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                                                                          St Kew Baptism's

                                                                                                 1786 - 1794

                                                                                        Transcribed by Christine Parker




Surname Forename Year Date Sex Father Fore Mother Fore Register Notes Trans Notes
? William 1790   Son Abraham Ann   ink faded
? Elizabeth 1792 25-Mar Dau John Ann    
? Gertrude 1792 May/June Dau John? Elizabeth?   Entry semi crossed out.barely visible
? John 1794 22-Jun Son Wi Eliz    
?estel Jenny Morrish 1791 22-Apr Dau Thomas Jane   couple more entries badly faded etc
Andrew William 1794 7-Sep Son William Honor    
Bate William 1787 22-Mar Son John Wealthin?    
Bate Mary 1790 26-Jul Dau John Wellhrin?    
Bate Thomas 1794 9-Nov Son John Welthin    
Beer William 1787 27-Jul Son Wm Jane    
Beer Ann 1788 21-Sep Dau Thomas Jane    
Beer Joseph 1794 Dec Son William Jane    
Best Elizabeth 1791 July Dau Thomas Jane    
Bishop Charles 1787 26-Jul Son Mark Mary    
Blake Jane 1788 6-Apr Dau David Mary    
Bligh Mary 1787 1-Jul Dau Thomas Mary    
Bligh John 1788 2? June Son Thomas Mary    
Bligh Charles 1790 Nov Son Thomas Mary    
Blight Joan 1793 21-Jul Dau Thomas Mary    
Bradden Sarah Phillis Clode 1791 June Dau Henry Sarah Privately  
Branch Mary 1787 Nov Dau John Jane    
Branch John 1787 25-Mar Son John Jane    
Bray Joseph 1788 16-Nov Son Nicholas Mary    
Bray Jenifer Miter 1790 19-Dec Dau Nicholas Mary    
Broad Mary 1787 1-Nov Dau William Mary    
Broad Johanna George 1788 6-Mar Dau William Mary    
Broad Robert 1788 13-Apr Son Charles Mary    
Broad William 1792 8-Jan Son William Mary    
Broad Richard 1792 July Son Charles Mary    
Broad Joseph 1794 9-Jun Son William Mary    
Brown Ann 1787 28-Dec Dau John Barbara    
Buscombe William Harry 1794 Sept Son William Jane    
Calloway Jane 1788 27-Dec Dau John Jane    
Calloway Mary 1791 25-Jul Dau John Jane    
Calloway Cordelia 1793 24-Dec Dau John Jane    
Carveth William 1787 16-Nov Son John Sarah    
Carveth Nicholas 1793 24-Dec Son John Sarah    
Chapman William 1788 24? Jan Son John Jenny    
Charlick Francis 1791 21-Aug Dau   Catherine? Base Child
Charlick? William 1791 21-Aug Son John ?    
Cleave John? 1787 27-Feb Son Thomas Rebeccah   page missing earlier
Cleave Jane 1788 27-Oct Dau Thomas Rebecca    
Cleave ? 1789 16-Mar   ? ?   Part of ruined page
Cleave Mary 1790 27-Jul Dau Thomas Rebecca    
Cleave Joan 1791 25-Jul Dau Robert Philippa    
Cleave Mary 1793 30-Jul Dau Thomas Rebecca    
Cock Edward 1791 13-Mar Son James Mary    
Cock Samuel 1793 Oct Son James Mary    
Colliver William 1787 22-Apr Son James Catherine    
Colliver John 1790 29-Aug Son James Catherine    
Cornish James 1787 9-Apr Son Richard Catherine    
Curgenven Thomas 1787 23-Sep Son John Ann    
Curgenven Ann 1787 26-Jun Dau John Ann    
Curgenven Rachel 1794 Dec Dau John Ann    
Derrant Catherine 1787 22-Jul Dau Harry Margaret    
