13, page 292:  
Attendance at a meeting of the Committee of Observation for Lancaster Co.,

1, 1775, includes:
     John Snodgrass.

Jun-Jul 1775 - PA Archives, 5th series, vol. 2, page 44:  Roll of Captain

Matthew Smith's Company of Col. William Thompson's Battalion of Riflemen,

enlisted Jun-Jul 1775, enlisted in that part of Lancaster county which is now

Dauphin. Capt. Smith was allowed a bounty of one dollar each for eighty men

enlisted.  Henry states that 65 of their number reached the Plains of Abraham

in November.  Of the whole company nearly captured on the 1st of January

scarcely thirty, he states, remained in prison.  These were paroled August 7,

arrived at New York September 11, 1776, and were exchanged, in 1778, for

St. John's prisoners, captured by Gen. Montgomers.
     Sergeant Joseph Snodgrass

1 Jun 1775 -- Will Book C-1, page 466:  Robert Snodgrass of Hanover Twp.,

bequests to 2 sons, Joseph & James; 5 daus. Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary,

Susanna, & Isabell. 
Executors:  George Sanderson & John Snodgrass.
Witnesses:  John Rogers, John Hain & William Snodgrass, Jr.
Proved 18 Apr 1777.

20 Jul 1775 -- Will Book 2, page 303:  Intestate estate of Thomas Snodgrass

Martick Twp., Mary Snodgrass appointed administrator.

5 Sep 1775 -- Orphans Court, vol. 1772-1776, pages 290 & 300:
     Appraisers appointed for land of Thomas Snodgrass in Martic Twp. with

consent of widow & administratix & of Samuel Morrison & William McIntire,

guardians of Alexander & William Snodgrass, children of Thomas Snodgrass,

deceased, on 5 Sep 1775.

21 Sep 1775 -- Thomas Snodgrass & Martha Snodgrass, married by license at

James Episcopal Church.

20 May 1776 -- Will of Robert Reed of Drumore Twp., dated 20 May 1776:
     wife Hannah
     Children James, Samuel, Jean Snodgrass, Hannah
     grandchild Robert Snodgrass.
Proved 22 Jul 1786.

(1776-1781) -- PA Archives, 2nd series, vol. 10, page 40:  
Roll of Capt. Matthew Smith's Company (enlisted in that part of Lancaster

which is now Dauphin) includes:
     Joseph Snodgrass (captured).

15 Dec xxxx -- PA Archives, 2nd seriex, vol. 13, page 292:  "On the said 15th

day of December, in pursuance to the notice above mentioned, a general

election was held at the Borough of Lancaster, for this county, & the

following persons were chosen as and for a committee, viz:"  
     Martick Township: John Snodgrass.

6 Jun 1776 -- Capt. James Rogers' Company of Greens' Hanover Rifle Batt.,

destined for the camp in the Jerseys, included:
     William Snodgrass
William Brown's Company:
     John Snodgrass

13 Aug 1776 -- PA Archives, 2nd series, vol. 13, page 325 & 328:
A muster roll of companies... in Colonel Thomas Porter's battalion of

Lancaster county, now under the command of Lieutenant John Patton, on

march to the camp in the Jerseys. Mustered August 13, 1776, in Lancaster,

Captain James Watson's company:
     Robert Snodgrass.
Captain John Boyd's company:
     James Snodgrass
     Robert Snodgrass (1)
     Robert Snodgrass (2)

31 Aug 1776 -- PA Archives, 2nd series, vol. 13, page 321:  
A muster-roll of Capt. William Brown's company of militia of Col. Timothy

Green's battalion of Lancaster county, destined for the camp in the Jerseys,

August 31, 1776, includes:
     John Snodgrass.

2 Dec 1776 -- Jane Snodgrass [widow of James who d. 1774] married Joseph
          Ard at 
St. James Episcopal Church.

1777 -- According to deposition of Robert Snodgrass, of Union Twp., Union

OH, dated 5 Apr 1833, he resided in Lancaster Co. in 1777 when he entered

service as a substitute for his father William Snodgrass.

7 Feb 1777 -- Deed Book L, page 392-B:  Alexander Snodgress took the oath


10 Jul 1777 -- Deed Book L, page 392-B:  John Snodgress took the oath of


10 Jul 1777 -- Deed Book L, page 392-B: William Snodgress took the oath of


19 Aug 1777 -- Deed Book L, page 397-B:  Will'm Snodgrasss took the oath


4 Sep 1777 -- Deed Book L, page 395-T:  William Snodgrass took the oath of


5 Sep 1777 -- Deed Book L, page 395-T:  James Snodgrass took the oath of


1 Oct 1777-1 Oct 1778 -- Deed Book L, page 381-B: 
James Snodgrass took the oath of allegiance.

fall 1777 -- Lancaster Co. Hist. Soc. Papers, vol. 1: 
     The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was completed 28
It was not submitted to a vote of the people, but went into immediate effect. 
were not taking any chances.  They held the reins of government and kept
          them well
until the United States was free and independent.
     Under this Constitution the Supreme Court was organized.  Thomas
was made 
Chief Justice, William A. Atlee second Judge, and John Evans, of Chester
The Court first met in Lancaster, in the spring of 1777 and tried many Tories
their land.
     This Constitution had defects of form, which it is not necessary to
          enumerate in
connection; but there was no uncertainty in its hostility to royalty and all that
     In the fall of 1777 the Assembly passed measures calling for an election of
delegates to
28 Nov 1788 to frame a new Constitution for the State.  The people
          throughout the
indignant and sent many petitions like the annexed one, containing the names
          of the
voters in the State.  This was too much for the Assembly, and they rescinded
47 yeas to 7 noes.
             The Petition
           Martick Township
To the Honorable the Representatives of the freemen of the State of
Humbley Sheweth:
     That your Memorialists are of Opinion that frequent Changes in
have a
to weakin it, and to Creat Divisions and Conttests among the people and
          ought as
much as
possible to be avoided.
     That, therefore, your taking up and passing a late Resolution for taking 
          the Sense
of the
people upon Certain Matters in the Constitution of this Commonwealth before
had sufficient Experience of it, has a tendency to produce the above
          Mentioned bad
Especially as said Resolve appears to have been Grounded mainly upon
in the present Constitution and form of Government Suggested by divers
          petitions to
Assemblies of this Commonwealth and adopted without any call of the
any Representation from the Executive Branch specifying the Incompetency of
Constitution for the purposes of Good Government -- without any
          Concurrance of 
Honorable Body that we know of -- or any Opposition or Embarrassment in
          the way
Obstrucking the Execution of your Laws that we have heard of.  We Cannot
being of the Opinion, that in passing Resolve in Question--Especially in the
Circumstances above Mentioned -- you have Exceeded the powere Delegated
          to you
-- and
treated that Constitution of which you were the appointed Guardians with
     That, however, your Memorialists -- if just and weighty reasons would be
assigned --
not be against calling a convention.  Yet we Cannot look up the Mannor in
you have
appointed the votes to be taken to be fare and unexceptionable -- the Question
your Doubling it, and however they who are for a Convention may vote on
Sides --
cannot see the propriety or Consistancy of voting against one -- and at the
          same time
the Members who are to Compose it.
     And there are great Numbers of your Constitutuents who have taken a
oath to
preserve the present Constitution--and who deserve well of this
who are
apprehensive will not then be themselves justifiable in putting it into the hands
          of a
          Convention in
any other way than by the Constitution Itself is directed -- and who we are
bring themselves to a Complyance with the Resolve in question, in its
of Execution.
     For these Causes -- and before you put good people of this State to the
Expense of a New Convention, Your Memorialists presume that you will take
Opportunity of revising your late resolve -- and that your Wisdom and
          Goodness and
Regard to the Peace and Tranquility of this State will Induce you Either to
          drop it
adopt it and Carry it into Execution in a Mannor not Lyable to any Great and
     John McMillan,                Peter Pulling,
     John Dutton,                  James Patterson,
     T. C. Mitchell,               Robert Sloan,
     James Patterson,              John Steen,
     James Hays,                   Hugh Caldwell,
     James Johnson,                Hugh Caldwell, Jr.,
     Wililam Brown,                Thomas Colby,
     Robert Long,                  Andrew McGinnis,
     ___ Long, Thomas Reed,
     Gregory Farmer,               William Pattison [William Patterson ?],
     Alexander Coy,                Michell Deally,
     John Caldwell,                James Robinson,
     Robert Pendry                 James Callahan,
     John Robinson,                John Crage [John Craig ?],
     Geo. McLaughlin,              William Whit,
     J. S. Black                   William Floods,
     Samuel Kirkpatrick            Robert Cunningham,
     John Reagan,                  Matthew Cunningham,
     John McMillan,                John Cunningham,
     John Brannan,                 Robert Snodgrass,
     James Duncan,                 Samuel Snodgrass,
     John Pagan,                   James Snodgrass,
     Archibald Pagan               Joseph Steel,
     James Pagan, Sr.,             James Steel,
     Andy PaganHenry Alexander,
     Andrew Pagan,                 Robert Caldwell,
     John Brown,                   Fred. McPhaxon,
     James Brown,                  Samuel Elliott,
     James Pagan, Jr.,             Thomas Wharry, Sr.
     Adam Moore,                   David Lowery,
     James Moore,                  Thomas Wharry, Jr.,
     William Moore,                John McCalster [John McCallister ?],
     Samuel Simpson,               John Barr,
     David Gibson,                 Samuel Dickson
     Peter Simpson,        (Miller),
     James Savage,                 James Pegos,
     Joseph McCullagh,             John Boyd,
     William Kennedy,              Thomas Boyd,
     James Moore,                  John Bleare,
     Samuel McCollough,            James Blair,
     David McCollough,             James Blair, Jr.,
     Robert McCollouogh,           Joseph Aird [Joseph Ard],
     Thomas White,                 Samuel Wilson,
     John Rogers,                  Valentain Gaitner,
     William Gorman,               James Alexander,
     Patrick Cambell,              William Clark,
     James Mitchell,               John Hart,
     John Snodgrass,               Samuel Wilson, Sr.
     William Snodgrass,            John McCreary,
     Jas. Snodgrass                Hugh Bigham,
     John Anderson                 John Reid,
     John ClarkDavid McDermeet
     William McAdam                John Reid,
     Robert Snodgrass              Daniel McDermeet,
     Joseph Neell,                 Daniel McDermeet, Jr.,
Thomas Clark

The names on this petition were all English and probably of Scotch-Irish
Many of
were members of the Associate Presbyterian Church on "Muddy Run."
     Many of them were in the Revolutionary War, and I [who ?] notice some
the ancestors of prominent families who now [when ?] reside in the west and

22 Jan 1778 -- Jane Snodgrass married Anthony Thompson at St. James

[vss - May 6, 1778, newspaper notice,  The Pennsylvania Packet:
WHEREAS BENJAMIN DILLARD, formerly of Little Britain Township,
obtained bonds of the for the payment of land, one of which, containing forty
pounds, was
          due in
May, 1777, and I have made a legal tender of the money to the person whom I
to believe has my bond; but he denies having it, though he acknowledged if I
          him in
such money as he gave for it he would find it, alledging the invalidity, and
of his disrespect to the present currency. Therefore as the bond is secreted,
          this is to
to any person who may have it, to call upon me for the money any time before
first day
June next, otherwise I will then pay it into the office at Lancaster and get a
          against the
bond.  ALEXANDER SNODGRASS.   ... vss - end]

3 Jun 1778 -- Orphans Court, vol. 1776-1782, page 72:   Thomas Clark &
executors of the Last Will and Testament of James Snodgrass deceased,
          produced to
the Account of  their administration on the Estate of the said deceased duly
Register whereby there appears a Balance in the Hands of the said Executors
and twelve pounds eight Shillings and Eleven pence which account the Court
allows & approves of and directs that the said Balance after deducting L10.5.6
allowance to the said Executors  which they pray for their extraordinary
L1.19.0 the expences of this Court the remainder amounting to L300.4.5 be
          paid and
agreeable to the Last will and Testament of the said deceased.

3 Jun 1778 -- Orphans Court, vol. 1776-1782, page 73:
     David Snodgrass a Minor son of James Snodgrass late of Martick
above the age of fourteen years comes into Court and chuses William
[Bigham] of
Drumore Township Guardian over his Estate during his Minority and the
          of and
appoints the said William Bickham his Guardian accordingly.
     The Court appoints Robert Reed and John McIlroy both of Drumore
over the Estates of Mary Snodgrass, James Snodgrass and William Snodgrass
          Children of
James Snodgrass late of Martick Townshiip deceased they being Severally
          under the
Age of
fourteen years during their Minority.
[vss - David,  Mary, James & Wm. are ch. of James Snodgrass & Jane;  Jane

1 Dec 1778 -- Orphans Court, vol. 1776-1782, page 111:
     John Snodgrass, acting executor of Robert Snodgrass deceased of
          Lancaster Co.,
account, on 1 December 1778.

1779 -- PA Archives, 3rd series, vol. 17, pages 624, 625, 633, 640, 641, 654:

Tax Rolls:
W. Hanover Twp.:
     John Snodgrass <indexed, but didn't find on page 624>
     Jno. Snodgrass, 80 acres
     William Snodgrass, 120 acres
Drumore Twp.:
     James Snodgrass, 130 acres, 3 horses, 3 cows, 9 sheep
Martick Twp.:
     William Snodgrass Jr., 100 acres, 5 horses, 11 cattle, 12 sheep.
     William Snodgrass Sr., 100 acres, 5 horses, 9 cattle, 11 sheep.
     Widow Snodgrass, 100 acres, 3 horses, 4 cattle, 6 sheep
     John Snodgrass, 300 acres, 4 horses, 13 cattle, 17 sheep
     Robert Snodgrass, 75 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle
     Samuel Snodgrass, 75 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle
     James Snodgrass, 200 acres, 3 horses, 3 sheep
     James Snodgrass, freeman
Little Britain Twp.:
     Alexander Snodgrass, 230 acres, 3 horses, 6 cattle, 4 sheep

2 Mar 1779 -- Orphans Court, vol. 1776-1782, page 149:   Thomas Clark &
executors of James Snodgrass of Lancaster Co., presented another account,
          on 2

25 Oct 1779 -- Commonwealth of  Pennsylvania,  Pennsylvania  Hist. &
19 Mar 1974:
To Whom It May Concern:
     This is to certify that one William Snodgrass was enrolled as a Private, 1st
Joseph McClure's 6th Co., 6th Battalion, Lancaster County  Militia, according
          to the
          evidence of
a Company Return for the period April 24,1778 - October 25, 1779,  bearing
"Served to Middletown."
     (signed) Harry E. Whipkey, Chief
     Division of Archives & Manuscripts.
Authority:  Military Accounts (Militia), Records of the Comptroller General,
          at the
          Division of
Archives and Manuscripts.  Residence ascribed:  Hanover Twp.

1780 -- Index to tax records:
Drumore Twp.
     James Snodgrass
Hanover Twp.
     Jno. Snodgrass
     Wm. Snodgrass
Little Brittain Twp.
     Alex. Snodgrass
Martic Twp.
     James Snodgrass, blacksmith
     John Snodgrass
     Robt. Snodgrass
     Samuel Snodgrass
     widdow Snodgrass
     widow Snodgrass
     William Snodgrass Sr.

8 May 1780 -- William Snodgrass executor for William Clark <or Wm.
dated 8
1780,  proved 29 Dec 1780.

7 Sep 1780 -- Will Book ??, page ??:  Will of William Allen of Hanover Twp.
7 Sep
     wife Elizabeth Allen
     children:  John Allen
 Sarah, w/o James Dixon
 Jean, w/o John Sawyer
 Elizabeth, w/o Samuel Mann
 Mary, w/o John Snodgrass
 Samuel Allen
 William Allen
     grandchildren:  William & Mary Allen (parents' names not given)
proved 26 Mar 1782

1782 -- PA Archives, 3rd series, vol. 17, pages 693, 694, 720, 770, 816, 817:

Tax rolls:
West Hanover Twp.:
     John Snodgrass <index on page 693, but didn't find>
     <this could be Jno. Snodgrass, 100 acres, 2 horses, 4 cattle, L7.0.0>
     William Snodgrass, 196 acres, 2 horses, 4 cattle, L9.0.0
Little Britain Twp.:
     Alexander Snodgrass, 230 acres, 4 horses, 4 cattle, L11.14.0
Dromore Twp.
     James  Snodgrass, 130 acres, 1 horse, 6 cows, L7.10.0 tax
Martick Twp.:
     William Snodgrass Jr., 100 acres, 4 horses, 5 cattle, L6.5.0
     William Snodgrass Sr., 140 acres, 4 horses, 4 cattle, L4.15.4
     John Snodgrass, 300 acres, 3 horses, 6 catttle, L10.5.0
     James Snodgrass, 200 acres, 3 horses, 3 cattle, L4.10.0
     Robert Snodgrass, a freeman, tax L3.5.0
     John Snodgrass, a freeman, tax L3.0.0

26 Aug 1784 -- Martha Snodgrass of Martic married David McDermont (First
Congregation, Lancaster).

1785 -- Dauphin County formed from Lancaster County.

8 Mar 1785 -- Will Book F-1, page 432: 
     March the 8th 1785.  I William Snodgrass of Martick Twp. and Lancaster
county, being
present of perfect mind and memory thanks be to God for all his mercies. 
to mind
morality I commit my soul to God who gave it and allow my body to be
          buried in a
          christian and
decent manner at the discretion of my executors in hopes of a glorious
life and as to my worldly estate with which God in his providence hath blest
          me.  I
dispose of in the following manner and form.
     I do order that all my just debts and funeral charges be lawfully discharged.
     I bequeath to my well beloved wife Sarah the  half of the stockhouse and
hogs and the half of all the household furniture to be hers while she lives and if
that her and my son should part  she is to have eight pounds  yearly for her
she lives.
     I bequeath to my son William  the half of all my stockhouses, cows, sheep
hogs and 
of the household furniture and the plantation I now live on and the mill and
          vents and
belonging to the plantation to him and his heirs forever.
     Item -- I bequeath to my dau. Mary the sum of three pounds.
     Item -- I bequeath to my son James the sum of ten pounds.
     Item -- I bequeath to my dau. Martha the sum of three pounds.
     Item -- I bequeath to my dau. Jane the sum of three pounds.
     And all these several sums above mentioned are to be paid out of Bonds,
debts.  The above sums to be paid one year after my decease.
     My grandson William Snodgrass if he lives with me or my heirs to the age
          years, I
allow him to be dealt with at the discretion of my wife and executors.  My
Snodgrass,  if she lives with me or my heirs til she arrives to the years of
          eighteen I
          her to
be dealt with at the discretion of my wife and executors.
     And I do constitute and appoint my brother-in-law John Boyd and my son
          Snodgrass to
be my joint and whole executors of this my last will and testament and I do
disavowal all former wills and testaments by me made.  Declaring this to be
          my last
will and
testament in witness hereof I set my hand and seal the day and year above
    William Snodgrass
Signed, sealed, published & declared in the presence of us Thomas White, 
now may God gide and direct you all in all your ways and goings and live the
          life of
and die the death of the same farewell.
     Lancaster County - On the 11th day of March 1793 before me the
appeared Thomas Boyd one of the subscribing witnesses to the within
          impliment in
upon his honor oath by verified hand did depose and say that he was present
seen and
William Snodgrass  the testator therein named sign seal and that at the time of
he was of sound and well disposing mind, memory and understanding to the
          best  of
knowledge observation and belief and also that he saw Thomas White the
subscribed sign his name thereto at same time who is not to be found.  
Thomas Boyd done before me.
    G. Ross, Reg.
Be it remembered that on the 11th day of March Anno Domini  1793  the last
of William Snodgrass, late of Martick Township, yeoman, deceased was
          proved in
          form of
law and letters testamentary thereon were granted to John Boyd and James
Snodgrass the
executors therein named they having first been duly qualified well and truly to
estate of the said deceased and especially to exhibit a true and perfect
thereof into
Registers office at Lancaster within the month from this date and to render a
          of their
administration of said estate within one year or when thereto lawfully received
seal of said office.

23 May 1785 -- Deed Book MM, page 837:  Will of James Snodgrass of
that when David, son of James, should arrive at age of 21 years the land
          should be
          appraised ...
appraised at the sum of 350 pounds specie ready cash, by William McAntier
[McIntire ?], 
Boyd, & William Ritchey.
Recorded 28 Apr 1792.

5 Nov 1785 -- Deed Book DD, page 344:  Tract of James Snodgrass
          deceased of 
appraised (311 acres by Martick Forge & William & James Snodgrass). 
Reed &
McElroy, guardians of James, William & Mary,  minor children of James
          deceased ...
hath received of David Snodgrass the several shares ... of the valuation money
aforesaid to
said wards ...  release & forever quit claim to David Snodgrass.

5 Nov 1785 -- Deed Book DD, page 345:  David Snodgrass & Elizabeth his
          wife of
Twp. ... whereas James Snodgrass late of said Martick Twp. in his lifetime
seized and
possessed of and in a certain plantation and tract of land ... in Martick twp.
on the
North & West by lands of Martick Forge and on the south by lands of 
James Snodgrass containing 311 acres ... his last will and testament ... <see
dated 20
1774> ... to Mathias Slough ... 400 pounds money in gold or silver coin...
(signed) David Snodgrass, Elizabeth (X) Snodgrass.
Witnesses:  John Hard?, John Boyd.
Recorded 8 Nov 1785.

1 Mar 1787 -- Warrant for Alexander Snodgrass, in trust for Alexander
          Snodgrass & 
William Snodgrass, heirs of Thomas Snodgrass 203 acres 134 perches &
Warrant dated 1 Mar 1787 for 250 acres.
Survey dated 16 Apr 1787 for 203 acres
Patent dated 30 May 1810 to Jacob Harnish (Book H, vol. 4, page 114)
(C-203-9) (also appears in the PA Archives, 3rd series, vol. 24, page 541)

16 Apr 1787 -- Survey Book C, vol. 203, page 9:  Surveyed for Alexander
Snodgrass ... 
16 Apr 1787 ... 203 Acres & 134 poles, in Martick Twp., Lancaster Co .... in
for the 
heirs of Thomas Snodgrass, dec'd, by virtue of a warrant dated 1 Mar 1787 ... 
William Snodgrass.

5 May 1788 -- Deed Book GG, page 358:  John Sprout to Alexander
          Snodgrass of
Little Britain, Lancaster Co., 270 pounds, 192 acres in Little Britain Twp.,
adjoining the lands of William Gillgreast and William Gibson, John Brooks
said Alexdr's land and others... being part of a tract of land called Budd's
          Survey ...
Recorded 6 May 1788.

5 Dec 1789 -- Will of John Hancock <or Warnock?> of Little Britain Twp.,
          dated 5
     Wife Isabella Hancock <or Warnock?>
     Margaret & Alexander Reyburn
     Grandchildren John & James Reyburn
     Executors Alexander Snodgrass, Alex Scott, & Isabella.
Proved 28 Aug 1792.

             1790 Census

page 139, Little Britain Twp.:
     Alexander Snodgrass = <erased>
     Alex'r Snodgrass = 3 m 16+, 3 m 0-16, 4 f.

page 141, Martick Twp.:
     James Snodgrass = 1 m 16+, 2 m 0-16, 6 f.
     John Snodgrass = 3 m 16+, 2 m 0-16, 6 f.
     William Snodgrass = 3 m 16+, 2 m 0-16, 3 f.
     William Snodgrass = 2 m 16+, 1 m 0-16, 2 f.

16 May 1791 -- Isabella Snodgrass of Martic married James Cunningham
Congregation, Lancaster).
<see Descendants of John & Mary Snodgrass of Lancaster Co., PA>

12 Sep 1791 -- Jane Snodgrass and David King, marriage license at Lancaster.
<see Descendants of John & Mary Snodgrass of Lancaster Co., PA>

[vss - where is the reference will book, page number for this will ? ....]

3 Jan 1792 --  In the Name of God Amen this 3d day of January in the year of
John Snodgrass of the County of Lancaster and Township of  Martick yeoman
body but in perfect Mind and Memory thanks be to God therefor calling to
          Mind the
          Mortality of
my Body & knowing that it appointed for all men once to die I make and
          ordain this
to be
          my last
Will and Testament and principally and first of all I Recommend my Soul unto
that gave it and my Body I Recommend to the Earth to be buried in a deasent
manner at the 
discretion of my Executors nothing Doubting but at the General Resurection I
same again by the mighty Power of God and as touching the worldly Estate 
          as it
God to bless in this life I give and dispose of the same in the following manner
I allow all my Just Debts to be paid of the whole Estate & my youngest
Mary to
Schooled of the whole Estate  
Item   I allow all my Reall and Personall Estate to be devided between my well
[Mary] and her three sons James & Joseph & Alexander and they are to pay
of the whole to Marght [Margaret] the Sume of forty Pounds also to Janet
          [Jane m. 
Sume of forty Pounds, also to Easable <Isabelle> the Sume of forty pounds
          also to
          [Ann m.
John Sample] the Sume of forty pounds also to Mary  the sume of forty
          pounds all to
          paid in
lawful Money of this state of Pennsylvania to be divided in parts and somes
          than two
my deces and the ... following in ... and so on til the whole is paid and if my
Mary be
of  befor she arrive at the years of maturety her share is to be divided amongst
Item   my well beloved wife to have the saime athority in the houes she had
whil she 
remains a chest <=chaste> widow but if she was wanthen and marres again
          she is to
horse and sadel & no more but if she continues a chest widow I allow her to
          have the
priviledg of the wid' Dresers to dispouse of them as she pleases and if aney of
daus. be
of  befor theay arrve at the years of maturety ther shear is to be divided
          amongst ther
and I allow my well beloved frend William Snodgrass Junner and my well
wife and
Sone James to be Executors of this my last Will and Testament and dow
disanul and
Revock all other wills and testaments ___ made by me ... and I do confirm this
          other to be
my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I have set  to my hand and
          Seale the
Year above written
    (signed)  John Snodgrass
witnesses:  James Long, Robert Long
proved:  6 Mar 1792.
<see descendants of John & Mary Snodgrass of Lancaster Co., PA>

2 Apr 1793 -- William Snodgrass and Eleanor Peggs, marriage license at
[vss - is this Eleanor Beggs? See Westmoreland Co .... ]

3 Jan 1794 -- Deed Book QQ, vol. 2, page 409:  David M. Darmant
          [McDermont ?]
Twp., Lancaster Co., PA ... 32 pounds lawful money of Pennsylvania ... to
          ... one
bay mare, one cow & heffer...
Recorded 10 Jan 1794.

6 Nov 1794 -- Deed Book WW, page 60:  Samuel & Mary Ramsey of
Co., her 1/3 interest in the land to Alexander Snodgrass of Upper Greenwood
          Mifflin Co.,
bounded by Thomas Clerk [Thomas Clark], Gregory Tanner, & William
<Mary Ramsey was widow of Thomas Snodgrass, who died in 1775.>

13 Jan 1795 -- Deed Book TT, page 251:  Thomas Snodgrass died intestate
possessed of
acres 34 perches in Martic Twp. and leaving widow Mary  (afterwards
& 2 children, Alexander & William Snodgrass.  The said Samuel Ramsey and
          wife, late
the widow and relict of the said Thomas Snodgrass deceased ... by indenture
          dated 6
past ... did sell ... unto Alexander Snodgrass ... (her dower right)... property
appraised at
pounds 18 shillings & 9 lawful money... Alexander paid to the widow and to
Snodgrass their several and respective shares of the valuation... The eldest
Snodgrass, sold land to Jacob Harnish on 13 January 1795 ... Beginning at a
thence extending by land claimed by Benjamin Hartley S76W 143 1/2 perches
          to a
by land of Gregory Farmer N47&3/4W 31 perches to a Chesnut tree, thence
          by land
          John Neal
the 4 corners & distances next following, viz:  N13 W 27 perches to a Spanish
102 perches to a stone, N13&1/4W 60 perches to a stone and N7&1/2E 16
& 1/4
to a white Oak thence by land of Thomas Clark the seven courses and
          distances next
viz: N79E 11
perches to a Spanish Oak, N15&1/4W 12 perches to a stone, N56&1/2E 10
to a stone, N67E 36 perches to a post, S71E 18 perches to a Chesnut oak,
32 perches to a white oak, and S74&1/2E 57 perches to a stone, thence by
of John Clark S20&1/2W 12 perches to a stone, and S16E 66 perches to a
hickory, thence by land of William Snodgrass S60W 3 perches & 1/4 perch to
post and S32E 139 perches & 3/4 of a perch to the place of the beginning,
containing 203 acres & 134 perches... which by virtue... dated 1 Mar 1787
surveyed and laid out to a certain Alexander Snodgrass in trust for the use of
the heirs of the said Thomas Snodgrass deceased...
Witnesses:  Matthias Young & Phillip Gloninger.
Recorded 13 Jan 1795.

24 Mar 1795 -- Warrant to William Snodgrass, 101-1/2 acres & allow.
Warrant dated 24 Mar 1795
Survey dated 26 Jan 1819
Patent dated 5 Feb 1823 to Robert Coleman
     Courses & Distances:
     1. N27 W23 to stone
     2. N67-1/2 E 11 to ch.o.
     3. S59 E46 to stone
     4. S15 W5 to w.o.
     5. S83-1/4 W28 to sto. nr. c.o.
     6. N83 W11-1/2 to post
     7. N114 W40 to cho.
     8. N5 E15 to post

17 Apr 1795 -- Robert Snodgrass, order from Sam'l Noble to pay sum to John

9 Jun 1795 -- Deed Book UU, pages 131-137:  William Snodgrass of
          Borough of
Lancaster, Lancaster Co., PA, wheelwright, youngest son of Thomas, sold his
the land to Jacob Harnish, on 9 Jun 1795 <same tract of land as above>.

