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Eighteenth South Carolina Infantry
Company D

This company was comprised mostly of men from Anderson and Pickens County, SC.

Bramlett, John W., Captain, retired 12/8/1863
Martin, Benjamin C., 2nd Lieut./Captain
Stone, John F., 1st Lt.
Moore, John A., 2nd Lt., dropped 5/5/1862
Bryant, John G., Sergeant/2nd Lt., died 7/30/1864 Crater
King, Drury E., 1st Sergt./2nd Lt., paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Sherman, Avery E., Private/Sergeant
Bryant, Burt R., Corporal/Sergeant
Bryant, William, Private/Sergeant
Clardy, J.F., Private/Sergant
Spearman, John W., Private/Corporal, KIA 5/20/1864 Clay's Farm
King, Jasper, Private/Corporal

Adcock, John Riley, Private
Allen, Bussell G., Private, DOD2/15/1862
Allen, J.F., Private
Allen, Martin P., Private
Allen, J.D., Private
Allen, J.F., Private
Allen, Martin P., Private
Bagwell, J.J., Private
Bagwell, John, Private
Barkley, E.H., Private
Barkley, G.B., Private
Barkley, M.V., Private
Barr, Harrison H.,Private
Barr, John M., Private
Bryant, Jacob M., Private
Bryant, S.G., Private
Bryant, William N., Sergeant, DIP 1/29/1865 Elmira
Bagwell, J.J., Private
Barley, M.V., Private
Berley, G.R., Private
Barr, Leroy, Private, DOD 7/16/1862 Charleston
Barr Harrison H., Private, DOD 7/12/1862 Charleston
Black, James H., Private
Blake, K.H., Private
Browning, James K., Private, POW captured 4/1/1865 Five Forks
Browning, John, Private, POW captured 4/1/1865 Five Forks
Bryant, Burt R., Sergeant
Bryant, Hardy, Private
Bryant, Jacob M., Private
Bryant, Kirksey N., Private
Bryant, Needam K., Private
Bryant, Simon I., Private
Bryant, W.T., Private
Bryant, William J., Private
Burgess, Samuel W., Private
Cartee, Gilson J., Private
Cartee, James William, Private
Cartee, John W., Private
Cartee, Joseph G., Private
Cartee, S.S.,  Private
Cartee, T.S., Private
Cartee, William J., Private
Carter, Jipson G., Private
Carter, John, Private
Carter, J.G., Private
Carter, S.S., Private
Carter, Thomas S., Private
Carter, William James, Private
Chisholm, John, Private
Clardy, J.F., Sergeant
Clardy, James, Private
Clardy, L.G., Private DOD 7/1/1864 Richmond VA
Cox, J.A., Private
Cox, E.A., Private, DOW 9/13/1862 Culpeper VA, buried Manassas Cemetery
Croft, Frederick, Private, KIA 7/2/1864 Petersburg
Croft, William G., Private
Darr, George W., Private
Darr, Paul H., Private
Daugherty, P., Private
Davis, Martin, Private
Dean, John N., Private, DOD
Dickerson, Michael A., Private
Dickerson, William M., Private, DIP 12/18/1864 Elmira
Dorr, George W., Private
Dorr, Paul H., Private, DOD 7/26/1962 Charleston
Durham, Ezekiel A., Private
Durham, Moses A., Private, DOD  6/14/1862 Charleston
Durham, Samuel A., Private
Eleva, W.D., Corporal, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Ellison, A.M., Private
Ellison, Greenbury, Private
Ellison, Joel, Private
Elrod, A.W., Private
Elrod, Adam F., Private
Elrod, Adam S., Private
Elrod, Benjamin D., Private
Elrod, David D., Private
Elrod, Everest, Private
Elrod, Elijah B., Corporal, DOD 7/22/1862  Charleston
Elrod, Everett V., Private
Elrod, Franklin S., Private
Elrod, G.W., Private
Elrod, Isaac M., Private, DOD 7/12/1862 Charleston
Elrod, Samuel F., Private
Elrod, Seander S., Corporal, DOD2/11/1862 Charleston
Elrod, Thomas H., Private, DOD 10/15/1862 Winchester
Elrod, William B., Private
Elrod, W.D., Corporal
Estes, A.C., Private, DOD 8/6/1864 Richmond VA
Estes, J.J., Private, DOW 5/21/1864 Virginia
