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The Family of Robert Hastings and Letitia Hazlett

Robert Hastings (b. 1785) (d. 4 February 1880) married Letitia Hazlett. Robert died in Dunwiley, Stranorlar, Co. Donegal, Ireland. They had at least six children, as follow.

(1) Mary Jane Hastings (b. 1826) (d. 24 March 1897)
There is no information on Mary Jane Hastings.

(2) John Hastings (b. 1827) (d. 6 October 1875)
John married Rebecca Chambers on 26 November 1861, in Ballylennon Presbyterian Church, St.Johnston, Co.Donegal. John died in Stranorlar, Co.Donegal, Ireland. They had six children as follow.

(a) - Robert Hastings (b. 21 August 1864) (d. 31 July 1869)

(b) - Susan Hastings (b. 13 August 1866) (d.?)

(c) - Joseph Hastings (b. 5 July 1869) (d.?)
It is thought that Joseph died as an infant.

(d) - Ross Robert Hastings MB (b. 5 July 1869) (d. 20 May 1900)
Ross died in South Africa at the age of 20.

(e) - Joseph Chambers Hastings (b. 2 December 1873) (d. 10 January 1903)
Joseph was in the Royal Army Medical Corps. He died in India at the age of 19.

(f) - Margaret Hastings (b. 1890) (d. 1896)

(3) Ross Hastings (b. 1834) (d. 5 March 1915)
Ross married Annie Chambers, the sister of Rebecca Chambers, on 25 October 1877, in Ballylennon Presbyterian Church, St.Johnston, Co.Donegal, Ireland. No other details.

(4) Eliza Ann Hastings (b. 1835) (d. 23 May 1900)
Eliza Ann Hastings married William Hunter in 1874. No other details.

(5) Margaret Hastings (b. 1837) (d. 8 May 1909)
There is no information on Margaret Hastings.

(6) Hazlett Hastings (b. 22 September 1838) (d. 2 January 1913)
Hazlett Hastings married Rebecca McCausland (b. 7 May 1869) (d. 22 September 1958), daughter of William McCausland and Rebecca McKean of Gillistown, St.Johnston, Donegal, Ireland, on 19 June 1890 in St.Johnston Presbyterian Church, Donegal, Ireland. At some stage Hazlett came into possession of a farm at Lettergull, St.Johnston, where he and wife lived until their death. Although Hazlett was almost 52 when he got married, he and his wife still produced seven children.

(a) - Mary Jane Hastings (b. 31 May 1891) (d. 22 August 1922)
Mary Jane married Andrew McConnell on 6 January 1916. No other details.

(b) - Robert John Hastings (b. 19 April 1893) (d. 20 September 1957)
Robert John married Mary Agnes (Minnie) Knox on 23 October 1929, in 1st Strabane Presbyterian Church, Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland. They had four children.

1. Margaret K. Hastings (b. 1932)

2. Rebecca McCausland Hastings (b. 1934)
Rebecca married ? Lockhead. No other details.

3. Mary Elizabeth Hastings (b. 1936)
Mary married ? Fulton. No other details.

4. Robert John Hastings (b. 1939) (d. 5 September 1990)
Robert married Valerie (?). He was a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary. He died of cancer at the age of 51. He and Valerie had three children. Details unknown.

(c) - William James Hastings (b. 22 January 1895) (d. 19 February 1974)
William married Isabella Margaret Porter. Other details unknown.

(d) - Hazlett Hastings (b. 6 May 1897) (d. 20 January 1977)
Hazlett married Letitia Margaret Richardson Orr, daughter of William James Orr and Catherine Anne Fairman, of Legnathraw, St.Johnston, Co. Donegal, Ireland, on 6 May 1924, in St.Johnston Congregational Church. Hazlett bought the Legnathraw farm from his in-laws and lived there with his wife until their deaths. They had nine children.

1. Robert (Roy) Hastings
Roy married Mary after he moved to Canada as a young man. They had six of a family.

A. David William Hastings (b. 10 June 1959)
David was born in Saskatoon, Canada. No other details known.

B. John Edward Hastings (b. 18 May 1961)
John was born in Saskatoon, Canada. He married Kathy Morin on 8 August 1992 in California, USA.

C. Dorothy Jean Hastings (b. 1 November 1963)
Dorothy was born in Fort St. John, BC, Canada. She married 1. Ron Bliss on 2 July 1982, 2. Vernon Jeqou on 6 March 1987. No other details.

D. Keith Robert Hastings (b. 6 June 1965)
Keith was born in Fort St. John, BC, Canada. He married Esther Bowyer on 23 August 1991, in Fort St. John. No other details.

