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1836 census - yes (see Dubuque Co.)
1840 census - yes (see Dubuque Co.)
1850 census - yes (see Dubuque, Jackson, Monroe, Polk, & Wapello Cos.) 
1856 census - yes (see Dubuque & Keokuk Cos.)
1860 census - yes
1870 census - yes
1880 soundex - yes
1885 census - yes (see Dubuque, Marion, & Webster Cos.) 
1895 census - yes (see Dubuque & Marion Cos.) 
1900 soundex - yes
1910 census - yes (partial) (see Clayton, Keokuk, Louisa, Muscatine, & Page Cos.)
1920 soundex - yes
<Note: The 1900 census was taken 1 Jun; the 1910 census was taken 15 Apr; 
the 1920 census was taken 1 Jan.>

Cemetery Records of Various Iowa Counties, vols. 1-2 (LDS Soc.) yes (Keokuk Co.)

Dixon Co., Nebraska Pioneers Linked to IA (Ingmire Pub.) NS 
A Memorial & Bio. Record of Iowa, 1896 (Lewis Pub. Co.) yes (see Warren Co.) 

Index to Compiled Service Records of Union Soldiers, Iowa - yes (see below)
Roster and Record of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion, vol. 2, 
9th-16th Regt., Infantry - yes (see Jasper, Keokuk, & Scott Cos.) 
Roster and Record of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion, 17th-31st 
Regiments - yes (see Jackson, Jefferson, & Warren Cos.) 
The Story of the 168th Infantry - yes (see below) 

Iowa Genealogical Records
vol. 1 - yes (see Keokuk Co.)
vol. 5 - yes (see Hamilton Co.)
vol. 8 - yes (see Page Co.)
vol. 12 - yes (see Lee Co.)
vol. 14 - yes (see Boone Co.)
vol. 15 - yes (see Boone Co.)
vol. 16 - yes (see Benton Co.)
vol. 20 - yes (see Webster Co.)
vol. 21 - yes (see Page Co.)
vol. 22 - yes (see Jasper Co.)
vol. 24 - yes (see Boone Co.)
vol. 42 - yes (see Decatur & Mills Cos.)
vol. 43 - yes (see Mahaska Co.)
vol. 48 - yes (see Jefferson Co.)
vol. 56 - yes (see Dubuque Co.)
vol. 60 - yes (see Lucas Co.)

The Central IA Pioneer, vols. 1-3 (Cent. IA Gen. Soc.) <unindexed> 

Iowa Marriages 1835-1856 (Fretwell) yes (see Dubuque Co.) 


Index to Compiled Service Records:

1st Iowa Cavalry
Co. F = William E. Snodgrass, pvt./pvt. <see pension application, 
Crawford Co., AR; see Linn Co., IA; see also 1880 Hist. of Washington Co., IA>

3rd Iowa Cavalry
Co. K & A = Alexander Snodgrass, pvt./pvt. <see Hist. of Jasper Co., IA> 
Co. M = William H. Snodgrass, bugler/cpl. <see pension application, Decatur Co., IA>

3rd Iowa Infantry (Militia)
Co. A <not in index> = Henry Snodgrass <see pension application, Polk Co., IA>

10th Iowa Infantry
Co. I = Robert S. Snodgrass, pvt./pvt. <see pension application, Jasper Co., IA>

11th Iowa Infantry
Co. F = James A. Snodgrass, pvt./pvt. <see pension application, Keokuk Co., IA>

15th Iowa Infantry
Co. B = George Snodgrass, pvt./pvt. <see pension application, Linn Co., IA>

17th Iowa Infantry
Co. E = John G. Snodgrass, pvt./pvt. <see pension application, Warren Co., IA>
Co. I = John C. Snodgrass, 1 sgt./capt. <see pension application, Madison Co., IA>
Co. K = William G. Snodgrass, pvt./pvt. <see pension application, Warren Co., IA>

21st Iowa Infantry
Co. H = William H. Snodgrass, pvt./pvt. <see pension application, Dubuque Co., IA>

26th Iowa Infantry
Co. B = Hugh Snodgrass/Snoodgrass/Snoodgross, 1 cpl./pvt. <see pens. app., Tama Co., IA>

31st Iowa Infantry
Co. F = Henry Snodgrass, pvt./pvt. <see pension application, Jackson Co., IA>
Co. F = John Snodgrass, pvt./cpl. <see pension application, Jackson Co., IA>
Co. F = William T. Snodgrass, pvt./pvt. <see pens. app., Jackson Co., IA

32nd Iowa Infantry
Co. I = Andrew W., pvt./pvt. <see pension application, Webster Co., IA> 

39th Iowa Infantry
Co. I = James R. Snodgrass, pvt./pvt. <see pens. app., Monroe Co., IA; see also Polk Co.,

40th Iowa Infantry
Co. C = John F. Snodgrass, pvt./pvt. <see pension application, Mahaska Co., IA>
Co. C? = Okane Snodgrass, pvt/pvt. <see pension application, Mahaska Co., IA>

168th Infantry
Co. H = Opal Snodgrass, pvt.
Co. L = Elmer R. Snodgrass, pvt., wounded in action. 


ADAIR COUNTY (977.773) 

CENSUS RECORDS 1860 census - yes 1880 soundex - yes

History of Guthrie and Adair Cos., IA (Continental Hist. Co.--1884) yes 


1855 -- J. J. Leeper, Robert Snodgrass, and James Bradley came to Washington Twp. 
in Jun 1855. The latter two gentlemen afterward removed to Oregon.

1856 -- The Congregational Church of Fontanelle organized 1856 - members: 
Robert Snodgrass, Mrs. Robert Snodgrass. The first officers were ... J. J. Leeper & 
Robert Snodgrass, deacons. 

Apr 1856 -- Election, School Fund Commission - 10 Robert Snodgrass 33. 
1860 Adair Co IA Census 

Washington Twp., Fontanetto P.O., page 14, #113/102:
Robert Snodgrass 39-M-PA farmer, $1500/500
Eleanor Snodgrass 36-F-PA <m. 1842 Guernsey Co., OH>
<1850 Guernsey Co., OH; 1870 Washington Co., OR; 1880 Wasco Co., OR> 
6 Jan 1868 -- The Board of Supervisors met at Fontanelle -- Robert Snodgrass, Washington.
1880 Adair Co IA Census/Soundex 

Orient Twp., 1-8-11-16:
A. Snodgrass 40-M-OH 
C. C. Snodgrass 38-F-OH wife
F. L. Snodgrass 19-M-OH son
S. E. Snodgrass 17-F-OH dau.
E. D. Snodgrass 14-F-OH dau.
M. E. Snodgrass 11-F-OH dau.
D. M. Snodgrass 7-M-MO son
J. Snodgrass 4-M-OH son
E. Snodgrass 2-F-IA dau.
1880 -- fall of 1880 a Miss Snodgrass taught the first term of school, Dist. 8, Orient Twp.

############# end Adair Co IA ############### 


1880 census - yes
1900 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

Salem Church of the Brethren & Cemetery, Adams Co., IA - NS 

Adams Co. Marriages, 1853-1901 (by ??) yes


13 Jun 1866 -- John Snodgrass married A. E. Ramsey.

1880 Adams Co IA Census 

Village of Carl, Carl Twp., #53/53:
W. F. Snodgrass 38-M-VA/VA/VA farmer <William> 
[s/o Wm. of 1850 Ritchie Co VA/WV]
Rachel Snodgrass 38-F-VA/PA/VA 
<Rachel S. Cowan; m. 1863 Doddridge Co., WV>
George M. Snodgrass 15-M-IA
Flora D. Snodgrass 13-F-IA
[vss - 1910 Benton Co AR]

1900 Adams Co IA Census 

Quincy Twp., Corning, 14th St., 1-10-3-75:
Robert Snodgrass 55-M-IL/IN/IN May 1845, m.15y, janitor 
Sadie Snodgrass 35-F-IL/OH/OH May 1865 wife, 2 ch, 2 liv 
<Sarah Manroew; m. 1883 Des Moines Co., IA>
Maude Snodgrass 10-F-IA/IL/IL Nov 1889 dau.
Fay Snodgrass 8-F-IA/IL/IL Nov 1891 dau.
<1910 Louisa Co., IA>

1920 Adams Co IA Census/Soundex 

Coming Twp., 2-11-8-18:
Homer C. Snodgrass 26-M-IA
Pearl Snodgrass 27-F-IA wife



Allamakee Co., IA, Burial Grounds, 1845-1988 (Woodmansee) yes 
East Paint Creek Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, Allamakee Co., IA - NS
Mapel Hill or Sencebaugh Cemetery, Paint Creek Twp., Allamakee Co., IA 
(Forsberg & McGlothlen) NS
Post Twp. Cemetery, "Minert Cemetery" (Gibbs) NS
West Paint Creek Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, Allamakee Co., IA - NS

1850 census transcription - NS

Iowa River Evangelical Luthern Church Records: A Publication of Data on Baptisms, 

Confirmations, Marriages, and Burials Performed in the Congregation (Haugen) NS

Past and Present of Allamakee Co., IA (Clarke Pub. Co.--1913) (partial index) NS

Land Atlas and Plat Book, Allamakee Co., IA (Rockford Map Pub.--1983) NS 

Early Wills, 1854-1881, Allamakee Co., IA (Dix) (unindexed) 

An Extraction of Vital Records from the History of Allamakee Co., IA, 1913
(Goranson) NS


28 Nov 1911 -- Donald Snodgrass, b. 24 Nov 1911, d. 28 Nov 1911, buried 
Postville Cemetery, Area D.

13 Mar 1970 -- Ralph Roland Snodgrass, b. 23 Jun 1910, d. 13 Mar 1970, buried 
Sixteen Cemetery, Linton Twp. (Martin Funeral Home Record; death record). 

############## end Allamakee Co IA ################ 

1850 census transcription - NS
1860 - 1870 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

Appanoose Co. Cemetery Index (Appanoose Co. Gen. Soc.) yes 
Appanoose Co., IA, Cemeteries (Appanoose Co. Gen. Soc.) NS 
Appanoose Co., IA, Cemetery Inscriptions - NS

Index to Probate Records, 1846-1855, Appanoose Co. Courthouse, 
Centerville, IA (Ingmire Pub.) NS

Biographical & Genealogical History of Appanoose & Monroe Cos., IA (Lewis--1903)
Exline Graduates, 1912-1949 (Appanoose Co. Gen. Soc.) NS 
Graduates of Cincinnati High School, Cincinnati, IA, 1889-1961 - NS 
Graduates of Numa High School, Numa, IA, 1925-1957 (Appanoose Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Graduates of Unionville High School, Unionville, IA, 1888-1949 
(Appanoose Co. Gen. Soc.) (unindexed)
History of Numa, IA, Incl. Hibbsville & Bellair, 1850-1960 (Sayres--1960) (unindexed)
Homecoming, Bellair, 1854, Numa, 1964 (Sayres--1964) (unindexed)

Assessor's Book, Cincinnati Corp., Appanoose Co., IA, 1892 
(Appanoose Co. Gen. Soc.) NS


1860 Appanoose Co IA Census 

Wells Twp., Wells Mills P.O., page 116, #808/768 (enumerated 13 Jun 1860): 
Geo. Snodgrass 48-M-TN farm laborer, $200/75 [s/o Esther]
Rachel Snodgrass 37-F-IN <m. 1855 Scotland Co., MO; 1900 Nodaway Co., MO> 
Wm. Snodgrass 10-M-IN [? b. IL - s/o John Snodgrass & Rachel Stuthard - Parke Co
David Snodgrass 4-M-MO
Nancy Snodgrass 3-F-IA
Geo. W. Snodgrass 1m-M-IA
Ester Snodgrass 76-F-VA <1880 Lewis Co., MO; widow of William> 
<1850 Lewis Co., MO; 1870 Appanoose Co., IA>

Wells Twp., Wells Mills P.O., page 116, #809/769 (enumerated 13 Jan 1860): 
Ira Sanford 31-M-NY blacksmith, $880/500
Susun L. Sanford 28-F-NY
Cornelia Sanford 11-F-IL
Evangelina Sanford 5-F-IL
Martha Sanford 4-F-IL
Arthur Sanford 2-M-IA
Hiram Sanford 1-M-IA
Elcy Snodgrass 16-F-MO domestic [Alice b. IN d/o John Snodgrass & Rachel
<1850 Lewis Co., MO>

19 Jan 1866 -- Deed Book ?, page ??: George Snodgrass bought from Wm. Sweeney 
on 4 Jan 1865, the NW-1/4 SW-1/4 S3-T67-R16, recorded in Plat Book 1, page 10, recorded
in vol. 9, page 67, Appanoose Co., IA, and sold to Isaac Redabaugh on 19 Jan 1866.

1870 Appanoose Co IA Census 

Pleasant Twp., page 471, #108:
William Snodgrass 45-M-VA engineer in Gnit I.
Rhoda Snodgrass 41-F-OH <Rhoda Phillips; m. 1849, Peoria Co., IL>
Thomas Snodgrass 17-M-IL
William Snodgrass 16-M-IL
George Snodgrass 14-M-IL
Jonathan Snodgrass 12-M-IL
Sarah A. Snodgrass 10-F-IL
Solomon F. Snodgrass 7-M-IL
Florence Snodgrass 5-F-IL
Frank Snodgrass 11m-M-MO b. Jul 1869
Sarah Phillips 71-F-PA

Wells Twp., page 566, #104:
George Snodgrass 38-M-TN farmer [s/o Esther - age 48 on 1860 Appanoose]
Rachael Snodgrass 28-F-IN [Rachel Stuthard - age 27 on 1860]
David H. Snodgrass 14-M-MO
Nancy M. Snodgrass 12-F-IA
Ginger Snodgrass 10-M-IA <George>
Sarah S. Snodgrass 8-F-IA
Ida J. Snodgrass 5-F-IA
William H. Loop 6-M-IA [who is this guy? Maybe a nephew?]
William Snodgrass 19-M-IL farm laborer [as 10/IN on 1860 s/o Rachel's first m.]
<1860 Appanoose Co., IA>

1920 Appanoose Co IA Census/Soundex 

Udell Twp., 3-28-11-69:
Frederick W. Smith (black)
Henry J. Snodgrass 21-M-IA (black)

Cemetery index: Exline, Caldwell, 37 (Section 32):
Dorothy P. Snodgrass
Marvin J. Snodgrass

[vss - rec'd from SCS member Patt Ricketts <> 21 Jun 98 ...]
Appanoose County Iowa Cemeteries, Caldwell Township; published by the Appanoose
Genealogy Society, Centerville, Iowa 52544 (no publ. date but purchased Nov 1989)
Exline Cemetery is located in Exline, Ia., Caldwell township, Section 32.
Exline Cemetery (page 37)
Section 6, Row 14: SNODGRASS: Dorothy P. 1912-1973 
Marvin J. 1909-

############## end Appanoose Co IA ############## 


Atlas & Directory, Audubon Co., IA, 1970 (Rockford Map Pub.) NS 

Biographical History of Shelby and Audubon Cos., IA 
(W. S. Dunbar & Co.--1889) (partial index) NS
History of Audubon Co., IA (Bowen--1915) (partial index) NS 
Quasquicentennial, Exira, IA: Proud of Our Past, Planning Our Future, 
1857-1982 (1982) (partial index) NS

############## end Audubon Co IA ################# 


Benton Co., IA, Cemeteries along Western Border (Tama Co. Gen. Soc.) NS 
Spencer's Grove Cemetery, Polk Twp., Benton Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.) NS 

CENSUS RECORDS 1850 census transcription - NS

Belle Plaine, IA, 1852-1952: Centennial History Book (Swailes--1962) (unindexed)
History of Benton Co., IA, 1878 (indexed) NS
History of Benton Co., IA, 2 vols. (Lewis Pub. Co.--190_) (partial index) NS
Iowa Genealogical Records, vol. 16 - yes
Keystone, IA, 1881-1981 (--1981) (partial index) NS
Newhall, IA, the First Hundred Years, 1882-1982 (Newhall Pub. Lib.-1982) (part index)
Van Horne, IA, The First Century, 1881-1981 (CarPac Pub.--1981) (partial index) NS

Land Atlas and Plat Book, Benton Co., IA, 1982 (Rockford Map Co.) NS 

Obituaries from the Keystone Bulletin, 1912-1937 (Hansen) NS 


30 Jul 1855 -- John G. Snodgrass married Janet Secord.

############# end Benton Co IA ############## 

1850 census transcription - NS
1860 census - yes
1860 mortality schedule - NS
1920 soundex - yes

Black Hawk Co., IA, Calvary Catholic Cemetery, vols. 1-3 (IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Black Hawk Co., IA, Fairview Cemetery, Waterloo, Index (NE IA Gen. soc.) NS
Black Hawk Co., IA, Hillside Cemetery, Washington Twp. (NE IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Cemeteries of Bremer, Black Hawk, Buchanan, and Fayette Cos., vols. 1-5 
(Struck, Struck, & Matthias) NS
Elmwood Cemetery Index, Waterloo, Black Hawk Co., IA (NE IA Gen. Soc.) yes

Black Hawk Co., IA, Declarations of Intentions, vols. 1-8 (NE IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Black Hawk Co., IA, Petition for Naturalization, vols. 1-3 (Black Hawk Co. Gen. Soc.)
Naturalization Index, Master Index, Black Hawk Co. (IA Gen. Soc.) NS 
Probate Records, Black Hawk Co., IA (IA Gen. Soc.)
vol. 1, no. 2-500 - yes <#397>
vol. 2, no. 500-1000 - NS
vol. 3, no. 1000-1500 - NS
vol. 4, no. 1500-2000 - NS
vol. 5, no. 2000-2500 - NS
vol. 6, no. 250-3000, 1899-1904 - NS
vol. 7, no. 13172-13395, 1942-1943 - NS

The History of Black Hawk Co., IA (Western Hist. Co.--1878) (unindexed) 
History of Black Hawk Co., IA, and Its People (Clarke Pub. Co.--1915) (part index) NS

Land Atlas & Plat Book, Black Hawk Co., IA, 1981 (Rockford Map Co.) yes 

articles clipped by members of the Snodgrass Clan Society 

Landowners in Black Hawk Co., IA, 1887 (NE IA Gen. Soc.) NS 

Death Records, Black Hawk Co., IA, 1880-1890 (??) NS 
Some Early Marriage Records of Black Hawk Co., IA, 1853-1858 (NE IA Gen. Soc.)


1860 Black Hawk Co IA Census 

East Waterloo Twp., Cedar Falls P.O., page 5, #37/35 (enumerated 4 Jun 1860): 
Ed. W. Dyer 46-M-VA farmer, $4000/1500
Susan J. Dyer 43-F-VA [Snodgrass, d/o James & Elizabeth of Hardy CoVA/WV]
John W. Dyer 21-M-VA farm laborer
Edmund O. Dyer 16-M-VA farm laborer
Elizabeth Snodgrass 50-F-VA $2000/1000 <1850 Hardy Co., (W)VA> [d/o James &
Rebecca Church 35-F-VA (black)
Maria Church 10-F-VA (black)
Abraham Church 3-M-VA (black)
Edmund C. Dyer 20-M-VA gentleman

16 Apr 1862 -- Elizabeth B. Snodgrass died 16 Apr 1862; John W. Dyer [a nephew] 
appointed executor of her estate, 11 May 1863.

1881 -- GAR, Robert Anderson Post no. 1881 was organized in 1881. 
William Snodgrass was a member.

1920 Black Hawk Co IA Census/Soundex 

Waterloo Twp., 5-13-3-95:
Ella Snodgrass 46-F-IN 
Eva Wooner 25-F-IA dau.

Waterloo Twp., 5-14-5-96:
John E. Snodgrass 38-M-WI
Gertrude H. Snodgrass 56-F-IA wife
Dorothy Snodgrass 17-F-WI dau.
Hillary H. Snodgrass 14-M-IA son
Minor R. Harman 5-M-MT nephew
Loran L. Harman 2y2m-F-MT niece

Waterloo Twp., 5-15-11-29:
Raymon Snodgrass 29-M-IA <1900 Jackson Co., IA>
Ethel Snodgrass 29-F-IA wife
James Snodgrass 5-M-IA son
Lena Snodgrass 3-F-IA dau.

Waterloo Twp., 5-16-17-92:
Allen D. Snodgrass 37-M-IA [s/o Wm. & Laura]
Ida M. Snodgrass 35-F-IA wife
Howard Snodgrass 10-M-IA son
Lorrine M. Snodgrass 8-F-IA dau.

Lonze Rose
George E. Snodgrass 37-M-IA hired man

Waterloo Twp., 6-20-11-43:
William Snodgrass 74-M-OH [s/o Eli & Mary Templeton; d. 1926]
Laura L. Snodgrass 64-F-IA wife <m. 1879 Henderson Co., IL>
<1880 Jackson Co., IA>

Waterloo Twp., 6-27-10-25:
Francis Snodgrass 42-M-IA
Blanch Snodgrass 21-F-IA wife
Elmer Snodgrass -M-IA son

1955 -- G. Eber Snodgrass, b. 1883, d. 1955, buried Zion Lutheran Cemetery, 
Hudson, IA (never married).

9 May 1978? -- Waterloo, IA, Courier: Mrs. A. Keith Jones
Manchester--Memorial services for Mrs. A. Keith (Jackie) Jones, 49, who 
died at the Delaware Co. Hospital Sunday after a brief illness, will be 2 p.m. 
Wednesday at the United Methodist Church; burial at the Coggon Cemetery; the 
casket will not be opened; visitation after 3 p.m. Tuesday at the Bohnenkamp 
Funeral Home; survived by her husband; a son, Robert Stanley of Manchester; a 
dau., Mrs. Edward Holtz of Edwards Air Force Base, CA; seven grandchildren; a 
stepdau., Mrs. Keitha Dinderman of Cedar Rapids; two stepsons, Glenn of 
Chicago and Kevin Jones of Des Moines; two sisters, Mrs. Charles Miller of 
Marion and Mrs. Donald Carrothers of Alburnett; two brothers, Aubrey Hendrix 
of Coggon and Dr. Ralph Snodgrass Jr. of Warsaw, NY.

3 Aug 1979 -- Waterloo, IA, Courier: Gerald Snodgrass
Maynard--Services for Gerald Snodgrass, 51, who died in Atlanta, GA, 
Tuesday, will be 10 a.m. Friday at the Delsing-Wright Funeral Home in Maynard 
with burial in the Long Grove Cemetery in Maynard; survivors are his mother, 
Mrs. Lee Candee of Maynard, and two brothers and sisters. 

1981 -- Land Atlas & Plat Book: 
page 14 -- Jack & Virginia Snodgrass & Jim Ryan own the East 1/2 of the Southwest 1/4 &
the West 1/2 of the Southeast 1/4 (less a corner) of Section 35, Township 89 North, Range 12

page 18 -- Spencer & Hattie Snodgrass own 80 acres: the South 1/2 of the Southwest 1/4 of
Section 4, Township 90 North, Range 13 West. 

(no dates) -- William T. Snodgrass, a Civil War vet, was buried in Elmwood Cemetery.

Elmwood Cemetery Index, Waterloo:
page 74 -- Laura J. & William T. Snodgrass <we need these> 
page 120 -- Ethel M. & Raymond I. Snodgrass <we need these> 

############## end Black Hawk Co IA ############## 

1850 census transcription - NS
1860 census - yes
1870 census - yes 
1880 census - yes (only part of county checked)
1895 state census transcription - yes
1900 census - yes

Boone Co., IA, Cemeteries, vols. 2-3 (Boone Co. Gen. Soc.) NS 
Boone Co., IA, DAR Cemetery Records, 1848-1930 (Boone Co. Gen. Soc.) NS 
Linwood Cemetery, Boone Co., IA (Craven & Craven) yes 
W.P.A. Boone Co., IA, Cemetery Records, 3 vols. - yes 
W.P.A. Burial Records, Boone Co., IA - yes
W.P.A. Grave Records, Boone Co., IA - yes

Historical Records of the Christian Church - Disciples of Christ, Boone Co., IA 
(Hurley -1977) (unindexed)

Probate Index, 1850-1900, vols. 1-2 (Craven) NS

History of Boone Co., IA (Goldthwait--1914) (unindexed) 
History of Boxholm & Grant Twp. in Boone Co., IA (Peterson--1986) (part index) NS
Iowa Genealogical Records, vols. 14 & 24 (Porter) yes 
Iowa Genealogical Records, vol. 15 (DAR) yes
Luther Consolidated School, 1916-1957 (Luther Alumni Assoc.--1957) (unindexed)

Land Atlas & Plat Book, Boone Co., IA, 1979 (Rockford Map Pub.) NS 

Harrison Twp. Records, Boone Co., IA (Boone Co. Gen. Soc.) 
(includes elections of 1871 & 1887, military duty list of 1909?, 1909 land values) NS

Index to Boone Co. Newspapers, 1888-1919 (Boone Co. Gen. Soc.) yes 

Boone Co. Genealogical Society Quarterly Newsletter (unindexed)

Boone Co., IA, Marriages, Jan 1850-May 1862 (Iowa Gen. Soc.) NS 
Boone Co., IA, Marriage Records Index, 1848-1893 (Boone Co. Gen. Soc.) yes
Boonesboro Twp., Boone Co., IA, Marriage Records Performed by Rev. Horatio 
Nelson Millard, Taken from His Personal Diaries, 1879-1883 (Hamilton) NS
Deaths & Stillbirths, 1880-1901, vols. 1-2 (Boone Co. Gen. Soc.) yes 



1860 Boone Co IA Census

Dodge Twp., Ridgeport P.O., page 270, #290/236 (enumerated 27 Jun 1860): 
Joseph Bone 30-M-OH farmer, $3500/1500
(wife & 3 children)
J. A. Snodgrass 22-M-VA farmer, 0/$116 [James A. s/o Francis, 1850 Barbour Co

1863 -- Circuit Rider: J. W. Snodgrass.

1866 -- see deed in Barbour Co., WV: John W. & Margaret Snodgrass selling 
land to Silas Upton.

15 Aug 1866 -- Alcinda Snodgrass married John C. Robinson (Book 1, page 133).
[vss - d/o John Wesley Snodgrass & Margaret Dudley; 1860 Upshur Co VA/WV] 

1870 Boone Co IA Census

Union Twp., page 158, #9 <poor film>:
Jane Snodgrass 31-F-IN keeps house
Eliza T.? Snodgrass 9-F-IN
Susan E. Snodgrass 7-F-IA
Virginia? J. Snodgrass 4-F-IA
Jno. C. Snodgrass 1-F?-IA

Boonesboro, #14/15:
John W. Snodgrass 46-M-WV Meth. min., $2940/480
Margaret D. Snodgrass 46-F-WV <m. 1834 Monongalia Co., WV>
[Margaret Dudley]
Martha A. Snodgrass 23-F-WV
May C. Snodgrass 28-F-WV
<ages of parents do not agree with 1880 Boone Co., IA>
[1860 Upshur Co VA/WV; 1850

1880 Census

Boonesboro, #286/298:
John W. Snodgrass 68-M-WV/PA/VA Min. M. E. Gospel
Margaret D. Snodgrass 67-F-WV/CT/VA
Ella M. Snodgrass 14-F-IA/WV/PA granddau.
<1870 & 1895 Boone Co., IA>

28 Dec 1882 -- Mollie C. Snodgrass married Joseph B. Barnett (Book 3, page 612). 
<1895 Boone Co., IA>

1883 -- Martha Snodgrass, b. 1846, d. 1883, buried Linwood Cem., Section W2, 
row 9 (d/o Rev. J. W. & M. D. Snodgrass).
- - - - - - - - - -

Prairie City News: Mattie Snodgrass died 13 Nov 1883 at Boone, IA. She 
was the daughter of Rev. Snodgrass. Lived in Prairie City for several years 
and was a teacher in Prairie City Schools. Her father was pastor of M. E. 
Church for 2-3 years before moving away about 1879.

19 Apr 1894 -- Lottie Snodgrass, 34, married Enoch Lewis, 40 (Book 2, page 11).
1895 State Census

City of Boone, Ward 5, Boonesboro, #373:
Joseph Barnett 50-M-KY retired, Jewish

Mary Barnett 46-F-WV Methodist <Mary C. Snodgrass; m. 1882 Boone
Walter Snodgrass 9-M-NJ

City of Boone, Ward 5, Boonesboro, #374:
John Snodgrass 83-M-WV retired, Methodist
Margaret Snodgrass 81-F-WV
<1880 Boone Co., IA>
Town of Angus, page 15:
June Snodgrass 57-F-IN
William Newsberry 45-M-IL miner, Methodist
Ellen Newsberry 35-F-IL
Esil Newsberry 14-M-IA/Boone
Howard Newsberry 13-M-IA/Boone
Eldon Newsberry 8-M-IA/Boone
Fern Newsberry 3-F-IA/Boone

17 Feb 1897 -- Margaret (Dudley) Snodgrass, b. 5 Jun 1813, d/o A. R., d. 17 
Feb 1897, buried Linwood Cem., Section W2, row 11.
- - - - - - - - - - 

Margaret D. Snodgrass d. 17 Feb 1897, age 83y 8m 12d; bur. Linwood Cem. 
(Book 2, page 249).
- - - - - - - - - -

Margaret Dudley Snodgrass, his [Rev. J. Snodgrass's] wife, born 5 June 1813; died 
17 Feb 1897. "A Real Daughter". A bronze marker placed by De Shon Chapter,

19 Feb 1897 -- Boone Weekly News, p 9: death of Margaret Dudley (Mrs. J. W.)
<we need this one>

1900 Census

Des Moines Twp., Boone, Marion St., 6-10-7-70 & 71:
Joseph B. Barnett 55-M-KY/KY/KY Dec 1844 m.17y, editor, o.h.f. 
Mary C. Barnett 53-F-WV/WV/WV Dec 1846 wife, 1 ch, 0 liv 
<Mary C. Snodgrass; m. 1882 Boone Co., IA>
John W. Snodgrass 88-M-WV/PA/-- Aug 1811 father-in-law, wid. 
Walter G. Snodgrass 13-M-IA/IA/IA Feb 1887 2nd nephew 
<1895 Boone Co., IA>

Union Twp., Angus, 6-20-7-80:
Dab McDowell 84-M-KY/VA/VA Oct 1815 wid., capitalist, o.h.f. 
Jane Snodgrass 62-F-IN/KY/KY Mar 1838 dau., div., 8 ch, 2 liv 
Jane McDowell 89-F-KY/VA/VA Sep 1810 sister

3 May 1901 -- Boone Daily News, page 3: death of Jane Snodgrass <we need this

12 Dec 1903 -- Raymond<?> Snodgrass, b. 18 Aug 1811, d. 12 Dec 1902<?>,
Linwood Cemetery, Section W2, row 11; (h/o Margaret, d. 1897). 
[vss - someone please check this cemetery & stone - should be John W. Snodgrass,
husband of
Margaret Dudley Snodgrass .... so WHO is Raymond?]
- - - - - - - - - -

Rev. J. Snodgrass, b. 18 Aug 1811, d. 12 Dec 1903; "For 60 years a faithful minister 
of the Methodist Episcopal Church in West Virginia & in Iowa."
- - - - - - - - - -

Prairie City News: Rev. Snodgrass was born 18 Aug 1811 and died in Nov 1903 at 
Boone, IA. He was married in 1834 and licensed to preach the same year. He was
of the oldest M. E. preachers in Iowa, and a former Prairie City preacher.
- - - - - - - - - -

12 Dec 1903 & 15 Dec 1903 & 16 Dec 1903 -- Boone Daily News: 
Death of the Rev. John Wesley Snodgrass <we need this one>
- - - - - - - - - -

17 Dec 1903 -- Boone R. N.: Margaret Dudley his wife, Mrs. J. B. Barnett a

28 Sep 1906 -- Boone Daily News, page 8: marriage of Eleanor Snodgrass <we
need this

5 Oct 1906 -- Boone Co. Democrat, page 8: marriage of Eleanor Snodgrass <we
need this

29 Sep 1907 -- Joseph B. Snodgrass, b. 14 Dec 1844, d. 29 Sep 1907, buried 
Linwood Cem., Section W2, row 11.

24 Jan 1911 -- Boone News Republican, page 4: article about or mentioning E. W.
<we need this one>.

31 Jul 1912 -- Boone News Republican, page 2: death of Dorcas Snodgrass <we
need this one>.


Bremer Co. Genealogical Society, May 1983 (cemetery records) yes 
Cemeteries of Bremer, Black Hawk, Buchanan, and Fayette Cos., vols. 1-5 
(Struck, Struck, & Matthias) NS

The Janesvillains, 1849-1974: A Book by the People, about the People, 
for the People of Janesville, IA (Leonard--1974) (partial index) NS 
Our Portion of Manna (orphans) (Schneider--1983) (unindexed) 

Land Atlas and Plat Book, Bremer Co., IA, 1982 (Rockford Map Pub.) yes 



22 Jun 1973 -- William E. Snodgrass, b. 1903, d. 22 Jun 1973, buried St. 
Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Washington Twp., Section 1.

1982 -- Land Atlas & Plat Book, page 4: Jack & Virginia Snodgrass own 195 
acres, most of the West 1/2 of Section 25, Township 91 North, Range 14 West. 


Buchanan Co., IA, Cemeteries (Buchanan Co. Gen. Soc.) [unindexed] 
Cemeteries of Bremer, Black Hawk, Buchanan, and Fayette Cos., vols. 1-5 
(Struck, Struck, & Matthias) NS

1850 census transcription - NS
1860 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes
1925 state census transcription - yes


The History of Buchanan Co., IA (Buchanan Co. Gen. Soc.-1991) yes 
History of Buchanan Co., IA, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches 
(Williams Bros.--1881) NS
The Story of Winthrop, IA, 1857-1957 (Dey--1957) NS

Buchanan Co., IA, Obituaries, 1856-1869 (Clendenen) NS 

Buchanan Co., IA, Marriages: Book 1, 1848-1858, 1858-1867 (Appleby) NS 



1860 Census

Newton Twp., #436/421 (enumerated 20 Jun 1860):
Thos. Ward 33-M-OH farmer, $1400/600
Louisa Ward 26-F-OH
(5 children, ages 10 to 1)
Wm. Snodgrass 17-M-OH

1920 Buchanan Co IA Soundex

Lamont Twp., 8-68-13-93:
H. Snodgrass 36-M-IA <Herbert Snodgrass> [b. 27 Jun 1883 Centralia, IA]
Addie Snodgrass 36-F-IA wife [Addie F. Glew, m. 21 Oct 1903, Farley, IA]
Gerbert J. Snodgrass 15-M-IA son
Mable F. Snodgrass 13-F-IA dau.
Marian D. Snodgrass 10-M-IA son
<1925 Buchanan Co., IA>

[vss - info from desc. Janice Stevens, 810 Sunshine Run, Arnolds Park, Iowa 51331-7528; 
she told me that Herbert was s/o Mary Ann Snodgrass led me to Mary Ann d/o James
and Amanda Jordan, of Dubuque Co IA; Mary & Herbert are with her father James on 1895
1900 Buchanan Co IA ] 
1925 State Census

Book 83, lines 77-81, Lamont Twp.:
Herbert Snodgrass 41-M-IA, s/o Wm. Snodgrass & Mary ___ (b. IA) 
Addie Snodgrass 42-F-IA wife, d/o John Glew (b. IA; m. IA) & Ada Allen (age 63, b.
Allan Snodgrass 20-M-IA son
Mabel Snodgrass 18-F-IA dau.
Marion Snodgrass 15-M-IA son
<Note: There is more information on the actual census.>
<1920 Buchanan Co., IA>

[vss - need to see actual 1925 census - does it really say Herbert is s/o Wm. Snodgrass? 
Mary Ann Snodgrass had an older brother William ... and they are children of James & 
Amanda - see all of Dubuque Co IA]

1991 -- Hist. of Buchanan Co., IA:
page 177:
Doris Belle Bender, born 7 Dec 1914 in Independence, IA, to Leonard Bender 
(b. 1 Aug 1886, d. 5 Nov 1965) & Anna Laura Snodgrass (b. 29 Jun 1889, d. 25 Dec 1914). 
Doris lost her mother from childbirth complications and so was raised by her paternal
grandparents. They were William Bender (b. 5 Feb 1861, d. 17 Dec 1938) and Eva Alta
(b. 22 Sep 1859, d. 2 Sep 1940), who had previously farmed in Brandon, IA. Doris graduated
from Independence High School in 1933. She worked for a short time before marrying
Walton Schultz on 10 Sep 1934 and moving to Iowa City. Walt was from the Deep River,
IA, area and had dated Doris through high school. Walt worked as a car mechanic, and Doris
made being a housewife the focus of her life. Three children were born to them in Iowa City. 
Janet (Rursch), b. 28 Jul 1936; James, b. 22 Jun 1940; and Sharon (Heal), b. 6 May 1944. 
Over the years Walt owned and managed several service stations in the Iowa City area. 
Meantime, Doris was taking care of the house, kids, and trying to stretch a dollar. Sewing for
the children to save money and be thrifty was a constant activity. As the children grew up and
moved into their own homes, Doris helped with grandchildren, being an excellent babysitter,
and in the meantime Walt was in the garden producing wonderful food for the table. In the
winter Doris sewed and Walt watched T.V. and read. As time went on, Doris became
interested in antiques and especially dolls. Many a wonderful hour was passed, sewing for all
the dolls. Doris bought, traded, and fixed dolls, loving every minute of it. She was a
member of the Iowa City Doll Club.
Up until the summer of 1988 either Walt or Doris could outwork anyone in the family. They
found out in the fall of 1988 that they both had cancer. Walt died at home in North Liberty,
IA, 30 Oct 1989. Doris was also at home when she died 14 Mar 1990.



The Albert City Caper (Buchan) (unindexed)
Buena Vista Co. History, 1858-1983 (Bauer et al--1984) NS 
Past and Present of Buena Vista Co., IA (Wegerslev & Walpole--1909) (partial

Land Atlas and Plat Book, Buena Vista Co., IA, 1982 (Rockford Map Pub.) NS



Cemetery Records, Butler Co., IA, vols. 1-2 (Butler Co. Hist. Soc.) NS 

Butler Co., IA, Land Atlas & Plat Book, 1977 (Rockford Map Pub.) NS 



Land Atlas & Plat Book, 1983 (Rockford Map Pub.) NS

Calhoun Co. History (Calhoun Co. Hist. Soc.--1982) NS 



Carroll Co., IA, Arcadia Cemetery, Arcadia Twp. (Carroll Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Carroll Co., IA, Coon Rapids Cemetery, Coon Rapids, IA, Jasper Twp.
(Carroll Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Carroll Co., IA, North Coon Cemetery, Lanesboro Cemetery, Jasper Twp
(Carroll Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Carroll Co., IA, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Mount Carmel, IA,
Kneist Twp. (Carroll Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Carroll Co., IA, St. Bernard's Cemetery, Breda, IA, Kneist Twp. (Carroll
Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Carroll Co., IA, St. Francis Cemetery, Maple River Twp. (Carroll Co. Gen. Soc.)
Carroll Co., IA, Union Twp. Cemetery, Oak Hill Cemetery, Old Carrollton
Cem., Union Twp (Carroll Co. Gen. Soc. (IA Gen. Soc.) NS



1900 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

Iowa Militia Rolls (Ingmire Pub.) yes



1875 -- Iowa Militia Rolls:
Pleasant Grove Twp. - T. C. Snodgrass, age 33.

1900 Census

Cass Twp., Lewis, Court St., 12-39-5-42:
Alva J. Snodgrass 27-M-IL/PA/IL Mar 1873 m.4y, barber, o.h.f.
Ada E. Snodgrass 25-F-IA/IL/IL Apr 1875 wife, 1 ch, 1 liv
Clayton G. Snodgrass 3-M-IA/IA/IL<sic> May 1897 son
<1920 Cass Co., IA>

1920 Soundex

Lewis Twp., 11-39-3-33:
Alva J. Snodgrass 44-M-IL
Ada Snodgrass 44-F-IA wife
Clayton Snodgrass 22-M-IA son
<1900 Cass Co., IA>



Stones and Sites: Graves of Cedar Co., IA (Cedar Co. Hist. Soc.) NS

1860 census transcription - NS

Bennett, IA, and Inland Twp., a History (Lekwa--1983) (unindexed)
The History of Cedar Co. (Hist. Pub. Co.--1901) (partial index) NS
The History of Cedar Co., IA (Western Hist.--1878) NS
A Topical History of Cedar Co., IA, vol. 2 (Aurner--1910) (partial index) NS

Land Atlas and Plat Book, Cedar Co., IA, 1983 (Rockford Map Co.) NS



Clear Lake Cemetery, Clear Lake, IA (N Cent. IA Gen. Soc.) yes
Clear Lake Twp. Cemetery, Ventura, IA (N Cent. IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Cemetery Records from Cerro Gordo and Scott Co., IA (N Cent. IA Gen.Soc.)
Cemetery Records in Cerro Gordo Co., IA (N Cent. IA. Gen. Soc.) NS
Grant Center Cemetery (Ingmire Pub.) NS
I. O. O. F. Cemetery, Mason City, IA (N Cent. IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Old St. Joseph Cemetery, Mason City, IA (N Cent. IA Gen. Soc.) NS

1856 state census transcription - NS
1860 census transcription - NS
1860 mortality schedule - NS
1870 mortality schedule - NS
1880 mortality schedule - NS
1900 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

Cerro Gordo Co. Wills Probated 1857-1899 (Welter, Goranson, & Ellsworth)NS

Index to Cerro Gordo Portion of History of Franklin & Cerro Gordo Cos., IA

Atlas & Directory, Cerro Gordo Co., IA, 1971 (Rockford Map Pub.) NS

Roster of Tom Howard Post, GAR, Clear Lake, IA (N Cent. IA Gen. Soc.) NS

Clear Lake, IA, Obituaries, 1895-1920, vols. 1-3 (Westover) yes
Marriages, 1895-1920, from the Clear Lake Mirror (some issues missing) 
(N. Cent. IA Gen. Soc.) NS

Cerro Gordo Co., IA, Early Marriages, 1855-1880 (Burgess) NS
Index to Death Records, 1909-1921, Cerro Gordo Co., IA (Goranson, Welter, &
Halseth) NS



1900 Census

Mason City Twp., Mason City, 14-28-4-73:
John N. Snodgrass 48-M-IL/OH/OH Jul 1851 m.24y, lumber merchant, o.h.f.
Maggie E. Snodgrass 46-F-OH/OH/OH Feb 1854 wife, 2 ch, 1 liv
Walter A. Snodgrass 20-M-IL/IL/OH Jul 1879 son, bank clerk

1920 Soundex

Clear Lake Twp., 14-22-21-41:
Isaac S. Snodgrass 50-M-IN 
[Isaiah / Isa s/o John Smith Snodgrass & Emma Payne, 1870 Owen Co IN]
Minnie Snodgrass 41-F-KS wife <Minnie Asher>
Feon Snodgrass 24-F-IN dau.
Clarence Snodgrass 19-M-IN son
Julia Snodgrass 17-F-IA dau.
Dorothy Snodgrass 14-F-IA dau.
Earl Snodgrass 5-M-IA son
Irma Snodgrass 3y10m-F-IA dau.
[1910 Owen Co IN]

Harvey E. Smith 
[b. 1860; m. 1884 Owen Co IN, Amy Florence Snodgrass (b. 15 Oct 1865), 
d/o John Smith Snodgrass & Emma Payne; John S. is s/o Wm. & Sarah Halbert]
*** [see births of children in Owen Co IN]
George W. Snodgrass 62-M-IN 
[s/o Wm. Snodgrass & m2. Sarah Halbert - see Owen Co IN]

Odd Fellows Orphan Home
Spencer Snodgrass 15-M-IA inmate

Alice Snodgrass 13-F-IA inmate
William Snodgrass 16-M-IA servant
20 Spe 1941 -- Edward D. Snodgrass was buried in the Elmwood Cemetery, 20 Sep 1941, 
age 90 (Elmwood Cemetery Records 48-3 Second).

9 Nov 1941 -- (obituary) I. S. Snodgrass Dies at Home, Wed.
I. S. Snodgrass, 71, 210 South Oak street, died at his home Wednesday morning at 6:30. 
He has been in failing health for one year, and a week ago suffered a heart attack, and has 
been bedfast since that time. Funeral arrangements have not been made. Mr. Snodgrass, son
of John and Emma Snodgrass, was born Feb. 6, 1870, at Gosport, IN. He grew to manhood
there, and on May 2, 1894, was married to Minnie Asher. The couple continued to live on a
farm at Gosport for eight years. Later they moved on a farm at Muscatine, where they lived
for eight years, and from there to Mason City and Minnesota. On Nov. 1, 1916, the family
moved to Clear Lake, and Mr. Snodgrass worked at Decker's Packing plant in Mason City
for 18 years.
He retired from active work seven years ago. He was a member of the Christian Missionary
Alliance church in Mason City. He is survived by his wife and seven children, Mrs. Herbert
Larson, Mrs. James T. Sampson and Dorothy Snodgrass, all of Chicago, Mrs. Melvin Werle
and Earl Snodgrass of Clear Lake, Mrs. Claude Truax of Milford, and Clarence Snodgrass of
Gary, IN. Also 11 grandchildren and two great grandchildren; two brothers, James W.
Snodgrass of Gosport, IN, and O. P. Snodgrass of Quincy, IN; three sisters, Mrs. Eva Dean
of Gosport, Mrs. Paul Eastes of Indio, CA, and Mrs. H. E. Smith of Clear Lake. One sister,
Mrs. Herman Cavanes,
of Gosport, died seven years ago.
- - - - - - - - - -

Mr. I. S. Snodgrass died 21<sic> Nov 1941; buried Clear Lake Cemetery.

11 Apr 1944 -- (obituary) Mrs. Melvin Werle to Attend Funeral of Clarence Snodgrass.
Clear Lake -- Mrs. Melvin Werle left Monday evening for Gary, IN, to attend the funeral of
her brother, Clarence Snodgrass, 43, who died there suddenly Sunday evening. Mr.
Snodgrass formerly lived in Clear Lake, being the son of Mrs. I. S. Snodgrass, 210 South Oak
street. She was visiting at his home at the time of his death. Besides his wife, three children
and mother, 
Mr. Snodgrass is survived by several brothers and sisters, Mrs. Herbert Larson, Mrs. James T.
Sampson, Earl Snodgrass, and Miss Dorothy Snodgrass, Chicago, Ill.; Mrs. Werle, Clear
and Mrs. Claude Truax, Milford, besides other relatives.
His father died in Clear Lake Nov. 9, 1941.
He has one son in the service. Burial is to be at Gary.



1920 soundex - yes

History of Cherokee Co., IA (Clarke Pub. Co.--1914) NS

Atlas & Directory, Cherokee Co., IA, 1972 (Rockford Map Pub.) NS

Cherokee Co., IA, Birth Records, 1841-1880 (Ingmire Pub.) NS
Cherokee Co., IA, Early Marriages, 1856-1880 (IA Gen. Soc.) NS


1920 Soundex

Cherokee Twp., 13-19-13-41:
Cherokee State Hospital
Walter Snodgrass 76-M-IL patient

Cherokee Twp., 13-20-3-18:
Fred H. Snodgrass 46-M-MO
Hattie Snodgrass 43-F-IA wife
Howard W. Snodgrass 22-M-IA son
David A. Snodgrass 19-M-IA son
Clara B. Malindor 18-F-IA step-dau.
Elizabeth J. Malindor 11-F-IA step-dau.



Cemeteries of Stapleton Twp., Chickasaw Co., IA (Chickasaw Co. Gen. Soc.) 
Chickasaw Co., IA, Cemeteries of Fredericksburg Twp.: Christian Prairie
Cemetery, Maple Grove Cemetery, Rose Hill Cemetery (Chickasaw Co.Gen.
Chickasaw Co., IA, Lawler Cemetery (IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Chickasaw Co., IA, Utica Twps. Cemeteries (IA Gen. Soc.) NS

History of Chickasaw and Howard Cos., IA (Alexander--1883) (unindexed)
History of Chickasaw and Howard Cos., IA (Fairbairn--1919) (partial index) NS

NEWSPAPER RECORDS Chickasaw Co., IA: Its Distinguised Record in the
(New Hampton Tribune--1920) (unindexed)

PERIODICALS Newsletter, vols. 2-13 (Chickasaw Co. Gen. Soc.) (unindexed)

Chickasaw Co., IA, Deaths, Book 1, 1880-1897 (Chickasaw Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Chickasaw Co., IA, Early Marriages, 1853-1880 (Stephan & Schneider) NS.


Warrick, Gregg, and Hebron Cemeteries, Clarke Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.) NS

First Book of Wills, Clarke Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.) NS


CEMETERY RECORDS Cemeteries of Clay Co., IA (Brett?) NS

CENSUS RECORDS 1860 census transcription - NS

History of Clay Co., IA (Gillespie & Steele--1909) (partial index) NS

Land Atlas and Plat Book, Clay Co., IA, 1981 (Rockford Map Co.) NS



1900 census - yes
1910 census - yes

Garnaville, IA: Garnaville--Gem of the Prairie History (Garnaville Hist.
History of Clayton Co., IA (Inter-State Pub. Co.--1882) NS
History of Clayton Co., IA (Law--1916) [partial index] NS
1984 History of Clayton Co. (Clayton Co. Gen. Soc.--1984) (partial index) NS

Land Atlas and Plat Book, Clayton Co., IA, 1983 (Rockford Map Co.) NS


1900 Census

Sperry, Volga City, 17-62-9-65:
Francis Snodgrass 29-M-IA/NY/IA Oct 1870 m.7y, day laborer, o.h.f.
M. Ella Snodgrass 26-F-IN/IN/IN Jan 1874 wife, 2 ch, 1 liv
Eva Snodgrass 4-F-IA/IA/IN Aug 1895 dau.
Leander Allen 20-M-IA/IN/IN Sep 1879 nephew, carpenter

1910 Census

Sperry Twp., page 266, #18/18:
Andrew A. Leonard 74-M-KY/SCT/IRE m.50y, day laborer, r.f.
Margaret Leonard 66-F-OH/VA/VA wife, 6 ch, 3 liv
Margaret Snodgrass 8-F-IA/IN/IN granddau.

28 Nov 1911 -- Donald Snodgrass, b. 24 Nov 1911, d. 28 Nov 1911; buried
Postville Cemetery, Area D.



1950 census transcription - NS
1920 soundex - yes

History of Clinton Co., IA, A Bicentennial 1976 Project (Clinton Co. Hist.

Wolfe's History of Clinton Co., IA, 2 vols. (Wolfe--1911) (partial index) NS

Land Atlas and Plat Book, Clinton Co., IA (Rockford Map Co.) NS

Clinton Co., IA, Marriages, Nov. 1840-Jan 1855 (IA Gen. Soc.) NS

1920 Soundex

Clinton Twp., 18-19-5-48:
Floyd J. Snodgrass 23-M-IA
Bessie L. Snodgrass 24-F-MO wife
Velma L. Snodgrass 2-F-IA dau.

Clinton Twp., 18-19-5-54:
Michael R. Martin
John E. Snodgrass 16-M-IA

Clinton Twp., 18-20-3-51:
Chvias Snodgrass 47-M-OH
Anna Snodgrass 28-F-IL wife



CENSUS RECORDS 1880 soundex - yes

Biographical History of Crawford, Ida, and Sac Cos., IA (Lewis Pub.
Co.--1893) [partial index] NS
Crawford Co., IA, 1926-1960 (Schneller) [unindexed]
A History of Crawford Co., IA (Curtis Media Corp.--1987) yes

Land Atlas and Plat Book, Crawford Co., IA, 1981 (Rockford Map Co.) NS


1873 -- The first school in Westside was taught in a carpenter shop in 1873
with Mattie Snodgrass as teacher (A Hist. of Crawford Co.--1987).
1880 Soundex

Willow Twp., 8-70-21-4:
Lily E. Snodgrass 22-F-IN [Lily E. Patrick, m. F. I. Snodgrass, 1877 Monona
Co IA]
Byron Snodgrass 2-M-IA son [? Francis Byron b. 1878 - see Linn Co. 1920 -
Arthur Snodgrass 6m-M-IA son [Chester Arthur b. 1879 - see 1920 Iowa Co

[vss - Aug 98 - Oct 98 - I was started on this trail by a Pennie Nichols
of Rowland Hgts - L.A. Co CA, with whom I had a conversation after she posted a
http://www.genforum/Snodgrass ... She says that Lillian Patrick m. Frank
Snodgrass - and
Chester Arthur and wife Alma had children Cleava, Gladys, Byron, Dearld, Doris;
was a postmaster ca 1946/47 in Marengo Co IA; and most of his children moved to
mother has a sister Linda Kay Snodgrass-Hardcastle, also of CA.

1987 -- A Hist. of Crawford Co., IA:
Dow City United Methodist Church, Dow City, IA.
The Dow City United Methodist Church was first known as the Methodist
Episcopal Church and grew from the Paradise appointment of the Deloit-Denison
charge. The pioneer preacher was Rev. William Black, who preached in 1857,
when services were held in the home of S. J. Comfort. In 1863, D. W. Risher
served as preacher and the Sunday School was started with Mrs. Comfort as the
superintendent. In 1864, Mr. Latta preached in the Comfort home and was followed 
by M. D. Collins, W. T. Smith, Father Snodgrass, W. E. Smith, &William Shaver.


Booneville Cemetery, Sections 20 & 29, Boone Twp., Dallas Co., IA
(Ingmire Pub.) NS
Dallas Co. Cemeteries, IA, vols. 1-15 (Dallas Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
McKibben Cemetery, Section 28, Adams Twp., Dallas Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.)
Mower Cemetery, Section 17, Spring Valley Twp., Dallas Co., IA (Ingmire
Pub.) NS
Old Adel Cemetery, Section 31, Adel Twp., Dallas Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.)
Panther Creek Cemetery, Section 5, Adams Twp., Dallas Co., IA (Ingmire
Pub.) NS
St. Mary's Cemetery, Section 34, Sugar Grove Twp., Dallas Co., IA
(Ingmire Pub.) NS
Wiscotta Cemetery, Section 3, Union Twp., Dallas Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.)

1850 census transcription - NS
1854 state census transcription - NS
1856 state census transcripton - NS
1860 census transcription - NS

First Book of Wills, Dallas Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.) NS
Iowa, Dallas Co. Probate Index, vols. 1-16 (Dallas Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Iowa: Dallas Co. Records, vol. 2, Wills, 1851-1910 (Snedden & Snedden)

Iowa: Dallas Co. Records, vol. 1, Original Entries of Land (Snedden &
Snedden) NS

Dallas Co. News - yes
Obituaries of Dallas Co., IA, Scrapbooks (Mertes) [partial index] NS

Iowa: Dallas Co. Records, vol. 1, Marriages, 1847-1886 (Snedden &
Snedden) NS



9 May 1928 -- Dallas County News, Adel, IA:
Samuel Holloway of Linden, an old soldier, was laid to rest last Sunday

afternoon at Linden, with a fitting military funeral to repay the respect for

the service that he had rendered his country during the Civil war, when he

served in company K of the 44th Infantry Volunteers from Missouri, and was

honorably discharged at St. Louis in March, 1865.
The services were conducted at the M. E. church in Linden at two o'clock

Sunday afternoon with Rev. J. H. Nightingale delivering an appropriate

address, which was followed by the ritualistic G.A.R. services, conducted by

six surviving comrades who also acted as honorary pall bearers with six sons

of veterans as pall bearers.
The escort was headed by the Drum Corps and followed by a number of

American Legion members, who closed the service at the West Linn cemetery with

a military salute and taps by the bugler.
Samuel Holloway, son of George W. and Sophia Holloway, was born in

Schuyler county, Missouri, 29 Mar 1844, and departed this life at his home in

Linden, 28 Apr 1928, aged 84 years and 27 days.
December 18, 1871, he was united in marriage to Amanda J. Snodgrass. To

this union was born seven children: Chas. T. of Medford, OR; Charlotte C.