Estes, Larkin, Private
Farmer, James R., Private, KIA 7/30/1864 Crater
Fleming, R.J., Private
Forester, Alexander A., Private
Forester, Ransom, Private
Forrester, Alexander A., Private
Fortune, Simon B., Private
Foster, Alexander A., Private
Foster, Ransom, Private
Gambrell, James H., Private, DOD 6/11/1862 Charleston
Gambrell, James Madden, Private
Garrett, William C., Private
Garrett, William B., Private, DOW 10/15/1864 Baltimore, MD, Buried Confederate Hill
Gibbs, Miles C., Private
Gillespie, Jeremiah, Private,POW captured 4/1/1865 Five Forks
Gillespie, M.J., Private
Gillespie, Paul C., Private
Glaspy, J.M., Private
Glaspy, Paul C., Private
Glaspy, W.P., Private
Hagans, M.T., Private
Hallams, Thomas J., Private
Hambly, B.F., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Hamby, Richard F., Private
Hawkins, Isaac, Private, KIA 7/11/1863 Jackson MS
Hogans, Miles T., Private
Holland, Alfred Berry, Private/Corporal
Holland, Allen P., Private
Howard, George J., Private
Howard, Isham, Private
Howard, John M., Private
Jones, Harrison, Private
Jones, Samuel N., Private
Kannamore, Jacob, Private
Kelly, George W., Private
Kelly, D.C., Private
Kelly, W.J., Private
Kelly, Joseph C., Private, DODWilmington NC
Kelly, W.J., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Kennemore, Jacob, Private
Kennemore, Moses, Private, DOD 9/30/1864 Elmira
King, Drury E., 2nd Lieut.
King, Jasper, Corporal
Martin,Benjamin C., Captain
Martin, C.M., Private, DOD 2/3/1862 Charleston
Martin, Chesley N., Private
Martin, E.R., Private
Martin, J.C., Private, POW
Martin, J.K., Private, POW captured 4/1/1865 Five Forks
Martin, J.R., Private
Martin, Robert P., Private
Martin, Thomas, Private
Martin, William A., Private
Mayfield, Bird S., Sergeant/Private
McKinney, Henry C., Private
Moore, E.B., Private, DOD 12/5/1862 Goldsboro NC
Moore, Elijah R., Private, DOW 6/12/1864 Richmond VA
Moore, J.A., Private
Moore, John A., Bvt 2nd Lieut
Moore, Thomas, O., Private
Moore, W.J., Private
Mullkin, Benjamin M., Private, DOW 8/27/1862 Rappahannock Station
Murphy, Ezekiel A., Private, DOD 1/29/1862 Charleston
Murphy, Willaim S., Private
Oldham, Thomas, Private
Owen, Andrew, Private
Owen, J.W., Private
Owings, Johnathan, Private
Owings, T.A., Private
Phillips, F.M., Private
Porterfield, Patrick H., Private
Roland, Jerimiah M., Private
Saterfield, E.A., Private
Shearer, J.M., 2nd Lieut.
Shearly, Shearman A., Private
Sheppard, Henry, Private
Sheriff, Annett, Private
Sheriff, William M., Private
Sherman, Avery E., Sergt.
Shillinglaw, W.A., Private
Slater, J.C., Private, DOD 9/10/1864 Columbus GA
Smith, Charles W., Private
Smith, G.W., Private
Smith, E.R., Private
Smith, George W., Private
Smith, John, Private
Smith, W.B., Private
Smith, W.M., Private
Spearman, Benjamin J., Private, KIA 3/18/1864
Spearman, David D., Private, DOW 6/9/1864
Spearman, John W., Private
Spence, Henry T., Private
Spence, Hugh G., Private
Spence, Robert, Private
Stone, John F., 1st Lieut.
Stone, JohnT., Private
Stone, Waddy T., Private, KIA 8/27/1862 Rappahannock
Thompson, John J., Private
Tims, J.T., Private
Tims, H.M., Private, died 2/28/1864 Richmond VA
Watson, S.M., Private, POW Hart's Island
Welborn, James, Private
Welborn, William M., Private
Wigington, John E., Private,  DOD 10/15/1862 Winchester
Williamson, James B., Private
Wilson, James F., Private, wounded 5/22/1864, DOW 5/26/1864 Petersburg
Wilson, T.F., Private, KIA 5/201864 Clay's Farm