1 Oct 1795 -- Deed Book WW, vol. 2, pages 466:  Jane King, John Sample
          and Ann
his wife which same Jane and Ann are two of the daus. of John Snodgrass late
Lancaster Co., yeoman deceased... each received from James Snodgrass 40
... the
left them on 1 Oct 1795.
(signed) Jenny King, John Sample, Jane Sample.
<see Descendants of John & Mary Snodgrass of Lancaster Co., PA>

1 Nov 1795 -- Deed Book WW, vol. 2, pages 467-471: 
Mary Snodgrass widow and relict of John Snodgrass, and James Snodgrass
wife, eldest son of said deceased,  all of  Martick Twp., Lancaster Co., PA ... 
of  Lampiter Twp .... land received by patent bearing date 9 Nov 1767 ...
to John
Snodgrass  ...  a certain tract of  land called Mount Nebo ... in Martick Twp.,
          Co., PA 
... beginning at a marked black oak thence S34E 2 perches to a post N62E 52
perches to a
white oak thence by William Pattersons land N11E 121 perches to a post
          N79W 6
          to a
post, N1E61 perches to a post thence by William Snodgrass Land N76W 49
to a
red oak thence by James Pattersons land S70W 174 perches to a marked
43 perches to a marked black oak thence by William Snodgrass juniors land
          and his
S27W 73 perches to a post, thence by Andrew McClary's and John
          Mulcaster's land
perches to the place of beginning containing 240 ... City & county of
          Philadelphia in
AA vol. 10 vol 10th page 171 etc .... another patent ... conveyed to the said
          Snodgrass ...
called Propriety situate in the same twp. & co. aforesaid beginning at a small
          corner of
said Snodgrass other land, thence by the same N11E 171 perches to a black
          oak and
perches to a small hickory thence by the same and land of William Snodgrass
          perches to
a hickory thence by William Snodgrass land N70E 57 perches to a chesnut
          oak and
perches & 3/10 to a hickory thence by land of wid. Patterson (being the
          residue of a
whereof this was part) S 258 perches to a white oak thence by land of John
perches to a chesnut oak thence by John Boyds land S83W 22 perches to a
          post and
perches to a post thence by Beorbe Barr's [vss - is this really George Barns ?
          deed] land
N27W 72 perches to a post S67W 6 perches to a post and N12W 41 perches
          to the
beginning containing 165 acres & 3/4... (which said tract is a part of a larger
          to the
said William Patterson dated 20 Dec 1750 who by deed dated 8 Apr 1766
          same to
the aforesaid John Snodgrass ... the aforesaid John Snodgrass by his last will
writing bearing the date 3 Jan 1792 <which see> ...
     (signed) Mary (X) Snodgrass, Jas. Snodgrass, Margaret (X) Snodgrass
Witnesses:  A. Hubley?, John Moore.
Recorded 2 Oct 1795.
<see Descendants of John & Mary Snodgrass of Lancaster Co., PA>

11 May 1797 -- Deed Book YY, page 452:  Alexander Snodgrass appointed
of the
in the district consisting of Little Britain in Lancaster Co., by Gov. Tho.
          Mifflin on
11 May

10 Dec 1799 -- Deed Book G, vol. 3, pages 591-597:  This Indenture made
          10 Dec
between Alexander Snodgrass of Brooke County in the Commonwealth of
one of the sons of John Snodgrass  late of Martick Twp., Lancaster Co., PA,
and Margaret his wife of the one part and Christian Herr of Lampliter Twp.,
Lancaster Co.,
yeoman of the other part.  Whereas  the Honorable  Thomas Penn and 
          Richard Penn
late  proprietaries of  Pennsylvania aforesaid  in and by  their certain patent  or
          bearing date
9 Nov 1767 ... did grant ... unto the said John Snodgrass ... a certain tract of
Nebo situate in Martick Twp., Lancaster Co .... described as follows to wit
beginning at a
black oak thence S34E 2 perches to a post N62E 52 perches to a small white
thence up
William Patterson's land N11E 121 perches to a post N79W six perches to a
N1E 61
to a post thence by William Snodgrass's land N76W 49 perches to a marked
          red oak
James Patterson's land S70W 174 perches to a marked Chesnut thence S25W
perches to
marked black oak thence by land of Willaim Snodgrass Junior and land of his
perches to a post thence by Andrew McCleary's and John Mulcaster's land
          S65E 182
          perches to
the place of beginning containing 240 acres and the usual allowance of 6 acres
percent for
and highways with the appurtenances ... as in and by the said recited patent or
          recorded in
the office for recording of deeds for the city and county of Philadelphia in
book A.A.
10 page 171 etc.   And whereas the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ... by a
bearing date 6 Oct 1788 ... unto the said John Snodgrass ... a certain other
          tract of
propriety situate in Martick Twp., Lancaster Co. beginning at a small white
          oak a
corner of
Snodgrass's other land thence by the same N11E 121perches to a black oak
N79W 6
to a small hickory thence by the same and land of William Snodgrass N1E 103
perches to a
hickory thence by William Snodgrass's land N70E 75 perches to a Chesnut
          oak and
perches and 3/10 to a hickory thence by land of said Patterson S258 perches
          to a
white oak
thence by land of John Hannah S21W 72 perches to a Chesnut oak thence by
S83W 22 perches to a post and S59W 20 perches to a post thence by George
72 perches to a post S65W 6 perches to a post and N12W 41 perches to the
          place of
containing 165 acres and 3/4 of an acre ...  inrolled ...  in patent Book No. 13
360 etc
          .... By
force and virtue of which said two recited patents or grants he the said John
          became in
his life time lawfully seized ... made his last will and testament in writing
          bearing date
3 Jan
... and thereby did will ... all his real and personal estate to be divided between
wife and her three sons James Joseph and the said Alexander they paying
          thereout to
Margaret Janet Isabel Ann and Mary sundry pecuniary legacies therein
          specified and
making the said last will  and testament he the said John Snodgrass died ... and
virtue of
said recited last will and testament he the said  Alexander Snodgrass ... is
unto one
undivided fourth part of in and to the said two described tracts or parcels of
          land ...
consideration of the sum of 355 pounds current money of Pennsylvania gold
silver coin
paid by the said Christian Herr ...
     Alexr. Snodgrass
     Margaret (X) Snodgrass
Recorded 10 Dec 1799.
<see Descendants of John & Mary Snodgrass of Lancaster Co., PA>

2 Dec 1800 -- Book 5, page 278:  Intestate record of James Snodgrass of
Rachael Snodgrass, widow and relict of James Snodgrass appointed
            1800 PA Census

Little Britain Twp.
page 78:
     Alexander Snodgrass, Esq. = 1 m 0-10, 1 m 10-16, 2 m 16-26, 1 m 45+, 1
          0-10, 2 f 10-16, 1 f 26-45.
     Robert Snodgrass = 1 m 0-10, 1 m 26-45, 2 f 0-10, 1 f 26-45.

Martick Twp.
page 121:
     William Snodgrass = 1 m 0-10, 1 m 26-45, 1 m 45+, 1 f 0-10, 1 f 26-45.
page 123:
     William Snodgrass = 2 m 26-26, 1 m 45+, 1 f 0-10, 1 f 16-26, 1 f 45+.
     Wm. Snodgrass Jr. = 1 m 0-10, 1 m 26-45, 1 m 45+, 1 f 0-10, 1 f 16-26, 1
          f 26-45, 1 non-white.

26 Mar 1804 -- Alexander Snodgrass d. 26 Mar 1804, age 59 years <b. ca.
buried Chesnut Level Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Little Britain &

4 Apr 1804 -- Book 5, page 506:  Intestate record of Alexander Snodgrass
          late of
Twp.;  William Snodgrass of Little Britain Twp. & William Runner of same

13 Oct 1804 -- Book 5, page 239: Intestate record of Rachel Snodgrass of
William Calhoon & James Clark appointed administrators.

4 Jan 1806 -- Will Book K-1, page 125:  William Snodgrass of Martic Twp.,
     wife Jean
     bound girl Margaret Barns
     dau. Sarah Snodgrass, my chest of drawers... horse
     son Robert Snodgrass, besides what he has already received, $20.00
     son Alexander, besides what he has already received, $3.00
     son William
     dau. Jane McKeown, widow of William McKeown, besides what she has
          received, $8.00
     dau. Hannah Glen, $16.00 and Fisher Explanation of the Shorter
     son James Snodgrass, large Bible
     son Samuel Snodgrass, Confessions of Faith and my gun
     sons James & Samuel, equally divided between them ...
     Executors:  sons James & Samuel Snodgrass.
witnesses:  James Purdy, George Tonkel & Andy Hathorn.
proved 22 Nov 1809.

1807 -- Taxables in 1807 of what is now Martic Twp.:
     James Snodgrass
     freeman - Samuel Snodgrass
     Samuel Snodgrass

10 Jun 1809 -- Will of Mary Ancrim [Ankrom ?]of Drumore Twp., dated 10
     husband: Samuel Ancrim
     nephews: Samuel Snodgrass & Alexander Snodgrass
     executors: Samuel Snodgrass & Hugh McCullough
Proved 24 Feb 1810.

             1810 Census

Sadsbury Twp., page 449:
     William Snodgrass = 1 m 16-26, 1 f 16-26.

Little Britain Twp., page 519:
     Wm. Snodgrass = 1 m 16-26, 1 m 26-45, 2 f 16-26, 1 f 45+.
     Robt. Snodgrass = 2 m 0-10, 1 m 26-45, 2 f 10-16, 1 f 26-45.

Martick Twp., page 553:
     James Snodgrass = 2 m 0-10, 1 m 10-16, 1 m 26-45, 1 f 0-10, 1 f 26-45.
     Saml. Snodgrass = 1 m 0-10, 1 m 10-16, 1 m 26-45, 2 f 16-26, 1 f 26-45.

(1812-1813) -- PA Archives, 2nd series, vol. 12, page 347:  Roll of Capt.

George Musser's Company, in the Rifle regiment, of the Second brigade,

Pennsylvania militia, under the command of Lieut. Col. William Hamilton, at

York, Pa.  In service from ___ to ___; from Lancaster county, includes:
     George Snodgrass.

1813 -- Lebanon County formed from Lancaster & Dauphin Counties.

21 Apr 1815 -- Book 7, page 252:  Intestate record of Alexander Snodgrass

Little Britain Twp.; Samuel Snodgrass appointed administrator.

             1820 Census

Little Britain Twp., 
page 309:
     Samuel Snodgrass = 1 m 0-10, 1 m 26-45, 1 f 0-10, 1 f 26-45, 1
page 310:
     Hannah Snodgrass = 1 f 26-45, 1 f 45+.

Marietta Twp., page 128:
     Robert Snodgrass = 1 m 0-10, 1 m 10-16, 1 m 45+, 3 f 0-10, 1 f 26-45.

10 Feb 1821 -- Will Book O, page 272:  Will of Hannah Snodgrass of Little
Britain Twp.; dated 10 Feb 1821:
     Widow of Alexander Snodgrass, now of advanced age.
     Daughter Hannah Snodgrass has given dutiful care of her, my household
          my estate also part of my estate of my son Alexander Snodgrass
     Son Samuel Snodgrass, his administrator.  
     Executor Hugh McCullough of Dunmore Twp.
     (signed) Hannah (X) Snodgrass
Witnesses:  Thomas Killough & John Kinsey
<In this will Hannah was not pleased with Alexander's administrator's use of
her husband's estate.>
Proved 27 Jan 1825.

18 Oct 1822 -- Lancaster Journal:  Died on the 24th ult. [i.e.24 Sep 1822] in
Port-Tobacco, MD, after a short illness, George Snodgrass, formerly of this

30 Nov 1822 -- Lancaster Journal (Saturday):  Married on Tuesday evening
by Rev. John Elliot, John H. Lindsey to Miss Mary Snodgrass, both of York

12 Dec 1823 -- Lancaster Journal (Friday):  Married Wednesday evening last
Rev. Dr.
Rev. William D. Snodgrass, Pastor of the Murray street church, New York, to
Charlotte H. Moderwell, niece of William Kirkpatrick, Esq., of this city.

5 Feb 1830 -- James F. Snodgrass born, s/o Samuel & Mary (Peterson)
Ref:  biographical sketch, 1884, Wyandot Co., OH.
             1830 Census

Little Britain Twp., page 145:
     Samuel Snodgrass = 2 m 0-5, 1 m 5-10, 1 m 10-15, 1 m 15-20, 1 m 40-50,
          f 0-5, 1 f 15-20, 1 f 40-50.

Manor Twp., page 504:
     John Snodgrass = 1 m 30-40.

8 Mar 1832 -- Lancaster Examiner:  Married on the 19th ult. by Rev. Henry
John Snodgrass to Miss Henrietta Feich, of Chanceford twp., York Co.

27 Feb 1834 -- Lancaster Examiner:  Married, Thursday evening last by Rev.
Robert Moderwell & Ann Bachman.

14 Apr 1835 -- The Lancaster Union:  Married on 9th inst. by Rev. H. B.
Henry Shoenberger of York Co. to Miss Sarah Ann Snodgrass of Marietta.

9 Apr 1839 -- The Lancaster Union:  Married by Rev. Rutter on 18th ult.,
          William F.
to Miss Hannah Elizabeth Snodgrass, both of Little Britain.
             1840 Census

Little Britain Twp., page 246:
     Samuel Snodgrass = 1 m 5-10, 2 m 15-20, 1 m 20-30, 1 m 50-60, 1 f
          1 f 50-60.

             1850 Census

Little Britain Twp., page 6, #64/64:
Robert Snodgrass         29-M-PA farmer
Rachel A. Snodgrass      24-F-PA
James Snodgrass          6m-M-PA
Nancy Coil               8-F-PA

Little Britain Twp., page 7, #86/86:
Samuel Snodgrass         68-M-PA farmer, $4445
Mary Snodgrass           64-F-PA <Mary Peterson>
Thomas P. Snodgrass      36-M-PA farmer
Samuel S./L. Snodgrass   25-M-PA farmer
James F. Snodgrass       20-M-PA farmer
Phebe A. Sproat          11-F-PA
<see bio. sketch, 1884, Wyandot Co., OH>

Martic Twp., page 135, #400/409:
James Kelly              42-M-PA farmer, $1000
Margaret Snodgrass       64-F-PA
Rachael Snodgrass        55-F-PA

N.W. Ward, Lancaster City, page 276, #413/466:
Robert Moderwell?        50-M-PA commisn. Mercht, $2700
Anna Moderwell?          38-F-PA
Robt. Moderwell?          6-M-PA
Anna Moderwell?           4-M-PA
Elizth K. Snodgrass      18-F-PA
Margaret Wilson          25-F-IRE

1860 -- Will Book X1, page 157 - Samuel Snodgrass

             1860 Census

Martic Twp., page 487, #321/336:
James Kelly              52-M-PA farmer, $1500/250
Catharine Kelly          45-F-PA
Rachael Snodgrass        65-F-PA
Jeremiah Reese           11-M-PA
Philena Reese             7-F-PA
Catherine Reese           5-F-PA

Martick Twp., pages 647-656:
Robert Snodgrass         38-M-PA farmer, $3300/963
Rachel A. Snodgrass      35-F-PA wife
James B. Snodgrass       10-M-PA
Sam'l H. Snodgrass        7-M-PA
Mary P. Snodgrass         5-F-PA
Ida Snodgrass             3-F-PA
Maris Snodgrass           1-M-PA
Sam'l S. Snodgrass       35-M-PA farmer, $7980/1526
Sam'l Snodgrass          80-M-PA
Sarah M. Snodgrass        3-F-PA
             1880 Soundex

Little Britain Twp., 45-180-9-33:
Robert Snodgrass         57-M-PA
Rachel H. Snodgrass      54-F-PA wife
Mary P. Snodgrass        24-F-PA dau.
Maris P. Snodgrass       21-M-PA son
John T. Snodgrass        13-M-PA son
Annie I. Snodgrass       11-F-PA dau.
Herbert F. Snodgrass      8-M-PA son

5th Mo. 1890 -- Robert Snodgrass, b. 17 Jul 1821, d. 5th Month 1890, buried
Eastland Friends Graveyard, Little Brittain Twp. <see Rachel A. Snodgrass, d.
             1900 Soundex

Drumore Twp., 109-26-12-39:
Wm. Shaub
Rachel Snodgrass         74-F-PA Jul 1825 mother-in-law

Lancaster, 109-46-3-78(70?):
Elizabeth Waller
Howard Snodgrass         42-M-PA Apr 1858 boarder

Lancaster, #458 N. Prince St., 110-72-8-65:
Elizabeth Gast
Herbert Snodgrass        27-M-PA Jun 1872 son-in-law
Clara Snodgrass          24-F-PA Nov 1875 dau.
Catharyn Snodgrass        5-F-PA Feb 1895 granddau.
Rachel Snodgrass          2-F-PA Oct 1897 granddau.
Elizabeth Snodgrass       1-F-PA Dec 1898 granddau.

1908 -- Rachel A. Snodgrass, b. 1825, d. 1908, buried Eastland Friends
<see Robert Snodgrass, d. 1890>.
            1910 Miracode

S. Howard Snodgrass      46-M-PA
Emma Snodgrass           33-F-PA wife
Daniel H. Snodrass        2-M-PA son
+ 1 non-relative

H. Holmes Boyd Jr.
Hattie L. Snodgrass      65-F-VA aunt

Herbert S. Snodgrass     38-M-PA
Clara H. Snodgrass       35-F-PA wife
Catherine G. Snodgrass   15-F-PA dau.
Rachel R. Snodgrass      12-F-PA dau.
Elizabeth R. Snodgrass   10-F-PA dau.
Anna S. Snodgrass         8-F-PA dau.
Robert G. Snodgrass       6-M-PA son
Herbert G. Snodgrass      4-M-PA son
Grace G. Snodgrass        2-F-PA dau.
Elizabeth Gast           65-F-PA mother-in-law

9 Mar 1911 -- John Taylor Snodgrass, b. 15 Jul 1866, s/o Robert & Rachel B.
died 9 Mar 1911.

23 Jan 1918 -- Elizabeth Reist Snodgrass, age 20, b. Lancaster Co., PA,
married Edward Thomas Lander, age 21, b. Lancaster Co., PA.
             1920 Soundex

Lancaster, 154-60-12-23:
Mary Lehman
Harriet Snodgrass        78-F-WV boarder

Lancaster, 155-79-10-82:
Herbert Snodgrass        47-M-PA
Clara Snodgrass          44-F-PA wife
Robert Snodgrass         16-M-PA son
Herbert Snodgrass        14-M-PA son
Grace Snodgrass          11-F-PA dau.
Stewart Snodgrass         9-M-PA son
Gerald Snodgrass       5y3m-M-PA son
Margaret Snodgrass    2y11m-F-PA dau.
Mary Snodgrass           2m-F-PA dau.

Amos F. Maison
Emma Snodgrass           46-F-PA dau.
Daniel Snodgrass         12-M-PA son

Jean Ainsworth, b. 2 Jul 1784, d/o John Ainsworth & Margaret Mayes of
Twp., Lancaster Co., PA, married John Snodgrass.
- - - - - - - - - -

Mary Allen, d/o William and Elizabeth Allen of Antrim, IRE, came to America
in 1730 and settled in Hanover Twp., Lancaster Co., PA; married John

(Film #382,820 page 145)

[Copy of paper written by Mr. George King, resident of Saxton, Bedford Co.,
James King of McConnellsburg, PA, and father of Nancy King Carson,
Thomas E. Carson.]

     Robert King [the father of George King, the writer of this account] at an

early period emigrated from the North of Ireland to N. America, bought a
farm in Lancaster Co., Little Britian Twp. near the Susquehanna River one
one half miles from Peach Bottom Ferry.  Where he married Anne
          McLaughlin, also
from the N. of Ireland.  The progenitors of both were originally from
     They were united in marriage in the year of our Lord 1736 and have issue,
viz:  William, John, Mary, Robert, Anne, James, Elizabeth, Rachel, George.
     1st William, b. 4 Oct 1736, mar. Isabel Campbell, had issue 4 sons & 1
viz:  Robert, John, Hugh, Thomas, & Margaret.
     2nd John, of Robert & Anne, b. 5 Dec 1740, a preacher of the Gospel 40
          years in
Conococheague; mar. Elizabeth McDowell, no issue.
     3rd Mary was born 27 Sep 1742, mar. to James McLaughlin, had sons &
viz:  John, James, George, Anne, Mary.
     4th Robert, 3rd son of Robert & Anne, born 24 Sep 1746, mar. Jennet
viz: 3 sons, 2 daus.:  Sampson, John, Robert, Elizabeth, Nancy.
     5th Ann, 2nd dau. of Robert & Anne, mar. Dr. Jeremiah Nelson, removed
          to the
          part of
North Carolina, had several sons & daughters.
     6th James was born 5 Sep 1751, d. young man.
     7th Elizabeth was born 10 Mar 1753, mar. John Hughey, moved to the
          Country near
Pittsburgh, had numberous family.
     8th Rachel, was born 7 Sep 1754, mar. Alexander Snodgrass, also moved
          to the
Country near Pittsburgh, had a numerous family.
     9th George [author of this account] was born 5 May 1758, came to
Conococheague &
Margaret McDowell, of John McDowell, Esq. (of the Fort) 6 Jun 1786, had
viz: Nancy, John, Robert, James, George.

Issue of Geroge King & Margaret McDowell:
1.  Nancy, born 10 Dec 1788, mar. Thos. Carson, Esq. had issue 8.
2.  John, born 8 Apr 17990, studied medicine and after practicing some in
          went to
Tenn. & settled in Murfreesboro, some years there, caught a fever, died there
3.  Robert, born 18 Mar 1795, mar. Jane Skiles, issue 3:  James, John,
4.  James, born 3 Oct 1798, mar. Jane Morrison, had 6 sons, 1 dau., viz: John,
Andrew M., James, George, Thomas, William.
5.  George, born 21 Jun 1800, unmarried, studied medicine, practiced at
Bedford Co., PA. 

     Thomas E. Carson, copiest

Note by V. s. Fendrick:
Susanna King, wife of John Cunningham, living near Mercersburg, PA, was
by Indians in 1763 leaving issue:  Robert, Elizabeth, John, Hugh, James, Wm.
John King (later Rev. John King) taught school in this vicinity until the death
          of his

Letter in manuscript file, Lancaster Co. Hist. Soc.:  "Rev. James Snodgrass, b.
at age of 16 moved with family to Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA."

Lancaster Co., PA, Cemetery Surname Index:
     Octarar U. P. (Bart Twp.)
     Union Presbyterian (Colerain Twp.)
     Old Chestnut Level (Druemore Twp.)
     Old Presbyterian
     Little Britain Friends (Fulton Twp.)
     Eastland Friends Meeting (Little Britain Twp.)
     Strasburg Mennonite (Strasburg Twp.)
Individual entries are available from Closson Press, 1935 Sampson Dr.,
          Apollo, PA
$5.00/surname & up.


      LAWRENCE COUNTY (974.893)

     1900 soundex - yes     1910 miracode - yes     1920 soundex - yes

     Camp Run U. P. Church Cemetery, Franklin Twp., Beaver Co., PA, & Camp Run
          Covenanter Cemetery, Perry Twp., Lawrence Co., PA (Copper) NS
     Cemeteries of Lawrence Co., PA, vols. 1-12 (Copper) NS
     Cooper Cemetery, Scott Twp., Lawrence Co., PA, with a Brief History of
          the Cooper Family (Copper) NS
     Greenwood Cemetery Records, New Castle, Lawrence, PA - NS
     Mt. Hermon Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Slippery Rock Twp.,
          Lawrence Co., PA (Copper) NS
     Mount Jackson M.E. Cemetery, North Beaver Twp., Lawrence Co., PA (Copper) NS
     Mount Jackson Presbyterian Church Cemetery (also known as Hickory Run
          Cemetery), Lawrence Co., PA (Copper) NS
     Newport Cemetery, Village of Newport, N. Beaver Boro, N. Beaver Twp.,
          Lawrence Co., PA (Copper) NS
     Prospect Cemetery, Washington Twp., Lawrence Co., PA (Copper) NS
     Rose Point Reformed Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Slippery Rock Twp.,
          Lawrence Co., PA (Copper) NS
     Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, Fayette Village, Wilmington
          Twp., Lawrence Co., PA (Copper) NS
     Shenango Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Neshannock Twp., Lawrence Co., PA
          (Copper) NS
     Valley View Cemetery, Mahoningtown, a Division of New Castle, Lawrence
          Co., PA (Copper) yes
     Volant Cemetery, Vonant Borough, Wilmington Twp., Lawrence Co., PA (Copper) NS
     Westfield United Presbyterian Church Cemetery Record
          (Herschenroether--1984) NS
     Wurtemburg Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Wayne Twp., Lawrence Co., PA
          (Copper) NS

     Central Presbyterian Church, New Castle, PA (New Castle Newspaper, 1901)
     History of Bethel United Presbyterian Church, Enon Valley, PA, 1798-1988
     A History of the Neshannock Presbyterian Church, New Wilmington, PA
          (Johnson--1925) (unindexed)

     A History of Ellwood City, PA (Whittaker--1942) (unindexed)
     20th Century History of New Castle and Lawrence Co., PA, and
          Representative Citizens (Hazen--1908) NS

     Lawrence Co., PA, Soldiers:  Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War (Myers) NS

             1900 Soundex

New Castle, West North St., 114-109-13-3:
John S. Snodgrass        55-M-PA Apr 1845
Lizzie V. Snodgrass      45-F-PA Oct 1854 wife
Ozil A. Snodgrass         8-M-PA Jul 1891 son

            1910 Miracode

Alfred Snodgrass         54-M-PA
Anna Snodgrass           53-F-PA wife
William B. Snodgrass     22-M-PA son
Marie Snodgrass          18-F-PA dau.
+ 1 non-relative
             1920 Soundex

New Castle, 159-103-19-48:
Rolla B. Herrick
Martha Snodgrass         71-F-PA mother-in-law

Archibald Snodgrass      30-M-PA
Blanche Snodgrass        24-F-PA wife
Mandress Snodgrass        5-F-PA dau.
Robert Snodgrass       1y7m-M-PA son
William McMahon          56-M-PA father-in-law

1963 -- Archie E. Snodgrasss, b. 1889, d. 1963, bur. Valley View Cemetery,
Mahoningtown (with Blanche E. Snodgrass, b. 1895, d. 19__).    

       LEBANON COUNTY (974.819)

     The Gingrich-Miller Cemetery, North Annville Twp., Lebanon Co., PA
          (Albert) NS
     Film #1,026,670
          item 2 = Lebanon Co. Cemeteries - (unindexed)

     Births, Deaths, & Marriages of the Nottingham Quakers, 1680-1899
     Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Annville, Lebanon Co., PA:
          Parochial Records, 1807-1865 (Weiser) NS
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          Records, 1841-1901 (Weiser) NS
     Parish Register of St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lebanon, PA,
          1903-1961 (Weiser & Clapsaddle) NS
     Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lebanon, Lebanon Co., PA, marriage
          Records, 1794-1876 (Weiser) NS
     Sestercentennial History Hill Lutheran Church (Berg Kirche), 1733-1983
          (Lebanon Co. Hist. Soc.--1983) (unindexed)

     Additions to "History of the County of Lebanon, PA," Egle, 1883
          (Francis--1966) NS
     As Long as Wood Grows & Water Flows:  A History of the Conestoga
          Mennonite Church (Lemar & Mast) NS
     Biographical Annals of Lebanon Co., PA (Beers--1904) [partial index] NS
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          Annual Banquet of the Lebanon Co. Hist. Soc., 1900 (Schmauk) NS
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          Committee--1976) (unindexed)
     Tulpehocken Settlement Family Festival, 1723-1973:  A Program of
          Sponsored by the John Conrad Weiser Family Association -

     Warrant, Patent, & Survey Records, Bethel Twp., Lebanon Co., PA
     Warrant, Patent, & Survey Records, North Lebanon Twp., Lebanon Co.,
          (Wolfson) NS
     Warrant, Patent, & Survey Records, South Annville Twp., Lebanon Co.,
          (Wolfson) NS
     Warrant, Patent, & Survey Records, South Lebanon Twp., Lebanon Co.,
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     Warrantee Twp. Map Index, North Annville & Annville Twp., Lebanon
          Co., PA
          (Wolfson) NS
     Warrantee Twp. Map Index, North Londonderry & Palmyra, Lebanon Co.,
          (Wolfson) NS
     Warrantee Twp. Map Index, West Lebanon, Cleona, N. Cornwall, &
          City, Lebanon Co., PA (Wolfson) NS

     The Life and Services of General John Philip de Haas, 1735-1786 (Hess) &
          Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Lebanon Co. (Weaver)

     The Shane Manuscript Collection:  A Genealogical Guide to the Kentucky
          Ohio Papers (Hall) NS
     Who's Who in Lebanon Rotary for 1961-62 - NS

     Marriage & Death Notices Extracted from Some 19th-Century
          Newspapers from
          Lebanon, PA, 1860-1882 - (unindexed)
     Marriages Reported by Der Libanon Demokrat, a German Language
          Published at Lebanon, PA, 1832-1864 (Heilman) NS

     Index to Deaths of Lebanon Co., PA, 1743-1907: by Amy Daub, vols. I &
          Located in the Lebanon Co. Historical Society, Lebanon, PA (Wells)
     PA Births, Lebanon Co., 1714-1800 (Humphrey) yes



23 Aug 1797 -- Wilhwlm Snokgrass bapt., s/o Wilhelm & Susanna (Lehman)

Snokgrass (Bethel Moravian Church).

5 Dec 1814 -- PA Archives, 6th series, vol. 8, page 1030:  
Muster Roll of a company of infantry in actual service of the U.S. commanded

by Capt. James Todd in the 2nd Regt. of Penna. militia, under Command of

Lieut. Col. Adam Richards from 2 Sep. 1814 to 5 Dec 1814, Place

York, PA.  distance 41 miles; discharged Baltimore.
     46.  Private, Rob. Snodgrass   Lebanon (residence)


       LEHIGH COUNTY (974.827)

     Burials at Lehigh Church, Lower Macungie, Lehigh Co., Pa (Hollenbach)
     Partial List of Burials in the Cemetery of Zion Reformed Church,
          Allentown, PA - NS
     Salem United Methodist Church Cemetery, R.D. 1, Lehigh Co., Zionsville,
          PA (Klosek--1987) NS
     Saucon Mennonite Church Cemetery, Upper Saucon Twp., Lehigh Co.,
          (Seng--1969) NS
     Zion Evangelical Lutheran Congregation Cemetery, Old Zionsville, PA
          Cemetery--1976) NS

     1920 soundex - yes

     Christ Lutheran and Reformed Church, Shoenersville, PA (Shoener) NS
     Church Records of the Upper Milford Reformed Congregation Now the
          Reformed Church at Zionsville, Lehigh Co. (Schwalm) NS
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          the Past Approximately 200 Years (Ziegler--1978) NS
     First Supplement to The History of Jordan Reformed Church (Evangelical
          and Reformed, (United Church of Christ) (1977) (unindexed)
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          Church Records, 1740-1978 (Hollenbach) (unindexed)
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          Complete Record of All Members of Both Congregations and Sunday
          School Record of Persons Buried on Old and New Cemeteries
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     The History of Jordan Reformed Church (Evangelical and Reformed)
          (Rupp--1952) (unindexed)
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          Marriages & Burials Arranged Alphabetically (Ziegler) NS
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Pennsylvania Births, Lehigh Co., 1734-1800 (Humphrey) NS



## ### #### -- PA Archives, 6th series, vol. 6, page 290:
James Snodgrass <see below, page 306>

5 Oct 1786 -- James Snodgrass married Martha Davis of Bucks County,
          October 5,

1786; Bond L200; Bondsmen, Wm. Oliphant, James Snodgrass. (Egypt


             1920 Soundex

Emmeus, 167-209-5-96:
Alexander J. Troxell
James E. Snodgrass       28-M-PA boarder


       LUZERNE COUNTY (974.832)

     Tombstone Inscriptions, St. John's Lutheran & Reformed Cemetery, St.
          John's (Formerly Hughesville), Luzerne Co., PA (Drasher & Drasher)

     1850 census transcription - NS
     1870 census index - NS
     1920 soundex - yes

     Elder Davis Dimock Record of Baptisms, Marriages, and Vital Statistics
          (Bamford & Brown) NS
     History of the First Presbyterian Church of Wilkes-Barre, 1772-1972
     The Presbyterian Congregation of Hazleton:  A History of the First
          Hundred Years on the Occasion of the Centennial Anniversary of the
          Founding of the Church (Markle--1938) NS
suppl. - NS
     Shellhammer Daybook:  Marriages, Deaths, & Baptisms for 1842-1854]

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          Co., PA, 1773-1930 (Bidlack) NS

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          of the Valley and Adjacent Country (Chapman--1830) (unindexed)
     Index to Stewart Pearce's Annals of Luzerne Co. - NS
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          Baubonis (Boben), Perles, Kaduskevicius (Kadish) (King--1986) NS
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          1893"] (Storaska) (unindexed)
     Proceedings and Collections of the Wyoming Historical and Geological
          Soc., vols. 3-22 (1885-1938) NS
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     Voices of Hazleton:  A Century of Jewish Life (Miller--1993) NS
     Williams Families, Luzerne Co., PA, 1870 (Bleidner) NS



             1920 Soundex

Wilkes Barre, 183-246-5-60:
John D. Snodgrass        59-M-PA
Rose M. Snodgrass        52-F-PA wife
Ruth E. Snodgrass        29-F-PA dau.