Howell of Scotts Bluff, Nebraska; William L. of San Diego, CA; Nettie Hess of

Linden; Bessie Borst of Bagley; Margaret and Gary preceded him in death.
Besides his wife and children, he leaves to mourn his passiing, eleven
grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren, other relatives and a host of friends.

25 Mar 1931 -- Adel Dalles Co. newspaper:
Mrs. Holloway Called by Death
Mrs. Amanda Holloway passed away at her home Thursday morning after a
lingering illness at the age of 77 years. Funeral services were held Saturday
afternoon. Interment was made at West Linn.
Amanda J. Snodgrass, d/o William and Katherine <Chrisman> Snodgrass was
born 11 Oct 1853 near Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, and passed away at her home in
Linden 19 Mar 1931. She was married to Samuel Holloway 18 Dec 1871. To this
union was born seven children: Charlotte C. Howell, Scotts Bluff, ND; Charles
T. Holloway, Medford, OR; William L. Holloway, Coon Rapids, IA; Nettie Hesse,
Stratford, IA; Bessie Borst, Adel, IA. Margaret and Gary preceded her in
death. Besides the children to mourn their loss are eleven grandchildren and
four great grandchildren.
We wish to express our thanks and appreciation to our many firends and
neighbors who so kindly assisted us during the sickness and death of our
mother and grandmother.-- Will Holloway, Nettie Hess, Bessie Borst and Gerald.


DAVIS COUNTY (977.797)

Davis Co., IA, Cemeteries of West Grove Twp. (IA Gen. Soc.) NS

1860 census - yes
1870 census - yes
1880 census - yes (only part of county checked)
1900 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

History of Davis County, IA (by?--1882) yes
Index for Biographical Sketches, 1882 Davis Co., History (Davis Co. Gen. Soc.) yes
The Pioneers and Politics of Davis Co., IA (Evans--1929) [unindexed]

Davis Co. Marriages, 1844-1854 (Ingmire Pub.) NS
Marriages in Davis Co., Ia, 1854-1856 (Steckel/DAR) yes


1860 Davis Co IA Census

Prairie Twp., Pulaski P.O., page 148, #1118/1039 (enumerated 26 Jul 1860):
G. W. Snodgrass 25-M-PA physician, $1800/600 <George>
Sarah T. Snodgrass 24-F-VA [Sarah J. Billups]
William T. Snodgrass 3-M-IA [William J., d. 26 Jul 1931; m. Amanda Miller]
Martha T. Snodgrass 2-F-IA
Hugh Smith 22-M-IN farm laborer, 0/$100
<1850 Philadelphia Co., PA -- George only>
<1870 Davis Co., IA>

1870 Davis Co IA Census

Prairie Twp., #10/10:
George W. Snodgrass 35-M-PA farmar & phys'n, $8000/2760
Sarah J. Snodgrass 34-F-VA
William Snodgrass 13-M-IA
Martha J. Snodgrass 11-F-IA
George W. Snodgrass 9-M-IA
John Snodgrass 4-M-IA
Sarah J. Snodgrass 2-F-IA
John Faglerow? 25-M-MO farm laborer
<1860 & 1870 Davis Co., IA>

1880 Davis Co IA Census

Prairie Twp., #251/256:
G. W. Snodgrass 50-M-OH/--/-- farmer [George W.]
Sarah Snodgrass 46-F-MO/--/-- [Billups, m. 1855 Scotland Co MO]
William Snodgrass 24-M-IA works on farm [Wm. J.]
Mattie Snodgrass 22-F-IA
George Snodgrass 20-M-IA works on farm
Anna Snodgrass 13-F-IA [m. Craig M. Work]
John Snodgrass 15-M-IA
<1870 Davis Co., IA>

1882 -- History of Davis Co., IA, page 699:
G. W. [George] Snodgrass, M.D., farmer and stock-raiser, Section 24, post office,
Milton, was born Jan 1, 1834, in Dauphin County, Pa. When three years old he
came with his parents to Warren County, Ohio, where his father erected a grist
mill and also engaged in farming. Here he spent his youth and attended
school. At the age of sixteen he entered West Point College at Spring Bar,
Ohio, where he remained three years. He then entered the office of Dr. Wade,
his cousin, in Cincinnati, and attended the Cincinnati College of Medicine and
Surgery. In 1854 he came with his parents to Lee County, Iowa, where he
attended lectures at Keokuk Medical College, and the same year was induced by
Drs. Wallace and Egbert, to locate at Milton, going into partnership one year
with Dr. Wallace, and then on his own account. The doctor, though having a
very extensive practice, has never hung out a "shingle." He was married
November 6, 1856, to Miss Sarah J. Billups, a native of Virginia and an orphan
when they were married. They had five children: Wm. J., Martha J., Geo. W.,
John, and Sarah A. The doctor owns a fine farm of 800 or 900 acres, with
three fine houses, which makes him somewhat a granger. He is a purely
self-made man, starting with $100 less than nothing, he has acquired an
enviable reputation for his professional and social qualities.

1900 Davis Co IA Census

Fabius, 21-4-10-23:
Mary M. Burgher 62-F-IL/OH/WV Nov 1837 wid., 1 ch, 1 liv
Ollie S. Snodgrass 39-F-IA/OH/IL Sep 1860 dau., single

Prairie Twp., 21-10-8-42:
Sarah J. Snodgrass 70-F-VA/VA/VA Jun 1829
John M. Snodgrass 34-M-IA/PA/VA Aug 1865 son, single
William Snodgrass 43-M-IA/PA/VA Sep 1856 son, m.7y
Amanda Snodgrass 44-F-IA/KY/IRE Oct 1855 dau.-in-law, 2 ch, 2 liv
Earl Snodgrass 6-M-IA/IA/IA Feb 1896 grandson 
Dale Snodgrass 2-M-IA/IA/IA Sep 1897 grandson

1920 Davis Co IA Census/Soundex

Pulaski Twp., 20-10-7-56:
Earl Snodgrass 25-M-IA
Maril Snodgrass 24-F-IA wife <Marie Muir>
<m. 1917 Van Buren Co., IA>

Pulaski Twp., 20-10-7-58:
William Snodgrass 62-M-IA
Amanda Snodgrass 64-F-IA wife
Dale Snodgrass 22-M-IA son

DECATUR COUNTY (977.7875) 

1860 census - yes
1870 census - yes (only part of county checked)
1880 soundex - yes

A History of the Catholic Church, Decatur Co., IA (Harkin--1956) (partial index) NS

Iowa Genealogical Records, vol. 42 - yes


1860 Decatur Co IA Census 

Hamilton Twp., Mice Eagles P.O., #771/713 (enumerated 18 Jul 1860):
John Snodgrass 57-M-VA farmer, $480/100
Sarah Snodgrass 50-F-VA 
Wm. Snodgrass 19-M-IL [William H. Snodgrass]<see pension app., Cowley Co., KS>
[m1. 1865 Mercer Co MO, Mary E. Scott; 1870]
Clarinda Snodgrass 16-F-IL
Martha Snodgrass 11-F-IL <m. Bartholomew Kindred>
John Snodgrass 6-M-IL [John Wesley Snodgrass, d. 1921 CO]
<1870 Decatur Co., IA> [1850 Fulton Co IL]

1870 Decatur Co IA Census 

Hamilton Twp., #108/107:
John Snodgrass 68-M-VA farmer [d. 11 Apr 1883]
John Snodgrass 11-M-IL [John Wesley Snodgrass s/o John & Sarah]
[census says 16 - verified by Mrs. Deby Snodgrass <> Oct 1999]
Bartholomew Kindred 20-M-IN farmer
Martha Kindred 21-F-IL <Martha Snodgrass>
<1860 Decatur Co., IA>
[From a Butler Co KS newspaper: 12 Apr 1883 -- The Leon Indicator: 
Died last night, John Snodgrass, Sr., father of Robert S., age about 80.]

23 Mar 1875 -- Maggie S. Snodgrass married John D. Cunningham.
1880 Decatur Co IA Census/Soundex 

Burrell Twp., Davis, 9-60-25-41:
W. H. Snodgrass 38-M-OH [1900 Butler Co KS as wid. w/son John A.]
[William H. Snodgrass s/o John & Sarah; m1. 1865 Mary E. Scott d. 1879]
Laura Snodgrass 25-F-OH wife <Laura Callahan; m2. 1880>
Edith M. Snodgrass 12-F-IA dau.
John A. Snodgrass 9-M-IA son [1900 Butler Co KS]
Charles F. Snodgrass 5-M-IA son
Ocie Calahan 11-F-OH sister-in-law

William H. Snodgrass application #771,986; certificate #581,002

Declaration for an Original Invalid Pension
Cowley Co., KS
On this ___ day of ___ 1890 personally appeared... William H. Snodgrass aged 48 years ...
who was enrolled as a private on 15 Aug 1861, in Co. M, 3rd Regt. Iowa Cav... and was
discharged at Atlanta, GA, on 9 Aug 1865; that his personal description is as follows: 
age 48 years; height 5 feet 10-1/2 inches; complexion, light; hair, light; eyes, blue. That 
while a member of the organization aforesaid, in the service and in the line of duty at 
Batesville, AR, on or about 1 Jun 1863, he had my right leg fractured and my ankel dislocated 
by my horse running into a ditch and falling on me, while in a charge of a stragling squad of
the enemy in company with a small detachment of my company, and having to ride my
horse about 180 miles from Batesville to Pilot Knob, MO, with the broken leg and
dislocated ankel and also suffered extremely from rheumatism in shoulders arms back and legs
since the spring of 1864 from exposure and hardship while in the service disabling me from
that time till about five or six years ago from performing manual labor at least one half and
for the last five or six years have been disabled at least 3/4 ... that since leaving the
service this applicant has resided in Pleasanton, Iowa; Decatur, Iowa; and that his
occupation has been that of a carpenter ...
Questionaire, 4 May 1898
... was married 25 Dec 1865. Mary E. Snodgrass, nee Mary E. Scott; wife died 1879; 
married in Mercer Co., MO, by Greenbury Elmore, minister; recorded in Princeton, Mercer 
Co., MO; remarried 1880 to Laura Callahan, by J. P. W. F. Craig; record in Leon,
Decatur Co., Iowa; children living: Edith M., born 14 Jun 1868; Jno. A. [John A.], born
14 Jul 1871;
Chas. F., born 14 Oct 1874; Roland H., born 16 Sep 1881

################# end Decatur Co IA #################### 


Delaware Co., IA, Cemeteries of Adams Twp. and Sand Creek Cemetery of
Prairie Twp. (Delaware Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Delaware Co., IA, Cemeteries of Bremen Twp. (Delaware Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Delaware Co., IA, Cemeteries of Coffins Grove Twp. (Delaware Co. Gen.
Soc.) NS
Delaware Co., IA, Cemeteries of Hazel Green Twp. (Delaware Co. Gen. Soc.)
Delaware Co., IA, Cemeteries of Richland Twp. (Delaware Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Delaware Co., IA, Colony Twp. Cemeteries (Delaware Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Delaware Co., IA, Delhi and Northfork Twp. Cemeteries (Delaware Co. Gen.
Soc.) NS
Oneida Twp. Cemeteries, Delaware Co., IA (Delaware Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Southfork Twp. Cemeteries, Delaware Co., IA (Delaware Co. Gen. Soc.) NS

1850 census transcription - NS

History of Delaware Co., IA (West. Hist. Co.--1878) [unindexed] <scanned
rosters of Civil War Solders - NS>
History of Delaware Co., IA, and Its People, vol. 2 (Merry--1914)
[partial index] NS <scanned directory of twps. & rosters of Civil
War soldiers - NS>

Land Atlas and Plat Book, Delaware Co., IA (Rockford Map Co.) NS

Delaware Co., IA, Marriages, 1851-1861 (Spookey) NS



Des Moines Co., IA, Mortuary Records, 1880-1889 
(Des Moines Co. Gen. Soc.) yes
Mortuary Record Book 1 of Des Moines Co., IA, 1880-1889 - yes
Northfield Cemetery, Section 6, Yellow Springs Twp., Des Moines Co., IA
(Ingmire Pub.) NS
Porter Cemetery, Section 14, Union Twp., Des Moines Co., IA 
(Ingmire Pub.) NS

1880 soundex - yes
1900 census - yes

Des Moines Co., IA, Naturalization Index, 1849-1857 (IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Des Moines Co., IA, Naturalizations (Final Papers), 1866-1868 
(Des Moines Co. Gen. Soc.) NS

Burlington Telephone Directory, 1968 - yes

Des Moines Co., IA, Births, 1880-1883, 2 vols. 
(Des Moines Co. Gen. Soc.) yes
Des Moines Co., IA, Marriages, 1853-1862 (IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Des Moines Co., IA, Marriages, 1847-1892 - yes
Des Moines Co., IA, Territory of Michigan, Early Marriages, 1835-1853
(Des Moines Co. Gen. Soc.) NS


25 Feb 1874 -- John R. Snodgrass, 24, married Anna E. Caren, 25, at the house
of D. B. Sterrett; by Robert Johnson, M.J.; cert. 44.

23 Jan 1877 -- Mary Snodgrass, 18, married John S. Tubbs, 23; "at my office"
by F. Wilcox, Justice of the Peace.

1880 Soundex

Washington Twp., 10-101-12-18:
John Snodgrass 30-M-IL/TN/OH farmer
Joanna Snodgrass 34-F-OH/SC/OH wife
Charles E. Snodgrass 5-M-IA/IL/OH son
Francis H. Snodgrass 1-M-IL/IL/OH son

17 Sep 1880 -- (female) Snodgrass born in Washington Twp., Des Moines Co., IA,
d/o William Henry Snodgrass (24, b. IL) and Laura Snodgrass (19, b. IL).

20 Feb 1883 -- (male) Snodgrass died 20 Feb 1883, age 3y, buried Native
Cemetery, Mt. Union (mortuary record).

8 Nov 1883 -- Robert Snodgrass, 36 (2nd marriage, b. Hermon, IL, s/o James
Snodgrass & Clara McDaniel), married Sarah Manrowe, 22 (b. Babylon, Fulton
Co., IL, d/o Burr Manrowe & Catherine Gee); at Burlington, IA, by W. E.
Woodward, Justice of the Peace.

15 Aug 1892 -- John Bowman (b. VA, s/o Isham Bowman & Margaret Snodgrass)
married Lena Fulton, 19 (b. Frederick, MO, s/o Frank Fulton & Virginia Tunis);
at Burlington, IA, by E. J. Edmonds, Justice of the Peace.

1900 Census

Burlington Twp., Burlington, So. 10th St., 23-17-13-35:
Herman Hunger 68-M-GER/GER/GER Apr 1832, m.47y, 1860 to U.S.
Annie L. Hunger 65-F-GER/GER/GER Jan 1835 wife, 12 ch, 7 liv
Annie Snodgrass 40-F-IA/GER/GER Mar 1860 daughter, m.10y, 1ch, 1 liv
William Snodgrass 5-M-MO/VA/IA Apr 1895 grandson

Jackson Twp., 23-21-10-25:
Chas. Snodgrass 33-M-IL/IL/IL Mar 1867, m.7y, farmer
May Snodgrass 25-F-NE/IRE/OH Dec 1874 wife, 1 ch, 1 liv 
<May O'Connor; m. 1892, Platte Co., NE>
Milton Snodgrass 3-M-IA/IL/NE Aug 1896 son
+ 3 servants

Union Twp., 23-23-10-55:
Edward M. Muder
W. R. Snodgrass 26-M-MO/MO/MO Feb 1874, single, railroad laborer

1968 -- Burlington Telephone Directory: Mrs. Jack J. Snodgrass, 848 S. Garfield, 754-7627.

10 Apr 1983 -- Des Moines Sunday Register: Kendall L. Snodgrass
Services for Kendall L. Snodgrass, 58, of 4852 Solinda Dr. in Pleasant Hill, 
who died of cancer Thursday at Mercy Hospital Medical Center will be at 1 p.m.
Monday at Hamilton's Funeral Home. Burial will be in Oakwood Cemetery.
Born in Missouri, Mr. Snodgrass lived in Indianola, moved to Des Moines 30
years ago, owned K&G Imports, and was a World War II Army Veteran.
Survivors include his wife Gladys; a stepson, Richard Erickson of Des Moines; 
his mother, Thelma of Indianola; two brothers, George, of Indianola and Gerald 
of London, England, and three grandchildren.
The family suggests that any memorial contributions be made to the
American Cancer Society.
Friends may call until service time at the funeral home.



A History of Dickinson Co., IA (Smith--1902) [unindexed]
History of Emmet Co. and Dickinson Co., IA (Pioneer Pub. Co.--1917) [partial index] NS

Land Atlas and Plat Book, Dickinson Co., IA, 1981 (Rockford Map Co.) NS

Early IA Marriages, Dickinson Co., 3 vols. (IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Dickinson Co., IA, Marriages, Nov. 1871-Mar 1884 (Farquharson) NS



Burial Records of Dubuque City Cemetery, Dubuque, Dubuque Co., IA, 1854-1875
an Index to the City Sexton's Monthly Reports of Interments and Purchasers of 
Cemetery Lots (Bowerman, Glab, & Risher) NS
Church & Cemetery Directory, Dodge Twp., Dubuque Co., IA 
(Dubuque Co./Key City Gen. Soc.) yes
Church & Cemetery Directory Including Gravestone Inscriptions of Prairie
Creek Twp., Dubuque Co., IA (Dubuque Co./Key City Gen. Soc.) NS
Church and Cemetery Directory, Including Tombstone Inscriptions of
Mosalem Twp., Dubuque Co., IA (Dubuque Co./Key City Gen. Soc.) NS
Church & Cemetery Directory of Liberty Twp., Dubuque Co., IA, Including
Gravestone Inscriptions (Dubuque Co./Key City Gen. Soc.) NS
Church & Cemetery Directory of Mosalem Twp., Dubuque Co., IA, Including
Tombstone Inscriptions (Dubuque Co./Key City Gen. Soc.) NS
Church & Cemetery Directory, Peru Twp., Dubuque Co., IA (The Society) NS
Dubuque Co. Grave Records (Trewin & Junton) yes
Iowa Genealogical Records, vol. 56 (Miller) yes
Rockdale Methodist Church Cemetery Index - yes

1836 census - yes
1840 census - yes
1850 census transcription - yes
1856 census - yes
1860 census - yes
1870 census - yes (only part of county checked)
1880 census - yes (only part of county checked)
1880 soundex - yes
1885 census - yes
1895 census - yes
1900 census/soundex - yes
1920 soundex - yes

St. John's Episcopal Church: Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials in the
Parish Register, 1847-1868 - NS
Souvenir Booklet Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the First Congregational 
Church of Dubuque, IA, 1939 (The Church--1939) (unindexed)

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Dyersville, Its History and Its People (Halbach--1939) (partial index) NS
History of Dubuque Co., IA (1880) yes

The Resource Book of Concord Twp., Dubuque Co., IA 
(Dubuque Co./Key City Gen. Soc.) (includes property owners, funeral
homes, morticians, undertakers, cemeteries, Concord Christian Church, 
Concord Congregational Church, Cottage Hill Meth. Episcopal Church,
Holy Cross Catholic Church, history, school information) NS
The Resource Book of New Wine Twp., Dubuque Co., IA 
(Dubuque Co./Key City Gen. Soc.) NS

Abstracts from the Dubuque Weekly Miners Express (Ingmire Pub.) NS

1987 Land Atlas & Plat Book, Dubuque Co., IA (Rockford Map Co.) yes

PROBATE RECORDS Film #1,035,404 item 3 = Probate index - yes

Dubuque Co. Marriages & Marriage Licenses, 1835-1861 - yes
Iowa Marriages 1835-1856 (Fretwell) yes


1836 -- William & Mary (Vance) Snodgrass came to Dubuque Co., IA, 
from Sangamon Co., IL. Ref.: Biographical sketch of Matthew Moorhead, 
1887, Washington Co., IA.

1836 Dubuque Co IA Census
Dubuque City:
William Snodgrass = 1 m 21+, 1 m 0-21, 2 f 21+, 1 f 0-21.
Mr. Snodgrass = 2 m 21+.
10 May 1840 -- James Snodgrass married Amanda Jourdan.
<1850 Dubuque Co., IA>

4 Jun 1840 -- Mary Ann Snodgrass married William Ward at Dubuque City; by
Timothy Mason, Justice of the Peace for Du Buque Territory.

1840 Dubuque Co IA Census
page ?:
William Snodgrass - 2 m 15-20; 1 m 20-30; 1 m 60-70; 1 f 15-20; 1 f 30-40.

1850 Dubuque Co IA Census

Wm. Snodgrass 77-M-PA
Mary Snodgrass 66-F-KY <Mary Vance>
same house, #351:
Mary Ward 31-F-OH <Mary Ann Snodgrass; m. 1840 Dubuque Co., IA>
Francis M. Ward 9- -IA
Mary Ward 7-F-IA
Sarah Ward 5-F-IA
Wm. Ward 2-M-IA

James Snodgrass 37-M-KY farmer
Amanda Snodgrass 25-F-IL <Amanda Jordan; m. 1840 Dubuque Co., IA>
Wm. H.? Snodgrass 8-M-IA
Mary Ann Snodgrass 6-F-IA
Harrison F. Snodgrass 5-M-IA
Eliza E. Snodgrass 3-F-IA
Isabelle Snodgrass 1-F-IA
<1856 Dubuque Co., IA>

1856 Dubuque Co IA Census

Centre Twp., page 246, #82/93:
James Snodgrass 44, 16 years in state, from KY, farmer
Mandy Snodgrass 32, 17 years in state, from IL [Amanda Jordan]
William Snodgrass 13 [William H. m. 1866 Matilda Tudor]
Mary E. Snodgrass 12 [Mary Ann]
Wallace H. Snodgrass 10 <Wallace Harmon Snodgrass>
Eliza E. Snodgrass 9 <Eliza Ellen Snodgrass
Isabella Snodgrass 7
Sarah Snodgrass 3
John M. Snodgrass 1
Mary A. Jordan 70, 17 years in state, from KY <m/o Amanda Snodgrass>
<1850 & 1860 Dubuque Co., IA>

1860 Dubuque Co IA Census

Vernon Twp., Peosta P.O., page 310, #53/54 (enumerated 19 Aug 1860):
James Snodgrass 48-M-KY farmer, $3000/600
Amanda Snodgrass 34-F-IL [Amanda Jordan, m. 1840]
William H. Snodgrass 18-M-IA laborer <see pension application below>
Mary E. Snodgrass 16-F-IA [Mary A.]
Harmon W. Snodgrass 14-M-IA <Harmon Wallace Snodgrass>
Ellen E. Snodgrass 12-F-IA <Eliza Ellen Snodgrass>
Isabella Snodgrass 10-F-IA
Sarah Snodgrass 8-F-IA
John M. Snodgrass 5-M-IA
Lora Snodgrass 2-F-IA
<1856 & 1870 Dubuque Co., IA>

Vernon Twp., Peosta P.O., page 323, #146/148 (enumerated 6 Sep 1860):
Sam'l V. Snodgrass 47-M-OH farmer, $5000/700 (married in year)
Catherene Snodgrass 22-F-OH <Catherine Allstot; m. 1860 Dubuque Co>
<1870 Dubuque Co., IA>

9 Jun 1860 -- S. V. Snodgrass married Catherine Allstot.
<Note: Although technically the census was supposed to be enumerated as it
was on the first day of June, it frequently happened that the census taker
recorded the household the way he found it, rather than reconstructing the way
it was on 1 Jun. In this case, he should not have recorded Samuel & Catherine
as man & wife, since they were not married on June 1st.>

4 Dec 1864 - Sarah Snodgrass Clark, w/o Rev. Simeon Clark, d. 4 Dec 1864, age
60y 2m 12d, buried Peosta Cemetery, Protestant, Vernon Twp.

1870 Dubuque Co IA Census

Vernon Twp., Peosta City, page 931, #22/22:
James Snodgrass 54-M-KY farmer, $9000/1000
Amanda Snodgrass 45-F-IL <d. 1874; m. 1840 Dubuque Co., IA>
Wallace Snodgrass 24-M-IA farm laborer <Wallace Harmon Snodgrass>
Sarah Snodgrass 18-F-IA
John M. Snodgrass 16-M-IA
Laura Snodgrass 11-F-IA
Charles Snodgrass 5-M-IA
Franklin Snodgrass 3-M-IA
<1860 Dubuque Co., IA>

Vernon Twp., #30/30:
Wm. J. Anders 56-M-KY
Jane Anders 46-F-NY
Mary Snodgrass 26-F-IA domestic servant 
[Mary Ann b. ca. 1844, d/o James & Amanda]

Vernon Twp., #131/127:
Wm. Snodgrass 28-M-IA farmer, 0/$1000 [William H. s/o James]
Matilda Snodgrass 22-F-KY [Matilda Tudor; m. 1866]
Mary J. Snodgrass 2-F-IA
George Kephart 13-M-IA farm laborer

Vernon Twp., #139/135:
Samuel Snodgrass 56-M-OH farmer, $10000/1500
Catherine Snodgrass 35-F-IN <Catherine Allstot>
Alice Snodgrass 9-F-IA
William Snodgrass 7-M-IA
Ida Snodgrass 5-F-IA
Sarah Snodgrass 3-F-IA
Samuel Snodgrass 3m-M-IA
<1860 & 1880 Dubuque Co., IA>

4 May 1874 -- Amanda (Jordan) Snodgrass died. Ref.: 1880 Hist. sketch below

1880 -- Hist. of Dubuque Co., IA, page 929:
James Snodgrass, farmer, Sec. 4; P.O. Peosta; born in Harrison Co., KY, 
28 Oct 1811; moved to Missouri in 1832; to Grant Co., WI, in 1835; and to 
his present location in 1840; has farmed here since, the only extended absence 
being a trip to California, going the overland route in 1850, returning by water 
in 1851; he has a fine farm of 302 acres. Mr. S. was married 3 May 1840 to 
Amanda Jordan; she was born 7 Mar 1825 and died 4 May 1874; he has ten 
children, all living: William H. (in Fremont Co.); Mary A.; Harrison W.;
Eliza E. (in Minnesota); Isabelle (near Dubuque); Sarah O.; John M. 
(in Minnesota); Laura A. (in Fremont Co.); Charles A.; Walter F.

1880 Dubuque Co IA Soundex/Census

Vernon Twp., page 463, #6/6:
James Snodgrass 69-M-KY/KY/KY farmer
Mary Snodgrass 37?-F-IA/KY/IL dau. [Mary A. - 1870 w/ Anders family]
Sarah Snodgrass 26-F-IA/KY/IL
Charles Snodgrass 16-M-IA/KY/IL
Frank Snodgrass 13-M-IA/KY/IL <Walter Frank Snodgrass>
<1885 Dubuque Co., IA>

Vernon Twp., 11-188-1-21:
Harison Snodgrass 34-M-IA <s/o James Snodgrass & Amanda Jordan>
Mary Snodgrass 24-F-NY wife
John Snodgrass 6-M-IA son
Emma Snodgrass 1-F-IA dau.

Vernon Twp., 11-188-10-23:
V. Samuel Snodgrass 78-M-OH/OH/OH farmer
Catherine Snodgrass 42-F-IN/VA/KY wife <died 1909>
Alice Snodgrass 19-F-IA/OH/IN dau.
William Snodgrass 17-M-IA/OH/IN son
Ida Snodgrass 15-F-IA/OH/IN dau.
Sarah Snodgrass 13-F-IA/OH/IN dau.
Samuel Snodgrass 10-M-IA/OH/IN son <m. Laura ___>
Florence Snodgrass 7-F-IA/OH/IN dau.
Walter Snodgrass 3-M-IA/OH/IN son
<1870 Dubuque Co., IA>

1885 Dubuque Co IA Census

Vernon Twp., Dubuque City, #106/107:
James Snodgrass 78-M-KY widowed, retired
Mary A. Snodgrass 42-F- single [b. IA - now where is baby Herbert?!]
Charles Snodgrass 20-M- farmer [b. IA]
<1880 & 1900 Dubuque Co., IA>

1895 Dubuque Co IA Census

Taylor Twp., page 825, #110/110:
James Snodgrass 87-M-KY widowed, retired, Methodist <d. 1896>
Mary A. Snodgrass 52-F- single [Mary Ann dau., b. IA]
Burt Snodgrass 11-M- [gr. son - Herbert, s/o Mary A., b. IA 1883]
<1885 Dubuque Co., IA>

8 Nov 1896 -- Obituary:
James Snodgrass died.
In Farley, Sunday, 8 Nov of age and general debility, James Snodgrass,
aged 89y 1m 7d. Deceased was born in Cynthiana, Harrison Co., KY, 1 Oct 1807.
In 1835 he moved to Wisconsin, and four years later came to Iowa, settling in
Centralia. In 1840 he was married to Amanda Jordan, who has been dead now for
many years. A few years ago he moved to Farley, occupying the house formerly
owned by Mrs. Salmon. He had been in very poor health for several years,
being two or three times at the point to die. At the time of his death, however, 
he manifested no symptoms of being worse than usual, and the end came with 
unexpected suddeness Sunday evening.
He is survived by ten of his twelve children, of whom three were present at 
the funeral, which was held at the residence Wednesday morning. Conducted 
by the Rev. O. C. DePuy.
Interment was at the cemetery near Johnson's school house, where his 
wife is buried.
Mr. Snodgrass was a quiet, honest, upright, Christian gentleman; a good 
citizen, an afffectionate father, and a kind friend, and was held in high honor 
and esteem by those who knew him.

1900 Dubuque Co IA Census/Soundex

Dubuque Twp., 24-92-3-44:
Thomas Shelton 64-M-ENG/ENG/ENG wid., 1882 to U.S.
Kate Snodgrass 24-F-ENG/ENG/ENG Apr 1876 dau., wid., 1 ch, 1 liv
Rowland Snodgrass 5-M-IA/GER/ENG Jan 1895 grandson

Julien Twp., Dubuque, North St., 24-92-4-4:
Samuel Snodgrass 30-M-IA/SCT/GER Mar 1870, m.4y, teamster <d. 1945>
Laura Snodgrass 28-F-IA/WI/WI May 1872 wife, 1 ch, 1 liv <d. 1930>
Elenor Snodgrass 3-F-IA/IA/IA Nov 1897 dau.
<1920 Dubuque Co., IA>

Taylor Twp., Farley, 25-127-1-52:
Mary Snodgrass 56-F-IA/KY/IL Jul 1843, wid., 1 ch, 1 liv 
[Mary Ann d/o James]
Herbert Snodgrass 16-M-IA/IA/IA Jun 1883 son [s/o Mary Ann]

17 May 1909 -- Catherine Snodgrass, b. 29 Aug 1838, d. 17 May 1909, buried
Rockdale Methodist Church Cemetery, Manson Rd., Julian Twp.

12 Oct 1919 -- Mary A. Snodgrass, b. 25 Jul 1843, d. 12 Oct 1919, buried
Fairview Protestant Cemetery, Dodge Twp., Sec. A, Row 23.

1920 Dubuque Co IA Soundex

Dubuque Twp., 25-138-5-67:
Thomas Skelton
Kate Snodgrass 42-F-ENG daughter
Roland Snodgrass 24-M-IA grandson

Samuel Snodgrass 49-M-IA
Laura Snodgrass 47-F-IA wife
Eleanor Snodgrass 22-F-IA dau.
Walter Snodgrass 18-M-IA son
<1900 Dubuque Co., IA>

1930 -- Laura Snodgrass, b. 1872, d. 1930, buried Rockdale Methodist 
Church Cemetery.

1945 -- Samuel Snodgrass, b. 1870, d. 1945, buried Rockdale Methodist 
Church Cemetery.

1987 -- Land Atlas & Plat Book, page 14:
A. Snodgrass owns part of the West 1/2 of the Northwest 1/4, where 
Davenport Road crosses U.S. Hwy. 61 & Hwy. 151, of section 13, 
Township 88 North, Range 2 East.


William H. Snodgrass, b. 8 Oct 1841(2?), d. 18 Oct 1924; m. at Lexington, 
Madison Co., KY, on 31 Dec 1866 Matilda Francis Tudor (b. 9 Apr 1848, 
d/o Joel Tudor and Emily Coile Tudor, in Fayette Co., KY), . Children: 
eight girls, 1 boy: Mollie, b. 27 Oct 1867; Emma b. 21 Jan 1871; Lizzie, 
b. 16 Apr 1875; Ellen May, b. 21 May 1877; Della, 7 Jun 1880; James, 
b. 28 May 1882; Bessie, b. 17 Mar 1884. 
William enlisted as a private on 22 Aug 1862 (20 years old) at Dubuque, IA, 
Co. H, 21st Regt., IA, Infantry; discharged 15 Jul 1865 at Baton Rouge, LA. 
Afflicted with chronic diarrhea in Sep 63 near New Orleans, LA. In 1880 
when he declared for pension, he was 38 years old, 5'10", fair complexion, 
light hair, blue eyes. Admitted to Topeka, Kansas State Insane Asylum in 
Nov 1883, where he lived 40 years before dying of apoplexy on 18 Oct 1924. 
In a deposition by Matilda in 1925, she states she lived in Peosti, Dubuque 
Co., IA, until after she had two children; moved to Frankfort, Marshall Co., KS
and lived there until about 1905 (1908, per daughter); moved to Grand Island, 
Hall Co., NE; in 1919 she visited around with her children for about two years, 
moving to Peckham, OK. with son, James; moved back to Frankfort, KS,
in 1925. Both William and Matilda buried in Frankfort, KS.
Certificate #824750.


James Snodgrass - Amanda Jordon Bible record:

These notes were copied by Gladys (Mrs. Walter) Meyer, my cousin living in
South Dakota. 
Aunt Mary = Mary Ann Snodgrass, daughter of James Snodgrass.
James was born in Cynthiana, Harrison Co., KY.
(submitted by Lynn James, member of the Snodgrass Clan Society)

This record was taken from Aunt Mary's Bible 1904. 

James Snodgrass was Born Kentucky, Oct. 1, 1807.
Amanda Jordon was born Illinois Mar. 7, 1825.

James Snodgrass and Amanda Jordon 
were married in Dubuque, Dubuque Co., Ia. May 3, 1840.

Births of children of Mr. & Mrs. Jas. Snodgrass.
Wm. H. Snodgrass, born in Dubuque Co., Ia. Oct. 8, 1841.
Mary Ann E. " " " " " " July 25, 1843.
Harrison W. " " " " " " June 13, 1845.
Eliza E. " " " " " " April 27, 1847.
Isabelle " " " " " " April 2, 1849.
Sarah O. " " " " " " Nov. 26, 1852.
John M. " " " " " " Sept. 28, 1854.
James W. " " " " " " Nov. 23, 1856.
Laura A. " " " " " " Jan. 21, 1859.
Alonzo " " " " " " Oct. 14, 1861.
Charles A. " " " " " " July 20, 1864.
Walter F. " " " " " " March 25, 1867.

James W. Died Jan. 21, 1858.
Alonzo Snodgrass Died April 8, 1863.
Amanda Snodgrass Died May 4, 1873.
James Snodgrass " Nov. 8, 1896.
Charles A. Snodgrass " Jan. 29, 1903.
Mary Ann E. Snodgrass " Oct. 12, 1919.
Wm. H. Snodgrass " Oct. 18, 1924.
Ellen Snodgrass " 1919.
John M. Snodgrass " April 1931.
Isabella Moore " Sept. 9, 1934.
Sarah O. Anderson " Jan. 9, 1937.
Laura A. Patrick " April 1, 1943.
Walter F. Snodgrass, Last of family, Jan. 15, 1955.
Probate Index

William Snodgrass, est. of, Book 5, page 504.
William & Mary Snodgrass, Book 6, page 500.
Samuel V. Snodgrass, Book 40, page 253 (1885)
Samuel V. Snodgrass, minor heirs of, Book 47, page 31
James Snodgrass, Book 60, page 221 (1897)

EMMETT COUNTY (977.7125) 

History of Emmet Co. and Dickinson Co., IA (Pioneer Pub. Co.--1917) (partial index)

Atlas & Directory, Emmet Co., IA, 1972 (Rockford Map Pub.) NS



Cemeteries of Bremer, Black Hawk, Buchanan, and Fayette Cos., vols. 1-5
(Struck, Struck, & Matthias) NS

1850 census transcription - NS

St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Eldorado, IA: 75th Anniversary,
1861-1936 (The Church--1936) (unindexed)

Arlington, IA, 1856-1983 (Press-Journal--1983) (partial index) NS
Donnan at the Crossroads (1978) (unindexed)
History of Alpha, IA: Decacentennial, 1981 (Ott, Pierce, & Westendorf) (unindexed)
The History of Fayette Co., IA (West. Hist. Co.--1878) NS
Living Heritage of Illyria: Elgin, IA (Foxwell & Burchett--1981) (unindexed)
Out of the Midwest, a Portrait: An Informal History of Fayette Co., IA (Moeller -1976)
Past and Present of Fayette Co., IA (Bowen--1910) (partial index) NS
Portrait and Biographical Album of Fayette Co., IA (Lake City Pub. Co.-1891) 
(partial index) NS
Souvenir Edition of the Oelwein Records, 1893 (Krigbaum) (unindexed)

Land Atlas and Plat Book, Fayette Co., IA, 1981 (Rockford Map Co.) NS

University Recruits--Company C, 12th IA Infantry Regiment, U.S.A.,
1861-1866 (Clark & Bowen) NS 


FLOYD COUNTY (977.726)

Evergreen Cemetery, Rudd, IA (Dean & Montag) NS
Rock Grove Twp. Cemeteries, Floyd Co., IA (N Cent. IA Gen. Soc.) NS

1870 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

Land Atlas & Plat Book, Floyd Co., IA, 1978 (Rockford Map Co.) NS

Miscellaneous Genealogicall Records from the Rockford Public Library,
Rockford, IA (Montag) [includes burial permits, 1891-1901, Bruce
Family Bible, cemetery inscriptions, funeral home records, family
scrapbooks, and misc. church records] NS

1870 Census

St. Charles Twp., page 302, #77:
George Snodgrass -M-IA $2400/1725
John M. Barber 45-M-NY farmer
Sophia Barber 37-F-MA 
+ 8 children (Barber)

1920 Soundex

Rudd Twp., 29-120-1-2:
Isaac W. Brown
Maude Snodgrass 37-F-CAN sister



1856 state census transcription - NS
1900 census - yes

Meservey Cemetery, Located 1/2 Mile South of Meservey, Wisner Twp.,
Franklin Co., IA, Section 6 (Meservey Woman's Club & Meservey Com.) NS

Declaration of Intention, Franklin Co., IA, 1878-1906 (Franklin Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Naturalization Records, 1856-1943, Franklin Co., IA (Franklin Co. Gen. Soc.) NS

The Hampton Story: Hampton, IA, Centennial, 1870-1970 (unindexed)
History of Franklin Co., IA: A Record of Settlement, Organization,
Progress, and Achievement (Stuart--1914) NS
Index to the 1883 History of Franklin Co., IA (Burmester, Foster, & Ritchie) NS

NEWSPAPER RECORDS Sheffield Press, Sheffield, IA, Obituary Index, 1991 (Harris) NS

VITAL RECORDS Franklin Co., IA, Marriages, 1855-1880 (Skovgard) NS


1900 Census 

Scott Twp., 28-140-1-20:
John C. Snodgrass 52-M-IN/TN/PA Mar 1848, m.14y
Susie A. Snodgrass 38-F-WI/ENG/ENG Oct 1861 wife, 5 ch, 5 liv
Wm. T. Snodgrass 13-M-IA/IN/WI Sep 1886 son [William T. Snodgrass]
Henry P. Snodgrass 9-M-IA/IN/WI Jun 1890 son
Henrietta E. Snodgrass 6-F-IA/IN/WI Jul 1893 dau.
Hannah M. Snodgrass 4-F-IA/IN/WI Dec 1895 dau.
Bert S. Snodgrass 1-F-IA/IN/WI Sep 1898 dau. [Roberta S. Snodgrass]
[vss - 1920 Murray Co MN]



Fremont Co. Grave Records (WPA)
Fremont Co., IA, Cemetery Records (Fremont Co. Hist. Soc.) yes

1870 census transcription - NS
1880 census - yes (only part of county checked)
1880 soundex - yes
1900 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

1880 Soundex/Census

Walnut Twp., 13-64-37-23:
Wm. H. Snodgrass 38-M-IA <s/o James Snodgrass & Amanda Jordan>
Matilda Snodgrass 32-F-KY wife
Mollie Jane Snodgrass 12-F-IA dau.
Emily A. Snodgrass 9-F-IA dau.
Sarah Elizabeth Snodgrass 5-F-IA dau.
Laura Ellen Snodgrass 3-F-IA dau.
Henry Reddin 28-M-Lorain, servant
Laura Snodgrass 21-F-IA/KY/KY sister
Frank Snodgrass 13-M-IA/KY/IA

Franklin Twp., ---/#223:
Mary Staley 80-F-PA/PA/PA
Mary Snodgrass 44-F-PA/OH/OH <1870 in Dubuque Co.>
John Snodgrass 40-M-NC/NC/-- laborer
Jacob Ritter 20-M-MI/OH/OH laborer, stepson

Franklin Twp., 13-68-26-35:
Frank Snodgrass 30-M-IL/PA/OH apothacary
Jessie Snodgrass 24-F-IA/NY/NY wife
Bessy Snodgrass 2-F-IL/IL/IA dau.

Sidney Twp., #477/484:
David Snodgrass 55-M-IN/VA/VA retired farmer
Rachel Snodgrass 52-F-OH/TN/OH
William Snodgrass 23-M-IA/IN/OH laborer on farm

Sidney Twp., 13-69-19-16:
Nathan Snodgrass 59-M-KY/KY/KY farmer
Matilda Snodgrass 45-F-IN/IN/OH wife <Matilda Smith; d. 1896 Fremont Co.,
<m. 1883 Shelby Co., IN>
Mary Snodgrass 19-F-IA/KY/IN dau.
McKensey Snodgrass 17-M-IA/KY/IN son 
Burras Snodgrass 13-M-IA/KY/IN son
Minnie Snodgrass 10-F-IA/KY/IN dau.
3 May 1896 -- Matilda Snodgrass, b. 24 Jan 1835, d. 3 May 1896, buried
Grandview Cemetery, Sidney Twp. (with Nathan, d. 1902).
1900 Census

Green Twp., 28-56-7-25:
Elwood G. Snodgrass 45-M-IN/KY/KY Jan 1854 farmer, m.16y
Ellen Snodgrass 53-F-IN/IN/IN Sep 1846 wife, 3 ch, 2 liv <Margaret Norvel;
<m. 1883 Shelby Co., IN>
Benjamin E. Snodgrass 27-M-IN/IN/IN May 1873 son
Emery M. Snodgrass 20-M-IN/IN/IN Oct 1879 son
<1880 Shelby Co., IN; 1920 Fremont Co., IA>

Scott Twp., 28-64-12-60:
Burris Snodgrass 32-M-IA/KY/IN Jun 1867 farmer, m.3y
Eliza Snodgrass 21-F-IA/IA/NC Jun 1878 wife, 0 ch, 0 liv

Sidney Twp., 28-65-6-47:
McKensey Snodgrass 37-M-IA/KY/IN Apr 1863 farmer, m.9y
Jane Snodgrass 35-F-IA/KY/IN Feb 1865 wife, 2 ch, 2 liv
Orrin M. Snodgrass 6-M-IA/IA/IA Mar 1894 son
Sarah F. Snodgrass 2-F-IA Oct 1897 dau.

Sidney Twp., 28-65-22-100:
Henry Cooke
Nathan Snodgrass 79-M-KY/NC/NC Aug 1820 lodger, wid., day laborer <d.
13 Apr 1902 -- Nathan C. Snodgrass, b. 20 Aug 1820, d. 13 Apr 1902, buried
Grandview Cemetery (with Matilda, d. 1896).

15 Dec 1919 -- Margaret E. Snodgrass, b. 8 Sep 1849, d. 15 Dec 1919, w/o Elwood
buried Sidney Cemetery, Town of Sidney (with Elwood C. Snodgrass, d. 1924).

1920 Soundex

Elwood G. Snodgrass 69-M-IN <d. 1924 Fremont Co., IA>
Emory M. Snodgrass 39-M-IN son <d. 1923 Fremont Co., IA>
<1900 Fremont Co., IA>

Mankendy M. C. Snodgrass 56-M-IA <d. 1941 Fremont Co., IA>
Jane Snodgrass 54-F-IA wife <d. 1939 Fremont Co., IA>
Oren M. Snodgrass 25-M-IA son <d. 1947 Fremont Co., IA>
Sarah F. Snodgrass 22-F-IA dau.
Fay R. Snodgrass 19-F-IA dau.
Florence E. Snodgrass 15-F-IA dau.

8 Jan 1923 -- Emory M. Snodgrass, b. 21 Oct 1879, d. 8 Jan 1923, buried Sidney
Cemetery (with Elwood C. Snodgrass, d. 1924; & Margaret E. Snodgrass, d. 1919).

21 Oct 1924 -- Elwood C. Snodgrass, b. 22 Jan 1851, d. 21 Oct 1924, buried
Sidney Cemetery (with Margaret E. Snodgrass, d. 1919).

1939 -- Jane Snodgrass, b. 1865, d. 1939, buried Sidney Cemetery, "mother"
(with M. McFarland Snodgrass, d. 1941).

1941 -- M. <McKensey> McFarland Snodgrass, b. 1863, d. 1941, buried Sidney
Cemetery, "father" (with Jane Snodgrass, d. 1939).

1947 -- Orren M. Snodgrass, b. 1894, d. 1947, buried Sidney Cemetery, "son"
(with M. McFarland Snodgrass, d. 1941; & Jane Snodgrass, d. 1939).


GREENE COUNTY (977.7466)

1856 state census transcription - NS
1860 census - yes
1870 census - yes (not sure if entire county was checked)
1880 census - yes (only part of county checked)
1900 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

Cemeteries, Junction Twp., Greene Co., IA (Greene Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Cemeteries of Washington Twp., Greene Co., IA (IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Franklin Twp. Cemeteries, Greene Co., IA (Greene Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Greene Co., IA, Grave Records (WPA) yes
Highland Twp. Cemetery, Greene Co., IA (IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Jefferson Cemetery, Greene Co., IA (Greene Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Kendrick Twp. Cemetery, Dillavou Cemetery, Greene Co., IA (IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Scranton Twp. Cemetery, Greene Co., IA (Greene Co. Gen. Soc.) NS

History of Rippey, Greene Co., IA: A Century of Progress, 1849-1956
(Drake & Grow--1956) (unindexed)
History of Rippey, Greene Co., IA: 1870, Rippey; 1970, Old Rippey and
New Rippey, 1849-1970 (Grow, States, States, & Holmes--1970) (unindexed)

Births, 1880-1891, Greene Co., IA (IA Gen. Soc.) yes
Deaths, 1880-1897, Greene Co., IA (IA Gen. Soc.) yes
Greene Co., IA, Births Prior to 1869 - yes
Greene Co., IA, Deaths, 1880-1904, 2 vols. (IA Gen. Soc.) yes
Greene Co., IA, Early Marriages, 1854-1880 (Ross) NS
Marriages, Greene Co., IA, 1880-1884 (IA Gen. Soc.) yes


5 Oct 1854 -- J. M. Snodgrass born 5 Oct 1854 near Bowersville (OP).

ca. 1847 -- William Madison Snodgrass born ca. 1847, Jamestown (RB55).

1860 Greene Co IA Census

Jefferson Twp., New Jefferson P.O., page 9, #80/59 (enumerated 7 Jun 1860):
John A. Snodgrass 35-M-OH farmer, $700/350
S. C. Snodgrass 24-F-OH housekeeper <Sarah Anderson; m. 1852 Fayette Co., OH>
C. E. Snodgrass 7-M-OH <Charles>
J. W. Snodgrass 5-M-OH <James William>
Frank Snodgrass 1-M-__
<1870 Greene Co., IA>

bef. 1869 -- Janes Snodgrass, born bef. 1869, Ross Twp., d/o Joseph Snodgrass
& Eliza Ballard (BH).

1870 Greene Co IA Census

Jefferson Twp., page?:
John Snodgrass 41-M-OH farmer
Sarah C. Snodgrass 35-F-OH
Charles E. Snodgrass 16-M-OH
Fred Snodgrass 11-M-
Eddie Snodgrass 9-M-
<1860 & 1880 Greene Co., IA>

1880 Greene Co IA Census

Grant Twp., page 94, #17/16
John Snodgrass 50-M-OH/VA/OH <d. 1891>
Sarah Snodgrass 44-F-OH/OH/NC
William Snodgrass 25-M-OH/OH/OH 
Frank Snodgrass 21-M-IA/OH/OH <m. 1882 Josephine Myers>
Eddie Snodgrass 19-M-IA/OH/OH <1870 Greene Co., IA>

Grant Twp., page 295, #73/73:
Joseph Anderson 36-M-
Nancy Anderson 32-F-
Charles Snodgrass 26-M-IA/unk/unk works on farm 
<m. 1881 Susie A. Winkelman>

14 Jul 1881 -- Charles E. Snodgrass, age 28, of Greene Co., OH, s/o John A. Snodgrass &
Sarah E. Anderson, married Susie A. Winkelman, age 18, of Greene Co., IA, d/o Benjamin
Winkelman & Angeline Rush.
<1900 Greene Co., IA>

3 Jan 1882 -- Frank Snodgrass, age 23, of Iowa, s/o John A. Snodgrass & Sarah Anderson,
married Josephine Myers, age 21, of Iowa, d/o Joseph R. Myers & Maryle Hall.
<1900 Greene Co., IA>

28 Dec 1882 -- (child) [Harry A.] Snodgrass born, s/o Charles C. & Susannah
(Winkelman) Snodgrass.

19 Aug 1883 -- (child) Snodgrass born, s/o Josephine (Meyers) & Frank Snodgrass.

19 Nov 1884 -- Sarah Elenor Snodgrass born, d/o (2nd child) Susan (Winkleman)
Snodgrass & Charles Snodgrass.

29 Nov 1886 -- Ada Bell Snodgrass born, d/o (3rd child) Susannah (Winkleman)
and Charles Snodgrass.

6 Jan 1888 -- (child) Sndograss born, d/o (4th child) Olive (Morrell) and J. Will Snodgrass.

24 May 1888 -- Lena May Snodgrass born, d/o (2nd child) Josephine (Myers) and
Frank Snodgrass.

3 May 1889 -- (child) Snodgrass born, d/o (4th child) Susannah (Winkelman) &
Chas. E. Snodgrass.

31 Mar 1890 -- (child) Snodgrass born, d/o (5th child) Olive (Morrill) & J. Will Snodgrass.

8 Jun 1891 -- J. A. Snodgrass d. 8 Jun 1891, age 61y 11m 17d, buried Block ??,
Lot 63, Jefferson Cem.
Death record: John A. Snodgrass, age 62y, died 6 Jun 1891; born OH;
buried Jefferson Cem., Jefferson.

26 Jul 1893 -- Percy O. Snodgrass, b. 1893, d. 26 Jul 1893, buried Block ?,
Lot 63, Jefferson Cem.

6 Aug 1896 -- Mildred E. Snodgrass, b. 1888, d. 6 Aug 1896, buried Block 8,
Lot 9, Jefferson Cem.

1900 Greene Co IA Census

Jackson Twp., page 10A, #4/4, 29-81-1-12:
Frank Snodgrass 41-M-IA/OH/OH Feb 1859 m.17y, farmer, o.m.f.
Josephine Snodgrass 38-F-IA/OH/OH<VA?> Sep 1861 wife, 4 ch, 3 liv
<Josephine Myers; m. 1882 Greene Co., IA>
Lena Snodgrass 18-F-IA/IA/IA May 1882 dau.
Myrtle Snodgrass 6-F-IA/IA/IA Apr 1894 dau.
Otis Snodgrass 3-M-IA/IA/IA Aug 1896 son

Grant Twp., page 61B, #112/112, 29-87-5-61:
Chas E. Snodgrass 46-M-OH/OH/OH Oct 1853 m.19y, farmer, o.f.f.
Susan A. Snodgrass 35-F-IA/Switz/IN Jun 1864 wife, 5 ch, 4 liv
<Susan A. Winkelman; m. 1881 Greene Co., IA>
Harry A. Snodgrass 17-M-IA/OH/IA Dec 1882 son
Elenore S. Snodgrass 15-F-IA/OH/IA Nov 1884 dau. <Sarah Eleanor>
Ada B. Snodgrass 13-F-IA/OH/IA Dec 1886 dau. <Ada Bell>
Mable Snodgrass 2-F-IA/OH/IA Dec 1897 dau.
<1920 Greene Co., IA>

Grant Twp., page 62B, #112/112, 29-87-6-67:
Joe E. Snodgrass 38-M-IA/OH/OH Sep 1861 m.14y, farmer, o.f.f.
Mary E. Snodgrass 36-F-IL/IL/NY Aug 1863 wife, 0 ch
Ester V. Wilt 6-F-NE/IL/NE Apr 1894 niece

Jefferson Twp., Jefferson, page 98B, #135/137, Lucus St., 29-91-6-61:
Sarah C. Snodgrass 64-F-OH/OH/VA Jan 1836 wid., 4 ch, 4 liv, o.h.f.
William A. Anderson 89-M-OH/PA/VA Aug 1810 father, wid.

Scranton Twp., Scranton, #267/267, 29-96-13-68:
John O'Kane Snodgrass 36-M-IA/KY/IN Dec 1863 m.4y, preacher, r.h.
Rocella Snodgrass 34-F-IN/IN/IN Nov 1865 wife, 0 ch <Rose Elle Howard>
<m. 1896 Appanoose Co., IA>

5 Dec 1911 -- Josephine Snodgrass, b. 2 Sep 1861, d. 5 Dec 1911, "Mother":
buried Block ??, Lot 63, Jefferson Cem. (on stone with Frank Snodgrass, d. 1929).

