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McCormick Ancestry
dating back to 1749 (information missing in some lines)

Family 1

John & Jane McCormick (other surnames – Hemphill, McKelvey & Shannon)

Family 3A

John Thomas & Margaret McCormick (other surnames – Houston, Crawford, McKane, McCausland, Knox & Moffit)

Family 3B

Joseph & Elizabeth McCormick (other surnames – Dunlop)

Family 3C

David & Anne McCormick (other surnames – Woods, Gamble, Hale, McCrory, Mehaffy, Wilson, Smith, Potterton, Boyle, Crilly, McNulty & Craig)

Family 3D

Charlotte McCormick & Matthew Fairman (other surnames - Kilpatrick, Bockus, Denniston & Adams)

Family 4A

Willie & Martha McCormick (other surnames – Sproule, Drean, Aiken, McCartney, Benson, Caldwell, Rudd, Markowitz & Harper)

Family 5Ai

Olive McCormick & George Sproule (other surnames - Graves, Saliken)

Family 5Aii

Maud McCormick & Blake McCartney (other surnames - Loane, McLeer, Campbell, Parkinson, Henry, Corry, Hunter & Daley)

Family 5Aiii

Joseph & Elsie McCormick (other surnames - Carson, Albertson, Pinco, McLean & Hutchison)

The McCormick
Family History

A detailed description of the McCormick family dating back to 1749.

The Hastings Family History

A brief description of the Hastings (maternal side) family dating back to 1785.

The descendants of William Meldrum William Meldrum, born early-mid 1700s from Corlave, in the parish of Drumkeeran, County Fermanagh.

My Pedigree Chart

names -(McCormick, Hastings, Henderson, Orr, Tinney, McCausland, Fairman, Crawford, Leitch, Stewart, Hazlett, McKean & Thompson)

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