E. Leta Margaret Hastings (b. 20 September 1968)
No details.

F. Allan Hazlett Hastings (b. 27 August 1970)
Allan married Jane Cantrill on 1 June 1997. They have one son.

(i) - Wyatt Hastings

2. Kathleen Hastings
Kathleen married Robert (Bobby) McDowell of Muff, Co. Donegal. She died after a long battle with liver disease in Altnagalvin Hospital, Londonderry. They had two children, sons.

A. John Alexander McDowell (b. 12 November 1953)
John married Caroline Patricia Cherry (Carol) Holmes on 6 April 1985, in Limavady, Co. Londonderry. They have one child.

(i) – Hannah Louise McDowell (b. 5 May 1996)

B. Samuel "Ernest" McDowell (b. 6 January 1956)
Ernest married Wendy Pearson of Raphoe, Co.Donegal, Ireland, on 16 March 1979. They had three children. Ernest now runs a small business in Scotland.

(i) - Christina McDowell (b. 31 March 1983)

(ii) – Kathie Sarah McDowell (b. 27 February 1989)

(iii) – Steven Samuel McDowell (b. 23 October 1991)

3. Hazlett "Norman" Hastings (b. May 1927)
Norman married local girl Rachel (Rae) McGirr. They had four children.

A. Claire Margaret Hastings (b. 8 November 1963)
Claire married Robert David (Robin) Mooney of Burt, Co. Donegal, on 19 August 1988, in Raphoe Congregational Church, Co. Donegal. Details of children unknown.

B. Hazel "Lynn" Hastings (b. 15 April 1965)

C. Carol Rebecca Hastings (b. 29 October 1966)
Carol married Robert Reid of Killygordon, Co. Donegal. Details of children unknown.

D. Richard Alexander Hastings (b. 24 December 1969)
Richard is engaged to be married to Clodagh Lafferty of Clady, Co. Tyrone.

4. William Hastings
Willie married Hilda Cole. They had three children.

A. Matilda "Diane" Hastings (b. 9 March 1965)
Diane married Lloyd William Helaman Smyth on 29 July 1986, in the Church of the Latter Day Saints, Londonderry. They have five children.

(i) - Jason Lloyd Smyth (b. 4 July 1987)

(ii) - Leeza Diane Smyth (b. 26 January 1989)

(iii) - Justin William Smyth (b. 30 September 1990)

(iv) - Laurajayne Smyth (b. 24 July 1993)

(v) - Jessica Ann Smyth (b. 20 January 1996)

B. Amanda Letitia Hastings (b. 10 October 1966)

C. Bryan William Hastings (b. 25 October 1968)

5. Rebecca (Ruby) Hastings
Ruby married Noel Moore (b. December 1932) of Raphoe, Co.Donegal. After spending some years farming in Co. Fermanagh, Noel and Ruby decided to move back to Donegal and bought a farm near Carrigans, a village close to Ruby’s birthplace. They had two children.

A. Harold Samuel Moore (b. 5 October 1959)
Harold married Karen Christina Shane on 5 May 1986. He works for the Dept. of Agriculture in Northern Ireland. His wife Karen is a nurse. They have two girls. No details.

B. Derek Moore (b. 15 February 1962)

6. David Hastings
David married Evelyn McBride of Newtowncunningham, Co. Donegal. They moved to Pilling, Lancs, England shortly after they married. David served in the RAF. They had three children.

A. Paula Hastings (b. 6 March 1963)
Paula married Timothy John Nelson on 5 July 1986. They moved to Ballymena, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland shortly after.

B. Caroline Hastings (b. 18 March 1964)
Caroline married Phillip Bagot Moore on 28 June 1981 (since divorced). They had some children but there are no details. Caroline lived in Holland for a while but has since moved back to England.

C. Jonathan David Hastings (b. 8 January 1969)
Jonathan married Caroline (?). They have three children, all girls.

(i) – Clare Hastings (b. 12 December 1999)

(ii) – ?

(iii) - Daroma Hastings (b. 31 July 2003)


7. Margaret Richardson Hastings
Margaret married Norman Lee of Liverpool, England and moved there. They moved back to Northern Ireland, Antrim Town, in the early 1980s. They had three children.

A. Sharon Richardson Lee (b. 26 September 1963)
Sharon married 1. Robert (Rob) Dagnall from Liverpool on 26 March 1982 (since divorced). 2. Robert Jeffrey (Jeff) McClay from Antrim, on 28 November 1998 at Upper Steeples COI, Antrim. The children are as follows.

