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Family Names

Christie - Scotland>Grenville Co. Ontario>Monona & Sac & Crawford Co, IA>Sherbourne Co, NE>Montrose Co, Colorado, Texas, California, Washington (1774 to 1918); includes surnames: Rose, Rossiter, Jackson, Nydahl, Morris, Kuykendall, Van Rossum, Brown, Merritt, Wellman, Baker, Hopkins, Bieri, Bennett, Scott, Robbins, Park, Gage, Jansen, Cook

Dunham - Martha's Vinyard, MA>Illinois>Jackson & Crawford Co, IA (1800 to early 1900s); includes surnames Richardson, Smith, Chapman, Scott, Miller, Brink, Sowders, Miller, Rowe, Heuie, Blake, Fink, McKenzie, Hulce, Rowe, Courtright, Kremer, Kerscher, Lane

Grant - Scotland/Grenville Co. Ontario (1770s to mid 1800s); includes Christie, Gray

Rose - Scotland/Grenville Co. Ontario (1770s to mid 1800s); includes Rossiter, Christie, Jackson

Janzen - Prussia>S. Russia>Kansas & Oklahoma>Montana>California (1680s to 1920s); includes surnames: Nickel, Born, Wall. Unlisted surnames are Theissen, Claussen, Pankrantz, Buller, Abrahams,Lohrenz, Kleinsasser

Vaughan - W.Virigina>Barron Co, Kentucky>Polk, Dallas & Jasper Co, Missouri>King Co, Washington (late 1700s to early 1900s) ; includes surnames: Pare, Wetherel, Dillion, Dixon, Hovey, Lightfoot

Moon - England/N. Carolina/Orange Co, Indiana/Marion & Lucas Co, IA/California (1700s to early 1900s); includes surnames: Rooker, Lemar. Unlisted surnames are: Wilson, Templeton

Wetherell - New York>Wisconsin>Missouri>Kansas,Washington (early 1800s to early 1900s);
includes surnames Brooks, Bistline, Dixon, Jenkins


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