1920 Greene Co IA Census/Soundex

Jefferson Twp., 31-10<?>-9-51:
Frank Snodgrass 60-M-IA <d. 1924>
Lena M. Snodgrass 30-F-IA dau.
Myrtle P. Snodgrass 27-F-IA dau.
Otis M. Snodgrass 21-M-IA son
Sarah C. Snodgrass 83-F-OH mother

Andren Thompson 
Harry A. Snodgrass 37-M-IA
<duplicate of Harry A. below>

Joseph E. Snodgrass 58-M-IA
Mary E. Snodgrass 56-F-IA <d. 1953>
Elizabeth A. Witt 77-F-NY mother-in-law

Jefferson Twp., 31-111-13-78:
Charles E. Snodgrass 66-M-OH <d. 1937>
Susan A. Snodgrass 55-F-IA wife <d. 1941>
Harry A. Snodgrass 37-M-IA son <d. 1949> <duplicate of Harry A. above>
Mable R. Snodgrass 22-F-IA dau.
Marion C. Snodgrass 19-F-IA dau.
<1900 Greene Co., IA>

25 Mar 1924 -- Sarah E. Snodgrass, buried Block ??, Lot 63, Jefferson Cem. (no stone).

16 Jun 1929 -- Frank Snodgrass, b. 12 Feb 1859, d. 16 Jun 1929, "Father";
buried Block ??, Lot 63, Jefferson Cem. (on stone with Josephine Snodgrass, d. 1911).

3 Jan 1930 -- James Wm. Snodgrass, b. 1854, d. 20 Jan 1930, buried Block 7,
Lot 45, Jefferson Cem.

7 Sep 1937 -- Charles Snodgrass, b. 1853, d. 7 Sep 1937, buried Block 8, Lot 9, 
Jefferson Cem.

17 Feb 1941 -- Susan Snodgrass, b. 1864, d. 17 Feb 1941, buried Block 8, Lot 9, 
Jefferson Cem.

2 Jul 1943 -- Olive M. Snodgrass, b. 1861, d. 2 Jul 1943, buried Block 7, Lot 45, 
Jefferson Cem.

28 Jul 1944 -- J. Edward Snodgrass, b. 1862, d. 28 Jul 1944, buried Block 8,
Lot 20, Jefferson Cem.

29 Dec 1949 -- Harry A. Snodgrass, b. 1882, d. 29 Dec 1949, buried Block 8,
Lot 9, Jefferson Cem.

10 Nov 1953 -- Mary E. Snodgrass, b. 1864, d. 10 Nov 1953, buried Block 8, Lot
20, Jefferson Cem.

3 Dec 1963 -- Otis M. Snodgrass, b. 1898, d. 3 Dec 1963, buried Block 5, Lot
98X, Jefferson Cemetery (on same stone: Golda Snodgrass, b. 1898, d. ____).


GRUNDY COUNTY (977.7537) 

Dreams from the Beginning, 1869-1983: First Presbyterian Church, Grundy Center, IA 
(1983) (unindexed)

Grundy Center: A Centennial Portrait, 1977 (Evans--1977) (partial index) NS
History of Grundy Center and Surrounding Territory (Federated Woman's Club of 
Grundy Center--19__) (unindexed)
Portrait & Biographical Record of Jasper, Marshall, & Grundy Cos., IA
(1894) yes <see Jasper Co.>
Records of the Old Settlers Association of Grundy Co., IA (Anderson & Mesenbrink) 



Master Index to the Guthrie Co. Cemetery Publications (Guthrie Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Montieth Cemetery & Montieth Memorial Cemetery, Valley Twp., Guthrie Co., IA 
(Guthrie Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
North Oak Grove Cemetery, Stuart Twp., Guthrie Co., IA (Guthrie Co. Gen. Soc.) NS

CENSUS RECORDS 1860 census transcription - NS

A Listing of Original Wills/Probates Held by the Guthrie Co. Genealogical Society 
(Guthrie Co. Gen. Soc.) NS

Guthrie Co.: An Illustrious Past, a Great Future (Guthrie Co. Hist. Soc. -1976) NS 
Guthrie Co. Centennial, 1851-1951 (1951) NS
History of Guthrie and Adair Cos., IA (Continental Hist. Co.--1884) yes (see Adair Co.)
Past and Present of Guthrie Co., IA [partial index] NS

LAND RECORDS Atlas & Directory, Guthrie Co., IA, 1971 (Rockford Map Co.) NS

Newspaper Abstracts, Panora, IA, vols. 1, 3-4, 20, 26-42
(Worshek/Guthrie Co. Gen. Soc.) yes
Newspaper Abstracts, The Guthrian, 1893-1895, 1900-1904, 1909-1910, 1913-1914, 
1930-1932, 1933, vols. 1-16 (Guthrie Co. Gen. Soc.) NS

Guthrie Co., IA, Death Records, 1880-19xx, vols. 1-2 (Guthrie Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Guthrie Co., IA, Early Marriages, 30 Mar 1852-31 Dec 1880 (Jenkins & Hansen) NS
Guthrie Co., IA, Early Marrriages, 1852-19xx vol. 1-9, 11-13, 18-19
(Guthrie Co. Gen. Soc.) NS vol. 23 - (unindexed) 


5 Oct 1899 -- Benjamine Snodgrass of Jamestown, PA, a runaway from a poor farm
there, found near Bagley near death (from Panora Vedette, Panora).

16 Feb 1933 -- Carl H. Lane of Indianola, formerly of Guthrie Co., married
Miss Georgia Snodgrass of Indianola yesterday (The Guthrian, page 1, col. 6).



1860 census transcription - yes
1870 census - yes
1880 soundex - yes

The History of Hamilton Co., IA (Radio KQWC & Hamilton Co. Hist. Soc.-1986) yes
Reminiscences of Newcastle, IA, 1848: A History of the Founding of Webster City, IA 
(Closz -1921) (unindexed)

Land Atlas and Plat Book, Hamilton Co., IA, 1982 (Rockford Map Pub.) NS

Iowa Genealogical Records, vol. 5 - Hamilton Co. Marriages, 1857-1867 - yes
Marriages, Hamilton Co., IA, 1857-1899 (IA Gen. Soc.) yes


1860 Hamilton Co IA Census 

Webster Twp., Homer P.O., page 26, #224/200 (enumerated 18 Jun 1860):
Levi Snodgrass 28-M-OH laborer, $150/0
Mary Snodgrass 22-F-OH <Mary Moore; m. 1854 Warren Co., IL>
Walter Snodgrass 2-M-IL
[1850 Peoria Co IL w/Asher & Nancy Blevins; 
Levi Snodgrass b. ca 1833 OH, d. 1908 Fulton Co IL, buried Knox Co IL]

20 May 1866 -- James A. Snodgrass married Easter A. Bone.
<1870 Hamilton Co., IA>

1870 Hamilton Co IA Census 

Webster Twp., page 320, #113:
James A. Snodgrass 28-M-VA miller, $1600/250 <1850 Barbour Co., WV>
Esther Snodgrass 18-F-IA <Easter / Esther A. Bone; m. 1866 Hamilton Co., IA>
Florence M. Snodgrass 3-F-IA
Clara J. Snodgrass 2-F-IA
<1880 Hamilton Co., IA>

24 Feb 1880 -- see deed, Barbour Co., WV: James A. Snodgrass & Elizabeth his wife are
selling land they received as heirs of Jonathan Snodgrass <brother>, deceased.

1880 Hamilton Co IA Census/Soundex 

Boone Twp., Webster, 14-102-15-44:
James Snodgrass 39-M-VA 
Esther Snodgrass 29-F-IA wife <Esther A. Bone>
Florence Snodgrass 13-F-IA dau.
Clara Snodgrass 11-F-IA dau.
Earnest Snodgrass 9-M-IA son
Herbert Snodgrass 7-M-IA son
Effie Snodgrass 5-F-IA dau.
Fred Snodgrass 3-M-IA son
Lemy Snodgrass 1-M-IA son
<1870 Hamilton Co., IA>

ca. 1919 -- A Rev. Mr. Snodgrass was pastor of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). 
During his pastorate, the church was raised & the basement added 
(The Hist. of Hamilton Co., IA, page 152). 

############## end Hamilton Co IA ###############


Heritage of Hancock Co., IA (Hancock Co. Gen. Soc.--1993) NS
History of Kossuth, Hancock, & Winnebago Cos., IA (Union Pub. Co-1884) (part index)
Klemme, IA, 1889-1989 (Velau--1989) (unindexed)

LAND RECORDS Atlas & Directory, Hancock Co., IA, 1971 (Rockford Map Pub.) NS

Genealogical Index to Newspapers Published in Hancock Co., IA (Velau) NS


HARDIN COUNTY (977.7535)

1870 census - yes
1880 soundex - yes
1900 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

Hawkeye Heritage, vol. 3 - yes

Pioneer Family Records and Stories of Ancestors, Hardin Co., IA (1951) (unindexed)

Service Record Book of Men and Women of Radcliffe and Garden City
Communities [WWI & WWII] (American Legion Post no. 317) (unindexed) 


1870 Hardin Co IA Census 

Eldora Twp., page 375, #115:
William A. Snodgrass 34-M-VA common labor, $1450/500
Caroline E. Snodgrass 26-F-IA
Frank E. Snodgrass 8-M-IA
Ellen M. Snodgrass 4-F-IA

7 Aug 1877 -- Nora Snodgrass d. 7 Aug 1877, age 10y 26d, d/o N. M. & M. J.,
buried Chester Cemetery, Section 26, Providence Twp.

1880 Hardin Co IA Census/Soundex 

Providence Twp., 14-255-3-40:
Nathan Snodgrass 28-M-IN 
Mary Snodgrass 31-F-IN <Mary M. Mills; m. 1875 Hendricks Co., IN>
Otis Snodgrass 1-M-IA

1900 Hardin Co IA Census

Etna Twp., Achly, 32-147-8-22:
John D. Forster
William Snodgrass 29-M-MO/IN/NY Mar 1871 lodger, single, cloth merchant

1920 Hardin Co IA Census/Soundex

Iowa Falls Twp., 34-190-8-27:
William N. Snodgrass 48-M-MO
Nellie Snodgrass 43-F-IA wife
Robert B. Snodgrass 15-M-IA son
Edwin W. Snodgrass 13-M-IA son
Doris F. Snodgrass 6-F-IA dau.
Richard C. Snodgrass 2y1m-M-IA son

Eldara Twp.:
Iowa State School for Boys 34-193-2-56:
Cecil Snodgrass 10-M-IA

Hubbard Twp., 34-196-3-65:
William Greenfield
Floa Snodgrass 24- -IN

############# end Hardin Co IA ############## 


Groom and Bride Index for 1905 Directory of Harrison Co., IA (Myrick) NS

Bicentennial History, Little Sioux Twp., Little Sioux, River Sioux, IA
(Perley--1976) (partial index) NS
History of Harrison Co., IA (National Pub. Co.--1891) yes
History of Harrison Co., IA, Its People, Industries, & Institutions (Hunt & Clark -1915) NS
Pioneer History of Harris Grove, 1851-1861 (McKenney) NS

Atlas & Directory, Harrison Co., IA, 1971 (Rockford Map Co.) NS

Harrison Co., IA, Teachers' Register, 1924 through 1975 (Myers) yes


1891 -- Hist. of Harrison Co., IA:
pages 877-8:
Hon. Thomas M. C. Logan, of River Sioux, Iowa, forms an important
factor in the history of Harrison County, with which he has been closely 
identified for almost a quarter of a century. While in a brief biographical 
notice it is impossible to do a prominent man's career ample justice, yet in 
keeping with the remainder of the representative men of Harrison County, 
the subjoined notice may suffice. Human life is full of two kinds of 
history--the written and unwritten, and not unfrequently does it occur, in 
fact it is the general rule, that the deeds of one's life which are of the most 
value to the world and the community, never find their way into printed 
history. The following is an outline of Hon. T. M. C. Logan's life.
He is a native of Indiana, born in Rush County, on the 13th of February,
1830. He is the son of Samuel and Sarah (Snodgrass) Logan, natives of 
Ireland and Virginia respectively. The father was an extensive business man, 
who died in Cincinnati, Ohio during the cholera epidemic of 1834, when our 
subject was but four years of age. [vss - Samuel Logan m. Sarah Snodgrass 
11 Oct 1827 Rush Co IN; and 1830 Rush Co IN has a John Snodgrass - need
the reading of that] By our subject's father's second marriage there were two 
sons born--T. M. C. and Jacob M., the latter, dying on the cars in 1861, near 
Hadley, Ill. Our subject's early life was spent in the Hoosier State, and he 
received his education at the district schools, and at the High School at 
Fairfield. His first business experience, on his own account, was in 1857, 
when he engaged in the stock and grain business in Richland Co., IL, 
continuing in the same until 1864, when he came to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 
where he handled grain in connection with Leech Bros., and remained there
until 1877, and then came to Logan, Iowa, where he embarked in the grain 
and livestock trade. In 1887, he commenced operations in River Sioux, 
buying grain and stock there and at Blencoe, which business he is still
following. During the last year, he shipped two hundred thousand bushels 
of grain from two points. He owns a flouring mill at River Sioux, which 
has a capacity of sixty barrels per day, and also an elevator having a capacity
of ten thousand bushels, also is operating one in Onawa.
Politically, Mr. Logan is a stanch supporter of the Republican party,
believing as he does that under its administration, this country is the most 
prosperous. In 1881, was nominated at Denison, for State Senator, on the 
Republican ticket, in the thirty-fourth Senatorial district, the candidate for 
Governor of Iowa in 1891, H. C. Wheeler being an opposing candidate in 
the convention. The district was then composed of Harrison, Monona, 
Crawford, Ida, and Sac Counties, and our subject was elected by a
majority of 110, holding the position four years, and serving with much 
credit, to himself as well as his constituents. In 1879, he was elected as a 
member of the Board of Supervisors in Harrison Co., and has always been 
active in educational matters, as well as espousing the cause of temperance,
and let it here be remarked that the thousands of loyal party workers, 
who believe in temperance, have been the redeeming feature and saving
power, of the Republican party in Iowa.
At the time our subject took his seat as a Supervisor in Harrison Co.,
county warranty were at 20 and 25% discount, but through his efforts and 
others, the debt was bonded and the credit of the county brought up to par. 
Again the law of Iowa requires that in order to hold a bondsman, funds 
must be called in and counted at regular specified times, and through our 
subject's persistency in requiring this to be done, he saved the county
several thousand dollars.
As to Mr. Logan's domestic relations, it may be said that he was first
married at La Porte, IN, in Feb 1851 to Miss Charlotte Snodgrass, a 
daughter of John and Matilda (Steward) [vss - Matilda Stewart] Snodgrass 
[vss - 14 Jan 1840 La Porte Co IN, widow Matilda Snodgrass m. Samuel 
Elithorpe - they & Charlotte are on 1850 La Porte Co IN]. By this marriage
union, there were two children born -- Reuben and Charlotte. 
Reuben was born in Rush Co., IN, 1 Jul 1853, and Lottie, in Linn Co., 
IA, 18 Jan 1865. The mother of these children was called from earth in 1866.
For his second wife our subject married Miss Harriet Herbert at Cedar
Rapids, Iowa. She is the daughter of Samuel and Dehelia Herbert 
[vss - 1 Jan 1846 La Porte Co IN Delila Snodgrass m. Samuel Herbert - is 
she, too, d/o John Snodgrass & Matilda ?]. By this marriage union, nine 
children were born- Louise S., born 29 Jan 1868; William E., 30 Sep 1869; 
Merritt J., 1 May 1872; Ernest A., 3 Jan 1874; Mabel M., 21 Nov 1875; 
Maude A., 10 Dec 1877; T. M. C., Jr., 8 Aug 1880; Nita E., 25 Sep 1884;
Harrison G., 8 May 1886; all born in Harrison Co., Iowa.
Like many of the representative men of Harrison Co., our subject is
identified with various civic societies, which have for their object, the 
upbuilding and maintenance of good society. He belongs to Masonic 
Lodge, No. 220, A. F. & A. M.; Missouri Valley Chapter, and Ivanhoe 
Commandery of Knights Templar at Council Bluffs, and is also an 
honored member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows at Logan.
In reviewing the life of such an one as our subject, one is impressed 
with the value of intelligence and uprightness of character as found in his 
daily walk. In political circles, he has always been classed as one of the 
leaders and not unfrequently do you hear the remark that certainly one can 
learn more from Mr. Logan in one evening than from many others in a 
lifetime. He keeps himself well posted in this line as well as others and
therefore is always able to explain the position he takes by facts and 
figures which never cease to be interesting. He has one of the best 
political libraries in the country, among which is Young's Political history, 
Tom Benton's Thirty years in the Senate (two volumes); Cooper's Political
history; Blaine's Twenty Years in Congress; also the American Britannica 
and Johnson's Encyclopaedia.

1941-1942 -- Dorothy Snodgrass taught in Dist. 5, Washington Twp. (grades or
subject taught not given).

############### end Harrison Co IA ################## 

HENRY COUNTY (977.795)

Henry Co., IA, Center Twp., St. Alphonsus and Faulknor Cemeteries (IA Gen. Soc.) NS

CENSUS RECORDS 1920 soundex - yes

NEWSPAPER RECORDS articles clipped by members of the Snodgrass Clan Society

Henry Co. Death Records - yes
Henry Co., IA, Marriages, 1836-1857 (Colby) NS
Henry Co. Marriages, 1880-1931 - yes


26 Apr 1880 -- Catharine E. Snodgrass, married, age 42y, housewife, b. IA, d. 26 Apr 1880 at
Mt. Pleasant; buried Knoxville, Marion Co.

10 Oct 1883 -- Harriet Snodgrass married R. W. French; at house of Mrs. P. M. Thompson,
by Carson Reed, Minister of the Gospel.

4 Mar 1915 -- John Snodgrass, 1st marriage; res. Mt. Pleasant, IA; cab driver; age 31; 
b. Polk Co., IA, s/o Samuel Snodgrass & Elizabeth Barnes; married Lola Remick, 1st
marriage; res. Mt. Pleasant, IA, age 28; b. Henry Co., IA, d/o George Ramey & Rebecca
Shaffner; license dated 3 Mar 1915; m. 4 Mar 1915 at Mt. Pleasant, IA, by Frank E. Weston,
<1920 Henry Co., IA>

26 Apr 1918 -- Helen Adeline Snodgrass, 1st marriage; res. Oquawka, IL; age 22; 
b. Henry Co., IA, d/o James Snodgrass & Martha Anderson; married Harold Wm. Shaley, 
1st marriage; res. Burlington, IA; telephone employee; protestant; age 22; b. Burlington, IA, 
s/o Wm. F. Schaley & Judith Frick; m. at Mt. Pleasant, IA, by Thos. Osborn, minister.

1920 Soundex

Mt. Pleasant Twp., 36-37-12-63:
John Snodgrass 39-M-TN
Lula Snodgrass 36-F-IA wife <Lola Remick; m. 1915 Henry Co., IA>
Reta E. Snodgrass 8-F-IL dau.
Herman Remick 52-M-IA brother-in-law

21 Apr 1985 -- The News, Mt. Pleasant, Monday:
Velma A. Snodgrass, 73, of Milton, a native of Mt. Pleasant, died Saturday 19 Apr 1975 at 
Davis Co. Hospital, Bloomfield. She was born 13 Mar 1902, in Mt. Pleasant, the dau. of 
George and Iona Scarff Ensminger. On 18 Sep 1930, she was married to Dale Snodgrass,
who preceded her in death. Surviving are one dau., Mrs. Clark (Louise) Peterson of Mt.
one granddau., two brothers, Clyde Ensminger of Troy and Everett Ensminger of Boswell,
IN; two sisters, Mrs. Ethel Turner of Milton and Mrs. Frances Johnson of Pulaski. Funeral
services will be Tuesday, 22 Apr, at 10:30 a.m. in the United Methodist Church at Milton. 
The Rev. Herbert DeMello will officiate with interment in Sunnyside Cemetery at Milton. A
memorial has been established for the United Methodist Church in Milton. Wellborn Funeral
Home, Milton, is in charge of arrangements.


HOWARD COUNTY (977.7312)

1860 census transcription - NS
1870 census transcription - NS
1880 census transcription - NS

History of Chickasaw and Howard Cos., IA (Alexander--1883) [unindexed]
History of Chickasaw and Howard Cos., IA (Fairbairn--1919) [partial index] NS
The History of Howard Co., IA (Howard Co. Hist. Soc.--1989) NS
Those Were the Days: Elma, IA, 1886-1986 (Graphic Pub.--1986) [partial index] NS



CENSUS RECORDS 1870 census transcription - NS

The History of Humboldt Co. with a History of Iowa (Hist. Pub. Co.--1901) [unindexed]
History of Kossuth and Humboldt Cos., IA (Union Pub. Co.--1884) [partial index] NS

Land Atlas and Plat Book, Humboldt Co., IA, 1982 (Rockford Map Pub.) NS


IDA COUNTY (977.7422)

Biographical History of Crawford, Ida, & Sac Cos., IA (Lewis Pub. Co.-1893) [part index]
Our Heritage: A History of Ida Co. (Godberson --1977) NS

LAND RECORDS Atlas & Directory, Ida Co., IA, 1972 (Rockford Map Pub.) NS 


IOWA COUNTY (977.7653)

Iowa Co. Cemetery Stones & History, 1844-1976 (Lillie) yes

1850 census transcription - NS
1860 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

Millersburg United Methodist Church (Brennan Printing--1986) [unindexed]
St. Michael's Church, Holbrook, and the Old Man Creek Settlement
(Lillie--1981) NS
Verzeichnis aller Aeltesten von 1816 an: Register of All Elders from
1816 on (Amana Church Society) [unindexed]

Amana That Was and Amana That Is (Shambaugh--1932) NS
The Amanas Yesterday: Seven Communal Villages in IA, Historic
Photographs, 1900, 1932 (Zug) [unindexed]
History of Iowa Co., IA, and Its People, vol. 1 (Dinwiddie--1915)

Land Atlas and Plat Book, Iowa Co., IA, 1982 (Rockford Map Pub.)



1860 Census

Iowa Twp., Homestead P.O., #981/1022 (enumerated 1 Aug 1860):
Alex'dr Snodgrass 35-M-OH farmer, $6000/400
Melissa Snodgrass 30-F-OH <Melissa Mitchell>
<m. 1848 Union Co., OH>
Anthony Snodgrass 11-M-OH
Sarah Snodgrass 2-F-IA
Mariah Bayett 16-F-IA
Wm. Lennard 27-M-OH state driver
Thos. Smith 25-M-OH laborer
<1850 Union Co., OH>

1900 -- Rev. W. E. Snodgrass, b. 1856, d. 1900, d. Koszta Cemetery, Sec. 23,

Honey Creek Twp.

1917 -- Lula E. Snodgrass, b. 1885, d. 1917, buried Koszta Cemetery.

1920 Soundex

Chester A. Snodgrass 40-M-IA
Alma E. Snodgrass 24-F-IA wife
Gladys E. Snodgrass 6-F-OK dau.
Cheath B. Snodgrass 4y5m-M-OK son
Mildred E. Snodgrass 2y7m-F-IA dau.
Cleava C. Snodgrass 10m-F-IA dau.

1925 -- Mildred Snodgrass, b. 1917, d. 1925, buried Koszta Cemetery.

1929 -- Sarah E. Martin Snodgrass, b. 1885, d. 1929, buried Koszta Cemetery.

1930 -- Paul D. Snodgrass, b. 1917, d. 1930, buried Koszta Cemetery.

21 Jun 1952 -- Chester A. Snodgrass, b. 20 Dec 1879, d. 21 Jun 1952,

blacksmith, 15th Inf., Cuba Marker, Navy (1888-1902), buried Koszta Cemetery.

(no dates) -- Lot #67, old original section, Koszta Cemetery: Arthur

Snodgrass <owner?>. 



Cemetery Records, Jackson Co. (WPA) yes

1850 census - yes
1860 census - yes
1870 census - yes
1880 census - yes (don't know if entire county was checked)
1880 soundex - yes
1900 soundex - yes

History of Jackson Co., IA (Goodspeed--1874) yes
History of Jackson Co., IA (Western Hist. Co.--1879) yes
History of Jackson Co., IA (Ellis--1910) yes
Owens Gazetteer & Directory of Jackson Co., IA, (1878) yes
#934,945 item 3 - Portrait & Biographical Album of Jackson Co., IA
(Chapman Bros.--1889) yes <we need pages 244, 251, 256>

Land Atlas and Plat Book, Jackson Co., IA, 1984 (Rockford Map Pub.) NS

Roster and Record of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion, 
17th-31st Regiments - yes

Early Marriages, 1848-1855 - yes
Early Marriages, 1856-1860 - yes
Jackson County Marriages, 1848-1880, as given in Jackson Co. Hist., 
vol. 2, pages 593-741 (pages 610-612 missing, males only indexed) yes
Marriage Records of Marion Co., IA, 1845-1915 (Marion Co. Gen. Soc.) yes


1850 Jackson Co IA Census 

Brandon Twp., #616:
Elijah Tracy
Washington Snodgrass 16-M-OH laborer <m. 1859 Mary Strong> 
[s/o Beniah d. 1849 Washington Co OH]
Henry Snodgrass 23-M-OH laborer <m. 1850 Isabel Tracy> 
[s/o Beniah d. 1849]

Farmers Creek Twp., #630:
Eli Snodgrass 52-M-VA laborer 
[s/o Chas. & Barbara; b. Monongalia Co VA]
Mary Snodgrass 47-F-PA 
<Mary Templeton; d. 1855> [m. Washington Co OH ?]
George Snodgrass 23-M-OH laborer [s/o Eli & Mary]
Mary Snodgrass 16-F-OH [d/o Beniah d. 1849; m. Henry Tracy]
John Snodgrass 12-M-OH [s/o Eli & Mary; m. Margaret Swift]
William Snodgrass 8-M-OH 
[s/o Eli & Mary; m. Laura Lucretia Johnson]
[1840 Washington Co OH]

10 Oct 1850 -- Henry Snodgrass married Isabel Tracy, by N. Potter, minister.
<1860 Jackson Co., IA> [s/o Beniah d. 1849 & m1. Anna E. McKibben]

21 Aug 1853 -- Mary Snodgrass married Henry F. Tracy.
<1860 Jackson Co., IA> [d/o Beniah d. 1849 & m1. Anna E. McKibben]

19 Nov 1854 -- George Snodgrass married Mary Williams, by John Leasure,
Justice of the Peace. [vss - s/o Eli Snodgrass & Mary Templeton]
<1860 Jackson Co., IA>

17 Apr 1855 -- Mary Snodgrass (Mrs. Eli), b. 1825 [b. ca 1803], 
d. 17 Apr 1855, buried Hickory Grove Cemetery.

14 Feb 1856 -- Hugh Snodgrass, 23, married Lucinda Clark, 23; by William Hutley, 
Justice of the Peace. Ref.: Civil War pension application, Tama Co., IA.
<1860 Jackson Co., IA> [s/o Beniah d. 1849 & m1. Anna E. McKibben]

13 Nov 1856 -- Jos. Snodgrass married Elizabeth Keister.
<1850 Washington Co., OH; 1860 Collin Co., TX> 
[s/o Beniah d. 1849 & m1. Anna E. McKibben, s/o Chas. & Barbara]

6 Oct 1859 -- Washington Snodgrass married Mary Strong, by O. F. Phelps, minister.
<1860 Jackson Co., IA> [[s/o Beniah d. 1849 & m1. Anna E. McKibben]

1860 Census

Farmers Creek Twp., Farmers Creek P.O., #750/750 (enumerated 1 Aug 1860):
Hugh Snodgrass 26-M-OH farmer, $50/25
Lucinda Snodgrass 26-F-OH 
<Lucinda Clark; m. 1856 Jackson Co., IA>
Benia Snodgrass 2-M-IA [Benniah, d. 1930 Miller, Hand Co SD]

Farmers Creek Twp., Farmers Creek P.O., #793/793:
Ira Edwards 33-M-OH farmer, $3000/300
+ wife Mahala & 3 children, all b. IA
Cynthia Snodgrass 23-F-OH housekeeper

Brandon Twp., Canton P.O., page 130, #1181/1181 (enumerated 16 Aug 1860):
Geo. Snodgrass 32-M-OH farmer, 0/$75 [George Snodgrass s/o Eli & Mary]
Mary A. Snodgrass 26-F-OH <Mary Williams; m. 1854 Jackson Co., IA>
Demima Snodgrass 6-F-IA
Sabrina J. Snodgrass 4-F-IA
Parmelia Snodgrass 2-F-IA
<1870 Jackson Co., IA>

Brandon Twp., Canton P.O., page 132, #1153/1153:
Eli Snodgrass 62-M-VA farmer, 0/$265 <d. 1863>
Washington Snodgrass 25-M-OH farmer, $360/25 [s/o Beniah d. 1849]
Polley E. Snodgrass 23-F-OH 
<Mary Elizabeth Strong; m. 1850 Jackson Co., IA>
John Snodgrass 21-M-VA laborer, 0/$140 
[s/o Eli & Mary Templeton]
Emily E. Black 5-F-IA
Laura M. Black 2-F-IA
<1870 Jackson Co., IA>

Brandon Twp., Canton P.O., #1172/1172:
Henry F. Tracy 33-M-PA farmer, $1800/790
Mary Tracy [abt 26-F-OH] [d/o Beniah d. 1849]
<Mary Snodgrass; m. 1853 Jackson Co., IA>
+ 3 children <we need these>
Wm. Snodgrass 18-M-OH <m. 1866 Laura C. Johnson> [s/o Eli & Mary]
<1870 Jackson Co., IA>

Brandon Twp., Canton P.O., page 135, #1173/1173 (enumerated 17 Aug 1860):
Henry Snodgrass 30-M-OH farmer, $800/237 
[age abt 33, b. 1827 s/o Beniah d. 1849 & m1. Anna E. McKibben]
Isabel Snodgrass 28-F-PA <Isabel Tracy; m. 1850 Jackson Co., IA>
W. H. Snodgrass 7-M-IA
<1870 Jackson Co., IA>

10 Aug 1862 -- 26th Infantry, Co. B:
Sergeant Hugh Snodgrass enlisted; wounded at Arkansas Post; Battle of
Arkansas Post was 11 Jan 1963.

15 Aug 1862 -- 31st Infantry, Co. F:
John Snodgrass, age 23, res. Emeline, nativity OH. Enlisted 15 Aug 1862;
mustered 20 Sep 1862. Discharged for disability 22 May 1863, St. Louis, MO.

William F. Snodgrass, age 19, res. Emeline, nativity OH. Enlisted 15 Aug 1862; 
mustered 20 Sep 1862; mustered out 27 Jun 1865, Louisville, KY.

Henry Snodgrass, age 35, res. Emeline, nativity OH. Enlisted 15 Aug 1862; 
mustered 20 Sep 1862; discharged for disability 22 May 1863, St. Louis, MO.

8 Jun 1863 -- Eli Snodgrass, b. 1790, d. 8 Jun 1863, buried Hickory Grove
Cemetery near Emeline.

16 Sep 1866 -- William Snodgrass married Laura C. Johnson, by F. Swift, 
Justice of the Peace.
[vss - pension info says her name is Laura Lucretia Johnson]

1870 Jackson Co IA Census

Brandon Twp., page 390A, #196/186:
William Snodgrass 26-M-OH farmer, $300/900 [s/o Eli & Mary]
Laura Snodgrass 19-F-OH <Laura C. Johnson; m. 1866 Jackson Co., IA>

Brandon Twp., #206/196:
Henry Tracey 44-M-PA farmer, $4500/2400
Mary Tracey 34-F-OH <Mary Snodgrass> [d/o Beniah d. 1849]
Joseph Tracey 15-M-IA
Washington Tracey 13-M-IA
Hugh Tracey 11-M-IA
Theodore Tracey 10-M-IA
Mary Tracey 8-F-IA
David Tracey 4-M-IA
John Tracey 2-M-IA
Isabell Tracey 81-F-IRE without occupation
Victoria Templeton 15-F-IA at home
<1860 Jackson Co., IA>

Brandon Twp., page 27, #209/122: 
Henry Snodgrass 38-M-OH farmer, $1500/800 [s/o Beniah d. 1849]
Isabelle Snodgrass 35-F-PA [Isabel Tracey]
William Full 20-M-IL farm laborer
<1860 & 1880 Jackson Co., IA>

Brandon Twp., page 292A, #212/202:
Washington Snodgrass 35-M-OH farmer, $2000/700 [s/o Beniah d. 1849]
Elizabeth Snodgrass 33-F-OH <Mary Elizabeth Strong>
Lorenzo Snodgrass 10-M-IA
Clayton Snodgrass 8-M-IA
Harvey Snodgrass 6-M-IA
Sarah Snodgrass 3-M-IA
Carrie Snodgrass 4m-F-IA
<1860 & 1880 Jackson Co., IA>

Brandon Twp., page 28:
George Snodgrass 42-M-OH farmer, 0/$300 [s/o Eli & Mary]
Mary Snodgrass 37-F-OH [Mary Williams, m. 1854 Jackson Co IA]
Nancy Snodgrass 15/18-F-IA [? as Demima 1860, ? m. 1871 as Durancy ?]
Jane Snodgrass 13-F-IA [? as Sabrina J 1860]
Eliza Snodgrass 11-F-IA [? as Parmelia 1860]
William Snodgrass 8-M-IA
Arabelle Snodgrass 6-F-IA
Andrew Snodgrass 2-M-IA [Andrew Jackson Snodgrass]
<1860 Jackson Co., IA> [1900 Linn Co IA]

1 Jan 1871 -- Durancy Snodgrass married Mark Huff, by James Binns, 
Justice of the Peace. 
[vss - d/o Geo. & Mary, seen 1860 Jackson Co IA as Demima, 
1870 Jackson Co as Nancy]

4 Jul 1871 -- John Snodgrass married Margaret Swift, by James Binns, 
Justice of the Peace. 
[vss - s/o Eli & Mary] <1880 Jackson Co., IA>

1878 -- Owens Gazetteer & Directory, page 285 - (Farmers Dept.):
Henry Snodgrass, sec. 25 Brandon, 80 acres, Iron Hill.
Wash. Snodgrass, sec. 25-26-35 Brandon, 96 acres, Iron Hill.
Wm. Snodgrass, sec. 35 Brandon, 34 acres, Iron Hill.

1879 (or 1874?) -- Hist. of Jackson Co., IA, pages 762-3:
Washington Snodgrass was born in Washington Co., Ohio, in 1834, where
he attended schools and received a liberal education; in 1849, he 
removed West with his parents [vss - his parents, Beniah Snodgrass &
Anna E. McKibben were dead in OH, Washington came west with Uncle Eli];
they settled in Brandon Township, Jackson Co., Iowa, where he has
lived since. He married Miss Polly E. Strong; they have five children
Clayton, Harvey S., Sarah A., Carrie R. and Norman M. Mr. S. owns 
about 100 acres of land. Is a Democrat; he takes an active part in
public affairs and has been elected to various offices, in all of 
which he discharged the duties to the satisfaction of all concerned;
at present writing, he holds the office of Justice of the Peace, a
position he has held several years; he has been Township Clerk about
eight years. In educational affairs, he takes a lively interest 
and is almost continually in some position connected with the 
school interests. Mr. S. resides on Sec. 25; P.O. Iron Hills.

1880 Jackson Co IA Census/Soundex

Brandon Twp., #176/176, 16-312-17-16:
John Snodgrass 47-M-OH/VA/VA [s/o Eli & Mary]
Marget Snodgrass 40-F-OH/PA/OH 
<Margaret Swift; m. 1871 Jackson Co., IA>
Cornelia Snodgrass 7-M-IA/OH/OH son 
[? Eli - see John's pension below]
Florance Swift 70-M-PA/IRE/ENG father-in-law
<1900 Jackson Co., IA>

Brandon Twp., #186/186:
Henry Snodgrass 52-M-OH/VA-OH <d. 1883> [s/o Beniah d. 1849]
Isibell Snodgrass 45-F-PA/MD/IRE [Isabel Tracey]
Welthy Templeton 18-F-IA/PA/OH servant, niece
<1870 & 1900 Jackson Co., IA>

Brandon Twp., #190/190, 16-312-18-26:
Washington Snodgrass 45-M-OH/VA/OH, farmer [s/o Beniah d. 1849]
Polly Snodgrass 43-F-OH/VT/PA wife
Claton Snodgrass 18-M-IA son
Harvy Snodgrass 15-M-IA son
Sarah Snodgrass 13-F-IA dau.
Carry Snodgrass 10-F-IA dau.
Norman Snodgrass 7-M-IA son <d. 1895>
<1870 & 1900 Jackson Co., IA>

8 Mar 1883 -- H. <Henry> Snodgrass, b. 1827, d. 8 Mar 1883, buried Hickory
Grove Cemetery, near Emeline.

19 Aug 1885 -- John Snodgrass, b. 1857, d. 19 Aug 1885, buried Hickory Grove
Cemetery near Emeline.

3 Oct 1888 -- Charles C. Snodgrass married Effie Taylor.
[vss - see Marion Co IA - s/o William G. & Catherine, s/o James R. & Phoebe A. Beers]

4 Aug 1892 -- Alice E. Snodgrass (Mrs. Harvey), b. 1869, d. 4 Aug 1892; buried
Cast Iron Hill Cemetery, Farmers Creek Twp.

25 Dec 1895 -- Norman M. Snodgrass, b. 1873, d. 25 Dec 1895, buried Hickory
Grove Cemetery.

16 Mar 1899 -- Polly E. Snodgrass, b. 1827, d. 16 Mar 1899, buried Hickory Grove

1900 Soundex

Bellevue Twp., Bellevue, 37-53-6-80:
Wm. Snodgrass 58-M-OH Oct 1841 [s/o Eli & Mary]
Laura Snodgrass 48-F-IA May 1852 wife [Laura Johnson]
Dee Snodgrass 18-M-IA Sep 1881 son [Allen D]
James Snodgrass 16-M-IA Feb 1884 son
Clara Snodgrass 16-F-IA Feb 1884 dau.
Ethel Snodgrass 9-F-IA Aug 1890 dau.
[vss - Wm.'s son Raymond 9 is in Farmers Creek Twp with Elijah Streets family]
<1920 Black Hawk Co., IA>

Brandon Twp., 37-54-3-34:
Eli C. Snodgrass 26-M-IA/OH/OH Nov 1873, m.5y, farmer
Florence M. Snodgrass 23-F-IA/KY/IL Sep 1876 wife, 2 ch, 2 liv
Floyd _. Snodgrass 4-M-IA/IA/IA Feb 1896 son
Claude M. Snodgrass 2-M-IA/IA/IA Jan 1898 son
Leander M. Brown 24-M-IA/IA/IA Feb 1876 boarder

Brandon Twp., 37-54-7-26:
John Snodgrass 61-M-OH/VA/-- Dec 1838, m.29y, lumberman <d. 1903>
Margaret Snodgrass 61-F-OH/PA/OH Jan 1839 wife, 0 ch
William L. Wetheny 51-M-OH Aug 1848 boarder 
[vss - check ? Might be Metheny ?]
<1880 Jackson Co., IA>

Brandon Twp., 37-54-9-29:
W. Nelson Shirley
Isabella Snodgrass 69-F-PA/MD/IRE Jan 1831 boarder, widow, 0 ch <d. 1906>
<1880 Jackson Co., IA>

Brandon Twp., 37-54-9-40:
Washington Snodgrass 65-M-OH/VA/-- Dec 1834 wid., farmer
Carrie R. Snodgrass 30-F-IA/OH/OH Apr 1870 dau., single
Forrest M. Snodgrass 11-M-IA/OH/OH Aug 1888 grandson
<1880 Jackson Co., IA>

Brandon Twp., 37-54-9-43:
Harvey S. Snodgrass 36-M-IA/OH/OH Jun 1863, m.1y, farmer
Mary L. Snodgrass 22-F-IA/IRE/PA Aug 1877 wife, 1 ch, 1 liv
Mildred L. Snodgrass 4m-F-IA/IA/IA Jan 1900 dau.

Farmers Creek Twp., 37-57-7-88:
Elijah Streets
Raymond Snodgrass 9-M-IA/IA/IA Sep 1890 boarder [vss - s/o Wm. & Laura
<1920 Black Hawk Co., IA>

Monmouth Twp., 37-62-4-84:
Clayton Snodgrass 38-M-IA/OH/OH May 1862, m.5y, farmer
Disy P. Snodgrass 26-F-IL/NY/IL Jun 1873 wife, 3 ch, 3 liv
Reuben W. Snodgrass 7-M-IL/IA/IL Sep 1892 son
Luther W. Snodgrass 4-M-IA/IA/IL Oct 1895 son
Paul B. Snodgrass 7m-M-IA/IA/IL Oct 1899 son

5 Apr 1903 -- John Snodgrass, b. 1839, d. 5 Apr 1903, buried Hickory Grove
Cemetery (Co. F 31 Ia. Inf.).

12 Aug 1906 -- Isabella Snodgrass, b. 1831, d. 12 Aug 1906, buried Hickory
Grove Cemetery near Emeline.


Henry Snodgrass, application #30,836; certificate #189,949.
widow's application #316,125; certificate #211,604.

Declaration for Invalid Pension
Jackson Co., IA, 5 Aug 1863... personally appeared Henry Snodgrass <rest is
Marriage record
Henry Snodgrass & Isabel Tracey were married 10 Oct 1850, Jackson Co.,
IA, by Eld. N. H. Potten.
Adjutant General's Office, Washington, D.C., 24 Apr 18xx
...Henry Snodgrass was enrolled on 15 Aug 1862 at Magnoketa, in Co. F
31st Regt. of Iowa Vol. to serve 3 years... and mustered into service as a
private on 15 Aug 1862 in Davenport... from enrollment to 31 Dec 1862 he is
reported present for duty; Jan & Feb 63 sick in hospl.; Reported absent sick
to 30 Jun 1863; muster out roll of Co. dated 27 Jun 1865 report him discharged
22 May 1863. The records of this office furnish no evidence of disability Nov
62 as claimed or the nature of sickness for which reported in Hospl.
Death Record
Jackson Co., IA... Henry Snodgrass; age 58 years; farmer; d. 9 Mar 1883 at
Iron Hill; married; born Ohio; male; white; d. of dropsy; duration of disease
5 years; buried 10 Mar 1883 in Iron Hill; residence Maquokela, IA.


John Snodgrass, b. 1839?, d. 5 Apr 1903; m. Sarah Margaret Swift,
4 Jul 1871, Jackson Co., IA, by John Binne J.P.; on 5 Jul 1898 
he lists one child, Eli Barnabus, b. 23 Nov 1873, but on affidavit
(18 Oct 1920) re his mother, Margaret, Chris Snodgrass swears that 
he has been her sole support for a number of years. 
John enrolled as a private in Jackson Co., IA, in Co. F, 
31st Regt., IA; discharged as Corporal, 17th Jun 1865 at Louisville,
KY; also mustered out at Washington, DC, Jun 6, 1865. Was struck 
by lightning near Manchester, VA, on 1 Jun 1865, leaving him with
partial paralysis of head on right side, and double vision in right
eye; later developed lung and heart disease. In 1888 he was 49 
years old, 5'7", 190 lbs. Died 5 Apr 1903.

Certificate #384786.
[vss - John s/o Eli Snodgrass & Mary Templeton


William Snodgrass, b. 24 Oct 1842 at Washington Courthouse, OH; 
m. Laura Leucretia Johnson of Emmeline, Jackson Co., IA, 
on 16 Sep 1866 by F. Swift, J.P. Children: 
Francis Marion, b. 12 Oct 1871
Mary Myrtle, b. 7 Sep 1876 (dead in 1915)
Allan Dee, b. 13 Sep 1881
James Clarence and Clara Josephine (twins) b. 23 Feb 1884
Ethel Mabel, b. 31 Aug 1890. 
[vss - A son, R. I. Snodgrass, paid for his mother's (Laura) 
funeral expenses during period 16-18 Nov 1931, and 1920 Blackhawk
Co IA has a Raymond Snodgrass.]

William enlisted 15 Aug 1862 at Emeline, Jackson Co., IA, as a 
private in Co. F, 31st Iowa Vol.; discharged 27 Jun 1865 at 
Louisville, KY. Description: 5'7", light complexion, blue eyes,
light hair, occupation farmer. Moved to Waterloo, IA, in 1913. 
William died in Waterloo on 25 Sep 1926 of chronic interstitial
nephritis. Death Certificate lists his father as Eli Snodgrass,
born in VA, mother was Mary Templeton. Laura died on 16 Nov 1931
of myocarditis and uremia. She was b. in Jackson Co., IA, daughter
of James Johnson and Eunice Cooley, both b. in OH. 
Certificate #437598.

[excerpts from ...]

Answers to questionnaire sent to Mrs. Henry Snodgrass, Waverly,
IA, 31 Jul 1931; apparently answered by Henry Snodgrass himself:

RSC: Are youu of the Snodgras family?
ans.: Hugh Snodgrass family

RSC: What was full name of you husband?
ans.: Henry Snodgrass

RSC: When was he born?
ans.: b. 20 Sep 1871, youngest of 5 children.

RSC: If dead, give me date of death
ans. (line indicating n/a)

RSC: What was his fathers name: 
ans.: Hugh Snodgrass

RSC: In what county & state did his father live:
ans.: Ohio & Iowa

RSC: Where was his father born?
ans.: Washington County Ohio

RSC: When born?
ans.: August 2, 1832 

RSC: when did his father die?
ans.: when small child

RSC: where living when he died? 
ans.: Ohio

RSC: Can you tell me from whence your husbands people came 
when frist they settled in Iowa?
ans.: Ohio moved to Jackson County Iowa

[vss - Hugh Snodgrass m. 1856 Jackson Co IA Lucinda Clark; they
lived Tama Co IA 1870, their 5 ch: Benniah b. 1858, Mary, Emma,
William, and Henry; Hugh died 1895 Tama Co IA]

RSC: Are your people suposed to be of an Old Virginia Family
ans.: Don't know

RSC: Can you give me name and address of persons interested
in gathering and preserving Snodgras History data
ans.: There is people by the name of Snodgrass living in 
Waterloo, Iowa, but don't know their first names

RSC: If you have any old bibles, won't you please copy for me
dates of all births, deaths and marriages shown therein.
ans.: The bible we have belongs to Hugh & Lucinda Snodgrass
parents of Henry Snodgrass. All dates of birth & deaths are of
brothers & sisters, but if you should wish the record we would
be glad to send them.
Sincerely, Henry Snodgrass

[vss - was still living Waverly, IA 1978].

[written on back of questionaire in Henry's hand:
Hugh Snodgrass was an old Civil War veteran and his discharge
paper is not in our possession, but George Covant<?> of Garwin,
IA, has them. (vss - George m. Henry's sister Mary Snodgrass)
Hugh Snodgrass had 3 brothers 1 sister
Mary Tracey was sister's name.
Joe Snodgrass in Texas, also dead
Henry Snodgrass all dead, had no family
Wash Snodgrass, near Maqwoketa, IA.]


JASPER COUNTY (977.7594)

1850 census transcription - NS
1860 census - yes
1870 census - yes (only part of county checked)
1880 soundex - yes
1900 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

Bible Records of Missouri, vol. 4, by Ellsberry.

Jasper Co. Cemetery Records (by??) yes
Jasper Co., IA, Cemeteries: Newton Twp. (Except Newton Union) (Jasper Co. Gen. Soc.)

Record of the Congregation of Christ Church, Galesburg, Jasper Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.) NS

DIRECTORIES Newton City Directory (Young--1899) NS

The History of Jasper Co., IA (Western Hist. Co.--1878) yes
A History of Newton, IA (Hurto--1992) yes
Iowa Cousins: A Genealogy (Beck & Gettman) yes
Past and Present of Jasper Co., IA (Weaver--1912) (partial index) NS
Portrait and Biographical Record of Jasper, Marshall and Grundy Counties, IA 
(Biographical Pub. Co., Chicago--1894) yes
The Redhead of Jasper Co., IA: Autobiography with Emphasis on the Grade Schools of 
Early Jasper Co., IA (Wilson & McMeen--1976) NS
Suly Centennial, 1882-1982 (The Committee--1982) (partial index) NS

LAND RECORDS Jasper Co., IA, Land Atlas & Plat Book, 1976 (Rockford Map Pub.) yes

articles clipped by members of the Snodgrass Clan Society
Marriages 1880-1900 Taken from the Files of the Prairie City News - (unindexed)
Obituaries, Marriages, 1880-1900, Taken from the Files of the Prairie City News, Official
Paper for Prairie City and Jasper Co. (unindexed)

PERIODICALS The Jasper Co. Gleaner, vols. 9-17 (Jasper Co. Gen. Soc.) (unindexed)

Iowa Genealogical Records, vol. 22 - yes
Jasper County Marriage Records, 1880-1890 - yes
Jasper County Marriages, vol. 1 (by ??) yes
Jasper County Marriages, vol. 1, 1890-1894 - yes
Jasper County marriages, vol. 2, 1894-1898 - yes


7 May 1859 -- Christ Church, Galesburg:
Garrett Snodgrass joined; died.
Lutitia Snodgrass joined; removed with letter, 26 Feb 1893.

7 Sep 1859 -- Henry Snodgrass married Mary Jane Cating (page 54).
<1860 Jasper Co., IN>

1860 Census

Elk Creek Twp., Galesburg P.O., page 12, #81/77 (enumerated 16 Jun 1860):
Morris Keiting 38-M-OH farmer, $3700/600
Henry J. Snodgrass 21-M-IN <1850 Marion Co., IN; m. 1859 Jasper Co., IA>
F. M. Woodward 26-M-IN master carpenter, $3000/400

Elk Creek Twp., Galesburg P.O., page 17, #117/108:
Garrett Snodgrass 46-M-KY farmer, $3000/825
Luticia Snodgrass 47-F-KY domestic <Lutitia Toone>
<m. 1836 Marion Co., IN>
Robert Snodgrass 19-M-IN farm laborer <m. 1865 Martha A. Selman>
Alexander Snodgrass 16-M-IN <m. 1867 Sarah A. Hughes>
Harriett Snodgrass 14-M-IN <m. 1864 Henry L. Kroh>
Oliver Snodgrass 9-M-IN
Malinda A. Snodgrass 5-F-IA
<1850 & 1870 Marion Co., IN>

13 Apr 1862 -- Henry J. Snodgrass joined Christ Church of Galesburg; removed,

letter, 19 Mar 1903.

14 Apr 1862 -- Harriet Snodgrass joined Christ Church of Galesburg.

16 Apr 1862 -- Alexander Snodgrass joined Christ Church of Galesburg; moved

without letter.

14 Feb 1864 -- Robert S. Snodgrass joined Christ Church of Galesburg; removed,

no letter.

4 Aug 1864 -- Harriett A. Snodgrass married Henry L. Kroh (page 100).

30 Nov 1865 -- Robert S. Snodgrass married Martha A. Selman/Silman (page 119).
<1870 Jasper Co., IA>

1866 -- Roster & Record of IA Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion, vol. II,

10th Regiment, IA Vol. Inf. -- Robert S. Snodgrass (veteran). Age 20.

Residence Galesburg, nativity Indiana. Enlisted 28 Aug 1861. Mustered 7 Sep

1861. Wounded severely in nead 25 Nov 1863, Mission Ridge, TN. Reenlisted

and re-mustered 30 Mar 1864. Mustered out 15 Aug 1865, Little Rock, AR.

28 Nov 1867 -- Alexander Snodgrass married Sarah A. Hughes (page 175).
<1870 Jasper Co., IA>

1870 Census

Elk Creek Twp., page 244, #78:
Garret Snodgrass 56-M-KY farmer, $5000/1650
Leuticia Snodgrass 57-F-IN
Oliver Snodgrass 19-M-IN farmer
Anna Snodgrass 15-F-IA
<1860 Jasper Co., IA>

Elk Creek Twp., page 245, #80/82:
Alexander Snodgrass 27-M-IN farmer, 0/$100
Sarah A. Snodgrass 23-F-IL <Sarah A. Hughes>
<m. 1867 Jasper Co., OH>
Ella/Elta Snodgrass 2-F-IA
Carrie Snodgrass 6m-F-IA b. Dec
<1880 Jasper Co., IA>

Elk Creek Twp., page 251, #176/182:
H. J. Snodgrass 33-M-IN farmer, $2800/1000 <Henry>
Mary J. Snodgrass 28-F-IN <Mary Jane Cating>
Lelen Snodgrass 9-M-IA
Orvil E. Snodgrass 7-M-IA
Eldora Snodgrass 6-F-IA
Ethel Snodgrass 3-F-IA
Henry A. Snodgrass 2-M-IA
Arthur Snodgrass 6m-M-IA b. Dec
<1860 & 1880 Jasper Co., IA>

Independence Twp., page 292, #27:
Sarah Snodgrass 50-F-OH none, 0/$765
David Labourne 29-M-OH farmer
Nancy J. Labourne 27-F-OH 

Lynn Grove Twp., page 326, #69:
Robert S. Snodgrass 29-M-IN farmer, $2100/1320
Marth Snodgrass 29-F-OH <Martha A. Selman>
<m. 1865 Jasper Co., IA>
Olive F. Snodgrass 4-F-IA
Robertie Snodgrass 2-F-IA
Amzi B. Snodgrass 2m-M-IA

25 Dec 1875 -- Annie Snodgrass married Wm. A. Nims.

24 Oct 1877 -- Florence Mable Snodgrass, d/o H. J. & M. J., d. 24 Oct 1877,

age 1m 27d; buried Dairy Grove Cemetery, Lynn Grove Twp.

1878 -- Hist. of Jasper Co., IA:
page 406: 
Casualties of 26 Jun 1875 between 10 and 11 o'clock in the evening, while

a Lyceum was in session at Rose Hill School House, 2 miles S. of Galesburg,

lightening struck the building, splitting the studding and ripping off the

siding. It then knocked down all but three or four of the forty or fifty

persons then in the room. No one was killed. Those most injured were W. R.

Snodgrass, John Honnell, Daniel Welty, and Mrs. Alice Sellman.
- - - - - - - - - - 
page 419:
13th Infantry, Co. B: Robert S. Snodgrass enlisted 28 Aug 1861; wounded

at Mission Ridge, Vet, 1 Feb 1864.
- - - - - - - - - -
page 430:
3rd Cavalry: Alex Snodgrass, enlisted 24 Feb 1864, mustered out 9 Aug

- - - - - - - - - -
page 501:
Mattie Snodgrass taught B Primary for Prairie City Ind. School D.
- - - - - - - - - - 
page 502:
Methodist Episcopal Church and Prairie City: Rev. Snodgrass.
- - - - - - - - - -
page 527:
Newton Twp.: Garratt Snodgrass, retired.
- - - - - - - - - -
page 597:
Palo Alto Twp.: A. Snodgrass, farmer, P.O. Reasonor.

