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St Kew

Bishop's Transcriptions


1677 - 1730

Christine Parker



Surname Forename Year Day & Month Abode Register Notes Register Notes
?vyne Joan 1696 29-Jan   ano p dict ano p dict
Aire Phillip 1717 25-Feb      
Aley Nathaniell 1723 19-Jan      
Andrew Johannes 1677 27-Feb Trethevan    
Andrew  James 1730 24-Sep      
Andrews John 1718 9-Apr      
Archer Mrs Dorothy 1700 3-Nov      
Archer William 1717 22-Jan      
Archer George 1730 9-Jan      
Auguine John 1725 14-Dec      
Babb Thomas 1719 21-Mar      
Ballamy Mr John 1702 July      
Batty Mary 1713 3-May      
Bennett George 1683 9-Feb      
Bennett William 1715 15-May      
Bennett William 1715 24-May      
Bishop John 1725 1-Apr      
Blake John 1684 26-Dec   Gent Gent
Blake Abigail 1705 28-Mar      
Blake Richard 1716 14-Oct      
Bond Thomas 1700 10-Nov   A traveller A traveller
Branch John 1724 20-Oct   Son of Richard Branch Son of Richard Branch
Brown John 1701 16-May   Son of William Brown,Tayl Son of William Brown,Tayl
Brown William 1701 7-Nov   Son of Ralph Brown Son of Ralph Brown
Brown Susanna 1713 5-Jul      
Brown Susanna 1715 10-May      
Brown Moses 1719 2-Apr      
Brown Ralph 1719 27-Jul      
Burden Jana 1677 29-Apr      
Burden Jana 1677 1-Nov      
Burdon Anne? 1683 28-Jun      
Burton Mary 1715 23-Oct      
Burton Robert 1718 13-Feb      
Burton Sarah 1723 3-Dec      
Burton Phebe 1724 24-Feb      
Buscombe Susan 1727 2-Jan      
Button Phillippa 1702 10-Jan      
C???? Edward 1684 28-Jan      
Callaway Ann 1700 11-Sep   Dau of Richard Callaway Dau of Richard Callaway
Callaway Joan 1713 3-May      
Can Honora 1677 14-Mar   Wife of Digorii Can Wife of Digorii Can
Can Phillip 1683 21-Apr   The son of Thomas Can The son of Thomas Can
Can  Margery 1717 20-Mar      
Cann John 1698 26-Sep   anno p dicto anno p dicto
Cann John 1698 16-Nov   Excom:was interred 16 Nov Excom:was interred 16 Nov
Cann Grace 1700 23-Apr      
Cann Mary 1716 10-Jun      
Cann Thomasin  1726 17-Aug      
Carhart Elizabeth 1696 28-Jan      
Cassey Joseph 1727 9-May      
Causey John 1723 23-Jan   Son of John Causey Son of John Causey
Cerum? Elizabetha 1677 29-Apr      
Chalick John 1715 26-Nov      
Chapman Thomazine 1723 17-Apr      
Charlick Mary 1716 8-Feb      
Charlick Mary 1719 23-Jan      
Charlick Aradia 1726 19-Oct      
Cleave John 1696 27-Nov   ano p dict ano p dict
Cleave Richard 1702 Aug last   Son of John Cleave Son of John Cleave
Cleave Elizabeth 1718 21-Sep      
Cleave John 1725 6-Dec      
Cleave Thomas 1726 7-Aug      
Cleave Susan 1730 4-Jul      
Cleave Mary 1730 23-Feb      
Clemence Thomas 1677 25-Mar Brighter?    