Derry Anthony 1794 2-Nov Son William Ann    
Dustow   1792 7-Jan Son William Elizabeth    
Fradd Mary 1787 23-Apr Dau Richard Ann    
Fradd Susannah Moyle 1787 28-Sep Dau Richard Ann    
Fradd ? 1789 15-Mar   Richard Elizabeth   Part of ruined page
Fradd Alice 1791 13-Nov Dau Richard Ann    
Fradd Nancy? 1793 27-Dec Dau Richard Ann    
Goodman William 1789 1-Feb Son John Catherine    
Goodman Simion? 1791 13-Nov Son John Catherine    
Goodman Richard 1793 24-Nov Son Richard Mary    
Green ? 1793 17-Mar Dau John Rebecca   Page in very poor cond
Grose Jenny 1788 23-Apr Dau Thomas Jane    
Grose Mary 1788 17-Sep Dau Richard Elizabeth    
Grose Elizabeth 1790 Jan Dau Thomas Jenny    
Grose ? 1791 2-Feb Son Richard Elizabeth    
Grose Harriot 1791 Aug Dau Thomas Jane    
Grose ? 1793 26-Sep Dau Richard Eliz    
Harvey? Dorcas 1790 ? Dau Robert    Ann   ink faded
Hawk  Robert 1791 14-Dec Son Thomas Eleanor    
Hawke Thomas 1788 27-Jul Son Thomas Eleanor    
Hichens Mary 1790 26-Sep Dau John Elizabeth    
Hicks William 1792 25-Mar Son William Mary    
Higgs Jonathan 1787 Dec Son John Catherine    
Higgs Catherine 1788 28-Jul Dau John Catherine    
Higgs ? 1791 26-Aug Dau John Catherine    
Higgs William 1793 30-Jul Son John Catherine    
Higgs Christian 1794 Dec Dau John Catherine    
Hill James 1788 16-Nov Son William Elizabeth    
Hill George 1789 18-Jan Son Francis Elizabeth    
Hitchens Jennifer 1788 18-May Dau John Elizabeth    
Hocken Hannah 1791 3-Apr Dau Nicholas Ann    
Hocking John 1787 1-Jul Son John Jane    
Hockyn Jennifer 1790 26-Jul Dau John Jennifer    
Hosking John 1787 26-Jul Son Henry Onner    
Inch Thomas 1787 14-Oct Son William Goodman Mary Inch Base Child
Inch Charles 1789 2-Feb Son John Grace    
Inch John 1793 14-Jul Son John Grace    
Inch Sarah     1794 Nov Dau William Mary    
Jacobs Elizabeth 1794 20-Jul Dau Joseph Eliz    
Jones John Bravin 1791 25-Sep Son John Eliz    
Jones Elizabeth 1793 29-Dec Dau John Elizabeth    
Jory John 1791 Aug Son John Ann    
Jory Thomas 1792 June Son John Ann    
Karveth? ? 1791 30-Oct Dau   ?    
Kellow Elizabeth 1788 28-Jul Dau John Catherine    
Kellow Jennifer 1790 26-Dec Dau John Catherine    
Kellow Richard 1791 June Son Richard Ann    
Kent Elizabeth 1787 16-Aug Dau ? Elizabeth    
Kent Ann? 1787 Dec Dau Philip Dianah?   3 more entries ink badly faded
Kent John 1787 22-Jul Son William Elizabeth Privately.Twin.Joint entry with Mary
Kent Mary 1787 22-Jul Dau William Elizabeth Privately.Twin.Joint entry with John
Kent Jenifer 1787 12-Aug Dau Philip Diana     
Kent Catharine 1792 June Dau William Elizabeth    
Kent Philip 1794 2-Nov Son Philip Diana    
Lang John 1787 18-Nov Son Nathaniel Catharine    
Lang Ann? 1791 17-Apr Dau Nathaniel Catherine    
Luley ? 1787   ? Thomas Mary   Ruined part of page
Lynam Mary 1787 7-Dec Dau Richard Philippa Privately  
Lynam Mary Ann 1790 12-Dec Dau Richard Philippa    
Lynam Richard 1793 28-Jul Son Richard Philippa    
Martyn John 1788 1-Jan Son John Elizabeth    
Mathew Thomas 1791 13-Nov Son William Wel?????    