1880 Soundex

Newton Twp., 17-94-60-41:
Alex Snodgrass 37-M-IN/KY/KY farmer
Sarrah Snodgrass 34-F-IL/NY/NY wife <Sarah A. Hews>
Ora Snodgrass 12-F-IA/IN/IL dau.
Dolly Snodgrass 9-F-IA/IN/IL dau. <m. 1894 William M. Kirk>
Oliver Snodgrass 7-M-IA/IN/IL son
Harriett Snodgrass 5-F-IA/IN/IL dau. <m. 1898 John L. Conn>
Marlow Snodgrass 3-M-IA/IN/IL son
<1870 & 1900 Jasper Co., IA>

Elk Creek Twp., 17-99-5-5:
Henry Snodgrass 42-M-IN/PA/KY farmer
Mary Jane Snodgrass 38-F-IN/OH/OH wife
Orville J.? Snodgrass 17-M-IA/IN/IN son 
<Orville Ellsworth Snodgrass; m. 1894 Syrena Smith>
Eldora Snodgrass 16-F-IA/IN/IN dau. <m. 1885 Charles H. Howell>
Ethel Snodgrass 13-F-IA/IN/IN dau. <m. 1885 Grant Ferguson>
Alfred H. Snodgrass 12-M-IA/IN/IN son 
<Alfred Henry Snodgrass; m. 1898 Nora G. Trafton>
Arther M. Snodgrass 10-M-IA/IN/IN son <d. 1885>
Ivan E. Snodgrass 9-M-IA/IN/IN son
Harold M. Snodgrass 7-M-IA/IN/IN son
Eva A. Snodgrass 6-F-IA/IN/IN dau. <m. 1893 Charles H. Swisher>
Lora E. Snodgrass 4-F-IA/IN/IN dau. <m. 1891 Leander Patterson>
<1870 & 1900 Jasper Co., IA>

13 Nov 1883 -- obituary of Mattie Snodgrass in Prairie City News (see Boone

Co., IA).

24 Feb 1884 -- Stella L. Kroh, 19, b. IA, d/o Henry L. Kroh & Hattie A.

Snodgrass; married Lewis B. Carpenter, 25, b. IL, s/o Sanford Carpenter & Ella


23 Aug 1885 -- Dora G./A. Snodgrass, 21, b. IA, d/o D. Snodgrass & Mary G.

Cating; married Charles H. Howell, 20, b. IN, s/o John Howell & Sarah Wynkoop;

by Joseph Arnold.

23 Aug 1885 -- Ethel Snodgrass, 19, b. IA, d/o H. J. Snodgrass & M. J. Cating;

married Grant Ferguson, 22, b. IA, s/o Vincent Ferguson & Margaret Fogel; by

J. Arnold.

2 Oct 1885 -- Arthur Snodgrass, s/o H. J. & M. J., d. 2 Oct 1885, age 13y 6m

9d; buried Dairy Grove Cemetery.

15 Aug 1886 -- Lee Snodgrass, 26, b. IA, s/o Henry J. Snodgrass & M. J. Catnip

[Cating]; married Angie Kinzeback, 21, d/o John P. Kinzeback & Abigail Casson;

by Joseph Hewitt, Justice of the Peace.
<1900 Jasper Co., IA>

30 Apr 1890 -- Frank L. Krah, farmer, 20, s/o Henry Krah & Harriett Snodgrass;
married Emma Perry, 20, d/o Joshua Perry & Mattie Green; both res. Jasper Co. (#2099).

29 Jun 1890 -- Charley L. Kroh, farmer, 23, s/o Henry Kroh & Harriett Snodgrass; married
Annah Ross, 20, d/o James G. Ross & Martha Victor; both res. Galesburg (#2188).

21 Jun 1891 -- Christ Church of Galesburg:
Lura Snodgrass joined; removed with letter 26 Feb 1893.
Eva Snodgrass joined; removed with letter 26 Feb 1893.

20 Jul 1891 -- Laura Snodgrass, 18, of Elk Creek Twp., d/o Henry J. Snodgrass & Mary
Cating; married Leander Patterson, 23, of Sherman Twp., s/o Gillian Patterson & Sallie A.
Logsdon; by Mayor Jos. Stevens in Newton, IA (#2344).

15 Jan 1892 -- H. Z. Snodgrass joined Christ Church of Galesburg; reclaimed, moved.

20 Mar 1893 -- The site for the new Newton No. 6 Hammer School was purchased from
Sarah Snodgrass. It was located in the SE corner of the SE 1/4 of Section 14 
(Hist. of Newton, IA, page ??).

11 Feb 1893 -- Eva A. Snodgrass, 19, of Osceola, d/o Henry J. Snodgrass & Mary Catling;
married Charles H. Swisher, 24, 2nd marriage, farmer, of Osceola (#2731).

22 Mar 1894 -- Dollie Snodgrass, 25, of Newton, d/o Alex Snodgrass & Sarah A. Hews; 
married Wm. M. Kirk, carpenter, age 30, of Caly Co., NE; s/o James Kirk & Ellen Marchbank

16 Oct 1894 -- Orville Ellsworth Snodgrass, 33, farmer, of Sully, s/o Henry J. Snodgrass &
Mary Jane Cating; married Syrena Smith, 30, of Sully, d/o John Smith & Martha M. Haynes.

1894 -- Portrait & Biog. Record of Jasper, Marshall & Grundy Counties, IA:
page 584: (A biographical sketch of A. W. Adair, M.D., contains the following information
His father was Andrew Adair, born in Virginia in 1802, moved to Ohio and then to Indiana, 
where he died in the spring of 1871. His mother was Margaret Snodgrass, born in Virginia in
1799, died in Indiana in 1875. His paternal grandfather was Samuel Adair, born in Scotland,
emigrated to America, died in Ohio. His maternal grandfather was Samuel Snodgrass, who
was of Irish descent, a farmer, and a surveyor. He served during the Revolutionary War, and
spent the last several years of his life in Greene Co., OH, where he died.
Doctor Adair was the oldest of six children, four sons & two daus.. He attended Beechgrove
Seminary in Union Co., IN. He practiced in Hendricks City <state not given>, then moved to
Jasper Co., Iowa. He served in the 54th Indiana Infantry in 1863, until a fall from a building
injured him. 
He married first in 1864 in Indiana Miss Amanda K. Worth, who was born in Indiana. They
have 2 children: Sarah E., a milliner in Des Moines, Iowa, and William S., who lives in
He married second Sarah Ellen Myerly, who was born in Jasper Co., IA, in Jan 1859. They
have 3 children: Inez Edna, Maggie Belle, and Gale M.
<we need a copy of the complete sketch>

Sep 1897 -- Pupils at the Newton No. 6 Hammer School included Louis & Oral
Snodgrass (Hist. of Newton, IA, page 124).

24 Nov 1898 -- Hattie Snodgrass, 24, of Jasper Co., d/o Alex Snodgrass & Sarah H. Hews;
married John L. Conn, 25, of Scotland, s/o David Conn & Grace Linday.

14 Dec 1898 -- Harry M. Snodgrass, 26, of Jasper Co., s/o Henry J. Snodgrass & Mary Jane
Cating; married Nora G. Trafton, 19, of Reno Co., KS, d/o Geo Trafton & Martha E. Green.
<1900 Jasper Co., IA>

1900 Census

Elk Creek Twp., 38-19-10-22:
Henry J. Snodgrass 61-M-IN/KY/KY Jul 1838 m.40y, farmer 
Mary J. Snodgrass 58-F-IN/OH/OH Apr 1842 wife, 16 ch, 12 liv
Jesse Snodgrass 14-M-IA/IN/IN Sep 1885 son
Milton Jarnagin 25-M-OH/OH/OH Mar 1875 son-in-law, m.1y
Bessie Jarnagin 19-F-IA/IN/IN Dec 1880 dau., 0 ch
<1880 Jasper Co., IA>

Fairview Twp., Monroe, 38-20-9-92:
Charles C. Snodgrass 34-M-IA/IA/IA Nov 1865 m.11y, telegraph operator
Effie Snodgrass 32-F-IA/IA/IA Feb 1868 wife, 3 ch, 2 liv 
<Effie Taylor; m. Marion and/or Jackson Co., IA>
Harry T. Snodgrass 10-M-IA/IA/IA Dec 1889 son
David R. Snodgrass 5-M-IA/IA/IA Sep 1894 son
[vss - Charles s/o Wm. G. & Catherine 1870-1880 Marion Co IA]

Lynn Grove Twp., 38-24-9-40:
Lee Snodgrass 39-M-IA/IN/IN Oct 1860 m.14y, farmer
Angeline Snodgrass 34-F-IA/GER/OH Mar 1866 wife, 3 ch, 3 liv 
<Angeline Kinzeback; m. 1886 Jasper Co., IA>
Alice Snodgrass 12- -KS/IA/IA Jul 1887 son?
Mary Snodgrass 9-F-IA/IA/IA Jul 1891 dau.
Henry J. Snodgrass 2-M-IA/IA/IA Feb 1898 son
Harlan E. C. Snodgrass 16-M-IA/IN/IN Jun 1883 brother
<1910 Keokuk Co., IA>

Newton Twp., 38-28-8-59?:
Sara A. Snodgrass 52-F-IL/NY/NY Nov 1847 wid, 8 ch, 6 liv 
<widow of Alexander>
Milo Snodgrass 21-M-IA/IN/IL Aug 1878 son <d. 1959>
Oral Snodgrass 10-M-IA/IN/IL Apr 1890 son <m. Lottie B. ___>
<1880 Jasper Co., IA>

Newton Twp., 38-28-9-63:
Simon Altemeir
Oliver Snodgrass 27-M-IA/IN/IL Sep 1872 
<s/o Alex Snodgrass & Sarah Hews>

Richland Twp., 38-34-5-59:
Harry Snodgrass 27-M-IA/IN/IN Dec 1872 m.1y, farmer
Nora G. Snodgrass 19-F-KS/ME/OH Sep 1881 wife, 1 ch, 1 liv 
<Nora G. Trafton; m. 1898 Jasper Co., IA>
Walter E. Snodgrass 1-M-KS/IA/KS May 1899 son

1 Feb 1903 -- Christ Church of Galesburg:
Letter of removal for Mary J. Snodgrass; d. 1914.

Nov 1903 -- obituary of Rev. Snodgrass in Prairie City News 
(see Boone Co., IA)

19 Mar 1904 -- Christ Church of Galesburg:
Letter of removal for Harley Snodgrass.

1920 Soundex

Newton Twp., 41-34-12-63:
Oral A. Snoddgrass 29-M-IA
Lottie B. Snodgrass 21-F-IA wife 
<Lottie Bess Long; m. 1917 Polk Co., IA>

12 Dec 1920 -- Mrs. S. A. Snodgrass attended the 60th Wedding anniversery of
her sister, Theodata (Hews) Saunders & her brother-in-law Martin Van Buren
Saunders (Hist. of Newton, IA, page 587).

27 Oct 1954 -- Photo taked at old Newton City Garage at First Street North &
North Sixth Ave. West. Work crew includes Milo Snodgrass 
(Hist. of Newton, IA, page 47).

1959 -- Milo Snodgrass, b. 1878 d. 1959, buried West Section, Memorial Park
Cemetery (with Anna Snodgrass, d. 1963).

1963 -- Anna Snodgrass, b. 1885, d. 1963, buried West Section, Memorial Park
Cemetery (with Milo Snodgrass, d. 1959).

1976 -- Land Atlas & Plat Book:
Myron Snodgrass owned the East 1/2 of the Southwest 1/4 of Section 16,
Township 81 North, Range 18 West.

1 Nov 1978 -- Diamond Trail News <not sure what county this is published in>
Funeral services were held at 10 a.m. Wed., 18 Oct 1978, at Wallace

Funeral Home for Clifford Lyle Snodgrass, 52, of Newton. He died Sunday
evening at the Skiff Memorial Hospital and was the brother of Donovan
Snodgrass of Sully. Burial was in the Veterans Section of the Newton Union
Cemetery. A flag presentation was made by members of the Veterans of Foreign
Wars Post No. 1655.
Other survivors are his wife, Betty; two sons, Kevin and Kyle, both at
home; a dau., Vicki Abel of Newton; a grandson, Travis Abel of Newton; his
mother, Mrs. Lucille R. Snodgrass of Grinnell [Poweshiek Co.]; another
brother, Ronnie of Newton; and three sisters, Mrs. Paul (Marceil) Sieck of
Grinnell, Joyce Johnson of Newton, and Phyllis Snodgrass of Philadelphia, PA.
He was preceded in death by his father.
A veteran of World War II and the Korean Conflict, Snodgrass was a
The son of Carrold C. & Lucille R. Altemeier Snodgrass, he was born 
3 Dec 1925 at Newton.
He was married to Betty Dickerson 7 Oct 1961 in Newton.

1992 -- A Hist. of Newton, IA:
page ii: Lucille Snodgrass was on the book committee.
- - - - - - - - - - 
page 554: Emma Elizabeth Peery, d/o Philip Peery & Elizabeth Martha Greer,
was born 3 May 1869, Jasper Co., IA. She was married 29 Apr 1891 in Jasper
Co., IA, to Frank L. Kroh, at the home of her parents. Frank was the son of
Henry L. Kroh & Harriet Snodgrass. Their name was originally Kroah. Frank &
Emma had one son, Alan. They lived most of their long married life south of
Galesburg. Emma died 12 May 1949.
- - - - - - - - - - 
page 607 -- Mildred Swalwell, dau. of James Weaver Swallwell & Carrie Bell
Miller, married first 3 Oct 1935 Viggo M. Balmer (d. Oct 1954). She married
second 29 Sep 1956 Wilbur Snodgrass.

(no dates) -- Bessie Snodgrass & Elbert Snodgrass were members of Christ
Church of Galesburg; both moved away.

(no date) -- Iowa Cousins, pages 203 & 209:
Leander (Lee) Paterson, b. 14 Jan 1869 in Jasper Co., IA, s/o Gillian Falls
Patterson & Sarah Ann Logsten; m. 20 Jul 1891 Laura Snodgrass; d. 18 Nov 1946;
both buried at What Cheer, IA.
1) Dorothy Paterson
2) Lucille Paterson (d. age 12)
3) Lyle Patterson
4) Virgil Lee Patterson


Robert S. Snodgrass, volunteered as a private, Capt. Drew's Co., 10th Regt.,
Iowa Vols, at Galesburg, IA, on 22 Aug 1861; discharged 15 Aug 1865. Died on
3 Aug 1890; killed by a railroad train in Ogden, Utah. Married Martha Sellman
on 29 Nov 1865, by Raymond Alen Hickey, at Galesburg, IA. Robert filed for
pension prior to 15 Sep 1877 for gunshot wound to head, suffered at Mission
Ridge, TN, on/abt 25 Nov 1863. Earliest document in file is a Surgeon's
Certificate bearing date 15 Sep, describing the scar and results of wound;
Robert is described as 5'10", weight 148, complexion sandy, age 37. He was
drawing his pension at Des Moines, IA, agency. On Sep 8, 1881, he was in
Lincoln Co., KS, where he was examined again by a Surgeon, who says Robert has
constant pain in his head, loss of memory, difficult speech, some blindness.
By 10 Nov 1887, he was in Indian Territory, Lobucksey? Co., age 47; address:
Savanna, Choctaw Nation Indian Territory; he is now blind in one eye and other
one is affected. Martha filed for a Widow's Pension in Weber Co., UT on 5 May
1891 (writing illegible). No children are mentioned. Affidavits from Beal
and Byron Sellman, father and brother of Martha, who state that they were
present at wedding of Robert and Martha; also from Edmund Hulaniski, who
states that he assisted at funeral of Robert, and knows Martha to be his
widow. Pension check for Martha, Union Soldiers Home was returned to the
Bureau of Pension, 15 Mar 1921, stating that she had died. Widow's Pension
#341,686. Robert's Pension Certificate #124,433. <There is a sheet from the
file of William H. Selsby in this file.>

From Bible Records of Missouri, vol. 4, by Ellsberry.

Bible of Mrs. E. R. McKee (Minnie Snodgrass), Macon, MO.
<There is also information on the Cating family>

Leland Rosco Snodgrass was born Oct. 22, 1860
Angielina Kinzebach was born March 5, 1866
Leland Rosco Snodgrass and Angielina Kinzebach 
was united in marriage August 15, 1886 at Galesburg, Iowa.
Alice Mae Snodgrass was born July 6, 1887
Mary Abigal Snodgrass was born July 27, 1891
Henry J. Snodgrass was born February 13, 1898
Minnie Ida Snodgrass was born June 8, 1903
Fredrick William Smith was born July 11, 1891
Mary Abigal Snodgrass Smith was born July 27, 1891
Charles Henry Smith was born August 13, 1911
Clifford William Smith was born April 28, 1913
Harold Leslie Stanley was born July 6, 1911
Delma Lorene Stanley was born May 8th, 1913
Lester Leroy Stanley was born July 1, 1914
Alice Mae Snodgrass Stanley was born July 6, 1887
Dayton A. Stanley was born November 7, 1886




Jefferson Co., IA, Index to All Tombstones, Round Prairie Twp. (Baird/IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Jefferson Co., IA, Index to All Tombstones, Buchanan Twp. (Baird/IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Jefferson Co., IA, Index to All Tombstones, Cedar Twp. (Baird/IA Gen. Soc.) NS

CENSUS RECORDS 1870 census - yes

Roster and Record of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion, 17th-31st Regiments - yes

Iowa Genealogical Records, vol. 48 - yes
Jefferson Co., IA, Marriages, 1857-1860 - yes
Jefferson Co., IA, Marriages, 1880-1899 (Baird) NS
Jefferson Co., IA, Marriages, 1900-1909 (IA Gen. Soc.) NS


17 Jan 1861 -- John C. Snodgrass married Ellenor Crail; by John Hayden,
Minister of the Gospel.
<1870 Jefferson Co., IA>

28 Jul 1863 -- Emma Snodgrass married Boston Kime; by A. R. Fulton.

1866 -- Roster and Record of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion:
17th Regt., IA Vol. Inf. -- 
John C. Snodgrass, age [at enlistment] 31, res. Fairfield, nativity PA.
Enlisted 25 Mar 1862, as First Sergeant. Mustered 11 Apr 1862. Promoted
Second Lieutenant 4 Jul 1862. First Lieutenant 9 Dec 1862. Captain 1 Mar
1863. Mustered out 26 Mar 1864, Davenport, IA, expiration of enlistment.

1870 Census

Fairfield Twp., #273/273:
John Snodgrass 38-M-PA carpenter, $2000
Ella Snodgrass 35-F-PA <Ellenor Crail; m. 1861 Jefferson Co., IA>
Bernard Snodgrass 1-M-IA
Cyntha Crail 15-F-IA
Mandy A. Crail 71-F-PA
Mary Williams 40-F-PA
<1880 Madison Co., IA>



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JONES COUNTY (977.763)

Madison Center Cemetery, Madison Twp., Jones Co., IA (Story & Story)
[includes original entries & land patents, 1852-1854; 1856, 1860, &
1870 Madison Twp. censuses] NS
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1850 census transcription - NS
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1900 Soundex

Hale Twp., 41-55-10-27 (77?):
Pat Folley
Fred D. Snodgrass 22-M-OH/OH/WV Jun 1877 boarder, day laborer



1856 state census - yes <low-quality film, difficult to read>
1860 census - yes
1870 census - yes
1880 census - yes
1880 soundex - yes
1900 census/soundex - yes
1910 census - yes <portions of the film were dim and nearly illegible>
1920 soundex - yes

Alphabetized Cemetery Listing, Keokuk County (Keokuk Co. Hist. Project)
yes (the only info given is which cemetery they are buried in)
Cemetery Records of Various Iowa Counties, vols. 1 & 2 (LDS Soc.) yes
Iowa Genealogical Records, vol. 1 - yes

HISTORY & GENEALOGY Keota, IA, History, 1872-1936 (unindexed)

Roster and Record of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion, 
9th-16th Regts. - yes

articles clipped by members of the Snodgrass Clan Society

Keokuk Co., IA, Marriages, 1844-1860 (IA Gen. Soc.) yes
Keokuk Co., IA, Marriages, 1844-1927 (Daniels) yes


18 Jan 1855 -- Martha W. Snodgrass married John Tibbett.

4 Mar 1856 -- Mary A. Snodgrass married Lake/Luke Dunshee.

1856 State Census - Keokuk Co IA

Clear Creek Twp., page 882, #26/31:
Wm. M. Snodgrass 42-M-PA, 1y in state, farmer, voter, in militia
Elisa Snodgrass 42-F-VA, 1y in state [Eliza Beard] 
Nancy M. Snodgrass 20-F-OH, 1y in state
James A. Snodgrass 18-M-OH, 1y in state 
[b. 1838 Union Co OH; d. 1902 Adams Co NE]
Jane A. Snodgrass 15?-F-OH, 1y in state
Mary A. Snodgrass 10-F-OH, 1y in state
Angeline T. Snodgrass 8-F-OH, 1y in state
Ada V. Snodgrass 5-F-OH, 1y in state
Wm. P.? Snodgrass 2?-M-OH, 1y in state
[1850 Union Co OH]

Clear Creek Twp., page 882, #27/33:
James R. Snodgrass 43-M-PA carpenter, voter
Phebe A. Snodgrass 39-F-NJ <Phoebe Ann Beers; m. 1839 Clark Co OH>
Wm. I. Snodgrass 11?-M-OH [William G. 16 ? - was 10 - 1850]
Sarah E. Snodgrass 10?-F-OH [14 ? was 8 - 1850]
Jeanie? J. Snodgrass 9-F-OH [Fanny ? 12 ? was 6 - 1850]
James C.? S.? Snodgrass 7-M-OH [as Josiah 1 - 1850 ?]
E?__ ___ 3?-F-OH
___ ___ __-_-__
<1850 Union Co., OH; 1860 Keokuk Co., IA>

Washington Twp., page 1262, #3/3:
Moses Snodgrass 25-M-IN, 2y in state, farmer, voter, militia 
[s/o Eleazor & Sarah]
Elizabeth A. Snodgrass 18-F-IL, 2y in state 
<Elizabeth A. McClenahan / McClanahan; m. 1853 Stark Co., IL>
E.? George? M. Snodgrass 1-M-IA [Eleazor on 1860]
<1850 Hancock Co., IN; 1860 Keokuk Co., IA>
[vss - brothers Moses & James T. bought land 27 Oct 1851 
in Stark Co IL]

Washington Twp., page 1262, #4/4:
J. D.? Snodgrass 28-M-KY, 2y in state, farmer, voter, militia
[James T. Snodgrass s/o Eleazor & Sarah]
Nancy A. Snodgrass 22-F-IN, 2y in state 
[Nancy Ann Long; m. 1849 Hancock Co IN]
Manora A. Snodgrass 5-F-IN
Martha J. Snodgrass 4-F-IL
Loretta? E. Snodgrass 2-F-IL
[1850 Hancock Co IN; 1860 Mahaska Co., IA; 1870 Page Co IA]

1860 Keokuk Co IA Census

Liberty Twp., So. English P.O., p. 56, #390/389 (enum. 12 Jun 1860):
Joseph Penyard 27-M-PA farmer, $600/200
+ wife & 1 child
James A. Snodgrass 19-M-OH C. S. teacher

Lafayette Twp., Tallyand P.O., p. 72, #502/505 (enum. 16 Jun 1850):
J. R. Snodgrass 51-M-PA cabinet maker, $400/100 <James R.>
Rhoda A. Snodgrass 48-F-NJ <Phoebe Ann Beers> [1880 Marion Co IA]
William G. Snodgrass 19-M-OH [1870 Marion Co IA]
Sarah G. Snodgrass 17-F-OH
Luissa Snodgrass 13-F-OH
Josiah S. Snodgrass 11-M-OH
Edwin D. Snodgrass 8-M-OH
<1856 & 1870 Keokuk Co., IA>

Washington Twp., Springfield P.O., p. 225, #1579/1584 (enum. 7 Jul 1860):
B. A. Snodgrass 33-M-KY farmer, $1000/400 <Benjamin A.>
Rizpah Snodgrass 29-F-IN <m. 1843 Hancock Co., IN>
Laura A. Snodgrass 11-F-IN
Sarah V. Snodgrass 4-F-IA
Levicy V. Snodgrass 1-F-IA
David Snodgrass 21-M-IN day laborer
<1850 Hancock Co., IN; 1870 Keokuk Co., IA>

Washington Twp., Springfield P.O., page 225, #1580/1585:
Moses Snodgrass 30-M-IN farmer, $2000/500 [s/o Eleazor & Sarah]
Elizabeth Snodgrass 24-F-IL [Elizabeth A. McClenahan]
Eleazor Snodgrass 5-M-IA
Melvina Snodgrass 4-F-IA
Leona Snodgrass 3-F-IA
Eugene Snodgrass 1-M-IA
<1850 Hancock Co IN; 1856 & 1870 Keokuk Co., IA>

Washington Twp., Springfield P.O., page 225, #1582/1586:
John Snodgrass 24-M-IN day laborer, 0/$40
Jane Snodgrass 22-F-IN
Julia A. Snodgrass 4-F-IA
Okane Snodgrass 15-M-IN day laborer 
<see pension application, Nuckolls Co., IA>
<1870 Mahaska Co., IA>

1866 -- Eleventh Regt., IA Vol. Inf., Co. F:
James A. Snodgrass, age 24; res. Talleyrand; nativity, OH; enlisted 23 Sep 1861; mustered 
8 Oct 1861; discharged for disability 17 Mar 1862, Cairo, IL. 
[vss - from pension application: After leaving service he resided in Keokuk Co, IA, Union
Co, OH, Adams Co, NE. At 41 he was living in Hastings, Adams Co, NE. Cert # 433,245.]

31 May 1866 -- Okane Snodgrass married Sidney A. Tipton. 

20 Apr 1869 -- Laura Snodgrass married Oliver B. Jones.

24 Nov 1870 -- Angeline T. Snodgrass married Daniel H. Mitchell.

24 Nov 1870 -- Mary A. Snodgrass married Amburton M. Tracy.

1870 Keokuk Co IA Census

Clear Creek Twp., #6/6:
J. R./N. Turner 34-M-OH farmer, $3000/1000
Emile E. Turner 29-F-OH
E. D. Snodgrass 18-M-OH
Fanny E. Snodgrass 8-F-IA
Lowell A. Snodgrass 3-M-IA

Clear Creek Twp., #120/122;
Wm. Snodgrass 63-M-PA farmer, $800/835
Eliza Snodgrass 56-F-VA 
Jane Vastine 29-F-OH
Mary Snodgrass 24-F-OH
Angeline Snodgrass 22-F-OH
Ada Snodgrass 19-F-OH
William P. Snodgrass 16-M-OH
Heber Snodgrass 12-M-OH
Walker Snodgrass 5-M-IA
William O.? Snodgrass 5-M-IA
<1860 Washington Co., IA>

Clear Creek Twp., #122/124:
J. R. Snodgrass 60-M-PA cabinet maker, $600/190 [James R. d. 1879]
Phebe Snodgrass 53-F-NJ [Phoebe A. Beers, m. 1839 Clark Co OH]
Sarah A. Snodgrass 27-F-OH
Josiah Snodgrass 21-M-OH
Edwin D. Snodgrass 19-M-IA
<1860 Keokuk Co., IA>
[their son William G. Snodgrass is on 1870 Marion Co IA w/wife Catherine]

Lafayette Twp., #167/167:
Rufus Carriss 37-M-NY
Mary J. Carriss -F-OH
Spencer Snodgrass 21-M-OH working on farm [1880 Nemaha KS]
Cyrus Snodgrass 23-M-OH working on farm [1860 Washington Co IA]

Washington Twp., #42/42:
Moses Snodgrass 40-M-IN farmer
Elizabeth Snodgrass 34-F-IL
Eleazer M. C. Snodgrass 15-M-IA [see Logan Co OK (1890 Territorial Census)] 
Sarah W. Snodgrass 13-F-IA
Mary L. S. Snodgrass 12-F-IA <m. 1874 Owen Legg>
Robert E. Snodgrass 10-M-IA <m. 1879 S. E. Elliott>
James W. Snodgrass 7-M-IA
Moses R. Snodgrass 5-M-IA [Moses Russell Snodgrass, aka Russell Snodgrass]
Anna May Snodgrass 3-F-IA
Tilly J. Snodgrass 1-F-IA
<1860 & 1880 Keokuk Co., IA>

Washington Twp., #45/45:
B. A. Snodgrass 45-M-KY farmer, $2500/635 <Benjamin>
Rizpah Snodgrass 41-F-IN <m. 1843 Hancock Co., IN>
Laura Ann Snodgrass 18-F-IN <m. 1872 W. B. Smothers>
Sarah V. Snodgrass 14-F-IA
Luvica J. Snodgrass 11-F-IA
Jno. Kane Snodgrass 7-M-IA
Iowa Snodgrass 3-F-IA
<1860 & 1880 Keokuk Co., IA>

6 Apr 1871 -- Jefferson Snodgrass married Loretta E. Merritt.

13 Jan 1872 -- Laura Ann Snodgrass married W. B. Smothers.

28 Nov 1872 -- Sarah M. Snodgras, 16, married Robert F. Legg.

11 May 1874 -- Sarah Snodgrass, 64, married Daniel Long, 64.
<1900 Keokuk Co., IA>

28 Jun 1874 -- Mary L. L. Snodgrass, 16, married Owen Legg, 17.

18 Aug 1874 -- George Snodgrass married Polly Ellen McBeth.

14 Dec 1876 -- John F. Snodgrass married Mary Ann Zeighler.
<1880 Keokuk Co., IA>

7 Jun 1879 -- Keota Eagle Newspaper, Keota, IA, Sat. morning, 7 Jun 1879:
Died at Talleyrand June 5, 1879, 2 A.M., Mr. James Snodgrass, aged 70 years and 2 months. 
Mr. Snodgrass had enjoyed but poor health for several years and since last August he had
been a confined invalid. At that time he received a stroke of paralysis from which he never
fully recovered. Had several additional strokes recently. Had not spoken for six weeks prior
to his death. Funeral at the M.E. Church today Friday at 10 A.M. Services by Rev. Danshin. 
Buried in Talleyrand Cemetery in a coffin his own hands made. The community and the
church have lost a pillar. [vss - James R. Snodgrass husband of Phoebe]

31 Dec 1879 -- R. E. Snodgrass <Robert>, 20 (m.) married S. E. Elliott <Sarah>, 19 (f.).
<1880 Keokuk Co., IA>

1880 Keokuk Co IA Census

Washington Twp., #164/165:
E. Snodgrass 20-M-IA/IN/IN farmer <Robert E. Snodgrass>
Sarah Snodgrass 19-F-IA/IN/IN <Sarah Elliott>
<m. 1879 Keokuk Co., IA>

Washington Twp., 19-154-18-10:
John Snodgrass 43-M-IN
Mary Snodgrass 40-F-IN <Mary Ann Zeighler; m. 1876 Keokuk Co., IA>
Zolly Snodgrass 10-F-IA <m. ca. 1895 Nina ___>
Daisy Snodgrass 2-F-IA <m. 1896 Calvin F. Simpson>
George Zeigher 42-M-IA

Washington Twp., 19-154-24-15:
M. Snodgrass 49-M-IN <Moses Snodgrass>
Elizabeth Snodgrass 42-F-IL wife [Elizabeth McClanahan]
J. W. Snodgrass 17-M-IA son <m. 1887 Abbie A. Brokaw> [James W. Snodgrass]
Russel Snodgrass 15-M-IA son <m. 1887 Mattie Tucker> [Moses Russell Snodgrass]
Anna May Snodgrass 13-F-IA dau.
Tilly J. Snodgrass 10-F-IA dau. <m. 1888 Fred F. Armstrong>
Ora W. Snodgrass 8-F-IA dau. <m. 1892 George W. Hardy>
Homer Snodgrass 6-M-IA son <William Homer, m. 1896 Bertha Perry>
<1870 Keokuk Co., IA>

Washington Twp., 19-154-25-35:
Ben Snodgrass 56-M-KY <or IA?> [Benjamin]
Respie Snodgrass 50-F-IN wife [Rizpah]
Sarah Snodgrass 23-F-IN dau. <m. 1880 George C. Greenlee>
Terisa Snodgrass 21-F-IA dau.
Cain Snodgrass 15-M-IA son
Iowa Snodgrass 13-F-IA dau. <m. 1888 Willilam D. Ewing>
Nattie Snodgrass 7-F-IA dau.
<1870 & 1900 Keokuk Co., IA>

4 Aug 1880 -- Sarah V. Snodgrass, 24, married George C. Greenlee, 24.

5 Jun 1887 -- J. W. <James Walter> Snodgrass, 23, married Abbie A. Brokaw, 19.

24 Nov 1887 -- Russell Snodgrass [s/o Moses & Elizabeth], 22, married [m1] Mattie Tucker.

27 Jun 1888 -- Iowa R. Snodgrass, 19, married William D. Ewng <?>, 22.

9 Dec 1888 -- Tillie Snodgrass, 19, married Fred F. Armstrong, 20.

23 Nov 1892 -- Ora L. Snodgrass, 21, married Geo. W. Hardy, 23.

7 Dec 1892 -- Snodgrass, infant son of R. E. & Sarah, b. 6 Dec 1892, d. 7 Dec 1892, buried
Garrett Cemetery, Sect. 35, Washington Twp.

11 May 1893 -- Snodgrass, infant dau. of R. E. & Sarah, b. & d. 11 May 1893,
buried Garrett Cemetery.

16 Jun 1896 -- Daisy M. Snodgrass married Calvin F. Simpson.

3 Aug 1896 -- William Snodgrass <William Homer>, 23, married Bertha Perry, 15.

17 Jan 1899 -- Nola Marea Snodgrass, b. 8 Jan 1899, d. 17 Jan 1899, d/o O. E. & S., buried
Springfield Cemetery, Sect. 34, Washington Twp. (with Syrena Snodgrass, d. 1929).

1900 Keokuk Co IA Census/Soundex

Van Buren Twp., page 4, #67/67, 42-52-4-51:
Alfred Snodgrass 32-M-IA/IN/IN Jan 1868 m.9y, farmer, o.m.f.
Alice Snodgrass 25-F-IA/IRE/ Dec 1874 wife, 3 ch, 3 liv 
<Alice Lane; m. 1891 Mahaska Co., IA>
Earl Snodgrass 7-M-IA/IA/IA Nov 1891? son
Mabel Snodgrass 3-F-IA/IA/IA Jul 1896 dau.
baby Snodgrass 2m-M-IA/IA/IA Mar 1900 son
<1910 Keokuk Co., IA>

Van Buren Twp., page 5, #83/83, 42-52-5-32:
Iven Snodgrass 28-M-IA/IN/IN Aug 1871 m.2y, farmer, res. farm
Melissa Snodgrass 39-F-OH/NY/IN Jun 1860 wife, 0 ch
<1910 Keokuk Co., IA>

Warren Twp., Delta, page 5, #106/111, 42-53-5-18?:
William H. Brokaw 60-M-NJ/NJ/NJ Mar 1840 m.30y, landlord, o.h.f.
Emily A. Brokaw 52-F-IL/PA/PA Jun 1847 wife, 3 ch, 1 liv
Floyd Snodgrass 10-M-IA/IA/IA Jun 1889 grandson 
<s/o James W. Snodgrass & Abbie A. Brokaw>

Warren Twp., page 12, #280/291, 42-53-12-48:
J. Walter Snodgrass 37-M-IA/IN/IL Dec 1862 m.18y, farmer, o.m.f. 
<James Walter Snodgrass>
Abbie A. Snodgrass 30-F-IA/NJ/OH May 1870 wife, 4 ch, 4 liv <Abbie A. Brokaw>
Earl Snodgrass 6-M-IA/IA/IA Nov 1893 son
Harry Snodgrass 5-M-IA/IA/IA Feb 1895 son
Ralph Snodgrass 1-M-IA/IA/IA Jun 1898 son
<1910 Keokuk Co., IA>

Warren Twp., 42-53-8-81:
Orville E. Snodgrass 37-M-IA/IN/IN Mar 1863 m.5y, farmer
Surena Snodgrass 34-F-IA/OH/OH Sep 1865 wife, 1 ch, 0 liv 
<Syrena Smith; m. 1894 Jasper Co., IA>
Jonathan Smith 76-M-OH/NJ/KY Mar 1824 father-in-law
Martha Smith 71-F-OH/MD/PA Nov 1828 mother-in-law
Theodore Rhinerson 36-M-IN Jan 1864 partner?

Washington Twp., page 2, #35/35, 42-54-2-6:
Benjamin Snodgrass 75-M-KY/KY/KY Jun 1824 m.50y, farmer, o.m.f.
Rizpah Snodgrass 71-F-IN/KY/KY May 1825 wife, 5 ch, 4 liv
Sarah Long 92-F-KY/PA/PA Feb 1808 mother, wid., 8 ch, 4 liv
<m/2 1874 Keokuk Co., IA, Daniel Long> 
<1880 Keokuk Co., IA>

Washington Twp., page 5, #120/120, 42-54-6-18:
John F. Snodgrass 62-M-IN/KY/KY Jun 1837 m.22y, farmer, o.f.f.
Mary A. Snodgrass 60-F-IN/KY/KY Apr 1840 wife, 4 ch, 4 liv

Washington Twp., What Cheer, 1st Ward, page 2, #44/45, 42-55-2-69:
R. E. Snodgrass 40-M-IA/ ./ . Dec 1859 m.20y, milking man, r.h.
<Robert E. Snodgrass>
S. E. Snodgrass 35-F-IA/IN/IN Aug 1864 wife, 4 ch, 3 liv 
<Sarah E. Elliott; m. 1879 Keokuk Co., IA>
M. Snodgrass 18-F-IA/IA/IA Aug 1881 dau.
G. Snodgrass 16-F-IA/IA/IA Nov 1883 dau.
Irene Snodgrass 1m-F-IA/IA/IA Apr 1900 dau.

Washington Twp., What Cheer, 2nd Ward, page 8, #184/187, 42-55-8-67:
Z. Snodgrass 30-M-IA/ / Jan 1870 m.5y, farm laborer, r.h.
<Zoller C. Snodgrass>
Nina Snodgrass 23-F-IA/ / Jan 1876 wife, 2 ch, 2 liv
Leta Snodgrass 4-F-IA/IA/IA Jul 1895 dau.
Vince Snodgrass 3-M-IA/IA/IA Oct 1896 son

Washington Twp., What Cheer, 2nd Ward, page 9, #203/207, 42-55-9-47:
__ Snodgrass 28-M-IA/IA/OH Dec 1872 m.5y, day laborer, r.h. 
<William Homer Snodgrass> [s/o Moses Snodgrass & Elizabeth McClanahan]
Bertha E. Snodgrass 19-F-IA/IA/OH Jul 1880 wife, 2 ch, 1 liv 
<Martha Bertha Perry; see 1976 obit. in Polk Co., IA; 
m. 1896 Keokuk Co., IA>
Pearl Snodgrass 1-F-IA/IA/IA Feb 1899 dau.
<1910 Keokuk Co., IA>

29 Apr 1901 -- Nellie Mae Snodgrass, b. 17 Jul 1900, d. 29 Apr 1901, d/o O. E. & S., buried
Springfield Cemetery (with Syrena Snodgrass, d. 1929).

18 Apr 1906 -- Sarah E. Snodgrass, b. 1 Aug 1860, d. 18 Apr 1906, buried Garrett Cemetery,
w/o R. E. Snodgrass (d. 1909; undated stone).

6 May 1906 -- Georgia Snodgrass, 22, married William Hall, 23.

30 Jan 1907 --Rizpah Snodgrass, b. 14 May 1829, d. 30 Jan 1907, w/o B. A. Snodgrass;
buried Rice Cemetery (also called Osage Cem.), Washington Twp. (with B. A. Snodgrass, d. 

3 Apr 1907 -- T. A. Snodgrass <Thomas>, 37, married Jane E. Hall, 28.

18 Feb 1909 -- Jesse C. Snodgrass, 23, married Ethel Holtry, 17.

18 Oct 1909 -- B. A. Snodgrass <Benjamin>, b. 29 Jun 1823, d. 18 Oct 1909, h/o Rizpah
Snodgrass; buried in Rice Cemetery (also called Osage Cem.), (with Rizpah Snodgrass, d.

26 Jan 1910 -- Mary A. Snodgrass, 16?, married Frederick W. Smith, 18.

1910 Keokuk Co IA Census

Adams Twp., #80/80:
Ivan E. Snodgrass 39-M-IA/IN/IN m/1, 11y, farm laborer, o.h.f.
Melissa A. Snodgrass 49-F-OH/NY/IN wife, m/1, 0 ch
Lawrence M. Snodgrass 2-M-unk/ / adopted son
<1900 & 1920 Keokuk Co., IA>

Prairie Twp., #262/267:
Thos. Snodgrass 40-M-IN/OH/OH m/1, 3y, farmer, o.m.f.
Jane E. Snodgrass 42-F-IA/OH/OH m/1, 0 ch <Jane E. Hall; m. 1907 Keokuk Co., IA>

Washington Twp., #18/19:
Jese? C. Snodgrass 24-M-IA/IN/ m/2, 1y, farm hand
Ethel Snodgrass 18-F-IA/MO/MO wife, m/2, 1 ch, 1 liv <Ethel Holtry>
<m. 1909 Keokuk Co., IA>

Washington Twp., #29/30:
Nelse Watterhouse 64-M-IA/IA/IN m/2, 26y, farmer, r.f.
Mary Watterhouse 49-F-IA/IN/OH wife, m/1, 26y, 4 ch, 4 liv
Gilbert Watterhouse 16-M-IA/IA/IA son
Icie Watterhouse 14-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
John Snodgrass 2-M-IA/IA/IA nephew

Washington Twp., #43/44:
A. H. Snodgrass 42-M-IA/IN/IN m/1, 17y, farm hand, r.h. <Alfred>
Alice H. Snodgrass 36-F-IA/IRE/OH wife, m/1, 19y, 3 ch, 3 liv
Carl? Snodgrass 18-M-IA/IA/IA son, farm hand
Mable Snodgrass 13-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
Lester Snodgrass 10-M-IA/IA/IA son
<1900 & 1920 Keokuk Co., IA>

Washington Twp., #71/72:
Call Simpson 39-M-IA/IN/IN m/1, 13y, farmer, r.f. <Calvin F. Simpson>
Daisy Simpson 32-F-IA/IA/IA wife, m/1, 2 ch, 2 liv 
<Daisy M. Snodgrass; m. 1896 Keokuk Co., IA>
Roy Simpson 7-M-IA/IA/IA son
Ray Simpson 6-M-IA/IA/IA son
John F. Snodgrass 79-M-IN/KY/KY father-in-law, wid.

Washington Twp., #108/109:
David Snodgrass 72-M-IN/KY/KY m/1, 27y, farmer, o.f.f.
S. F. Snodgrass 65-F-OH/OH/OH wife, m/1, 0 ch, 0 liv <Susan>
<1920 Keokuk Co., IA>

Washington Twp., #163/164:
James W. Snodgrass 48-M-IA/IN/IL m/1, 23y, farmer, o.m.f. <James Walter Snodgrass>
Abbie Snodgrass 43-F-IA/NJ/IL wife, m/1, 7 ch 7 liv <Abbie A. Brokaw>
Floyd Snodgrass 20-M-IA/IA/IA son, farm hand
Earl Snodgrass 17-M-IA/IA/IA son, farm hand
Harry Snodgrass 14-M-IA/IA/IA son <m. Gertrude Dunn>
Ralph Snodgrass 12-M-IA/IA/IA son
Margret Snodgrass 9-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
Roy Snodgrass 7-M-IA/IA/IA son
Mary Snodgrass 4-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
<1900 & 1920 Keokuk Co., IA>

Washington Twp., #193/200:
Zoller C. Snodgrass 42-M-IA/IN/KY m/1, 17y, farmer, r.f.
Nina Snodgrass 36?-F-IA/OH/OH m/1, 5 ch, 4 liv
Leta Snodgrass 15-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
Venea? Snodgrass 12-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
Eudora Snodgrass 5?-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
Alta? Snodgrass 2-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
<1900 & 1920 Keokuk Co., IA>

Washington Twp., #205/206:
Lee Snodgrass 49-M-IA/IN/KY m/1, 24y, farmer, o.m.f.
Angeline Snodgrass 44-F-IA/GER/?? m/1, 4 ch, 4 liv
Henry Snodgrass 12-M-IA/IA/IA son
Minnie Snodgrass 7?-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
Alice Snodgrass 22-F-KS/IA/IA dau. <m. 1910 Dayton A. Stanley>
<1900 Jasper Co., IA; 1920 Keokuk Co., IA>

Washington Twp., #320/323:
Homer Snodgrass 36-M-IA/IN/IN m/1, 13y, salesman nursury stock, r.h.
<William Homer Snodgrass>
Martha B. Snodgrass 28-F-IA/IA/IA wife, m/1, 5 ch, 3 liv
Pearl Snodgrass 12-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
Raymond A. Snodgrass 8-M-IA/IA/IA son
Thelma R. Snodgrass 6-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
<1900 Keokuk Co., IA; 1920 Polk Co., IA>

21 Sep 1910 -- Alice M. Snodgrass, 23, married Dayton A. Stanley, 23.

1914 -- Mary J. Snodgrass, b. 1842, d. 1914, buried Springfield Cemetery (with Henry J.
Snodgrass, d. 1915).

23 Jul 1914 -- Bessie Snodgrass, 19, married Harry L. Barker, 22.

1915 -- Henry J. Snodgrass, b. 1838, d. 1915, buried Springfield Cemetery
(with Mary J. Snodgrass, d. 1914).

16 Apr 1915 -- Harry V. Snodgrass, 20, married Cleo<?> Gertrude Dunn, 19.
<1920 Keokuk Co., IA>

1920 Keokuk Co IA Census/Soundex

Keokuk Twp., 43-44-8-39:
Iven Snodgrass 49-M-IA/IN/IN farm laborer
Melissa Snodgrass 59-F-OH/NY/OH wife
Larence Snodgrass 13-M-IA/ / adopted son
<1910 Keokuk Co., IA>

Warren Twp., 43-61-5-45:
Walter Snodgrass 57-M-IA/IN/IL none <d. 1934>
Abbie Snodgrass 51-F-IA/NY/IL wife <d. 1964>
Earl M. Snodgrass 28-M-IA/IA/IA son, carpenter
Ray W. Snodgrass 16-M-IA/IA/IA son
Mary E. Snodgrass 13-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
<1910 Keokuk Co., IA>

Harry V. Snodgrass 24-M-IA
Edith G. Snodgrass 23-F-IA wife <Edith Gertrude Dunn; m. 1915 Keokuk Co., IA>
Helen J. Snodgrass 3y9m-F-IA dau.

Delta Twp., 43-61-12-45:
J. Walter Snodgrass 51-M-IA <James Walter Snodgrass>
Abbie A. Snodgrass 51-F-IA wife
Earl M. Snodgrass 28-M-IA son <m. 1921 Keokuk Co., IA, Irene Steen>
Roy W. Snodgrass 16-M-IA son <m. 1921 Keokuk Co., IA, Kathryn M. Utterback>
Mary E. Snodgrass 13-F-IA dau. <1910 Keokuk Co., IA>

David Snodgrass 79-M-IN farmer
Susan F. Snodgrass 75-F-OH wife
<1910 Keokuk Co., IA>

Washington Twp., 43-62-4-43:
Alfred H. Snodgrass 51-M-IA/IN/IN farmer
Alice Snodgrass 46-F-IA/IRE/OH wife
Earl Snodgrass 28-M-IA/IA/IA son
Mable Snodgrass 21-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
Lester Snodgrass 19-M-IA/IA/IA son
Clyde Snodgrass 5-M-IA/IA/IA son
<1910 Keokuk Co., IA>

Ralf/Rolf Snodgrass 21-M-IA/IA/IA farmer
Floyd Snodgrass 30-M-IA/IA/IA brother
Beth Snodgrass 22-F-IA/IA/IA sister

What Cheer Twp., 43-63-1-13:
Zollie C. Snodgrass 49-M-IA/IN/KY
Nina Snodgrass 42-F-IA/OH/OH wife
Audra Snodgrass 15-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
Alta Snodgrass 12-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
Maxine Snodgrass 7-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
<1910 Keokuk Co., IA>

What Cheer Twp., 43-63-2-50:
Lee Snodgrass 58-M-IA/IN/IN laborer
Angie Snodgrass 53-F-IA/GER/OH wife
Henry Snodgrass 21-M-IA/IA/IA son
Misaid Snodgrass 16-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
<1910 Keokuk Co., IA>

What Cheer Twp., 43-62-15-57:
Richard M. Hall 38-IA/ENG/IA teacher
Georga Hall 36-F-IA/IA/IA wife <Georgia Snodgrass>
<m. 1906 Keokuk Co., IA>
Irene Snodgrass 19-F-IA/IA/IA niece
Robert Snodgrass 19-M-IA/IA/IA brother-in-law

9 Oct 1920 -- Henry J. Snodgrass married Cleo A. Strunk.

28 Apr 1921 -- Earl Snodgrass, 28, married Irene Steen, 24.

10 Jun 1921 -- Margaret Snodgrass, 19, married William E. Laurance, 18.

16 Oct 1921 -- Roy Walter Snodgrass, 19, married Kathryn M. Utterback, 20. 
<see obituary, 1979>

1922 -- David Snodgrass, b. 1840, d. 1922, h/o Sue F. Snodgrass, buried

Waddell Cemetery, Sect. 29, Washington Twp. (with Sue F. Snodgrass, d. 1924).

1924 -- Sue F. Snodgrass, b. 1844, d. 1924, buried Waddell Cemetery (with

David Snodgrass, d. 1922).

6 Jul 1929 -- Syrena Snodgrass, b. 17 Sep 1865, d. 6 Jul 1929, buried

Springfield Cemetery (with O. E. Snodgrass, d. 1865).

1934 -- Walter Snodgrass, b. 1862, d. 1934, buried Garrett Cemetery (with Emma

Snodgrass, d. 1950)

1937 -- Irene S. Snodgrass, b. 1897, d. 1937, buried Springfield Cemetery

(with Abbie Snodgrass, d. 1964, & Earl M. Snodgrass, no death date).

1950 -- Emma Snodgrass, b. 1874, d. 1950, buried Garrett Cemetery (with Walter

Snodgrass, d. 1934).

1951 -- W. Ruth Snodgrass, b. 1922, d. 1951, buried Garrett Cemetery (with Wm.

Floyd Snodgrass, d. 1965).

22 Mar 1958 -- Georgia Irene Snodgrass, b. 28 Apr 1900, d. 22 Mar 1958, buried

Garrett Cemetery.

30 Sep 1964 -- Abbie Snodgrass, b. 24 May 1868, d. 30 Sep 1964, buried

Springfield Cemetery (with Irene S. Snodgrass, d. 1937).

28 May 1965 -- Wm. Floyd Snodgrass, b. 12 Jan 1889, d. 28 May 1965, buried

Garrett Cemetery; IA Pvt. Quartermaster Corps, WWI (with Beth R. Snodgrass, no

death date; W. Ruth Snodgrass, d. 1951).

26 Mar 1975 -- Sigourney Review, Sigourney, IA:
(abstract) Dale S. Snodgrass, s/o Earl M. & Irene (Stein) Snodgrass, was born

29 Dec 1923 in Delta, IA; d. 22 Mar 1975 in Nichols, IA; buried Springfield

Cemetery, northwest of Delta, IA.

12 Jul 1979 -- Patriot-Chronicle, What Cheer, IA:
Kathryn Snodgrass, 77, of Sigourney, died in Oskaloosa Wednesday, July 4.
She was born 7 Sep 1901 in Sigourney to William C. and Surrilda Walker

She graduated from Delta High School and lived in the Delta Community

until 1938. She also lived in Rock Island, IL; Backus, MN; and Moline, before

moving to Sigourney in 1968.
She married Roy W. "Pete" Snodgrass 15 Oct 1921 in Sigourney. He died 29

Mar 1977.
She is survived by two sons, David Wayne of Muskegen, MI; and Roger, of

Freeland, MD; one dau., B. Joyce Snodgrass of St. Louis Park, MN; three

grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
Also preceding her in death were her parents, two brothers, and three

Funeral services were held at 1 p.m. Saturday, 7 Jul, at the Reynolds

Funeral Chapel in Sigourney with the Rev. John McElroy officiating.
Burial was at Garrett Cemetery, North of Delta.

(no date) -- R. E. Snodgrass, b. 22 Dec 1859, d. ___ ___, stone in Garrett

Cemetery (stone with that of Sarah E. Snodgrass, d. 1906).

(no date) -- O. E. Snodgrass, b. 11 Mar 1863, d. ___, buried Springfield

Cemetery (with Syrena Snodgrass, d. 1929).

(no date) -- Earl M. Snodgrass, , b. 1893, d. 19__, stone in Springfield

Cemetery (with Irene S. Snodgrass, d. 1937).

(no date) -- Harry V. Snodgrass, b. 22 Feb 1895, d. 25 Jun 1957, buried

Garrett Cemetery (with Cleo Dunn, d. ___).

(no date) -- Cleo Dunn Snodgrass, b. 8 Apr 1896, d. ___, stone in Garrett

Cemetery (with Harry V. Snodgrasss, d. 1957).

(no date) -- Beth R. Snodgrass, b. 1898, d. 19__, stone in Garrett Cemetery

(with Wm. Floyd Snodgrass, d. 1965).

(no date) -- Kathryn M. Snodgrass, b. 7 Sep 1901, d. ___, stone in Garrett

Cemetery (stone by that of Roy W. Snodgrass).

(no date) -- Roy W. Snodgrass, b. 24 May 1902, d. ___, stone in Garrett

Cemetery (stone with that of Roy W. Snodgrass).

Cemetery Index

Buried in Adams Twp., Bates Cemetery, page 4:
Ivan E. Snodgrass
Melissa A. Snodgrass

Buried in Clear Creek Twp., Talleyrand Cemetery, page 9:
Mary L. Snodgrass

Buried in Washington Twp., Highland Cemetery, page 23:
Alfred H. Snodgrass 
Alice H. Snodgrass 


James A. Snodgrass, b. 1838?, in Union Co., OH; m/1 Maggie J. Walker, who died 12 Jun
1865 in Union Co., OH; one son, Walker M., b. 15 Jan 1865; m/2 Isabell Scott on 22 Dec
1870, Washington Co., IA, by Rev. Watson; two sons: William F., b. 10 Jan 1872, and James
b. 9 Jul 187?. On the question "have you any children living?", he answers, one - Walker M., 
b. 17 May 1899. James enlisted in Co. F, 11th Regt., Iowa Infantry, at Washington, IA, on 
23 Sep 1861, to serve 3 years as private. Description at enlistment: 23 years old, 5'9", dark
complexion, gray eyes, dark hair, occupation, farmer. He was discharged 9 Apr 1862 at
Cairo, IL, for disability; approved by Isaiah Moore, Co. Commander, who writes that he is
unfit for duty due to liver disease (chronic hepatitis). J.D. Miles, M.D., states that in Oct
1861 he treated
James, who had caught a severe cold on his chest from exposure while riding on a barge down 
the Mississippi River, en route from Iowa to St. Louis, MO. After leaving service he resided
in Keokuk Co., IA, Union Co., OH, and Adams Co., NE. At age 41 he was living in
Hastings, Adams Co., NE. Certificate #433,245. 