Clemence Phillippa 1677 2-May   Wife of Jacobi Clemence Wife of Jacobi Clemence
Clemence Richardus 1677 30-Oct   Son of Jacobi Clemence Son of Jacobi Clemence
Clemence Johannes 1677 4-Mar   Son of Jacobi Clemence Son of Jacobi Clemence
Clemence Susanna 1677 8-Mar   Dau of Waltori Clemence Dau of Waltori Clemence
Clemence Susan 1683 5-Aug   Widow Widow
Clemence Walter 1684 23-Feb      
Clemence James 1702 30-Jan      
Clemence John 1725 4-Nov      
Clemence Mary 1727 3-Sep      
Clemence William 1727 12-Nov   Son of Rich Clemence Son of Rich Clemence
Clement James 1696 11-Sep   ano p dicto ano p dicto
Cock Chessen 1716 12-Nov      
Colliver Thomas 1700 13-Jul   Son of Thomas Colliver Son of Thomas Colliver
Colliver Thomas 1728 25-Mar   The two last were registered in ye old year by mistake The two last were registered in ye old year by mistake
Colmer Richard 1700 Oct last      
Colmer Ruth 1702 8-Apr      
Couch Robertus 1677 2-Jan      
Couch Susanna 1698 10-Nov   anno p dicto anno p dicto
Couch Elizabeth 1701 28-Jun      
Couch Nicholas 1715 3-Dec      
Couch Martha 1718 24-Mar      
Craddock Francis 1716 24-Apr      
Cradock Ursula 1715 25-Mar      
Cradock Elizabeth 1727 28-Apr      
Crume Richard 1717 22-Nov      
Cutlip Richard 1723 April last   Son of Richard Cultip Son of Richard Cultip
Cutlip Mary 1726 19-Jun      
Dan(kester?) Edward 1683 21-Jan      
Dancaster Elizabeth 1727 21-Dec      
Dancaster Thomas 1728 11-Mar      
Davy Elizabeth 1705 18-Nov      
Davy Elizabeth 1713 2-Sep      
Davy Robert 1713 29-Dec   Son of George Davy Son of George Davy
Dingey Susanna 1718 11-Jan      
Dorothea? Domina 1677 14-Apr      
Downing John 1702 6-Dec   Son of John Downing Son of John Downing
Downing Faith 1705 3-Apr      
Downing Dorothy 1730 11-May      
Drake Humphrey 1718 28-Jan      
Drake   Elizabeth 1718 18-Jan      
Drakes Joseph 1705 12-Aug      
Drakes Constance 1713 11-Mar      
Drakes Elizabeth 1723 17-Nov      
Dyer Peternell 1715 25-May      
Edwards Willimus 1677 30-Nov   Son of Willimi Edwards Son of Willimi Edwards
Elery Elizabeth 1718 28-Dec      
Ellett William 1716 24-Jan      
Ellory Richard 1684 8-Feb      
Ellot William 1705 1-Oct      
Ellot Bridget 1713 15-Jun      
Ford Anne  1700 11-Apr      
Frand Thomas 1716 5-Dec      
Frand Katherine 1716 11-Jan      
Fraud Thomas 1713 6-Sep      
Froad John 1684 2-Oct      
Froud Frances 1715 10-Jan      
Garland Humphrey 1705 2-Sep      
Giles Love 1717 26-Nov      
Goodall Clare 1698 9-Jul   anno p dicto anno p dicto
Gorge Wm 1725 20-Jun      
Grey Thomas 1702 May last      
Haley? Elizabeth 1726 29-Apr      
Hall John 1700 28-Oct   A travelling soldier A travelling soldier
Hambly Alice 1700 14-Feb      
Hambly John 1713 29-Mar      
Hambly Dorethy 1717 26-Apr      
Hambly Lucy 1717 14-Mar      
Hambly William 1723 10-Mar      
Hamley Richard 1726 13-Nov      
Harns Joseph 1724 1-May      
Harper A??? 1683 9-Jun      
Harper Thomas 1705 21-Feb      
Harris Johannes 1677 19-Aug Trethevan    
