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  1. THE BOOK COVER: - Born with an insatiable curiosity, but as with most, the exploration of life had to be set aside. I became embroiled in the day to day struggles to build a career and provide for the needs of my own family. Now my children are all grown and gone, I am retired, and free to know for the sake of knowing. To do those things that I dreamed of as a boy. The flames of curiosity still burns brightly.
  2. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: - I begin this study with those things I can remember from my childhood on to this very day. I have divided my memories into three parts as follows:
    • DINOSAUR EGGS HATCHED: - All those things I can remember about my first 20 years of life, up to leaving the nest when I was drafted into the United States Army in 1953.
      • Part I - Born in Indian Territory, the great state of Oklahoma, from birth to age seven:
      • Part II - World War II and life in San Antonio, age seven to age 14:
      • Part III - Life in Washington DC, age 14 to entering the US Army in the fall of 1953:
      My life on my own as a bachelor from entering the army until I married in December, 1965.
    • A MONSTER IS CREATED: - Married life, career development, retirement, and life in general turns a shy little dinosaur into a monster. No more Mr. Nice Guy!
  3. FAMILY TRAILS: - I now move into the past. This begins the stories written by my ancestors and includes both my mother's side and my father's side.
    • STARSHIPS: - A physics adventure.
    • ECOLOGY: - Saving our earth!!
    • CHTANK.ORG: - Projects dedicated to Education, Remediation of the Environment, producing Renewable Energy, and to cost effective Conservation of the Earth's Natural Resources.
      • SEProjects An introduction to Sustainability Engineered Projects are effort to provide alternatives to the high cost fossil fuels that pollute the atmosphere, water, and earth and to fight global warming.
      • CHAPS-SEProject Combined Heat And Power System - Sustainability Engineered Project.
      • MESS-SEProject My Earthbound Space Station - Sustainability Engineered Project.
      • APIX-SEProject Agro-Polymer Industry Complex - Sustainability Engineered Project.
      • HARP-SEProject Houston Area Recycling Proposal - Sustainability Engineered Project.
      • PAL-SEProject Projects Available for Learning - Sustainability Engineered Projects to teach sustainability to school aged children.
        • ULTIMATE LAWNMOWER Build a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Lawnmower.
        • BIO DIGESTION Making Natural Gas in your septic tank.
        • FAST Using Fuel Alcohol Still Technology
        • CHP A simple Combined Heat/Power unit for home heating and electric power.
        • SYNGAS Using steam Reformation to convert solid waste into fuel gases.
  5. ALIEN REPORTS: - science FACTION novel in very early stages.
  6. JEAN'S JUNGLE: - My wife's web pages.
  7. DEEPSPACE: - A clean, wholesome family and handicap accessible irc network.
  8. Don Wood and family

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