1920 soundex - yes

History of Kossuth and Humboldt Cos., IA (Union Pub. Co.--1884) [partial
index] NS
History of Kossuth, Hancock, and Winnebago Cos., IA (Union Pub.
Co.--1884) [partial index] NS
History of Wesley: 100 Years Wesley, IA, as It Was (Lease--1972) NS



1920 Soundex

Thomas A. Snodgrass 50-M-IN
Mary J. Snodgrass 51-F-IA wife
Maletha E. Snodgrass 9-F-IA dau.


LEE COUNTY (977.799)

Croton Cemetery, Section 20, Van Buren Twp., Lee Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.) NS
Galland Cemetery, Section 24, Montrose Twp., Lee Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.) NS
Hickory Grove Cemetery, Section 4, Jackson Twp., Lee Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.) NS
Iowa Genealogical Records, vol. 12 - yes
Lee Co. Cemetery (Saunders) NS
Pleasant Ridge Twp., Lee Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.) NS
Yellow Banks Cemetery, Section 19, Jackson Twp., Lee Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.) NS

1860 census - yes
1870 - 1880 census - yes (only part of county checked both yrs.)
1900 census - yes


1854 -- George W. Snodgrass & his family moved from Ohio to Lee Co., IA.
(Ref.: Biographical sketch, 1882, Davis Co., IA)

18 Mar 1860 -- Samuel Snodgrass, b. 1785, d. 18 Mar 1860, buried West Point City Cem.
<1840 Warren Co., OH.>

1860 Lee Co IA Census

West Point Twp., West Point P.O., page 692, #279/257 (enumerated 23 Jun 1860):
Martha Snodgrass 70-F-PA $1800/120 <Martha Todd, widow of Samuel>
<m. 1806 Dauphin Co., PA>
Harriett Snodgrass 30-F-PA
Rebecca Andrews 29-F-OH teacher C.S. $1000/200
Phillip Andrews 6-M-IA
<1870 Lee Co., IA>

1870 Lee Co IA Census

West Point Twp., #112/110:
Martha Snodgrass 83-F-PA <d. 1877>
Hariet Snodgrass 42-F-PA
<1860 & 1880 Lee Co., IA>

13 Mar 1877 -- Martha Snodgrass, b. 1786, d. 13 Mar 1877, buried West Point
City Cemetery.

1880 Lee Co IA Census

West Point, West Point Twp., #28/28:
Harriet Snodgrass 51-F-PA/PA/PA
<1870 Lee Co., IA>

13 Aug 1885 -- James Snodgrass, b. 1817, d. 13 Aug 1885, buried West Point City Cemetery.

1900 Lee Co IA Census

Jackson Twp., Keokuk, 44-63-15-28:
E. G. Snodgrass 36-M-OH/OH/PA Jun 1863 m.7y, dentist
[Edward Grant Snodgrass]
L. Mary Snodgrass 31-F-IL/MA?/OH Nov 1869 wife, ---
[Lulu Race d/o Luther Ensign Race & Rebecca]
Luther Snodgrass 2-M-IA/OH/IL Aug 1897 son
Ada Oleson 16-F-IA May 1884 niece
[1910 Cook Co IL]


LINN COUNTY (977.762) 

1850 census transcription - NS
1900 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

Coggon Cemetery (copied in person by F. W. McIntosh) yes
Linn Co. Cemetery Records, 16 Cemeteries (DAR) yes
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries, Brown Twp. (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries, Bertram Twp. (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries, Brown Twp. (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries, Boulder Twp. (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries, Buffalo Twp. (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries, College Twp. (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries, Clinton Twp. (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries: Czech National, Cedar Rapids (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries: Even Israel, Cedar Rapids, IA (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries, Franklin Twp. (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) yes
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries, Fayette Twp. (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries, Fairfax Twp. (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries, Grant Twp. (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries, Jackson Twp. (Gen. Soc. of Linn Co., IA) yes
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries, Linn Twp. (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) yes
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries: Linwood, Cedar Rapids, IA (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries, Marion Twp. (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries, Maine Twp. (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries, Monroe Twp. (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) yes
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries, Monroe Twp. (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries: Mt. Calvary, Cedar Rapids, IA (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries: Oakshade, Marion, IA (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries: St. George, Cedar Rapids, IA (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries, Spring Grove Twp. (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
Linn Co., IA, Cemeteries, Washington Twp. (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS
St. John's Cemetery, Cedar Rapids, IA (Linn Co. Heritage Soc.) NS

Biographical Record of Linn Co., IA (S. J. Clarke --1901) (unindexed)
History of Linn Co., IA (Western Hist. Soc. --1878) yes
History of Linn Co., IA (Pioneer Pub. Co. --1911) NS
Linn Co., IA, Early Settlers (Ingmire Pub.) NS
Pioneer Days in Cedar Rapids, 1860-1880 (Laurance --1936) (unindexed)
Robins, IA, Centennial, 1888-1988 (Fourth Street Pub. --1988) NS
The Story of Cedar Rapids (Murray & Murray --1950) NS

1982-3 Land Atlas & Plat Book, Linn Co., IA (Rockford Map Pub.) NS
Linn Co., 1858 Map, index (Wilken) NS

Linn Co. Soldiers and Sailors Serving Our Flag (Soldiers' and Sailors' Club--191x)
Film #985,413 = Civil War Records, Muster Rolls, Lists of Soldiers, Burials - yes 
<wretched film; my eyes gave up before I finished>

Film #985,741 
item 1 = Scrapbook of Linn Co. Items - <unindexed, didn't do>
item 3 = Obituaries, 1935, 1956, 1959-61, 1963-66 - NS
item 4 = The Cedar Rapids Gazette Obituaries - yes
item 6 - Cemetery records - yes
Film #895,742 item 6 = Bible Records of Linn Co., IA - NS

Film #984,671 = Linn Co., IA, Probate Index, 1840-1900 - NS


27 May 1855 -- Hist. of Linn Co., IA, page 506: 
The Second Presbyterian Church was organized 27 May 1855. John Snodgrass
held an office in the church. <dates he held office are not given>

31 Dec 1861 -- Co. F, 1st Reg., Iowa Cavalry, Capt. James R. Elliott: 
William E. Snodgrass, enlisted 13 Jun, Iowa City; age 21; valuation of horse, $90.

27 Apr 1877 -- Permelia Snodgrass m. A. Varner; by J. T. Cumberland, Justice of the Peace.
[vss - d/o George Snodgrass & Mary; a dau. (Jane b. ca 1882) is with George 1900 Linn Co]

1878 -- Hist. of Linn Co., IA:
page 813: Monroe Twp.: Geo. Snodgrass, farmer, Sec. 14, P.O. Toddville.

16 Aug 1879 -- Mary Jane Snodgrass m. Amos Hoff; by John J. Cumberland, JP.

2 Mar 1881 -- William Snodgrass married Esther Haskins; by H. C. Preston, JP.
<1900 Linn Co., IA>

16 Sep 1881 -- Arabell Snodgrass married Millard F. Merrill; by M. A. Rees, JP.

20 Sep 1882 -- Arabell Snodgrass married Willard Morris; by Thos. M. Snyder, minister.
<These two marriages are probably the same marriage; the original(s) need to be checked.>

1900 Linn Co IA Census/Soundex

Monroe Twp., 45-84-1-51:
William Snodgrass 39-M-IA/--/-- Aug 1861 m.19y, laborer
Esther Snodgrass 41-F-KS/PA/NY Nov 1859 wife, 8 ch, 6 liv 
<Esther Haskins; m. 1881 Linn Co., IA>
Oliver Snodgrass 15-M-IA/IA/KS Mar 1885 son
Arthur Snodgrass 13-M-IA/IA/KS Aug 1887 son
James Snodgrass 12-M-IA/IA/KS May 1888 son
Rosetta Snodgrass 7-F-IA/IA/KS Apr 1893 dau.
Celesta Snodgrass 1-F-IA/IA/KS Dec 1898 dau.
<1920 Linn Co., IA>

Monroe Twp., 45-84-2-98:
George Snodgrass 72-M-OH/PA/PA Nov 1827 m.48y, farmer [b. 1827 OH, d. 1910
Mary M. Snodgrass 66-F-OH/NY/NY Jun 1834 wife, 6 ch, 6 liv <Mary Ensizer> 
<m. 1852 Washington Co., OH> [vss - NOT - this is Mary Williams - and they are on]
Jane Varner 18-F-IA/OH/IA Mar 1882 granddau.
[s/o Hiram & Drusilla Oliver - 1850 Washington Co OH]
[vss - correction! 28 Apr 98 - this is really NOT s/o Hiram, but s/o Hiram's brother! Eli & 
Mary Templeton see Jackson Co IA - vss] 

Monroe Twp., 45-84-3-1:
A. G. Snodgrass 30-M-IA/OH/OH Jul 1870 m.5y, farmer <Andrew>
Anna Snodgrass 22-F-IA/IA/IA Jan 1878 wife, 1 ch, 1 liv
Angeline Snodgrass 3-F-IA/IA/IA Jan 1897 dau.
George E. Snodgrass 19-M-IA/IA/IA Mar 1881 nephew
<1910 Linn Co., IA> [vss - 1870 Jackson Co IA w/parents]
[vss - Andrew Jackson Snodgrass d. 1945, see Linn Co IA; s/o Geo. & Mary Williams; 
m. Johanna J Blackburn, d/o John & Frances]

1910 -- Pvt. George Snodgrass, b. 1845, d. 1910, 15th Iowa Inf., buried Morrison Cem., 
Monroe Twp. [vss - is this from a book? Need to look at actual stone - George was born
1827 (see census, and see his pension appl. below]

1920 -- Johanna J. Snodgrass, b. 1878, d. 1920, "Mother," buried Morrison Cem.
[vss- Johanna Jeanette Blackburn Snodgrass wife of Andrew Jackson Snodgrass d. 1945]

1920 Linn Co IA Census/Soundex

Thomas Manor
Mabel L. Snodgrass 9-F-IA granddau.

William Snodgrass 59-M-IA [s/o George & Mary]
Easter Snodgrass 60-F-KS wife
Robert Snodgrass 18-M-IA son <d. 1969>
<1900 Linn Co., IA>

Allen Vredenberg
Oliver Snodgrass 34-M-IA bro.-in-law [s/o William & Esther]

Cedar Rapids, 49-111-3-50:
Andrew Snodgrass 51-M-IA <d. 1945>
Jeanette Snodgrass 42-F-IA [Johanna J. Blackburn]
Angeline Kling 22-F-IA dau.
Fay Snodgrass 17-F-IA dau. [Fay is SON of Andrew; he m.Agnes Hadac]
<1900 Linn Co., IA>
[vss - info from Michael Snodgrass ( & his brother Darin Lee
( 30 Apr 1998:
Fay & Agnes had son Leonard who m. Grace Marie Baskett (b. 20 Mar 1932, Keokuk IA)
and Leonard & Grace were parents of Jim, Michael, Cathie, Carole & Darin Lee; 
Grace m2. Henry D. Buerer (b. 4 Mar 1934, Orland, CA)]

Cedar Rapids, 49-111-7-79:
James A. Snodgrass 30-M-IA
Ruth Snodgrass 24-F-IA wife
Elvin Sabin 5y6m-M-WI step-dau.?
James E. Wait 21-M-WI bro.-in-law
Mildred Wait 15-F-WI sister-in-law

Cedar Rapids, 49-114-5-73:
Billie T. Denlinger
Leta Snodgrass 24-F-IA

Cedar Rapids, 50-136-5-28:
Francis B. Snodgrass 42-M-IA <Francis Byron Snodgrass; d. 1950>
Ruth Snodgrass 15-F-IA dau.
Arthur Snodgrass 12-M-IA son
Ralph Snodgrass 9-M-IA son
Leo Snodgrass 7-M-IA son
Paul D. Snodgrass 2y2m-M-IA son
Sarah E. Martin 64-F-IL mother-in-law

1931 -- Leo Snodgrass, b. 1913, d. 1931, D ard Cem., Monroe Twp.
[vss - Leo is s/o Francis Byron Snodgrass]

5 Dec 1945 -- Andrew Jackson Snodgrass, d. 5 Dec 1945, Turner m.m., 
buried Morrison Cem. (we dug down about a foot to get to this marker). 

1949 -- Mabel Snodgrass Myers, b. 1910, d. 1949, buried Mt. Zion Cem., Linn Twp.

1950 -- F. <Francis> Byron Snodgrass, b. 1878, d. 1950, buried D ard Cem.

1966 -- Lucetta Snodgrass, b. 1901, d. 1966, buried Mt. Vernon Cem., Franklin Twp. 
(on stone with Carl, d. 1974).

1966 -- Lesa A. Snodgrass, b. 1907, d. 1966; "Beloved Mother of Jackie, June, Aubrey,
Freda, & Ralph Jr." (nee Smiley); buried Coggon Cem., Jackson Twp.

17 Jan 1967 -- Cedar Rapids Gazette: Snodgrass Died of Heart Attack in Car.
Mark Snodgrass, 60, of 1247 34th St. NE, a postal inspector, died Monday afternoon while
driving his car from Coggon to Cedar Rapids on highway 13. Snodgrass' car went off the
road and into a ditch 1 1/2 miles south of Coggon about 2:30 p.m., the highway patrol said. 
There was no car or property damage. Linn County Medical Examiner, Dr. Percy Harris,
attributed death to a heart attack. Born July 25, 1906, at Fairmount, Ind., Mr. Snodgrass was
married March 5, 1935, to Vera Burrell at Nashville, Ind. He was graduated from Purdue
He had been a postal inspector for the Cedar Rapids area since moving here from Indianapolis 
24 years ago. He was a member of Mt. Hermon Masonic lodge and the Kenwood Park
Presbyterian church. Surviving are his wife, two daus., Mrs. Larry Denniston of Anamosa and
Kay Snodgrass, at home, and three grandchildren.
Services: Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at the Chapel of Memories by the Rev. Donald Jafvert. 
Masonic services will be conducted by Mt. Hermon lodge. All Master Masons are asked to
meet at the lodge Thursday at 12:30 to attend the service. Burial: Cedar Memorial cemetery. 
Friends may call at the Cedar Memorial funeral home after 6 p.m. Tuesday and at the Chapel
of Memories after 10 Thursday. The family requests that friends may, if they wish, contribute
to the heart fund.

20 Jul 1968 -- Cedar Rapids Gazette: 
Funeral services for Louis Alan Snodgrass, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Snodgrass, Jr.,
of route three, Cedar Rapids, were conducted Friday morning at the Murdoch funeral home in
Marion. The baby died shortly after birth Tuesday.
- - - - - - - - - -
Louis Alan Snodgrass, d. 18 Jul 1968, infant son of Sue & Ralph Jr., buried Coggon

1969 -- Robert Snodgrass, b. 1901, d. 1969, Kuba m.m., buried Morrison Cem.

1974 -- Carl W. Snodgrass, b. 1892, d. 1974, buried Mt. Vernon Cem. 
(on stone with Lucetta, d. 1966).

1982-3 -- Land Atlas & Plat Book, page 22:
Alan Snodgrass owned 139.26 acres: Southeast 1/4 of the Northwest 1/4, the East part of the
Southwest 1/4, & some odd bits, of Section 18, Township 85 North, Range 7 West.

(no dates) -- William and Ester Snodgrass, stone in Morrison Cemetery. 


George Snodgrass, application #466,943; certificate #865,164.

Linn Co., IA... 9 Nov 1895 personally appeared ... George Snodgrass aged 68 years ... was
enrolled at Maquoketa, Iowa, on 24 Sep 1864 as a pvt. of B. Co. 15 Regiment Infty Iowa
Vol. was honorably discharged on 19 Jun 1865 ... following disabilities: chronic diarrhea &
resulting disease of rectum, chronic gastritis, indigestion, sciatic rheumatism, asthma and
general debility... pensioner under certificate no. 865164 ... that his post office is Polo, Linn
Co., IA ... --------------------
Declaration for the increase of an invalid pension
Linn Co., IA, 9 Feb 1907 ... I was born on 11 Nov 1827 in Monroe Co., OH ... 
Declaration for Invalid Pension
Linn Co., IA, 16 Feb 1892 ... George Snodgrass, aged 64 years, a resident of Toddville, 
Linn Co., IA ... and was honorably discharged at Washington, D.C. on 29 Jun 1865 ... 



LOUISA COUNTY (977.7926)

Marshall Cemetery, Section 9, Marshall Twp., Louisa Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.) NS
Spring Run (Pitchin) Cemetery, Elm Grove Twp., Louisa Co., IA (IA Gen. Soc.) NS

1910 census - yes (only checked part of county)

Obituaries from Wapello Tribune, 1898-1918 - yes

Louisa Co., Early Marriage Records from Wapello, IA, 1837-1899 (Raymond & Raymond)


18 Jan 1857 -- Clarissa Snodgrass married Henry Dehaven.

22 Sep 1861 -- Susan Snodgrass married George Presbery.

1910 Louisa Co IA Census

Wapello Twp., #41/41:
Robert Snodgrass 66-M-IL/OH/OH m/1 26y, no occ.
Codie Snodgrass 44-F-IA/OH/OH wife, m/1, 2 ch, 2 liv 
<Sarah "Sadie" Manroew>
Maud Snodgrass 20-F-IA/IL/IL dau., clerk drug store
Fay Snodgrass 18-F-IA/IL/IL dau., teacher school
<1900 Adair Co., IA>

27 Mar 1913 -- The Wapello Tribune (Thursday):
Mrs. Sarah A. McDaniel, a prominent and well-known resident of this city,
passed away at her home on Tuesday morning, 25 Mar 1913, at 8 o'clock. Mrs.
McDaniel's health had been gradually failing for years, and death came gently,
releasing her spirit from a weary body.
Sarah Ann Snodgrass was born in Fulton county, IL, on 13 Feb 1836. Mr.
and Mrs. McDaniel were both well known as pioneer residents of this city, as
all of their married life was spent in Wapello. Three children were born to

them, two of whom died in infancy, and one daughter, Maud, grew to womanhood.
Her death, in 1884, at the age of 26 years, was a heavy blow to her parents,
causing a sorrow to the mother's heart, which was never healed. Mr. McDaniel's 
death occurred 2 Oct 1908, and thus the wife and mother was left alone in her old age.
The deceased united with the Presbyterian church 17 Jun 1888, and was ever a 
faithful member, living daily in the presence of her Master and following closely 
where He led. She was a loyal Christian, trusting with all simplicity in Him "who 
knoweth and doeth all things well." Faithfully did she follow the command of the 
Blessed Christ: "Love ye one another even as I have loved you."
Mrs. McDaniel is survived by three sisters, Mrs. Matilda Armstrong of Eaton, CO; 
Mrs. Susan Presbury of Wilbur, OK; and Mrs. Clarissa Rose of London Mills, IL; 
and one brother, Robert Snodgrass, of Lakeland, FL. She is also survived by a 
number of nephews and nieces, who regarded her with affection and were glad 
of any opportunity to serve her or lighten her burdens.
The funeral services were held from the Presbyterian church this afternoon, 
27 Mar, at 2:30 o'clock, conducted by the Rev. Carl Montanus.
Interment was in Wapello cemetery.

LUCAS COUNTY (977.7863) 

1870 census - yes (only part of county checked)
1880 census - yes (only part of county checked)
1880 soundex - yes
1900 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

Birth Announcements from the Chariton Patriot - yes

Iowa Genealogical Records, vol. 60 - yes


27 Dec 1860 -- John R. Snodgrass married Margaret A. Bolen.
[1870 Coffey Co KS; John K. Snodgrass s/o Nathan & Hannah of 1850 Hendricks Co IN]

5 Mar 1863 -- C. H. Snodgrass (m.) married E. A. Shafer (f.).
[vss - where did this marriage info come from? The 1925 Censu info and the death certificate
Samuel Lincoln Snodgrass says he is s/o James Snodgrass & Elizabeth Shafer]

1870 Lucas Co IA Census

Benton Twp., #61/64:
Abram Shaffer 43-M-VA [vss - Abraham Shafer - parents of Elizabeth]
Rosella Shaffer 46-F-OH
Samuel Snodgrass 6-M-IA 
[Samuel Lincoln Snodgrass s/o James Snodgrass & Elizabeth A. Shafer]
Margaret Snodgrass 4-F-IN [aka Maggie - d/o James & Elizabeth]

1880 Lucas Co IA Census/Soundex

Town of Chariton, #48/55:
Elizabeth A. Snodgrass 30-F-OH/ / 
[vss - ? Elizabeth A. Shafer m1. James Snodgrass - what happened to James?]

Benton Twp., 21-106-1-10:
Abram Shafer
Alfred Snodgrass 8-M-IA grandson [s/o James Snodgrass & Elizabeth A. Shafer]

[vss - info from Brenda Dhabolt Zuniga ( )]
31 Oct 1881 - Deaths - Bk 1, pg 13, #157: Alfred Snodgrass 9 yrs 7 mos 28 days; 
died 3 mi so of Chariton; d Oct 31 1881; born Iowa; buried Hawkins Cem; duration 
of illness 9 days; cause Diptheria

also - Deaths - Bk 1, p. 13 #166 Snodgrass, Maggie 
[vss - probably d/o James Snodgrass & Elizabeth Shafer]

6 Mar 1889 -- Chariton Patriot: Mr. Sam Snodgrass wears a forty acre smile, on the account
a sweet little girl baby which arrived at his house Feb. 28. [vss - Stella b. Feb]

[vss - info from Brenda Dhabolt Zuniga ( )]

1895 Iowa Census Lucas Co 

Benton Township
Samuel L. Snodgrass, age 30, male, married, b. Lucas County, Iowa
Kate Snodgrass, age 29, female, married, b. Marion County, Iowa
Andrew Snodgrass, age 9, male, single, b. Lucas County, Iowa
Leota Snodgrass, age 7, female, single, b. Lucas County, Iowa b: 1888
Stella Snodgrass, age 5, female, single, b. Lucas County, Iowa

1900 Lucas Co IA Census/Soundex 

Benton Twp., 47-68-10-94:
S. L. Snodgrass 36-M-IA/OH/OH Feb 1864 m.15y, farmer 
<Samuel Lincoln Snodgrass> [d. 1947, buried Wayne Co IA]
Kate Snodgrass 34-F-IA/GER/GER Jan 1866 wife [d. 1938, buried Wayne Co IA]
<Catherine Dhabolt; m. 1885 Wayne Co., IA>
A. E. Snodgrass 14-M-IA/IA/IA Nov 1885 son [Andrew ?]
Stella A. Snodgrass 11-F-IA/IA/IA Feb 1889 dau. [m. Wright]
Maggie C. Snodgrass 5m-F-IA/IA/IA Jan 1900 dau. 
[m. John Ernest Lepley - Warren Co?]
<1920 Lucas Co., IA>

1920 Lucas Co IA Census/Soundex 

Sam L. Snodgrass 55-M-IA
Catherine Snodgrass 53-F-IA wife
J. Bennie Snodgrass 17-M-IA son
<1900 Lucas Co., IA>

[vss - info from Brenda Dhabolt Zuniga ( )]

1925 Lucas Co IA Census 

Lincoln Township
Sam Snodgrass, age 60, head, m. b. Iowa, 
father: James Snodgrass, mother: Elisabeth Shafer, age 76
Katie Snodgrass, wife, female, age 59, b. Iowa, 
father, Chris Dhabolt, b. France, mother, Catherine Oat or Ott b. Germany, 
parents married in Indiana
Bennie Snodgrass, single, male, age 22, b. Iowa, 
father: Sam Snodgrass, age 60, b. Iowa, mother, Katie Dhabolt, age 59, 
parents married in Iowa

[vss - Brenda Zuniga also found] in Old Age Assistance Book, Lucas County IA:
Stella Ann Wright born Iowa 2-28-1890 address Chariton RR3 Lincoln Twp
father Sam Snodgrass mother Kate Dhabolt 

################ end Lucas Co IA ################# 

LYON COUNTY (977.7114)

1900 soundex - yes

In and around George, IA, 18781-1912 (1976) [partial index] NS



1900 Soundex

Riverside Twp., 48-51-2-94:
Ben Snodgrass 41-M-IA Apr 1859
Sadie Snodgrass 38-F-IN Jun 1862 wife
Hugh Snodgrass 12-M-NE Feb 1888 son
Madge Snodgrass 8-F-IA Dec 1892 dau.
Agnes Snodgrass 4-F-IA Apr 1896 dau.
Ruby Snodgrass 2-F-IA Mar 1898 dau.



1880 soundex - yes
1900 census - yes

History and Cemetery Records, Middle River Predestinarian Baptist Church,
Madison Co., IA, and Records of the Crawford, James, and Bankes
Families (DeButts) NS

Madison Co., IA, Early Marriages, 1849-1880 (Switzer) NS


1880 Madison Co IA Census/Soundex 

Center Twp., Winterset, 22-114-40-20:
John C. Snodgrass 49-M-PA
Ellen Snodgrass 46-F-PA wife <Eleanor Crail; m. 1861 Jefferson Co., IA>
Lucian B. Snodgrass 9-M-IA son
Maggie S. Snodgrass 6-F-IA dau.
May B. Snodgrass 5-F-IA dau.
Jessie C. Snodgrass 3-F-IA dau.
Nancy Crail 81-F-PA mother-in-law
<1870 Jefferson Co., IA; 1900 Madison Co., IA>

1900 Madison Co IA Census/Soundex

Center Twp., Winterset, Taylor St., page 46, line 44, 48-21-21-88:
John C. Snodgrass 70-M-PA/PA/PA Oct 1829 m.39y, none
Elleanor Snodgrass 66-F-PA/PA/PA Apr 1834 wife, 6 ch, 4 liv
Lucian B. Snodgrass 28-M-IA/PA/PA Sep 1871 son
Mary Snodgrass 24-F-IA/PA/PA Mar 1876 dau.
Jessie Snodgrass 21-F-IA/PA/PA Jun 1878 dau.
<1880 Madison Co., IA>


John C. Snodgrass, b. 1830?, d. 9 Feb 1906 at Winterset, IA; m. Eleanor Crail 17 Jan 1861, 
by Rev. John Hayden in Fairfield, Jefferson Co., IA. John entered Co I, 17th Iowa Vols. 
Infantry as a Sergeant on 25 Mar 1862; discharged as Captain 15 Apr 1865. In Mar
1882, doctor states John is 52 years old, 5'8", 155 lbs., light complexion. Suffering from
rheumatism of feet, shoulders and elbow, contracted when marching through South Carolina. 
Died of uremia after several years of cystitus and prostatis. On Declaration for Widow's
Pension, she states "no children under 16"; she was 71 years old. Her address was
Knoxville, Marion Co., Iowa. 
Certificate #438753.

############## end Madison Co IA ################# 


1860 census - yes
1870 census - yes
1880 census - yes (only part of county checked)
1900 census - yes

Proud Mahaska, 1843-1900 (Phillips--1900) yes

Iowa Genealogical Records, vol. 43 - yes
+ incomplete search of Mahaska County records


12 Feb 1859 -- John Snodgrass married Jane Tinsley.

1860 Mahaska Co IA Census 

Richland Twp., Granville P.O., page 66, #476/462 (enumerated 25 Jul 1860):
John Griffith 29-M-PA farm laborer, 0/$150

Margaret Griffith -OH
John Griffith -OH
Wm. A. Snodgrass 25-M-VA farm laborer, 0/$200

Monroe Twp., Oskaloosa P.O., page 222, #1552/1582 (enumerated 31 Jul 1860):
Jas. T. Snodgrass 30-M-KY farmer, $1800/250 <James Thomas Snodgrass>
Nancy A. Snodgrass 25-F-IN <Nancy Ann Long; m. 1849 Hancock Co., IN>
Nora A. Snodgrass 10-F-IN
Martha J. Snodgrass 8-F-IL
Lauretta Snodgrass 6-F-IL
Oscar T. Snodgrass 4-M-IA [age as 16 1870, as 22 1880, and 62 1920]
Babe Snodgrass 2m- -IA
<1850 Hancock Co., IN; 1870 Page Co., IA>

Monroe Twp., Oskaloosa P.O., page 224, #1566/1595 (enumerated 25 Jul 1860):
E. Snodgrass 56-M-KY Christian clergy, $3000/500 <Eleazer>
Sarah Snodgrass 52-F-KY housewife <Sarah Pope; m. 1826 Harrison Co., KY>
[? called Polly in Okane's pension file]
Ocain Snodgrass 16-M-IN laborer [Okane] <m. 1866 Keokuk Co. IA, Sidney A.
Jefferson Snodgrass 13-M-IN
Sarah J. Snodgrass 9-F-IN
<1850 Hancock Co., IN; 1870 Mahaska Co., IA> [Okane d. 15 May 1923 Yamhill Co OR]

27 Jun 1860 -- W. A. Snodgrass married Caroline A. Leonard.

13 Jul 1862 -- David Snodgrass married Susannah Ewing.
<1870 Mahaska Co., IA>

1870 Mahaska Co IA Census

Monroe Twp., #157/157:
O. K. Snodgrass 24-M-IN farmer, $300/390
Sidney Snodgrass 19-F-OH <Sidney A. Tipton>
Dresken Snodgrass 2-M-IA <Descom Snodgrass>
<m. 1866 Keokuk Co., IA>

Monroe Twp., #198/199:
J.? F. Snodgrass 33-M-IN farmer, 0/$335
Elizabeth J. Snodgrass 30-F-IN
Juliann Snodgrass 10-F-IA
Zollicoffer Snodgrass 4m-M-IA b. Jan
<1860 Keokuk Co., IA>

Monroe Twp., page 297, #212/213:
E. Snodgrass 67-M-KY farmer, $1550/1989 <Eleazer>
Sarah Snodgrass 63-F-KY
Jefferson Snodgrass 22-M-IN saddler
Sarah J. Snodgrass 19-F-IN
<1860 Mahaska Co., IA>

Monroe Twp., #213/214:
David Snodgrass 30-M-IN farmer, $100/150
Susannah Snodgrass 25-F-OH <Susannah Ewing; m. 1862 Mahaska Co., IA>
<1880 Mahaska Co., IA>

20 Feb 1872 -- Spencer Snodgrass married Loretta Fry.

27 Feb 1873 -- Sarah Jane Snodgrass married Thomas Updegraff.

1880 Census

Monroe Twp., #223/223:
David Snodgrass 40-M-IN/KY/KY farmer
Susana F.? Snodgrass 35-F-OH/OH/OH <Susannah Ewing>
<1870 & 1900 Mahaska Co., IA>

17 Mar 1891 -- A. H. Snodgrass married Allie Lane.

1900 -- Proud Mahaska:
page 434:
Co. C, 40th Infantry:
O'Kane Snodgrass, enlisted 15 Aug 1862.
John F. Snodgrass, enlisted 16 Aug 1862.
- - - - - - - - - -
page 485:
First Presbyterian Church
In November of this same year (1873) Rev. H. S. Snodgrass came to this people . . . 
Mr. Snodgrass resigned 10 Apr 1878.
- - - - - - - - - -
page 511:
Presbyterian Church
This congregation was organized in accordance with the rules of the Presbyterian
denomination, in the month of Jun 1875, by a committee appointed by the Presbytery, 
composed of Rev. S. Snodgrass . . .
- - - - - - - - - -
page 701:
Monroe Twp. Jef. Snodgrass, farmer, Sec. 24; P.O. Indianapolis.

1900 Mahaska Co IA Census

East Des Moines Twp., 49-59-13-57:
Harry Brewer
Arthur Snodgrass (everything known) boarder, R.R. laborer, single

Monroe Twp., 49-71-1-59:
David Snodgrass 60-M-IN/KY/KY Mar 1840 m.37y, farmer
Susannah F. Snodgrass 56-F-OH/OH/OH Apr 1844 wife, 0 ch <Susannah Ewing>
<1880 Mahaska Co., IA>

31 Dec 1919 -- William Floyd Snodgrass married Beth Adeline Russell.


John F. Snodgrass, b. 5 Jun 1837 in Hancock Co., IL. Enlisted as private at Springfield, IA, 
on 16 Aug 1862 in Co. C, 40 Regt., IA, Infantry Vols.; discharged at Fort Gibson, Cherokee
Nation, on 2 Aug 1865. Description at enlistment: 5'11", complexion fair, blue eyes, dark
occupation farmer. After war, he lived in Mahaska Co., IA, moved to What Cheer, Keokuk
IA, in 1879. On declaration for pension in 1889 - camp diarrhea. 
On last petition, dated 5 Feb 1914, he was 76 years old. 
Certificate #791,826.


O'Kane Snodgrass application #1,231,966; certificate #1,066,743
widow's application #1,205,964; certificate #942,002

Letter: Cowlitz, Washington, 2 Mar 1900
The Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir,
I have removed from Superior Nebr and if I should be wanted you mae find me at Cowlitz -
Wash Lewis Co.
O. Kane Snodgrass
Cowlitz - Wash
- - - - - - - - - - 

Declaration for Pension:
Nuckolls Co., Nebraska
On this 7 Mar 1907 personally appeared... OKane Snodgrass who... declares that he is 63
years of age and a resident of Montana Twp., Jewell Co., KS; and that he... was enrolled at
Oscaloosa, IA... 14 Aug 1862 as a private in Co. C, 40 Iowa Inft. Vol... and was honorably
discharged at Fort Gibbson Cherokee Nation on ___ Aug 1865... that his personal description
enlistment was as follows: height 5'8"; complexion, light; color of eyes, hazel; color of hair, 
light brown; that his occupation was farmer; that he was born 1 Mar 1844 at Hancock Co., IL
[vss - ? IN]. That his several places of residence since leaving the service have been as
Springfield, Iowa; Superior, Nebraska; Winlock, Washington ... that he has heretofore applied
pension No. 1066743 ... that his post-office address is Superior, Nuckalls [Nuckolls] Co.,
Nebraska... also personally appeared C. E. Adams, residing in Superior, NE, and J. T. Woods,
residing in Superior, NE... that their acquaintance with him of 24 years and 24 years, 
respectively, that he is the identical person he represents himself to be... 
- - - - - - - - - -
Declaration for Pension:
Nuckoles Co., Nebraska
On this 21 May 1912 personally appeared... O'Kane Snodgrass who... declares that he is 68
years of age, and a resident of Superior, Nuckoles Co., NE; and that he... was enrolled at
Oskalusa, IA ... on 15 Aug 1862, as a private in Co. C, 40th Iowa Inft. Vol ... in the Civil
and was honorably discharged at Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation, on 2 Aug 1865 ... that his
personal description at enlistment was as follows: Height, 5'8"; complexion, fair; color of
dark; color of hair, brown; that his occupation was (blank); that he was born 1 Mar 1843 in
Hancock Co., IL [IN] ... 
- - - - - - - - - -
27 Mar 1915
Superior, Nebraska
Born 1 Mar 1844 at Hancock, Illinois [IN] ... P.O. at time of enlistment, Indianoplis, Mahaska
Co., IA... m. Lydia Jane Porter, maiden name Lydia Jane Gregory ... m. 12 May 1904
KS, by G. W. McGehee, probate judge ... previously married Sidney Ann [Tipton]
Snodgrass, 30 May 1886. She died Winlock, WA, 20 Mar 1903, and was buried in Jewell
Co., KS ... present wife formerly married to Ebenezer B. Porter, 9 Dec 1869, at Springfield,
IA. He died at Wellington, MO, 6 Mar 1902 ... 
Descom Snodgrass, b. 10 Oct 1868
Anna Snodgrass, b. 27 Apr 1874, d. 27 Sep 1876
Orpha Snodgrass, b. 1 Aug 1880, d. 13 Aug 1882
Jennie Snodgrass, b. 25 Mar 1883, d. 25 Sep 1883
Willie Snodgrass, b. 17 Sep 1888
- - - - - - - - - -
Death Certificate
O'Kane Snodgrass, d. McMinnville, Yamhill Co., Oregon; male; white; married; wife's name
Lydia J. Snodgrass; born 1 Mar 1844; age 79y 2m 15d; retired farmer; b. Hancock, IL; 
father Eleaizer Snodgrass; father born "don't know"; maiden name of mother Polly Pope; 
mother born "don't know"; informant, Lydia J. Snodgrass, McMinnville; died 15 May 1923
of artero schlerosis with cerebral hemorrhage & Uremic Coma; doctor, J. T. Wood; bur. 
Masonic Cemetery, 17 May 1923; undertaker, W. T. Macy, McMinnville.
- - - - - - - - - -
Declaration for Widow's Pension:
Yamhill? Co., Oregon.
On this 18 May 1923 ... personally appeared Lydia J. Snodgrass ... declares that she is 74
years of age, having been born 20 Jun 1848 at Keokuk, IA. That she is the widow of O'Kane
Snodgrass, who enlisted... 15 Aug 1862... and died at McMinnville, OR, 15 May 1923. That
was married under the name of Lydia J. Porter ... on 12 May 1904, by County Judge, G. W.
McGehee, at Marskato, Jewel Co., KS ... that she has been previously married to Ebenezer 
Porter who died 6 Mar 1902 ... that her husband first mentioned had been married to
Sidney Tipton, who died 20 Mar 1903 at Winlock, Washington ... that she was not
divorced from him and that she has not remarried since his death.
- - - - - - - - - -
General Affaidavit
Pierce Co., Washington
Personally came... Joseph H. Foule aged 62 years residing in Puyallup, Pierce Co., WA, and
Ida Foule, aged 55 years, residing same... We were living near Winlock, Lewis Co., WA, and
know that Sidney Ann Snodgrass died in the State of Washington, on 20 Mar 1903, and we 
were at Winlock, WA, when the body was shipped to Olive Hill Cemetery for burial, in
Jewell Co., KS, on 29 Mar 1903.
- - - - - - - - - -
General Affidavit
Cowlitz Co., Washington
Personally came... Descom Snodgrass aged 55 years, residing at Cariolls?, Cowlita Co., WA
that he is the son of O'Kane Snodgrass who died in the State of Oregon on 15 May 1923, and
Sidney Ann Snodgrass, who died in the State of Washington on 20 Mar 1903, and who was
buried in Olive Hill Cemetery in Jewell Co., KS, on 29 Mar 1903. That after his mother's
his father married Lydia Jane Porter, and that the said Lydia Jane Porter, now Snodgrass, is
his surviving widow.
- - - - - - - - - -
Marriage Affidavit
Jewell Co., KS
O. K. Snodgrass aged 59 years, and Lydia J. Porter, aged 56 years, being by me first duly
sworn, doth say: That they have the unqualified consent of their parents to their marriage, 
and that neither of said parties have been divorced by the decree of any Court within six 
months last past; and that they are not related to each other in the degrees prohibited by law
... and that there exists no legal impediments to said marriage.
(signed) O. K. Snodgrass
In testimony whereof... this 12 May 1904... 
(signed) G. W. McGehee, Probate Judge.
No. 374.
- - - - - - - - - -
Marriage License & Minister's Return
Jewell Co., Kansas
... O.K. Snodgrass of Superior, Nebraska ... and Lydia J. Porter of Superior, NE ... I did on 
12 May 1904, at Mankato in said county, join and unite in marriage the within named 
O. K. Snodgrass & Lydia J. Porter ... 
(signed) G. W. McGehee, Probate Judge.
- - - - - - - - - -
General Affidavit
Grant Co., Minnesota
On this 6 Aug 1923 ... personally appeared Joseph Porter aged 73 years whose P.O. address
Barrett, MN, and Marion J. Porter, aged 45 years, whose P.O. address is Barrett, MN ... 
declare in relation to aforesaid case as follows: 
I knew Ebenezer B. Porter all my life, being his brother till his death, which occurred March
6th 1902 at or near Wellington, Missouri. Also knew Lydia J. Snodgrass to be his widow.
And I knew Ebenezer B. Porter all my life, he being my uncle, until the time of his death,
which occurred March 6th 1902 at or near Wellington, MO.
Also knew Lydia J. Snodgrass to be his widdow, afterwards to marry O'Kane Snodgrass. 
Also that we were both of us present at his funeral, at Wellington, MO, at his home.
- - - - - - - - - -
Widow's Pension
Rate $30 per month, commencing 25 May 1923; increased to $40 per month from 4 Jun 1928; 
the soldier was pensioned at $50 per month under Act of May 1, 1920; enlisted, 15 Aug 1862;
discharged 2 Aug 1865; invalid claim filed 18 Jul 1899; died 15 May 1923; widow's claim 
filed 25 May 1923 ... 

############### end Mahaska Co IA ################# 


Cemeteries of Marion Co., IA, 1776-1976 - yes

1860 census - yes
1870 census - yes (only part of county checked)
1880 census - yes (only part of county checked)
1885 census index - yes
1895 census index - yes
1900 census index - yes
1920 soundex - yes

History of Pella, IA, 1847-1987 (Curtis Media Corp.--1987) yes (nothing useful)

articles clipped by members of the Snodgrass Clan Society

Marriage Records of Marion Co., IA, 1845-1915 (The Marion Co., IA, Gen. Soc.) yes


1860 Marion Co IA Census 

Liberty Twp., Ely P.O., page 43, #296/273 (enumerated 12 Jun 1860):
John Snodgrass 76-M-VA farmer, $1000/400
Ruth A. Snodgrass 60-F-OH
Thomas Gearing 37-M-OH (idiot)
William Gearing 54-M-OH
<1850 Hamilton Co., IN>

1870 Marion Co IA Census 

Knoxville City, #11/11:
W. G. Snodgrass 29-M-OH carpenter, $300/375 <William G. Snodgrass>
C. E. Snodgrass 27-F-IA <Catherine E. Snodgrass>
C. C. Snodgrass 5-M-IA <Charles C. Snodgrass>
G. M. Snodgrass 2-M-IA <female in 1880; Gertrude M. Snodgrass>
Nancy Williamson 70-F-OH [who IS this? might it be mother of Cath.?]
<1880 Marion Co., IA> 
[vss - 1860 Keokuk IA Wm. G. is with his parents, James R. Snodgrass & Phoebe A. Beers]

Indiania Twp., page 55, #190:
John Snodgrass 22-M-IL farm laborer, $5000/125
Sarah Snodgrass 30-F-IL
Parmder? Kendnick 64-F-KY 0/$200

26 Apr 1880 -- Catherine E. Snodgrass died <see death record, Henry Co., IA>.

Catherine E. Snodgrass, s/o [wife of] Wm. G., b. 5 Mar 1843, 
d. 27 Apr 1880, buried Lot 19, Graceland Cemetery, Knoxville, 
West Knoxville Twp. (with Wm. G., d. 1909).

1880 Marion Co IA Census 

Knoxville, #280/309:
Wm. Snodgrass 39-M-OH/PA/NJ
Chas. Snodgrass 15-M-IA/OH/IA [Chas. C. m. Effie Taylor]
Gertie Snodgrass 12-F-IA/OH/IA <Gertrude m. ca. 1895 ___ McClymond>
Pheh A. Snodgrass 63-F-NJ/NJ/NJ mother [Phoebe A Beers ?]
Sarah Snodgrass 36-F-OH/PA/NJ sister
<1870 Marion Co., IA>
[vss - see 1850 Union Co OH]

1885 Iowa State Census 

page 318:
William Snodgrass <we need this one>

24 Jan 1886 -- Isaac Snodgrass married Mrs. Anna Barbara Wirtz Smith.

28 Jan 1886 -- Sarah E. Snodgrass married Jacob R. Eader.

3 Oct 1888 -- Charles C. Snodgrass married Effie Taylor. [they 1900 Jackson Co IA]

1895 Iowa State Census 

page 266:
William G. Snodgrass <we need this one>

1900 Marion Co IA Census/Soundex 

Knoxville Twp., Knoxville, 50-44-4-22:
William G. Snodgrass 59-M-OH/OH/OH Nov 1840, wid., lumberman <d. 1909>
Gertrude McClymond 32-F-IA/OH/OH Aug 1867 dau., m.5y, 1 ch, 1 liv
Thomas McClymond 37-M-PA/SCT/PA Oct 1862 son-in-law, m.5y
Ardies McClymond 11m-F-IA/PA/IA Jul 1899 granddau.

Knoxville Twp., Knoxville, Kent St., 50-45-5-26:
Henry S. Knight
Edwin D. Snodgrass 48-M-OH/OH/OH Jul 1851 boarder, farm laborer 
<m. 1902 Harriet Lewick>

6 Apr 1902 -- Edwin D. Snodgrass married Harriet Lewick.

1 Feb 1904 -- Jesse C. Snodgrass married Bertha Trotter.

25 Sep 1909 -- Wm. G. Snodgrass, b. 29 Nov 1840, d. 25 Sep 1909, buried Lot 19,
Graceland Cemetery (with Catherine E., d. 1880). [William G. b. Union Co OH]

1920 Marion Co IA Census/Soundex 

Knoxville, 52-49-2-58:
H. A. Grant
Earl Snodgrass 30-M-IA roomer

17 May 1961 -- Clyde Snodgrass, b. 16 Jul 1924, d. 17 May 1961, IL Flt. O Army Air Force,
WWII, buried Lot 3, Graceland Cemetery.

18 May 1978 -- Knoxville Express:
Funeral services for Vance M. Snodgrass of Columbia, who died 3 May 1978, were held 6
May at Rybee & Davis Funeral Home with Rev. Kenneth MacLeod officiating. Organ
selections were provided by Carol Thomas. Pallbearers were Paul Neil, Butch Cox, John
Young, Jay Brown, Robert Dunlap, Earl Pearson, and Mike Williams. Interment was in
Graceland Cemetery.
Vance Michael Snodgrass was born 19 Feb 1951 at Grinnell, the son of Clyde and Jeanette F 
Snodgrass. He attended schools in Knoxville and graduated in the class of 1969. He was a
construction worker by trade. On 8 Feb 1975 he was united in marriage to Mary Rowland.
He was preceded in death by his father, maternal grandparents, and his paternal grandfather.
Survivors include his wife Mary; two sons, Paul and Jeremiah; one dau., Sarah; his mother,
Jeanette Snodgrass; three brothers, Guy Snodgrass of Knoxville, Ted and Joe Snodgrass of
Glendale, CA; one sister, Ginger Snodgrass of Knoxville; and his paternal grandmother, Lydia
Mae Snodgrass of Geneseo, IL.



Prairie View Cemetery Records, Marshall Co., IA (Knoblock) NS

1850 census transcription - NS

Haverhill, IA, Centennial, 1882-1982 (Walsworth Pub.--1982) NS
History of Marshall Co., IA (Sanford--1867) [unindexed]
History of Marshall Co., IA (Schultz--1955) [unindexed]
The History of Marshall Co., A (Western Hist. Co.--1878) [partial index] NS
Past and Present of Marshall Co., IA (Battin & Moscrip--1912) [partial index] NS
Portrait & Biographical Record of Jasper, Marshall, & Grundy Cos., IA
(1894) yes (see Jasper Co.)

Marshall Co., IA, Marriages, 1850-1867 (IA Gen. Soc.) NS


MILLS COUNTY (977.774)

1880 soundex - yes 1900 census - yes 1920 soundex - yes

Iowa Genealogical Records, vol. 42 - yes
Mills Co., IA, Marriages, 1880-1885 (Bass & Beighler) yes


25 Dec 1874 -- Mary Snodgrass, license to marry Samuel Albright.

2 May 1878 -- Sarah Snodgrass married Gilbert F. Cheney.

1880 Mills Co IA Census/Soundex

Indian Creek Twp., 23-132-4-1:
James Snodgrass 39-M-PA
J. Elizabeth Snodgrass 30-F-IL wife
Andrew Snodgrass 13-M-IL son
William Snodgrass 11-M-IL son
James Snodgrass 9-M-IL son
Sadie Snodgrass 7-F-IL dau.
M. Blanche Snodgrass 3-F-IA dau.
John Snodgrass 22-M-PA brother <m. 1880 Ellen V. Carr>

2 Sep 1880 -- John L. Snodgrass, age 21, married Ellen V. Carr, age 17; by J. H. Pratt.

31 Mar 1881 -- Thomas J. Snodgrass, age 29, married Josephine Harkins, age 23;
by Chas. Leach, Pastor.

19 Jun 1885 -- Catharene S. Snodgrass, age 25, married Joseph D. Bridges, age 21; 
by Gilman Parker, Minister.

1900 Mills Co IA Census/Soundex

Indian Creek, Emerson, 52-95-1-6:
Wm. A. Snodgrass 52-M-PA/PA/PA Feb 1848 m.24y, street commissioner
Sarah A. Snodgrass 46-F-OH/OH/OH Jan 1854 wife, 0 ch

Indian Creek, Emerson, 52-95-3-23:
Andrew D. Snodgrass 34-M-IL/PA/CAN May 1866 m.9y, farmer
Della M. Snodgrass 33-F-IL/PA/CAN Apr 1867 wife, 3 ch, 1 liv
Allen J. Snodgrass 9-M-IA/IL/IL Mar 1891 son
John S. Drennan 69-M-PA/PA/PA Jun 1830 father, wid.8y

Indian Creek, Emerson, 52-95-3-68:
Josie D./A. Snodgrass 43-F-PA/PA/PA Jan 1857 wid.13y, 4 ch, 3 liv
Ralph T. Snodgrass 12-M-IA/PA/PA Jan 1888 son
Ora L. Snodgrass 10-M-IA/PA/PA Dec 1889 son
Tyler J. Snodgrass 5-M-IA/PA/PA Aug 1894 son

Indian Creek, 52-95-14-3:
William Snodgrass 30-M-IL/PA/PA Mar 1870 m.7y, farmer
Blanch Snodgrass 28-F-IL/PA/PA Jan 1872 wife, 3 ch, 3 liv
Glenn Snodgrass 6-M-IA/IL/IL Apr 1893 son
Russell Snodgrass 5-M-IA/IL/IL Aug 1894 son
Forrest Snodgrass 1-M-IA/IL/IL Apr 1899 son
James S./J. Snodgrass 53-M-PA/PA/PA Dec 1846 father, wid.
<1920 Mills Co., IA>

1920 Mills Co IA Census/Soundex

Glen E. Snodgrass 25-M-IA 
Fern M. Snodgrass 24-F-IA wife
Enid M. Snodgrass 2-F-IA dau.

Glenwood, 54-100-7-10:
Ralph T. Snodgrass 31-M-IA boarder

Emerson, 54-101-13-43:
William T. Snodgrass 50-M-IL
Blanche L. Snodgrass 48-F-IL wife
Russel Snodgrass 24-M-IA son
Forrest Snodgrass 20-M-IA son
Mayorie Snodgrass 16-F-IA dau.
Andrew Sursher 80-M-PA father-in-law
<1900 Mills Co., IA>



History of Mitchell Co., IA (Montag--1989) NS

Mitchell Co., IA, Land Atlas & Plat Book, 1977 (Rockford Map Pub.) NS



Monona Co., IA, History (Monona Co. Book Committee) [partial index] NS

Land Atlas and Plat Book, Monona Co., IA, 1982 (Rockford Map Pub.) NS

Monona Co., IA, Early Marriages, 1856-1880 (Flanders & Freimark) yes



24 Nov 1877 -- F. I. Snodgrass married Lillie E. Patrick (Book 1, page 94).

MONROE COUNTY (977.7864)

Grave Stone Records of Monroe Co., IA (WPA) yes

1850 census - yes
1850 mortality schedule - NS
1860 census - yes
1860 mortality schedule - yes
1870 census - yes
1870 mortality schedule - NS
1880 soundex - yes
1880 mortality schedule - NS
1900 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

Biographical and Genealogical History of Appanoose and Monroe Cos., IA
(Lewis Pub. Co.--1903) yes
An Illustrated History of Monroe Co., IA (Hickenlooper--1896) yes

Monroe Co., IA, Albia Newspaper Extractions, 5 vols. (Monroe Co. Gen. Soc.) 
1893-1896 - yes
1899-1901 - yes
1900-1903 - yes
1906-1907 - yes
1910-1911 - yes

Monroe Co., IA, Will Book A - yes

Monroe Co., IA, Marriages, 1845-1902, vols. 1-10 (IA Gen. Soc.) yes


4 Apr 1848 -- Mary Ann Snodgrass, age 21, married Samuel Buchanan, age 23.
<d/o Jesse Snodgrass>

25 Apr 1849 -- Nancy Jane Snodgrass, age 19, married John A. Ponce, age 25.

1850 Monroe Co IA Census 

Joseph Snodgrass 63-M-IRE <should be Jesse>
Jane Snodgrass 61-F-PA <d. 1859>
Jesse Snodgrass 19-M-OH

14 Sep 1854 -- Jesse Snodgrass married Sarah Margaret Martin. <1860 Monroe Co., IA>

6 Sep 1859 -- Jane Snidgrass, b. 1790, d. 6 Sep 1859, w/o Jesse, d. 1876, buried Oak View
Cemetery, Albia, old part.

Mortality Schedule: Jane Snodgrass, 76y, widow <?>, b. PA, died of consumption, City of 
Albia, Troy Twp.; ill 4 weeks.

Oct 1859 -- Mortality Schedule: John Snodgrass, age 4y, b. IA, died of inflammation of the
brain, City of Albia, Troy Twp.; ill 2 weeks.

Mar 1880 -- Rosa Belle Snodgrass, age 3y, b. PA, father b. OH, mother b. PA, died of
membraneous croup; 3y residence; Thomas Mullin attended.

1860 Monroe Co IA Census 

City of Albia, page 11, #105/88 (enumerated 24 Jun 1860):
John Snodgrass 42-M-OH druggist, $1200/1000
Casandria Snodgrass 44-F-OH domestic work 
<Cassandra Dilley; m. 1844 Muskingum Co., OH; d. 1863>
Luisa Snodgrass 13-F-IA
Adaline Snodgrass 11-F-IA
George J. Stewart 19-M-IL merchant, 0/$1000
<1850 Wapello Co., IA>

City of Albia, page 12, #119/102: (enumerated 2 Jun 1860):
Jesse Snodgrass 29-M-OH merchant, $3100/200
Sarah Snodgrass 23-F-IN domestic work 
<Sarah Margaret Martin; m. 1854 Monroe Co., IA>
Olive Snodgrass 2-F-IA
Flora Snodgrass 1m-F-IA
Jesse Snodgrass Sr. 72-M-IRE merchant, $3100/2100
1863 -- Cassandre Snidgrass, b. 1816, d. 1863, w/o John buried Oak View Cemetery, 
Albia, old part. [Cassandra Snodgrass]

30 Apr 1869 -- Will Book A, page 113, box 70:
In the name of the Benevolent Father of all, I, Jesse Snodgrass, Sr. mindful of the 
uncertainties of human life, now resident of Monroe county, state of Iowa and being in the 
full possession of all my mental faculties and wishing to dispose of all my property and
effects both real and personal do make publish and declare this instrument in writing to
be my last will and testament--
Firstly--I desire, will, devise and bequeath that out of my estate my just debts and funeral
expenses shall be fully paid.
Secondly--I will, give, devise and bequeath unto my son Jesse Snodgrass Jr., his heirs all of
my property both real and personal of whatever description upon compliance by him will and
performance of the conditions herein after written.
Thirdly--I hereby will, devise and desire that my said son Jesse Snodgrass, Jr., shall pay unto
my daughter Mary Ann (wife of Samuel Buchannan) the sum of three Hundred dollars. To
one hundred dollars within three months from the date of this my will and sooner if property
be advantagiously sold from my said estate out of which the money can be obtained. It being
intention to help my said dau. Mary Ann now--one hundred dollars in one year from the date
this will and one hundred dollars in two years from the date of this will and whatever portion
money is paid to my said dau. Mary Ann by my said son Jesse or by me before my death shall
apply upon and discharge so much of the said three hundred dollars.
Fourthly--Thereby constitute and appoint my son Jesse Snodgrass, Jr. executor of this my last
will and testament. In witness whereof I have set my hand at the town of Albia in said county
of Monroe and state of Iowa on this 30th day of April A.D. 1869 -- and I hereby revoke all
wills by me previously made.
Jesse Snodgrass, Sr.
Witnesses: George W. Yocum & John C. Acheson.
Proved: 20 Feb 1877.