Harris Emmanuell 1683 15-Jan      
Harris Dorothy 1683 10-Feb   Wid Wid
Harry William 1684 15-Feb   The son of William Harry The son of William Harry
Harry Elizabeth 1702 6-Apr      
Harry Richard 1719 March last      
Harry Richard 1719 16-Sep      
Harry Steven 1719 28-Nov      
Harry John 1724 11-Nov      
Harry Dorothy 1727 2-Dec      
Harry Diana 1728 21-Mar   Dau of John Harry Dau of John Harry
Harry John 1730 14-Jul      
Harvey Henry 1702 10-Apr      
Heathman John 1702 30-Sep      
Heathman John 1702 2-Mar   Son of Tho Heathman Son of Tho Heathman
Heathman Joan 1705 19-Apr      
Heathman Bartholemew 1705 18-May      
Heathman Thomas 1716 10-Oct      
Helborn Jane 1717 4-Apr      
Hellbourn Jane 1728 3-Feb      
Hellburn John 1726 11-Dec      
Hickes Philippa 1724 4-Jan      
Hicks John 1702 3-Mar      
Hicks Samuell 1715 15-May      
Hicks John 1715 9-Oct      
Higgs Elizabeth 1724 23-Apr      
Higgs Triscett? 1728 21-Jan      
Higgs Mary 1730 23-Aug      
Hocken William 1724 29-Mar      
Hockin Charity 1702 4-May      
Hockin James 1713 29-Nov      
Hockin Peter   1717 7-Apr      
Holman Ann 1719 26-Mar      
Hutton Thomas 1684 31-May   The son of Thomas --  
Hutchens John 1725 28-Oct      
Inch Willimus 1677 17-Jan      
Inch Joyes 1684 31-Oct   Widdow Widdow
Inch Ann   1696 10-Nov   Dau of John & Mary Dau of John & Mary
Inch Jacquet 1698 17-Jan   anno p dicto anno p dicto
Inch Anne 1701 1(3?)April   Dau of John Inch Dau of John Inch
Inch Jacquet 1701 20-Jun   Dau of John Inch Dau of John Inch
Inch Phillip 1705 25-Dec      
Inch John 1714 19-Jun      
Inch Mrs Julian 1716 24-Apr      
Inch Joan 1725 17-Aug      
Inch Mary 1726 13-Jun      
Inch Katherine 1727 2-Dec      
Ivey Edward 1702 24-Jul      
Jacob Mary 1715 30-Dec      
Jacob Benjamin 1718 26-May      
Jacob John 1719 28-May      
Jefferry Grace 1683 17-Mar   The wife of Anthony Jefferry,presumed burial? The wife of Anthony Jefferry,presumed burial?
Jefferry Avis 1684 16-Feb   Widdow Widdow
Jeffery Katherine 1683 30-Jan      
Jeffery Katherine 1684 21-Oct      
Jeffery Mary 1702 30-Mar      
Jeffery Steven 1702 July last   Son of Will Jeffery Son of Will Jeffery
Jeffery Anthony 1713 18-Feb      
Jeffery Grace 1716 15-Apr      
Jeffery Joan 1716 2-Jun      
Jeffery Frances 1717 30-Apr      
Johns? Joseph 1725 6-Jul      
Jones William 1727 14-May      
Jones Susannah 1727 19-Dec      
Keast Digory 1726 3-Jun      
Kellow Joan 1696 1-Apr   The wife of Degory Kellow The wife of Degory Kellow
Kendall Robert 1683 18-Jul      
Kendall Margery 1700 25-Feb      
Kendall James 1727 12-Dec      
Keslake  Richard 1683 24-Jul   Son of John Keslake Son of John Keslake
Keslake  Honour 1684 1-Oct   Th dau of John Keslake Th dau of John Keslake
Kesleik Jane 1698 9-Jun   anno p dicto anno p dicto
Kesleik John 1698 10-Jul   anno p dicto anno p dicto
Keslick Edward 1727 23-Feb      
Kneebone Jane 1684 5-Oct      
Kneebone Humphrey 1696 7-Aug   ano p dicto ano p dicto
Knight John 1701 17-Jul   Son of David Knight Son of David Knight
