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This is a record of the updates


March 18, 2002

Page set up

March 23-24, 2002

Added – Generations 4-8 of Fairman Family (more to be added)
Thanks to Hilary Fairman
Added – Gallery Section
Added – Information on Elsie McCormick’s (nee Bustard) parents and DOB.
Source – Internet Site

April 13-14, 2002

Added – Some background information on Elizabeth McCormick (nee Henderson)
Thanks to Brent Henderson
Added – Birth dates of children of "Bessie" Houston (nee McCormick)
Source – Internet site
Added – New information on the McCartney Family
McCartney Family Map (Family 5Aii)
Corrections to names in McCartney Family
Thanks to Terry McCartney & Jayne Daley (nee McCartney)

April 20-21, 2002

Added – Generations 6-9 of Neville Sproule’s Family
Added - Photo of the Sproule Brothers (early 70s?)
Sproule Family Map (Family 5Ai)
Thanks to Neville William Sproule
Added – Children & Grandchildren of William McCormick (Canada)
Thanks to Jayne Daley
Added - Photo of Shannon Craig
Added - Updates section

May, 2002


June 22-23, 2002

Added – New addition to family – Wilson John Craig (Family 3C)
Added – The names of the four children of the Gamble Family (Family 3C)
Thanks to John Chew’s website (

July 25, 2002

Added – Children and Grandchildren of Wilfred McCormick (Family 3A)
Added – Children and Grandchildren of Olive Crason (Family 3A)
Added – The remaining Grandchildren of Hazel Mehaffy (Family 3C)
Added – Years of birth of Hazel Mehaffy’s children
Added – The marriage of Michael Sproule to Ana Argeuta (Family 3A)
Thanks to Lisle Sproule
Added – Photo of Magheracallaghan House in Donnyloop, Castlefin
Thanks to Wilfred McCormick
Added – Photo of David Crawford McCormick as a boy with his father, Joseph (Family 3C)
Thanks to Hazel Mehaffy
Added – Photo of Kathleen and Shannon Craig (replacement of baby Shannon)
Added – Photo of Matthew and Rachael McNulty
Added – Photo of Elizabeth (Henderson) McCormick’s mother
Thanks to Hazel Mehaffy

 August 25, 2002

Added – New addition to family – Lewis Blakely McCartney (Family 3A)
Thanks to Terry McCartney

September 14, 2002

Added - Extra information on John McCausland (Family 3A) - Dates of birth and death, and parents.
Thanks to Information contributed by Robert John Hubert McCausland -

October 21, 2002

Added - Extra information on the Fairman Family - Kris & Leah Fairman. Andrew Adams
Thanks to Hilary Fairman
Added - Extra information on the Carson Family - Will Carson's parents & origin.
Added - Kim McCormick's married name - McLean
Thanks to Sam Carson

December 22, 2002

Added – More information about the Fairman Family.
Added – Family 3D gif (Charlotte McCormick & Matthew Fairman)
Thanks to Leah Fairman
Added – My Pedigree Chart
Changed – Basic design of Welcome page

January 25, 2003

Added - Name List of ALL known Relatatives, both maternal and paternal.
Added - The grandchildren of Edward Caldwell & Evelyn Mabel McCormick
Thanks to Judith Caldwell
Added - Birth dates of Guy, Ross and Jonathan Drean
Thanks to Guy Drean
Added - Family 5Aiii gif (Joseph McCormick & Elsie Bustard)

April 26, 2003

Added - More information about the Drean Family and Family 4A family map altered
Thanks to Jennie Drean
Added - My Maternal side -
The Hastings Family History
Changed - Old map of Urney removed and replaced with a better map.
Thanks to
Added - Some old photos
Thanks to Jennie Drean

February 28, 2004

Added – The family details of William Joseph McCormick (Family 3A) Thanks to William via the Guest Book

Added – Kerri Loane and the birth dates of Kris and Brian Loane.
Thanks to Brian via the Guest Book




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