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Homepage for Claire Laurence Rahel Sztern

This family tree has been gathered thanks to both research and traditions (familial, Jewish, French…). I cannot guarantee that all the informations are true, especially for older genealogies.

Sometimes the “traditional” dates can seem strange or even contradictory, but I will not change them before finding reliable information (tradition is better than estimation! - although missing generations have been estimated). If you can help, please do!

I want to thank everyone that has helped in a way or another, and would be happy to receive a mail from any (even distant!) relative or anyone having a question or more informations about anything on this tree.

Last thing, a “?” materializes a missing first name or full name. For example, “?” will materialize a missing generation, and “? Sztern” an unknown Sztern.

My family tree is not online yet, but do come back often!

I'm particularly looking for any information about the following families:

- Mazaltov / Maseltov... from anywhere, especially Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain and the Ottoman Empire.

- Handkan / Gendkin ... from Poland or Russia, Khazar origins

- Frances from Greece or Spain

- Tazartes from Greece, Spain, Russia or Italy

- Klapholz from Poland or Germany

- Oberklajd from Poland

*Some* of the featured families will be (alphabetic order): Abravanel, Birnbaum, Bluhbaum, Frances, Ha Cohen, Ha Davidi, Ha Levi, Handkan / Gendkin and variations, Heller, Heschel, Horowitz, Isserles, Kalonymos, Katzenellenbogen, Klapholz, Korsak and variations, Lipszyc, Loew / Low, Luria, Mandel, Mateles / Meiteles, Oberklajd, Oppenheimer, Poss, Spira, Spira von Sternberg, Sztern / Stern, Tazartes, Teomim, Todres, Treves, Tzarfati, (von) Rothschild, (von) Sternberg, Wodowski / Wodowska, Yafe.

Living or having lived in: America, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czechoslovakia, England, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Venezuela...

Please, if you recognize your name or one of your ancestors’ name, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be more than happy to find another cousin. :)


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