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Ammon Paul Pitkin and Olive Chase

Ammon Paul Pitkin (1835-Aft 1900)

The son of George White and Amanda Eggleston Pitkin, he was born in Clay County, Missouri. Because of persecution, his parents were forced to move to Far West, Missouri, then to Pike County, Illinois, and on to Nauvoo. In 1846, the family was driven across the Mississippi River. A few days later, Ammon's mother died at Fox River; and the broken-hearted family moved on to Winter Quarters. In 1848 they crossed the plains and lived in Weber County [Utah] and California before coming to Millville in 1859. Ammon helped his father build the first cabin in Millville.

On January 19, 1861, Ammon married Olive Chandler Chase in the Endowment House. Times were hard, and very little work was available. The children worked away from home to help inccrease the family income. Ammon got in trouble with the law as well as with the LDS Church. His wife divorced him and moved to Idaho. He found work in Idaho on the Miller Dam, and while working there was accidentally drowned. His body was never found.

[The above history comes from Millville Memories: a History of Millville, Utah, from 1860 to 1990, Cache County Historic and Preservation Commission, 1990]

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Olive Chase (1846-1913)

Olive Chase was the third child born to Eli Chase and Olive Hills. She was born 18 July 1846 at Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa, just one month after her parents and grandparents arrived there from the Nauvoo exodus. Two weeks later, the family moved south to what is now Fremont county where they spent the winter. After two more winters spent closer to Council Bluffs, the Chase family began the long trek west.

Olive arrived in Great Salt Lake 25 August 1849 at the age of three. The family bought a little adobe house in Salt Lake, but her father died 18 months later leaving four young children. Her mother remarried the next year and they moved to Ogden.

At the age of fifteen, Olive married Ammon Pitkin (19 January 1861) and settled in Millville, Utah. Olive and Ammon had twelve children, three of whom died as infants. Olive filed for a divorce in 1887. On 26 April 1892, she married Joseph Henrie and moved to Rockland, Idaho. When Henrie died, she moved to Preston, Idaho where she lived with her son, Eli Henrie.

Olive died 26 August 1913 in Logan, Utah. She was buried in the Millville Cemetery.

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The Children

  1. Laura Ellen Pitkin (1862-1914) md. Brigham Spackman
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  3. Rosabell Pitkin (1863-1940) md. Robert Crookston, Jr.
  4. Carlton Pitkin (1865-1920)
  5. Evaline Pitkin (1866-1867)
  6. Harriet Vilate (1868-1886)
  7. Olive Ann Pitkin (1871-1883)
  8. Amanda Pitkin (1872-1906) md. Ephriam Ricks
  9. Edith Pitkin (1874-1927) md. Simon Furgason
  10. Ammon Edmund Pitkin (1876-1935) md. Mittie Rachel Morgan
  11. Maria Lucinda (1878-1879)
  12. Eunice Pitkin (1879-1879)
  13. Alma Pitkin (1880-1919) md. Eva Stark and Mary Elizabeth Wilson