      LYCOMING COUNTY (974.851)

     Burial Records of Kelchner Funeral Home, Jersey Shore, Lycoming Co.,
          1901-1934 (DAR) NS
     Cemetry Inscriptions of Ludwig Cemetery:  Located Hornberger Farm
          of Highway 973 Less Than a Mile from the Center of Quigglesville on
          a Hill, Quigglesville, Lycoming Co., PA (Kinner, Bainridge, &
          Bainridge) NS
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          (Brass) yes
     Selected Tombstone Inscriptions from the Cemetery beside St. Michael
          Evangelical Lutheran Church in Quigelville, Lycoming Co., PA:
          Containing all References to the Name Quigel, Reichard, & Stiber
          (Bainbridge & Bainbridge) NS
     Williamsport, Lycoming, PA, Cemetery Records - NS

     1880 soundex - yes
     1900 soundex - yes
     1910 miracode - yes
     1920 soundex - yes

     Blooming Grove (Blumengrofe):  A History of the Congregation of
          Dunkers Who Settled in Lycoming Co.,. PA, 1805, Together with the
          Origin of the German Baptist Church in America, 1840
     Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Brady Twp., Lycoming Co., PA,
          Registers, 1849-1942 (Milne) NS
     English Center--Lycoming Co; Mt. Pleasant & Morris--Tioga Co., PA:
          Records (Chance) NS
     Extract of the Record Books, "St. Michael Evangelical Lutheran
          Congregation in Lycoming Twp., Lycoming Co., PA," from 1892 to
          Containing All References to the Names Quigel, Reichard, & Stiber
          (Bainbridge & Bainbridge) NS
     Friedens Evangelical Lutheran Church, Jackson Twp., Lycoming Co., PA,
          Parish Registers, 1831-1894 (Clapsaddle) NS
     Marriages Solemnized by the Rev. John Hays Grier, Presbyterian Preacher,
          vol.  2 - yes (see Dauphin Co.)
     Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church, Washington Twp., Lycoming Co.,
          Parish Registers, 1847-1923 (Weiser) NS
     Records of Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Boro of Hughesville, Lycoming Co.,
          (Campbell, Fedder, Schneider) NS
     Records of the Liberty Valley Charge Lutheran Congregations in Tioga &
          Lycoming Cos., PA, 1898-1939:  Friedens Evangelical Lutheran
          ("Brick Church"), Jackson Twp., Lycoming Co.; Salem Evangelical
          Lutheran Church, Hartfield, Tioga Co.; Liberty Evangelical Lutheran
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          Tioga Co.  (Weiser) NS
     St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Williamsport, Lycoming Co.,
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     Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Elimsport, Lycoming Co., PA:  Parish
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     Probate Records, 1795-1850, Lycoming Co., PA (Russell) NS

     Corrections of Genealogy in History of Little Pine Valley
          (Stephenson--1992) NS
     Genealogical and Personal History of Lycoming Co., PA (Lewis Pub.
          Co.--1906) [partial index] NS
     History of Lycoming Co., PA (Meginness--1892) yes
          [vol. 1, pp. 85, 112, 125, 131, 159, 496]
     History of Lycoming Co., PA (Lloyd--1929) [partial index] NS
     Lycoming Co. Genealogical Society Newsletter, vols. 1-4, 7-13 - yes
          [vols. 9-13 unindexed]
     Lycoming Co., PA, Records:  A Study of some Lycoming Co. Twp.
          Records & Families, Also Added Cemetery Inscriptions & Family Data
          to Assist in Research (Ladd) NS
     Now and Then:  A Journal Devoted to the Topics of the Times (Muncy
          Historical Soc.--1868-1878) yes (vol. 3) [vol. 15, 22, 23, 24
     This is Muncy (Junior C. of C.--1966) (unindexed)

     Land Atlas & Plat Book, Lycoming Co., PA (Rockford Map Pub.--1986)

     Lycoming Co., PA, Records, Vital Records, 1852-1853-1854 (Ladd) NS



             1880 Soundex

Muncy Creek Twp., 51-60-11-1:
Benj. Snodgrass          35-M-MD <Benjamin Alexander Snodgrass; d. 1902>
Elizabeth Snodgrass      36-F-MD/PA? wife <Mary Elizabeth ___>
Benjamin E. Snodgrass    12-M-PA son <d. 1929>
Harry A. Snodgrass       10-M-PA son
Corrie E. Snodgrass       4-F-PA dau. <m. ___ Chambers; d. 1903>
Jacob R. Snodgrass        2-M-PA son
             1900 Soundex

Old Lycoming Twp., 130-66-3-24?:
Robert Crumbrower
Harry Snodgrass          30-M-PA Mar 1870 boarder <m. Louise B./C. ___>
            1910 Miracode

Mary Snodgrass           67-F-PA <Mary Elizabeth, widow of Benjamin>
(living alone)

Harry A. Snodgrass       40-M-PA
Louise C. Snodgrass      44-F-PA wife
Robert Fred Snodgrass     7-M-PA son
             1920 Soundex

Hughesville, 184-42-6-65:
Elizabeth Snodgrass      75-F-PA
(living alone)

Muncy, 185-62-13-54:
Harry A. Snodgrass       49-M-PA <d. 1922>
Louise C. Snodgrass      54-F-PA wife <d. 1938>
R. Frederick Snodgrass   17-M-PA son
Joseph T. Crust          29-M-PA son

1986 -- Land Atlas & Plat Book:
     R. Snodgrass owns 20.5 acres in Clinton Twp.


                          McKEAN COUNTY (974.863)

     Graves in the Marshburg, PA, Cemetery (Bennett--1981) NS
     Graves in Sawyer Cemetery, Sawyer City, McKean Co., PA 
         (Bennett & Bennett--1982) NS
     Under the Trees:  Notes on the Clermont Cemetery 

     Thomas L. Kane Memorial Chapel:  Index to Names in Exhibits 
         (Welch & Welch) NS

     Kane and the Upper Alleghany (Henretta--1929) NS

     Land Atlas & Plat Book, McKean Co., PA 
          (Rockford Map Pub.--1986) NS


                     MERCER COUNTY (974.895) 

     Cemetery Inscriptions (DeSantis & Dufford)
          vol. 1, 3, 5, 7, 12, 13 - NS
          vol. 2, 4, 8-11, 14 - yes

     1820 - 1860 census - yes
     1880 soundex - yes
     1900 soundex - yes
     1910 miracode - yes
     1920 soundex - yes

     Golden Jubilee, 1905-1955:  St. Michael's Greek Catholic Church,
          Farrrell, PA (The Church--1955) (unindexed)
     History of Fairfield Church - (unindexed)

     Film #383,437 
          item 1 = Abstracts of Wills of Mercer Co., PA, 
              1820-1832 (DAR) NS
          item 2 = Abstract of wills of Mercer Co., PA, 1793-1803 
              (Collection of the Gen. Soc. of PA, vol. ?) (Ickes) yes

     50th Anniversary of the Life and Work of the Croatian People
          in the Shenango Valley (Sliskovich & Zuback--1944) 
     History of Mercer County (1888) yes
     History of Mercer Co., PA (Everts--1877) yes
     'Mid the Pines:  An Historical Study of Grove City College
          (Dayton--1971) (unindexed)
     Superior Index to the 1888 History of Mercer Co., PA 
          (Hamilton Computer Service) yes
     Surname Index of 20th Century History of Mercer Co., PA, 
          by J. G. White (Davis) yes 
          (pp.:  215, 252, 254, 614, 630, 631, 750, 846, 934, 1050)
     A 20th Century History of Mercer Co., PA (White--1909) yes

     Film #889,514 = Deed index, grantors, "S", 1803-1919 -yes
     Film #889,519 = Deed Books, vol. G1-H1, 1822-1827 - yes
     Film #889,522 = Deed Books, vol. N1-O1, 1835-1837 - yes
     Film #889,526 = Deed Books, vol. U1-V1, 1843-1846 - yes
     Film #889,528 = Deed Books, vol. Y1-Z1, 1849-1851 - yes
     Film #889,535 = Deed Books, vol. N2-O2, 1863-1865 - yes
     Film #889,536 = Deed Books, vol. P2-Q2, 1864-1865 - yes
     Film #889,537 = Deed Books, vol. R2-S2, 1865-1866 - yes
     Film #1,318,459 = Deed Books, vol. V2(pt.)-X2(pt.), 
          1867-1868 - yes
     Film #1,318,460 = Deed Books, vol. X2(pt.)-Z2(pt.), 
          1868-1869 - yes
     Film #1,314,462 = Deed Books, vol. B3(pt.)-D3, 1870-1871 - yes
     Film #1,314,464 = Deed Books, vol. G3, 1871-1872 - yes
     Film #1,314,466 = Deed Books, vol. K3-L3, 1872-1873 - yes
     Film #1,318,471 = Deed Books, vol. U3-V3, 1876-1877 - yes
     Film #1,318,473 = Deed Books, vol. X3-Y3, 1876-1877 - yes
     Film #1,318,474 = Deed Books, vol. Z3-A4, 1877-1878 - yes
     Film #1,318,475 = Deed Books, vol. B4-C4, 1878-1879 - yes
     Film #1,318,476 = Deed Books, vol. D4-E4, 1878-1880 - yes
     Film #1,318,478 = Deed Books, vol. F4-G4, 1878-1880 - yes
     Film #1,318,479 = Deed Books, vol. K4-L4, 1880-1882 - yes
     Film #1,318,482 = Deed Books, vol. O4-P4, 1882-1883 - yes
     Film #1,318,483 = Deed Books, vol. S4-T4, 1883-1884 - yes
     Film #1,318,486 = Deed Books, vol. V4-Z4, 1884-1886 - yes
     <Deed Books after B5 are not filmed.>

     Mercer Co., PA, Soldiers:  Revolutionary War, War of 1812, 
           Civil War (Myers) yes
17 Jul 1799 -- Will Book 1, page 156:  Will of James Snodgrass of
Lackawanna Twp., Mifflin Co., PA:
     wife Jean
     only 2 children:  son John, dau. Jean.
     brothers David Snodgrass & William Snodgrass.
     sister Mary Irvin.
     executors:  wife Jean, friends William Graham Esq. and
                 Thomas Anderson.
witnesses:  Joseph Stuart, Wm. Laird, Thomas Olvier [? Thomas Oliver].
W.P. 13 Aug 1799.
[vss - why is this HERE? I put copy in Mifflin Co]
28 Dec 1801 -- John, William, & Benjamin Snodgrass all signed the
request for the Rev. Daniel McLean to be assigned by the Presbytery
to the Shenango & Sandy Congregations. 
(Hist. of Mercer Co., PA, It's Past & Present)          

23 Feb 1815 -- David Snodgrass was born, s/o Jesse & Jane 
(Atchison) Snodgrass.  Jesse was a native of County Donegal, Ireland,
& Jane was a native of Washington Co., PA.  
Ref: biographical sketch, Hist. of Hardin Co., Ohio, 1883,
pages 1051-1052.

                         1820 Mercer Co PA Census
Salem Twp., page 161:
     Jesse Snodgrass = 4 m 0-10, 1 m 16-18, 1 m 16-26, 1 m 26-45; 
                    1 f 16-26;   1- 1 <categories?>
<1830 Muskingum Co., OH; 1850 Monroe Co., IA>
15 Nov 1824 -- Deed Book G-1, page 506:  Mary Loughead & John 
Snodgrass executors of the last will & testament of William Loughead
deceased late of Versailles Twp., Alleghany Co., PA, to James Scott
... $400... land which the Commonwealth granted to Samuel Casteel,
situate in Mercer Co. in the third district of donation land and 
No. 529 called Mars ... 200 acres
Witnesses:  James Evans & Wm. Cavin.
Recorded 28 Dec 1824.
8 Apr 1825 -- Deed Book G-1, page 585:  Jesse Snodgrass & Jane his
wife of  Mercer Co., PA, to James Nesbit, late of Pittsburgh... 
$940... land situate in Salem Twp., Mercer Co., PA, on the waters
of little Shenango ... which land was granted to John Walker by the 
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by their patent bearing date 3 Sep 1807
... Patent book No. 60, page 155... to Thomas Arnold ... by his 
executors to William McMullin ...  by him to William Scott ...
<does not say how Jesse Snodgrass & Jane his wife received it>...
Witnesses:  Robert Bean & Solomon Clyde
Recorded 6 May 1825.

28 Aug 1827 -- Deed Book H-1, page 525:  Mercer County... Personally
appeared before me a Justice of the peace in and for said County 
John Snodgrass lately from Ireland but now of the township of West 
Salem of the County of Mercer and State of Pennsylvania and being 
duly sworn according to law saith that Robert Snodgrass (son of 
the said John Snodgrass) in or about the year one thousand seven
hundred and ninety nine or eighteen hundred while engaged in        
ploughing and the said Robert driving the horses that one of the
horses bit the right ear & cut off the upper part of his ear with
his teeth which is the reason of  his loss of part of his said ear
and no other cause or reason whatever 
sworn and subscribed this 28 Aug 1827.
Thomas Templeton                        John Snodgrass
Rec'd 28 Aug 1827
1830 -- R. Snodgrass was an overseer in Salem Twp. 
(Hist. of Mercer Co., PA, It's Past & Present).        

                         1830 Mercer Co PA Census
Salem Twp., page 205:
     Robert Snodgrass <we need this>
West Salem Twp.
page 211:
     Jno. Snodgrass = 1 m 0-5, 1 m 30-40, 1 f 20-30.
page 213:
     Jno. Snodgrass = 1 m 20-30, 1 m 60-70, 1 f 20-30, 1 f 60-70.

4 Oct 1833 -- Deed Book N-1, page 126:  John Snodgrass & Isabelle
his wife to William Calvert, all of West Salem Twp., Mercer Co., PA
... $50... Twp. of West Salem ... 10 acres, being part of a larger
tract of land granted to the said John Snodgrass by the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania by patent bearing date 20 Mar 1833 enrolled in 
Patent Book H, vol. 31, page 402 ...
Witness:  John Leech.
Recorded 1 Jul 1835.
[vss - John Snodgrass m. Isabella Leech / Lietch 1827 Jefferson Co OH]
                        1840 Mercer Co PA Census
West Salem Twp.
page 283:
     Samuel Snodgrass = 1 m 0-5, 1 m 10-15, 1 m 30-40, 
                  1 f 0-5, 1 f 5-10, 1 f 10-15, 1 f 30-40, 1 f 40-50
     Robert Snodgrass = 1 m 30-40, 1 f 50-60.
page 292:
     John Snodgrass = 1 m 20-30, 1 m 60-70, 1 f 60-70.
6 Jul 1841 -- Deed Book V-1, page 252:  John Snodgrass & Anne 
his wife to Robert Richeson, all of West Salem Twp., Mercer Co.,
PA... $68... land in West Salem Twp... 3 acres & 72
Witnesses:  Joseph Herrick & Henry Gilliland.
Recorded 27 Jun 1845.
1842 -- Rev. Matthew Snodgrass supplied the Rocky Spring Church 
(Associate Presbyterian) a few times in 1842.  
(1877 Hist. of Mercer Co., PA)          

3? Nov 1842? -- Robert Snodgrass, s/o John & Ann Snodgrass, 
d. 3? Nov 1842?, age 2y 10m 13d, buried Section N, Row 2, Shenango
Valley Cemetery, Greenville, PA.
20 Mar 1843 -- Deed Book U-1, page 469:  Samuel Snodgrass & Mary 
his wife to Robert Ewing of Salem Twp., Mercer Co., PA... $900... 
continuing by Widow Snodgrass ... part of said land was conveyed by
Jacob Loutzenhiser Executor of Jacob Loutzenhiser to Robert 
Snodgrass and the other part by Jacob Loutzenhiser's Ex'r to the
Executors of  R. Snodgrass dec'd and the balance by James 
Williamson to the Executors of  R. Snodgrass and all of which was
conveyed by William Snodgrass & Samuel Latta Exr. of R. Snodgrass
dec'd to Samuel Snodgrass by deed dated  5th May 1840 ...
Witness:  Wm. Snodgrass.
Signatures acknowledged in Crawford Co., PA.
Recorded 8 Oct 1844.
<Wm. Snodgrass is the Justice of the Peace in Crawford Co., PA).
26 Jun 1843 -- Deed Book U-1, page 295:  Samuel Latta & William 
Snodgrass, executors of Robert Snodgrass late of Salem Twp., Mercer 
Co., deceased, to Elizabeth Snodgrass, widow of the said deceased...
$322.50... Salem Twp.... being parts of the real estate of Robert
Snodgrass deceased who by his last Will and Testament authorized
his said executors to convey his real estate as in and by said 
will duly proved... This land subject to the consideration money
herein mentioned, which the said Elizabeth has a right to pay to
the said Executors at any time during her natural life in which 
case the land within described to result to her... otherwise the
above consideration money to be collected after her death without
interest out of said lands...
Witness:  S. Wilson.
Recorded 20 May 1844.
26 Feb 1844 -- Deed Book U-1, page 354:  Thomas Snodgrass to 
John Snodgrass 2nd, West Salem Twp., Mercer Co., PA... $300... 
50 acres... assignment...  (the deed on which this assignment 
appears was made from Reason Bette to Thomas Snodgrass and is
recorded in Book G, pp. 526 & 527)...
Witnesses:  J. B. Herrick, Albert Herrick, James McElhany.
Recorded 24 Jun 1844.
18 Jun 1849 -- Deed Book Z-1, page 230:  William Snodgrass & Samuel
Latta Executors of the estate of Robert Snodgrass dec'd to James R. 
Wick ... $40...  Borough of Greenville ... being vested in said 
executors by virtue of deed from William Scott bearing date 
6 May 1840 & recorded... Deed Book T?, page 583...
Witnesses:  John Carr & William Campbell.
Recorded 17 Feb 1851.
                   1850 Mercer Co PA Census 
Greene Twp., #1928/1968:
John Snotgrass           55-M-IRE farmer, $3000 [John Snodgrass]
Anne Snotgrass           42-F-PA [Anne Liston, m. 1826; see 1929]
   [their son Alexander Snodgrass is with Thomas Liston family]
John Snotgrass           20-M-PA farmer [John Snodgrass]
Margaret Snotgrass       18-F-PA [Margaret Snodgrass]
Thomas Snotgrass         15-M-PA farmer [Thomas Snodgrass]
Isabel Snotgrass         13-F-PA [Isabel Snodgrass]
William Snotgrass        11-M-PA [William Snodgrass]
Amos Snotgrass            7-M-PA [Amos Snodgrass]
Henry Snotgrass           5-M-PA [Henry Snodgrass]
Mary Snotgrass            2-F-PA [Mary Snodgrass]
Greene Twp., #1939/1979:
Joseph Snotgrass         45-M-IRE farmer, $400 
    [Joseph Snodgrass age 60 on 1860]
Greene Twp., #1993/2034:
John H. Snotgrass        32-M-PA farmer, $600 
   [John H. Snodgrass (or T or  F.?)]
Mariah Snotgrass         32-F-OH [Mariah Snodgrass]
Ellen Snotgrass           7-F-PA
Lacina Snotgrass          5-F-PA
Amelia Snotgrass          4-F-PA
Ormilda Snotgrass         1-F-PA
Borough of Mercer, page 98A, #125/133:
Martin Reed   innkeeper
William Snodgrass        21-M-GER stage driver

Salem Twp., page 362A, #1590/1612:
Elizabeth Snotgrass      55-F-IRE [Elizabeth Snodgrass]
Henry Snotgrass          29-M-IRE no occ.
Ellen Snotgrass          28-F-IRE
Maria Snotgrass           5-F-IRE
Rosanah Snotgrass         3-F-IRE
Elizabeth Snotgrass     10m-F-PA
[vss - another census transcription has this family as:
1595 1612  
SNOTGRASS, Elizabeth     55 F                Ireland
 McCLANE, Henry          29 F   None [no occ.] Ireland 
 McCLANE, Ellen          28 F                 Ireland
 McCLANE, Mariah          5 F                 Ireland
 McCLANE, Rosanah         3 F                 Ireland
 McCLANE, Elizabeth      10m F                 Pa. 
 ... vss - so, guess we need to see the original]
Salem Twp., #1613/1635:
M. A. Leech              27-M-PA farmer, $100
Wm. P. Leech             26-M-PA
Minerva Leech            26-F-PA
Ester Leech              4m-F-PA
James Snotgrass          27-M-PA carpenter, $600
Wm. Whitick              20-M-PA
    [vss - James Snodgrass b. ca 1823; m. Susan M.; they 1860 Mercer
    with three children; James' father Solomon Snodgrass d. 1824 
    Trumbull Co OH; his mother Sarah ret'd to Mercer Co PA and m2. 
    Charles Whittick; James' brother Solomon Snodgrass (1825-1905)
    is on 1850 Carroll Co IL & in Jo Daviess Co IL til his death]
[vss - another census transcription has this as:
Line 20 1616 1634  BARNET, John        30 M   Farmer        Pa.
        21 1616 1634  BARNET, Nancy    23 F                 Pa.
        22 1616 1634  BARNET, Mary      1 F                 Pa.
        23 1616 1634  LEECH, M. A.     27 M   Farmer   1000 Pa.

        24 1617 1635  LEECH, Wm. P.     26 M   Farmer    800 Pa.
        25 1617 1635  LEECH, Minerva    26 F                 Pa.
        26 1617 1635  LEECH, Ester      4m F                 Pa.
        27 1617 1635  SNOTGRASS, James  27 M   Carpenter 600 Pa.
        28 1617 1635  WHITICK, Wm.      20 M   Carpenter     Pa.
 ... vss - so need to check original]         

[vss - from census transcription: 
Delaware Twp., Schedule No. 42, Frame No. 206, Enum. Date 14 Nov 1850
38  306  309  WHITTICK, Charles     47 M   Farmer   1000 Pa.
39  306  309  WHITTICK, Sarah       51 F               Maryland 
     [m1. Solomon Snodgrass, d. 1824 Trumbull Co OH]
40  306  309  WHITTICK, Jane        22 F       Pa.  S
41  306  309  WHITTICK, Mary Ann    20 F       Pa.  S
42  306  309  WHITTICK, Irwin       16 M       Pa.  S 
      [Ervin, of Los Angeles CA - 1905]
Schedule No. 43, Frame No. 207, Enumeration Date 14 Nov 1850
 1  306  309  WHITTICK, John        13 M       Pa. 
      [of Stony Point, PA - 1905]
[vss - see Sarah's son Solomon Snodgrass' obit 1905 Jo Daviess Co IL]

[vss - here is Delaware Twp.  Clark family - see deed 1858]
Schedule No. 37, Frame No. 201, Enumeration Date 13 Nov 1850
39  269  271  CLARK, Daniel            28 M   Blacksmith 500 Pa. 
      [? s/o John below]
40  269  271  CLARK, Hariet            25 F                 Pa.
41  269  271  CLARK, Albert             6 M                 Pa.
42  269  271  CLARK, Francis           3m M                 Pa.

Schedule No. 40, Frame No. 204, Enumeration Date 13 Nov 1850
 9  288  290  CLARK, John              60 M   Farmer   2000 Pa.
10  288  290  CLARK, Rosana            20 F    Pa.
11  288  290  CLARK, John A.           21 M   Carpenter     Pa.
12  288  290  CLARK, Jacob W.          14 M  Pa.  S
13  288  290  CLARK, Mary E.           23 F    Pa. [m. Obediah White]
14  288  290  CLARK, Susan M.          17 F   Pa.  S 
     [m. James Snodgrass s/o Solomon Snodgrass & 
     Sarah ___ Snodgrass Whittick]

15  289  291  CLARK, Wm. H.          28 M  Farmer    Pa. 
           [? s/o John above]
16  289  291  CLARK, Sarah           27 F   Pa.
17  289  291  CLARK, Margaret J.      8 F   Pa.   S

West Salem Twp., page 399, #2109/2150:
Thomas Listen          45-M-PA farmer, $6000
Isabel Listen          61-F-PA
Alex Snotgrass         21-M-PA farmer 
    [Alexander Snodgrass s/o John & Anne Liston; 
    ? m. widow Jane Ferguson ?]
Martha Listen          30-F-PA

20 Dec 1858 -- Deed Book S-2, page 618:  Daniel G. Clark, John A. 
Clark, Mary E. White, Obidiah White, Susan M. Snodgrass, James 
Snodgrass, Jacob M. Clark,  of Delaware Twp., Mercer Co., PA, 
to Wm. H. Clark of the same... $50... Delaware Twp... 65? acres
and 15 perches...
Witnesses:  James Throop & Arvin West.
Recorded 17 Apr 1866.

                       1860 Mercer Co PA Census 
Greene Twp., page 193, #838/837:
John T. Snodgrass        43-M-PA farmer, $1800/500
Ellen Snodgrass          16-F-PA
Rosanna Snodgrass        14-F-PA
Amelia Snodgrass         12-F-PA
Margaret Snodgrass       10-F-PA
Alovia Snodgrass          8-F-PA
Cecelia Snodgrass         6-F-PA
Emma Snodgrass            4-F-PA
Lovina Snodgrass          3-F-PA
Greene Twp., page 204, #921/920:
Joseph Snodgrass         60-M-IRE farmer, $1050/340   <living alone>
[see heirs on deeds 1875 Mercer Co]
Greene Twp., page 207, #941/940:
Ann Snodgrass            56-F-PA widow, $7000/1400 
    [d. 1874;  wife of John Snodgrass d. 1863]
Thomas Snodgrass         24-M-PA [m. Margaret]
Isabella Snodgrass       22-F-PA
William Snodgrass        21-M-PA
Amos Snodgrass           17-M-PA
Henry Snodgrass          14-M-PA [Robert Henry Snodgrass]
Mary Snodgrass           12-F-PA
Mary Fane<?>              9-F-PA [? probably this is Martha]
John Snodgrass           60-M-IRE (blind) [d. 1863]
Greene Twp., page 207, #946/945:
Ann Snodgrass            40-F-PA widow
Samuel Sherbindy         14-M-PA
John Sherbindy           11-M-PA
David Sherbindy           6-M-PA
Sarah Jane Sherbindy      4-F-PA
Greene Twp., page 208, #953/952:
Elizabeth Snodgrass      45-F-IRE widow, $300/150
John D. Snodgrass        16-M-IRE
James D. Snodgrass       14-M-IRE
[w/o Thomas Snodgrass; Elizabeth and sons moved to WI]
Hempfield Twp., page 210, #12/12:
Robt. Ewing              43-M-IRE carpenter, $1000/100
*** [his wife  Eliza] 
Elizabeth Snodgrass      71-F-IRE widow, $300/25 
    [d. 1866; has brother Samuel Snodgrass]
Sugar Grove Twp., page 785, # ??/770:
James Snodgrass        36-M-VA farmer, $1500/700 [VA is wrong; b. OH] 
   [s/o Solomon Snodgrass d. 1824 Trumbull Co OH]
Susan M. Snodgrass     28-F-PA [Susan Clark]
Sylvester Clark         7-M-PA [? Sylvester Clark Snodgrass]
Emma R. Clark           5-F-PA [Emma Snodgrass 16 on 1870]
Charles W. Clark        3-M-PA [Charles W. Snodgrass]
   [m. Eleanor Mary Hughes; d. 1933 Elyria, Lorain Co OH]   
Joseph Carbad          18-M-PA farmhand

West Salem Twp., page 889, #634/623:
Alexander Snodgrass    33-M-PA farmer, $2600/300 [s/o John & Ann]
Jane Snodgrass         40-F-PA 
     [as Jane Forgason age 33 on 1850 Mercer w/ John & 
     Rachel Ferguson ?]
Mary E. Ferguson        9-F-PA
Rachel Snodgrass       6m-F-PA
13 Feb 1863 -- Deed Book N-2, page 545:  James Snodgrass & Susan M.
his wife  to Nancy A. Reily,   all of Sugar Grove Twp., Mercer Co.,
PA... $20... tract of  land in Sugar Grove Twp  ... 94 perches...
Witness:  J. C. McGreenahan.
Recorded 4 Feb 1864.
19 Sep 1863 -- John Snodgrass, b. 26 Aug 1793, d. 19 Sep 1863, 
age 70y 23d,  buried Sec. N, Row 1, Shenango Valley Cemetery.
(Records of the Seceder Church, Greenville, PA:  John Snodgrass 
d. 1863 age  71y and his wife Ann d. 1874 age 66y.)
 22 Sep 1863 -- Deed Book R-2, page 133:  Joseph Snodgrass of 
Greene Twp., Mercer Co., PA, to Jamestown & Franklin Rail Road Co
.... Greene Twp.
Witnesses:  John Carr & R. A. Brashear.
Recorded 27 Apr 1865.
17 Jan 1864 -- In the name of God, I Elizabeth Snodgrass of 
Hempfield Twp.,  Mercer Co.,  being weak in body but of sound mind
do make this my last will & testament  I do give & bequeath to Eliza
Ewing wife of Robert Ewing the land on which I now reside to her & 
her heirs being all my real estate  also I give to her all my 
personal estate out of which she is to pay my just debts, funeral
expenses, etc., and she to pay my brother Sam'l Snodgrass 
[Samuel Snodgrass] $200 as follows, $100 in one year after my 
death & the other hundred in 2 years after my death.  
I appoint A. D. Gillespie my executor.  
Witness my hand & seal this 17 Jan 1864.      
                                      Elizabeth (x) Snodgrass
witnesses:  A. D. Gillespie, David Loutzenhiser, 
<third name illegible>
Recorded 13 Jun 1866.
12 Mar 1864 -- Deed Book P-2, page 237:  John L. Snodgrass & Sarah
his wife of East Fallowfield, Crawford Co., PA, to Susannah Roberts,
of Greene Twp.,  Mercer Co., PA...$1000... tract in Greene Twp... it
being part of a tract of  land belonging to the said John L. Snodgrass
Witness:  L. N. McGranahan.
Recorded 27 Aug 1864.
[John s/o John & Ann married Sarah]
15 Dec 1864 -- Deed Book R-2, page 35:  James Snodgrass  & Susan M.
his wife  of Sugar Grove Twp., Mercer Co., PA, to Wm. F. McAdoo, 
Mercer Co., PA ... $1600... Sugar Grove Twp. ... 56 acres ... deed
from R. R. Roberts to James Snodgrass dated 30 Apr 1855 ...
Witness:  E. M. Campbell.
Recorded 18 Apr 1865.
29 Apr 1865 -- Deed Book R-2, page 273:  Alexander Snodgrass & Jane
Snodgrass  to Daniel Barry, all of Mercer Co., PA... $314... 
West Salem Twp.... 13 acres & 110 perches being the same land 
conveyed by the heirs of Jno. Ferguson Dec'd to said Jane Snodgrass
by deed of quit claim...
Witness:  Wm. Quick.
Recorded 7 Jun 1865.
15 May 1865 -- Deed Book S-2, page 55:  Elizabeth Snodgrass of 
Hempfield Twp., Mercer Co., PA, to Edy Myers, wife of Peter Myers 
of the same county... $500... in Hempfield Twp.... being the same 
land conveyed to her by Samuel Snodgrass adm. of Robert Snodgrass
dec'd dated 15 Sep 1862 in pursuance of an order of the Orphans 
Court of Mercer Co., PA...
Witness:  A. D. Gillespie.
Recorded 20 Nov 1865.
25 Oct 1865 -- John Snodgrass d. 25 Oct 1865, age 84y 5m 13d, 
buried Sec. B, Row 31, Parklawn Cemetery, Greene Twp. 
(h/o Mary Ann Snodgrass, d. 1872).          
[John Snodgrass & Mary Ann Rankin - 1860 Crawford Co PA]