1870 Monroe Co IA Census 

Pleasant Twp., #59/54:
John Snodgrass 49-M-OH farmer, $1600/800 
[John M. Snodgrass, Reverend, 1821-1899]
Mary Snodgrass 27-F-PA
John Snodgrass 17-M-OH [John M]
Maggie Snodgrass 15-F-OH
Joseph Snodgrass 12-M-OH
Lettie Snodgrass 9-F-PA
William Snodgrass 6-M-PA
James Snodgrass 4-M-PA [James L.]
Cyntha Snodgrass 2-F-PA [Cynthia]
Charlie Snodgrass 7m-M-IA b. Dec
Jane Crooks 17-F-PA servant
David Wastinba 18-M-PA farm hand

Troy Twp., #79/75:
Jesse Snodgrass 39-M-OH farmer, $8470/1741
Sarah M. Snodgrass 33-F-IN <Sarah Margaret Martin>
Olive Snodgrass 12-F-IA
Cora B. Snodgrass 6-F-IA
Emma Snodgrass 4-F-IA
Charles Snodgrass 1-M-IA
Jesse Snodgrass 86-M-IRE <d. 1876>
Martha Vance 18-F-IA at home
George Combs 22-M-IL farm laborer

8 Sep 1876 -- Jesse Snidgrass, b. 1784, d. 8 Sep 1876, buried Oak View Cemetery, Albia, 
old part (husband of Jane, d. 1859). [Jesse Snodgrass]

17 Oct 1876 -- Wm. A. Snodgrass, 26, married Sadie E. Kelly, 24.

8 Nov 1877 -- Olive Snodgrass, 19, married James W. Lucas, 20.

1880 Monroe Co IA Census/Soundex 

Pleasant Twp., 24-136-13-10:
John M. Snodgrass 58-M-OH <1821 - 1899>
C. Mary Snodgrass 36-F-PA wife
Cynthia A. Snodgrass 12-F-PA dau.
Charles P. Snodgrass 10-M-IA son
C. Mary Snodgrass 8-F-IA dau.
Mary Jane Snodgrass 6-F-IA dau.
Caleb Snodgrass 1-M-IA son
Samuel Snodgrass 1-M-IA son

Moniteau Twp., 24-139-15-16:
James R. Snodgrass 43-M-IL 
[James R. Snodgrass; m1. Jane Barnes, div. 26 Sep 1870]
Lucy A. Snodgrass 27- -IA son? <wife> [Lucy A. Bates - his m2. 15 Aug 1872]
Albert B. Snodgrass 6-M-IA son
Anna V. Snodgrass 4-F-IA dau.
Louisey E. Snodgrass 2-F-IA dau.
<1900 Monroe Co., IA>

Troy Twp., 24-139-36-9:
Jessie Snodgrass 49-M-OH
Sarah M. Snodgrass 44-F-IN wife <Sarah Margaret Martin>
Cora Snodgrass 17-F-IA dau.
Emma Snodgrass 14-F-IA dau.
Charles Snodgrass 11-M-IA son <m. ca. 1898 Mary I. ___>
Susan D. Snodgrass 9-F-IA dau.
Clara Snodgrass 7-F-IA dau.
<1900 Monroe Co., IA>

1 Jun 1893 -- Emma Snodgrass, 26, married Robert T. Bartram, 40.

21 Sep 1893 -- Susan Snodgrass, 21, married James B. Fulton, 32.

From an Albia newspaper dated 19 Sep 1893, vol. 32 #6: Fulton-Snodgrass wedding.

6 Feb 1894 -- from an Albia newspaper, vol. 32 #47: Jesse Snodgrass received a letter from
relatives at Welda, Anderson Co., KS, telliing of death of J. C. Acheson, old time resident.

16 Jun 1894 -- from an Albia newspaper, vol. 32 #84: Samuel Buchanan, early Monroe 
County settler, died suddenly of heart disease at his home in Welda, KS, May 21st. He
came to Albia with brothers William and Robert in the 40's and lived here until 1867
when he moved to Anderson county, Kansas. In 1848 he married Mary A. Snodgrass,
sister of Jesse Snodgrass, who survives. Also surviving are four children: Mrs. Jennie
Ruth, Mrs. Minnie Welkin, Mrs. Emma Mussman, and Lena Buchanah. Mr. Buchanan
was one of the first mayors of Albia, and county clerk for 1856-8.

13 Sep 1895 -- in an Albia newspaper: James Snodgrass celebrated his 61st birthday Sept. 

14 Dec 1895 -- Charles Snidgrass, b. 1869, d. 14 Dec 1895, buried Oak View Cemetery, 
Albia, Lot 9.

From an Albia newspaper, 17 Dec 1895, vol. 34 #33: Charles Snodgrass died at the home of
his parents in Albia Saturday; buried Sunday; ...

1896 -- An Illus. Hist. of Monroe Co., IA, page 79: List of Soldiers Residing in Monroe Co.,
Who Enlisted from Other Localities: J. B. Snodgrass, Company I, 30th Iowa Infantry
- - - - - - - - - - 

page 211: Early Joys and Sorrows:
An Interesting Find.
One fall, in the '50's, Dr. Gutch, then a young medical student, was teaching school near
where Maxon now stands. One day, during the noon hour, he and the school boys were out
on the hillsides gathering hazel nuts. They saw a strange object some distance away, near the
roadside. Some thought it a deer, others a mad dog having a fit. They crept cautiously up to
it to investigate, and they finally discovered that it was a man. They approached the
lifeless form and discovered it to be that of Joe McMullen. Gutch examined his pulse and 
then remarked: "Damned, if he ain't alive!" They carried him to a hay-stack near by, and
in due time he became conscious and returned home. He had just made a horse trade with
Jesse Snodgrass, and had gotten $15 to boot. He had considered it a good trade,
and to get the better of Jesse Snodgrass in a horse trade was an achievement worthy of
celebrating by taking a drink at Harrow's grocery. He had taken a little too much, and
on his return had become "becalmed."
- - - - - - - - - -
page 251: The associate Presbyterians ("Seceders")
An incident of early times will serve to illustrate the colonizing methods of the "Seceders." 
Old Billy Piper lived on a claim in the Snodgrass neighborhood. The farm is now owned by 
Mr. Lathan. Piper was not a "Seceder" by any means, but Jesse Snodgrass and his
neighbors were. It was, of course, desireable on the part of the "Seceders" to locate settlers in
their midst who were of the same religious persuasion as themselves. One day Jesse
brought into the neighborhood a man from Ohio. The man was a "Seceder," and hence was a
very desirable man to locate. Old Billy Piper was grubbing near the roadside when Mr.
Snodgrass rode up with his man. After a friendly salutation and introduction of the two
strangers, Mr. Snodgrass thus opened negotiations for the purchase of the claim in behalf of 
his man: "Would ye sell yer claim, Misther Piper? Sure an' ye are a foine man, an' a gude
neighbor, but ye are not the kind of a mon we want wi' us, an' we would loike til git rid of ye." 
This very frank admission greatly incensed the old unregenerate anti-"Seceder," and seizing a
fence stake, he made after the offending neighbor, who beat a hasty retreat, leaving his horse
behind hitched to a fence.
- - - - - - - - - -
pages 253-4:
Pleasant Twp. was the cradle of the white race in Monroe Co., and no sooner had the settlers
arrived than they framed a church organization. Among the charter members of this
organization at Pleasant Divide were Geo. Humphrey, Robt. M. Hartness, Wm. H. McBride,
John Walker, and the Snodgrasses, Achesons, Andersons, Buchanans, McDonalds, Vances, 
and Porters.
At a meeting of the session board of 4 Dec 1847, treasurer's report:
Monny paid over to Mr. Scot by the following persons: 
Jessy Snodgrass $3
Do. to Mr. Scot: Jessy Snodgrass 1 00
Paid monny to Mr. Linsy by following names, to wit: Jesse Snodgrass 1 00
Another financial report, dated 9 Oct 1847:
Receaved 25 cents from the following persons:
Jessa Snodgrass 1 00
7 Apr 1897 -- Annie Violenta Snodgrass, 21, married Levi Marvin Dodge, 31.

16 Jan 1899 -- Rev. John M. Snodgrass, b. 1821, d. 16 Jan 1899, buried Seceder Cemetery,
Pleasant Twp.

1900 Monroe Co IA Census/Soundex 

Martin Twp., page 79A, #306/303, 54-86-15-22:
James Snodgrass 65-M-IL/VA/VA Sep 1834 m.28y, farmer, o.f.f. 
[James R. Snodgrass d. 14 Mar 1904]
Lucy Snodgrass 46-F-IA/OH/OH Jun 1853 wife, 8 ch, 6 liv [m2. Lucy A. Bates]
Albert Snodgrass 26-M-IA/IL/IA Jul 1873 son, coal miner
Martha J. Snodgrass 13-F-IA/IL/IA Feb 1887 dau.
James Roy Snodgrass 12-M-IA/IL/IA Mar 1888 son [James Ralph Snodgrass]
Lillie V. Snodgrass 10-F-IA/IL/IA Feb 1890 dau.
Russell B. Snodgrass 8-M-IA/IL/IA Mar 1892 son
<1880 & 1920 Monroe Co., IA>

Martin Twp., page 84B, #418/419, 56-86-20-57:
Charles Snodgrasss 30-M-IA/OH/IN Jun 1869 m.2y, farmer, o.m.f.
Mary I. Snodgrass 28-F-IA/IA/IN Oct 1871 wife, 1 ch, 1 liv
Kenneth Snodgrass 5m-M-IA/IA/IA Dec 1899 son

Troy Twp., 56-89-3-75:
Jesse Snodgrass 69-M-OH/IRE/PA Jan 1831 m.44y, farmer, o.f.f.
Sarah M. Snodgrass 63-F-IN/IRE/IRE Jul 1837 wife, 10 ch, 6 liv <d. 1916>
Cora Snodgrass 36-F-IA/OH/IN May 1864 dau.
Clara Snodgrass 26-F-IA/OH/IN Feb 1874 dau. <m. 1901 S. Milo Hamilton>
Edgar Porter 19-M-IA/IL/IA Feb 1881 hired hand, farm laborer
<1880 Monroe Co., IA>

Troy Twp., Albia, Clinton St., 54-91-4-7:
John M. Gass
Clara Snodgrass 26-F-IA/OH/IN Feb 1874 boarder, sales woman
<probably duplicate of Clara above>

20 Apr 1900 -- from an Albia newspaper, vol. 38, #68: List of 1899 Births, Monroe Co.: 
Martin Kenneth Snodgrass, b. Dec. 18, Mantua Twp.

7 May 1900 -- from an Albia newspaper, vol. 30 #73: Louisa E. Snodgrass died 11 Aug of 
3 Oct 1901 -- Clara Snodgrass, 26, married S. Milo Hamilton, 24.

From an Albia newspaper dated 10 Oct: Clara Snodgrass, d/o Jesse Snodgrass, 
married Milo Hamilton.

1903 -- Biog. & Gen. Hist. of Appanoose & Monroe Cos., IA:
pages 270-272: Jesse Snodgrass
One cannot carry his investigations far into the history of Monroe county without learning 
that the Snodgrass family has long been a prominent and honored one in this section of the
The year 1846 witnessed the arrival not only of our subject but his parents and their children, 
and the three generations which have been represented have taken an active part, first in
reclaiming the wild land for farming purposes and since then in carrying forward the work of
improvement and upbuilding.
Jesse Snodgrass was born in Muskingum county, Ohio, 1 Jan 1831, a son of Jesse and Jane
(Atchison) Snodgrass. The father was born in Ireland in 1784 and spent the first twenty-four
years of his life on the Emerald Isle, after which he crossed the Atlantic to America in 1809
a sailing vessel. He took up his abode in Pennsylvania, and the year 1812 was an eventful one
his history, for in that year he was married and he also enlisted for service in the second war
England. He wedded Jane Atchison, a native of Washington county, PA, and in 1825 they
removed to Ohio, where they remained for twenty years, coming thence to Monroe Co., IA,
1846. All was wild here, the district being a frontier region, and the father entered from the
government the land upon which the city of Albia now stands, making it his home for nine
years. His last days were spent upon the farm of his son Jesse, where he died in 1876 at the
age of ninety-two years. His wife, whose birth occurred in 1795, died in Albia in 1858. 
In his political views Jesse Snodgrass Sr. was a Democrat in early life, but became a 
staunch adherent of the abolition principles, and when the Republican party was formed to
prevent the further extension of slavery, he joined its ranks and continued to march under its
banners until his death.
Jesse Snodgrass, whose name introduces this record, remained a resident of Ohio until 
fifteen years of age, when he accompanied his parents on their removal to Monroe county, 
where he has since resided, and its history from pioneer times down to the present is
familiar to him. He assisted in the arduous task of developing a new farm from the
unbroken prairie, following the breaking plow and later planting crops and gathering
harvests. Throughout most of his life he has carried on farming, and is today the owner of a
valuable tract of rich and productive land, comprising 250 acres. It is splendidly
equipped with excellent buildings, the latest improved machinery and all accessories for
facilitating the work of the farm, and through the careful and systematic control of his
business affairs he has gained a very handsome experience. 
In addition to his agricultural pursuits he was engaged in merchandising in Albia for
nine years. Mr. Snodgrass was united in marriage to Miss Sarah M. Martin, a native of
Monroe Co., IN, and a daughter of William and Sarah Martin, who were natives of Ireland. 
After living in Indiana for some time they became residents of Monroe Co., Iowa, in
1846, and here they spent their remaining days. To Mr. and Mrs. Snodgrass have been born
nine children, of whom six are yet living: Olive, who married John Lucas and has eight
children; Cora B., at home; Emma, the wife of Dr. Bartram; Charles, who is married
and has two children; Susie, who is married and has two children; and Clara, who is also
married but has no children. Mr. Snodgrass provided his family with excellent
educational privileges, all having entered the district schools and from there advanced until
they became students in the state normal. The family is one of prominence in the
community, noted for intelligence, business capacity, social qualities and moral worth. 
Most of the representatives of the name living in this county are members of the United 
Presbyterian church, although some are identified with other denominations. Since the
parents of our subject came to the frontier of Iowa in 1846, Monroe county has been
indebted to the family for what has been accomplished by its members in four generations for
the welfare and progress of this section of the state. Mr. Snodgrass has borne his full
share in upholding the country's best interests, and wherever he is known, he is esteemed
for his genuine worth. He is a supporter of the Republican party, with which he has
affiliated since casting his first presidential vote for John C. Fremont in 1856, but has never
been an office seeker, preferring to devote his time and energies to his business affairs, in
which he has met with gratifying success.
<see bio. sketch of David Snodgrass, s/o Jesse Snodgrass Sr., in Hardin Co., OH, 1883>

(14 Mar 1904) -- James R. Snodgrass, b. 1834, d. ---, buried Cuba Cemetery, Mantua Twp. 
(Co. I, 39th Ia. Inf. Civ. War).

12 Jul 1906 -- from an Albia newspaper, vol. xi #39 page 1: Estate of Jesse Snodgrass.

6 Jun 1907 -- from an Albia newpaper, page 1: Allie Snodgrass, 35, struck and killed 
by engine at Hyunes mine.

29 Aug 1907 -- from an Albia newspaper: Article from Ft. Morgan, Colorado, Times. 
Refers to Monroe Co. people living there: C. M. Snodgrass.

25 Aug 1910 -- from an Albia newspaper, vol. xv #34: Obituary: Dr. R. T. Bastram, desc. of
French family of Hugenot blood who went to England; married first 1881 Henrietta J. Starr. 
Came to Albia 2 years ago. In 1893 married Emma S. Snodgrass. Two children: 
Margurite, b. 1894, who died age 10; and Lois D. Ellsworth of Kansas. 
Dr. Bastram died 11 Aug 1910 age 57y 6m 16d. Buried Albia.

5 Jun 1916 -- Sarah M. Snodgrass, b. 1837, d. 5 Jun 1916, buried Oak View Cemetery, lot
Albia. <w/o Jesse Snodgrass, Jr.>

1920 Monroe Co IA Census/Soundex 

James R. Snodgrass 31-M-IA 
[James Ralph Snodgrass s/o James R. & m2. Lucy Bates]
Sadie Snodgrass 30-F-IA wife
Raymond R. Snodgrass 4y9m-M-IA son
Harold E. Snodgrass 2y4m-M-IA son
Mildred L. Snodgrass 1-F-IA dau.

Lucy A. Snodgrass 66-F-IA [Lucy A. Bates m. 1872 James R. Snodgrass]
Russell B. Snodgrass 27-M-IA son
<1900 Monroe Co., IA>


James R. Snodgrass, b. 1835?, d. 14 Mar 1904; m/1 Jane Barnes, divorced 26 Sep 1870; 
she retained custody of her children; m/2 Lucy A. Bates, 15 Aug 1872, Monroe Co., IA. 
Martha Jane, b. 13 Feb 1886; James Ralph, b. 18 Mar 188?; Nellie Viola, b. 2 Feb 1890; 
Russell B., b. 27 Mar 1892. Lucy states in affidavit dated 19 Jun 1905 that there is no 
private or public record of births, except as attested by midwife, Margaret Newman. 
James enrolled as a private in Co. I, 39th Regt., Iowa Infantry, on 15 Aug 1862. Discharged
at Washington, DC, on 5 Jun 1865. He was 55 years old when he filed for pension in 1890. 
Asthma and catarrh of lungs. 
Certificate #607,373.

################## end Monroe Co IA ####################### 

Findley Cemetery, Montgomery Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.) NS

1860 census transcription - NS
1880 soundex - yes
1900 census - yes


1880 Montgomery Co IA Census/Soundex 

Sherman Twp., 24-253-13-17:
Samuel Snodgrass 50-M-IL
Elizabeth Snodgrass 42-F-IRE wife
James Snodgrass 20-M-IL son
Mary Jane Snodgrass 18-F-IL dau.
Edward Snodgrass 16-M-IL son
Margaret Snodgrass 13-F-IL dau.
John Snodgrass 11-M-IL son
Elmer Snodgrass 9-M-IL son
Henry Snodgrass 7-M-IL son
Lavada Snodgrass 5-F-IL dau.
Eva Snodgrass 3-F-IA dau.
Clarence Snodgrass 9m-M-IA son

1900 Montgomery Co IA Census 

Pilot Grove Twp., 55-110-8-33:
Thomas Wall
David Snodgrass 46-M-IN/OH/OH Apr 1854 servant, farm laborer

############### end Montgomery Co IA ################# 

1850 census transcription - NS
1910 census transcription - yes

History of Trinity Episcopal Church, Muscatine, IA (Walton--1892)

History of Muscatine Co., IA (Richman--1911) [partial index] NS
Index to Biographical Sketches in the History of Muscatine Co., IA - NS
Nichols, a History of the Town and People in Pike Twp., 1884-1984 (1984)
Pioneer Papers: Comprising a Collection of the Recollections of Early
Events of Bloomington, IA, Now Muscatine (Walton--1899) NS
Portrait and Biographical Album of Muscatine Co., IA (Acme Pub.
Co.--1889) [partial index] NS
Scraps of Muscatine History, Containing Facts and Stories Told at Old
Settlers' Meetings and Other Places (Walton--1893) [unindexed]

Land Atlas & Plat Book, Muscatine Co., IA, 1977 (Rockford Map Pub.) yes

Number Assigned Muscatine Co. Draftees, Muscatine Journal and
News-Tribune, 1940 (Morgan) NS

Muscatine Co., IA, Birth Records, 1880-1910 (Brossart) yes
Muscatine Co., IA, Death Records, 1880-1910 (Brossart) NS
Muscatine Co., IA, Marriage Records, 1837-1910, vols. 1-2 (Brossart) NS



3 Nov 1907 -- Frank Raymond Smith born, s/o Harvey E. Smith & Anna F.

3 Apr 1910 -- Helen Jane Smith born, d/o Harvey E. Smith & Anna Pearl Snodgrass.
1910 Census

Muscatine, Second Ward, page 95, #177:
Iza Snodgrass 48-M-IN/IN/IN farmer
Minnie Snodgrass 31-F-KS/IN/IN wife <Minnie Asher>
<m. 1894 Owen Co., IN>
Viola F. Snodgrass 14-F-IN/IN/KS dau.
Vessie M. Snodgrass 12-F-IN/IN/KS dau.
Clarence Snodgrass 10-M-IN/IN/KS son
Julia Snodgrass 7-F-IA/IN/KS dau.
Dorothy Snodgrass 4-F-IA/IN/KS dau.

1977 -- Land Atlas & Plat Book:
page 18: R. Snodgrass, H. D. Snodgrass, & L. C. Snodgrass own part of the

Northeast part of the Southwest 1/4 & part of the Northwest part of the

Southeast 1/4 of Section 35, Township 78 North, Range 1 East.


O'BRIEN COUNTY (977.714 & 977.715)

History of O'Brien Co., IA (Perkins--1897) [unindexed]
History of O'Brien Co., IA (O'Brien Co. Hist. Soc.--1979) yes

Land Atlas and Plat Book, O'Brien Co., IA, 1981 (Rockford Map Pub.) NS 


1979 -- Hist. of O'Brien Co., IA, page 545 = Eileen Christina Kreber, d/o
Clarence Kreber & Hilda Harens, was born 9 Oct 1945. She graduated from St.
Vincent School of Nursing of Sioux City. She married James Snodgrass of Des
Moines and is employed at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines. 



Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church: 1880-Centennial-1980 
(Merrick Co.--1980) [unindexed]

Mennonite Settlement, 1887-1915, May City, Osceola Co., IA 
(Martin--1983) [partial index] NS

Atlas & Directory, Osceola Co., IA, 1972 (Rockford Map Pub.) NS

Early IA Marriages, Osceola Co., 8 Aug 1872-1 Feb 1900 
(IA Gen. Soc./Dick) NS


PAGE COUNTY (977.778) 

1850 census transcription - NS
1860 census - yes
1870 census - yes
1880 census - yes (only part of county checked)
1880 soundex - yes
1900 census - yes
1910 census - yes (only part of county checked)
1920 census - yes

Cemeteries in Page Co., IA (WPA) yes

The Biographical History of Page County, IA 
(Lewis & Dunbar--1890) yes

Iowa Genealogical Records, vol. 8 & vol. 21 - yes


28 Nov 1858 -- Susanna Snodgrass married John W. Gray.
[vss - ? d/o Robert Snodgrass & Nancy Matherly; she as 8 yr old 
on 1850 Clinton Co IN; what is the source for this marriage?]

1860 Page Co IA Census 

Buchanan Twp., Center P.O., page 107, #790/790 (enum. 28 Jul 1860):
Robert Snodgrass 47?-M-IN farmer, $1200/600 
[s/o Samuel & Susannah McCaslin]
Nancy Snodgrass 34-F-IN 
<Nancy Matherly; m. 1840 Decatur Co., IN>
Joseph Snodgrass 19-M-IN [m. 1861 Wallace W. Wells]
Mary Snodgrass 16-F-IN [Mary E. Snodgrass]
John Snodgrass 14-M-IN
Edwin M. C. Snodgrass 12-M-IN [Edward Milton Snodgrass]
[see m. Melissa Catherine Ring 1867 Nodaway MO & 1870 Miami KS, 
1880 Nodaway MO & 1900 Anderson Co KS]
James N. Snodgrass 11-M-IN [? as Isam on 1850 & 1870]
Elen Snodgrass 9-F-IN 
[Ellen m. 1868 Ransom R. Crop / Cross?]
James L. Snodgrass 8-M-IA
Sarah Snodgrass 7-F-IA
<1850 Clinton Co., IN; 1870 Page Co., IA>

Buchanan Twp., Center P.O., page 107, #792/792 (enum. 28 Jul 1860):
Joseph Snodgrass 37-M-IN farmer, $1200/495 
[b. 1822 Jefferson Co IN, s/o Samuel & Susannah McCaslin]
Jane A. Snodgrass 34-F-IN 
<Jane Ann Hammond; m. 1845 Bartholomew Co., IN>
Caroline Snodgrass 13-F-IA [m. Benjamin Lasswell]
Eliza Snodgrass 10-F-MO
Elona Snodgrass 8-M-IA [? Alonzo Snodgrass m. Mary Elkins]
Montravila Snodgrass 4-M-IA [? Montraville Snodgrass]
Enoval Snodgrass 8-M-IA
Birch Snodgrass 3m-M-IA [Alfred Burch m. Esther Surrilda Elkins]
<1850 Andrew Co., MO>

Buchanan Twp., Center P.O., page 107, #793/793 (enum. 28 Jul 1860):
John Snodgrass 35-M-IN farmer, $1000/400 
[s/o Samuel & Susannah McCaslin]
Matilda Snodgrass 30-F-IN 
<Aurilla Hammond; m. 1847 Bartholomew Co., IN> 
Doritz Snodgrass 9-F-MO
Austin Snodgrass 6-M-IA
Augustus Snodgrass 4-M-IA
Balzora Snodgrass 2-F-IA
Sarah Hollern? 63-F-TN
<1850 Andrew Co., MO>

26 May 1861 -- Mary E. Snodgrass married Wallace W. Wells.

29 Oct 1863 -- Caroline Snodgrass married Benjamin Lapwell. 
[Benjamin Lasswell]

22 Oct 1865 -- Joseph S. Snodgrass married Elizabeth T. Harris. 
<1870 Page Co., IA>

19 Mar 1868 -- Ellen Snodgrass married Ranson R. Crop [Cross ?].

19 Sep 1869 -- Lewis B. Snodgrass married Angeline Hosier. 
<1870 Page Co., IA>

1870 Page Co IA Census 

East River Twp., #352/352:
Joseph Snodgrass 27?-M-MO farmer
Elizabeth Snodgrass 25?-F-MO 
<Elizabeth T. Harris; m. 1865 Page Co., IA>
Mary Snodgrass 3?-F-IA
George Snodgrass 4m?-M-IA b. Nov

East River Twp., page 411, #504:
James Snodgrass 47-M-KY physician, $5000/1000
[James Thomas Snodgrass b. 1827, d. 1877]
Agnes Snodgrass 36-F-IN 
[Nancy A. Long m. 1849 Hancock Co IN; b. 1837, d. 1919]
Nora Snodgrass 18-F-IN teacher 
<Manora; m. 1870 Robert Daugherty; probably dupl. Nora below>
Martha Snodgrass 18-F-IL
Lunrer? Snodgrass 16-F-IL 
<Lauretta; m. 1874 Preston B. Speelman>
Oscar Snodgrass 16-M-IA 
[probably 12 here; m. Elizabeth ___; 1920 Brown Co KS]
Adolphus Snodgrass 10-M-IA
Thomas Snodgrass 8-M-IA
Arthur Snodgrass 4-M-IA
Charley Snodgrass 1-M-IA
Thomas Scrugger 60-M-IN farm hand
<1860 Mahaska Co., IA; 1880 Page Co., IA> [1850 Hancock Co IN]

East River Twp., page 422, #645:
Nora Snodgrass 19-F-IN teacher, 0/$400 
<probably duplcate of Nora above>
William Snodgrass 24-M-IN farm hand, 0/$800
Foster Avery 37-M-PA farmer
___ Avery 34-F-PA

Buchanan Twp., #821/821:
Robert Snodgrass 52-M-IN farmer, $3500/1000
Nancy Snodgrass 46-F-IN 
<Nancy Matherly m. 1840 Decatur Co., IN>
Isam Snodgrass 21-M-IN
James Snodgrass 17-M-IN
Sarah J. Snodgrass 15-F-IN
Robert Snodgrass 8-M-IN
Spencer Morgan 22-M-IL farm hand
Charles Morgan 25-M-IL farmer
<1860 Page Co., IA>

Nodaway Twp., #261/262:
John Hosier 62-M-OH
Rebecca Hosier 59-F-KY
Lewis Snodgrass 28-M-IN farm hand, 0/$200 married Aug
Angeline Snodgrass 23-F-IN 
<Angeline Hosier; m. 1869 Page Co., IA>
John Snodgrass 5m-M-IA b. Jan
<1880 Page Co., IA>

17 Nov 1870 -- Manora A. Snodgrass married Robert Daugherty.

17 Aug 1873 -- Hattie Snodgrass, d/o J. T. & N. A., b. 20 Feb 1872, 
d. 17 Aug 1873, buried Memory Cemetery, New Market, East River Twp.

24 Dec 1874 -- Lauretta E. Snodgrass married Preston B. Speelman.

1877 -- James T. Snodgrass, b. 1827, d. 1877, buried Memory Cemetery.

3 Feb 1877 -- Anna Belle Snodgrass, d. 3 Feb 1877, buried Rose Hill Cemetery,
Shenandoah, Grant Twp.

1880 Page Co IA Census/Soundex

Nodaway Twp., Clarinda, 25-154-35-15, #357:
John Snodgrass 62-M-PA/PA/PA lumberman
Mary Snodgrass 60-F-IN/PA/PA wife
Ella Thompson 14-F-IN/PA/PA niece
Betta? Lights/Sights 25-F-IA servant
Willie Lights 4-M-IA

East River Twp., Dayton, 25-155-17-3:
Nancy Snodgrass 46-F-IN
Martha Snodgrass 27-F-IL dau.
Adolphus C. Snodgrass 20-M-IA son
Jasper T. Snodgrass 17-M-IA son <Thomas Jasper Snodgrass>
Arthur Snodgrass 14-M-IA son
Carthema Snodgrass 14-F-IA dau.
Chas. Snodgrass 11-M-IA son
Ora Snodgrass 4-M-IA son
Lauretta Spellman 24-F-IL dau.
Alva Spellman 3-M-IA grandson
<1870 Page Co., IA>

East River Twp., 25-155-26-38:
J. S. Snodgrass 39-M-IN
Elizabeth Snodgrass 32-F-MO wife
Ethel Snodgrass 13-F-IA dau.
Robert L. Snodgrass 10-M-IA son

Lincoln Twp., 25-156-24-9:
Lewis B. Snodgrass 38-M-IN
Angeline Snodgrass 33-F-IN wife
Calvin Snodgrass 10-M-IA son
William Snodgrass 8-M-IA son
Carry B. Snodgrass 6-F-IA dau.
Mary R. Snodgrass 2m-F-IA dau.
<1870 & 1900 Page Co., IA>

Buchanan Twp., 25-159-6-5:
Alonzo Snodgrass 26-M-IA 
[s/o Joseph Snodgrass & Jane Hammond]
Mary Snodgrass 21-F-IA wife 
<Mary Elkins; m. 1877 Nodaway Co., MO>
Bert Snodgrass 2-M-IA son
<1900 Page Co., IA>

Buchanan Twp., #43/44:
Jane Dawnwood? 50-F-TN
Monteville Snodgrass 27-M-IA/--/--
Mariah Snodgrass 21-F-IA/OH/PA 
<Mariah Boner; m. 1878 Nodaway Co., MO>

Buchanan Twp., #44/45:
Joseph Snodgrass 58-M-IN/VA/PA farmer
Jane A. Snodgrass 56-F-IN/NY/NY <m. 1845 Bartholomew Co., IN>
Orville Snodgrass 22-M-IA/IN/IN teaching school
Birch Snodgrass 20-M-IA/IN/IN <Alfred Burch Snodgrass>
Amy Warner 12-F-IN/--/-- boarder

(1890) -- Bio. Hist. of Page Co. Iowa (publ. 1890), pages 658-659: 
Joseph Snodgrass
The Great Grandfather of the subject of this sketch, immigrated
from Ireland to America and settled in Virginia. Samuel Snodgrass,
his son, was the father of three children who lived to maturity: 
James, Robert, and Samuel. 
Samuel Snodgrass, father of Joseph was born in Virginia and 
was married to Susan McCastin [vss - McCaslin], dau. of William and
Elizabeth McCastin, who came directly to this country from Ireland.
Samuel and Susan (McCastin) Snodgrass were the parents of eleven 
children: James, Ellen, William, Samuel, Jane, Mabel, Robert, 
Phoebe, Joseph, John and Edmund, all of who lived to maturity. The
parents lived for some time after marriage on a farm in Virginia, 
and at an early day removed to Jefferson County, Indiana, and 
settled within three miles of Hanover College; they resided in this
County for many years and went to Decatur County, Indiana, where 
the father died at the age of fifty-four years. He was an 
industrious, capable man, but owing to an accident which occurred
in his childhood he did not enjoy the blessing of good health. In 
his younger days he taught school. He and his wife were earnest 
members of the Presbyterian Church.
Joseph Snodgrass, son of Samuel and Susan Snodgrass, was born
in Jefferson Co., IN, in 1822, and received a limited education in
the common schools of that day. He went with his father when a lad
to Decatur Co., IN, and there learned the tanner's trade, which he 
followed for ten years. At the age of 22 years he started a tannery
business in Bartholomew Co., IN, where he remained for three years;
he then sold out and returned to Decatur Co., and engaged in the same 
business at Greensburg. In 1845 he was married in Johnson Co., IN, 
to Miss Jane A. Hammond, a dau. of Lot and Betsey (Barnum) Hammond.
Mr. Hammond was a native of Baltimore, and his father was a merchant
in that City. Mrs. Hammond was a native of Connecticut and of an old
Puritan family; they were the parents of ten children, who lived to 
maturity. Mr. and Mrs. Snodgrass have seven children: Caroline, 
wife of Benjamin Laswell; Elijah, who married Jane Miller; Alonzo,
who ... <we need the rest of this>

20 Jan 1896 -- Boyd Snodgrass, b. 2 Sep 1894, d. 20 Jan 1896, 
buried Shearer Cemetery, Braddyville, Buchanan Twp.

1900 Page Co IA Census

Buchanan Twp., 58-82-1-90:
A. B. Snodgrass 40-M-IA/IN/IN Mar 1860 m.15y, farmer 
<Alfred Burch Snodgrass> [s/o Joseph & Jane Hammond]
Ester S. Snodgrass 39-F-IA/IN/IN Dec 1860 wife, 2 ch, 2 liv 
<Esther Surilda Elkins>
Roy C. Snodgrass 14-M-IA/IA/IA Feb 1886 son
Ray E. Snodgrass 13-M-IA/IA/IA Jun 1887 son
<1880 Page Co., IA>

Buchanan Twp., 58-82-2-32:
A. C. Snodgrass 46-M-IA/IN/IN Mar 1854 m.23y, farmer
Mary Snodgrass 42-F-IA/IA/IA May 1858 wife, 2 ch, 2 liv
Floy Snodgrass 13-F-IA/IA/IA Apr 1886 dau.
<18980 Page Co., IA>

Buchanan Twp., 58-82-2-47:
Wilfred Snodgrass 24-M-IA/IA/IA Jan 1875 m.3y, farmer
Bell Snodgrass 26-F-IA/PA/VA Jun 1873 wife, 2 ch, 2 liv
Oron Snodgrass 2-M-IA/IA/IA Apr 1897? son
baby Snodgrass 1m-M-IA/IA/IA May 1900 son

East River Twp., 58-85-2-79:
Thomas J. Snodgrass 36-M-IA Nov 1863 m.13y, farmer 
<Thomas Jasper Snodgrass>
Nancy M. Snodgrass 36-F-IA Apr 1864 wife, 2 ch, 2 liv 
<Nancy Martha Odell; m. 1886 Holt Co., MO>
Bessie W. Snodgrass 11-F-IA Aug 1888 dau.
Carl D. Snodgrass 3-M-IA Sep 1896 son

East River Twp., 58-85-3-21:
N. A. Snodgrass 66-F-IN/OH/OH Mar 1834 wid. [1837-1919]
<Nancy; widow of James T. Snodgrass>

Nodaway Twp., Yorktown, 58-94-1-50:
Lewis Snodgrass 58-M-IN/KY/IN Nov 1841 m.31y, carpenter <d. 1918>
Angeline Snodgrass 52-F-IN/OH/OH Oct 1847 wife, 6 ch, 6 liv <d. 1918
Millie Snodgrass 20-F-IA/IA/IA Apr 1880 dau.
Clay Snodgrass 9-M-IA/IA/IA Oct 1890 son 
<m. ca. 1914 Mable G. __>
<1880 & 1920 Page Co., IA>

Nodaway Twp., Yorktown, 58-94-3-26:
Frank Arman
William Snodgrass 28-M-IA/IN/IN Jan 1872 boarder, farm hand

Tarhir? Twp., 58-97-8-93:
John? B. Preston
Bus Snodgrass 17-M-IA/IN/IN Mar 1883 servant, farm laborer

1910 Page Co IA Census

Shambaugh Town, 
A. Burch Snodgrass 50-M-IA/IN/IN m/1, 25y, farmer, o.h.f. 
<Alfred Burch Snodgrass>
Esther S. Snodgrass 49-F-IN/IN/IN wife, m/1, 2 ch, 2 liv

Shambaugh Town, page 137B:
Joseph Snodgrass 88-M-IN/VA/PA m/1, 66y, farmer, o.f.f. <d. 1914>
[s/o Samuel Snodgrass & Susannah McCaslin]
Hammond Snodgrass 84-F-IN/VA/VA wife, m/1, 7 ch, 5 liv 
<Jane A. Hammond; d. 1911>

5 Jan 1911 -- Jane A. Snodgrass, w/o Joseph, b. 20 Jun 1824, d. 5 Jan 1911,
buried Shearer Cemetery, Braddyville, Buchanan Twp.

2 Sep 1914 -- Joseph Snodgrass, b. 10 Mar 1822, d. 2 Sep 1914, 
buried Shearer Cemetery.

1918 -- L. <Lewis> B. Snodgrass, b. 1841, d. 1918, buried Summit Cemetery.

1919 -- Nancy A. Snodgrass, w/o James T., b. 1837, d. 1919, buried Memory Cemetery.

1920 Page Co IA Census/Soundex

Shawandoak College, 61-106-11-32:
R. B. Snodgrass 36-M-IA
Laura W. Snodgrass 30-F-IA wufe
Dons C. Snodgrass 8-M-IA son
Aldrick L. Snodgrass 6-M-IA son
Dorelea E. Snodgrass 2y3m-F-IA dau.
Wynn W. Snodgrass 4m-M-IA son

York Town, 61-112-1-5:
Angeline Snodgrass 71-F-IN <widow of Lewis B. Snodgrass; d. 1924>
<1900 Page Co., IA>

York Town, 61-112-1-13:
Clay E. Snodgrass 29-M-IA
Mable G. Snodgrass 24-F-IA wife
Helen M. Snodgrass 5-F-IA dau.
Arthur B. Snodgrass 3y5m-M-IA son
<1900 Page Co., IA>

York Town, 61-112-1-22:
Olive A. Snodgrass 35-F-KS
William N. Snodgrass 48-M-IA husband

John C. Snodgrass 50-M-IA
Elizabeth Snodgrass 51-F-IA wife
Finley Snodgrass 18-M-IA son

Claude, 61-114-6-160:
Alfred B. Snodgrass 58-M-IA <Alfred Burch Snodgrass>
Esther S. Snodgrass 59-F-IA wife

Clarinda, 61-114-15-54:
Roy C. Snodgrass 33-M-IA
Clella Snodgrass 30-F-IA wife
Florence Snodgrass 9-F-IA dau.
Frances Snodgrass 7-F-IA dau.
Ray Jr.? Snodgrass 5-M-IA son
Bratley Snodgrass 2y9m-M-IA son

Clarinda, 61-115-10-34:
Alonzo Snodgrass 65-M-IA <d. 1920>
Mary Snodgrass 61-F-IA wife

1920 -- Alonzo C. Snodgrass, b. 1854, d. 1920, buried Memory Cemetery.

1923 -- Lee Snodgrass, b. 1913, d. 1923, buried Clarinda Cem., Clarinda, Nodaway Twp.

1924 -- Angeline Snodgrass, b. 1846, d. 1924, buried Summit Cemetery.

1931 -- Mary L. Snodgrass, b. 1853, d. 1931, buried Memory Cemetery.

1935 -- E. Clay Snodgrass, b. 1890, d. 1935, buried Summit Cemetery.

10 Nov 1935 -- Martha J. Snodgrass, b. 1852, d. 10 Nov 1935, buried Memory Cemetery.

[3 Jul] 1936 -- Alfred Burch Snodgrass, husband of Esther, b. 1860, d. 1936, 
buried Clarinda Cemetery.
- - - - - - - - - - 

18 Jul 1936 -- Christian Standard, vol. 71, pages 15-16: Father of Ministers Passes
On July 3, at his home in Clarinda, Ia., Alfred Burch Snodgrass, father of Roy C., minister at
Amarillo, [Potter Co.,] Tex., and Ray E., minister with Central Church, Wichita, [Sedgwick
Co.] Kan., passed to his eternal home. Had he lived one more day he and Mrs. Snodgrass
would have celebrated their fifty-second wedding anniversary. Funeral services from the
home church were in charge of B. F. Hall, minister at Clarinda, and interment was in the local
cemetery. Besides his wife and sons, eight grandchildren survive. To all of these, in their
loss, is extended the sympathy of their many friends through the brotherhood. 
An obituary will be published later.
- - - - - - - - - - 

1 Aug 1936 -- Christian Standard, vol. 71, page 752: Snodgrass, Alfred Burch, [died] July 3,
at Clarinda, IA, at age of 76 years. Was born March 9, 1860, in Page County, IA, son of
Joseph and Jane Hammond Snodgrass, members of a pioneer family of Page County, who
settled first at Savannah, [Andrew Co.] MO, after leaving Indiana. Was married, July 4, 1884,
to Esther Surilda Elkins. To this union were born 2 sons, Roy C., now minister with First
Church, Amarillo, TX, and Ray E., minister with Central Church, Wichita, KS. United with
Church of Christ at Siam about 40 years ago, and remained a faithful Christian throughout
life. His church came first in his life. Was a member of Plum Lodge, No. 285, A. F. and A.
M., of Siam, for 51 years. Besides his wife and sons, 8 grandchildren survive. Funeral
services at the house of worship at Clarinda were in charge of B. F. Hall. The sons and 4
grandsons served as pallbearers. Interment was at the local cemetery.

27 Oct 1937 -- Melvina Snodgrass, b. 23 Mar 1869, d. 27 Oct 1937, buried Memory Cem.

6 Apr 1938 -- Thomas J. Snodgrass, b. 17 Nov 1863, d. 6 Apr 1938, buried Memory Cem.

16 Dec 1938 -- J. C. Snodgrass, b. 8 Jan 1878, d. 16 Dec 1938, buried Polsley Cemetery,
Yorktown, Lincoln Twp.

[vss - a page from ...] REDMOND S. COLE Collection

Questionnaire mailed 17 Sep 1938 to Rev. Roy Snodgrass, First Christian Church, 
Amarillo, TX.

Full name: Roy Cleveland Snodgrass, born 1885, Page Co., IA, s/o Alfred Burch 
Snodgrass (b. 9 Nov 1860, Page Co., IA; d. Jul 1836, Clarinda, IA) & Esther Surilda Elkins
(b. Dec 1861; still lives in Clarinda, IA).

Alfred Burch Snodgrass & Esther Surilda (Elkins) Snodgrass had two sons.

Grandfather was Joseph Snodgrass, b. Greensburg, IN (I think); moved to Savanah, MO, in 
an ___ early ___ <edge of page did not copy>; d. Shambough, Page Co., IA.

Children of Joseph Snodgrass:
Carolyn Snodgrass, m. Ben Laswell.
Elijah Snodgrass
Alonzo Snodgrass, m. Mary Elkins.
Monterville Snodgrass, m. Mariah Boner.
Orville Snodgrass, m. Vada ___.
Alfred Burch Snodgrass, m. Esther Elkins.

Did you by any chance know name of your great-grandfather Snodgrass? 
Not sure.

If so, where did he live?

Is your Snodgrass family supposed to have been from Virginia?
I think so.

Did any of your family or remote relatives live in Andrew Co., MO? If your answer is yes, 
please explain who.
Also a brother of my grandfather - Robert.

Is there any member of your own family or any near relative who has collected for
preservation the record of your family? If so, please give me full name and address 
of such person.
I think not.

If related to the Snodgrass family of Andrew Co., MO, can you tell me what relation 
William Snodgrass who married Susan Shaw was to your father?
I am quite sure my grandfather had a brother by the name of William, but not sure 
where he lived.

Mary E. Snodgrass of Andrew Co. married Geo. H. Weldon. Can you tell me who she was?

A Mr. W. C. Snodgrass lived in Savannah, MO, in 1846. Can you tell me whether he was 
related to your family, and if so how?
I could not say.

Sorry can give you no further information.
R. C. Snodgrass, Pastor, First Christian Church, Amarillo.

My brother, R. E. (Roy Elkins) is pastor of Central Christian Church, Wichita, KS.
My mother, at Clarinda, IA, might give <copy ends here>
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

[vss - another page from Redmond Cole Collection]

Questionnaire mailed to Mrs. A. B. Snodgrass, Clarinda, IA, 1 Sep 1940.

Full maiden name: Esther Surilda Elkins.
Full name of husband: Alfred Burch Snodgrass, b. 9 Mar 1860 in Page Co., IA; 
d. 3 Jul 1936, Clarinda, IA.
He never resided in Andrew Co., MO.
Husband's father: Joseph Snodgrass, b. Jefferson Co., IN; resided at Savannah, Andrew Co.,
MO, between the years of 1850 to 1853.
Joseph Snodgrass's great-grandfather, came from Ireland to America and settled in Virginia. 
Samuel and Susan (McCaslin) Snodgrass were the parents of Joseph Snodgrass. 

I know so little about my husband's ancestors. Rev. Roy E. Snodgrass of Wichita, KS, 
is my son. He lived in Savannah about six years, was minister of the First Christian Church 
there. I have another son, Rev. Roy C. Snodgrass, who is minister of the First Christian 
Church in Amarillo, TX. Their knowledge of their father's ancestors is limited also.

As ever, Mrs. A. B. Snodgrass, 303 No. 12th St., Clarinda, IA.

################ end Page Co IA #################### 

PALO ALTO (977.7155)

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Ruthven, IA, 1889-1989 (Sacred Heart
Catholic Church Book Committee--1989) [unindexed]

Ayrshire, IA, Centennial, 1882-1982 (Bireline Pub. Co.--1982) [partial
index] NS
History of Palo Alto Co., IA (McCarty--1910) [unindexed]

Atlas & Directory, Palo Alto Co., IA, 1972 (Rockford Map Pub.) NS



Floyd Valley Cemetery (Melbourne), Plymouth Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.) NS
Pleasant Valley Cemetery of Adaville, Johnson Twp., Plymouth Co., IA
(Ingmire Pub.) NS
Quorn Cemetery, Plymouth Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.) NS
Stanton Twp. Cemetery, Plymouth Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.) NS

1910 census transcription - NS

Record of Heirs and Estates of Decendents, Plymouth Co., IA (Ingmire
Pub.) NS

A Century of Memories, Kingsley, 1884-1984 (Miller Print & Pub.--1984)
[partial index] NS
History of Plymouth Co., IA, Her People, Industries, and Institutions
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Our Life: A Little Gleam of Time between the Eternities: Portland, IA
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Soc.) NS
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1900 census - yes

Pocahontas Co., IA, History (Pocahontas Co. Hist. Soc.--1981) NS

Pocahontas Co., IA, Land Atlas & Plat Book (Rockford Map Pub.) NS



1900 Census

Clinton Twp., 59-163-11-57:
Sanford Snodgrass 30-M-MO/--/-- Jun 1869 m.9y, farmer
Olive A. Snodgrass 28-F-IA/NY/WI Jul 1871 wife, 5 ch, 5 liv
Virgil L. Snodgrass 8-M-IA/MO/IA May 1892 son
Lulu N./U. Snodgrass 6-F-IA/MO/IA Apr 1894 dau.
Vivian L. Snodgrass 4-F-IA/MO/IA Feb 1896 dau.
Ada M. Snodgrass 2-F-IA/MO/IA May 1898 dau.
--- Snodgrass 2m-M-IA/MO/IA Mar 1900 son

Clinton Twp., 59-163-12-22?:
Andrew Snodgrass 61-M-IN/VA/IN Oct 1838 m.31y, farmer <Andrew West
Charlotte I. Snodgrass 48-F-NY/VT/NY Nov 1851 wife, 5 ch, 5 liv <Charlotte
Ida Stafford>
<m. 1868 Webster Co., IA>
Dell Snodgrass 21-M-IA/IN/NY Nov 1878 son
Nellie Snodgrass 15-F-IA/IN/NY Aug 1884 dau.
<1880 Webster Co., IA>


POLK COUNTY (977.758)

Cemetery Records, Polk Co., IA (Demirjean, Phillips, & Taylor) NS
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1850 census transcription - yes
1856 state census - (unindexed)
1860 census - yes
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1880 census - yes (only part of county checked)
1880 soundex - yes
1900 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

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West, vol. 1 & vol. 2, part 1 (Brigham--1911) (unindexed)
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(partial index) NS
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articles clipped by members of the Snodgrass Clan Society

Deaths, Polk Co., IA, 1880-1907, vols. 1-5 (Pioneer Sons and Daus. Gen. Soc.) yes
Early Marriages, Polk Co., IA, 1846-1866 (IA Gen. Soc.) yes
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Marriages, Polk Co., IA, 1871-1938, vols. 1-3, 5, 7-33 
(Pioneer Sons and Daus. Gen. Soc.) yes (no vol. 4 & 6 exist)


11 May 1839 -- Susannah Snodgrass d. age 1y 9m; d/o A. & R. Snodgrass; buried
Kinsey Cem., Webster 7 Twp.

1848 -- C. Snodgrass died 1848, age 77, buried Kinsey Cem.
[vss - this should be checked - seems to really be Charles Snodgrass who died 1858!]

1850 Polk Co IA Census

Abiram Snodgrass 41-M-OH carpenter [Abraham Snodgrass]
Rebecca Snodgrass 38-F-IN <28?> [Rooks] <m. 1840 Livingston Co., MO>
Chas. Snodgrass 9-M-MO
Jos. Snodgrass 7-M-MO <d. 1860>
John Snodgrass 4-M-MO
Sarah Snodgrass 2-F-MO <d. 1851>
Wm. Snodgrass 1-M-MO

Wm. Snodgrass 34-M-OH farmer [William Snodgrass]
Catherine Snodgrass 37-F-KY <Catherine Chrisman; m. 1842 Grundy Co., MO>
Mary Snodgrass 7-F-MO
James Snodgrass 6-M-MO <d. 1853>
Henry Snodgrass 4-M-MO
Elizabeth Snodgrass 3-F-MO
Sarah Snodgrass 5m-F-IA
Chas. Snodgrass 22-M-VA [Charles Snodgrass brother of William ?]
<1860 Polk Co., IA>

Chas. Snodgrass 61/64-M-VA farmer <d. bef. 3 May 1858> [Charles Snodgrass]
Elizabeth Snodgrass 61-F-TN
Nelson Snodgrass 15-M-IN farmer <m. Elizabeth ___> [Nelson B. Snodgrass]
Isaac Snodgrass 12-M-IN <m. 1857 Jane McDonell>

1(9?) Apr 1851 -- Sarah E. Snodgrass d. 1 Apr 1851, age 1(7?)y 1(?)m 5d; buried Kinsey

15 Dec 1851 -- Nelson Snodgrass d. 15 Dec 1851, age 3y 11m 16d, s/o A. & R.
<Abraham & Rebecca> Snodgrass; buried Kinsey Cem.

8 Mar 1853 -- James Snodgrass d. 8 Mar 1853, age 10y 4m 16d; s/o W. & C.
<William & Catherine>; buried Kinsey Cem.

11 Apr 1853 -- William Taylor Snodgrass, d. 11 Apr 1853, age 11y 1m 15d; s/o
A. & R. <Abraham & Rebecca>; buried Kinsey Cem.

15 Nov 1853 -- Will Book 1, page ?: Will of Charles Snodgrass.
wife Elizabeth Snodgrass
sons Nelson Snodgrass & Isaac Snodgrass
witnesses: Madison Young & S. M. Bickford.
W. P. 3 May 1858.

1856 Polk Co IA census 

[vss - info from SCS members F. W. McIntosh of Corona, CA, 
Loretta Fisher of Vancouver, WA, and desc. Linda Towers ?]
Charles Snodgrass, age 72 years. Res. of Iowa: 9 years
Birthplace Virginia [vss - b. ca 1784 ?]
Elizabeth, age 70 years. Res. of Iowa: 9 years
Birthplace Tennessee
Isaac, age 19. Res. of Iowa: 9 years
Birthplace Indiana
Nelson, age 22 years. Res. of Iowa: 9 years
Birthplace Indiana [vss - b. ca. 1834]
Elizabeth Ann, age 16 years. Res. of Iowa: 2 years [wife of Nelson]
Birthplace Indiana

also #205 
Abiram Snodgrass, age 47. Res. of Iowa 8 years. Birthplace Ohio
Rebecca, 31, b. IN
Charles b. MO
Joseph b. MO
John b. MO
Thomas b. IA
Rhonda b. IA
George Riley b. IA
Mary age 16, b. MO [ d/o Wm. Snodgrass and Catherine, m. Eli Smith 1857]

4 Jun 1857 -- Isaac Snodgrass married Jane McDonell (Book 1, page 186).

4 Jul 1857 -- Mary Snodgrass married Eli Smith (Book 1, page 186).

7 Jun 1858 -- Probate, Charles Snodgrass.

11 Nov 1859 -- Susannah Snodgrass d. 11 Nov 1859, buried Kinsey Cem.

16(18?) Apr 1860 -- Joseph Snodgrass died 16(18?) Apr 1860, age 16y 8m 2d; s/o
A. & R. <Abraham & Rebecca> Snodgrass; buried Kinsey Cem. (broken stone).