Knight Maud 1714 18-May      
Knight David 1723 3-Sep      
Knight Eliza  1725 4-May      
Knight Joan 1727 19-Nov      
Lander Mary 1727 7-Aug      
Lander Elizabeth 1730 16-Mar      
Lang Katherine 1702 15-Jun      
Langdon Joan 1725 29-Dec      
Lark Susanna 1723 19-Jan      
Lark   John 1698 19-Apr   The son of John Lark The son of John Lark
Larke Mary 1696 22-Feb   ano p dicto ano p dicto
Lob  Mary 1728 13-Oct      
Lobb James 1727 19-Oct      
Long John 1719 3-Jul      
Longden Anne 1727 19-Jan   Base dau of Eleanor Longden Base dau of Eleanor Longden
Lucas Honor 1700 19-Mar   Dau of Gideon Lucas Dau of Gideon Lucas
Lucas Grace 1730 16-Feb      
Lukey Gideon 1728 25-Mar   The two last were registered in ye old year by mistake The two last were registered in ye old year by mistake
Lynam John 1715 16-Jan      
Lynam Honour 1728 13-Jan      
Main Susanna 1696 22-May   Dau of Constantine Main Dau of Constantine Main
Maine Constantine 1696 13-Nov      
Mallet Grace 1719 18-Oct      
Mark(e or o) Joan 1684 7-Jun   Wid Wid
Martiall Nicholas 1702 Aug   Son of Nicholas Martiall Son of Nicholas Martiall
Martin Elizabeth 1723 16-Aug      
Martyn Mary 1717 28-Jun      
Martyn Jane 1717 11-Nov      
Martyn Agnes 1724 17-Mar      
Mathew Joam? 1677 23-Mar      
Mathew Beatrix 1698 23-Jan   anno p dicto anno p dicto
Mathew John 1701 3-Mar   Gent Gent
Mathew Humphrey 1705 16-Jun      
Mathew Mr Samuell 1713 24-Apr      
Mathews Jane 1724 15-Mar      
May Dorethy 1705 26-Apr      
May Phillip 1713 30-Nov      
May Wellthon 1726 26-Nov      
Mayre Anne 1728 25-Feb      
Meadon  Oliver 1725 22-Aug      
Meadon or Meagon Mary 1723 21-Apr      
Mey Alicia 1677 30-Jun   Wife of Nicholce Mey Wife of Nicholce Mey
Michaell? Richard 1683 19-Mar      
Mill Katherine 1698 30-Jan      
Mill Thomas 1715 16-Nov      
Mill Thomazine 1723 2-Feb   Widow Widow
Mitchell Abraham 1705 8-Jun      
Miter Henry 1727 12-Apr   Son of Robt Miter Son of Robt Miter
Moses John 1725 27-Oct      
Moses Gartrude 1725 23-Mar      
Moy Patience 1683 15-Feb      
Moyle Alice 1698 13-May   anno p dicto anno p dicto
Moyle Margaret 1701 7-Jan   Dau of Constantine Moyle Dau of Constantine Moyle
Moyle Constantine 1705 14-Nov      
Nation Elizabeth 1700 24-Sep   Dau of John Nation,Clerk Dau of John Nation,Clerk
Nation Mr John 1718 17-Sep      
Nation Mr John 1723 19-Jan   Clerk Clerk
Nicholls Mrs Mary 1723 21-Jan      
Oldver Jane 1715 19-Jan      
Oldver Mary 1717 27-Dec      
Oliver John 1696 3-Dec   Son of Robert Oliver Son of Robert Oliver
Oliver Elizabeth 1725 3-Oct      
Oliver James 1730 3-Jan      
Opy Richard 1719 23-Aug      
Packet Johannes 1677 21-Apr Tregellist Dau of Richardi Packet Dau of Richardi Packet
Packet Richard 1700 3-Aug   Son of Richard Packet Son of Richard Packet
Packet    Phillip 1684 24-Nov      
Packet al: Smith Elizabeth 1702 16-Sep      
Packet alias ? Katherine 1683 11-Mar   Alias is torn off.Wife of Richard,presumed burial? Alias is torn off.Wife of Richard,presumed burial?