19 Sep 1866 -- Petition of A. D. Gillespie, executor of the last will
and testament of Elizabeth Snodgrass, late of West Salem, dec'd ... 
that the testatrix died seized in her demesne as of fee in & to a 
certain piece or lot of land lying & situate in West Salem Twp., 
Mercer Co., PA, bounded north by lands of Jas. Brockway, East by
lands of Hiram McCormick, south by lands of  Tho's McCormick, & 
west by lands of R. W. McCormick, containing 17 acres more or less.
     And that there is no personal estate that has come to the 
knowledge of your petitioner except about $200 owing by David 
Loutzehiser; That the debt principally consists of a judgement in
the Com. Pleas of this county of $1,200, in a suit wherein R. & E.
Ewing are pltfs for the payment of which your petitioner has no 
funds & therefore in order to pay the same he prays the court to
grant him an order to make sale of said land for the 
purpose aforesaid.            
                                   A. D. Gillespie, executor
A. D. Gillespie, being duly sworn, says that the facts above set
forth are true to the best of his knowledge.  
Sworn to this 19 Sep 1866.  
And now 19 Nov 1866 after due consideration the court orders and
decrees a sale of said premises by the executor, the sale to take
place upon the premises at public outcry after public notice 
as required by law...
7 Jan 1867 -- A. D. Gillespie, executor of the will of Elizabeth
Snodgrass,  dec'd,  sold her real estate at public auction to 
Robert Ewing for the sum of  $1,200.
21 Jan 1867 -- Bond of A. D. Gillespie with S. W. McDowell as 
surety; said Gillespie is executor of the last will of Elizabeth
Snodgrass, dec'd, and is  authorized to make sale of the real 
estate of said testator...
6 Apr 1867 -- Deed Book X-2, page 35:  James Snodgrass & Susan M.
his wife of Jamestown, Mercer Co., PA, to Mathew Harrah & Rebecca E.
Harruh of Sugar Grove Twp., Mercer Co., PA... $2500... land situate
in Sugar Grove Twp.... being the same land conveyed by the heirs at
law of John Regnor dec'd to said Snodgrass by deed dated 17 Jan 1865.
Witnesses:  David H. Mahan & Thos. Foster.
Recorded 9 Jun 1868
28 Mar 1868 -- Deed Book X-2, page 8, Ann Snodtgrass [Ann Snodgrass]
widow of John Snodtgrass dec'd [John Snodgrass], Alexander Snodtgrass
[Alexander Snodgrass] and Jane his wife, John Snodtgrass [John Snodgrass]
& Sarah his wife, Margaret Calvin married to Silas Calvin [Margaret 
Snodgrass Calvin], Thomas Snodtgrass [Thomas Snodgrass] and Margaret
his wife, Isabella Snodtgrass [Isabella Snodgrass], Amos Snodtgrass 
[Amos Snodgrass], Robert H. Snodtgrass [Robert H. Snodgrass] to 
Wm. Snodtgrass [William Snodgrass], all of Crawford & Mercer Counties,
PA ...  $1600... tract in Sugar Grove Twp .... being an undivided 
tract of land conveyed to  John Snotgrass deceased by George G.
McGranahan & Sarah his wife by deed dated 23 Jul 1859
All signatures acknowledged in Mercer Co., PA.
Recorded 1 Jun 1868.
6 Jun 1868 -- Deed Book B-4, page 300:  Alexander Snodgrass & Jane 
his wife to Emily Bell, all of West Salem Twp., Mercer Co., PA... 
$122... land situate in West Salem Twp....
Witnesses:  S. M. McDowell & J. R. Meloin.
Recorded 12 Aug 1878.
Jul 1868 -- PA Archives, 6th series, vol. 9, pp. 390, 487, 585 
(Misc. papers, 1812-1814):
Jane Snodgrass (applicant) widow of Thomas Snodgrass, private 
Capt. McClelland (name of commander).  
Col. S. Gowdy (name of regtl. commander) Jamestown, Mercer County. 
Certificate #1101, issued July 1868; Remarks:  Dec. 21st, 1880; 
Paid $75.00 under Act of May 24, 1878.
12 Nov 1868 -- Deed Book X-2, page 483:  Amos L. Snodgrass, 
guardian of Mary A. & Martha Snodgrass to Wm. Snodgrass of Sugar
Grove Twp., Mercer Co., PA ...  whereas at an Orphans Court held
at Mercer in and for the county of Mercer on  20 Aug 1868 the 
petition of the said Amos L. Snodgrass guardian aforesaid was 
presented setting forth that said minors are entitled each to the
undivided one eleventh part of a certain piece or parcel of land 
situated in Sugar Grove Twp. Mercer Co., PA... containing 50 acres
... that it would be to the interest of said minors that said land
be sold and the proceeds invested in some other manner for their
benefit, that the remaining brothers & sisters of full age of said
minors had sold equal interests in said land for the price or sum of
$200, that he believed a better price for said interest could be
obtained at private than at public sale and that it would be to 
their interest that they be sold at private sale.  That he had 
agreed to sell their said interests to William Snodgrass at the 
price or sum of $200 each and that said price was a good and 
satisfactory one and the same as received by each of their 
remaining brothers and sisters of full age...
Recorded 12 Nov 1868.
1 Apr 1869 -- Deed Book 57-57, page 335:  Ann Snodgrass to 
Benjamin Henlein, Greene Twp.
Recorded 8 Apr 1870.
3 Apr 1869 -- Deed Book 57-57, page 600:  William Snodgrass to 
John A. McCurdy, Sugar Grove Twp.
Recorded 17 May 1870.
29 May 1869 -- Deed Book 57-57, page 319:  William Snodgrass to 
A. L. Snodgrass, Sugar Grove Twp.
Recorded 7 Apr 1870.

                         1870 Mercer Co PA Census

[vss - from transcription by John MacDonald <>
found on Rootsweb at 
And here is John MacDonald's note:  "This census was transcribed as
part of the USGenWeb Census Project.  Although I have made every 
effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be 
advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD. The complete
transcription of this township, showing all the information given
on the census for each individual, is available as a text document.
I can send it as an e-mail attachment."
* = signifies letter(s) illegible
Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first 
number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the
census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the 
census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated
by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the
given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census.
The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard
two-letter postal code abbreviation.]

1870 Census - Mercer County (US Archives microfilm roll #1373)
Green Township; 
Enumerator: William M. Bailey;  Post Office: Sharpsville Furnace; 
Date of Enumeration: 17-26 August, 1870

Green Twp.
123B-117-120, Sndgrass, Jane E 75 yrs, PA
123B-117-120, Sndgrass, Mary M 30 yrs, PA
123B-117-120, Sndgrass, Margretta 25 yrs, PA

116B-12-13, Snodgrass, Thos 34 yrs, PA [Thomas s/o John & Ann]
116B-12-13, Snodgrass, Margret 32 yrs, PA
116B-12-13, Snodgrass, Jane A. 7 yrs, PA

116B-13-14, Snodgrass, Jr. P. 24 yrs, PA
116B-13-14, Snodgrass, Ema A. 60 yrs, PA
116B-13-14, Snodgrass, Amos 27 yrs, PA [s/o John & Ann]
116B-13-14, Snodgrass, Isabel 30 yrs, PA [d/o John & Ann]
116B-13-14, Snodgrass, Mary A. 22 yrs, PA [d/o John & Ann]
116B-13-14, Snodgrass, Martha J. 17 yrs, PA [d/o John & Ann]

119A-53-54, Snodgrass, Josh 63 yrs, Ireland

122A-102-102, Snodgrass, Ellen 25 yrs, PA
122A-102-102, Snodgrass, Lerma 23 yrs, PA
122A-102-102, Snodgrass, Amelia 22 yrs, PA
122A-102-102, Snodgrass, Armilda 29 yrs, PA
122A-102-102, Snodgrass, Elvira 18 yrs, PA
122A-102-102, Snodgrass, Cecelia 16 yrs, PA
122A-102-102, Snodgrass, Emma 14 yrs, PA
122A-102-102, Snodgrass, Sorena 12 yrs, PA
------- end Green Twp --------

Jamestown Borough
130B-66-69, Snodgrass, James 42 yrs, PA 
     [s/o Solomon Snodgrass d. 1824 Trumbull Co OH]
130B-66-69, Snodgrass, Susan 39 yrs, PA [Susan Clark]
130B-66-69, Snodgrass, Emma 16 yrs, PA
130B-66-69, Snodgrass, Chas 12 yrs, PA 
     [Charles Whittick Snodgrass]
130B-66-69, Snodgrass, Wm 7 yrs, PA
130B-66-69, Snodgrass, Judson 2 yrs, PA
130B-66-69, Snodgrass, Austin 1/12 yrs, PA
------- end Jamestown ------

30 Dec 1870 -- Deed Book C-3, page 314:  James Snodgrass & Susan M.
his wife to Margaret E. Moats of Jamestown, Mercer Co., PA... one
undivided seventh part of fifty acres more or less...
<no land description or information about how he obtained the land>
Witnesses:  Wm. L. Riley & Thos. Foster.
Recorded 30 Jan 1871.
29 Apr 1871 -- Deed Book G-3, page 244:  John L. Snodgrass & Sarah
his wife, John W. Roberts & Susannah his wife, James W. Reed & Sarah
his wife to Dennis O'Neill of Greene Twp., Mercer Co., PA... $1685
... in Greene Twp.... 37 1/2  acres...
Witnesses:  James Throop & James McMaster.
Recorded 5 Mar 1872.
16 Nov 1871 -- Deed Book G-3, page 76:  James Snodgrass & Susan M. 
his wife of the Borough of Jamestown, Mercer Co., PA, to Henry Aten,
of the Borough, County, & state aforesaid... $230... 2 town lots in
the Cornwell & McMaster addition to the borough of Jamestown ... 
from indenture bearing date 25 Apr 1868 from James McMaster and
Jane Ann his wife to James Snodgrass ...
Witnesses:  James Throop & D. C. Bruce.
Recorded 19 Dec 1871.
1872 -- Mary Ann Snodgrass, b. 1793, d. 1872, buried Sec. B, Row 31,
Parklawn Cemetery  (w/o John Snodgrass, d. 1865).
[John Snodgrass & Mary Ann Rankin - 1860 Crawford Co PA]
11 Apr 1872 -- Deed Book K-3, page 568:  John L. Snodgrass & Sarah
his wife of East Fallowfield Twp., Crawford Co., PA, to Ann Snodgrass
of Greene Twp., Mercer Co., PA... $1610.92... in Greene Twp.... 
36 acres & 88 perches...
Witnesses:  John Minnis & Wm. M. Laskey.
Recorded 1 Apr 1872 <sic>
14 Mar 1874 -- Deed Book E-4, page 84:  For & in consideration of 
the sum of  $100 lawful money to me in hand paid by my grand dau. 
Lorena M. Snodgrass of Greene Twp.,  Mercer Co., PA, the undersigned
do hereby assign transfer and set over to the said Lorena M. all 
my right title interest and claims in and to the within described
piece of  land containing one acre with all the improvements 
privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging to wit the same 
to her and her assigns and I do hereby covenant & agree to warrant
and defend the same from me my heirs and assigns and from all 
persons legally claiming the same, in witness whereof I have 
hereunto set my hand and seal 
this 14 day of Mar 1874.   
                                  (signed) Jane Snodgrass
Witnesses:  Richard Carr & Margaretta Snodgrass.
(see deed Book N-3, page 100)
Recorded 30 Oct 1878.
27 May 1874 -- Ann Snodgrass, wife of John Snodgrass, d. 27 May 1874,
age 67/65y 4m 26d, buried Sec. N, Row 1, Shenango Valley Cemetery 
(see John Snodgrass, d. 1863).
1 Feb 1875 -- Deed Book V-6, page 323:  James Snodgrass & Susan M.
Snodgrass  his wife to John Carr et al Trustee, Jamestown Twp.
Recorded 12 Oct 1899.
3 Apr 1875 -- Deed Book X-3, page 143:  Robert Q. Snodgrass, 
John S. Rodgers,  Mary Snodgrass, Margaret Snodgrass, J. J. Tolbard
[Isabell Tolbert ?], Wm. H. Laughry & Mary A. his wife, Robert Rodgers
& Mary L. his wife, Samuel H. Laughrey & Eliza J. his wife, 
Wm. Eastlick & Margaret his wife, heirs to the estate of Joseph 
Snodgrass late of Greene Twp., Mercer Co., PA, dec'd to 
John Flaherty of Green Twp., Mercer Co., PA ... $478 ... 6 acres & 
40 perches...  
Witness:  Wm. Joseph Snodgrass.
Signatures acknowledged in Crawford Co., PA:  Mary Snodgrass, 
Margaret Snodgrass, Isa J. Tolbard, & Robert Rodgers & Mary L. his wife.
Signatures acknowledged in Mercer Co., PA:  
R. Q. Snodgrass, Sam'l Laughery & Eliza J. his wife, Wm. H. Laughery 
& Mary A. his wife, John Rodgers & Phebe M. his wife, Wm. Eastlick & 
Margaret his wife ...
Recorded 28 Aug 1876.
[vss - see Crawford Co PA]
19 Jun 1875 -- Deed Book V-3, page 58:  Robert Q. Snodgrass, Jane 
Snodgrass,  Margaret Snodgrass,  I. J. Tolbard, Sam'l H. Laughry & 
Eliza J. his wife,  Wm. Eastlick &  Margaret his wife, John Rodgers
& Phebe his wife,  Wm. Laughry & Mary A. his wife,  Robert Rodgers &
Mary S. his wife, heirs & legal representatives of Joseph Snodgrass
dec'd of  the first part to Mary Shehan wife of Patrick Shehan in
her own right ... $2348.90 ... Greene Twp. ... being part of that
farm lately owned & occupied by  Joseph Snodgrass now dec'd of  
whose estate the grantors are the only heirs & legal representatives.
<The wives who were examined separately from their husbands were 
Eliza J. Laughry, Phebe Rodgers, Mary S. Rodgers, Mary A. Laughry
& Margaret Eastlick.>
Witness:  D. Gamble.
Recorded 7 Oct 1875.
29 Dec 1875 -- Deed Book V-3, page 270:  Elizabeth Ross, John R. Ross
& Ella his wife of Pymatuning Twp. and John W. Snodgrass & Sarah C. 
his wife of Jamestown all of Mercer Co., PA, to Sharon Railway Co.
... in Pymatuning Twp.
Recorded 4 Feb 1876.
5 Mar 1877 -- Deed Book D-4, page 212:  John W. Snodgrass & Sarah C.
his wife of Crawford Co., PA, to John R. Ross of Pymatuning Twp., 
Mercer Co., PA... $956... their interest in the following described
property being all of the  real estate of  John Ross dec'd ... 
The said J. A. Ross hereby agrees to pay all the debts against the
said estate therefore <sic> relieving the first party from paying 
any of the said debts... lot of  land being all of the interest of 
John W. Snodgrass & Sarah C. Ross intermarried with John W. 
Snodgrass in the estate of John Ross Dec'd of Pymatuning Twp....
Witness:  D. Gamble.
Recorded 24 Nov 1879.
13 Apr 1877 -- Deed Book Z-3, page 147:  William Snodgrass & Margaret
his wife of Sugar Grove Twp., Mercer Co., PA, to B. Fitzgerald, of 
Youngstown, Mahoning Co., OH ... $ Sugar Grove Twp.... 
1 acre neat, it being part of a larger tract of land owned & known
as the Donaldson tract  ... 
Witness:  R. Maxwell.
Recorded 15 Oct 1877.
1878 -- Edwin R. Snodgrass, b. 1876, d. 1878, buried Sec. I, 
Rows 11 & 12, Parklawn Cemetery
(s/o John W. Snodgrass, d. 1921, & Sarah C. Snodgrass, d. 1920).
10 Jan 1878 -- Deed Book B-4, page 176:  Mary M. Snodgrass & 
Margaretta Snodgrass to Joseph Clyde, all of Greene Twp., Mercer 
Co., PA... $100... land in Greene Twp.
Recorded 16 Apr 1878.
29 Mar 1878 -- Deed Book A-4, page 473:  Alexander Hill & Ellen L. 
his wife, Wm. B. Curtis & Elivira E. his wife, Lucina C. Snodgrass,
Margaret A. Snodgrass, Emma T. Snodgrass, & Lorena M. Snodgrass, 
heirs of John T. Snodgrass dec'd, to Martha H. Snodgrass, of West
Shenango, Crawford Co., PA ... $1535.19 ...  in Greene Twp. ... 
containing 27 acres & 60 perches ...  the first parties reserving
however all rights and privileges to the dwelling house on said 
land as bequeathed to them or any of  them by the last will of 
John T. Snodgrass dec'd the above being part of the land bequeathed
to the first parties by will of the said John T. Snodgrass late of
Greene Twp., Mercer Co., PA, dec'd...
Signed:  A. Hill, Ellen L. Hill, W. B. Curtis, Elvira E. Curtis,
Emma Snodgrass, Lorena Snodgrass, Losina C. Snodgrass, 
M. A. Snodgrass [Margaret A. Snodgrass]
Witnesses:  A. Hill & D. Gamble.
Recorded 9 Apr 1878.
1 May 1878 - Deed Book C-4, page 74:  Emma Snodgrass one of the 
heirs of John T. Snodgrass late of Greene Twp., Mercer Co., PA, to 
Mathew H. Snodgrass of  West Shenango Twp., Crawford Co., PA... land
in Greene Twp., Mercer Co., PA... it being the farm lately owned by
John T. Snodgrass now dec'd and to whose estate the said first party
is one of the heirs ...
Witness:  D. Gamble.
Recorded 30 Oct 1878.
1 Apr 1879 -- Deed Book E-4, page 491:  William Snodgrass & Margaret
Snodgrass his wife of Sugar Grove Twp., Mercer Co., PA, to James 
Zimmerman of West Salem Twp., Mercer Co., PA... $325... release & 
quit claim... being a part of a  tract of land conveyed by George G.
McStrauahant? [or is it McGranahan] to John Snodgrass by deed 
dated 23 Jul 1859 and afterwards conveyed to William Snodgrass 
by the heirs of John Snodgrass dec'd ...
Witness:  W. P. Hanna.
Recorded 5 Aug 1879.
22 Apr 1879 -- Deed Book D-4, page 184:  M. J. Snodgrass & Osee E. 
his wife of the Borough of Jamestown, Mercer Co., PA, to Margaret D.
McKee, wife of Rev. James P. McKee, now residents of India ... $1800
... in McKinleys Addition to the Borough of Jamestown, Mercer Co.,
PA... said lot having been conveyed by deed from James McKinley & 
wife to the said Osee E. Snodgrass, bearing date 13 Jun 1876 & 
recorded Deed Book X<H?>-3, page 105 and on 14 Aug 1876.
Witnesses:  D. Gamble & H. M. Gamble.
Recorded 20 Oct 1879.
11 Oct 1879 -- Deed Book F-4, page 178:  William Snodgrass & 
Margarette his wife of Sugar Grove, Mercer Co., PA, to Samuel M. 
Zimmerman, of West Salem, Mercer Co., PA ...  $235 ... in Sugar 
Grove Twp. ... and being part of land conveyed to William 
Snodgrass the first party by John Snodgrass heirs by deed 
dated 28 Mar 1868 ...
Witness:  E. E. Miller.
Recorded 6 Nov 1879.
5 Dec 1879 -- Deed Book G-9, page 65:  William Snodgrass & Sarah
Snodgrass &  John L. Snodgrass & Margaret Snodgrass to Julian 
McLimans, Sugar Grove.
Recorded 13 Jun 1910.
[vss - original should be checked - previously we see John L. & 
Sarah and William & Margaret ...]
                        1880 Mercer Co PA Census/Soundex
Johnston (City), 53-216-3-11:
James Snodgrass          57-M-OH [s/o Solomon d. 1824 OH & Sarah]
Susan Snodgrass          48-F-PA wife [Susan M. Clark]
Charles Snodgrass        23-M-PA son 
    [Charles W. m. Eleanor Mary Hughes]
William Snodgrass        17-M-PA son
Judson Snodgrass         12-M-PA son [Judson T.]
Austie Snodgrass         10-F-PA dau. [as son Austin on 1870]
West Middlesex, 53-231-7-31:
(Rev.) W. J. Snodgrass   35-M-PA [William J. Snodgrass]
Martha Snodgrass         33-F-PA wife
Boyd Snodgrass            9-M-PA son
Bruce Snodgrass           6-M-PA son
Mary Snodgrass            4-F-PA dau.
Hugh G. Snodgrass         1-M-PA son
Sugargrove Twp., 53-234-1-47:
Amos L. Snodgrass            35-M-PA
Milly/Minny Snodgrass        24-F-PA wife
Cloe Bell/Bluebell Snodgrass  2-F-PA dau.
Sugargrove Twp., 53-234-5-1:
William Snodgrass        41-M-PA
Margaret Snodgrass       31-F-PA wife
Pierce C. Snodgrass      11-M-PA son
Emma Snodgrass           10-F-PA dau.
Eideith Snodgrass         8-F-PA dau. [Edith ?]
Alexander Snodgrass       6-M-PA son
Maud M. Snodgrass         2-F-PA dau.
30 Oct 1880 -- Anna Bell Snodgrass, d/o A. & Jane Snodgrass, 
d. 30 Oct 1880 age 18y 1m 18d, buried Sec. C, Row 18 & 19, 
Shenango Valley Cemetery, Greenville, PA 
<may be Anna (Snodgrass) Bell>
1881 -- William H. Snodgrass, b. 1867, d. 1881, buried Sec. I, Rows 9 & 10,   
Parklawn Cemetery (see Mathew H. Snodgrass, d. 1900).
5 Feb 1881 -- Deed Book G-9, page 64:  John L. Snodgrass & Sarah his wife
James McClinrans, Sugar Grove Twp.
Recorded 13 Jun 1910.
24 Sep 1881 -- Margaret D. Snodgrass, wife of Wm. Snodgrass, d. 24 Sep
age 40y 9m, buried Sec. G, Row 6, Stevenson Cemetery, Salem Twp.  (next
stone of William Snodgrass, d. 1884).          

9 Dec 1881 -- Deed Book K-4, page 602:  William Snodgrass of Sugar Grove
 & Robert H. Snodgrass of Greene Twp. & Hannah his wife to George Probst
Sugar Grove Twp.... $175... land in Sugar Grove Twp.... 15 acres & 96 
Witness:  E. P. Gillispie.
Recorded 2 Jan 1882.
22 Mar 1882 -- Deed Book P-4, page 295:  J. W. Clark & Susan his wife, Samuel Youard &  
Ann M. his wife, James Snodgrass & Susan M. his wife, & Mary E. White (formerly Clark) to
John B. Young... $440.59... released & quit-claimed... in Delaware Twp.... 91 acres & 23
Witnesses:  Wm. M. Mossman, D. Gamble, W. J. Green (as to S. Youard & wife)
All signatures acknowledged in Mercer Co., PA.
Recorded 7 Jun 1882.
10 May 1882 -- Deed Book S-4, page 614:  Alexander Snodgrass & Jane Snodgrass  
his wife of West Salem Twp., Mercer Co., PA, to Olive A. Sheckler of Sugar   
Grove Twp., Mercer Co., PA... $200... in Sugar Grove Twp.... 2 acres...
Witness:  Wm. Buck.
Recorded 10 May 1882.
21 Nov 1882 -- Deed Book D-5, page 261:  Mary A. Snodgrass & Margaretta Snodgrass et al to
Mary Ann Snyder, Jamestown Twp.
Recorded 4 Jun 1888.
1883 -- John L. Snodgrass, "father," b. 1830, d. 1883, buried Sec. G, Row 3, Stevenson
Cemetery (next to stone of Sarah M. Snodgrass, d. 1915; Mattie Snodgrass, d. 1932; 
J. W. Snodgrass, d. 1930).          

26 Jun 1883 -- Deed Book X-5, page 355:  M. A. Snodgrass, Lusina Snodgrass,        
Emma Snodgrass et al to Mathew H. Snodgrass, Greene Twp.
Recorded 27 Jul 1892.
4 Dec 1883 -- Deed Book D-5, page 253:  
Mary M. Snodgrass & Margaretta Snodgrass to Mary Jane Herrick, Greene Twp.
Recorded 29 May 1888.
1884 -- Minnie M. Snodgrass, b. 1883, d. 1884, buried Sec. I, Rows 11 & 12,    
Parklawn Cemetery 
(d/o John W. Snodgrass, d. 1921, & Sarah C. Snodgrass, d. 1920).
3 Jan 1884 -- Deed Book H <N? X?>-6, page 255:  A. S. Snodgrass & Minnie          
Snodgrass his wife to Catharine Kechler, Sugar Grove Twp.
Recorded 22 Feb 1899.
11 Jan 1884 -- Deed Book Y-4, page 38:  Margaretta Snodgrass & Mary M. Snodgrass of 
Greene Twp., Mercer Co., PA, to L. A. McCrumb of  Jamestown Borough, Mercer Co., PA...
$205... land in Greene Twp.... 2 acres & 140 perches...
Witness:  D. Gamble.
Recorded 11 Dec 1884.
15 Mar 1884 -- William Snodgrass d. 15 Mar 1884, age 46y 2m 28d, buried Sec. G, Row 6,
Stevenson Cemetery (next to stone of Margaret Snodgrass, d. 1881).        
29 Mar 1886 -- Deed Book C-5, page 133:  Mary M. Snodgrass to Margaretta Snodgrass,
Greene Twp.
Recorded 28 May 1886.
31 Mar 1886 -- Deed Book X-6, page 215:  Margaretta Snodgrass to Addison Snodgrass, 
Greene Twp.
Recorded 5 May 1900.
13 Apr 1887 -- Child of Dr. Snodgrass died, age 4 weeks, buried Haywood Cemetery.
(newspaper Sharon Herald)
9 Jul 1887 -- Deed Book B-6, page 59:  Jane Snodgrass, Alex. Snodgrass & wife       
to Margret C. Cook, Sugar Grove Twp.
Recorded 10 Aug 1893. 
15 Dec 1887 -- Deed Book D-5, page 191:  Jane Snodgrass, Alexander Snodgrass
et al to M. S. Frost, Sugar Grove Twp.
Recorded 2 Jan 1888.
1888 -- Hist. of Mercer Co.:
page 269:
     John, William, & Benjamin Snodgrass were the ancestors of the Snodgrass    
families around Jamestown & Greenville.
- - - - - - - - - -
page 430:
     John Snodgrass died in 1863 in his 71st year, and his wife Ann in 1874, age 66.  Both are
buried in the Old Graveyard on the west side of the Seceder Church, and familiarly known as the
United Presbyterian Cemetery.
- - - - - - - - - -
page 486:
     Rev. John Armstrong served as pastor at West Middlesex United Presbyterian Church from
1856-1868, since which latter date Rev. W. J. Snodgrass has been pastor there.
- - - - - - - - - -
page 496:
     W. J. Snodgrass was for a time the principal of the Jamestown Seminary, 
Jamestown. (dates not given)
- - - - - - - - - -
page 497:
     Robert Porter Post No. 326, G.A.R., was organized 20 Apr 1883 in Adelphic       
Hall ... members ... Robert Q. Snodgrass, who was also in its first corps of officers.
- - - - - - - - - -
page 498:
     Mrs. Jane Snodgrass was an early member of the Associate Reformed 
Presbyterian Church, established in 1840.
- - - - - - - - - -
pages 498-499:
     In 1801-2 [??], the Rev. Daniel McLean, who had settled in South Shenango Twp., Crawford
Co., established there a congregation of the Associate or Seceder Church.  He began to visit the
community of Jamestown about 1852, and  his preaching resulted in the organization of a small
congregation in 1853.  In its ranks were Robert Snodgrass Sr., and Wife, Jacob Rogers and wife,   
Robert Snodgrass Jr. and wife, William Douthitt and wife, John Brooks and wife, James M.
Snodgrass and wife, Quinton Brooks and wife.  Total:  14. 
          The first session consisted of Robert Snodgrass Sr., Jacob Rogers, & Quinton Brooks;
Andrew Thompson was added later.
- - - - - - - - - -
page 499:
     <couldn't find Quinton Snodgrass>
- - - - - - - - - -
page 504:
     The Presbyterian Church of Clarksville was organized in 1837.  W. J. Snodgrass
has been the pastor from 1878 up to the present.
- - - - - - - - - -
page 535:
     Among the early pioneers who took up land in Greene Twp. were John,
    William, and Benjamin Snodgrass.
- - - - - - - - - -
page 807:
     Lester Kuder, attorney at law, was born in Allegheny Co., NY, 1 Jul 1835.  His father, Israel
Kuder, was born in Lehigh Co., PA, 14 Jan 1806, & 17 Jun 1834 was married in Allegheny Co.,
NY, to Miss Elizabeth Hollister, a native of that county, b. 9 Aug 1818.  In 1836 they removed to
Turnersville, Crawford Co., PA, where they have ever since resided upon a farm which adjoins
the Mercer Co. line. They reared a family of six children:  Lester, of Greenville; Mary Ann, wife
of William Durbin, of Turnersville; Charles, who lives near the parents; Juliett, wife of Reuben
Camp, resides on the old homestead; John, a merchant of Turnersville; and Osee, wife of  J. W.
Snodgrass, a contractor and builder of Turnersville.
- - - - - - - - - -
page 817:
     James McElhaney & Margaret Mahan his wife, reared a family of 3 sons <sic> and 3 
daughters <sic>, viz:  John K., living near the old home; Isabella, dec'd; James, dec'd;  Mrs. 
James Snodgrass, residing across the line in Crawford Co.; Dr. M. J. of Greenville; and Leander,
who died while serving in the army during the Rebellion. <partial extract>
- - - - - - - - - -
page 1198:  
     Frederick Smith, farmer, post-office Greenville, was born in Germany 
20 Jan 1828.  His parents were Jacob and Magdalena Smith, natives of
who immigrated to Allegheny Co., PA, in 1830, where they resided until the
of 1844, and then settled on the farm in West Salem Twp. where our subject
lives.  They reared eight children:  Frederick; John, deceased; Mary, wife of
Yeager, of Perry Twp.; Elizabeth, widow of William Whitney, of Green 
Magdalena, wife of Andrew Kechler, of Kansas; George B.; Christina, wife  of
Edward Courtright, of Trumbull Co., OH; and Caroline, wife of John
of Iowa.  The parents were Presbyterians, and died on the old homestead, the
20 Apr 1875, and the mother 18 Nov 1885.  Frederick has lived on his present
since the coming of his parents in 1844.  He was married 25 Aug 1887, to
dau. of James and Jemina Gillis, pioneer residents of West Salem Twp., where 
Mrs. Smith was born.  Politically Mr. Smith has been a life-long Democrat,
reveres the memory of his parents, who settled here 44 years ago.
- - - - - - - - - -
pages 1198-9:
     Alexander Snodgrass, farmer, post-office Greenville, was born in what is  
now Greene Twp., 28 Jun 1828, and is a son of John Snodgrass, a native of    
Ireland, who came to Mercer County about 1825.  In 1827 he married Anna, dau.     
of Thomas and Isabella (McClellan) Listen, the former a native of Ireland and   
the latter of Crawford Co., PA, and who settled north of Greenville, in West  
Salem Twp., at an early date, where both died.  John Snodgrass located in
Greene Twp. after his marriage, and there reared six sons and four daus.: 
Alexander; John, deceased; Thomas; Margaret; Isabella; Amos; Mary; William,         
deceased; Robert; and Jane.  His parents died on the old homestead in Greene    
Twp., in the faith of the United Presbyterian Church.  Alexander has passed
his whole life in Mercer Co.  He was married 28 Jun 1859 to Jane, dau. of John       
and Rachel (McMillen) Ferguson, the former a native of Ireland, and the latter  
of Fayette Co., PA.  John Ferguson immigrated to Westmoreland Co., PA, with         
his parents, John and Ann (Johnston) Ferguson, in 1790, and removed with his   
father to this township in the spring of 1798.  He served as captain in the War of
1812, and spent the balance of his life in this township.  Mrs. Snodgrass has reared
three daus.:  Mary E., wife of John Reed, of Hempfield Twp.; Rachel J., wife of
Charles Reigle, of Sugar Grove Twp., and Annabel, deceased.  Mr. Snodgrass and
wife are members of the United Presbyterian Church, and in politics he is Democrat.
He and wife are descendants of  two old families, and  are well-known citizens of
this county.
- - - - - - - - - -
pages 1206-1207:
     David Gamble, physician and J.P., P.O. Jamestown, PA, was born 31 Jul 1831.  His father 
was a native of Ireland, and was twice married, his wife dying in Ireland, leaving 3 children, one
of whom, John D., still lives and is a farmer in Crawford Co.  His father came to America in 
1831, as a missionary for the Presbyterian Church of Ireland, and being a scholar, turned his
attention to the profession of teaching for a part of his time.  He first landed in Newfoundland,
next came to Boston, MA, and then to Jamestown, where he taught a classical school for many
years.  His second wife was Elizabeth  Parr, a native of Ireland, and by this marriage they had 8
children:  Mary A.,  wife of James Snodgrass; Martha; Caroline; Dr. Wm. J., who died in 1888; 
Robert, who died in 1857; Andrew J.; Hugh M.; & David.  
<partial extract>

2 Jan 1888 -- Deed Book B-7, page 271:  Jane Snodgrass to Alice Cole, Sugar Grove Twp.
Recorded 15 Jul 1901.

12 Feb 1889 -- Deed Book K-5, page 330:  D. G. Snodgrass & wife Lida to A. R.   
Edeburn, W. Middlesex Twp.
Recorded 27 Feb 1889.