1 May 1860 -- Sidney Snodgrass d. 1 May 1860, age 9m 11d; d/o W. & C. 
<William & Catherine>; buried Kinsey Cem.

1860 Polk Co IA Census

Des Moines Twp., Des Moines P.O., page 88, #716/651 (enumerated 18 Jun 1860):
Abram Snodgrass 52-M-VA $500/400 <d. 1863>
Rebecca Snodgrass 36-F-IN <Rebecca Rooks; m. 1840 Livingston Co., MO>
Charles Snodgrass 19-M-MO farm laborer <m. 1861 Nancy E. Catran>
John Snodgrass 14-M-MO
Thomas Snodgrass 7-M-IA
Rhody M. Snodgrass 5-F-IA
George R. Snodgrass 4-M-IA
[1870 Grundy Co MO]

Des Moines Twp., Des Moines P.O., page 88, #716/651 (enumerated 18 Jun 1860):
William Snodgrass 45-M-OH farmer, $1000/300
Catherine Snodgrass 48-F-KY
Henry Snodgrass 14-M-MO <m. 1868 Matilda Smith>
Elizabeth Snodgrass 12-F-MO <m. 1865 William Hecock>
Sarah Iowa Snodgrass 10-F-IA <d. 1865>
Manda Jane Snodgrass 7-F-IA
<1850 Polk Co., IA>

Des Moines Twp., Des Moines P.O., page 89, #719/654 (enumerated 18 Jun 1860):
Nelson Snodgrass 25-M-IN farmer, $1000/600 
[Nelson B. Snodgrass s/o Charles & Elizabeth]
Elizabeth H. Snodgrass 20-F-IN
Harriett Rodgers 13-F-IN
Isaac Snodgrass 22-M-IN farmer, $1000/600 [brother of Nelson]
Jane Snodgrass 22-F-IN <Jane McDonell; m. 1857 Polk Co., IA>
William N. Snodgrass 2-M-IA
Sarah E. Snodgrass 6m-F-IA
Elizabeth Snodgrass 67-F-TN [widow of Charles who died 1858]

7 Jun 1861 -- Charles F. Snodgrass married Nancy E. Catran <d. 1862> (Book 1, page 210).

3 May 1862 -- Nancy E. Snodgrass d. 3 May 1862, age 21y 4d; 
w/o <Charles> C. F. Snodgrass; buried Kinsey Cem.

10 Oct 1862 -- Adia L. Snodgrass d. 10 Oct 1862, age 1y 5m 18d; d/o
C.<Charles> F. & N. <Nancy E. Catran>; buried Kinsey Cem.

1(4?) Jun 1863 -- Abraham/Abram Snodgrass d. 1 Jun 1863, age 53, buried Kinsey Cem.

7 Aug 1863 -- estate of Abraham Snodgrass; executrix Rebecca Snodgrass.

9 Sep 1865 -- Elizabeth Snodgrass married William Hecock (Book 1, page 238).

2 Nov 1865 -- Sarahann Snodgrass d. 2 Nov 1865, age 15y 6m 17d; d/o W. & C.
<William & Catherine>; buried Kinsey Cem.

11 Nov 1868 -- Henry Snodgrass married Matilda Smith (Book B, page 249).

1869 -- American Patriotism, page 527: 
James R. Snodgrass, Co. I, 39th Infantry; enlisted 15 Aug 1862; native of
Illinois; discharged at close of war.

21 Oct 1869 -- James W. Snodgrass d. 21 Oct 1869, age 2m 11d; s/o H. & M. J.
<Henry & Matilda> Snodgrass; buried Kinsey Cem.

1870 Polk Co IA Census

Walnut Twp., #145/154:
Nelson Snodgrass 36-M-IN farmer, $5000/2216
Elizabeth Snodgrass 30-F-IN
Wm. F. Snodgrass 9-M-IA
Effie M. Snodgrass 6-F-IA
Horace W. Snodgrass 1-M-IA
Elizabeth Snodgrass 75-F-VA mother

[vss - inserted info from SCS member Loretta Fisher ...
Walnut Twp., #147/156
Eli Smith [b. ca. 1836 Jasper Co IN]
Mary [Mary Snodgrass, b. ca 1842 MO, d/o Wm. Snodgrass, m. 1857]
Sarah Elizabeth [Loretta Fisher provided family group sheet for Eli & Mary's family]
Mary Ann
Alfred Madison
Henry Clinton
Sherman Eli
James Franklin
Ella Jane
Charles Snodgrass 38 Farm laborer 
[Mary Snodgrass Smith's uncle, Chas. F. widower, wife was Nancy Catran]

Walnut Twp., #154/163:
Wm. Snodgrass 55-M-OH farmer, $3000/1200
Catharine Snodgrass 57-F-KY
Amanda Snodgrass 16?-F-IA <m. 1872 Samuel Holoway>
Eliza Hockick? 22-F-MO <Hecock> [Elizabeth Snodgrass m. Wm. Hecock]
Adaline Hockick? 11m-F-IA <Hecock>
Samuel H----y? 24-M-IN works on farm

Walnut Twp., #155/163:
Henry Snodgrass 24-M-MO farmer, 0/$133
Matilda Snodgrass 28-F-OH <Matilda Smith; m. 1868 Polk Co., IA>
Adelia Smith 6-F-IA
<1880 Polk Co., IA>

18 Jan 1872 -- Amanda J. Snodgrass married Samuel Holoway (Book 1, page 115).

1877 -- infant Snodgrass d. 1877; buried Kinsey Cem.

1880 Polk Co IA Census/Soundex

Valley Twp., #209/214:
Charles F. Snodgrass 47-M-OH/OH/OH farmer
Andrew J. Black 62-M-KY
Nancy Black 58-F-OH
+ 2 children

Valley Twp., 26-172-29-37:
Henry Snodgrass 36-M-MO
Matilda Snodgrass 41-F-OH wife
Francis Snodgrass 14-M-IA son [? Francis Marion, where IS he on 1870 as 4 yr old?]
Aaron Snodgrass 8-M-IA son [Joseph Aaron]
<m/1 1891 Nellie A. Gray; m/2 1898 Annie Estes>
Sarah Snodgrass 4-F-IA dau.
Clarkie A. Snodgrass 1-F-IA dau. <d. 1881>
<1870 Polk Co., IA; 1900 Van Buren Co., IA>

Webster Twp., 26-175-34-39:
William Snodgrass 65-M-OH
Katharine Snodgrass 68-F-KY wife <d. 1891>
Adaline Snodgrass 10-F-IA grandchild <should prob. be Adeline Hecock>

6 May 1881 -- Clarkie Ann Snodgrass died in Cottage Grove, age 2y; b. Polk Co.; 
bur. Lausons [Lawson] Grave Yard.
Clarkey A. Snodgrass d. 6 May 1881, age 2y 28d, buried Kinsey Cem.; d/o H. &
M. J. Snodgrass.
Clarkie Ann Snodgrass, death record Book 1, page 25, certificate #318.

16 Dec 1881 -- Catherine Snodgrass d. 15 Dec 1881, age 63, buried Kinsey Cem.
[Note: DAR cemetery reading has b. 25 Feb 1813, d. 16 Dec 1891.]

ca. 1884 -- John Snodgrass born, s/o Samuel Snodgrass & Elizabeth Barnes
(Ref.: marriage record, 4 Mar 1915, Henry Co., IA).

11 May 1891 -- William Snodgrass, b. 15 Feb 1815, d. 11 May 1891, bur. Kinsey Cem.

16 Jun 1891 -- Aaron Snodgrass married [1] Nellie A. Gray (Book 5, page 246).

4 Oct 1891 -- Sarah C. Snodgrass married Thos. J. McDivitt (Book 5, page 179).

3 Jun 1893 -- Mary E. Snodgrass was born in Des Moines, d/o Nell Gray, 20, b.
IA; & A. J. Snodgrass, 22, b. Des Moines, IA.

14 Dec 1893 -- Mary E. Snodgrass died in Des Moines, age 6m; b. IA; bur.
McDivits Graveyard.

20 Jun 1898 -- Aaron Snodgrass married [2] Annie Estes (Book 8, page 249).

1900 Polk Co IA Census

Des Moine Twp., Des Moines, Lancist St., 61-75-11-60:
Andrew Nelson
Margaret Snodgrass 25-F-IA/IA/IA May 1875 roomer, stenographer

Des Moines, 61-83-10-83:
Russell Snodgrass 35-M-IA/IN/IN Jan 1865 m.12y, planing mill
[Moses Russell Snodgrass s/o Moses Snodgrass & Elizabeth McClanahan]
Mattie Snodgrass 24-F-IA/WV/WV Aug 1875 wife, 2 ch, 2 liv 
<Mattie Tucker; m. 1887 Keokuk Co., IL>
Bertrice S. Snodgrass 11-M-IA/IA/IA Nov 1888 son 
[Bert E. Snodgrass m. Elizabeth Dempsey]
Bessie Snodgrass 3-F-IA/IA/IA Mar 1897 dau.

7 Oct 1911 -- J. C. Snodgrass <Jesse> married Laura Channan, nee Burgess 
(Bk 15, page 249).

19 Feb 1912 -- B. E. Snodgrass <Bert> married Elizabeth Dempsey (Book 15, page 249).

6 Apr 1912 -- Mattie Snodgrass, nee Tucker <ex-wife of Russell Snodgrass>,
married M. R. Snodgrass (Book 15, page 249).
[vss - the actual records should be checked, but it seems to me this indicates that Russell
Snodgrass & Mattie Tucker divorced and then re-married here ... so did they divorce again?
The only M. R. Snodgrass I can find so far is Moses Russell Snodgrass (aka Russell
and Russell Snodgrass does marry again 1918]

1 Jun 1915 -- F. W. Snodgrass married Eva May Anderson, nee Mendenhall 
(Bk 17, page 344).

19 Aug 1915 -- Lewis J. Snodgrass married Belle Shaull nee Robinson 
(Book ?, page ??).

25 Apr 1917 -- Oral Snodgrass married Lottie Bess Long (Book 18, page 349).

1920 Polk Co IA Census/Soundex

Henry Snodgrass 74-M-OH <d. 1920>
Matilda J. Snodgrass 78-F-OH wife <d. 1927>

Des Moines, 65-113-9-17:
Anna Estes
Walther H. Snodgrass 20-M-IA son 
<m. 1924, Polk Co., IA, Josephine J. McElwaine>

Des Moines, 65-125-5-4:
C. A. Snodgrass 35-M-MO <Charles Snodgrass>
Gertrude Snodgrass 32-F-MO wife 
<Gertrude Balkey; m. 1907 Jackson Co., MO>
Vivian Busby 17-F-MO niece

Des Moines, 66-107-16-5:
Ida M. Cudy
Venea Snodgrass 22-F-IA 

Des Moines, 66-141-2-77:
Bert E. Snodgrass 31-M-IA [s/o Moses Russell Snodgrass & m1. Mattie Tucker]
Elizabeth Snodgrass 30-F-IA wife 
<Elizabeth Dempsey; m. 1912 Polk Co., IA>
Dorethy E. Snodgrass 7-F-IA dau. 
[Dorothea Jean Snodgrass m. Raymond Hensley Shinpaugh - info from grandson
Ron Dimmick ]

Des Moines, 68-160-7-45:
Russell Snodgrass 52-M-IA [Moses Russell Snodgrass m1. Mattie Tucker]
Orelin Snodgrass 35-F-IA wife [m2 1918 - Orlena]
<Orelin (___) Woodhouse; m. Lake Co., IN>
Stewart Woodhouse 11-M-IA step-son

Des Moines, 68-164-17-37:
William Snodgrass 46-M-IA [William H. Snodgrass d. 25 Nov 1938]
Bertha Snodgrass 36-F-IA wife [d. Dec 1976]
Pearl Snodgrass 20-F-IA dau.
Raymond Snodgrass 18-M-IA son
Thelma Snodgrass 16-F-IA dau.
Nora Snodgrass 8-F-IA dau.
Naomi Snodgrass 5-F-IA dau. <m. 1935 Polk Co., IA, F. J. Seeburger>
<1910 Keokuk Co., IA>

Des Moines, 68-166-12-59:
Jesse C. Snodgrass 34-M-IA
Laura B. Snodgrass 38-F-IA wife <Laura (Burgess) Channan>
Harry Chemon 17-M-IA step-son
Jessie Saxton 19-F-IA niece

22 Jun 1920 -- Henry Snodgrass d. 22 Jun 1920, age 76, buried Kinsey Cem. 
(on stone with Matilda J., d. 1927).

31 Oct 1920 -- Mable Ruth Snodgrass married Albert S. Tucker (Book 20, page 300).

22 Dec 1920 -- Thelma Ruth Snodgrass married Dewey Burton (Book 20, page 38).

9 Mar 1921 -- Mable Snodgrass married Billy B. Wilkinson (Book 21, page 333).

27 Jun 1923 -- Leta Snodgrass married W. O. Mayne (Book 23, page 187).

26 Nov 1924 -- Helen Marie Snodgrass, age 22, married Daniel Webster Stephenson, age 24
(Book 24, page 295).

3 Mar 1924 -- Walter H. Snodgrass, age 25, married Josephine J. McElwain, 19
(Book 24, page 288).

11 Feb 1925 -- R. G. Snodgrass, 63, married Nellie V. Cornett Caywood, 54
(Book 25, page 288).

27 Aug 1925 -- Carroll C. Snodgrass, 22, married Lucille V. Altemeier, 21 
(Book 25, page 288).

19 Sep 1925 -- Roy Snodgrass / Snowgren, age 22, married Elsie M. Paulson, 20
(Book 25, page 288).

8 Dec 1925 -- Lena M. Snodgrass married Thomas G. Berry (Book 25, page 21).

30 Jun 1926 -- Otis M. Snodgrass, 28, married Golda F. Moore, 28 (Book 26, page 288).

1927 -- Matilda J. Snodgrass, b. 1840, d. 1927, buried Kinsey Cem. 
(on stone with Henry Snodgrass, d. 1920).

16 Aug 1927 -- Luther Snodgrass, 34, married Kathryn Kiswin Myers, age __ 
(Bk 27, p 288).

28 Nov 1931 -- Audra Snodgrass, 28, married John N. Kenefick, 29 (Book 30, page 160).

18 Mar 1935 -- Glenn Snodgrass, 26, married Opal Rees, 19 (Book 32, page 288).

30 Mar 1935 -- Naomi Snodgrass, 22, married F. J. Seeburger, 28 (Book 32, page 271).

6 Jul 1937 -- Ralph W. Snodgrass married Mary Elizabeth Schlitz (Book 33, page 288).

22 Nov 1938 -- William H. Snodgrass d. 25 Nov 1938, age 65, buried 
Glendale Cem., City of Des Moines.

28 Jul 1976 -- Des Moines Tribune:
Cecil Snodgrass, 67, of 1351 Seventh St., died of cancer Tuesday at
Medicenter of America, 233 University Ave. He had been ill a year.
Private Services will be at 11 a.m. Thursday at Dunn's Funeral Home on
Grand Avenue. The body will be cremated.
Born in New Sharon, Mr. Snodgrass lived in Des Moines most of his life.
He was a retired siding applicator.
Survivors include a son, Everett; two daus., Mrs. Joyce Kuder of Des
Moines, and Mrs. Clara Virden of Carlisle, and six grandchildren.

12 Oct 1976 -- <which paper?>
Joseph Grant Snodgrass, son of Harold and Leona Snodgrass, was born 
23 Apr 1937, at Allerton, Iowa. He passed away 12 Aug 1976 at Mercy 
hospital in Des Moines, IA, at the age of 39y 3m 19d.
His boyhood years were spent in Allerton, graduating with the class of
1955 from the Allerton High school.
He served his country in 1960 with 26 months in the service. He was
married to Janice Argo 11 Jul 1965. To this union were born two children,
Traci Jo, 10, and Cheryl Leigh, who died in infancy. Roy Dean was adopted 
in 1967.
He was employed by Firestone at Des Moines where he had served 
since 1964.
Joe was preceded in death by an infant daughter, Cheryl.
He is survived by his parents, Harold and Leona; son, Roy Dean; dau. 
Traci Jo; one brother, Wayne, and his wife, Carol, and family of Indianola, IA; 
two sisters, Frances Morey and her husband, Dick, and family of Leon, and
Carolyn Allpres and her husband, Jim, and their family of Seymour. Also a
grandmother, Edith Snodgrass of Allerton; two aunts, Wilda Sapp of Allerton
and Helen Miller and her husband, G. F. of Oskaloosa, many other nieces,
nephews and a host of friends, survive.
Joe was a kind and loving son, father, and brother, and always thoughtful
and helpful to everyone. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.
Services were Sunday, 15 Aug, from the Randolph Funeral home in Allerton
with the Rev. David Crawford officiating. Music was furnished by Mrs. Larry
Radcliff, soloist, and Mrs. Donald Duncan, pianist. The pallbearers were
Keith Williams, Bill Goodyear, Leo Gladson, Phil Klonglan, Rich Gill, and
Larry Elmore. Burial was in the Allerton Cemetery.

7 Dec 1976 -- Des Moines Register:
Bertha Snodgrass
Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at Hamilton's Funeral Home for
Bertha Snodgrass, 96, of 3722 Thirty-seventh St., who died Saturday at
Lutheran Hospital of complications following a fall in her home. Burial will
be at Glendale Cemetery.
Born at What Cheer, Mrs. Snodgrass lived in Des Moines for 67 years. She
was a member of the Capitol Hill Christian Church.
Survivors include five daus., Mrs. Thelma Burton, Mrs. Juanita Brown, and
Mrs. Nan Seeburger, all of Des Moines; Mrs. Pearl Wartburg of Rochester, MN;
and Mrs. Shirley Miller of Fontanelle; a son, Raymond of Des Moines; two
sisters, Mrs. Oka McDonald and Mrs. Orpha Allgood, both of Oskaloosa; 18
grandchildren; 40 great-grandchildren; and six great-great-grandchildren.
<on 1900 census, Keokuk Co., IA>

11 Apr 1983 -- Kendall L. Snodgrass, buried 11 Apr 1983, Oakwood Cem., 
Block S2, Lot 60, space 5.

(no dates) -- James William Snodgrass, buried Kinsey Cem.


Henry Snodgrass, application #1,418,256.

Jackson Co., OR, 20 Feb 1914, personally appeared... Henry Snodgrass ... that
he is 68 years of age and a resident of Midford, Jackson Co., OR... who was
enrolled at Des Moines, Iowa... in May or June 1862 as a private in Co. A, 3rd
Iowa Inf. (Home Guards)... and was honorably discharged at Des Moines on or
about 20 Jun 1865... that his personal description at enlistment was as
follows: height, 5'9"; complexion, light; color of eyes, blue; color of hair,
light; that his occupation was farmer; that he was born 9 Oct 1845 in Grundy
Co., MO; that his several places of residence since leaving the service have
been as follows: near Des Moines, IA, until 1880; them Ottumwa, IA, until
1900, then Des Moines 3 years, then M-----? 1 year, Jackson Co., OR, last four
february the 19 1915
des moines iowa 
Dear Sir i just received your letter asking about pension and
refering to a lettr from you while I was at medford, oregan. i was out in the
mountens i no nothing of it tell came home Some monts after i never
authorisd any one to try to get me a pensioon just befroe i went to the
mountens there was Severl of us talking on the street and there was a drunken
Sot Sed i had a write to a pension i told him that i never had thot of trying
for one and him leaning aganst the building were i found him i never told him
nor any one else to rite for me and no nothing of it untill i got home and saw
the letter you rote if it was him he is as but down from all count as any one
can be while i was in the moleshuy <=militia> i was at home all the time onley
on drill days and never thought it would bee rite to try for one i hope this
will Satisfy all parties i never was befor any one to swar nor i dont never
expect to bee
yours truly
H Snodgrass
<Charlou's note: the signature on the letter matches the signature on the
original application, so there may have been more than one person drunk.>




East Pottawatamie Co. Cemetery Records, vols. 1-3 (Botna Valley Gen. Soc.) yes

1900 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

Biographical History of Pottawattamie Co., IA (Lewis Pub. Co.--1891) (partial index) NS
History of Pottawattamie Co., IA (Baskin & Co.--1883) yes <we need to xerox page 168>
History of Pottawattamie Co., IA, (Field & Reed--1907) yes <pages 539;
vol. 1, pages 176 & 40; we need to get this from the film>

articles clipped by members of the Snodgrass Clan Society
Death and Marriage Notices from the Frontier Guardian, 1849-1852 (Cook) NS

Pottawattamie Co., IA, Marriages vols. 3, 8, 10, 12 (Snapp & Campbell) NS


24 Aug 1895 -- Hazel Snodgrass d. 24 Aug 1895, age 1y 11m 15d, buried section C, row 10,
Oakhill Cemetery.

1900 Pottawattamie Co Census

Kane Twp., Council Bluffs, Pearl St., 65-142-2-43:
Geo. E. Smith
Maggie Snodgrass 31-F-OH/OH/OH Mar 1869, m.14y, 1 ch, 1 liv, servant, laundress, hotel

Kane Twp., Council Bluffs, 65-148-22-1:
W. A. Snodgrass 65-M-VA/VA/VA Jun 1835 m.40y, janitor
Carrie A. Snodgrass 56-F-PA/VT/ENG Mar 1844 wife, 2 ch, 2 liv <Caroline A. Leonard>
<m. 1860 Mahaska Co., IA>
Ugene Snodgrass 13-M-IA/IA/IA? Jul 1886 son
Thomas Robinson 66-M-Russia Oct 1833 boarder

Valley Twp., 65-160-8-27:
John Snodgrass 42-M-PA/PA/PA Aug 1857 m.19y, farmer
Ella Snodgrass 35-F-IA/IN/IN Aug 1864 wife, 4 ch, 3 liv <Ellen V. Carr>
<m. 1880 Mills Co., IA>
Nannie J. Snodgrass 18-F-IA/PA/IA Jun 1881 dau.
Ray A. Snodgrass 16-M-IA/PA/IA Jun 1883 son
Earl F. Snodgrass 10-M-IA/PA/IA May 1890 son

Washington Twp., 65-161-7-92:
Luther Snodgrass 34-M-IL/--/IL Oct 1865 m.9y, farmer
Maud Snodgrass 24-F-IA/PA/IA Nov 1875 wife, 3 ch, 3 liv
Nora I. Snodgrass 7-F-IA/IL/IA Dec 1892 dau.
Alta M. Snodgrass 5-F-IA/IL/IA Oct 1894 dau.
Lola W. Snodgrass 7m-F-IA/IL/IA Oct 1899 dau. <see obituary 1976>
<1920 Pottawattamie Co., IA>

1920 Pottawattamie Co Census/Soundex

Maud Snodgrass 44-F-IA <d. 1944>
Lole Snodgrass 20-F-IA dau. <see obituary, 1976>
Alvin Snodgrass 14-M-IA son
Edoth Snodgrass 6-F-IA dau.

Harry Stevens
<Alta (Snodgrass) Stevens>
Luther Snodgrass 58-M-IL father-in-law <d. 1944>
<1900 Pottawattamie Co., IA>

1944 -- Luther Snodgrass, b. 1865, d. 1944, buried section B, Row 47, Oaklawn Cemetery.

1944 -- Maude I. Snodgrass, b. 1875, d. 1944, buried section B, Row 47, Oaklawn Cem.

ca. 1972 -- Council Bluffs Nonpareil:
Mrs. Norma J. Snodgrass, 40, of 3220 Avenue H., died Friday at a Council Bluffs hospital
after a brief illness. She was a life-long resident of Council Bluffs, a member of Trinity Baptist
church, and a member of Harmon Chapter 25, Order of Eastern Star. Survivors include: 
Husband, Tommy A.; Three sons, Larry, Randy, and Mark, all at home; two daus., Teri and
Penny, both at home; parents, Mrs. and Mrs. Myron Jackson of Council Bluffs.
Services will be at 3 p.m. Tuesday at the Meyer Chapel. The Rev. David J. Stratton, pastor of
Walnut Grove Baptist Church, will officiate. Interment will be at Cedar Lawn Cemetery.
The family suggests memorials to the Heart Fund.

23 Jul 1973 -- Council Bluffs Nonpareil:
Rev. P. M. Snodgrass
Funeral services for the Rev. Paul Monroe Snodgrass, 70, of Nampa, FL, were to be held here
Monday. Prior to entering the ministry the Rev. Mr. Snodgrass and his widow, Olive, resided
in Council Bluffs, then moved to Omaha where he was employed at the Wilson Packing
He served 13 years as a minister of the Church of God of Prophecy, retiring in 1968. The
couple had resided two years at Nampa. The Rev. Mr. Snodgrass died Friday at his home
after a brief illness. Survivors besides his widow include: Seven sons, the Rev. Kenneth
Snodgrass of 
Seattle, WA; Tom, David, and Arthur Snodgrass, all of Council Bluffs; James Snodgrass of
Nampa; Willard Snodgrass of Tucson, AZ; and Howard Snodgrass of Miami, FL; four daus., 
Mrs. Bill Riche of Council Bluffs; Mrs. Clayton Steward of Kuna, ID; Mrs. Floyd Knee of
Nampa; and Mrs. Kenneth Radloff of Tucson; [one] sister, Mrs. Frances Meese of Modesto, 
CA; 35 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren.

30 Jan 1976 -- Council Bluffs Nonpareil:
Joan Snodgrass
Funeral services for Mrs. Joan Snodgrass, 30, of Millington, TN, will be

at 10 a.m. Monday at the McCurdy Chapel. The Rev. E. A. Hering, pastor of St.

John's Lutheran Church, will officiate. Interment will be at a Council Bluffs

Mrs. Snodgrass died at a Memphis hospital Wednesday after undergoing open

heart surgery.
She was born in England and had moved to the United States in 1972 after

her marriage to Coast Guard AMC Gary O. Snodgrass of Council Bluffs. He is

now stationed at the US Navy Base at Millington, TN.
Survivors include her mother, Mrs. Mae Crank of Warrington, England;

brother, Benjamin Crank of Warrington; and a sister, Pamela Blankenship of

White Sulpher Springs, WV.
Visition at the local funeral home will be possible beginning Saturday


12 Apr 1976 -- Council Bluffs Nonpareil:

Lola S. Rucker
Services for Mrs. Lola Snodgrass Rucker, 76, of Long Beach, CA, will be

at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Vieth Funeral Home at Oakland.
The Rev. D. Ward Young, pastor of the Oakland United Methodist Church,

will officiate. Interment will be at Oaklawn Cemetery.
Mrs. Rucker was born at Carson, resided many years at Oakland before

moving to California in 1955.
Survivors include her husband, Ira; two sons, Carroll of Oakland and Don

of Irvine, CA; dau., Mrs. Rex Shelton of Council Bluffs; sister, Alta Stevens

of Avoca; and three grandchildren.
Mrs. Rucker died Saturday at Long Beach after a five-month illness.

30 Jan 1977 -- Richard A. Snodgrass, b. 8 Nov 1928, d. 30 Jan 1977, buried

section VI, row 15, Carson Cem. (on stone with Norma L. Snodgrass, b. 9 Aug

1931, d. ___).
- - - - - - - - - -
31 Jan 1977 -- Council Bluffs Nonpareill:
Richard F. Snodgrass, 48, of Omaha, died at a Council Bluffs hospital Sunday.

He was admitted for coronary care there 26 Jan.
Snodgrass was born and raised at Shenandoah, and resided seven years in

Council Bluffs before moving to Omaha.
He was employed as a film editor for KMTV in Omaha the past 15 years.
Survivors include his widow, Norma; son, David of Green Bay, WI; four

daus., Mrs. Susan Kush of Columbus, NE; Sheryl, Polly, and Penny Snodgrass,

all of Omaha; a granddau., Amber; two brothers, Clair of Gassville, AR; and

Wynne of Shenandoah; two sisters, Dorlea Howard of Spirit Lake and Blythe

Huseman of Ft. Wayne, IN.
Services will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday from the John A. Gentleman Mortuary

in Omaha. Interment will be at the Carson (Iowa) Cemetery.



Poweshiek County Heritage (People of Poweschiek Co.--1991) yes

Poweshiek Co., IA, Searcher (Poweshiek Co., IA, Hist. & Gen. Soc.)



24 Aug 1895 -- Hazel Snodgrass d. 24 Aug 1895, age 1y 11m 15d, buried 
section C, row 10, Oakhill Cem.

1944 -- Luther Snodgrass, b. 1865, d. 1944, buried section B, Row 47, Oaklawn Cem.

1944 -- Maude I. Snodgrass, b. 1875, d. 1944, buried section B, Row 47, Oaklawn Cem.

30 Jan 1977 -- Richard A. Snodgrass, b. 8 Nov 1928, d. 30 Jan 1977, buried section VI, row
15, Carson Cem. (on stone with Norma L. Snodgrass, b. 9 Aug 1931, d. ___).

1991 -- Poweshiek Co. Heritage:
page 208:
Berth Pearl King, d/o Herman Isaac King & Mary E. Green, 
m. ___ Snodgrass.
John Ivan Snodgrass, b. 1927.
Ricahrd A. Snodgrass, b. 1932.
Helen (Snodgrass) Snyder, b. 1934.
Norma Jean (Snodgrass) Ross, b. 1936.
Carol Ann (Snodgrass) Butterfield, b. 1938.
Robert Lawrence Snodgrass, b. 1948.



Funeral Records of Earl M. Adams, L. E. of Elston, Ringgold Co., IA, for
the Years 1917-1944, and Flower Orders Listed in Records of Earl M.
Adams (Hampton) yes

1860 census - yes
1870 census - yes
1880 census - yes
1900 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

First Book of Marriages, 1855-1867 (by ?) yes

1860 Census

Athens Spring Twp., Crop P.O., #268/229 (enumerated 28 Jun 1860):
Nathan E. Snodgrass 39-M-KY farmer, $768/300
Matilda Snodgrass 24-F-IN
<m. 1856 Bartholomew Co., IN>
Louis B. Snodgrass 18-M-IN
Louisa J. Snodgrass 16-F-IN <m. 1866 Charles H. Oakes>
Ursula M. Snodgrass 1-F-IA
<1850 Hancock Co. IN; children only>

9 Apr 1866 -- Louisa J. Snodgrass married Charles H. Oakes.

1870 Census

Clinton, page 452, #61:
John Snodgrass 52-M-OH farmer, $3200/600
Mary Snodgrass 49-F-IN 

1880 Census

Middle Fork Twp., #178/179:
George Snodgrass 68-M-TN/VA/VA farmer
Rachael Snodgrass 57-F-IN/NC/NC <m. 1855 Scotland Co., MO>
Sarah L. Snodgrass 17-F-IA/TN/IN
George Snodgrass 20-M-IA/TN/IN
Ida Jane Snodgrass 15-F-IA/TN/IN

2 Nov 1882 -- George Snodgrass, 22, married Mary M. Restar, 15; at the house of Allen 
Higgens; by Allen Huggens?; age of participants sworn to by Frank Brownlee.

1900 Census

Lincoln Twp., 67-106-1-30:
Robert G. Snodgrass 38-M-IL/PA/PA Jul 1861 m.13y, farmer
Hattie C. Snodgrass 30-F-IL/NY/NY May 1870 wife, 3 ch, 2 liv
Orval J. Snodgrass 12-M-IL/IL/IL Oct 1887 son
N. R. Snodgrass 2m-M-IA/IL/IL Apr 1900 son
Agustus Freeman 66-M-MD Dec 1843 boarder
William Gray 20-M-IA Dec 1879 servant
<1920 Ringgold Co., IA>

1920 Soundex

Diagonal, 71-136-3-36:
Robert G. Snodgrass 58-M-PA <d. 1929>
Hattie C. Snodgrass 49-F-IL wife
Chall H. Snodgrass 19-M-IA son

Orvill Snodgrass 37-M-IL
Grace M. Snodgrass 29-F-NE wife
Marvin J. Snodgrass 10-M-IA son
Evaline Snodgrass 7-F-IA dau.
Ivan R. Snodgrass 3y7m-M-IA son
Aleva Flin Snodgrass 1y4m-F-IA dau.
A. Delise Tindle 58-F-IL mother-in-law
<1920 Ringgold Co., IA>

21 Jun 1929 -- Robert Snodgrass d. 21 Jun 1929, age 67y 11m 7d; 
buried 23 Jun 1929 at Diagonal; Flowers: Rebekah Lodge, Ladies Aid, 
Creveling Bro., M. W. A. Lodge, Royal Neighbors, C. Yashurt 
(Funeral Records of Earl M. Adams of Ellston).

SAC COUNTY (977.7424)

Sac Co. Genealogical Society, Sac Co.--Clinton Twp., Clinton Center
Cemetery, Salem Reform Cemetery (IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Sac Co. Genealogical Society, Sac County--Eden Twp., German Methodist
Cemetery, Immanuel Reformed Cemetery, Chase Cemetery (IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Sac Co., IA, Coon Valley Twp. Cemeteries (IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Sac Co., IA, Richland Twp., Richland Methodist Cemetery (IA Gen. Soc.) NS

1860 census transcription - NS
1870 census transcription - NS

Biographical History of Crawford, Ida, and Sac Cos., IA (Lewis Pub.
Co.--1893) [partial index] NS


SCOTT COUNTY (977.769)

1850 census transcription - NS 

The Blue Grass Cemetery [unindexed]
City Cemetery, Davenport, IA, vols. 1-3 (Scott Co. IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Davenport & Mount Calvary Cemetery Records (LDS) NS
Holy Family Cemetery Records, Davenport, Scott Co., IA (Gen. Soc.) NS
Oakdale Cemetery, Davenport, Scott Co., IA - NS
Pine Hill Cemetery Records, Davenport, Scott Co., IA (LDS) NS
Scott Co., IA, Cemetery Records, vols. 1-2 (Blevins & Duncan) yes
The Walcott Cemetery, Walcott, Scott Co., IA (Boone) NS 

Probate Index, Scott Co., IA, 1830s to 1982, vols. 1-2 (Fitzgibbons) NS
Scott Co., IA, Naturalization Book, up to 1906, then 1907-1926, books 2-5
(Scott Co. IA Gen. Soc.) [unindexed] 

History of Davenport and Scott Co., IA (Downer--1910) [unindexed]
History of Scott Co., IA (Inter-State Pub. Co.--1882) NS
Scott Co. Settlers before 31 Dec 1846 (Ingmire Pub.) NS
Walcott Day Bicentennial, 1776-1976 (Tri-State Graphics--1976) NS
The Walcott History (1954) NS 

Land Atlas and Plat Book, Scott Co., IA (Rockford Map Pub.) NS 

Roster and Record of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion, vol. 2 - yes 

Soldiers Orphan Home Records (Ingmire Pub.) NS 

Abstracted Names from the Davenport, IA, Democrat and Leader Newspapers
(Scott Co. Gen. Soc.)
1900-1909 - NS
1910-1914 - NS
1915-1919 - yes
1920-1924 - NS
1925-1931 - NS
1932-1935 - yes

Marriage Records and Index, 1860-1869, Scott Co. Court House, Davenport,
IA (Fitzgibbons & Lizak) NS
Marriage Records, 1852-1854, Scott Co., IA (Fitzgibbons & Lizak) NS
Marriages, Scott Co., IA, 1855-1859 (Rathje & Freiderichs) NS
Scott Co., IA, 1850 Federal Population Census and Early marriages,
1838-1851 (Scott Co. IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Scott Co., IA, Marriages, 1870-1879 (Rathje & Freiderichs) NS 


1866 -- Eleventh Regt., IA Vol. Inf., Co. B:
George Snodgrass, age 39; res. Davenport; nativity, OH; enlisted 24 Sep 1864; 
mustered 24 Sep 1864; mustered out 2 Jun 1865, Washington, DC.

30 Apr 1898 -- Janet Snodgrass Little, wife of John Little, born Renfrewshire, 
Scotland, 13 Nov 1824, d. 30 Apr 1898, buried Long Grove (with John Little, 
born Dumfreshire, Eng., 21 Jan 1821, d. 25 Dec 1904).
[vss - check actual Long Grove Cemetery - here is alternate info (found at website
"Leitch, Mrs James",1780,1861, 
"Little, Catherine Hunter (wife of John)","11-13-1824","4-30-1898","born 
Renerwshire Scotland" 
"Little, Janet Snodgrass","1-21-1821","12-25-1904","born Dumfreshire England"
"Little, John","4-21-1872","5-3-1936", 
"Little, Mother","17yr10mo7day","7-18-1975", 
"Little, William W","31yr3mo4day","7-14-1852", 
"Madden, Anna M",1883,, 

3 Aug 1916 -- The Davenport Democrat & Leader, page 13: Floyd Snodgrass 
obtained a license to marry <we need this one>. 

27 Jun 1933 -- The Davenport Democrat & Leader, page 2: Chris Snodgrass died 
<we need this one>. 

23 Aug 1938 -- The Davenport Democrat & Leader, page 15: (son) Snodgrass born 
<we need this one>. 

############# end Scott Co IA ############## 

SHELBY COUNTY (977.7484)

Biographical History of Shelby and Audobon Cos., IA (W. S. Dunbar &
Co.--1889) [partial index] NS
The Bicentennial History of Shelby Co., 1916-1976, vol. 3 (Heflin &
Mores--1976) [partial index] NS
Past and Present of Shelby Co., IA (Bowen--1915) NS

Early Iowa Marriages, Shelby Co., 1853-1880 (IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Shelby Co., IA, Marriages, 1853-1880 (Petersen) NS


SIOUX COUNTY (977.713)

Maurice Centennial, 1891-1991, IA: Small in Size, but on the Rise (1991)
[partial index] NS
A People with Convictions: A History of Sioux Center, IA, 1870-1991
(Sioux Center Centennial Pub. Committee--1991) NS
A Pocket of Civility: A History of Sioux Center (Bosch--198_)
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The Story of Sioux Co. (Dyke--1942) NS

Atlas & Directory, Sioux Co., IA, 1972 (Rockford Map Pub.) NS


STORY COUNTY (977.7546)

Cemetery Symbolism of Prairie Pioneers: Gravestone Art and Social Change
in Story Co., IA (Nutty) NS
Center Cemetery Records (Craven & Craven) NS
Ontario Cemetery, West Ames, IA (Boone Co. Gen. Soc.) NS

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TAMA COUNTY (977.756)

Lincoln Twp. Cemetery, Tama Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.) NS

1856 state census transcription - NS
1860 mortality schedule - NS
1870 census - yes
1870 mortality schedule - NS
1880 soundex - yes
1900 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

Bonnie Iowa Farm Folk: An Authentic Story of Life on an Iowa Farm in the
1880s (Murray & Fiske--1966) [unindexed]
Elberon, IA, 1881-1981 (Elberon Centennial Committee--1981) NS
The History of Tama Co., IA, 1987 (Tama News Herald, Tama Co. Hist. Soc.,
& The Tama Co. Tracers Gen. Soc.--1987) yes 
Hurrah for Bonnie Iowa: An Authentic Story of Two Families from Scotland
Who Pioneered in Iowa (Murray & Fiske--1963) [unindexed]
They Came to North Tama: Old Buckingham, Tranquility Folk, with a
Collection of Old Photographs (Murray--1973) [unindexed]
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Atlas of Tama Co., IA (Harrison & Warner--1875) (indexed by Bidwell) NS
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Tama Co., IA, Marriages, 1853-1860 (IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Tama Co., IA, Marriage Records, 1880-1913, vols. 1-5 (Tama Co. Tracers) yes


1870 Tama Co IA Census

Howard Twp., page 276, #154/154:
Hugh Snodgrass 37-M-OH farmer, 0/$400
Lucinda Snodgrass 37-F-OH <Lucinda Clark; m. 1856 Jackson Co., IA>
Benair Snodgrass 11-M-IA [Benniah, d. 1930 Hand Co SD]
Mary Snodgrass 10-F-IA [? m. George Conana; of Garwin IA 1978]
Emma E. Snodgrass 9-F-IA [of Garwin IA 1978]
William Snodgrass 1-M-IA 
<1880 Tama Co., IA>

1880 Tama Co IA Census/Soundex

Carlton Twp., 29-317-17-36:
Hugh Snodgrass 48-M-OH <d. 1895>
Lucinda Snodgrass 48-F-OH wife <Lucinda Clark; m. 1856 Jackson Co., IA>
Benniah Snodgrass 22-M-IA son [m. 1885 Sarah Dorothy Carter]
Mary A. Snodgrass 20-F-IA dau.
Emma E. Snodgrass 18-F-IA dau.
William Snodgrass 11-M-IA son
Henry Snodgrass 9-M-IA son [of Waverly IA 1978]
<1870 & 1900 Tama Co., IA>

23 Dec 1880 -- Mary A. Snodgrass married George W. Copnant [? Conana]
(page 7).

1888-1892 -- Hist. of Tama Co., IA (1987), page 64: 
Hugh Snodgrass was postmaster in Garwin.

4 Jul 1890 -- Hist. of Tama Co., IA (1987), page 15: The Civil War 
Monument was dedicated. It stands on the east lawn of the Tama Co. 
Courthouse. Hugh Snodgrass was on the purchasing committee.

1900 Tama Co IA Census

Carlton Twp., xx-130-1-97:
Lucinda Snodgrass 66-F-OH/PA/PA Nov 1833 wid., 5 ch, 5 liv
Emma E. Snodgrass 38-F-IA/OH/OH Mar 1862 dau.
William Snodgrass 31-M-IA/OH/OH Oct 1868 son
Henry Snodgrass 28-M-IA/OH/OH Sep 1871 son <m. 1901 Katie Wrede>
<1880 & 1920 Tama Co., IA>

29 May 1901 -- Henry Snodgrass married Katie Wrede.

1920 Tama Co IA Census/Soundex

Garwin, 76-176-2-49:
William Snodgrass 52-M-IA
Emma Snodgrass 58-F-IA sister
<1900 Tama Co., IA>

Hugh Snodgrass, application #899,231; certificate #636,401.
widow's application #625,823; certificate #424,479.

Tama Co., Iowa, 13 Aug 1890, personally appeared... Hugh Snodgrass,
aged 68 years, a resident of Garwin, Tama Co., IA... who was enrolled
on 10 Aug 1862 as private in Co. B 26th Regt. Iowa Inft. Vols... and 
was honorably discharged at Washington, D.C., on 6 Jun 1865. That 
he is totally unable to earn a support by reason of asthma, chronic
diarr., piles, and weakness, pain and swelling of feet, ankles & legs
Marriage record
Jackson Co., IA... Hugh Snodgrass, aged 23, & Lucinda Clark, aged 23,
were married 14 Feb 1856 by William Hutley, Justice of the Peace.
Widow's Declaration for Pension
Tama Co., IA, 23 Dec 1895, personally appeared... Lucinda Snodgrass, 
aged 63 years... that she is the widow of Hugh Snodgrass ... who died
at Garwin, Tama Co., IA, on 9 Dec 1895...


############## end Tama Co IA ###############


Tombstone Record of Taylor Co., IA (O'Dell, Stephens, & Janson) yes

1850 census transcription - NS
1880 soundex - yes
1900 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

The Centennial History of Bedford, IA (1953) [unindexed]
The History of Polk Twp., Taylor Co., IA (Shields--1965) [unindexed]

Taylor County, Iowa, Census by O'Dell - yes


1852 -- Tax List:
Polk Twp.:
Wm. Snodgrass
Joseph Snodgrass

1854 -- Tax List:
Polk Twp.:
Joseph Snodgrass

1880 Taylor Co IA Census/Soundex 

Dallas Twp., Membry, 30-214-10-8:
Oscar Snodgrass 22-M-IA [s/o James Thomas Snodgrass & Nancy Long]
Lizzie Snodgrass 22-F-IN
Ollie Snodgrass 4-M-IA son
Cyte Snodgrass 3-M-IA son
Guy Snodgrass 1-M-IA son
[1870 Page Co IA; 1900 Doniphan Co KS; 1920 Brown Co KS]

1900 Taylor Co IA Census

Dallas Twp., 74-117-8-1:
John C. Snodgrass 30-M-IA/IA/IA Jan 1870 m.0y, farmer
Elizabeth Snodgrass 27-F-IA/IL/IL Feb 1869? wife, 2 ch, 2 liv
Elsie L. Bartlett 10-F-NE/IA/IA Sep 1889 dau.

Dallas Twp., New Wahel?, 74-117-16-20:
Adolphus C. Snodgrass 40-M-IA/IN/IN Apr 1860 m.11y, day laborer
Melvina G./S. Snodgrass 32-F-IA/IN/IA Mar 1868 wife, 1 ch, 1 liv
C. Roy/Ray Snodgrass 7-M-IA/IA/IA Dec 1892 son
<1920 Taylor Co., IA>

Jefferson Twp., Blochton, 75-123-12-46:
J. M. Burlingame 49-M-IL/NY/ENG Feb 1851 m.14y, pharmicist
P. A. Burlingame 41-F-IA/OH/OH Oct 1858 10 ch, 9 liv 
<Permilia __, m1. __ Snodgrass ?; d. 1908>
(+2 Burlingame children)
Fred Snodgrass 25-M-IA/--/IA Jul 1874 step-son
Annie Snodgrass 15-F-IA/IL/IA May 1885 step-dau.

1908 -- Permilia Snodgrass Burlingame, w/o J. M. Burlingame, b. 1858, d. 1908,
buried Bow 8, stone 12, Blockton-Rosehill Cemetery, Jefferson Twp.

1920 Taylor Co IA Census/Soundex

New Market, 77-140-4-3:
Thomas J. Snodgrass 56-M-IA
Nancy Mellyonia Snodgrass 55-F-IA wiffe
Carl Dale Snodgrass 23-M-IA son
Ralph H. Snodgrass 16-M-IA son

Roy C. Snodgrass 27-M-IA
Adolphs Snodgrass 59-M-IA father
Melvina Snodgrass 50-F-IA mother
<1900 Taylor Co., IA>

Oscar C. Lamb
Crystal H. Snodgrass 9-F-Philipines step-dau.

Lenox, 77-151-10-20:
Simon M. Hamilton
Cora Snodgrass 55-F-IA mother-in-law

1949 -- Fred W. (Susie) Snodgrass, b. 1875, d. 1949, buried Row 8, stone 13,
Blockton-Rosehill Cemetery.

1956 -- Eva M. Mendenhall Snodgrass, w/o F. W. Snodgrass, b. 1879, d. 1956,
buried row 8, stone 14, Blockton-Rosehill Cemetery.

(no dates) -- "Snodgrass," row 8, stone 15, Blockton-Rosehill Cemetery.

############### end Taylor Co IA ################# 

UNION COUNTY (977.7853)

Mt. Pisgah Cemetery, Section 8, Jones Twp., Union Co., IA (Ingmire Pub.) NS

1860 census transcription, Platte & Pleasant Twp. - NS
1870 census transcription, Pleasant Twp., - NS

Index for C. J. Colby's 1876 Illustrated Centennial Sketches, Map, and
Directory of Union Co., IA (Nissen) yes



Cemetery Inscriptions (Flake) NS
Cemetery Records, Van Buren Co., IA (Flake et al) NS
Sunnyside Cemetery, Milton, Van Buren Co., IA (copied May 1968) yes
Van Buren Co., IA: Bonaparte Twp., Bonaparte Cemetery Supplement, White
Cemetery Supplement - NS

1860 census - yes
1900 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

General Probate Index #1, Van Buren Co., IA (courthouse) yes

Directory of Van Burren Co., 1941 (Consolidated Dir. & Adver. Co.) yes

Van Buren Co., IA, Pioneer Association of 1871 (Ingmire Pub.) NS

articles clipped by members of the Snodgrass Clan Society

Marriage Record L, 1912-1917, Van Buren Co., IA (courthouse) yes
Marriage Record N, 1924-1937, Van Buren Co., IA (courthouse) yes
Record of Births #7, 1941-1966, Van Buren Co. (courthouse) yes
Record of Deaths #2, 1897-1941, Van Buren Co., IA (courthouse) yes
Record of Deaths #3, 1941-1966, Van Buren Co., IA (courthouse) yes
Record of Delayed Births, Van Buren Co., IA (courthouse) yes
Register of Marriages #1, 1880-1898 (courthouse) yes
Van Buren Co., IA, Marriages, 1837-1843 (IA Gen. Soc.) NS



1860 Van Buren Co IA Census

Washington Twp., Bentonsport P.O., #591/599 (enumerated 18 Jun 1860):
J. C. Snodgrass 30-M-VA laborer

Van Buren Twp., Keosauqua P.O., #1771/1780:
(boarding house)
J. C. Snodgrass 36-M-VA 
<could be duplicate of entry above>

12 Jan 1889 -- Dr. G. W. Snodgrass d. 12 Jan 1889, age 55y 7m 11d, buried
Sunnyside Cemetery, Milton.
[vss - George W. Snodgrass b. 1834 PA - see 1882 Hist. of Davis Co IA]

12 Nov 1895 -- Anna Snodgrass, 28, d/o Geo. W. Snodgrass and Sarah J. Billups,
married Craig M. Work, 26, s/o W. A. Work and Hinda Marlow; by B. M. Boydston,
Minister of the Gospel.
<see Davis Co., IA>

1900 Van Buren Co IA Census

Bonaparte Twp., Bonaparte, 76-91-1-97, #30/30:
Henry Snodgrass 56-M-MO/KY/IN Oct 1843 m.30y, carpenter, r.h.
Matilda Snodgrass 59-F-OH/IN/OH Aug 1840 wife, 7 ch, 4 liv
<Matilda Smith; m. 1868 Polk Co., IA>
<1920 Polk Co., IA>

27 Dec 1900 -- delayed birth record: Robert E. Snodgrass, b. 27 Dec 1900,
What Cheer, IA; mother S. E. Elliott; father R. Eugene Snodgrass; reported by
Robert E. Snodgrass, P.O. Keosaugua, IA.

3 Jun 1907 -- Sarah Snodgrass, w/o Dr. G. W. Snodgrass, d. 3 Jun 1907, age 78y 1d, buried
Sunnyside Cemetery. [Sarah J. Billups]

22 Aug 1917 -- Earl C. Snodgrass, res. Milton, IA, age 23, white, Caucasian,
1st marriage, b. Milton, IA, s/o William J. Snodgrass & Manda Miller; married
22 Aug 1917 at Keosauqua, Marie Muir, res. Keosauqua, IA, age 22, white,
Caucasian, 1st marriage, b. Keosauqua; d/o R. L. Muir & Jennie Sample; 
wit. H. D. Snodgrass; by B. G. Hankins, minister.

1920 Van Buren Co IA Census/Soundex

Des Moines Twp., 80-110-7-28, #129/132:
Robert E. Snodgrass 60-M-IA/IN/IL farmer, o.m.f.
Grace S. Snodgrass 50-F-IA/SCT/CAN wife <d. 1927>

1924 -- Marie Muir Snodgrass, w/o E. D., b. 1895, d. 1924, buried Sunnyside Cemetery.

18 Mar 1927 -- Mrs. Grace Snodgrass, female, died 18 Mar 1927; age 59y 4m 17d;
married; b. Rolfe, IA; d. Des Moines Twp.; d. of flu-pneumonia; buried Rolfe, IA.

30 Mar 1927 -- Robert Snodgrass, 26, married Miss Dorothy Cass, 16. Affidavit
of R. E. Snodgrass of Keosauqua, IA. Consent of Carl Cass, father of bride.
Robert Snodgrass, res. Bonaparte, IA; farmer, white, Caucasian; 1st marriage;
b. What Cheer, IA; father R. E. Snodgrass; mother Sarah Elliott. Dorothy
Cass, res. Bentonsport, IA; white, Causasian, 1st marriage; b. Bentonsport,
IA; father Carl Cass; mother Blanche Alexander; wit. Josie Cass & R. E.
Snodgrass; by Mrs. Jennie E. Nickle, Minister Christian Church.

19 Jul 1931 -- William J. Snodgrass, d. 19 Jul 1931, age 76y 10m 6d, buried
Sunnyside Cemetery. 
[vss - this obit copied from MO source book ...
30 Jul 1931 -- "Memphis Democrat" - extract of obituary: 
William J. Snodgrass, resided in the vicinity of Milton <Iowa> all his life of seventy-four 
years, died Sunday morning (July 26) at home south-west of Milton. Farmed 1200 acres 
with his brother John. Wife, Amanda (Miller) Snodgrass (of Pulaski); sons Earl & Dale; 
brothers George & John; sisters [Martha] Mrs. George Kays of Ellensburg, WA, and 
[Anna] Mrs. C. M. Work of Ottumwa, IA. Burial in Milton Cemetery. 
[? Sunnyside Cem. of Milton IA, with others of his family ?] 
[vss - Wm. J. is s/o Dr. George W. & Sarah J. Billups Snodgrass of IA]

1941 -- Directory of Van Buren Co.:
Jackson Twp., Twp. Trustee: 
H. D. Snodgrass, Cantril.
Rural Section:
Eugenia Snodgrass, Keosauqua Twp., Har R
H. D. Snodgrass, Cantril Twp., J R
R. E. Snodgrass, Keosauqua Twp., Des M

8 May 1949 -- Eugenia Woods Snodgrass, d. 8 May 1949, rural near Bonaparte,
IA; res. Bonaparte, IA; female, white, b. 4 Feb 1871; d. of myocarditis; informant 
J. O. Ewing, D.O.; buried 11 May 1949 Bonaparte Cemetery, Bonaparte, IA.

ca. 1949 -- Probate #6478 - Eugenia Snodgrass, Com. Docket Book 13, page 211;
executor Frances E. Davis, Bonaparte.
- - - - - - - - - - 

6 Oct 1953 -- Amanda Snodgrass, d. 4 Oct 1953, Milton; res. Milton 21 years; female, white, 
b. 31 Oct 1885; d. of coronary occlusion; informant R. E. Olson, M.D.; buried 6 Oct 1953,
Sunnyside, Cemetery, Milton, IA. 
<Mac says this should be b. 1855>

3 Mar 1954 -- Bobette Jeanne Snodgrass, female, b. 3 Mar 1954, 10:19 a.m.,
Memorial Hospital, Keosauqua; father Bobby Dean Snodgrass, white, 22, b. IA;
mother Jeraldine Joy Hount, white, 18, b. IA.

1963 -- Osa H. Snodgrass, b. 1894, d. 1963, buried Sunnyside Cemetery.

2 Feb 1984 -- Van Buren Register:
Certificate for 30 Years of Work
Bob Snodgrass of Keosauqua has received a certificate of appreciation
from the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) on completing 30 years of
work in the Van Buren Co. engineer's office.
Snodgrass is the engineering assistant to county engineer Lewis Petersman. 
He is a graduate of Fort Madison High School and worked at Hohl & Hohl and 
Barkers in Keosauqua before joining the county engineer's office. Following two 
years in the U.S. Navy, he worked briefly at Dexters in Fairfield and resumed work 
for the county, where he has now completed 30 years.
Snodgrass is president of the Van Buren Co. Rural Water Association and
has been instrumental in working toward a water system. Progress is underway
through the Rathbun Regional Water Association to provide a rural water system
for parts of the county south of the Des Moines River.
Snodgrass and his wife Geraldine are the parents of six children: Bobbette Lauer 
of Burlington; Melinda Mast of Keosauqua; twins Maureen Baum of Stockport and 
Doreen Swigart of Keosauqua; Delivan at home and Tracy Christiansen who is 
stationed at Dyess Air Force Base in Texas. They have five grandchildren.

