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Mackenzies who shipped to the American South

The following is a partial list of Mackenzies who shipped to the American South from the late 1600's to the late 1700's. These are recorded emigrations that could have been forced removels from Britian in either c.1716 or 1747. There are however, some recordings of Clan leadership that may be of interest.....there are primary references for these individual emigrations that need to be reviewed yet.

Clan Leadership:

a. McKenzie of Corry, Alexander, b.1707, factor, Jacobite, residence: Thuso
Caithness, transported: 31 March 1747, from: London to Barbados, in the "Frere".

b. McKenzie, Ann, parents: George, Earl of Cromartie, shipped pre-1761,
settled in Charleston, S.C., married (1) Edmond Atkin (2) John Murray, died: 18
January 1768 in Charleston. {Please Note that Ann is recorded as shipping
prior to Mary below, but is not confirmed}.

c. McKenzie, Donald, b. 1722, Jacobite, residence: Castleleod Ross & Cromarty,
transported: 31 March 1747, from London to Jamaica, in the "St. George" or
"Carteret, arrived Jamaica 1747.

d. NOTE: This is a very interesting listing: Mackenzie, George, merchant,
residence: Edinburgh, parents: Sir John McKenzie, shipped 1684, to East New
Jersey, settled in Elizabethtown, New Jersey. [also note that there are 2 more
'merchant' George McKenzies listed below that warrant attention].

e. McKenzie, George, born 1752, gentlemen, shipped December 1774 from London
to Jamaica, in the "Woodley".

f. McKenzie, John, born 1715, gentlemen, residence: Ardlock Assynt Sutherland,
transported: 5 May 1747, from Liverpool to Leeward Islands, in the "Veteran",
arrived Martinique June 1747.

g. McKenzie, Kenneth, Jr., residence: Kildin Isle of Lewis, shipped 1684 to
East New Jersey (with George above).

h. McKenzie, Mary, parents: Earl of Cromarty, shipped pre-1762, settled in
Charleston, S.C., married (1) Thomas Drayton (2) John Ainslie.

We already know some of the above (Ann, Mary & John of Ardlock), but who are
the rest ??? Any inputs appreciated.

Southern Colonies:

i MacKenzie, Eneas, born 1675, clergyman educated Edinburgh & Aberdeen Unix,
shipped 1705 to Staten Island, settled in Virginia.

j. McKenzie, George, merchant, residence Edinburgh, parents John McKenzie,
shipped pre-1698, settled in Bridgetwon, Barbados, died in 1711 Barbados,
Barbados pr1711.

k. McKenzie, George, merchant, residence Edinburgh, parents George McKenzie
and Bertha Law, shipped pre-1704, settled in Barbados. died pre-1733, Edlin pr1733.

l. Mackenzie, Mary, born 1714, spinner, residence Banff, shipped July 1736
from London to North Carolina.

m. Mackenzie, Robert, born 1626, shipped 14 August 1657 from London to
Virginia in the "Conquer".

NOTE: These next 2 entries are very interesting. 1 we already know as
"William of Charleston".

n. McKenzie, William, Jacobite, transported 21 April 1716 from Liverpool to
South Carolina in the "Wakefield". [NOTE: The "Wakefield" is the only 'prison
ship' that I found going to SC].

o. Mackenzie, William, merchant, settled Charleston, South Carolina, died pre-1739.

Prison Ships;

p. There appear to be 3 prison ships that were loaded with many Mackenzies
captured in the '45. The "St. George", "Carteret" and "Frere" all set sail
from London on March 31, 1747 bound for Jamaica, Jamaica and Barbados

Passenger Ships:

q. The passenger ship "Clementina" left from Stornaway in July of 1775 for
Philadelphia. The ship was loaded with many Mackenzies who listed there
occupations as 'Servants'. Don't know if they were 'indentured' or not.

There are many more entries, but these were the ones I picked. Sorry.

Anyway, any comments as to some of these folks identities ????


Dave Snow