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Kim's Feelings on the Census

Okay, I admit it, I am a censusaholic.  It amazes me beyond belief that we can see a snapshot of a family on a particular day in time over 100 years ago.  We can see who is living in the home, where they work, if they go to school, where their parents are from, etc.  I have found so many links and connections that have opened doors to entire branches of our family trees by looking through the census forms.  That is why I am passing on the ones we have discovered.

As you look through these, keep in mind that some errors do occur, so these are not infallible.  You will especially find discrepencies in the way that names are spelled.  This happened when the census taker wrote down what he heard.  When you take into account foreign accents and mediocre literary skills, you become more understanding of human error.

Feel free to use any of these for your research.  I have the ED and page number on them so you can verify them.  I have also included an image number on many.  This is for those who have a census subscription to