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Just in Time for Halloween: Ancient Chute Burial Ground The Lionel Chute Pedigree Scroll & the Bethersden Chute Heraldic Roll Comments on Their Accuracy And Relative Antiquity

It seems that every haunted house - on film, on television, in "The Scariest Places on Earth" - ends up being haunted because it was built right on top of "ancient Indian burial ground" - to which the deceased typically take offense. But what happens if you build right on top of Ancient Chute Burial Ground? In researching the history of Deacon James Chute, it seems that the folks in Madison, Indiana decided to build the John Paul Park where the "Old Third Street Cemetery" was located. And, rather than digging everyone up, they just moved the headstones to the Springdale Cemetery and left the remains where they were. Somewhere in the process, they lost James' headstone - along with that of his granddaughter, Elizabeth Hale. So, it appears that residents are enjoying the park ... possibly unaware that they're on top of a cemetery, minus its headstones. Hmmm. Wonder if anyone has been conked in the head by a haunted frisbee?

Steve Chute has compared the descriptions of both the Bethersden Chute Heraldic Roll and the scroll that Lionel Chute, Jr. was reported to have brought with him to Ipswich, Massachusetts. His findings can be found here, and a link to it can also be found in the Chute Family Research page. Any comments or questions are welcome. Thanks, Steve!

Chutes and Morrises! Tenuous Connection Between Nathaniel Chute, son of Lionel, and Philip of Appledore

The Chutes and Morrises is a rhyme that originated in Kerry as an amusing tribute to the young women of both the Chute and the Morris families and their suitors. It was quoted in an article on the Morris family written for "The Genealogical Magazine" in 1904; the author is quoting Mary Agnes Hickson, an often quoted Kerry historian, writing sketches for "Kerry Politics and Society in Bygone Days".

See Chutes and Morrises.

A very tenuous connection between a "Captain Nathaniel Chute" and Philip of Appledore via his daughter Ann/Anna Chute/Choute and her husband Sir Walter Waller, cropped up while verifying the background of Nathaniel Chute, son of Lionel Chute, Jr. Are there two - or even three - Captain Nathaniel Chute's, or is there a connection between the two families we hadn't found yet? Details of the research can be found in the Notes of Nathaniel Chute, son of Lionel Chute, Jr. and in the Notes of Sir Hardress Waller, great-grandson of Philip Chute of Appledore. You be the judge.
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"I am writing on behalf of Leonard Everett Blue. Lenny is interested in contacting his cousins Diane and Cheryl. Can you please let me know how I can assist him in that task? Thank you. Linda Weiner". If anyone knows Diane or Cheryl Blue, please let us know - we will put you in touch with Linda. The same request has also been added to the Missing Chutes and UFO's page.

  • An article on The Two Wives of Lionel Chute, published by William Wyman Fiske for NEHGS in their quarterly journal in April of 2009. Response and reactions from Chute family genealogists followed soon thereafter. Again, all Chute family members are encouraged to read and respond. Many of us have seen the record of Lionel marrying Thomasine Barker on the Family website, and generally assumed that Thomasine and Rose Barker were in fact the same person. Do you think author is correct and Thomasine and Rose were in fact two different people?
  • Francis Chute's "The Chutes of the Vyne" is available for purchase from the Woodfield Publishing Company, which does ship to the United States.
  • "Captain Philip Chute: Pirate?
  • Why did the Chutes leave Taunton?
  • Philip Chute's Act of Valor at the Siege of Boulogne
  • Chute-Keck-Tracy Connection.
  • Daisy Chute's Official Website
  • Lionel's Father Was Not Anthony: Part 2, Lionel Chute, 2009
  • Chutes to Sweep the Harvard Crimson Tide: 2009-2010: Not one, but two very talented Chutes are now members of the top 10 ranked Harvard University's Crimson Tide Women's Ice Hockey team, which will begin its playing season in October of 2009. On the left: #15- Katharine Chute. On the right: #7- Margaret Chute, sister of Katharine. Both are daughters of Edmund Phelps Chute of the Minnesota Chutes; brother Donald Chute is right behind them, also playing forward for The Blake School, where Katharine and Margaret attended prior to Harvard. All three are among the sixteen grandchildren of Frederick Hawley Chute.
  • Allen Rae Chute's New Book is available on We wanted to make sure you got the news that Allen Rae Chute has a new book available on Amazon: The Extraordinary Adventures of an Ordinary Man: One ordinary man's 25 year odyssey as a police officer in America.
  • Invitation from Daisy Chute to View Her Latest Video, "Something Cool"
  • Suffolk Chute History Revisited
  • The Vyne, formerly home of the Chute Family, Hampshire, Great Britain
  • Janet Chute: "Chute's Western Herald
  • Lionel Chute's Research on Arthur Chute
  • Anthony Chute's "Beawtie dishonored"
  • Steve Chute on Crispe-Atsea-Say-Sele ... and Charles Chute
  • Roses for New England: A Guide to Sustainable Rose Gardening, written by Michael ("Mike") and Angelina Chute
  • Yet another Chute daughter is famous for her sports prowess. That would be Valerie Nainima, daughter of Betty Chute Nainima of Fiji. Now playing for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks, the school paper reports, "Valerie played for the Fijian National Team and the U-20 team ... averaged 23 points, five rebounds, four steals and three assists at the 2005 South Pacific Mini Games, helping her team to the gold medal ... Led Fiji to a gold medal at the 2007 South Pacific Games, averaging 25.7 points per game."

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