(i) - Robert McClay
(Son of Rob)

(ii) – Jayde McClay
(Daughter of Rob)

(iii) – Chloe McClay (b. 29 February 1996)
(Daughter of Jeff)

B. Mark Andrew Lee (b. 12 October 1966)
Mark married Margaret "Grace" Roberts on 7 May 1994 in Steeples COI, Antrim. Marks works in Belfast International Airport catering department. They have one child.

(i) – Courtney Lee (b. 1998)

C. Alan David Lee (b. 4 Feb 1969)
Alan served in the Royal Navy during the Gulf War in the early 1990s. Not married.

8. Ernest Hastings
Ernest (Margaret’s twin brother) died as an infant after problems at birth.

9. Eileen Jean Hastings (b. 4 January 1945)
Eileen married Joseph George McCormick (b. 15 April 1935), the son of David Crawford McCormick and Elizabeth Henderson of Drumbane, Castlefin. They had four children.

A. David Hazlett McCormick (b. January 2, 1968)
David married Päivi Kaarina Penttinen (b. November 29,1969), the daughter of Pertti and Kaarina Penttinen, from Turku in Finland, on June 3, 1995 in St. Michael’s Church, Turku. David spent two years working in Dublin in sales before he entered agricultural college at Gurteen, Co. Tipperary. He worked a few years in the local agri-hardware store (Clonleigh Co-Op) in Castlefin. He then worked for AIBP Carrigans (Meat Processors) for two years as a Quality Assurance farm inspector before he and his family moved to Turku. He now works there as an English teacher and consultant to Finnish businessmen. Päivi is the assistant manager of a book store in Turku City. Before they were married David and Päivi appeared on Ulster Television (The Gerry Kelly Show) about their long-distance relationship. They have two daughters and one son.

(i)- Katriina Annalisa McCormick (b. March 26, 1996)
Katriina was born in Letterkenny Gen. Hospital, Co.Donegal, Ireland, while her parents were still living in Ireland. She moved to Finland along with her parents when she was two years old. She, like her younger brother and sister, is being brought up bilingual with English and Finnish.

(ii)- Joseph Jonathan "JJ" Kaarlo McCormick (b. February 2, 1999)
JJ was born less than a year after his parents moved, in Turku University Hospital, Finland.

(iii)- Annika Elina Kaarina McCormick (b. March 7, 2001)
Annika was born in Turku University Hospital, Finland.

B. Elaine Margaret Elizabeth McCormick (b. August 31, 1969)
Elaine married Declan McNulty (b. April 23, 1970), son of Sammy Joe and Carmel McNulty, from Clady, just one mile from the Drumbane home. Declan is a partner in a very successful PVC windows business called Granada Windows, while Elaine ran her own hairdressing business from home but gave it up to spend more time with the kids. They also breed budgerigars as a hobby. They built a bungalow on the Drumbane farm. They have one son and one daughter.

(i)- Matthew Declan Joseph McNulty (b. August 11,1995)

(ii)- Rachael Leanne McNulty (b. May 2, 1998)

C. Joanne Louise McCormick (b. February 7, 1974)
Joanne married John Craig, son of William and Elizabeth Craig, of Broadlea, Raphoe. Joanne trained in nursing in Edinburgh before she came home to be married. John is a pig farmer but also has got into property development in recent years as crises after crises hit the farming industry. They are living beside the Craig’s Broadlea home. They have two daughters and one son.

(i)- Kathleen Louise Craig (b. December 27, 1997)

(ii)- Shannon Craig (b. 1999)

(iii)- Wilson Craig (b. May 5, 2002)

D. Wesley Joseph McCormick (b. September 25, 1980)
Wesley recently graduated from Greenmount College, Co. Antrim where he received his HND in Agriculture. He currently works for Millburn Dairies in Castlefin. A talented pianist and regularly plays the organ at the Methodist church in Strabane. He also likes to sing.

(e) - Rebecca Margaret (Cissie) Hastings (b. 20 August 1899) (d. 21 June 1989)
Cissie married Robert (Bob) Stewart on 20 July 1944 in St.Johnston Congregational Church, St. Johnston. No other information.

(f) - Eliza Ann (Lizzie) Hastings (b. 9 January 1902) (d. 27 January 1990)
Lizzie married William Long of neighbouring townland, Binnion, St. Johnston. No details of their children.

(g) - Sarah Rodger Hastings (b. 13 July 1909)
Sarah married Andrew McConnell. No other details.


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