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Gallery 1 (People of Drumbane)

Drumbane Home Farm

Joseph George McCormick
(Hockey Team Photo)

Mr & Mrs David Crawford McCormick


Some of the Drumbane Family
(excluding Päivi & JJ McCormick)

Joseph McCormick & his son, David Crawford
McCormick (c1904)


Gallery 2 (People of Ballought)

William and Martha McCormick
(late 1930s)

McCormick Family Reunion

The Ballought Farmhouse

Gallery 3 (Weddings & Couples)

Phillip Smyth & Anne Mehaffy
(mid 1980s)

David & Päivi McCormick

John & Joanne Craig

Terry and Mary McCartney



Gallery 4 (The Next Generation)

3 McCormicks, 2 McNultys and 2 Craigs
(July 2001)

Katriina McCormick
(Sept 2000)

JJ McCormick
(Sept 2001)

Annika McCormick
(December 2001)


Shannon & Kathleen Craig

Matthew and Rachael McNulty



Gallery 5 (Misc)

The Sproule Brothers of Canada
(early 70s?)

McLeer Family and Mr & Mrs Raymond McCartney

Mother of Elizabeth (Henderson) McCormick


Magheracallaghan House