1890 -- Selina E. Snodgrass, b. 1854, d. 1890 (stone buried), buried Sec. H,
Rows 16 & 17, Parklawn Cemetery.

1890 -- Mary A. Snodgrass, b. 1818, d. 1890 (stone half buried), buried Sec.
H, Rows 16 & 17, Parklawn Cemetery.

1893 -- Margaret E. Snodgrass, b. 1869, d. 1893, buried Sec. H, Rows 16 & 17,
Parklawn Cemetery.

8 Feb 1893 -- Alexander Snodgrass, d. 8 Feb 1893, age 64y 7m 9d, buried Sec. C, 
Row 18 & 19, Shenango Valley Cemetery (on stone with Jane Snodgrass,  d. 1898).

23 Sep 1893 -- Deed Book C-6, page 459:  Alexander Snodgrass & wife to J. L.
Cochran, Wolf Creek Twp.
Recorded 23 Nov 1893.

1894 -- James M. Snodgrass, b. 1815, d. 1894, GAR flag (stone half buried),
buried Sec. H, Rows 16 & 17, Parklawn Cemetery.
<Note:  GAR = Grand Army of the Republic, i.e. Union Army during the Civil War.>

3 Feb 1894 -- Deed Book C-8, page 497:  Lucina Snodgrass to Mrs. Armelda Walters, 
Greene Twp.
Recorded 25 Sep 1905.

1895 -- Thomas Snodgrass, b. 1835, d. 1895, buried Sec. D, 4th time around circle, 
Shenango Valley Cemetery.

2 Feb 1895 -- Deed Book U-6, page 263:  Amos Snodgrass Exr. of Alexander Snodgrass to
Caroline Hecker, West Salem Twp.
Recorded 29 Mar 1900.

6 Jun 1895 -- Lucina C. Snodgrass, b. 13 Jun 1845, d. 6 Jun 1895, buried Sec. F2, Row 13,
Parklawn Cemetery.

30 Nov 1895 -- Deed Book R-6, page 329:  Mathew H. Snodgrass to L. L. Snodgrass, 
Greene Twp.
Recorded 17 Apr 1899.

23 Dec 1896 -- Deed Book L-6, page 2904:  Margaret Snodgrass et al to Thomas
McDermot, Greenville.
Recorded 28 Dec 1896.

1898 -- Jane Snodgrass, wife of A. Snodgrass, b. 1818, d. 1898, buried Sec. C,
Row 18 & 19, Shenango Valley Cemetery (on stone with Alexander Snodgrass, d. 1893).

5 Nov 1898 -- Deed Book A-7, page 165:  Susan M. Snodgrass to George M. Quiston,
Recorded 4 Mar 1901.

12 Nov 1898 -- Amelia M. Snodgrass, wife of A. J. Heins, b. 25 Jan 1849, d. 12 Nov 1898,
buried Sec. G, Row 6, Parklawn Cemetery (on same stone:  Andrew Jackson Heins, 
b. 20 Jul 1843, d. 20 Jun 1903; William Francis , s/o A. J. & A. M. Heins, b. 20 Mar 1875, 
d. 4 Feb 1900; Frank Andrew, s/o A. J. & A. M. Heins, b. 30 Dec 1878, d. 6 Feb 1903.)

1899 -- Hugh H. Snodgrass, b. 1848, d. 1899 (stone buried), buried Sec. H,
Rows 16 & 17, Parklawn Cemetery.

             1900 Mercer Co PA Census/Soundex

Greene Twp., 134-136-2-19:
Margaret W. Snodgrass    60-F-PA Apr 1840
Jane McClanahan          33-F-PA Jun 1866 adopted dau.
Charles Walters          26-M-PA May 1874 servant

Greene Twp., 134-136-2-27:
Mary C. Snodgrass        52-F-PA Feb 1848
Isabal Snodgrass         63-F-PA Jan 1837 sister
Jane Snodgrass           48-F-PA Sep 1851 sister
Alexander Snodgrass      26-M-PA Mar 1874 nephew

Greene Twp., 134-136-6-40:
Adison J. Snodgrass      41-M-PA Jul 1858 [Addison Snodgrass]
Sadie A. Snodgrass       40-F-PA Jul 1859 wife
Allie V. Mullen           7-F-PA May 1893 boarder

Greene Twp., 134-136-7-80:
Robert H. Snodgrass      54-M-PA Nov 1845
Hannah L. Snodgrass      46-F-OH Apr 1854 wife
Grace M. Snodgrass       19-F-PA Jan 1881 dau.
Anna B. Snodgrass        17-F-PA May 1883 dau.
Bertha S. Snodgrass      15-F-PA Apr 1885 dau.
William J. Snodgrass     13-M-PA May 1887 son
Laura J. Snodgrass       10-F-PA Jul 1879<sic> dau.
Ruth F./T. Snodgrass      8-F-PA Oct 1891 dau.
Leo J. Snodgrass          4-M-PA Jan 1896 son
Paul M. Snodgrass         1-M-PA Jun 1898 son

Jamestown, 134-137-6-30:
Sylvester C. Snodgrass   47-M-PA Nov 1852 [s/o James & Susan Clark] 
Jennie B. Snodgrass      42-F-PA Mar 1858 wife
Ralph T. Snodgrass       16-M-PA Nov 1883 son

Jamestown, 134-137-9-11:
Boyd B. Snodgrass        29-M-PA Sep 1870
(living alone)

Sugar Grove Twp., 135-168-3-1?:
Pierce Snodgrass         31-M-PA Aug 1868
Mary Snodgrass           25-F-PA Dec 1874 wife
Emmerson Snodgrass        7-M-PA Jun 1892 son
Thomas Snodgrass          5-M-PA Dec 1894 son
Eddie Snodgrass           3-M-PA Feb 1897 son
Loyd Snodgrass           11m-M-PA Jul 1899 son

W. Middlesex, 135-169-4-74:
William J. Snodgrass     55-M-PA Mar 1845
Martha Snodgrass         52-F-PA Aug 1847 wife
Mary A. Snodgrass        23-F-PA Dec 1876 dau.
Hugh G. Snodgrass        21-M-PA Apr 1879 son
Parr M. Snodgrass        18-M-PA Sep 1881 son
Ruth J. Snodgrass        16-F-PA Dec 1883 dau.

(28 Oct) 1900 -- Mathew H. Snodgrass, "father," b. 1820, d. 1900, 
buried Sec. I, Rows 9 & 10, Parklawn Cemetery (stone next to 
Jane E. Snodgrass, d. 1918; Wm. H. Snodgrass, d. 1881; Alfred T. 
Snodgrass, d. 1938).

8 Nov 1900 -- The Conneautville Courier:  Died near Jamestown, 
Mercer Co., WV [PA], 28 Oct 1900, Matthew H. Snodgrass, age 80.

1905 -- William Fulton Snodgrass, b. 1880, d. 1905, buried Parklawn
Cemetery, Section H, rows 16 & 17 (stone half buried).

1907 -- Benjamin Snodgrass, b. 1829, d. 1907, buried Sec. B, Row 31,
Parklawn Cemetery (s/o John Snodgrass, d. 1865, & 
Mary Ann Snodgrass, d. 1872).

1909 -- 20th Century History of Mercer Co.:
page 215:  
List of Physicians:
     Robert A. Snodgrass, Univ. of Buffalo, NY, 22 Feb 1870; 
reg. 14 Nov 1887, Jamestown.
     Bruce Snodgrass, Marion Sims College of Medicine, St. Louis, 
2 Apr 1896;  reg. 8 Oct 1898, West Middlesex.
     Boyd Bell Snodgrass, Marion Sims College of Medicine, St. Louis,
9 Apr 1898; reg. 10 Apr 1900, Jamestown.
- - - - - - - - - -
page 252:
United Presbyterian Church of Jamestown:
     Early families [ca. 1840] included the Snodgrass family.
- - - - - - - - - -
page 254: 
     For about 20 years, W. J. Snodgrass was pastor of the West 
Middlesex United Presbyterian Church (earlier called Beulah).
 <no dates given>
- - - - - - - - - -
page 613-4:
William Willard Johnson, the son of a veteran of the Civil war, is
a native of West Middlesex, Mercer Co., PA, born 6 Apr 1868 to 
Jacob M. and Emma T. (Eakin) Johnson.  The father was born in 
New Brighton, PA, 12 Feb 1842, and he was the son of David and Maria
(Covert) Johnson.  The father of David was born in Harmony, Beaver Co.
     Jacob M. Johnson, father, was reared in Beaver Co., PA, and in
his early life was a steamboat engineer on the Ohio.  He married in
Beaver Co., where his wife was born, and about 1867 went to Mercer 
Co., locating in West Middlesex, where he has since resided.  He was
a soldier in the Civil war, member of Company C, Sixty-third PA Regt.
of Vols.  He entered as a private soldier in 1861--first year of the 
war--and was a musician for one year. . .  His wife died in 1888, 
aged 42 years.  She left two children -- William W. and Maud M., wife
of Dr. B. B. Snodgrass of Rochester, [Beaver Co.] PA.  For his
second wife, Mr. Johnson married Mrs. Mattie McMillan, nee Crowl.  
She died in Aug 1907.
     Mr. Johnson was happily married in 1894 to Margaret, daughter
of James Byers, of West Middlesex.
     <more about William W. Johnson & his wife>
- - - - - - - - - -
pages 630-631:
     John R. Ross, a retired agriculturist, who has tilled the soil of one

farm for sixty years, and who retired from his three-score years of farm labor

in 1900, is a native of Pymatuning twp., born near Sharpsville, PA, 24 jan

1839, a son of john and Elizabeth (Barr) Ross, both natives of Westmoreland

Co., PA.  The father was born in 1798 and died in 1852, while the mother was

born in 1800, survived until 1877.  They were united in marriage in

Westmoreland Co. and had three children:  Eliza, John R., of this memoir, and

Sarah C., wife of John W. Snodgrass, residing near Jamestown, [Mercer Co.]
     The grandfather of John R. Ross was John Randall Ross, a native of the

North of Ireland, but of Scotch and Irish parentage.  When a young mane, he

emigrated from Ireland to this country, married here and reared a family of

five sons and two daughters, the father of John R. being the second child in

order of their birth.  He could have easily purchased a farm on land upon

which the city of Pittsburg now stands, but he desired to raise grain on

higher lands, so he settled near West Newton, Westmoreland Co., PA.  He

among the pioneers of that section of Pennsylvania.  Under his farm was

discovered a 12-foot vein of coal.
     John Ross, the father, reached manhoon on the old homestead.  Soon after

his marriage he wended his way to Mercer county, and located near

in Pymatuning twp., where he lived a number of years, then purchased a farm

near Sharpsville, known today as "Shadyside Farm," where he spent his last

years, dying at the age of fifty-five years.  He never cared to hold public

office, but was an ardent defender of the principles of the democratic party,

while in church faith he was of the old Seceders' church of the Presbyterian

     His son, John R. Ross, spent his youthful days working on the old

homestead during the summer months and attending school winters, having to

walk more than two miles to the school house, which was anything but a

of our modern-day school buildings.  He has remained on one farm more than

three score years, doing general farming.  Politically, he is a supporter of

the Republican party, and in church connection is of the United Presbyterian

     During the dark days of the great Civil war, Mr. Ross enlisted in Co. D,

211 PA Regt. Vols., the dat of enlistment being 2 Sep 1864.  He served one

year and was honorably discharged 2 Jun 1865, at Alexandria, VA.  He

participated in all the skirmishes and battles which his regiment was engaged

in, including Fort Steadman, and was in front of Petersburg during the great

siege of that place.
     Mr. Ross was married 16 Jul 1872 to Eleanor B. Snodgrass, born in

Co., PA, 17 Jun 1837, and who died 14 Sep 1896 at the age of 59 years.  She

was the daughter of John Snodgrass and wife.  The father was born in the

of Ireland of Scotch and Irish parentage, and came to American when a young

man, becoming one of the hardy pioneers of Crawford Co., PA.  He was
          among the

early settlers who were compelled to cut away the dense forests, in order to

clear up land for cultivation.  At that date all was an untamed wilderness,

infested with Indian bands and wild beasts, far from companionable to the

human hand.  Here he reared a large family, having three boys and eight girls

around his fireside.  He was a Seceder in church faith, and politically he

supported the old line Whig party.
     To Mr. and Mrs. Ross was born one son and one daughter:  Preston C., an

electrician, and Lida Belle, a teacher in the Sharpsville public schools.
- - - - - - - - - -
pages 749-750:
     Samuel C. Wilt is the proprietor of the widely known "Glendale Farm,"

situated in Sugar Grove twp., this county, near the line of the old Erie

canal.  He is not only widely known as a farmer but his reputation  has

extended over much of western Pennsylvania from the fact that for 21 years he

operated a portable saw mill.  It was the first mill of its kind in this

section of the state and during the period mentioned Mr. Wilt succeeded in

cuttiing over two million feet of lumber.  In these days it is almost

impossible to estimate the extent of his usefulness to the pioneers of

Pennsylvania in the conduct of the enterprise mentioned.
     Mr. Wilt is a native of Venango Co., PA, born 17 Oct 1836, son of George

and Mary (Wiker) Wilt.  The father is a native of Center Co., PA, born 12 Oct

1800, and in 1833 came to Venango county and continued to engage in

until lhis death, which occurred at the home of his son, Samuel C., of this

sketch.  His wife, who is also deceased, was born in 1799, daughter of John

Wiker, who was long engaged in farming near Franklin, PA.  There were five

children born to Mr. and Mrs. George Wilt, of whom Samuel C. is the only

now living, his deceased brother and sisters being:  Jacob, Mary, Joannah, and

     Samuel C. Wilt received his education in the district schools of Venango

Co., for which privileges his parents paid one dollar per term, accordiing to

the rates then prevailing in the old time subscription establishments.  After

leaving school he gave his entire time to the assistance of his parents on the

farm and remained with them until he was thirty-three years of age, when he

came to Sugar Grove twp. and located on the tract of land which he now

occupies.  It was then partially cleared and he has since not only prepared

the land for cultivation but made the improvements which have fashioned it

into a desirable piece of country property.  In 1883 Mr. Wilt purchased a

threshing machine, which by his mechanical ingenuity was transformed into a

portable saw mill.  this he moved from place to place, and the business proved

so profitable that he continued in it for 21 years.  He then returned to

farming and has since devoted himself to the development of his property,

which is widely known as the "Glendale Farm."  It contains an interesting

memorial of the old Erie canal in the well-defined two-path, which still may

be traced over its surface.  Mr. and Mrs. Wilt are members of the Methodist

church.  He is a faithful Democratic voter, but has never desired prominence

in any walk of life, being content to do his duty modestly and without hope of

present reward.
     On 24 Sep 1863 Mr. Wilt was married at Franklin, PA, to Miss Elizabeth

Chrispen, daughter of William and Sarah (McLean) Chrispen.  Her father, well

known as a substantial farmer of Pennsylvania, died in 1890 at the age of 71

years.  His wife survived him until 1903, when she passed away, aged 84

Four children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Wilt.  Their eldest was

William Edward, born in 1865 and who is engaged in farming on a place

adjoining the old homestead.  He married Miss Margaret Snodgrass, daughter

John and Sarah (Kline) Snodgrass, well known residents of Crawford Co.,

Their children are:  John and Virgil, aged respectively 16 and 14, and Eva and

Florence, 6 and 5 years of age.  John, the second son of Samuel C. Wilt, is

deceased, and Ralph, the third, is living at home with his parents.  Frank

Leslie Wilt, the youngest of the family, married Miss Elizabeth Wilson and is

also living on a farm adjoining the old family homestead.  mr. and Mrs. Frank

L. Wilt have become the parents of two children--Clayton Leon, Randall E.

Besides Mrs. Samuel C. Wilt there were ten children in her family, as follows:

George Chrispen, a farmer now residing at Oil City, PA; Manuel, a farmer

residing at Franklin, PA; Osborn, living at Oil Field, OH; Sarah, now Mrs. J.

Whitner, whose husband is a farmer of Franklin; George, who was a soldieer

the Civil war; and David, Phoebe, Permilla, Ann, and William, all of whom are

also deceased.
- - - - - - - - - -
page 846:
     Samuel Andrew McClure's father, John McClure, was born 1 Nov 1817, in
Perry Twp., Mercer Co., PA, and died in Jan 1894.  The mother was Mary Jane
(Kerr) McClure, born in Mercer county and who died at the age of 58 years.
Their seven children were:  Eliza, now Mrs. A. H. Mahan, of Westford, PA;
Samuel Andrew of this memoir; Joseph H., of Sedro Woolley, Washington;
Malinda, deceased; Sarah A., now Mrs. Snodgrass of Greene Twp., Mercer Co.;
Richard P., of Perry Twp.; and Frank I., deceased.
<more about Samuel Andrew McClure>
- - - - - - - - - -
pages 933-4:
     Ervin E. Reed is well known in the business circles of Greenville as a           
member of the house of Hecker and Reed, dealers in flour and feed.  He is
numbered among the Spanish-American war soldiers, having enlisted on 10

1898, in Co. K, 15th Regt. of PA Vol. Inf.  He was called out on 27 Apr

for he had first enlisted in 1895, and served with the PA National Guard.  He

served as the corporal of his company, and received an honorable discharge on

17 Nov 1898.  He is now a member of Thomas Evans Camp No. 12, Spanish

Veterans, and also has membership relations with Custer Lodge No. 469,

of Pythias, and Alhambra Lodge Nor. 293 I.O.O.F.  Mr. Reed traces his

to Ireland and Scotland.  His grandfather, Michael Reed, was born in 1806 in

Lawrence Co., PA, and from there came to Mercer Co. and worked at his
          trade of

cabinet-making.  He was also numbered among the pioneer agriculturists of

this county.
     John Mathew Reed, the seventh of the ten children born to Michael Reed,

claimed Mercer county as the place of his nativity, as he was born here on 20

Feb 1843, and he died on  26 Dec 1907, one of the highly esteemed citizens

business men of this community.  He attained to mature years on the

farm in Mercer Co., but sometime in the '60s he drifted westward to Indiana,

Illinois, and Iowa, where he worked at his trade of marble-cutting until he

returned to his old home here.  Resuming his trade of marble-cutting, he

worked at that and at stone-cutting until he returned to the farm in 1888, and

from that time until his death he followed the tilling of the soil for a

livelihood.  He served his town of West Salem well and faithfully for a number

of years as a school director, and at the time of his death was the incumbent

in the office of supervisor.  His politics were Democratic, and he was a

stanch and true member of the United Presbyterian church.  In his early

manhood he married Mary E. Snodgrass, born in Greene Twp., her natal day

8 Jun 1851, and she is now living on the old homestead farm in West Salem

twp.  Alexander Snodgrass, her father, was a farmer, and he spent his days in

Pennsylvania, a true and faithful member of the United Presbyterian church,

and a Democrat in his political affiliations.  He was of Irish parentage.

John Mathew Reed and Mary E. Snodgrass were married in Greene twp., and

union was blessed by the birth of nine children, namely:  Elsworth, who died

at the age of 29 years; Alpheus, who died at the age of 19 years; Harry A.,

Milton A., Ervin E., Jennie E., Elsie L., Frederick P., and Lulu B.
     Ervin E. Reed was born in Hempfield Twp., Mercer Co., 28 Aug 1877,

remaining at home with his parents until sixteen years of age, he then became

a clerk in a gro  He next became associated with the Bessemer & Lake Erie

Railroad Company, but some time afterward resumed his grocery clerkship,

in the fall of 1905 he became associated with J. S. Hecker in the flour and

feed business in Greenville.
     On 26 Aug 1903, Mr. Reed was united in marriage with Clara M. Bortz,

was born in this city on 19 Jan 1879, a daughter of Tilgman and Sarah

(Beckman) Bortz, both of whom were born in Mercer Co.  Tilgman Bortz was

in the twp. of West Salem, and he learned and followed the trade of

shoemaking, the larger part of his life having been spent in Greenville.  He

was a member in good standing of the Lutheran church, and was identified

politically with the Republican party.  He had been twice married, and by his

first union he had two children, but both died in infancy.  mrs. Bortz, of

German parentage, survives her husband, and she is the mother ot two

Frederick and Mrs. Reed, the son also living in Greenville.  Mr. Reed gives

his political support to the Democracy, and he is a member of the Lutheran

- - - - - - - - - -
pages 1049-1050:
     Lewis S. Yeager, who is a substantial farmer of Perry twp., conducting

both a farm and a dairy on one of the old picturesque homesteads of Mercer

county, was born on the farm which he now occupies on 21 May 1870.  His

grandparents and father were all born in Prussia, the former being Peter and

Mary C. (Wadenphul) Yeager, who landed in New York City from the
          fatherland on

26 Oct 1840.  The mother of the family died just before landing, and on 12

of the same year the father brought the children to Pittsburg, where he was a

truck farmer of Chartier township until his death.  He reared nine children,

of whom Peter, the father of Lewis S., was the second in order of birth.

Peter Yeager, Sr., was a veteran of the German army, with which he was

connected for nine years, serving as an officer in the war of 1812.  Peter

Yeager was reared a farmer, and on 7 Mar 1848, married Mary, daughter of

F. Smith, of Woods Run, Allegheny Co., and five years afterward located on

homestead in Perry twp., which was the birthplace of most of their eleven

children.  The mother, born 10 Jun 1832, is living with her son, of this

sketch.  Her father, a native of Germany, died in 1880, aged 75, and her

mother, Mary Magdalena Ochner, passed away at the age of 62 years.  she

the daughter of Geroge Ochner, a native and lifelong resident of Germany. 

wife was burned to death.  The house in which she lived caught fire and she,

rushing to to get her babe, was overcome, and both she and her child perished

in the flames.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith came to America about 1844 and settled

near Pittsburg, and from there moved to Greenville on the old Jamestown

in 1853, which made them among the pioneers of that section.  Besides Mrs.

Yeager, there are two members of the family living-- George Smith, a farmer

Sugar Grove twp., and Caroline, now the wife of J. Snodgrass, an Iowa
<more about Peter Yeager & his son Lewis S. Yeager>

1910 -- Rev. William J. Snodgrass, b. 1845, d. 1910 (GAR Flag), buried Haywood
Cemetery, West Middlesex, Shenango Twp.

            1910 Mercer Co PA Census/Miracode

Addison J. Snodgrass    52-M-PA
Sarah Snodgrass         52-F-PA wife
Allie Snodgrass         16-F-PA dau.

William W. Ray
Anna Snodgrass         26-F-PA boarder

Jame Snodgass <sic>    59-M-PA
Mary Snodgass          67-F-PA sister

Robert H. Snodgrass      64-M-PA
Hannah Snodgrass         56-F-OH wife
Bertha Snodgrass         25-F-PA dau.
Ruth Snodgrass           25-F-PA dau. <this entry crossed out>
Ruth Snodgrass           19-F-PA dau.
Leo Snodgrass            14-M-PA son
Paul Snodgrass           11-M-PA son
E. McMunnigal              - -PA ?ARY
Clari McMunigal          23-M-PA son
Maud Grufer              29-F-PA dau.
Ndrew<sic> Grufer        33-M-PA son-in-law
Gladys Grufer             7-F-PA granddau.
Myrtle Grufer             5-F-PA granddau.
Clar Grufer               3-M-PA grandson

James A. Snodgrss <sic>    32-M-PA [James A. Snodgrass]
Mary E. Snodgrss           25-F-PA wife
Mildred E. Snodgrss         6-F-PA dau.
Josephine R. Snodgrss       3-F-PA dau.

Sylvester C. Snodgrass   57-M-PA
Jennie B. Snodgrass      52-F-PA wife

Peirce Snodgrass         42-M-PA
Mary Snodgrass           35-F-PA wife
Emerson W. Snodgrass     17-M-PA son
Thomas P. Snodgrass      15-M-PA son
Edward E. Snodgrass      13-M-PA son
Layad A. Snodgrass       10-M-PA son
Mary M. L. Snodgrass      8-F-PA dau.

John B. Snodgrass        64-M-PA
Mary Snodgrass           62-F-PA
Parr Snodgrass           28-M-PA son

South Sharon, 176-5182?-85:
Ralph Snodgrass          27-M-PA
Janet Snodgrass          23-F-PA wife

1911 -- Harold N. Nelson, b. 1910, d. 1911, buried Parklawn Cemetery,
Jamestown (s/o Ralph T. Snodgrass, d. 1966, & 
Jeanette L. Snodgrass, d. 1966).

1913 -- Robert H. (Snodgrass), b. 1845, d. 1913, 
buried Sec. A, Row 11, St. Michael's Cemetery, Greenville, PA.

1913 -- Hannah (Snodgrass) his wife, b. 1854, d. 1913, 
buried Sec. A, Row 11,

St. Michael's Cemetery <next to stone of Robert H. Snodgrass, d. 1913>.

1913 -- Gretta Snodgrass, "Aunt," b. 1832, d. 1913, buried Sec. G, 
Row 9, Parklawn Cemetery (near Thomas Ralph McElhaney, 1853-1914, & 
his wife, Theressa McClurg McElhaney, 1857-1943).

1913 -- Matthew R. Snodgrass, b. 1833, d. 1913, buried Sec. H, 
Rows 14 &  15, Parklawn Cemetery, Pvt. Co. G. 111th PA Vol. Inf.,
Civil War Veteran (see Orpha Snodgrass, d. 1916).

1914 -- Wm. Jas. Snodgrass, b. 1844, d. 1914, IOOF, buried Sec. I,
Row 28, Parklawn Cemetery 
(on stone next to Rose Ann Snodgrass, d. 1932).
<another reading has William Joseph Snodgrass>

1915 -- Sarah M. Snodgrass, "mother," b. 1838, d. 1915, 
buried Sec. G, Row 3, Stevenson Cemetery 
(stone next to John L. Snodgrass, d. 1883).

1915 -- Eliza Snodgrass, b. 1825, d. 1915; 
d/o John Snodgrass (d. 1865) & Mary Ann Snodgrass (d. 1872).

1915 -- James Parr Snodgrass, b. 1881, d. 1915, buried Duncan 
Cemetery, Sec. E, Rows 1 & 2.

1916 -- Paul Albert Snodgrass, b. 1914, d. 1916, buried Sec. E, 
Rows 1 & 2, Haywood Cemetery.

1916 -- Orpha Gregory Snodgrass, b. 1854, d. 1916, buried Sec. H, 
Rows 14 & 15, Parklawn Cemetery 
(w/o Matthew R. Snodgrass, d. 1913).

1918 -- Jane E. Snodgrass, "mother," b. 1830, d. 1918, buried Sec. I,
Rows 9 & 10,  Parklawn Cemetery 
<stone next to Mathew H. Snodgrass, d. 1900>.

29 Feb 1918 -- Infant s/o Thomas & Helen Snodgrass, d. 29 Feb 1918,
buried Sec. C, Row 14, Hadley Cemetery, Perry Twp. 
(on stone with Helen Stewart Snodgrass, d. 1935).

             1920 Mercer Co PA Census/Soundex

County Home
Bertha Snodgrass         35-F-PA inmate

Alexander Snodgrass      45-M-PA 
(living alone)

Jamestown, 190-62-3-44:
John W. Snodgrass        78-M-PA
Sadie E. Snodgrass       70-F-PA wife

Jamestown, 190-62-4-57:
Audley E. Snodgrass      43-M-PA
Anne P. Snodgrass        35-F-PA wife
Henry H. Snodgrass       16-M-PA son
Hazel E. Snodgrass       15-F-PA dau.
Mable W. Snodgrass       13-F-PA dau.
Wilma P. Snodgrass       12-F-PA dau.
Audley F. Snodgrass       9-M-PA son
Robert W. Snodgrass       1-M-PA son

Pierce Snodgrass         51-M-PA
Ed Snodgrass             22-M-PA son
Mary Snodgrass           18-F-PA dau.
Mabel Snodgrass           8-F-PA dau.

Sharon, 191-79-7-47:
William H. Snodgrass     56-M-PA
Emma Snodgrass           42-F-MS wife
Hilda Snodgrass          16-F-LA dau.
Emma Snodgrass           14-F-LA dau.
William Snodgrass        11-M-LA son

Farrell, 192-40-16-4:
S. C. Snodgrass          67-M-PA 
   [Sylvester Clark Snodgrass s/o James 
   s/o Solomon (d.1824 Trumbull Co OH)]
Jennie B. Snodgrass      62-F-PA wife
Rubie M. Snodgrass     2y4m-F-PA dau.

1920 -- Sarah C. Snodgrass, b. 1846, d. 1920, bur. Parklawn Cemetery,
Jamestown (w/o John W. Snodgrass, d. 1921).

1920 -- Martha Snodgrass, b. 1846, d. 1920, buried Sec. E, 
Rows 1 & 2, Haywood Cemetery.

1921 -- John W. Snodgrass, Civil War Veteran, b. 1830, d. 1921, 
buried Parklawn Cemetery, Jamestown 
(h/o Sarah C. Snodgrass, d. 1920).

1923 -- Bessie M. Snodgrass, b. 1888, d. 1923, buried Sec. F4, 
Row 14, Parklawn Cemetery (d/o Martin J. Snodgrass, d. 1924).

1923 -- Lloyd E. Snodgrass, infant, d. 1923, buried Sec. F4, 
Row 14, Parklawn Cemetery (grandson of Martin J. Snodgrass, d. 1924).

1924 -- Martin J. Snodgrass, b. 1844, d. 1924, buried Sec. F4, 
Row 14, Parklawn Cemetery (h/o Osee Snodgrass, d. 1925).

1925 -- Osee Snodgrass, b. 1854, d. 1925, buried Sec. F4, 
Row 14, Parklawn Cemetery (w/o Martin J. Snodgrass, d. 1924; 
mother of Bessie M. Snodgrass, d. 1923).

1928 -- William H. Snodgrass, b. 1862, d. 1928, buried Sec. I, 
Rows 3 & 4, Parklawn Cemetery 
(on stone with Emma J. Snodgrass, d. 1940).

