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There are only two lasting bequests
we can give our children - one is roots,
the other, wings.

In all of us there is a hunger,
marrow deep, to know our heritage-
to know who we are and where we
came from. Without this enriching
knowledge, there is a hollow yearning.
No matter what our attainments in life,
there is still a vacuum, an emptiness,
and the most disquieting loneliness.
Alex Haley

The ascendant hand is what I feel
most strongly; I am bound in and in
with my forbears . . . We are all nobly
born; fortunate those who know it;
blessed those who remember.
Robert Louis Stevenson

When a society or a civilization
perishes, one condition can always be
found. They forgot where they came
Carl Sandburg

People who grow up without a
sense of how yesterday has affected
today are unlikely to have a strong sense
of how today affects tomorrow.
Lynne V. Cheney

If a man cares not for his roots,
how then can he care for his branches.
Doyle M. Davis

The farther backward you look,
the farther ahead you can see.
Winston Churchill

People will not look forward to
posterity who never look backward to
their ancestors.
Edmund Burke

Good men must die, but death,
cannot kill their names.

What is research but a blind date
with knowledge?
Will Henry

We shape our lives not by what
we carry with us, but by what we leave

To live in hearts we leave behind,
Is not to die.
Thomas Campbell

If you want a place in the sun,
you must leave the shade of the family
Osage saying