Miter ?herry 1791 13-Feb Dau John Temperance    
Miter Jennifer 1793   Dau John Temperance   Page in very poor cond
Mitre John 1788 29-Dec Son John Temperance    
Mounstevens Joseph Bennett 1787 22-Apr Son Mr Hender Mary    
Parson   Jennifer 1793 15-Sep Dau Lewis Jane    
Parsons Elizabeth 1791 Sept/Oct Dau ? Jane    
Philipps Charles 1788 17-Nov Son John Elizabeth    
Phillipps John 1787 10-Jun Son William Goodman Ann Phillipps Base Child
Philp Thomas 1787 13-Sep Son John Elizabeth    
Philp Samuel 1788 8-Jan Son John Ann    
Philp ? 1788 9-Mar Dau Thomas Mary   ruined part of page
Philp Susanna 1793 28-Jul Dau Thomas Mary    
Philp James 1793 17-Nov Son John Ann    
Pinch Richard 1787 5-Mar Son Richard Grace    
Pinch John 1787 July Son Richard Ann    
Pinch Elizabeth 1788 29-Jun Dau Richard Ann    
Pinch Richard 1788 16-Nov Son Richard Ann    
Pinch Samuel 1788 28-Dec Son Richard Grace    
Pinch ? 1793     Richard Grace   Page in very poor cond
Pollard Mary 1787 17-Jun Dau Henry Martha Twin.Joint entry with Martha
Pollard Martha 1787 17-Jun Dau Henry Martha Twin.Joint entry with Mary
Pollard Samuel 1788 Mar/Apr Son Samuel Ann    
Pollard William 1790 Jan Son Samuel Ann    
Pollard ? 1793   Son James Jane   Page in very poor cond
Pollard Henry   1794 Dec Son Samuel Ann    
Pomery? Charles? 1790 ? Son Henry Onner   Def starts with a P & resembles name
Pope Grace 1788 25-May Dau William Grace    
Pope Nicholas 1791 6-Mar Son William Grace    
Pope Elizabeth 1792   Dau William Grace    
Prior Mary 1787 16-Sep Dau William Jane    
Prior Mary Hambly 1788 3-Feb Dau John Joanna    
Prior Ja???er 1790 26-Jul Dau Wm Jane    
Prior Samuel 1793 30-Jul Son William Jane    
Profit Catherine 1794 9-Jun Dau John Martha    
Rogers? William 1791 3-Jan Son John Joanna    
Roskilly ? 1787   ? John Sarah   Ruined part of page
Rowe John 1788 21-Dec Son William Jane    
Rowe William 1790 ? Son Abraham Susannah    
Rowe James 1793 22-Dec Son   Eliz Base child
Sampson ? 1787   ? William Charity   Ruined part of page
Sampson Elizabeth 1790   Dau William Charity    
Sampson James 1793 28-Jul Son James Philippa    
Sloggett William 1791 30-Jul Son Thomas Hannah    
Sloggett ? 1792   Son Thomas Hannah?    
Smith Elizabeth 1790 Oct Dau Richard Mary    
Standlick Mary 1792 May Dau William Sarah    
Stanlick Elizabeth 1787 13-Sep Dau James Mary    
Stanlick William 1787 4-Oct Son William Sarah    
Stanlick Samuel 1789 4-Jan Son Samuel Mary    
Stanlick John 1791 June Son Samuel Mary    
Strout Deggory 1788 28-Jul   James Mary Twin.Joint entry with Elizabeth
Strout Elizabeth 1788 28-Jul Dau James Mary Twin.Joint entry with Degory
Strout   Jenny 1787 23-Jul Dau James Mary    
Thomas Philippa 1788 8-Jan Dau John Catherine    
Thomas William 1791 5-Apr Son John Catharine    
Tichele? Trehayne Symons 1794 Dec Son John Hannah    
Tichell? ? 1793 ? Dau John Hannah  Publickly Dec 30 1795 Next entries ommited as barely visible incomplete words
Treleven Ann 1792 Sept    Dau   Ann Base Child
Truscott ? 1787   ? John Catherine   Ruined part of page
Tucker Elizabeth 1788 2? April Dau Richard Elizabeth    
Tucker Elizabeth 1788 27-Jul Dau George Elizabeth    
Tucker Benjamin 1790 26-Jul Son Richard Elizabeth    
Tucker Mary 1794 9-Jun Dau Richard Elizabeth    
Webber Richard 1787 27-Mar Son William Elizabeth    
Webber William 1788 26-Dec Son William Elizabeth    
Webber Christian 1790 Dec Dau Richard Blanche (condensed)"Sworn 24 June 1834 an Affidavit  by Jane Bascomb stating she was Godmother to,witness to baptism of christian Parish Church of St Kew a few day before or after Christmas day in year 1790"John Glencross June 27 1834 An unusual report filling half page of register.
Webber ?enny 1791 1-Jan Dau William Elizabeth    
Wilkey William 1787 1-Apr Son Richard Jennifer    
Williams   Humphry 1787 11-Nov Son Humphry Mary    
Williams   ? 1789 8-Mar Son William Grace    
Williams   Henry   1790 Jan Son Humphry Mary   Jumps from 1787 to 1790.Missing dates appear _01065 & entered below
Williams   Mary 1794 Dec Dau Humphry Mary    
Wills Thomas 1790 12-Oct Son George Mary    
Wilton Maria 1787 11-Jun Dau Richard Jane    
Wilton Charles 1790 29-Dec Son Richard Jane Publickly.Privately 30 June
Wilton James 1791 26-Dec Son James Eliz    
Worden Elizabeth 1787 26-Jul Dau Richard Ann    
Worden John Webber 1787 14-Aug Son Wm Rebecca    
Worden William 1791 20-Mar Son William Rebecca    
Worden ? 1793 27-Feb Dau William Rebecca   Page in very poor cond
Worden Robert Leane? 1794 21-Dec Son William Rebecca