1929 -- Judson T. Snodgrass, b. 1868, d. 1929, buried Sec. J, Row 5,
Parklawn Cemetery (brother of Sylvester C. Snodgrass, d. 1934).
[s/o James Snodgrass & Susan M. Clark]

[vss - found at
Posted by Debbie Hoffman <> 15 Sep 1999]

Sharon Herald, Wednesday, September 18, 1929 pg. 9
Jamestown, Mercer County, PA
The first Snodgrass reunion was held Saturday at Sunset Grove when 
descendants of John Snodgrass, who came to Jamestown in 1817, from
Ireland, met for their first reunion. The homestead at Jamestown 
is now owned by a grandson, Alexander Snodgrass.  A delightful 
dinner was served with places for 60 relatives and friends. A short
program in charge of Stanley Rodgers was enjoyed. An interesting 
address was given by Rev. J. D. Gibson. Mrs. John Jaradet gave a 
clever reading. Short recitations were given by several of 
the children.

The following officers were elected: President, William S. 
Snodgrass; vice president, Anna Lutton; secretary, Mrs. James 
Rodgers; treasurer, John Snodgrass; chairman of the table 
committee, Mrs. Fred Loutzenhiser; entertainment committee, 
Edythe Snodgrass and Helen Lutton.

The remainder of the day was enjoyed by visiting and playing
games. It was decided that the next reunion will be held at 
Sunset Grove, August 28, 1930.

John Snodgrass, the original American ancestor, was married in 
1826 to Ann Listen and they had 11 children, from whom the 
present reunion is descended.

1930 -- J. W. Snodgrass, b. 1864, d. 1930, buried Sec. G, Row 3, 
Stevenson Cemetery.

1931 -- James Elmer Snodgrass, b. 1917, d. 1931, buried Sec. E, 
Rows 1 & 2, Duncan Cemetery.

1932 -- Mattie Snodgrass, b. 1869, d. 1932, buried Sec. G, Row 3, 
Stevenson Cemetery.

1932 -- Rose Ann Snodgrass, b. 1851, d. 1932, buried Sec. I, 
Row 28, Parklawn Cemetery 
(stone next to Wm. Jas./Jos. Snodgrass, d. 1914).

1934 -- Sylvester C. Snodgrass, b. 1852, d. 1934, buried Sec. J, 
Rows 6 & 7, Parklawn Cemetery (on stone with Jennie B. Snodgrass, 
d. 1939). [s/o James Snodgrass & Susan M. Clark]

1935 -- Helen Stewart Snodgrass, b. 1897, d. 1935, buried Sec. C,
Row 14, Hadley Cemetery (on stone with infant son, d. 1918).

1935 -- Wm. Pressley Snodgrass, b. 1880, d. 1935, buried Sec. G, 
Row 6, Stevenson Cemetery.

1935 -- William F. Snodgrass, b. 1871, d. 1935, buried New Findley
Cemetery, New Findley Twp.

1938 -- Alfred T. Snodgrass, b. 1856, d. 1938, buried Sec. I, 
Rows 9 & 10, Parklawn Cemetery.

1938 -- Boyd B. Snodgrass, b. 1870, d. 1938, buried Row 15, 
Haywood Cemetery, West Middlesex, Shenango Twp. 
(next to Maud Johnson Snodgrass, d. 1957).

1938 -- Bruce Snodgrass, M.D., b. 1873, d. 1938, buried Sec. I, 
Row 32, Haywood Cemetery (next to Eva May Snodgrass, d. 1950).

1939 -- Jennie B. Snodgrass, b. 1858, d. 1939, buried Sec. J, 
Rows 6 & 7, Parklawn Cemetery 
(on stone with Sylvester C. Snodgrass, d. 1934).

1940 -- Leander L. Snodgrass, b. 1861, d. 1940, buried Sec. I, 
Rows 9 & 10, Parklawn Cemetery 
(on stone with Mary E. Snodgrass, d. 1955).

1940 -- Mary Snodgrass, b. 1887, d. 1940, buried Sec. F4, Row 14,
Parklawn Cemetery (next to Martin J. Snodgrass, d. 1924).

1940 -- Emma J. Snodgrass, b. 1873, d. 1940, buried Sec. I, 
Rows 3 & 4, Parklawn Cemetery 
(on stone with William H. Snodgrass, d. 1928).

1944 -- Alex T. Snodgrass, b. 1874, d. 1944, buried Sec. G, Row 6,
Stevenson Cemetery.

1945 -- Robert N. Snodgrass, b. 1914, d. 1945, PFC 125 Armd. Engr. 
7 Army, 14 Div. WWII; bur. Parklawn Cemetery 
(s/o Ralph T. Snodgrass & Jeanette L. Snodgrass).

1945 -- Caroline Snodgrass, b. 1878, d. 1945, buried New Findley 
Cemetery, New Findley Twp.

1950 -- Eva May Snodgrass, b. 1875, d. 1950, buried Sec. I, Row 32,
Haywood Cemetery (next to Bruce Snodgrass, d. 1938).

1952 -- Charles W. Snodgrass, b. 1913, d. 1952, Lt. US Navy, 
WWII veteran, buried Sec. I, Row 28, Parklawn Cemetery 
(grandson of William Joseph Snodgrass, d. 1914, & 
Rose Ann Snodgrass, d. 1932).

1953 -- Ora B. Snodgrass, b. 1882, d. 1953, buried Sec. I, 
Rows 11 & 12, Parklawn Cemetery 
(on stone with Orr C. Snodgrass, d. 1973).

1954 -- Lyle R. Snodgrass, b. 1926, d. 1954, buried Sec. A, Row 9, 
Hadley Cemetery 
<on same stone:  Betty L. Snodgrass, b. 1926, d. --->.

29 Jun 1955 -- Sabrina J. (Snodgrass) Myers, b. 1871, d. 29 Jun 1955,
buried Parklawn Cemetery (d/o Wm. Joseph Snodgrass, d. 1914, & 
Rose Ann Snodgrass, d. 1932).

1955 -- Mary E. Snodgrass, b. 1871, d. 1955, buried Sec. I, 
Rows 9 & 10, Parklawn Cemetery 
(on stone with Leander L. Snodgrass, d. 1940).

1955 -- Anna B. Snodgrass Loutzenhiser, b. 1883, d. 1955, buried 
Sec. C, Row 7, St. Michael Cemetery, Hempfield Twp. 
(stone next to this reads:  
Frederick R. Loutzenhiser, b. 1878, d. 1972).

1956 -- Ethel B. Snodgrass, b. 1897, d. 1956, buried Sec. A, Row 9, 
Hadley Cemetery, Perry Twp. 
<on stone with Stanley R. Snodgrass, d. 1966>.

1957 -- Maude Johnson Snodgrass, b. 1872, d. 1957, buried Row 15,
Haywood Cemetery (next to Boyd B. Snodgrass, d. 1938).

1957 -- Waldo P. Snodgrass, b. 1920, d. 1957,  buried Sec. A, Row 11,
Hadley Cemetery, Perry Twp. 
<on same stone:  Shirley W. Snodgrass, b. 1923, d. --->.

1957 -- Rev. Hugh G. Snodgrass, b. 1879, d. 1957, Bur. Sec. I, Row 33,
Haywood Cemetery (next to Elda Rose Snodgrass, d. 1973).

1958 -- Willard Dean Snodgrass, b. 1939, d. 1958, buried 
Sec. A, Row 8, Hadley Cemetery, Perry Twp.

1959 -- Harry L. Snodgrass, b. 1868, d. 1959, Cussewago Lodge 108, 
buried IOOF Cemetery, Pine Twp.

1959 -- Earl Snodgrass, b. 1886, d. 1959, buried Sec. A, Row 19, 
Parklawn Cemetery, Greene Twp. 
(on stone with Mary L. Snodgrass, wife, no dates).

1965 -- Stanley Edward Snodgrass, b. 1922, d. 1965, buried 
Sec. A, Row 8, Hadley Cemetery, Perry Twp., 
Pvt. 291 C. Engr. Bn. USA WW II.

1966 -- Ralph T. Snodgrass, b. 1883, d. 1966; & Jeanette L. Snodgrass,
his wife, b. 1886, d. 1966; both buried Parklawn Cemetery.

1966 -- Stanley R. Snodgrass, b. 1896, d. 1966, buried Sec. A, Row 9,
Hadley Cemetery, Pvt. 2 Co. Itr. Bn. 158 DB WW II 
<on stone with Ethel B. Snodgrass, d. 1956>.

1967 -- Martha P. Snodgrass (Eastern Star), b. 1913, d. 1967, buried 
Sec. I, Row 5, Hillcrest Cemetery, Hermitage/Hickory Twp. 
(on same stone, William E. Snodgrass (Mason 32), b. 1909, d. ---).

1969 -- Frank L. Snodgrass, b. 1885, d. 1969, buried Sec. A, 
Row 10, Parklawn Cemetery, Greene Twp. 
(on stone with Esther M. Snodgrass, d. 1972).

1970 -- Vern L. Snodgrass, b. 1932, d. 1970, buried Sec. A, Row 8, 
Hadley Cemetery, Perry Twp.

26 Sep 1970 -- P. Thomas Snodgrass, b. 8 Dec 1894, d. 26 Sep 1970, 
buried Sec. C, Row 14, Hadley Cemetery, Perry Twp. (P. = Paul).

1971 -- Leo J. Snodgrass, b. 1896, d. 1971, buried Sec. A, Row 11, 
St. Michael's Cemetery.

1972 -- Esther M. Snodgrass, b. 1893, d. 1972, buried Sec. A, 
Row 10, Parklawn Cemetery, Greene Twp. 
(on stone with Frank L. Snodgrass, d. 1969).

1973 -- Orr C. Snodgrass, b. 1880, d. 1973, buried Sec. I, 
Rows 11 & 12, Parklawn Cemetery (on stone with Ora B. Snodgrass, 
d. 1953; s/o John W. Snodgrass, d. 1921).

1973 -- Elda Rose Snodgrass, b. 1880, d. 1973, buried Sec. I, 
Row 33, Haywood Cemetery (next to Rev. Hugh G. Snodgrass, d. 1957).

1976 -- Raymond L. Snodgrass, b. 1895, d. 1976, buried Sec. I, 
Rows 5 & 6, Parklawn Cemetery 
(on same stone:  Marie M. Snodgrass, b. 1895, d. ---).

(no dates) -- John Snodgrass, War of 1812, buried Parklawn Cem.

(no dates)  -- R. D. Snodgrass, Co. F 83 Pa Inf. (stone half buried),
buried Sec. H, Rows 16 & 17, Parklawn Cemetery.

(no dates)  -- Snodgrass, Woodman of the World, stone in Sec. I, 
Row 27, Parklawn Cemetery.


                  MIFFLIN COUNTY (974.846)

     The Cemeteries of Mifflin Co., PA, vols. 1-2 (State College) NS

     1790 census transcription - NS
     1800 census transcription - yes
     1830 census - yes

     Mifflin Co. Amish and Mennonite Story, 1791-1991 (Kauffman--1991 NS

     Abstracts of Will Book No. 1 (Dec 1789-Sep 1803) of Mifflin Co.
          Registered at Lewistown, PA; and Tombstone Records from
          Oldest Graveyard, Lewistown, PA (Ickes) yes
     Naturalization Papers of Mifflin Co., 1803-1906 (McClenahen) NS
     Wills of Mifflin Co., 1789-1860, vols. 1-2 (McClenahen) yes

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          Come, and Why and What of the Future? (Stroup--1976) (unindexed)
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          Settlement & Development, Indian Wars & the Revolution and
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6 Nov 1794 -- Will Book ?, page ??:  This indenture made 6 Nov 1794

Sam'l Ramsey of Fermanagh Twp., Mifflin Co., PA, and his wife mary of the

part and Alex'r Snodgrass of Upper Greenwood Twp., Co. & State aforesaid

Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the just and full sum of 64 pounds

7 shillings and 6 pense, good and lawful money of PA, to them the afors'd

Sam'l Ramsey and Mary his wife, well and truly paid by the said Alex'r

Snodgrass at or before the execution hereof, the receipt and payment whereof

is hereby acknowledged, they the afors'd Sam'l Ramsey and Mary his wife

and each of them hath bargained and sold... unto the said Alex'r snodgrass his

heirs and assigns for and during the natural life of the said Mary Ramsey (---

Snodgrass) all all and singular her one third part of all the profits, rents,

and issues of a certain plantation containing 203 acres with allowance,

lying... in Martick Twp., Mount Nebo, Lancaster Co. and state aforesaid,

surveyed in pursuance of a Warrant obtained of the proprietary in the name

for the use of the heirs of the late Thomas Snodgrass (deceased), the said

Mary being his Relict, said plantation or tract of land being bounded by lands

of Thomas Clark on the N.W., on the E. by lands of John Clark, and by lands

Gregory Farmer and Wm. Snodgrass on the South.  Together with all and

the rights, privileges... etc.

14 Oct 1796 -- Will of John Stewart, Lackawanna Twp., dated 14 Oct 1796:
     sons:  William, John, Joseph.
     daughters:  Elizabeth, wife of James McConnel
  Eleanor, wife of Thomas Anderson
  Jane, wife of James Snodgrass
     granddaughter:  Nancy Kerr
     grandson: John Stewart, son of William.
     executors:  sons Joseph, John, and son-in-law Thomas Anderson.
will proved 27 Aug 1817

17 Jul 1799 -- <see Mercer Co.: will of James Snodgrass>  [vss - WHY
17 Jul 1799 -- Will Book 1, page 156:  Will of James Snodgrass of
Lackawanna Twp., Mifflin Co., PA:
     wife Jean
     only 2 children:  son John, dau. Jean.
     brothers David Snodgrass & William Snodgrass.
     sister Mary Irvin.
     executors:  wife Jean, friends William Graham Esq. and
                 Thomas Anderson.
witnesses:  Joseph Stuart, Wm. Laird, Thomas Olvier [? Thomas Oliver].
W.P. 13 Aug 1799.


             1800 Census

JK Twp., page 8, line 3:
     Widow Snodgrass = 1 m 0-10, 1 f 0-10, 1 f 16-26.

             1830 Census

Wayne Twp., page 415:
     John Snodgrass = 18 m 15-20, 24 m 20-30, 2 f 20-30, 1 f 30-40, 36


       MONROE COUNTY (974.825)

     1880 soundex - yes
     1900 soundex - yes

     Evangelical Lutheran Church, Paradise Valley Also Paradise Church,
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          Reformed Congregations, 1806-1855 (Hemich) NS

             1880 Soundex

Hamilton, 54-219-12-20:
Samuel Marsh
Lillie Snodgrass         8m-F-PA granddau.

             1900 Soundex

Paradise Twp., 137?-134-2-16:
Mattie S. Snodgrass      40-F-PA Oct 1859 (living alone)

     MONTGOMERY COUNTY (974.812)

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     Advertisements & Notices of Interest from Norristown, PA, Newspapers
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          vol. 6, 1844-1848 - yes
     Index to Marriage Notices, 1843-1899, from the Norristown Herald,
          Montgomery Co., PA (Cramer) yes                  

16 Jan 1844 -- Wm. T. Snodgrass of Philadelphia married Ann G. Fulwiler of
Newville, Cumberland Co.; m. at Newville by the Rev. Robert McCahren
(newspaper dated 31 Jan 1844).

1868 -- Norristown Herald:  Emerson Snodgrass married (page 167:  abstract
available through the Hist. Soc. of Montgomery Co., 1654 DeKalb St.,
Norristown, PA 19401) [vss - Emerson M. Snodgrass m. Sarah A. Yergey -    
see them Philadelphia Co Census & his pension appl. in Philadelphia Co]

1884 -- Hist. of Montgomery Co.:
appendix, page iv:
     Patent from the State of PA to James Snodgrass & Benj. Watson, for land  
in Northampton Co., 1808; in possession of Penrose Mather of Jenkintown 
in Sep 1884.
            1920 Soundex

Mary B. Macken
Beatrice B. Snodgrass    11-F-PA granddau.

Fansdale, 197-1-3-2-94:
Joseph A. Snodgrass      35-M-OH
Florence M. Snodgrass    33-F-PA wife
Robert Snodgrass       4y2m-M-PA son

Saul H. Steel
Albert Snodgrass         15-M-PA boarder

       MONTOUR COUNTY (974.839)

     A Genealogist's Guide to Burials in Columbia and Montour Cos., PA

     Danville, Montour Co., PA (Brower--1881) (unindexed)
     Historical and Biographical Annals of Columbia and Montour Cos., PA:
          Containing a Concise History of the Twp. Counties and a Genealogical
          and Biographical Record of Representative Families (Beers--1915)
          [partial index] NS
     History of Columbia and Montour Cos., PA (Battle--1887) (unindexed)



     Burial Record of Zion's Church Grave-Yard at Zion's Stone Church near
          Kreidersville, Allen Twp., Northampton Co., PA (no author given) NS
     The Graveyard of Zion Evangelical Church, Bushkill Twp., Northampton
          PA: A Predecessor Church to the Trinity United Methodist Church,
          Nazareth, PA (Werner & Werner--1990) NS

     1850 census index - NS

     A Brief Sketch of the Principal Events of St. John's Church, Howerton,
          PA, Together with a Burial Record from 1835 to 1885; a Burial Record
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          William T. Gerhard, Reformed Minister (Will-Britt Books) NS
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     An Index to the Subscribers to I. Daniel Rupp's 1845 History of
          Northampton, Lehigh, Montore, Carbon, & Schuylkill Cos. (Hawbaker)



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          Co., PA (Dellock & Rice--1989) NS

     1800 census - yes
     1810 census - yes
     1850 census - yes
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part 3, 1984 - NS
part 2, 1985 - NS
part 13, 1990 - NS
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          Marriages, Deaths, & Estate Notes, vols. 1-28 [1812-1899] (Eisley)
          yes (vols. 2, 3, 11, 21)



3 Dec 1776 -- PA Archives, 2nd series, vol. 14, page 346 & 5th series, vol. 8,

page 646:  A muster roll of Captain Cookson Long's company, of the Second

Battalion, Northumberland County Militia, under command of Colonel James

Potter, now in actual service.
     William Snodgrass, private.

1778-1780 -- PA Archives, 3rd series, vol. 19, page 436: State tax:
Muncy Twp.:
     William Snodgrass valuation of L311.13.0

1781 -- PA Archives, 3rd series, vol. 19, page 470: Transcript of assessment:
Muncy Twp.:
     William Snodgrass, 200 acres, tax L8.6.8

1782 -- PA Archives, 3rd series, vol. 19, page 521: Federal supply tax:
Muncy Twp.:
     William Snodgrass, 200 acres, tax L5.14.7

1787 -- PA Archives, 3rd series, vol. 19, page 772: State tax:
Buffaloe Twp.:
     David Snodgrass, 1 horse, L0.0.6 tax

10 Jul 1787 -- Deed Book E, page 206:  George Derr to David Snodgrass of

Buffaloe Twp., Northumberland Co., PA... town of Louisburg, Lot #221 &
Recorded 16 Jul 1791.

             1790 Census

page 184 (not divided into twps.):
     Kelly & Snodgrass:  1 m 16+, 2 m 0-16, 1 f.

14 Nov 1792 -- Deed Book E, page 527:  Elizabeth Snodgrass of Buffaloe

Northumberland Co., PA, to John Clark of Martick Twp., Lancaster Co., PA,

yeoman... in the town of Louisburgh in the afores'd township & county

in the General Survey of the s'd Town No. 221 & 222... granted by the late

Proprietors of Penn. by their Patent bearing date 11th day of August A.D.

1772... unto a certain Richard Peters of the City of Philadelphia... and the

said Richard Peters by indenture dated 17 Nov 1773 did grant unto Ludwick

the afores'd tract of land... and the said Ludwick Derr intestate his only son

George Derr being heir at law became legaly vested in the aforesaid land...

and the said George Derr by Indenture dated the 10th of July 1787 recorded

Northumberland... Deed Book E, page 206, did grant bargain sell and convey

unto a certain David Snodgrass husband to the above mentioned Elizabeth

(signed) Elizabeth (her mark) Snodgrass.
Witnesses:  Wm. Willson, Roan McClure.
Recorded 17 Nov 1792.

             1800 Census

EB Twp., page 727:
     Mrs. Snorgrass = 1 m 0-10, 1 m 26-45, 1 f 0-10, 1 f 26-45.
             1810 Census

Lewisburg Town in East Buffalo Twp., page 328:
     Elizabeth Snodgrass, widow = 1 m 16-26, 2 f 0-10, 1 f 26-45.

11 Dec 1818 -- Nordwestliche Post, Sunbury:  William Snotgrass married

Susseman.  (date of paper)

10 Feb 1844 -- Sunbury American & Shamokin Journal:  William T.
          Snodgrass of
Philadelphia married Anna G. Fulwiler of Newville; at Newville. (date of
             1850 Census

Delaware Twp., page 803, #41/43:
David Hull               47-M-PA O.S.J.? clergyman
Jane W. Hull             42-F-PA
Mary Welsh               69-F-PA
Margaret Snodgrass       62-F-PA
Harriet Biggert          13-F-PA

13 Jul 1850 -- Sunbury American:  Anna G. Snodgrass died 26 Jun at
Philadelphia, age 2y 1m 24,; d/o William T. & Anna G. Snodgrass.

15 Feb 1851 -- Sunbury American:  Mr. Snodgrass of Shippensburg,

Co., wed Mary Harris of East Buffaloe Twp.; on 11 Jan.

3 Jan 1852 -- Sunbury American:  Dr. James C. Witehill of Lancaster wed
Fulwiler; on 23 Dec 1851; at the residence of Colonel lWilliam T. Snodgrass

12 Feb 1853 -- Sunbury American:  Mrs. Margaret Snodgrass, sister of Rev.
Moody of Shippensburg; wed Rev. John H. Grier of Jersey Shore; on 25 Jan.

20 Jan 1882 -- Northumberland Co. Democrat:  Emma Snodgrass of
Merrill Barber of Middleburg; on 5 Jan.

30 May 1891 -- Willie Cloyd Hepner born 21 Apr 1891, s/o Harry Hepner and
Lizzie nee Snodgrass, baptised 30 May 1891 at Zion Evangelical Lutheran
Church (a.k.a. Stone Valley).

3 Mar 1892 -- Northumberland Co. Democrat:  Marriage license issued to B.
Snodgrass and Mamie Kline; on 26 Mar.  Miss Kline is the daughter of Dr. H.
Kline of East Sunbury, and Mr. Snodgrass is a mail agent of Muncy.

24 Mar 1892 -- Northumberland Co. Democrat:  Wed on Wednesday at the
          home of
the bride's parents of Catawissa St., Sunbury; Mr. Snodgrass is a messenger
for Adams Express Co.; bride listed as Mary E. Kline.
             1900 Soundex

Sunbury, Market St., Hse. 810, 150-163-1-50:
Benjamin Snodgrass       55-M-PA Oct 1844
Mary E. Snodgrass        55-F-PA Jul 1844 wife
Jacob R. Snodgrass       22-M-PA Feb 1878 son

Sunbury, N. 5th St., Hse. 142, 150-163-1-68:
Ed B. Snodgrass          32-M-PA Jan 1868 
M. E. Snodgrass          29-F-PA Oct 1870 wife
Ralph W. Snodgrass        6-M-PA Jan 1894 son

23 Jul 1900 -- Rebecca Snodgrass Yerger, b. 23 Jun 1825, d. 23 Jul 1900,
buried Lutheran & Reformed Cemetery, Urban, Jordan Twp.

15 Aug 1900 -- J. Reeber Snodgrass married Emma C. Kline; both of Sunbury
(Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sunbury).

14 Jan 1902 -- Carrie E. Snodgrass married Jacob W. Crawford; both of
(Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sunbury).

14/15 Apr 1902 -- Benjamin A. Snodgrass, Sunbury, PA, d. 15 Apr 1902, age
buried 17 Apr 1902 at Muncy, PA (Shipman's Funeral Parlor & Chapel,
- - - - - - - - - -
     Benjamin Snodgrass, d. 14 Apr 1902, age 57y 5m 24d; buried Muncy
Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sunbury).

19 Aug 1909 -- Elizabeth Snodgrass Rumberger, b. 22 Aug 1835, d. 19 Aug
buried Shamokin Cemetery (with Jonathan Rumberger, b. 29 Sep 1825, d. 16
1907, s/o Samuel Rumberger & Mary Brown; and William H. Rumberger, b.
          16 Nov
1854, d. 7 Jan 1925, s/o John Rumberger & Elizabeth Snodgrass).
- - - - - - - - - -
     Elizabeth Snodgrass Rumberger, b. 22 Aug 1835; d. 19 Aug 1909; b.
Co.; buried Shamokin Cemetery; wife of Jonathan Rumberger, s/o Samuel
Rumberger and Mary Brown, d. 16 Jan 1909, buried Shamokin Cemetery.
Funeral Home)

            1910 Miracode

Sunbury, 194-112-28:
Benjamin E. Snodgrass    42-M-PA
Mary E. Snodgrass        39-F-PA wife
Ralph W. Snodgrass       15-M-PA son
Clyde E. Snodgrass        6-M-PA son

Sunbury, 194-114-230:
Jacob R. Snodgrass       31-M-PA
Emma Snodgrass           28-F-PA wife
Marion Snodgrass          9-F-PA dau.
Harry Snodgrass           7-M-PA son
             1920 Soundex

Sunbury, 210-138-18-75:
Benjamin E. Snodgrass    52-M-PA
Mary E. Snodgrass        48-F-PA wife
Ralph W. Snodgrass       25-M-PA son
Clyde E. Snodgrass       16-M-PA son

13 Jan 1925 -- James Rumberger, b. 16 Ocg 1856, d. 13 Jan 1925; s/o John

Rumberger & Elizabeth Snodgrass; h/o Margaret E. Kramer (d. 5 Oct 1938,
          b. 18

Apr 1860); buried 100F Cemetery (Farrow Funeral Home)

22 Dec 1929 -- Clyde Snodgrass of Sunbury married Mary Bingaman of ___

Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sunbury).

1 Apr 1935 -- Joseph A. Rumberger, b. 6 Mar 1866, d. 1 Apr 1935, s/o John

Rumberger & Elizabeth Snodgrass; h/o Kate Ryan; b. Lykens; buried IOOF

Cemetery; also h/o Martha Shipp (b. 31 Oct 1876, d. 23 Mar 1899) (Farrow

Funeral Home)

17 Mar 1943 -- Emma S. Rumberger, b. 25 Jan 1877, d. 17 Mar 1943, d/o

Rumberger & Elizabth Snodgrass, w/o George A. Eddy (b. 13 Apr 1882, d. 6

1928); buried IOOF Cemetery. (Farrow Funeral Home)

18 Jan 1950 -- Frederick Charles Huntzinger, 530 Race ST., Sunbury, PA, d.

Jan 1950; b. 20 Aug 1873 at Shamokin, PA; age 76y 4m 28d; married; United

Brethren Burial 21 Jan 1950 at Pomfret Manor Cemetery; wife, Mrs. Mary E.

Huntzinger; father, William Charles Huntzinger; mother, Catherine Hoover; 2

step-sons <Clyde & Ralph Snodgrass, see below, 4 Apr 1950>.

4 Apr 1950 -- Mary Edith Huntzinger, 530 Race St., Sunbury, PA, d. 4 Apr

b. 10 Oct 1870 at Airville, York Co., PA; age 79y 5m 24d; widow; Methodist

Burial 6 Apr 1950 at Pomfret Manor Cemetery; father, Harry E. Kline; mother

Mary Edith Bacon; sons:  Clyde Snodgrass & Ralph Snodgrass, both Sunbury.

(Shipman's Funeral Parlor & Chapel)

5 Dec 1959 -- Ralph W. Snodgrass, b. 14 Jan 1895, d. 5 Dec 1959, buried

Pomfret Manor Cemetery, Sunbury.

1967 -- H. A. Snodgrass, b. 1876, d. 1967, buried Union Cemetery, Jordon


Benjamin Snodgrass, application #1,054,471; certificate #838,107.
           widow's application #761,554; certificate #539,825.

Application for Widow's Pension.
Claimant, Mary E. Snodgrass, #322 Catawissa Avenue, Sunbury,

Co., PA; soldier, Benjamin Snodgrass, private, Co. K, 3rd Reg. Penn. Vol.

[Heavy Artillery].  The soldier was pensioned at $8.00 per month for disease

of heart and rectum; enlisted 27 Feb 1864; and honorably disch'd 9 Nov 1865;

no other service; died 15 Apr 1902; declaration filed 23 Apr 1902; soldier's

app'n filed 31 Aug 1891; mormer marriage, neither; clt's marriage to soldier

25 Apr 1867; cl't not remaried.
- - - - - - - - - -
Benjamin Snodgrass, Certificate #838,107.
     ...wife's maiden name Mary Elizabeth Ayers... married 25 Apr 1867 at

Muncy, Pa, by Rev. Ash... marriage certificate exists... not previously

married... children living:
     Benjamin Edward Snodgrass, born 27 Jun 1868.
     Harry Albertis Snodgrass, born 9 Mar 1870.
     Carrie Evilyn Snodgrass, born 9 Jun 1878.
     Jacob Rebes? Snodgrass, born 6 Jul 1879.
signed, Benjamin Snodgrass
- - - - - - - - - -
Hughesville, PA, 25 Sep 1916.
Widow's certificate #539,825.
     ...I am 72 years of age, having been born 12 Jul 1844, at Muncy, PA...


        PERRY COUNTY (974.845)

     30 Perry Co., PA, Cemetery Records (Closson Press) NS

     Churches between the Mountains:  A History of the Lutheran
          in Perry Co., PA (Focht--1862) NS
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                PHILADELPHIA COUNTY (974.811) 

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     1830 census - yes
     1850 - 1880 soundex - yes
     1900 soundex - yes
     1910 miracode - yes
     1920 soundex - yes

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25 May 1748 -- PA Col. Rec., vol. 5, page 247:  At a Council held in Philadelphia, Associators
listed from Lancaster Co. include James Snodgrass and John Snodgrass.

5 Oct 1766 -- Rev. James Snodgrass married Martha Davis at First Presbyterian
Church, Philadelphia (PA Archives, 2nd series, vol. 9, page 101).

20 Feb 1770 -- Benjamin Snodgrass married Susannah Miller at Swedes' Church,
Philadelphia (PA Archives, 2nd series, vol. 8, page 531).

29 Aug 1777 -- PA Col. Rec., vol. 11, page 281:  Minutes of the Supreme Executive Council,
meeting in Philadelphia:
     Committee appointed to drive off cattle in the County of Bucks:
          of Warwick - Benjamin Snodgrass jun'r

7 Apr 1779 -- PA Col. Rec., vol. 11, page 741: Minutes of the Supreme Executive Council,
meeting in Philadelphia:
     A return of an Election held for chusing in Buckingham & Warwick Twps., two fit persons for
Justices of the County of Bucks, was read, by which it appears that John Wilson & Benjamin
Snodgrass were elected; and thereupon, ordered, that John Wilson, Esq'r, be appointed &
commissioned to be a Justice of the Peace for the County of Bucks.

[vss - December 29, 1779, The Pennsylvania Gazette

PHILADELPHIA, December 29.
The Fly schooner, a tender, bound to the Southward from New York, commanded by         
Captain Snodgrass, sprung a leak, and ran ashore at Cape May on Friday, the 15th instant.
The captain and crew, 11 in number, were made prisoners, and brought to this city on         
Sunday last under guard.   ... vss - end]

22 Feb 1785 -- PA Col. Rec., vol. 14, page 364:  Minutes of the Supreme Executive Council,
meeting at Philadelphia:
     The Petition of James Gregg, referring to a former petition, and praying that the reward
offered by Council for the apprehension of Solomon Vickers, be granted to him, was read.
     The petition of James Snodgrass, stating his claims to the rewards aforesaid, and praying the
consideration of the Council, was also read; on which it was Resolved that the claimants be
respectively informed that the 15th day of march next is set apart by Council for the purpose of
receiving their several pretensions and proofs.