Palmer Judoth 1683 15-Nov      
Palmer John 1684 21-Jul      
Paul Thomas 1684 21-Jan      
Pawley James 1715 2-Jun   Son of James Pawley Son of James Pawley
Pawley Mr James 1715 28-Dec      
Pawley Margeret 1719 1-Apr      
Pawley Mr James 1723 4-Nov      
Peak Mary 1705 3-Feb      
Peirce John 1719 22-Apr      
Peter Thomas 1727 29-Apr   Gent Gent
Philp Jane 1719 5-Jun      
Pierce Anne 1730 15-Apr      
Pierce Charles 1730 30-Apr      
Piho Anthony 1719 7-Sep      
Pinch Dorethy 1716 26-Apr      
Pinch John 1716 24-Nov   Son of John Pinch Son of John Pinch
Pinch Martha 1718 21-Feb      
Pinch Joseph 1718 23-Feb      
Pinch Joan 1723 28-Dec      
Pinch Grace 1724 23-Mar      
Pinch Aves 1725 26-Mar      
Pinch Mary 1725 10-Apr      
Pinch Bevres? 1726 9-Apr      
Pope Catherine 1684 14-Jul   Wid Wid
Pope Mary 1713 27-Jun      
Pope Joseph 1714 18-Aug      
Prophet Mary 1730 11-Oct      
Prophet John 1730 28-Dec      
Prout Joan 1705 18-Aug      
Randall William 1696 4-Feb   ano p dicto ano p dicto
Raw Johannes 1677 18-Apr Trelill    
Raw Johannes 1677 4-Aug Amble    
Rawe James 1724 29-Jan   Son of James Rawe Son of James Rawe
Riggs Jane 1700 16-Jul      
Riggs Phillippa 1713 12-Apr      
Riggs Charity 1726 8-Feb      
Rish Joan 1683 28-Jan   Dau of Nicholas Rish Dau of Nicholas Rish
Roe Thomas 1702 21-Jul      
Rogers Barbara 1677 Nov   Wife of Timothy Rogers Wife of Timothy Rogers
Rogers Temperance 1698 28-Mar      
Ronk Steven 1696 27-Mar      
Roskilly John 1715 12-Feb      
Roskilly Sarah 1718 8-Feb      
Roskilly Thomas 1726 12-Nov      
Roskilly Richard 1728 30-Sep      
Roskilly Elizabeth 1730 13-Apr      
Rowe Johannes 1677 1-May   Dau of Johannis Rowe Dau of Johannis Rowe
Rundle Mary 1701 8-Jun      
Rundle Margaret 1724 5-Jan      
Sampson Hugh 1719 15-Oct      
Sampson Mary 1730 15-Mar      
Savery Grace 1702 25-May   Dau of Will Savery Dau of Will Savery
Sawyer Hugo 1718 13-Jul      
Simons Mary 1698 1-Feb      
Smith Willimus 1677 25-Mar Trelill    
Smith Elizabetha 1677 6-May   Dauf of Willimi Smith Dauf of Willimi Smith
Smith Maria 1677 18-Jun   Dau of Henrici Smith Dau of Henrici Smith
Smith Henrici 1677 21-Jun   Son of Henrici Smith Son of Henrici Smith
Smith Jane 1698 31-Mar   anno p dicto anno p dicto
Smith Katherine 1700 18-Nov   Dau of Joseph Smith Dau of Joseph Smith
Smith John 1701 7-Jan      
Smith Mary 1705 18-Jun      
Smith Martha 1719 18-Dec      
Smith John 1723 2-Mar      
Smith al:Packett Clemence 1723 7-Mar      
Smith or Lynscut Henry 1702 14-Jun      
Smyth Gunnet? 1684 21-Apr      
Smyth Martha 1725 30-Apr      
Soby Grace 1683 24-Feb      
Soby John 1715 13-Feb      
Sprey Chrystopher 1698 24-Jan   anno p dicto anno p dicto
Stark Robert 1713 4-Apr      
Stephens Honour 1683 27-Dec Of Trelill    
Strout Reynold 1683 12-Feb      
Sweet Jane 1715 9-Dec      
Sweet Richard 1723 21-Jan      
Symond Nicholas 1723 19-Jan      
Symonds Richard 1730 5-Mar      
Symons Mr John 1728 4-Aug      
Tamblin Ann 1718 July last      
Thomas Katherine 1700 5-Jul   Dau of William Thomas Dau of William Thomas
Thomas Richard 1705 30-Oct      
Thomas John 1724 16-Mar      
Thomas Elizabeth 1727 3-Apr      
Thomas John 1727 7-Jun      
Tom William 1683 25-Dec   Son of William Tom Son of William Tom
Tom John 1718 15-Mar      
Tooker Mary 1713 13-Nov      
Tou?? Thomas 1725 20-Jan      
Tou?? Thomas 1725 3-Feb   Son of Thomas Tou?? Son of Thomas Tou??