(no death date) -- Earl C. Snodgrass, b. 1894, d. 19__, buried Sunnyside Cemetery.
[vss - s/o Wm. J. & Amanda Miller]



Chisman Cemetery, Chisman Cemetery 2, Polk Twp., Wapello Co., IA,
1852-1984 (Steele & Martin) NS

1846 county census - yes
1847 county census - yes
1850 census - yes
1870 census - yes
1900 census - yes


1846 County Census
page 23:
John Snodgrass: 2 males, 1 female

1847 County Census
page 5:
William Snodgrass <we need this one>
page 26:
John Snodgrass <we need this one>

1850 Wapello Co IA Census

John Snodgrass 34-M-OH druggist
Cassander Snodgrass 34-F-OH <m. 1844 Muskingham Co., OH>
Luisa Snodgrass 3-F-IA
Adeline Snodgrass 1-F-IA
+ 4 others
<1860 Monroe Co., IA>

1870 Census

Washington Twp., #17/17:
Jasper/Joseph McMillan 36-M-IN farmer, 0/$400
Mary McMillin 50-F-IN
Archdo? J. McMillan 13-M-IL
William M. McMillan 11-M-IL
Mary McMillan 10-F-IL 
Thomas McMillan 8-M-IA
James McMillan 21-M-IN laborer
Jane Snodgrass 21-F-IN
S. Snodgrass 11-F-IL
Susan Snodgrass 9-F-IL
Wallis? Kellog 26-F-IN
Allice Kellog 6-F-IL

ca. 1880 -- see Civil War pension application of Henry Snodgrass, Polk Co., IA.

1900 Wapello Co IA Census

Center Twp., Ottumwa, Catherine St., #320/322, ?-26-14-90:
Joseph A.? Snodgrass 28-M-IA/IA/IA Dec 1871 m.2y, day laborer, r.h.
Annie Snodgrass 24-F-IA/IA/IA Sep 1875 wife, 1 ch, 1 liv
Walter W./H. Snodgrass 7m-M-IA/IA/IA Oct 1899 son

################ end Wapello Co IA ################## 
WARREN COUNTY (977.782) 

Cemetery and Death Records of Warren Co., IA (Walsworth Pub. Co.)
Hartford Cemetery Surnames - yes <we need this entry>

1860 census - yes
1870 census - yes
1880 soundex - yes
1900 census - yes
1910 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

A Memorial & Biographical Record of Iowa (Lewis Pub. Co.--1896) yes

Roster and Record of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion, 17th-31st Regiments - yes

Warren Co., IA, Marriages, 1880-1899 (Warren Co. Gen. Soc.) yes
Birth Records of Warren Co., IA, through 1920 (Warren Co. Gen. Soc.) yes


1 May 1859 -- Mary E. Snodgrass married Silas W. Mahem [Mahan / McMahan ?]
<d/o Isaac Snodgrass>

1860 Warren Co IA Census 

Palmyra Twp., Palmyra P.O., page 49, #355/331 (enumerated 15 Jun 1860):
Jerome Snodgrass 35-M-KY farmer, $1400/250
Mary Snodgrass 37-F-IN <Mary Murnam; m. 1847 Hancock Co., IN>
Ursula H. Snodgrass 11-F-IN
Silas W. Snodgrass 10-M-IN [vss - ? see 1900 Lincoln Co OK ?]
Elizabeth Snodgrass 9-F-IN
Sylvester Snodgrass 7-M-IN
Laura J. Snodgrass 4-F-IN
Nancy M. Snodgrass 1-F-IA
<1850 Hancock Co., IN> [1870 Hancock Co IN]

Richland Twp., Hartford P.O., page 94, #683/639 (enumerated 26 Jun 1860):
Isaac Snodgrass 50-M-VA farmer, 0/$300
Eliza Snodgrass 45-F-OH [second wife; divorced 1881]
William G. Snodgrass 18-M-KY <d. 1863 in Civil War>
John G. Snodgrass 16-M-KY <d. 1863 in Civil War>
James M. Snodgrass 14-M-KY <of unsound mind>
George W. Snodgrass 12-M-KY
Almira H. Snodgrass 10-F-IN <m. 1869 Silas W. McMahan after her sister Mary died>
Sarah C. Snodgrass 5-F-IN
Philander McK. Snodgrass 1-M-IA
<1850 Campbell Co., KY; 1870 Warren Co., IA>

1863 -- Stone in Hartford Cemetery: John G. Snodgrass, Civil War, Co. E, 17th IA Inf.

1866 -- Seventeenth Regt., IA Vol. Inf., Co. K:
William G. Snodgrass, age 20; res. Hartford; nativity KY; enlisted 28 Mar 1862; mustered 
16 Apr 1862; wounded slightly 4 Oct 1862, Corinth, MS; died 29 Mar 1863 on Hospital 
Boat "Nashville."

29 Jun 1869 -- Mary E. Snodgrass, d/o of I. & G., d. 29 Jun 1869, age 29y 8m
<rest of stone is underground>, buried Hartford Cemetery.

29 Nov 1869 -- Almyra H. Snodgrass married Silas W. McMahan.

1870 Warren Co IA Census 

White Oak Twp., page 522, #15:
Isaac Snodgrass 60-M-VA farmer, 0/$2980 <divorced Aug 1881>
Eliza Snodgrass 55-F-OH
James Snodgrass 24-M-KY farm labor
George Snodgrass 21-M-KY farm labor
Sarah Snodgrass 15-F-IN
Absalom Fisher 21-M-IN
<1860 Warren Co., IA>

13 Jan 1879 -- Sarah Snodgrass married J. H. Flinn [Flynn].

23 Feb 1880 -- Sarah Snodgrass, w/o G. W., d. 23 Feb 1880, age 23y 8m 6d,
buried Indianola I.O.O.F. Cemetery (with Sadie Snodgrass, d. 11 Jul 1880).

1880 Warren Co IA Census/Soundex 

Liberty Twp., 31-236-4-18:
Simeon Graham
Sarah Snodgrass 4m-F-IA grandchild <d. 11 Jul 1880>

11 Jul 1880 -- Sadie Snodgrass, d/o G. W. & S., d. 11 Jul 1880, age 4m 24d, buried 
Indianola, I.O.O.F. Cemetery (with Sarah Snodgrass, d. 23 Feb 1880).
- - - - - - - - - -
Death record: Sadie Snodgrass, b. Warren Co., IA, died 11 Jul 1880, Liberty Twp., 
Warren Co., IA; bur. Liberty Twp., Warren Co., IA; age 4m; female.

17 Apr 1881 -- James M. Snodgrass, s/o of I. & G., d. 17 Apr 1881, age 34y 11m 14d, 
buried Hartford Cemetery.

Death record: James Snodgrass, b. Newport, KY; died 17 Apr 1881, Washington Twp.; 
buried Hartford, IA; age 34y 11m 4d; male.

12 May 1887 -- George W. Snodgrass, age 38, married Mrs. Melissa Mahan.
<1900 Warren Co., IA> [Melissa Corbet / Corbit m1. __ Mahan]

15 Sep 1887 -- Lenore K. Snodgrass, f., 1st child, born 15 Sep 1887 in Indianola, d/o 
Melissa Corbet (age 33, b. IN) & George W. Snodgrass (laborer, age 38, b. KY).

16 Jan 1889 -- Georgia Delore Snodgrass, f., 2nd child, born 16 Jan 1889 in Indianola, d/o
Melissa A. Corbet (age 35, b. IN) & G. W. Snodgrass (age 40, b. KY).

14 mar 1893 -- Wilma Griffin Snodgrass, f., 3rd chiild, born 14 Mar 1893 in Indianola, d/o
Melissa Corbit (age 39, b. IN) & G. W. Snodgrass (insurance, age 44, b. KY).

15 Jan 1895 -- Bonnie Faye Snodgrass, f., born 15 Jan 1895 in Indianola, d/o Melissa Corbett 
(b. IN) & George W. Snodgrass (b. KY).

1896 -- A Mem. & Biog. Record, vol. 1, page 449:
Jacob Lamb-- There are probably few men in Warren Co., Iowa, who are better known than
this gentleman ... Jacob Lamb was born in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, September 7, 1837, son
of Jacob and Mary (Williams) Lamb. Jacob Lamb, Sr., was thrice married. By his first
wife, whose maiden name was Elizabeth Adams, he had children as follows: John,
Adams, Hannah, George, Hiram, Lawrence, Alexander, Elizabeth. She died in Ohio, and
for his second wife he wedded Miss Mary Williams, who bore him five children, namely: 
Susan, wife of George Ross, of Laclede County, MO; Margaret, wife of John Lawyer,
Liberty Center, IA; Catherine, who died at the age of 21; Jacob, whose name forms the
heading for this article; and Mary, the deceased wife of a Mr. Snodgrass. Mrs. Mary
Lamb, the mother of our subject, died when he was a child of 2 years. She was a member of
the United Brethren Church, was a true Christian, and loved by all who knew her. Her
remains are interred in River Hill cemetery. The father's third marriage was to Mrs.
Barnhouse, by whom he had two children: Lydia and Mary. The former died in childhood and
the latter at about the age of twenty years. The worthy father of this large family was born
October 15, 1798, and died in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, February 6, 1847.
<more about Jacob Lamb, Jr.>

1900 Warren Co IA Census

Washington Twp., Indianola, 78-146-20-68:
George Snodgrass 51-M-KY/VA/KY Nov 1848 m.14y, nurse <d. 1907>
Melissa A. Snodgrass 46-F-IN/IL/IN Oct 1853 wife, --- 
<Melissa (Corbet) Mahan; m. 1887 Warren Co., IA>
Lenore K. Snodgrass 12-F-IA/KY/IN Sep 1887 dau.
Georgie D. Snodgrass 11-F-IA/KY/IN Jan 1889 dau.
Wilhima G. Snodgrass 7-F-IA/KY/IN Mar 1893 dau.
Bonnie F. Snodgrass 5-F-IA/KY/IN Jan 1895 dau.

1907 -- George Snodgrass, b. 1848, d. 1907, "father," I.O.O.F.,
buried Manoah Section, I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Indianola 
(on stone with Melissa Snodgrass, d. 1931; Lenore K. Snodgrass, 
d. 1953; John Guy, b. 1915, d. 1938; Roy D. Guy, b. 1895, d. 1953).

Death record: George W. Snodgrass, b. 29 Nov 1848, KY; 
died 10 Mar 1907, Indianola; age 58y 3m 9d; bur. Indianola; 
parents Isaac Snodgrass & Catherine Griffin.

1910 Warren Co IA Census

Washington Twp., Indianola, 602 West Ashland Ave., #31/32:
Melissa Snodgrass 56-F-IN wid., 4 ch, 4 liv, own income
Lenore K. Snodgrass 22-F-IA/KY/IN dau., teacher, high school
Georgia D. Snodgrass 21-F-IA/KY/IN dau., saleswoman, jewelry store
Wilhena G. Snodgrass 17-F-IA/KY/IN dau.
Bonnie F. Snodgrass 15-F-IA/KY/IN dau.
<1920 Warren Co., IA>

1920 Warren Co IA Census/Soundex

Indianola, 83-226-9-7:
Malissa Snodgrass 66-F-IN <d. 1931>
Lenore Snodgrass 31-F-IA dau. <d. 1953>
Georgia Snodgrass 30-F-IA dau.
Welvia Snodgrass 26-F-IA dau.
<1910 Warren Co., IA>

[vss - info from Brenda Dhabolt Zuniga ( )]
1920 - Warren County Births through 1920:
Virgil Jacob Lepley male born 6 Sept 1920, White Breast Twp
mother Maggie Katarine Snodgrass
father John Ernest Lepley
(only child listed in this birth record)
[vss - Maggie Catherine Snodgrass d/o Samuel Lincoln Snodgrass & Catherine Dhabolt - 
Lucas Co IA]

1953 -- Lenore K. Snodgrass, b. 1887, d. 1953, buried I.O.O.F. Cemetery (on stone with 
George W., d. 1907; Melissa, d. 1931).

1957 -- Marvin Snodgrass, b. 1897, d. 1957, buried Manoah Section, I.O.O.F. Cemetery 
(with Thelma Snodgrass, b. 1901, d. 19__).


William G. Snodgrass, father's application #239,247; certificate #210,370.

Warren Co., IA, 11 Feb 1880
I Isaac Snodgrass ... am claimant for pension in claim no. 239,247 on account of the death of
my son Wm. G. Snodgrass, who was a member of Co. K 17th Reg. Iowa Infty. Vols. That 
said son died on 30 May 1863 and at the date of his death I owned real estate one house & lot
(my homestead) in the town of Hartford, Warren Co., IA, value of $300. I also owned at the 
said date last above stated personal property, livestock, value $400. That my financial
remained as above stated until about 1868, at which time I owned no real estate, but personal
property of mine then was worth about $1000. That from 1868 to 1872 my personal property
was diminished from $1000 to about $600. That said property has been annually diminished 
from 1872 until the present time. I now own no real estate and my personal property valued
about $450 is all under mortgage and liable to be sold for debts now due. That I am now 70
years old, April 20, 1880, and have no means of support whatever and am badly crippled. 
my said son William G. Snodgrass was the oldest of my sons and the one on whom I chiefly 
relied for support. That said son sent me money at various times while in the army as shown
accompanying letters. I cannot now remember the amount other than what is shown by said
letters. That the following are the names of my other children. 1st Mary Elizabeth Snodgrass
who died January 29th 1869 being at the time of her death married and left four children. 
2d William G. Snodgrass born Feby 3d 1842 and died as before stated May 30th 1863 
being at the time of his death a single man. 3. John G. Snodgrass born Jany. 18th 1844,
who died from disease contracted in army of United States Aug. 3d 1863, being at his
death an unmarried man. 4th James M. Snodgrass born May 3d 1846 still living but is
now and has been ever since infancy of unsound mind and a burden to claimant. 5th George
W. Snodgrass born Nov 29th 1848 now living but married and away from home and unable to
render claimant any assistance whatever. 6th Sarah C. Snodgrass born June 24th 1854 now
married and absent and unable to render claimant any aid whatever. I further state that the
Bible from which the accompanying certificate of County Clerk is taken is the family
bible containing the family record and that same is here ...
Warren Co., IA, 6 Jan 1883... personally appeared Isaac Snodgrass aged 72 years whose
residence is Indianola, Warren Co., IA... that his actual residence and post office address in 
1863 was Hartford, Warren Co., IA... until Feb 1867... changed to Indianola ... until the 
spring of 1869 when he removed to Whiteoak Twp. in said Co. & his P.O. address then 
became Madora ... until Mar 1870 again removed near to & his P.O. address became 
Indianola ... until Mar 1874 when he removed to Greenfield Twp. in said Co. & his P.O. was 
then Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, until Mar 1875 when he again removed to the vicinity of
Indianola, Warren Co., IA, which has been ever since and is now his residence and post office
address. He further states that in 1863 the members of his family were as follows to wit: 
Eliza Jane Snodgrass second wife of claimant from whom he was divorced in August 1881. 
Mary Elizabeth Snodgrass oldest child of claimant born 19 May 1839 who intermarried with 
Silas McMahan in May 1859 and lived with her said husband January 29th 1869 when she
died. William G. Snodgrass, born 3 Feb 1842, the claimant's oldest son who died on 30 May
1863 and on account of whose death this claim is made. 
John G. Snodgrass, claimant's second son, born 18 Jan 1844, who died on 23 Aug 1863. 
James M. Snodgrass, who was claimant's third son born 3 May 1846 who was afflicted 
seriously both mentally and physically from an infant and who was never able to transact 
business for himself but was a care and charge on claimant until the day of his death in
on April 17th. 
George W. Snodgrass claimant's fourth and youngest son who was born on 29 Nov 1848 
and who married one Sarah McCahan? on 8 Nov 1877 his said wife died on 23 Feb 1881 
leaving one child who died a few months thereafter. 
Almira H. Snodgrass claimant's second dau. who intermarried with Silas McMahan the
surviving husband of my first dau. in December 1869. 
Sarah C. Snodgrass, claimant's third dau. who married John H. Flyn on 13 Jan 187x. 
Of all the children of claimant the three last named to wit George W., Almira H., and Sarah
C. are the only ones now living. No person has been legally bound to support me since
the death 
of said William G. Snodgrass except such support as may have been incidentally given by the
labor of claimant's wife and minor children as members of his family. I further state that my
first wife Catharine A. Snodgrass and the mother of said William G. Snodgrass died on 28
Nov 1852 and was buried in Wayne Twp, Hamilton Co, IN, and that the certificate from the
family Bible herewith forwarded is the only proof of her death that I am able to furnish ... I
further state that none of my surviving children have furnished me any support or assistance
that they are not able financially to support me that I am now entirely dependent upon the
charity and generosity of my neighbors and friends that I have no home and no source of
income whatever. I further state that I forward herewith the best evidence under the advice of
my atty. that I can possibly procure and I know of no further evidence attainable ...
Marriage Certificate:
Campbell Co., KY... 8 Jun 1838 Isaac Snodgrass was married to Catharine A. Griffin by 
Edward L. Southgate, minister of the M.E. Church...


John G. Snodgrass, b. 1843?, Hamilton Co., KY; was 18 years of age when he enlisted in 
Warren Co., IA, as a private on 24 Mar 1861 in Co. E, 17th Regt., IA Vols, discharged 
15 Nov 1862 from Hospital in Jackson, TN. Disease of lungs began in June, at Corinth, MS, 
hospitalized on Aug 25, 1862. Discharge papers describe him as 19 years old, 5'7-3/4",
light complexion, blue eyes, brown hair; occupation farmer. Died in Warren Co., IA,
on 23 Aug 1863 of phthisis pulmonalis. In letter of notification of death, Wm. Marshman
states that father is poor and this is the THIRD SON he has lost in the war. 
[vss - John G. is s/o Isaac Snodgrass & Catherine Griffin and brother of William G. - see
Certificate #24,967. 

############# end Warren Co IA ################ 

Ainsworth or Oregon Twp. Cemetery, Washington Co., IA (IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Beauchamp Cemetery, Located in Section 36, Crawford Twp., Washington Co.,
(IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Cemeteries, Franklin Twp., Washington Co., IA (IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Cemeteries, Washington Co., IA: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Marion Co.;
Moore Cemetery, Washington Twp.; Benson Cemetery, Marion Twp.
(Washington Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Lexington Cemetery, Cedar Twp., Washington Co., IA (Washington Co. Gen.
Soc.) NS
Washington Co., IA, Jackson Twp. Cemeteries: Cumberland/Havel,
Gibson/Pleasnat Plains, Grand Prairie (Washington Co. IA Gen Soc) NS
Washington Co., IA, Richmond Cemetery, English River Twp. 
(Washington Co. Gen. Soc.) NS

1860 census - yes
1870 census - yes
1900 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

History of Washington Co. (by ?--1880) yes
The Iowa Press Associations Who's Who in Iowa (1940) yes
Portrait & Biographical Album of Washington County, IA (1887) yes


1860 Washington Co IA Census 

Lime Creek Twp., Wassonville P.O., page 31, #241/232 (enumerated 22 Jun 1860):
Wm. Snodgrass 52-M-PA [William Snodgrass]
Eliza Snodgrass 45-F-VA [Eliza Beard]
Jane A. Snodgrass 17-F-OH
Mary A. Snodgrass 14-F-OH
Angeline Snodgrass 12-F-OH
Ida J. Snodgrass 7-F-OH
Wm. P. V. Snodgrass 6-M-OH
Wilber C.? Snodgrass 2-M-IA
<1850 Union Co., OH; 1870 Keokuk Co., IA>
Lime Creek Twp., Wassonville P.O., page 31, #242/233 (enumerated 22 Jun 1860):
John Reed 64-M-PA farmer, $1600/393
*** [wife Jane Snodgrass ?]
W. S. Snodgrass 17-M-OH [nephew]
[William Smith Snodgrass, s/o Samuel & Susannah Gill, b. 1841 Union Co OH;
1850 Franklin Co OH w/John & Jane Reed (see a Jane Snodgrass / Thomas Reed 
m. 1820 Union Co OH)]

Cedar Twp., Washington, page 53 (enumerated 6 Jul 1860):
T. M. Snodgrass 41-M-PA $2000/1318 <Thomas M. Snodgrass>
Susannah Snodgrass 37-F-PA
William Snodgrass 21-M-PA <see pension application, Crawford Co., AR>
[William E. Snodgrass 1870 Phelps Co MO; 1910 Crawford Co AR]
Elizabeth Snodgrass 14-F-PA [was 7 on 1850 & sister, Emma was 4]
??? K. Snodgrass -M-PA <prob. Charles, age 10-11>
David Snodgrass 8-M-PA [b. 22 May 1852 York Co PA]
[David W. Snodgrass m. ca 1877 AR, Nannie Drennon; d. 1913 Craig Co OK]
Mary E. Snodgrass 3m-F-IA
<1850 Adams Co., PA> [1870 Phelps Co MO w/wife #2 Louisa Jackson]

Dutch Creek Twp., Tallyrand, page 340, #1422 (enumerated 11 Aug 1860):
Henderson Harris 30-M-OH farmer
Hannah Harris 25-F-OH
Eliza Harris 1-F-IA
Cyrus Snodgrass 12-M-OH <1870 Keokuk Co., IA>
[vss - ? s/o Samuel & Susannah Gill who m. 1838 Union Co OH (Samuel d. ca 1849)
... another child of Sam'l & Susannah is William Smith Snodgrass who m. Mary Taylor; 
they 1870 & 1880 Nemaha KS; 1900 Cowley KS; 1920 Chautaqua KS]

1870 Washington Co IA Census 

Lime Creek, page 146, #100:
Mary Snodgrass 31-F-IL 0/$50
Walter C. Snodgrass 12-M-IL
Aller Snodgrass 9-F-IA

1880 -- Hist. of Washington Co., page 507: 
First Cavalry, Co. F. - Pvt. William E. Snodgrass, enlisted July 18 (1861?).

1887 -- Portrait & Biog. Album of Washington Co., IA:
pages 621-2: Mrs. Eliza Moorhead. 
The distinction of being the oldest living settler of this county attaches to this lady, who with
her husband, Matthew Moorhead, came to the county when the State was yet a Territory, 
and purchased a claim from Adam Ritchie, who had preceded them. The location of Mr.
and Mrs. Moorhead was made on their present farm, July 27, 1837. Her husband was a son
of Matthew and Lydia (David) Moorhead, both natives of Westmoreland Co., PA., who
afterward settled in Butler Co., Ohio, in which county Matthew Moorhead was born. His
mother's children consisted of two sons and three daus.-- Robert, Matthew, Ann, Jane, and
Mary -- Matthew being the only one who came to this State. After the death of their
mother, his father was married to Mrs. Hester Blackburn, mother of James, Mary & another
son by her first husband. The couple remained in Butler County, Ohio, during their
lifetime, and were buried on her sacred soil.
Matthew Moorhead, Jr., was born in 1809, and his wife Eliza Snodgrass, whom he married
1834, in Sangamon Co., IL, was born in 1815. She was a dau. of William and Mary (Vance)
Snodgrass. William was a son of Robert and Sarah (Taylor) Snodgrass, and his birthplace 
upon the ocean, as the parents were emigrating from Ireland to America. They were natives
Scotland, but had removed to Ireland, being heirs of an estate to which they were entitled. 
Robert and Sarah Snodgrass were the parents of William, James, Agnes, Sarah, Samuel,
and John. The family settled near Pittsburgh, Pa., and later moved to Greene County, Ohio,
where the parents remained during their lives. Both were members of the Seceder Church and
life-long Christians. William Snodgrass was for almost half a century a minister in the
Baptist Church, near Athens, Sangamon Co., Ill., to which State he with his family removed 
in 1822, and later of Dubuque County, Iowa. He served as a private during the War of 1812, 
and the widow of Samuel Snodgrass still preserves his old knapsack as a relic of that war. He
was in his seventy-third, and his wife in her seventy-second year when their deaths occurred 
at Dubuque, Iowa, to which place they removed in the spring of 1836.
Matthew Moorhead, the husband of our subject, learned the cabinet trade in Scipio, Ohio, 
and after coming to Illinois engaged in that business until his emigration to this State. In
Sangamon County, Ill., he met, loved, and won the heart and hand of our subject, then a
young lady aged nineteen years. The marriage ceremony was performed at her father's
Feb. 6, 1834, by Rev. Peter Cartwright, the best-known Methodist minister of his day. Under
the Rev. Cartwright's preaching, she was converted and joined the Methodist Episcopal
Church, being received into full membership at the home of Bazilla Clark, of Sangamon
County. The young couple for some time made their home at Salisbury, Ill., where their two
eldest children were born-- William R. and Mary A. Both are deceased, the latter at date of
death being the wife of Rev. John Haynes, Presiding Elder of the Meth. Episcopal Church of
the Burlington District.
July 27, 1837, Matthew Moorhead, wife and two small children, headed a train of
ox-teams, which conveyed their goods from Illinois to this county. The hot sun poured its
fiercest rays upon the emigrants, and they suffered for water while crossing the wide prairie
between Burlington and their new home, which was a log house standing opposite Mrs.
Brown's residence. Their nearest neighbor on the west was Thomas Caldwell, and on the
east Abraham Hulick, while neither on the north nor south had a settler entered a claim. One
of the earliest, if not the first marriage in the county, was at the new home, two weeks after
the Moorheads came, the contracting parties being John Hulick and Nancy Goble, who with
three other couples came on horseback to see Esquire Adam Ritchie tie the knot. This was
the first marriage he was ever called upon to solemnize, and not a word of any kind of
ceremony did he know, but through the aid of a Methodist Episcopal discipline owned by
Mrs. Moorhead, it was satisfactorily performed. 
Ritchie was the first, and Matthew Moorhead the second Territorial Justice in this county. 
After the latter received his commission he achieved quite a well-earned reputation as Justice,

and his
acknowledged ability made him the choice of the Republican party, and in 1859 he was
as the representative of that party to the State Legislature, in which body he both made
felt and heard, and as a member, when the extra session was called in 1861 by Gov.
to make provisions for raising both troops and money to assist in putting down the Rebellion.
One of the early landmarks in this county was the swinging sign, "Traveler's Inn," standing
in front of Matthew Moorhead's house, which was a well-known hostelry, and a favorite
lodging place for the hungry and tired traveler. Matthew was an entertaining host, and his
young wife 
was an excellent cook. All the goods for Washington and the settlers along English River,
were carted from Burlington, and the teamsters as well as the parties looking for lands, were
made welcome. The first Methodist Episcopal class in the county was organized at their
house in 1838, by Rev. West, consisting of five members -- Matthew and Eliza Moorhead,
Benjamin and Susan Sigafoose, and Nelson Ball, of which class Matthew was Class-Leader. 
Their house was for many years used by the Methodist Episcopal members for public worship,
and from the society a large membership has grown.
After a long lifetime characterized by thrift and industry, Matthew Moorhead was gathered 
to his fathers, his death occurring in 1873. He was the father of ten children, four living, and
all attained maturity: Joseph A., the youngest son, remains on the home farm with his mother;
he resembles his father greatly in spirit and actions, and has had a thorough business
experience, not only in this State but in Colorado, where for several years he was engaged in
the stock trade. 
Sarah J., the oldest dau. living, and many claim for her the honor of being the first white child
born in the county yet living, was born Nov. 22, 1838, and was reared and married in
Crawford Township; her husband is Robert A. Young, a prosperous farmer of Henry County, 
whose farm lies partly in this county. Nine children have graced their union -- Eliza J., David
M., John W., Laura M., Olive F., Lula J., Mary E., Ada R., and Robert C. Eliza is the wife of
Walker W. Hough, of this county, and the mother of one dau., Edna F., the only
great-grandchild of Mrs. Moorhead. John Wesley married Mrs. Hattie Thomas, and resides
in Paola, Miami Co., Kan.; Matthew D., a resident of Denver, married Melati Kitchen. At the
age of seventy-two, our subject appears active and fully possessed of every faculty. She
manages her own house, which
is cheerful, bright and roomy, and presents the appearance of comfort. As a family, the
Moorheads have no superiors in the county, for honor and the esteem of their neighbors and
acquaintances. The data forming this sketch was furnished by Mrs. Moorhead, and may be
considered correct.
<see 1815 estate record of Robert Snodgrass in Greene Co., OH>

1900 Washington Co IA Census 

Cedar Twp., 79-109-5-4:
Adam Wombarhees
Bruce Snodgrass 38-M-VA/VA/VA May 1862 hand, farm laborer

1920 Washington Co IA Census/Soundex 

Wellman, 81-133-8-80:
Henry Schulty
Robert Snodgrass 63-M-OH

1940 -- The Iowa Press Assoc. Who's Who in Iowa:
Harry V. Snodgrass. Superintendent of Schools; born Delta, IA, 22 Feb 1895; son of 
J. W. Snodgrass & Abbie Brokaw; educated Sigourney and Delta High School 1913; 
Univ. of Iowa, BA 1930, MA 1936; married Cleo Dum 16 Apr 1915 in Delta. Sons 
Richard K. & Charles E.; dau. Helen Jan (Mrs. Lyle Fry); 1913-15 rural Keokuk Co.; 
1922-28 school teacher Delta; 1930 Super of Schools Kalona; Washington Co. 
Schoolmasters Club; Iowa State Teachers Assoc.; Cumminity Club; OES; AF & AM 96; 
jr. deacon since 1938; Church of Christ, pres. church Board since 1937; Republican; 
hobby is reading; office at High School; res. Kalona.

################ end Washington Co IA ################### 
WAYNE COUNTY (977.788) 

Powersville Cemetery (Johnston--unpublished) yes
Supplement to Wayne Co., IA, Cemeteries (Wayne Co. Gen. Soc.) yes
Wayne Co., IA, Cemeteries, vols. 1-2 (Wayne Co. Gen. Soc.) yes

1870 census - yes
1880 census - yes
1900 census - yes
1910 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

A Manual of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, 1751-1881
(Brown Scouller --1881) yes
Wayne Co., IA, Old Settlers, 1893-1894 (Ingmire Pub.) NS
Wayne Co. Old Settlers Association (Ingmire Pub.) NS

Wayne Co., Early Marriages, Books 1-4, 1851-1880 (IA Gen. Soc.) NS
Wayne Co., IA, Marriage Register, Book 1 & 2, 1880-1898, 2 vols.
(Sponsler & Sponsler) yes


1870 Wayne Co IA Census 

Corydon Twp., #47/48:
James Snodgrass 45-M-VA day laborer, $150/0
Rachel Snodgrass 38-F-VA <Rachel Foster; m. 1850 Owen Co., IA>
Joseph F. Snodgrass 12-M-IA
Ida B. Snodgrass 8-F-IA
Mary Foster 69-F-VA
Ruth Foster 25-F-VA
<1880 Wayne Co., IA>
1880 Wayne Co IA Census 

Corydon Twp., #113/117:
Jas. Snodgrass 64-M-VA/VA/VA teamster
Rachel Snodgrass 48-F-VA/AL/VA
Jas. F. Snodgrass 22-M-IA/AL/VA <sic> 
<Joseph F. Snodgrass; m. 1883 Jennette E. Cunningham>
Ida Belle Snodgrass 17-F-IA/AL/VA <sic> <m. 1889 J. W. Walker>
<1870 Wayne Co., IA>

Corydon Twp., #224/235:
Theodore Krouse 32-M-Baden
Mary E. Krouse 26-F-IL
H. W. Snodgrass 20-F-IL/OH/OH

1881 -- A Manual of the United Presbyterian Church:
John M. Snodgrass (A.):
Was graduated at Jefferson College in 1849, and studied theology at Canonsburg; was 
licensed June 18, 1850, by Chartiers Presbytery, and ordained in October, 1851, by Miami; 
was installed pastor of Poplar Ridge and Canonsburg, in Putnam and Hancock counties, 
at ordination; demitted the latter in 1856 and retained the former (changed in name to Leipsic)
until the union. He declined going into the union of 1858 and remained with the residuary
Associate Synod, and now serves it in the pastorate of Spring Branch, Wayne county, Iowa.

7 Mar 1883 -- Joseph C. Snodgrass, age 25, married Jennette E. <Elizabeth> Cunningham, 
age 20 (Book 1, page 30).

28 Jan 1885 -- Samuel L. Snodgrass, age 21, married Kate Dhabott, age 20.
[reference ? Brenda Zuniga is to send me copy?]
[Samuel Lincoln Snodgrass s/o James Snodgrass & Elizabeth Shafer - 1900 Lucas Co IA]

23 Apr 1889 -- Ida B. <Belle> Snodgrass, age 26, married J. W. Walker, age 26
(Book 1, page 94, #423).

3 Aug 1895 -- (infant) Snodgrass died 3 Aug 1895, d/o J. C. & E. J. <Joseph C. & Elizabeth
Jennette> Snodgrass, buried, Row 15, Section 1, Allerton Cemetery, Warren Twp.,
(stone 15.11; with Joseph Snodgrass, d. 1913).

18 May 1898 -- Robert L. Snodgrass, b. 5 Mar 1827, d. 18 May 1898, age 71y 2m 15d, 
buried Powersville Cemetery (with Tabitha Jane Ross Snodgrass, d. 1905).
<m. 1849 Champaign Co., OH>

24 Feb 1899 -- Lena Leota Snodgrass, d/o of S. L. & C. Snodgrass, b. 14 Nov 1887, 
d. 24 Feb 1899, buried, Row 8, Sharon Cemetery, Washington Twp. (stone 8.7)
[d/o Samuel Lincoln Snodgrass & Catherine Dhabolt - Lucas Co IA]

1900 Wayne Co IA Census

Corydon Twp., Corydon, 30-147-1-64, #21/21:
Joseph F. Snodgrass 46-M-IA/KY/IN Jun 1854 m.13y, brick molder, o.h.f.
Anna D. Snodgrass 32-F-IA/PA/PA May 1868 wife, 6 ch, 5 liv
Lillie May Snodgrass 10-F-IA/IA/IA Oct 1889 dau.
Jas. A. Snodgrass 9-M-IA/IA/IA Apr 1891 son <d. 1906>
Silas S. Snodgrass 6-M-IA/IA/IA Sep 1893 son
Emma E. Snodgrass 3-F-IA/IA/IA Feb 1897 dau.
Blanch I. Snodgrass 1-F-IA/IA/IA Mar 1899 dau.
<1910 Wayne Co., IA>

Corydon Twp., Corydon, 80-147-1-74, #22/22:
Joseph W. Walker 34-M-IN/IN/IN Oct 1865 m.11y, day laborer, o.h.f.
Ida B. Walker 37-F-IA/IN/IN Jun 1862 wife, 2 ch, 1 liv
Myrtle Walker 8-F-IA/IN/IA Mar 1891 dau.
James Snodgrass 90-M-PA/PA/PA Feb 1800 <sic>, wid., father

Jefferson Twp., 80-150-9-8:
Joseph C. Snodgrass 41-M-OH/OH/PA Sep 1858 m.17y, farmer
Elizabeth J. Snodgrass 35-F-IA/PA/VT Jan 1865 wife, 2 ch, 2 liv 
<Elizabeth Jennette Cunningham; m. 1883 Wayne Co., IA>
Ross L. Snodgrass 14-M-IA/OH/IA Jan 1886 son
Everett M. Snodgrass 11-M-IA/OH/IA Sep 1888 son
<1910 Wayne Co., IA>

20 Aug 1905 -- Tabitha Jane Ross Snodgrass, b. 15 Jan 1828, d. 10 Aug 1905,
age 77y 7m 5d, buried Powersville Cemetery (with Robert L. Snodgrass, d. 1898).

22 May 1906 -- James A. Snodgrass, b. 4 Apr 1891, d. 22 May 1906, buried Row 33, 
Corydon Cemetery, Corydon Twp. (stone 33.1)

7 Jun 1908 -- May Snodgrass Lewis, b. 1864, d. 7 Jun 1908, age 44y 2m 23d, w/o W. F.
buried Powersville Cemetery (with dau. Willie May Lewis, b. 31 May 1908, d. 28 Sep 1908).

1910 Wayne Co IA Census

<Film was difficult to read; may have missed some Snodgrass entries.>

Corydon Twp., page 28, #23/23:
Joseph T. Snodgrass 55-M-IA/IN/IN m/1, m.23y, mason laborer, r.h.
Anna D. Snodgrass 43-F-IA/IL/IL wife, m/2, 9 ch, 5 liv
Gily M. Snodgrass 20-F-__/__/__ dau., m.
Silas S. Snodgrass 16-M-IA/IA/IA son
Emma E. Snodgrass 13-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
Blanch I. Snodgrass 11-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
Eathel E. Snodgrass 8-F-IA/IA/IA dau.
<1900 Wayne Co., IA>

Jefferson Twp., page 243, #--/127: 
Joseph Snodgrass 50-M-PA/Unk/__ m.30y, farmer, o.m.f. <d. 1913> [Joseph C.]
Jennet Snodgrass 45-F-IN/PA/VA wife, 3 ch, 2 liv [m2.]
Everett Snodgrass 21-M-IA/PA/IA son, farm laborer
<1900 Wayne Co., IA>

Richman Twp., page 131B, #--/39:
J. O. Snodgrass 47-M-IA/KY/IN m/1, 13y, Christian minister, r.h.
Rose Snodgrass 44-F-IN/IN/IN m/1

Warren Twp., page 172A, #99/99:
Ross Snodgrass 24-M-IA/PA/IA m/1, 1y, farmer, r.f. [s/o Joseph C. & m1.]
Goldie C. Snodgrass 22-F-IA/IA/IA wife, m/1, 0 ch

1913 -- Joseph C. Snodgrass, b. 1858, d. 1913, buried, Row 15, Section 1, Allerton
stone 15.12 (with Nettie E. Snodgrass, d. 1935).
- - - - - - - - - -
(part of obituary): [vss - see 1870 & 1880 Monroe Co IA family of John Snodgrass]
. . . served as a ruling elder in the church. He leaves to mourn their loss his wife, two sons,
stepmother, five sisters, six brothers, and a host of friends and neighbors. The brothers and 
sisters are John M. of Cuba, MO; Jas. L., of Gardner, KS; Caleb, Samuel, and Ralph of
Minneapolis, MN; Wm. and Lillie of CA; Lutie and Stepmother of St. Louis, MO; Cyntha 
Pasis, Tolma, ND; Maggie Cunningham, Rathdrum, ID; and Kittie Birling of Kansas City,
Mr. Snodgrass will be greatly missed not only in the church but also in the community at 
large. He stood for progressive farming, and his influence has been for the betterment of the
community. He took an active part in the Farmers Institute, and for some years he has been
the Board of Managers of the Allerton Chautauqua, and only a few weeks ago accompanied
Chautauqua committee to Des Moines to help select the talent for the coming season. On 
the street and everywhere he was jolly and good hearted with everyone, thus making a host
friends who will sadly miss his genial face and kindly words from our midst.
The funeral services will be held at the home, Thursday 1:30 p.m., conducted by Rev. E. H.
Black, after which the body will be laid to rest in the Allerton Cemetery.

1920 Wayne Co IA Census/Soundex

Corydon, 84-176-6-76:
Joseph F. Snodgrass 62-M-IA <d. 1924>
Anna Snodgrass 48-F-IA wife
Ethel Snodgrass 17-F-IA dau.
Margrett Snodgrass 4y8m-F-IA granddau.

E. N. Snodgrass 31-M-IA <Everett; d. 1946>
Edith Snodgrass 27-F-NE wife <d. 1989>
Harold Snodgrass 4y4m-M-IA son <d. 1978>
Helen Snodgrass 1y1m-F-IA dau.

Allenton, 84-185-4-26:
Rebecca J. Neill
Jeanette Snodgrass 54-F-IA roomer <wid. of Joseph C.; d. 1935>

Ross Snodgrass 33-M-IA <d. 1950>
Goldie Snodgrass 32-F-IA wife <d. 1974>
Lucile Snodgrass 4-F-IA dau.

27 Jan 1924 -- Joseph F. Snodgrass d. 27 Jan 1924, age 68y, buried, Sec. 1, Corydon
(stone 22.10)

1932 -- Robert B. Snodgrass, 1932 (only date), buried Row 17, Sharon Cemetery (stone
(with James B. Snodgrass, d. 1973).

1935 -- Nettie E. Snodgras, b. 1864, d. 1935, w/o Joseph C. Snodgrass (d. 1913), 
buried Row 15, Sec. 1, Allerton Cemetery (stone 15.12).

1938 -- Katherine Snodgrass, b. 1866, d. 1938, w/o S. L. Snodgrass, buried Row 9, Sharon
Cemetery (stone 9.7) (with S. L. Snodgrass, d. 1947).

1942 -- Katie Ann Snodgrass, 1942 (only date), buried Row 17, Sharon Cemetery (stone
(with James B. Snodgrass, d. 1973).

1946 -- Everett Snodgrass, b. 1888, d. 1946, buried Row 15, Allerton Cemetery (stone 15.13)
(with Edith Snodgrass, d. 1989). <or d. 1964?>

1947 -- S. L. Snodgrass, b. 1864, d. 1947, buried Row 9, Sharon Cemetery (stone 9.7) 
(with Katherine Snodgrass, d. 1938). [Samuel Lincoln Snodgrass - Lucas Co IA]

1950 -- Ross L. Snodgrass, b. 1886, d. 1950, Odd Fellow, buried Row 1, Sec. 5, Allerton
Cemetery (stone 1.26) (with Golda I. Snodgrass, d. 1973).

1955 -- R. V. Snodgrass <Robert V.>, b. 1869, d. 1955, buried Powersville Cemetery 
(with Hattie, b. 1874, d. 1969).

1969 -- Hattie Snodgrass, b. 1874, d. 1969, buried Powersville Cemetery 
(with R. V. Snodgrass, d. 1955).

3 Apr 1969 -- Ray R. Snodgrass, b. 22 Jul 1903, d. 3 Apr 1969, buried Powersville Cemetery
(with wife Goldie Snodgrass, b. 1901, d. ___).

19 Oct 1969 -- Cheryl Leigh Snodgrass, b. 17 Feb 1969, d. 19 Oct 1969, buried
Row 20, Section 6, Allerton Cemetery.

19 Dec 1972 -- Zola M. Snodgrass, b. 14 Feb 1895, d. 19 dec 1972, m. 15 Dec 1917, buried 
Row 4, Greenlee's Addition, Evergreen Cemetery, Lineville, Grand River Twp. (stone 4.5) 
(with Oral G. Snodgrass, d. 1988)

1973 -- Golda I. Snodgrass, b. 1887, d. 1973, P.E.O., buried Row 1, Section 5, Allerton
Cemetery (stone 1.26) (with Ross L. Snodgrass, d. 1950).

1973 -- James B. Snodgrass, b. 1902, d. 1973, buried Row 17, Sharon Cemetery
(stone 17.5) (on same stone: Avanelle Snodgrass, b. 1906, d. 19__).

1976 -- Joseph G. Snodgrass, b. 23 Apr 1937, d. 12 Aug 1976, SP4, U.S. Army,
buried Row 20, Sec. 6, Allerton Cemetery (stone 20.7).

1978 -- Harold J. Snodgrass, b. 1915, d. 1978, buried Row 20, Sec. 6, Allerton Cemetery 
(stone 20.10) (with Leona M. Snodgrass, d. 1981).

1981 -- Leona M. Snodgrass, b. 1914, d. 1981, buried Row 20, Sec. 6, Allerton Cemetery 
(stone 20.10) (with Harold J. Snodgrass, d. 1978).

1985 -- L. Wayne Snodgrass, b. 1936, d. 1985, buried Row 21, Sec. 6, Allerton Cemetery 
(stone 21.8) (with Carol A. Snodgrass, b. 1937, d. ___).

16 Mar 1988 -- Oral G. Snodgrass, b. 17 Oct 1894, d. 16 Mar 1988, buried space 4.5, Row 4,
Greenlee's Addition, Evergreen Cemetery (with Zola M. Snodgrass, d. 1972).

1989 -- Edith Snodgrass, b. 1891, d. 1989, buried Row 15, Allerton Cemetery
(stone 15.13, Peo marker) (with Everett Snodgrass, d. 1946).

(no dates) -- James Snodgrass, infant son of Jas. & E. A. Snodgrass, buried Row 8, 
Sharon Cemetery (stone 8.6).
[vss - date would be between 1863 (when James Snodgrass m. Elizabeth A. Shafer - Lucas
Co) and perhaps 1880 (when Elizabeth shows up on Lucas Co census without husband

############### end Wayne Co IA ################# 


1860 census - 1880 soundex - yes
1885 state census transcripton - NS
1900 census - yes

Webster Co. Burials, North Lawn Cemetery, Fort Dodge, IA, 
1936-1974 (IA Gen. Soc.) NS

Webster Co., IA, 1870 Records of First Swedish Evangelical 
Lutheran Church, Fort Dodge, IA (Webster Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Webster Co., IA, Records of Lehigh Christian Church 
(Webster Co. Gen. Soc.) NS

Webster Co., IA, Adoptions (Webster Co. Gen. Soc.) (unindexed)
Webster Co., IA, Probate Docket Index, 1855-1940 
(Webster Co. Gen. Soc.) NS

Douglas Twp. Historical Story (Hicks & Woodbury--1981) 
(partial index) NS
The History of Early Fort Dodge and Webster Co., IA 
(Williams--1950) (unindexed)

Land Atlas and Plat Book, Webster Co., IA, 1981 
(Rockford Map Pub.) NS

Webster Co., IA, Assessor's Records, 1861-1863: Persons Liable 
for Military Duty (Webster Co. Gen. Soc.) (unindexed)

Dayton Review, Dayton, Webster Co., IA, 1879-1912 (Ewing) NS
Webster Co., IA: Dayton Review, Dayton, IA, 1923-1929 
(Webster Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Webster Co., IA, Index to Fort Dodge Messenger and Chronicle, 
1909-1913, vol. 2 (Webster Co. Gen. Soc.) NS

Webster Co., IA, Assessor's Books (1858 - Hardin Twp.; 1859 - Dayton,
Hardin, Otho, Sumner, Washington, Wahkonsa, & Yell Twps.; 1860 -
Douglas, Hardin, Jackson, Otho, Sumner, Washington, Wahkonsa,
Webster, & Yell Twps.) (Wester Co. Gen. Soc.) yes

Death Records, Webster Co., IA, 1921-1953, vol. 1 
(Webster Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Index of Webster Co., IA, Death Records A thru L, 1880-1919, vol. 2
(Webster Co. Gen. Soc.) yes
Iowa Genealogical Records, vol. 20 - yes
Marriage Licenses Issued in Webster Co., IA, 1890-1894 
(IA Gen. Soc.) yes
Webster Co., IA, Marriage Licenses, 1895-1900 
(Webster Co. Gen. Soc.) NS
Webster Co. Marriages, 1853-1909 (Webster Co. Gen. Soc.) yes 


1860 Webster Co IA Census 

Douglas Twp., page 585 (enumerated 14 Jun 1860):
William Snodgrass 65-M-TN day laborer, 0/$20 
[? age 50 - on 1850 as 40, on 1870 as 60]
Elizabeth Snodgrass 44-F-PA 
[Elizabeth Gray; m. 1830 Randolph Co IN; 
on 1850 as 38, on 1870 as 53]
Hamilton Snodgrass 23-M-IN $340/125 [as 16 on 1850]
Andrew Snodgrass 21-M-IN $340/125 [as 11 on 1850]
Eliza F. Snodgrass 18-F-IN [as 8 on 1850]
Thomas J. Snodgrass 14-M-IN 
[Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass; as 5 on 1850]
John C. Snodgrass 12-M-IN 
[as 2 on 1850; m1. 1868 Emma Hamilton]
Emily Snodgrass 9-F-IN [m. 1870 Jasper Co MO, David Andrews]
Alfred Broadstone 16-M-IN
<1850 Randolph Co., IN; 1870 Jasper Co., MO>

Douglas Twp., page 585, #307/302 (enumerated 14 Jun 1860):
David Snodgrass 36-M-IN farmer
Michell Snodgrass 35- -OH <Rachel Leeka m. 1846 Randolph Co IN>
Roda J. Snodgrass 12-F-IN [Rhoda J.; m. George Williams]
John H. Snodgrass 10-M-IN [as 7 mo. on 1850]
Wm. H. Snodgrass 3-M-IA
Andrew Snodgrass 1-M-IA
<1850 Randolph Co., IN; 1870 Webster Co., IA>

1860 Douglas Twp. Tax List:
D. Snodgrass -- no property of value.
Wm. Snodgrass -- 5 horses, 21 cattle; 7 swine; 2 vehicles; 
20 money credits; $5 other property; 
value of property = $384.
H. Snodgrass -- 1 horse; $5 other property; 
value of property = $55.
A. Snodgrass -- 1 horse; value of property = $40.

17 Aug 1865 -- Hamilton Snodgrass married Martha E. Karr [Carr ?]
(Book 1, #262). [s/o William Snodgrass & Elizabeth Gray]

7 Feb 1866 -- Elisa F. Snodgress married Solomon Turnfraces (Book 1).
[Eliza F. Snodgrass d/o William Snodgrass & Elizabeth Gray]

20 Oct 1866 -- Rhoda J. Snodgress married George W. Williams (Book 1).
[Rhoda J. Snodgrass d/o David Snodgrass & Rachel Leeka]

20/30 Aug 1868 -- Andrew E./S. Snodgress married Charlotte I. Stafford <Ida>.
<Andrew West Snodgrass> [s/o William & Elizabeth Gray]

21 Aug 1868 -- John C. Snodgrass married [m1] Emma Hamilton. 
[s/o William & Elizabeth Gray; 1870 Jasper Co MO] 

1870 Webster Co IA Census 

Johnson Twp., page 478, #8:
David Snodgrass 45-M-IN farmer, $800/790
Rachel Snodgrass 49-F-OH [Rachel Leeka; m. 1846 Randolph Co IN]
John H. Snodgrass 20-M-IN farm hand
William H. Snodgrass 13-M-IA
Andrew Snodgrass 11-M-IA
<1860 Webster Co., IA> [1900 Jackson Co KS]

3 Aug 1870 -- John H. Snodgress married Eva Cole (Book 1). 
[John H. Snodgrass s/o David]

1880 Webster Co IA Census/Soundex 

Douglas Twp., 32-215-4-28:
Andrew Snodgrass 41-M-IN <Andrew West Snodgrass>
Charlotte Snodgrass 28-F-NY wife 
<Charlotte Ida Stafford; m. 1868 Webster Co., IA>
Sanford Snodgrass 10-M-MO son
William Snodgrass 9-M-MO son
Frederick Snodgrass 7-M-MO son
Dell Snodgrass 1-F-IA dau.
<1870 Jasper Co., MO; 1885 Webster Co., IA>

1885 State Census 
Douglas Twp., #16:
Andrew Snodgrass 46-M-IN farmer [s/o William]
Ida C. Snodgrass 33-F-NY [Charlotte Ida Stafford]
Sanford S. Snodgrass 15-M-MO
William Snodgrass 13-M-MO
Fred H. Snodgrass 11-M-MO
Dell Snodgrass 6-F-IA [? see pension of Andrew - D. O. (son) ?]
Nellie Snodgrass 1-F-IA

22 Jul 1892 -- S. D. Snodgrass, 24, married Olive A. Heald, 22 (Book 5).

1900 Webster Co IA Census 

Wahkansa Twp., 81-185-20-95:
Fred H. Snodgrass 27-M-MO/IN/VT Mar 1873 m.3y, R.R. fireman
Anna Snodgrass 22-F-IA/DEN/DEN Feb 1878 wife, 1 ch, 1 liv
Howard G. Snodgrass 2-M-IA/MO/IA Dec 1897 son

15 Oct 1901 -- Anne Snodgrass d. 15 Oct 1901; buried Rolfe, IA (Book 2, page 114) 



Andrew West Snodgrass, b. 25 Oct 1838 in Randolph Co., IN; 
m. Charlotte Ida Stafford on 12 Aug 1868, by County Judge 
James R. Stranw?, Webster Co., IA; neither previously married.
Children: S. S. Snodgrass [Sanford S.], b. 16 Jun 1869; 
W. N. [William N.], b. 13 Mar 1871; F. H. [Frederick H.], 
b. 9 Mar 1872; D. O. [Dell O.], b. 10 Nov 1878; Nell, 
b. 2 Aug 1884; all living according to document stamped 
8 May 1915, U.S. Pension Office. Andrew living in Burlington,
WA, at that time; states he and Charlotte still living together. 
Andrew enlisted as a private in Dubuque, IA, on 22 Aug 1862,
in Co. I, 32nd Regt., Iowa Vols. Inf.; promoted to Corporal 
4 Jul 1864; discharged at Clinton, IA, on 24 Aug 1865. 
Description at enlistment: 5'9", light complexion, gray eyes,
light hair, farmer. First filed for pension on 28 Sep 1891 
Rolfe, Pocahontas Co., IA, claiming varicocele and inguinal
hernia, which were acquired near St. Charles, MO, in Nov 1864.
On 27 May 1912, in Burlington, Skagit Co., WA, he lists his 
residences after leaving service as Ft. Dodge, IA, until 1868;
Cottage, MO, to 1875; Ft. Dodge, IA, to 1890; Rolfe, IA to 1908;
Burlington, WA, to present (1912, age 73). 
There is a letter from D. O. Snodgrass (son) [vss - Dell on two
censuses as F], dated 3 Dec 1922, advising Bureau of Pensions of 
death of Andrew on 22 Nov 1922, at 12:20 M.<sic> at the home of 
his daughter, Mrs. J. H. Jweifel, #48 Painter St., Pasadena, CA;
his body was placed in the Mount Vernon Mausoleum, Mt. Vernon, WA.
D. O. Snodgrass's address: Box 429, Corpus Christi, TX. 
Pension application #384,859; Certificate #784,842. 

################ end Webster Co IA ############### 


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WINNESHIEK (977.732) 

1850 census transcription - NS

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1860 census transcription - NS
1900 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

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1900 Census 

Sioux City, 83-163-13-31:
Harris Snodgrass 55-M-IA/KY/OH Jun 1844 m.25y, teamster
Mamie Snodgrass 45-F-NY/NY/NY Apr 1855 wife, 4 ch, 4 liv
Percy Snodgrass 14-M-IA/IA/NY Nov 1885 son
Mabel Snodgrass 12-F-IA/IA/NY Oct 1887 dau.
Mildred Snodgrass 8-F-IA/IA/NY Nov 1890 dau.
Paul Snodgrass 6-M-IA/IA/NY Oct 1893 son

1920 Soundex 

Sioux City, 89-197-6-8:
Harry Snodgrass 29-M-MO
Grace Snodgrass 21-F-IA wife
Maxine Snodgrass 4y1m-F-IA dau.
Meg Nave 16-F-IA sister [? sis-in-law]
Leona Nave 10-F-IA sister [? sis-in-law]

Sioux City, 90-212-21-35:
Joseph Snodgrass 32-M-IA 
Mary Snodgrass 65-F-NY mother
Mable Snodgrass 26-F-IA sister

1961 -- Bernice Snodgrass, b. 1905, d. 1961, buried St. Joseph's Parish Cemetery, Eastside, 
Sec. 2, Row 3 (with Earl Snodgrass, d. 1969).

1969 -- Earl Snodgrass, b. 1903, d. 1969, buried St. Joseph's Parish Cemetery
(with Bernice Snodgrass, d. 1961).


WORTH COUNTY (977.7232) 

Gravestone and Burial Records of Worth Co., IA, vols. 1-5 (DAR) NS

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WRIGHT COUNTY (977.7274) 

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############### end IA ################ 

State Source Books

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