30 Mar 1785 -- PA Col. Rec., vol. 14, page 393:  Minutes of the Supreme Executive Council,
meeting at Philadelphia:
     James Snodgrass, Timothy Taylor, & James Gregg, attended in Council, and were heard upon
their several claims to the reward of 100 pounds offered by Council for apprehending and
securing Solomon Vickars, lately convicted of a robbery of the Treasury of the Co. of Bucks;
when an order was taken that the sum of 80 pounds be given to James Snodgrass and John Rice,
and that the remaining 20 pounds be given to Timothy Taylor and James Grett.

12 May 1785 -- PA Col. Rec., vol. 14, page 459:  Minutes of the Supreme Executive Council,
meeting at Philadelphia:
     An order was drawn upon the Treasurer in favor of James Snodgrass, for the sum of 40
pounds specie, being that proportion of the reward of 100 pounds specie, due for apprehending
Solomon Vickars, which, by the determination of Council, falls to his share.

23 Dec 1791 -- Mary Snodgrass married John Man [John Mann] at Second Presbyterian Church,
Philadelphia (PA Archives, 2nd series, vol. 9, page 201).

1 Jul 1804 -- Benjamin Snodgrass died 
(in 12 Jul 1804 issue of Poulson's American Daily Advertiser).

30 Sep 1822 --  The Schooner Julia Ann with Higgins as master arrived at the Port of 
Philadelphia on 30 Sep 1822.  Passengers included:
     Mr. Snodgrass, age 55, male, weaver, of Great Britain.
     Wm. Snodgrass, age 25, male, weaver, of Great Britain.
     Mrs. Snodgrass & children, age 55, female, of G. Brit.

             1830 Philadelphia Co Census
City of Philadelphia, Lower Delaware Ward, page 164:
     Wm. Snodgrass = 1 m 15-20, 1 m 40-50, 1 f 15-20, 1 f 20-30, 1 f 40-50.
Lower Du., page 294:
     Samuel Snodgrass <we need this one>
City of Philadelphia, South Mulberry Ward, page 404:
     William Snodgrass = 1 m 10-15, 1 m 15-20, 1 m 20-30, 1 m 40-50, 
          1 f 5-10, 1 f 15-20, 1 f 20-30.

6 Oct 1832 -- Quarter Sessions Court:  Naturalization, Samuel Snodgrass,
Great Britain.

5 Oct 1836 -- Quarter Sessions Court:  Naturalization, James Snodgrass, from Great Britian.

12 Jul 1838 -- Public Ledger Newspaper:  William Snodgrass.

6 Oct 1838 -- Quarter Sessions Court:  Naturalization, Robert Snodgrass, from Great Britain.

16 Nov 1838 -- Public Ledger Newspaper:  J. Snodgrass.

12 Oct 1840 -- Quarter Sessions Court:  Naturalization, James Snodgrass, from Great Britain.

5 Nov 1842 -- Public Ledger Newspaper:  Esther Snodgrass.

9 Nov 1843 -- Public Ledger Newspaper:  Rev. Dr. Snodgrass.

5 Mar 1844 -- Public Ledger Newspaper:  Alexander Snodgrass.

2 Jul 1844 -- Public Ledger Newspaper:  Mr. Snodgrass.

30 Jul 1847 -- Public Ledger Newspaper:  Mary Snodgrass.

6 Nov 1848 -- Public Ledger Newspaper:  Alex Snodgrass.

30 Jul 1849 -- Public Ledger Newspaper:  Andrew Snodgrass & Campbell A. Snodgrass.
24 Oct 1849 -- Public Ledger Newspaper:  Robert Snodgrass.

             1850 Philadelphia Co Census

Blockley Twp., page 61
Philadelphia Alms House
Thomas Snodgrass         43-M-GER plasterer, pauper

Borough of Manayunk, Lower Ward, page 119, #11/12:
Alexander Snodgrass         42-M-PA tobacconist
Rebecca Snodgrass            38-F-PA
George Snodgrass              15-M-PA tobacconist
Rufus S./L. Snodgrass        13-M-PA
Silvester S. Snodgrass        11-M-PA
Emmerson M. Snodgrass     8-M-PA
Anna E. Snodgrass               4-F-PA
Amanda Snodgrass            7m-F-PA
Sarah Kay                         47-F-ENG
Isabella Kay                      22-F-ENG
John Kurnstens                 19-M-GER tobacconist

Moyamensing, 4th Ward, page 415, #286/333:
Philip Simon               32-M-PA gardner
John W. Simon             3-M-PA
Philip N. Simon            1-M-PA
Catharin Simon           27-F-PA
Margaret Scanlon       28-F-IRE servant
Jas. Snodgrass            28-M-IRE servant

Northern Liberties, 4th Ward, page 208, #1887/187:
Margaret Snodgrass         36-F-ENG $8000
Mary E. Snodgrass           16-F-PA
Samuel Snodgrass            14-M-PA
Margaret A. Snodgrass    12-F-PA
John Furnley                    33-M-ENG bonnet presser
Martha Furnley                27-F-ENG
Mary Burk                       22-F-IRE
Anne Wilson                    30-F-PA

Northern Liberties, 7th Ward, page 501, #740/904:
Wm. Snodgrass            23-M-IRE weaver
Martha Snodgrass         20-F-SCT
Alexander Watt           18-M-SCT weaver
Daniel Kagg              40-M-IRE

Philadelphia, South Ward, page 180, #774/946:
Mary Wade                25-F-IRE
Elizabeth Wade            4-F-IRE
Isaac Wade                  3-M-PA
William Wade              1-M-PA

James Patterson            22-M-IRE drayman
Catherine Patterson      19-F-IRE
Martha Snodgrass         17-F-PA

Philadelphia, Spruce Ward, page 403, #778/1099:
William Snodgrass        34-M-PA merchant, $18000
Anna Snodgrass            25-F-PA
Emma Snodgrass            5-F-PA [m. 1865 George Crozer]
Walter Snodgrass           3-M-PA
James Snodgrass          10-M-PA
Sarah Howell                45-F-NJ
Catherine Lilley            20-F-PA
Isabella Wilson             18-F-PA
Mary Jones                  20-F-PA

Philadelphia, South Mulberry Ward, page 295, #1002/1115:
Robert Snodgrass         43-M-IRE drayman, $4000
Jane Snodgrass             33-F-IRE
Samuel Snodgrass        30-M-IRE drayman
Robert Hamilton          25-M-IRE clerk
Archie Carns                28-M-IRE drayman
John Brady                  30-M-IRE drayman

Philadelphia, South Mulberry Ward, page 301, #1080/1202:
Andrew K. Snodgrass      42-M-SCT agent [d. 31 Apr 1855]
Mary Snodgrass              37-F-NY 
    [Mary R. Brown m. 28 Aug 1843 Rensselaer Co NY]
Reath Snodgrass               6-M-NY [d. 1862, see Mary's pens. application]
Andrew C. Snodgrass       1-M-PA

Philadelphia, North Ward, page 229, #280/387:
Eliza Snodgrass            35-F-IRE
William Snodgrass        13-M-PA
Eliza G. Snodgrass       10-F-PA
Mary Snodgrass              2-F-PA

Philadelphia, North Ward, page 323, #1229/1598:
Robert Earl                   44-M-MA merchant
Anna Earl                      38-F-MA
Margaret Snodgrass       25-F-IRE
Jane Harrie?                   25-F-IRE
John Berns                     28-M-DE clerk
Samuel Norman             26-M-PA merchant

Spring Garden, 6th Ward, page 318R, #768/973:
Andrew Snodgrass         28-M-SCT carpet weaver
Mary Snodgrass             29-F-IRE
Sarah J. Snodgrass           4-F-PA
Elizabeth Snodgrass         2-F-PA
James F. Snodgrass       9m-M-PA

[entry above is duplicate of one below]

Spring Garden, 7th Ward, page 395, #408/523:
Andrew Snodgrass         30-M-IRE carpet weaver
Mary Snodgrass             30-F-IRE
Sarah J. Snodgrass           7-F-PA
Elizabeth Snodgrass         5-F-PA
James Snodgrass          9m-M-PA
Elizabeth Burns             24-F-IRE

Spring Garden, 7th Ward, page 438, #954/1212
Catharine Vanskiver      45-F-PA
Wm. Snodgrass            27-M-PA boatman

Richmond District, page 248R, #887/1082:
James Hunton             35-M-IRE laborer
Ann Hunton               35-F-IRE
John Snodgrass           40-M-IRE laborer

Southwark, 1st Ward, page 3, #14/18:
Abner Snodgrass          34-M-PA conductor on railroad
Mary Snodgrass           29-F-PA
Sarah Snodgrass           3-F-PA
Ira Snodgrass            8m-M-PA
Rachael Connor           24-F-PA

Southwark, 1st Ward, page 159, #923/1021:
Joseph Snodgrass         31-M-PA pilot
Abigal Snodgrass         22-F-PA
Sarah Snodgrass         9m-F-PA
Carolin Ogden             23-F-DE
Elizabeth Liveny?        20-F-PA

West Philadelphia, page 538, #542/571:
Milton Smith                45-M-PA broker
Amelia W. Smith          43-F-PA
Margaret Snodgrass       23-F-IRE

27 Jun 1850 -- Public Ledger Newspaper:  Anna G. Snodgrass & Wm. T. Snodgrass.

1 Oct 1850 -- Public Ledger Newspaper:  Sarah Snodgrass.

2 Oct 1850 -- Public Ledger Newspaper:  Sarah Snodgrass.

5 Oct 1850 -- Court of Common Pleas:  Naturalization, Andrew Snodgrass, from Great Britain.

16 Aug 1851 -- Quarter Sessions Court:  Naturalization, William Snodgras, from Great Britain.

28 Jun 1854 -- Public Ledger Newspaper:  Alexander Snodgrass married ---.

19 Aug 1856 -- Public Ledger Newspaper:  Robert Snodgrass married ---.

25 Apr 1857 -- Public Ledger Newspaper:  Mary Elizabeth Snodgrass married  ---.

30 Sep 1859 -- Public Ledger Newspaper:  Geo. Snodgrass married ---.

20 Jan 1860 -- Public Ledger Newspaper:  William Snodgrass married ---. 

             1860 Philadelphia Co PA Census

Philadelphia, Ward 1, page 593, #743/973:
William Snodgrass        23-M-IRE driver
Margaret Snodgrass       23-F-IRE
Elizabeth Snodgrass      45-F-IRE widow
Eliza Jane Snodgrass     20-F-IRE milinor
Mary Snodgrass           12-F-Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Ward 1, page 611, #842/1109:
Robert Snodgrass            27-M-IRE laborer
Mary Ann Snodgrass       24-F-IRE
George Snodgrass             3-M-Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Ward 4, page 550 & 551, #258/369:
Jas.<?> Snodgrass        39-M-PA pilot [Joseph; when did Abigail die?]
Sarah Snodgrass           10-F-PA [d/o Joseph & Abigail]
Mary Morgan               79-F-SCT
Henry Morgan              32-M-PA lab man
+ 4 others

Philadelphia, Ward 5, page 616, #1953/2920:
(Sailors Home)
Samuel Snodgrass         23-M-PA mariner

Philadelphia, Ward 6, page 800, #387<?>/536:
(boarding house)
Jas. Snodgrass           20-M-PA clerk

Philadelphia, Ward 8, page 29, #148/159:
May B. Snodgrass         42-F-NY boarding house keeper, $500/500 [Mary]
Keith Snodgrass            15-M-NY law student [Reath M. Snodgrass]
Andrew C. Snodgrass      11-M-PA
+ boarders

Philadelphia, Ward 9, page 341, #928/1019:
Cater.<?> Snodgrass      25-F-IRE
James Snodgrass              7-M-PA
Saml. Snodgrass               5-M-PA

Philadelphia, Ward 10, page 948 & 949, #1316/1407:
Samuel Snodgrass         45-M-IRE drayman, $4000/1500
Elizabeth Snodgrass      36-F-IRE
Mary Snodgrass            8-F-PA
Wm. Snodgrass             6-M-PA
Anna Snodgrass            3-F-PA
Martha Snodgrass          1-F-PA

Philadelphia, Ward 12, page 161, #908/1151:
Margaret Snodgrass       46-F-ENG milliner, $10000/1500
Mary A. Snodgrass        22-F-PA
Mary Seward                 26-F-IRE servant

Philadelphia, Ward 14, page 74, #480/546:
Wm. F. Snodgrass         29-M-IRE liquer dealer, 0/$500
Martha Snodgrass         29-F-IRE
Jno. Twigg                    27-M-IRE carpenter
Mary Miller                   50-F-IRE

Philadelphia, Ward 15, page 89, #520/489:
R. Snodgrass                 41-M-PA cloth dealer
Mary B. Snodgrass        35-F-NJ
Ella Snodgrass               10-F-PA
Anna Snodgrass               5-F-PA
+ 2 servants

Philadelphia, Ward 15, page 414 & 415, #2629/2676:
Andrew Snodgrass       38-M-IRE Ingrain carpet weaver
Mary Snodgrass           39-F-IRE
Sarah Snodgrass          14-F-PA
Lizzie Snodgrass          13-F-PA
William Snodgrass         9-M-PA
Caroline Snodgrass        6-F-PA
Martha Snodgrass          3-F-PA
Robert Snodgrass         2m-M-PA

Ann McMillen             39-F-IRE
John McMillen             3-M-PA
Jane Snodgrass           75-F-IRE

Philadelphia, Ward 20, page 130, #876/936:
John Hanley              36-M-IRE drayman, $2000/400
Elizabeth Hanley         40-F-IRE
Rebecca Hanley           16-F-CAN
John Hanley              15-M-CAN
William Hanley           14-M-PA
George L. Hanley         10-M-PA
Hugh C. Hanley            6-M-PA
James Snodgrass          42-M-IRE day laborer

Philadelphia, Ward 20, page 386:
(Inmates of Girard College)
William Snodgrass     14-M-PA  
     [vss - where was he 1850? b. 16 Apr 1847, s/o Joseph & Jane James - 
     see pension appl. below]

Philadelphia, Ward 20, page 513, #73/80:
William Drooks           36-M-PA merchant, 0/$800
Anna Drooks              1m-F-PA
James Snodgrass          40-M-IRE servant

Philadelphia, Ward 21, page 854, #459/488:
Mary Snodgrass           12-F-PA  0/$150 [as 29 yr old 1850 - w/o Abner]
Sarah Snodgrass          10-F-PA [as 3 yr old w/ Abner 1850]
Ira Snodgrass             8-M-PA 
   [? as 8 mo old 1850 with Abner Snodgrass & Mary]
William Snodgrass         5-M-PA
Abner Snodgrass           2-M-PA
Napoleon Snodgrass       55-M-PA
Susan Kinkade            61-F-VA servant

Philadelphia, Ward 21, page 958, #1199/1274:
Alexander Snodgrass      51-M-PA tobacconist, 0/$1000
Rebecca Snodgrass        50-F-PA [Rebecca Snyder; see Emerson's pension]
Rufus L. Snodgrass       23-M-PA conductor on R.R.
Sylvester Snodgrass      21-M-PA tobacconist
Emmerson M. Snodgrass    17-M-PA
Anna Snodgrass           14-F-PA
Amanda Snodgrass         11-F-PA

Philadelphia, Ward 23, page 516, #533/561:
William Snodgrass        45-M-PA merchant, $3000/11000 
    [William T. Snodgrass]
Anna Snodgrass           35-F-PA
Emma Snodgrass           15-F-PA [Emma P. m. George K. Crozer]
Walter Snodgrass         14-M-PA
Adda Snodgrass           10-F-PA
William T. Snodgrass      5-M-PA
+ 3 servants

Philadelphia, Ward 24, page 1008, #609/686:
William F. Kowand        23-M-PA paper hanger, $2500/1500
Susan C. Kowand          20-F-PA
Saml. Potts              18-M-PA app. paper hanger
John Snodgrass           16-M-PA app. paper hanger

28 Nov 1862 -- Henry M. Snodgrass, pvt., Co. I, 66th Regt. Ohio Infantry,

at the Philadelphia Volunteer Hospital. Ref.: Civil War widow's pension

application, Champaign Co., OH.

19 Aug 1863 -- Public Ledger Newspaper:  Margaret A. Snodgrass married

after 25 Nov 1863 -- Morton M. Snodgrass was severely wounded at the
          Battle of

Lookout Mountain and died in a military hospital in Philadelphia.  Ref.:

Biographical sketch, Champaign Co., OH.

6 Jul 1865 -- David Snodgrass was honorably discharged.  Ref:  Pension

application, Crawford Co., OH.

2 Oct 1865 -- Court of Common Pleas:  Naturalization, Robert Snodgrass,

from Great Britain.

[vss - found at U of Penn Archives website ...
December 15, 1865
In West Philadelphia, on the 14th inst., by the Rev. J. Addison Henry, 
GEORGE K. CROZER, Esq., of Upland, to Miss EMMA P. SNODGRASS, 
daughter of William T. Snodgrass, Esq., of Powelton Avenue, West

ca. 1867 -- James F. Snodgrass graduated at the Medical University of    
Philadelphia, PA.  Ref:  Biographical sketch, Wyandot Co., OH, 1884.
9 Jun 1868   Emerson M. Snodgrass m. Sarah A. Yergey 
[vss -  pension appl. below; also reported in Norristown Herald: (page 167 ?)
Montgomery Co PA]
             1870 Philadelphia Co Census

2nd Ward, 4th District, page 48 -- Mary A. Snodgrass
2nd Ward, 5th Division, page 112 -- James Snodgrass
4th Ward, 14th District, page 340 -- Jos. Snodgrass
      [census info from Gene Phillips:
      1870 PA Philadelphia  14 Dist, Roll M593-1390, p340-1104
      SNODGRASS  JOS ?  (Joseph)  m 1818  52 PA    Pilot,$100
         SNODGRASS  Mary          f   1820 50 Ire Ire Ire  $2,500
         DUFFEY   Edward             m  1844  26 PA
          DUFFEY Norman             m  1851  19 PA
DUFFEY Nellie           f    1849  21 PA]
7th Ward, 18th District, page 246 -- Mary R. Snodgrass
8th Ward, 23rd District, page 167 -- Mary A. Snodgrass
8th Ward, 23rd District, page 167 -- William SNodgrass
10th Ward, 29th District, page 368 -- Eliza Snodgrass
14th Ward, 41st District, page 108 -- Rebecca Snodgrass
15th Ward, 46th District, page 23 -- Mary Snodgrass
18th Ward, 54th District, page 257 -- William Snodgrass
        [census info from Gene Phillips:
        1870 PA Philadelphia, 54 Dist, 18 Ward, Roll M593-1403, p257-191
        Snodgrass, William   m  1847   23 PA  Paper Hanger 
        vss - this is s/o Joseph & Jane James; Wm. m. 31 Oct 1870 Mary E.
20th Ward, 66th District, page 486 -- Ella Snodgrass
20th Ward, 66th District, page 486 -- Emma Snodgrass
21st Ward, 69th District, page 334 -- William Snodgrass
21st Ward, 70th District, page 398 -- Jno. Snodgrass
23rd Ward, 75th District, page 149 -- Wm. Snodgrass
24th Ward, 79th District, page 451 -- John Snodgrass
26th Ward, 85th District, page 285 -- Robert Snodgrass
27th Ward, 87th District, page 494 -- Samuel Snodgrass
 1880 Philadelphia Co Census/Soundex

Philadelphia, Arch Street #1333, 65-177-6-25:
M. B. Snodgrass          57-F-NJ
Robert Snodgrass         63-M-PA husband
Annie Snodgrass          23-F-PA dau.
R. Burr Snodgrass        18-M-PA son
Alice Snodgrass          13-F-PA dau.
Eva Pierson              25-F-PA servant
+ 10 boarders, 1-10 years old

Philadelphia, 67-277-14-24:
James B. Carpenter
Samuel C. Snodgrass       3-M-PA grandson

Philadelphia, Edgemont St. #1311, 69-348-14-31:
William Snodgrass        34-M-PA [1847-1917;  s/o Joseph & Jane James]
E. M. Snodgrass          20-F-PA wife [Mary E. Rutherford; m. 1870]
R. Joseph Snodgrass       8-M-PA son
J. William Snodgrass      6-M-PA son
Jennie Snodgrass          2-F-PA dau.

[vss - 1880 census info from Gene Phillips:
69-348-14-31, T9-1177, p296-121/137
    SNODGRASS  WILLIAM   H 1846 34 PA Ire PA  Policeman 
     SNODGRASS  E.M.           W 1855 25 PA Ire PA (Mary E Rutherford)
   SNODGRASS  R Joseph       S   1872 8 PA PA PA
    SNODGRASS  J William      S  1874 6 PA PA PA
   SNODGRASS  Jennie            D  1878 2 PA PA PA .....]

Philadelphia, 72-427-2-28:
Joseph Adams
Harry Snodgrass          10-M-PA grandson

Philadelphia, 72-459-1-42:
Emerson Snodgrass        37-M-PA [Emerson M. - see pension appl. below]
Salie Snodgrass          30-F-PA wife [Sarah A. Yergey]
George Snodgrass         10-M-PA son
Richard Snodgrass         8-M-PA son
Marion Snodgrass          3-F-PA dau.
Sylvester Snodgrass      41-M-PA brother

Philadelphia, North 45th St. #614, 74-504-13-44:
John Timen
John Snodgrass           34-M-PA
Mary E. Snodgrass        35-F-IRE
John J. Snodgrass        13-M-PA
William E. Snodgrass     12-M-PA
Thomas Snodgrass          4-M-PA grandson
Carrie M. Snodgrass      3m-F-PA granddau.
             1900 Soundex

Philadelphia, 152-9-3-3, Earp St., House #879:
Sarah Walling
Eliza Snodgrass          16-F-PA Mar 1884 boarder

Philadelphia, 153-182-5-91, Arch St.:
Mary Snodgrass           67-F-NJ Nov 1823
Robert Snodgrass         33-M-PA Apr 1867 son
Anna Snodgrass           22-F-PA May 1868 dau.-in-law
Daniel Snodgrass         14-M-PA May 1886 grandson
Edith Snodgrass           2-F-PA Nov 1898 granddau.

Philadelphia, 161-261-5-45, Brown St., House #1526:
Annie E. Archer
Andrew C. Snodgrass      51-M-pA May 1849 boarder

Philadelphia, 165-360-9-50, E. Huntington St., House #2701:
William Snodgrass        54-M-PA Apr 1846 
   [s/o Joseph & Jane James; b. 16 Apr 1847, d. 22 Jan 1917; see pension]
Mary E. Snodgrass        47-F-PA Dec 1842 wife 
   [Mary E. Rutherford; m. 31 Oct 1870; d. 10 Oct 1918]
Joseph Snodgrass         28-M-PA Oct 1871 son
William J. Snodgrass     26-M-PA Aug 1873 son
Jennie Snodgrass         22-F-PA Jun 1878 dau.
James Snodgrass          18-M-PA Mar 1882 son
May Snodgrass            16-F-PA Sep 1883 dau. [Mary E.]
John S. Snodgrass        14-M-PA Feb 1886 son
Henry B. Rutherford     45-M-PA Feb 1855 brother-in-law

Philadelphia, 169-458-14-75, Umbria St., House #4830:
Anna Snodgrass           45-F-PA Nov 1855
Henry Adams              31-M-PA Nov 1868 son
+ 3 boarders

Philadelphia, 169-463-13-1, Delmar St., House #470:
Ira B. Snodgrass         50-M-PA Dec 1849
Sarah E. Snodgrass       48-F-PA Feb 1852 wife
Ralph Snodgrass          19-M-PA Dec 1880 son
Clara C. Snodgrass       16-F-PA FEb 1884 dau.
Sarah F. Snodgrass       14-F-PA May 1886 dau.

Philadelphia, 172-509-11-41, W. Highland Ave., House #35:
John Doheny
Mary Snodgrass           60-F-PA Apr 1840 boarder

Philadelphia, 174-555-19-42, Brown St., House #4001:
(no head shown)
Lulu T. Snodgrass        23-F-PA FEb 1877 boarder

Philadelphia, 174-562-9-55, N. 40th St., House #517:
Erson Snodgrass          56-M-PA Jan 1844
Sarah Snodgrass          50-F-PA Jun 1849 wife
Alice Snodgrass          28-F-PA Apr 1872 dau.

Philadelphia, 174-565-4-11, Aspen St., House #4106:
Rich P. Snodgrass        30-M-PA Oct 1870
_____ Snodgrass          30-F-PA Sep 1869 wife
Joseph Goald             22-M-PA Sep 1877 boarder

Philadelphia, 178-641-7-51, 17th St., House #1709:
George Snodgrass         42-M-PA Jul 1857
Ella Snodgrass           30-F-PA Oct 1869 wife
George D. Snodgrass      12-M-PA Jun 1887 son
Dan'l McLaughlin         60-M-IRE FEb 1840 boarder
Mary McLaughlin          49-F-PA Mar 1841 mother

Philadelphia, 178-652-9-71:
Philadelphia Alms House and Hospital
William Snodgrass          -M-IRE 1837 inmate

Philadelphia, 178-652-22-5:
Philadelphia Alms House and Hospital
Robert Snodgrass         70-M-IRE patient

Philadelphia, 180-652-7-100, N. 19th St., House #2356:
Oliver F. Snodgrass      36-M-PA Sep 1863
Elizabeth Snodgrass      35-F-PA Dec 1864 wife
Elizabeth Geyer          23-F-PA Jun 1876 cousin?

Philadelphia, 180-688-2-52, 31st St. West Side, House #2408:
George A. Snodgrass      36-M-PA Feb 1865
Caroline Snodgrass       31-F-PA wife

Philadelphia, 181-1048-3-1, N. 184th St., House #1515:
Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged
Mary Snodgrass           81-F-PA May 1819 inmate

Philadelphia, 182-730-xxx-xxx, N. Collage Ave.:
James Snodgrass          73-M-SCT Oct 1827
Adeliade Snodgrass       53-F-PA Jul 1846 wife
Allan Snodgrass          16-M-PA Jun 1884 son
Mary Snodgrass           15-F-PA May 1885 dau.
Aida Snodgrass           13-F-PA Jul 1886 dau.
+ 2 lodgers

Philadelphia, 182-731-10?-36, Master St., House #2504:
Geo. Snodgrass           65-M-PA Dec 1834
Mary J. Snodgrass        64-F-PA Aug 1835 wife
Geo. E. Lawrence         62-M-VA May 1838 brother-in-law
Laura Lawrence           62-F-VA Jun 1837 sister-in-law

Philadelphia, 186-830-10-54, N. 31st St., House #1833:
Jadson Snodgrass         33-M-PA Dec 1866
Margaret J. Snodgrass    30-F-PA Nov 1869 wife
Clara M. Snodgrass        6-F-PA Oct 1891 dau.
Nora Wyatt               21-F-PA FEb 1879 boarder

Philadelphia, 186-834-8-47, Bondinot? St., House #2961:
John Snodgrass           34-M-PA Aug 1865
Ella Snodgrass           23-F-PA Dec 1876 wife
Julia Snodgrass           3-F-PA Jun 1896 dau.
William Snodgrass         1-M-PA Feb 1898 son
Thos. Snodgrass          24-M-PA Feb 1876 brother
Viola Snodgrass          18-F-PA Dec 1881 sister-in-law
William Snodgrass        31-M-PA Jun 1868 brother

Philadelphia, 188-869-4-65, Glenwood Ave.
Anton Snodgrass          37-M-IRE Mar 1863
Margaret Snodgrass       36-F-unk May 1864 wife
James Snodgrass          16-M-PA Aug 1883 son
Stewart Snodgrass        15-M-PA Nov 1884 son
Mary J. Snodgrass        10-F-PA Mar 1890 dau.
Robert Snodgrass          8-M-PA Dec 1891 son
Annie Snodgrass           2-F-PA Jan 1898 dau.

Philadelphia, 193-970-9-99, Ridge Ave., House #4131:
Martha Snodgrass         75-F-SCT DEc 1824
(living alone)

Philadelphia, 194-963-12-93, Pulaski Ave.:
Joseph Behrer
Emma J. Snodgrass        52-F-PA Apr 1848 mother-in-law

Philadelphia, 196-1016-3-79, Greenway Lane:
Robert J. Snodgrass      39-M-PA Jul 1861
Mary A. Snodgrass        31-F-PA Nov 1868 wife
Mary Snodgrass            5-F-PA Aug 1894 dau.
Robert J. Snodgrass Jr.  2-M-PA Jun 1897 son
            1910 Miracode

Philadelphia, 202-149-80:
Annie Snodgrass          40-F-PA
Daniel Snodgrass         23-M-PA son
Edith Snodgrass          10-F-PA dau.
Helen Snodgrass           9-F-PA dau.
+ 1 non-relative

Philadelphia, 207-213-116:
Clayton Fatter
Wm. F. Snodgrass         52-M-PA uncle

Philadelphia, 210-288-110:
William Snodgrass        64-M-PA [s/o Joseph & Jane James; see pension]
Mary E. Snodgrass        60-F-PA wife [Rutherford; see pension]
Mary E. Snodgrass        26-F-PA dau.
Willie J. Snodgrass      38-M-PA son [William J.]
John Snodgrass           24-M-PA son
Henry B. Rutherford      58-M-PA brother-in-law

Philadelphia, 210-288-361:
James Snodgrass          29-M-PA
Sarah Snodgrass          28-F-PA wife
John Snodgrass             -M-PA son

Philadelphia, 215-381-217:
Anna Snodgrass           64-F-PA
Harry Snodgrass          40-M-PA son

Philadelphia, 215-387-58:
Sarah E. Snodgrass       58-F-PA
Ralph Snodgrass          29-M-PA son
Clara Thompson           26-F-PA dau.
Charles Thompson          3-M-PA grandson
Harry McDonald           25-M-NY
Anna McDonald            17-F-PA
+ 2 non-relatives

Philadelphia, 215-397-127:
Abner Snodgrass          56-M-PA
Annie E. Snodgrass       46-F-OH wife
Bertha M. Snodgrass      11-F-PA dau.
Beatrice Snodgrass        4-F-PA dau.

Philadelphia, 215-398-10:
Gustave Deschin
Joseph Snodgrass         25-M-OH son-in-law
Florence Snodgrass       24-F-PA dau.

Philadelphia, 221-514-199:
Emerson M. Snodgrass     67-M-PA
Sarah A. Snodgrass       60-F-PA wife

Philadelphia, 221-518-157:
Richard F. Snodgrass     40-M-PA
Sarah Snodgrass          47-F-PA wife

Philadelphia, 222-548-110:
Joseph Snodgrass         37-M-PA
Hannah Snodgrass         34-F-PA wife
Joseph R. Snodgrass       2-M-PA son

Philadelphia, 224-676-77:
Adelaide Snodgrass       63-F-PA
Mary Snodgrass           24-F-PA dau.
Aida Snodgrass           23-F-PA dau.
+ 2 non-relatives

Philadelphia, 227-586-149:
Geo. P. Snodgrass        52-M-PA
Ella L. Snodgrass        42-F-PA wife
Geo. D. Snodgrass        22-M-PA son
Danl. McLaughlin         70-M-IRE father-in-law

Philadelphia, 228-611-9?:
Charles H. Packard
Annie Snodgrass          63-F-PA inma.