Tredinnick Grace 1715 21-Dec      
Trefry Edward 1727 22-Jul      
Tregare John Mathew 1705 29-Jan      
Treis Sarah 1718 27-Mar      
Treleven Thomas 1677 11-Dec Trewethern    
Trodinnick William 1684 20-May      
Tucker Robert 1727 9-Jan      
Twitson Ebbot 1684 17-Feb      
Warren Mary 1701 20-Feb   Wife of Samuell Warren Wife of Samuell Warren
Warren Jane 1718 3-Jul      
Webber Mathew 1683 4-Jun Of Penpont Gent Gent
Webber Margaret 1683 16-Oct Of Chapple The wife of Richard Webber The wife of Richard Webber
Webber Martha 1684 28-Jun   Wid Wid
Webber Melony 1696 28-May   Dau of Thomas Webber Dau of Thomas Webber
Webber Thomas 1700 6-Feb      
Webber Grace 1702 2-Oct      
Webber Anne 1713 29-Apr      
Webber Thomas 1713 29-Jan      
Webber Jane 1715 28-Jun      
Webber John 1716 21-Apr      
Webber Nicholas 1718 1-Nov      
Webber James 1719 14-Dec      
Webber Mrs Mary 1719 Feb last      
Webber James 1723 17-Jul   Son of John Webber Son of John Webber
Webber Mr Richard 1723 28-Feb      
Webber John 1724 14-Jun      
Webber Mary 1724 1-Nov      
Webber John 1728 29-May   Clerk Clerk
Webber Grace 1730 8-Apr      
Wereck Thomas 1727 2-Dec      
Werry Grace 1727 9-Nov      
Whore Stephen 1725 4-Mar      
Wilcock Joan 1713 25-May      
Wilcock James 1715 10-Jul      
Williams Ursula 1701 1-Apr      
Williams John 1701 6-Apr      
Williams Darthel?y 1701 7-Jan   Dau of John Williams Dau of John Williams
Williams Elizabeth 1705 27-Sep      
Williams John 1717 8-Jan      
Williams Jane 1726 19-Oct      
Wills Ebbet 1705 26-Apr      
Wills Elizabeth 1715 8-Aug      
Wills Margery 1725 11-Dec      
Word Phillip 1723 5-Sep      
Worden Katherine 1700 1-Aug   Dau of Thomas Worden Dau of Thomas Worden
Worden Ruth 1716 14-Aug      
Worden Margery 1716 26-Sep      
Worden Rebecca 1717 12-May      
Worden Phillippa 1719 5-Sep      
Worden Margery 1724 21-Feb      
Worden Katherine 1725 13-Dec      
Worden John 1727 20-Jul   Son of Thomas Worden Son of Thomas Worden
Wordon Thomas 1683 11-Oct      
Wordon Mary 1684 19-Jun   The dau of Thomas Wordon The dau of Thomas Wordon
Yard John 1719 29-Sep      
Thomasine 1684 3-Apr   The wife of ripped The wife of ripped
Alexander 1684 20-Apr   The son of ---- page ripped The son of ---- page ripped
Sarah 1684 15-May   The wife of George --- page ripped The wife of George --- page ripped