Philadelphia, 229-642-200:
George A. Snodgrass      46-M-PA
Caroline Snodgrass       41-F-PA wife
George A. Snodgrass       9-M-PA son
Mary J. Snodgrass        76-F-PA mother

Philadelphia, 233-775-303:
Judson L. Snodgrass      42-M-PA
Margaret Snodgrass       40-F-PA wife
Clara M. Snodgrass       18-F-PA dau.
David Dickey             74-M-PA father-in-law
Hannah Dickey            71-F-PA mother-in-law

Philadelphia, 233-860-39:
Hanna P. Morris
Eliza J. Snodgrass       70-F-PA lodger

Philadelphia, 234-792-228:
Alfred Hole/Mole
James Snodgrass          26-M-PA brother-in-law
Anna Snodgrass           23-F-PA sister-in-law

Philadelphia, 235-806-630:
Arkory Snodgrass         41-M-ENG
Margaret Snodgrass       48-F-IRE wife
Stuart Snodgrass         25-M-PA son
Mary Snodgrass           21-F-PA dau.
Robert Snodgrass         19-M-PA son

Philadelphia, 242-949-370:
James Lamb
Mary Snodgrass           77-F-IRE aunt

Philadelphia, 242-960-321:
Oliver E. Snodgrass      46-M-PA
Elizabeth Snodgrass      45-F-PA wife
Edna Weaver              27-F-PA 
             1920 Soundex

Philadelphia, 221-493-5-78:
Abner Snodgrass          67-M-PA
Annie Snodgrass          56-F-OH wife
Bertha Snodgrass         21-F-PA dau.
Beatric Snodgrass        14-F-PA dau.

Philadelphia, 231-420-3-2:
William H. Snodgrass     20-M-PA
Henrietta Snodgrass      19-F-PA wife
William L. Snodgrass     8m-M-PA son
Marion Gilbert           77-M-SCT lodger
John J. Barnister        20-M-PA boarder

Philadelphia, 232-429-4-21:
Emma Snodgrass           26-F-PA
William Snodgrass         4-M-PA son
Emma Snodgrass            2-F-PA dau.
Rose Snodgrass           4m-F-PA dau.

Philadelphia, 236-1841-2-28:
Henry Rutherford
William J. Snodgrass     47-M-PA nephew 
    [? s/o Wm. & Mary E. Rutherford; see pension]

Philadelphia, 238-11-2-14-51:
James Snodgrass          36-M-PA
Anna Snodgrass           33-F-PA wife

Philadelphia, 239-1118-6-11:
Virgial Finchman
Mary Snodgrass           79-F-PA grandmother

Philadelphia, 239-1119-4-44:
John J. Snodgrass        33-M-PA
Catherine I. Snodgrass   30-F-PA wife
Albert J. Snodgrass      11-M-PA son
Thomas Snodgrass         10-M-PA son
Catherine I. Snodgrass    6-F-PA dau.
John J. Snodgrass         2-M-PA son
Myrtle M. Snodgrass      9m- -PA son?

Philadelphia, 240-1141-7-17:
George H. Snodgrass      29-M-OH
Sabina Snodgrass         21-F-Warsaw, Poland; wife

Philadelphia, 240-1151-3-57:
Anthony Snodgrass        57-M-IRE
Marjerett Snodgrass      59-F-IRE wife
Robert Snodgrass         26-M-PA son

Philadelphia, 242-723-10-30 <and also 242-724-7-80>:
Elizabeth Peirce
Richard P. Snodgrass     46-M-PA boarder

Philadelphia, 244-771-19-9:
Joseph R. Snodgrass      47-M-PA 
Anna M. Snodgrass        42-F-PA wife
Joseph R. Snodgrass      11-M-PA son

Philadelphia, 251-906-2-4:
Oliver E. Smadgrass      56-M-PA
Elizabeth H. Smadgrass   54-F-PA wife

Philadelphia, 252-935-1-92:
George A. Snodgrass      54-M-PA
Caroline Snodgrass       51-F-PA wife

Philadelphia, 254-1066-4-26:
Henry E. Joslin
Adalado Snodgrass        73-F-PA mother-in-law
Mary Snodgrass           34-F-PA sister-in-law

Philadelphia, 255-1071-3-22:
Emma L. Snodgrass        74-F-PA
Ernest G. Snodgrass      28-M-PA son

Philadelphia, 259-971-1-64:
Judson L. Snodgrass      51-M-PA
Margaret J. Snodgrass    4x-F-PA wife
Clara Stanffer           26-F-PA dau.
William Stanffer Jr.     29-M-PA son-in-law
Walter R. Lees           48-M-PA brother-in-law
Elizabeth Lees           45-F-PA sister-in-law
Charles R. Lees          21-M-PA nephew
Alice Sewell             17-F-PA servant

Philadelphia, 259-1354-7-4:
Elizabeth Diener
Charles Snodgrass        28-M-TN son-in-law
Ruth Snodgrass           22-F-PA dau.
Charles Snodgrass      1y3m-M-PA grandson

Philadelphia, 261-1243-13-55:
Hannah Morris
Elizabeth Snodgrass      79-F-PA boarder

Philadelphia, 265-1259-12-61:
George T. Snodgrass      57-M-PA
Ellen L. Snodgrass       47-F-PA wife
Margurite L. Snodgrass   26-F-PA dau.-in-law
Margurite C. Snodgrass    7-F-PA granddau.
George T. Snodgrass       5-M-PA grandson
John J. McLaughlin       44-M-PA brother-in-law

Philadelphia, 265-1318-22-78:
U. S. Navy Receiving Station
Herbert R. Snodgrass     18-M-CT

Philadelphia, 266-1390-7-67:
Andrew J. Moore
Robert Snodgrass         23-M-PA brother-in-law

Philadelphia, 268-1428-1-7:
Alexander Rosencrantz
Anna M. Snodgrass        45-F-PA

Philadelphia, 273-1550-23-18:
John Snodgrass           34-M-PA
Jean Snodgrass           30-F-PA wife
Wayne R. Snodgrass        2-M-PA [son]

Philadelphia, 274-1574-4-94:
James Snodgrass          37-M-PA
Jennie Snodgrass         23-F-PA wife
James F. Snodgrass      10m-M-PA son

Philadelphia, 278-1679-10-74:
Mack Snodgrass           52-M-IL
Fannie Snodgrass         45-F-PA wife

Philadelphia, 278-1782-14-xx:
Daniel D. Snodgrass      34-M-PA
Helen Snodgrass          19-F-PA sister
Annie Snodgrass          55-F-PA mother

Philadelphia, 280-1729-13-50:
James B. Snodgrass       53-M-FL roomer
Catherine Snodgrass      50-F-TN roomer
John Snodgrass           30-M-TN roomer

Index to Records of Aliens' Declarations of Intention and/or Oaths of

Allegiance, 1789-1880, in United States Circuit Court, United States District

Court, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Quarter Sessions Court, Court of

Pleas, Philadelphia, vol. 19? (letter S) (WPA) yes
     page 237 - Samuel Snodgrass, no age given; Philadelphia, Pa., 1832.
     page 237 - James Snodgrass, no age given; Philadelphia, Pa., 1836.
     page 237 - Robert Snodgrass, no age given; Philadelphia, Pa., 1838.
     page 237 - James Snodgrass, no age given; Philadelphia, Pa., 1840.
     page 237 - Andrew Snodgrass, no age given; Philadelphia, Pa., 1850.
     page 237 - William Snodgrass, no age given; Philadelphia, Pa., 1851.
     page 237 - Robert Snodgrass, no age given; Philadelphia, Pa., 1865.


Reath M. Snodgrass

Application of Widowed Mother.
1 Dec 1863; Mary R. Snodgrass, res. Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA; aged

51; widow of Andrew K. Snodgrass and mother of Reath M. Snodgrass, corp.

B, 121st Reg. PA vols. in the War of 1861, who was killed in the battle in the

rear of Fredericksburg, VA, on the 13th day of Dec 1862, leaving no wife or

minor child. That she was legally married to her husband aforesaid on 2 Aug

1843, that her husband aforesaid died on 31 Apr 1855 & that she is still a

widow. <Note:  Mary R. Snodgrass "affirmed," rather than "swearing," which

may mean she was a Quaker.>
- - - - - - - - - -
Marriage Record:  Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY; Andrew Snodgrass of Troy

Mary R. Brown of Albany, 28 Aug 1843; by Rev. W. D. Snodgrass, pastor of

St. Presbyterian Church.

Emerson M. Snodgrass, application #1,008,745; certificate #791,833.
     widow's application #1,112,664; certificate #859,807.

Philadelphia Co., PA... on this 8 Feb 1897 personally appeared... Emerson M.

Snodgrass, aged 54 years... who was enrolled as a private on 13 Sep 1861 in

company B of the 93d regiment of Pa. Inft. commanded by Capt. Arthur; that

served at least 90 days during the War of the Rebellion and was honorably

discharged at Fort. Hamilton N.Y.H. on 15 Aug 1862; that his personal

description is as follows:  age 54 years; height 5 feet 5 inches; complexion

dark; hair dark; eyes gray.  That he is suffering from the following

disabilities of a permanent character, viz:  lost of 2d & 3d fingers of right

hand & injury of index & little fingers of said hand; Rheumatism, lumbago,

kidney disease, piles, catarrah of head, heart disease, general debility...

that he is now receiving an invalid pension of $8 per month under certificate

No. 791,833... and that his occupation has been that of Asst. Yard Master

That he is now totally disabled... that his residence is 517 N. 40 St.,

Philadelphia, PA.
- - - - - - - - - -
Cook Co., IL, 4 Jan 1913 personally appeared... (Emerson M. Snodgrass)...

70 and a resident of Berwyn, Cook Co., IL... who was enrolled at Lebanon,

PA... that his personal description at enlistment was as follows:  height, 5'

5"; complexion, light; color of eyes, grey; color of hair, dark; that his

occupation was going to school; that he was born 1 Jan 1843 at Roxborough

the state of Penn. -- Ambler, Montgomery Co., PA... that his several places of

residence since leaving the service have been as follows:  Philadelphia, Pa;

Reading, Pa; Berwin, IL.
- - - - - - - - - -
Berwin, Cook Co., IL
     Affidavit of Emerson M. Snodgrass, late of Co. B 93d Pa., Pension

certificate No. 791,833, in reply to a letter from Dept. of the Interior dated

May 15, 1913, said letter returned herewith.  Affiant deposes and says that he

is unable to find the Old Bible which contained the Snodgrass Family Records

of births and deaths in his own family.  That he has had diligent search made

for the same by his brother and sisters still alive, to wit:  Sylvester, Annie

and Amanda Snodgrass, residents of Roxborough, Pennsylvania.  But affiant

that one of his brothers, George Snodgrass, before his decease on February

1913, fortunately made a copy from the old Snodgrass Bible of births and

deaths, and affiant begs to submit herein a copy of that record so made by his

brother and which he says is true according to his best knowledge and belief.
     Copy of Snodgrass Family Record as copied from the old Family Bible
Alexander Snodgrass, York Co., Pa., Feb. 14, 1808; died Oct. 4, 1871.
Rebecca Snyder Snodgrass, born May 13, 1810; died Oct. 21, 1864.
George Snodgrass, born Dec. 26, 1834; died Feb. 27, 1907.
Rufus Snyder Snodgrass, born Nov. 6, 1836; died Feb. 17, 1862.
Sylvester Snodgrass, born Feb. 14, 1839.
Margaret Snodgrass, born July 3, 1841; died July 31, 1841.
Emerson M. Snodgrass, born Jan'y 1st 1843.
William Dallas Snodgrass, born July 24, 1844; died July 15, 1846.
Annie E. Snodgrass, born Nov. 29, 1845.
Esther M. Snodgrass, born Dec. 19, 1847; died Aug. 4, 1848.
Amanda R. Snodgrass, born Jan'y 15, 1850.
              Respectfully submitted
              Emerson M. Snodgrass
I, W. W. Calkins, a Justice of the Peace in and for the County of Cook, State

of Illinois, do hereby certify that the above named Emerson M. Snodgrass

oath to the above statement before me, that he is well known to me; that he

submitted the copy of Family Record to me which is copied above this May

- - - - - - - - - -
Widow's Pension, Sarah A. Snodgrass, Glenside, Montgomery Co., PA... rate

$25 per month, commencing 29 Dec 1917... the soldier... died 8 Dec 1917...

claimant's marriage to soldier, 9 Jun 1868.
- - - - - - - - - -
Montgomery Co., PA... 27 Dec 1917... Sarah A. Yergey Snodgrass ... she is

years of age and that she was born 29 Jun 1849 at Pottstown, Montgomery

PA... that she is the widow of Emerson M. Snodgrass ... that said soldier died

8 Dec 1917 at Glenside, Montgomery Co., PA... that she has not

his death... no children under 16 years of age...
- - - - - - - - - -
Marriage certificate:
This Certifies that E. M. Snodgrass of Reading and Sarah A. Yergey of

Pottstown were by me united in the bonds of Marriage, at Pottstown on the

day of June in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty

conformably to the ordinance of God and the laws of the State.
              Jno. C. Thompson
- - - - - - - - - -
Questionnaire, dated 22 Apr 1898:
Emerson M. Snodgrass, 517 N. 40 St., Philadelphia, PA... children living
     Richard Peterson, b. 23 Oct 1871.
     Marion, b. 14 Dec 1877.
     Alice Parker, b. 10 Apr 1882.
- - - - - - - - - -
Questionnaire, dated 15 Apr 1915:
Emerson M. Snodgrass, 3201 Ivanson Ave., Berwyn, IL... born 1 Jan 1843 in

Philadelphia, PA... wife was Sarah Ann Snodgrass nee Yergey... children were 
     George B. Snodgrass, b. 13 Jun 1869
     Richard P. Snodgrass, b. 13 Oct 1871
     Marion Snodgrass Keyser, b. 14 Dec 1877
     Alice Snodgrass Humphrey, b. 10 Apr 1882
- - - - - - - - - -
10 Oct 1921:
Dear Sir,
     Beg to advise you of the death on 16 Aug 1921 of Sarah A. Snodgrass,

widow of Emerson M. Snodgrass, receiving government pension under

No. 859807.  Sorry for the neglect in notifying you.
              Very truly yours,
              Alice Snodgrass Humphrey
              7016 - 34th St.
              Berwyn, IL

Alpheus S. Snodgrass widow's application #1,131,485.

Declaration for Survivor's Pension--Indian Wars.
State of Pennsylvania, County of Philadelphia:
     On this 5th day of July 1919, personally appeared before me a notary

public... Alpheus S. Snodgrass who... declares that he is 62 years of age;

that he was born May 31, 1857, at West Virginia, and that he is an actual and

bona fide resident of Philadelphia County, State of Pennsylvania.
     That he is the identical person who enlisted at Newport Barracks, KY,

under the name of Alpheus S. Snodgrass on the 4 day of April, 1876, as a

private in B 6th United States Infantry, and was honorably discharged June,

1877, at Ft. Lincoln Dakota having served thirty days or more in the war or

disturbance with, or campaign against, the Sioux Indians, in the State (or

Territory) of Wyoming, Montana.
     That otherwise than as herein stated he was not employed in the United

States service.
     That his personal description at time of first enlistment was a follows:

Height 5 feet, 10 1/2 inches; complexion, fair; color of eyes, blue; color of

hair, dark; that his occupation was laborer.
     That since leaving the service he has resided at Philadelphia, Pa, and

his occupation has been Carpenter.
     That he has applied for a pension under Original No. (don't know #). That

he is not a pensioner...
Alpheus S. Snodgrass
1112 South 29th
Philadelphia, Pa.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 5th day of July 1919.
- - - - - - - - - -
Declaration for Widow's Pension--Indian Wars.
State of Pennsylvania, County of Philadelphia:
     On this 15th day of October 1921 personally appeared before me a Notary

Public within and for the County and State aforesaid, Elizabeth C. Snodgrass

(Carlton) who, being duly sworn by me according to law, declares that she is

52 years of age; that she was born March 30th, 1869; and that she is an actual

and bona fide resident of Philadelphia County, State of Pennsylvania.
     That she is the widow of Alpheus Snodgrass (Harry G. Carlton), who

enlisted at Philadelphia under the name of Alpheus Snodgrass, on the 4th day

of April, 1876, as a Private in Company B. 6th Infantry... and was honorably

discharged June 15th, 1877, at Fort Lincoln, Dakota, having served thirty days

or more in the war or disturbance with, or campaign against, the Dakotas

Indians, in the State (or Territory) of Dakota...
     That she was married to said soldier under the name of Elizabeth Canon at

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on the 3rd day of February, 1898, by Reverend

William Robertson, 46th & Baltimore Avenue; that there was no legal barrier

the marriage; that she had not been previously married, that said soldier had

not been previously married...
     That said soldier died October 7th, 1921, at Soldiers Home, Washington,

D.C., that she was not divorced from him; and that she has not remarried since

his death.
          Elizabeth C. Carlton/Elizabeth C. Snodgrass
          1112 S. 29th Street, Phila, Pa.
witnesses:  Rose Manga, 2701 Alter St Phila
            William Ettelson, 2214 W. Clifford St.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 18th day of November, 1921...
- - - - - - - - - -
Division of Vital Statistics.  Record of a Birth in Philadelphia.  Bureau of

Full name of child, George C. Carlton; color, white; sex, male; date of birth

1907 July 25; hour of birth 12:12 a.m.; Place of birth 335 Washington Ave;

father's name Harry Carlton; father's age 50; mother's name Lizzie C. D.

Carlton; mother's age, 38; father's occupation, carpenter; father's

birthplace, America; mother's birthplace, America; mother's name before

marriage, Lizzie Canon Dorff; residence of parents 1515 S. Stillman St.;

number of child of this mother, 11; number of children of this mother now

living, 5; legitimate, yes; name and address of person making report, Kate M.

Taggart, M.D., Maternity, Woman's Medical College, 335 Washington Ave.;

rec'd, Jul 30-1907.

I hereby certify that the above is a correct copy of the original and all of

the original of a birth certificate on file in this office.
     Date Jan. 20, 1922.  Alfred Wegd?, Chief of Division.
- - - - - - - - - -
Philadelphia, PA, 16 Sep 1922.
     I certify that I have this day examined marriage license application No.

100270, filed in the office of the Clerk of the Orphans Court of the City and

County of Philadelphia, Pa., and the following information is taken therefrom:
     The application is signed by Henry G. Carlton, and is dated February 3,

1898, and was sworn to by said party on that date before an assistant clerk of

the court.  It recites that Henry Gray Carlton, who is making application for

marriage of himself to Lizzie C. Dorff, was born in Camden, N.J., on May 31,

1857; that he resides at 52 and Greenway Ave., that he is a carpenter by

occupation, and that he has not been married before.
     That Lizzie C. Dorff, whom he is about to marry, was born in

Philadelphia, Pa., is 28 years old, and resides at 1232 S. 45 1/2 St.,

occupation domestic, and that she has not been married before.
Frank J. Bain

Philadelphia, PA, 26 Sep 1922.
     I certify that I have this day searched the indexes to the marriage

records filed in the Division of Vital Statistics, Bureau of Health, of the

City and County of Philadelphia, Pa., from 1870 to 1877, and during that

period I find no record of marriage under the name of Alpheus S. Snodgrass,

Harry G. Carlton, Henry G. Carlton, or similar names.  This search made for

the reason that it is suggested that the soldier had a marriage prior to his

enlisted which might have influenced him in changing his name.
Frank J. Bain
- - - - - - - - - -
Case of Elizabeth C. Carlton, #15648.
     On this 15 day of September, 1922, at Philadelphia, county of

Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania, before me, Frank J. Bain, a Special

Examiner of the Bureau of Pensions, personally appeared Elizabeth C.

     I am 53 years of age.  My postoffice address is 1112 South Twenty-ninth

Street, Philadelphia, Pa.  Occupation, housekeeping.  I live here with my

children, Arthur, Charlotta, and Albert Carlton.
     My full and correct name Elizabeth Canon Carlton.  I am generally called

"Lizzie" by my friends.  My maiden name Elizabeth Canon.  My parents were

James Canon and Catherine Canon, nee Jackson.  My father died when I was

two years old.  My mother remarried a man named William Dorff when I was

three years old.  I was reared by my step-father Mr. Dorff and I always went

by the name of Dorff prior to my marriage.  I was the only child of my

parents.  My mother had no children by Mr. Dorff.  Both my mother and

step-father have been dead for many years.  I was born in Philadelphia, Pa.,

and have lived in this city all my life.  My parents had no brothers or

sisters to my knowledge and so far as I know I have no relatives living

outside of my own children.
     I had no child or grandchild, or other relative in the U.S. Military or

naval service during the late World War and I performed no such service

myself.  I am not a beneficiary or applicant for compensation under the

provisions of the War Risk Insurance laws.
     I am not a pensioner and have never received a pension in my life.  I am

an applicant for pension as the widow of Henry G. Carlton, who served in Co.

B, 6 U.S. Infantry, in 1876 and 1877, in Indian Campaigns in the West.  He

served in the Army under the name of Alpheus S. Snodgrass.  My husband
          was an

Indian War pensioner and received his pension under the name of Alpheus S.

Snodgrass.  He died in the U. S. Soldiers Home, Washington, D.C., on

7, 1921.  He was buried in the Soldiers Home Cemetery.  I was present at his

     The soldier's full and correct name was Henry Gray Carlton.  He had the

nickname of "Harry" and that is what I always heard him called.  I never heard

anyone call him Henry, although that is his correct name.  I believe it is a

very general thing to call persons named "Henry" by the name of "Harry". 

soldier was born in Philadelphia, Pa., so far as I know.  I know from his

remarks that he lived in Philadelphia from boyhood.  His parents' names are

unknown to me, except it now comes to my mind that he spoke of his mother

being named "Mary".  From his remarks I judge that his father was harsh with

him and he had very little affection for his father.  I never met either of

his parents.  They had died before I became acquainted with him.  The soldier

had no brothers to my knowledge.  He used to speak affectionately of a sister

Charlotta who was dead and it was for her that our girl child named.  I never

met his sister.  She had died prior to the time I became acquainted with the

soldier.  So far as I know the soldier has no living relatives outside of his

own children.  we both used to remark that neither of us had nay kin, and our

children have commented on the fact that they never had Uncles or Aunts.
     The soldier enlisted in the U.S. Army under the name of Alpheus S.

Snodgrass. He often related to me the circumstances under which he enlisted

that name, and he also repeated it to our friends.  It seems that he had had a

quarrel with his father, with whom he never got along pleasantly, and his

father had beat him up, so he decided to enlist in the army.  He enlisted with

some boy friend, or "buddy", and this friend counseled him to take an assumed

name so that his father could not find <him>.  This he did and he said he took

the name of a deceased cousin, Alpheus S. Snodgrass.  He said that that was

the first name he thought of and he knew the man was dead and that the name

would answer his purposes.  He enlisted in Philadelphia, Pa.  I think he was

discharged at some Fort in the West, Fort Lincoln, Neb., I think it was.  At

least, I have heard him speak of being at Fort Lincoln.  He talked freely of

his service.  He used to speak of the Little Big Horn River.  He told me that

his outfit went to bring in Custer's men after Custer's Massacre.  He was not

in the Custer Fight but was among the men who was sent to relieve Custer. 

spoke of them picking up the dead and bringing back the wounded.  I have

heard him mention the names of his officers but I can't remember them to save

my life, nor do I know the names of his comrades.  None of his comrades ever

visited him.
     Q.  Was the soldier sick while he was in the army?
     A.  Yes.  He said he had the measles while he was in the army and was

under the doctor's care for about six months.  He used to speak of how well

was fed in the Hospital, and how poorly he was fed when he was well.  He

to say they fed him on chicken while in the Hospital.  I do not know where the

Hospital was located.  I think he was discharged from the service on account

of disability.  He said he was discharged on account of chronic lumbago and

muscular rheumatism.  He used to suffer greatly from rheumatism and always

claimed he contracted it in the army.
     Q.  Describe the personal appearance of your husband?
     A.  He was about 5 feet and eleven inches in height.  He had blue eyes,

fair skin and dark hair, almost black.  His hair turned silver white before

his death.  I think he was about 18 years old when he enlisted.
     Q.  Are you sure he enlisted in Philadelphia?
     A.  I think so.  He lived here before <he> enlisted, but he might have

run away and enlisted somewhere else.
     Q.  Are you sure he was born in Philadelphia?
     A.  I have always understood he was born here.
     Q.  The records show the soldier enlisted in Newport, Ky.  Can you

explain this?
     A.  If that is true, he must have run away from home and enlisted.
     Q.  The records, soldier's own statements, show he was born in West Va.

Explain this?
     A.  I think that was the birthplace of his cousin Alpheus S. Snodgrass,

whose name he assumed.
     Q.  Did the soldier have any permanent marks or scars on his person?
     A.  None that I can remember.
     Q.  Have you a photograph of the soldier?
     A.  Yes.  I have a small snapshot of him taken with another soldier, a

boy in the neighborhood, a World War veteran.  I hand you this for use in my

claim, with the request that it be returned to me when my claim is settled.
     Q.  I now read to you the names William Brinkman, John Duffy and

Vermillion, who were members of the soldier's company.  Are these names

familiar to you?
     A.  No.  I never heard him mention those names so far as I can recall.  I

remember that he used to speak of a German doctor who treated him while he

sick.  He used to joke about this doctor and said they called him Dr.

     I do not have the soldier's original discharge certificate and so far as

I can recollect I never saw it in my life.
     Q.  When did the soldier first apply for pension?
     A.  I don't know.  I used to urge him to apply for pension long before he

did and <he> told me that he had applied through Gen. O'Neill in Philadelphia,

Pa., and that he had died while the matter was being settled and then he could

not find his papers.
     Q.  When did you first learn that your husband enlisted under the name of

Alpheus S. Snodgrass?
     A.  Years ago.  Long, long before he was granted this pension.
     Q.  Did you know he was pensioned under the name of Snodgrass?
     A.  Yes.
     Q.  Did you ever suggest to him that he should have his name straightened

out before the Pension Bureau?
     A.  I never suggested to him, but it worried him and he said to me one

day, "Lizzie, I have done wrong, and just as soon as I get strength I am going

to take you down to Mr. Wray (pension attorney) and right this wrong,

it is an injustice to you and the children."  He never improved after that and

I never bothered him with the matter, tho' he mentioned it several times.  I

was more concerned over his health than I was the prospect of a pension.
     He had worked for nine yars before he became too ill to work for

Harrison's Chemical Works (Now Dupont's Works), 35 and Grays Ferry

would have paid his expenses in the University Hospital, Philadelphia, where

they maintain a couple of beds, and no doubt he would have received good

there, but he insisted on going to the Soldiers Home, D.C., and he had great

faith in the Home.  He was in the Home from Sept. 8, to Oct. 7, 1921, when

died.  I visited him once in the Home and also attended his funeral.  He

always used to say that he wanted to be laid away with his "buddies" meaning

that he wanted a soldier's burial with soldiers.
     Q.  How many times have you been married?
     A.  Only once.  My only marriage was to Henry G. Carlton.  I married him

under the name of Elizabeth Canon Dorf in Philadelphia, Pa., on February 3,

1898, by William H. Robinson, or Robertson, in his house at 45 and Baltimore

Ave.  Rev. Robertson was an Episcopal Minister.
     Q.  How many times was Mr. Carlton married?
     A.  Only once.
     Q.  He had been married before, hadn't he?
     A.  Oh no!  He had never been married before.
     Q.  He was a man well up in years.  How do you know he had never been

married before?
     A.  He was 41 years old when we were married.  I had been acquainted

him since January 1893, and I knew people who had been acquainted with him

long before that.  He was known to everybody as an old bachelor.  If you

him as I knew him you would know he had not been married before.
     Q.  Who knew him from the time he was a young man?
     A.  Mrs. Mattie Noross knew him before he went to the army and

too.  Mrs. Katie Maynes, who lives at the same address, 6633 Elmwood Ave.,

also knew him from the time he was a young man, and they knew me from the

I was a child.  Mrs. Noross knew me from the time I was almost a baby.
     Q.  Were you ever separated from Mr. Carlton or divorced from him?
     A.  N.  We lived together continuously from the day we were married to

the time he went to the Soldiers Home in Washington, which was just a month

before his death.  We were never separated a day after we were married until

that time and we were never divorced.  We had a number of children who died

infancy.  We have four living children namely:
          Arthur V. Carlton, Chicago, Ill., street address unknown, who is 23

years old.
          Charlotta Carlton, age 22, at home with me.
          Albert Carlton, age 20, at home with me.
          George C. Carlton, age 15, at home with me.
     Q.  Have you remarried since the death of the soldier?
     A.  No.  I was living at this address when the soldier died and have

lived here since.
     I have heard read to me a letter written by the soldier to the Pension

Office, dated April 3, 1907, 1515 S. Stillman St., Philadelphia, in which he

mentions that he had been traveling away from home.  This travel must have

taken place before I met him.  He lived in Philadelphia from the time I first

met him.  You have told me that he lived in Baltimore, Md., in 1892, when he

first applied for pension.  He must have been temporarily there because he

worked for the Atlantic Refinery in 1890 and 1891, and 1892 also, I presume.

In 1888 and 1889 he worked in the erection of the House of Correction at

Holmesburg, Pa.  In the time I knew him my husband was a carpenter by
          trade. I

do not know his occupation when he enlisted.  I think he was too young to

had a trade.
     I understand that I have the right to be present in person or by attorney

during the taking of further testimony in my pension claim here and elsewhere.

I do not wish to be present and waive all notice of further examination.  I am

willing for the government to go right ahead and do whatever is thought

     I employed no attorney in the prosecution of my claim and have no

agreement to pay a fee to any person in case my claim is granted.
     I have read the foregoing statement and it is correct.
Elizabeth C. Carlton

     I have one child under the age of sixteen years and that is George C.

Carlton, born in Philadelphia, Pa., on July 25, 1907.  He is living and in my

care and custody.  This has been read and is correct.
Elizabeth C. Carlton

     Subscribed and sworn to before me this 15 day of September 1922, and I

certify that the contents were fully made known to deponent before signing.
Frank J. Dain
Special Examiner

William Snodgrass
Mary E. Snodgrass, widow of William

Widow's application:
Philadelphia, PA, 16 Jul 1917:  Mary E. Snodgrass, 64, rres. of Philadelphia,

PA, wid. of William Snodgrass, enlisted at Philadelphia 4 Nov 1865 for the

term of 3 years; discharged at Fort Dodge 4 Nov 1868 (also served in 69

PA vols., in Capt. Blanchard's Co.).  At the time of entering the service

claimed for, her husband was 20 years old, 5'5" tall; blue eyes; brown hair;

fair complexion; a paper hanger; born in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA;

after leaving service res. in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA until time of

his death; married him 31 Oct 1870 in Philadelphia by Rev. R. C. Evans,

minister, under the name of Mary E. Rutherford; husband died 22 Jan 1917.
- - - - - - - - - - 
General Affidavit
26 Oct 1917 -- Mary E. Snodgrass, widow of William Snodgrass, pvt. of

Page's Co. F, 3rd Reg. Infanty; not remarried.
- - - - - - - - - -
Death certificate:  William Snodgrass; male; white; married; b. 16 Apr 1847;

age 69y 9m 6d; paper hanger; b. Philadelphia; father Joseph Snodgrass, b.

Philadelphia; mother Jane James, b. Philadelphia; died 22 Jan 1917; d. of

post-operative complications following removal of papilomas of the bladder;

buried North Cedar Hill; undertaker, D. _. Titlow Sr.
- - - - - - - - - -
Request for reimbursement:  21 Feb 1920; William James Snodgrass, son,

no. 2643, East Huntingdon St., Philadelphia Co., PA; pensioner, died 10 Oct

1918 at 2643 E.  Hungingdon Ave.; bur. North Cedar Hill; d. of chronic

valvular heart disease.


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