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                                                                             St Kew Baptism's

                                                                                                    1780 - 1786

                                                                                             Transcribed by Christine Parker


Surname Forename Year Date Sex Father Fore Mother Fore Register Notes Trans Notes
Bate Jenny 1786 18-Apr Dau John Wellhrin?    
Beer John 1783 12-Feb Son William Jane    
Bishop Jenny 1784 11-Nov Dau Mark Mary    
Bishop Ann 1785 19-Nov Dau George Johanna    
Blake Ann 1781 24-Jun Dau David Mary    
Blake Mary 1783 Oct Dau David Mary    
Blake John 1785 25 Dec? Son David Mary   3 more entries too faded to decifer
Branch Richard 1781 21-Oct Son John Jane    
Branch Jenny 1784 25-Jul Dau John Jane    
Brewer Henry   1782 26-Dec Son John Sarah    
Broad Catherine 1782 29-Jul Dau John Elizabeth    
Broad Sarah 1782 17-Nov Dau Charles Mary    
Broad Charles 1785 27-Nov Son Charles Mary    
Brown Johanna 1781 28-Feb Dau William Margery   Leap Year
Brown Thomas 1781 14-Jun Son Abraham Susannah    
Brown William 1783 30-Jun Son William Margery    
Brown Abraham 1784 10-Nov Son Abraham Susannah    
Button Samuel 1785 12-Mar Son Thomas Elizabeth    
Calloway Elizabeth 1785 24-Apr Dau John Jenny    
Cleave Richard 1781 18-Apr Son Thomas Rebecca    
Cleave William 1782 7-Jan Son Robert Philley    
Cleave Elizabeth 1783 10-Jun Dau Thomas Rebecca    
Cleave Robert 1784 26-Jul Son Robert,jun Philippa    
Cleave Thomas Moyle 1785 3-Jan Son Thomas Rebecca    
Cleave Grace 1786 29-May Dau Robert,jun Phillis    
Clemence Samuel 1784 19-Sep Son John Mary    
Clements John 1780 27-Mar Son John Mary    
Clements Mary 1782 1-Apr Dau John Mary    
Clements James 1786 Mar Son John   Entry crossed out  
Clements Gartrude 1786 Mar Dau Christopher Ann    
Cock Mary 1781 19-Aug Dau James Mary    
Cock William 1784 26-Dec Son James Mary    
Colliver Philippa 1782 3-Mar Dau James Catherine    
Colliver Jennifer 1785 16-Oct Dau James Catherine   lines crossing out surname and wife's name?
Collivet Richard 1784 12-Apr Son James Catherine    
Couch Robert 1780 23-Apr Son William Ann    
Cowling Thomas 1780 19-Mar Son John Mary    
Cowling Catherine 1782 6-Oct Dau John Mary    
Cowling John 1784 26-Dec Son John Mary    
Derrant Rebeccah 1780 15-Jan Dau Henry Margery    
Derrant Sarah 1781 16-Apr Dau Henry Margery    
Derrent? Catherine 1782 18-Aug Dau John Catherine    
Derrey Antony Guy 1784 18-Apr Son William Ann    
Derry Anne 1780 12-Oct Dau William Ann Privately  
Dustow Robert 1783 16-Feb Son William Elizabeth    
Dustow George 1786 30-Jan Son William Elizabeth    
Fradd William 1781 14-Jun Son Richard Ann    
Fradd Elizabeth 1783 28-Sep Dau Richard Ann    
Fradd Jenny 1784 18-Apr Dau Richard Elizabeth    
Frodd Ann Ede 1785 1-May Dau Richard Ann   Fradd?
Gatty or Gally Jenifer 1783 2-Mar Dau Richard Elizabeth    
Goodman Jenny 1784 2-May Dau John Catherine    
Goodman William 1786 12-Mar Son John Catherine Twin son,joint entry with John  
Goodman John 1786 12-Mar Son John Catherine Twin son,joint entry with William  
Grose Thomas 1780 16-May Son Thomas Jane    
Grose Betsey 1781 1-May Dau Richard Elizabeth    
Grose Jenny 1782 1-Apr Dau Thomas Jane    
Grose Hannah 1784 21-Jan Dau Thomas Jane    
Grose Richard 1785 30-Mar Son Richard Elizabeth    
Grose Nicholas 1786 7-Feb Son Thomas Jane    
Gross ?eney 1783 1-Apr Dau Richard Elizabeth    
Guy Ann 1781 11-Mar Dau John Florence    
Hawke Elizabeth 1783 23-Oct Dau Thomas Eleanor    
Hawke John 1785 26-Apr Son Thomas Eleanor    
Hawke Ann 1786 6-Aug Dau Thomas Eleanor    
Hewett William 1781 29-Apr Son Thomas Lucy    
Hewett Henry   1783 9-Jun Son Thomas Lucy    
Hichens William 1784 5-Sep Son John Elizabeth   Or Kichens
Higgs Grace 1784 26-Jul Dau John Catherine    
Higgs John 1786 24-Jul Son John Catherine    
Higgs     Philippa 1783 15-Jan Dau John Catherine    
Hill William 1783 30-Mar Son William Elizabeth    
Hill Francis 1784 22-Feb Son Francis Elizabeth    
Hill Mary 1785 23-Oct Dau William Elizabeth    
Hill William 1786 16-Jul Son Francis Elizabeth    
Hitchens John 1783 8-Jun Son John Elizabeth   or Kitchens
Hitchens Hannah 1786 1-Oct Dau John Elizabeth   Or Kitchens
Hocken Ann 1781 13-Apr Dau Nicholas Ann    
Hocken Mary 1784 13-Jun Dau Nicholas Ann    
Hocken Betsey 1785 2-Oct Dau John Jenny    
Hocking John 1786 Nov Son Nicholas Ann    
Inch Samuel 1782 1-Jan Son   Catherine Base Child.Catherine Inch now Higgs  
Jacob ? 1782 Aug Dau Jonathan Catherine?    
Jacob Samuel 1786 14-May Son John Margaret    
Jory William 1785 1-Jan Son John Mary    
Kellow Catherine 1781 23-Jul Dau John Catherine    
Kent Francis 1782 31-Mar Son William Elizabeth    
Kent Jennifer 1785 5-Jun Dau William Elizabeth Relieved by the Parish Not sure of meaning of comment.
Kernick Sally 1781 31-Dec Dau John Mary    
Kitt Priscilla 1781 21-Jan Dau   Elizabeth Base Child  
Launder William Launder 1783 Oct Son   Elizabeth Base Child  
Lightfoot James 1780 26-Dec Son Hugh Elizabeth    
Lightfoot Rebecca 1782 17-Mar Dau Hugh Elizabeth    
Mallett Mary 1783 26-Oct Dau N.G Christiana Has N.G in place of Father  
Martin John 1780 4-May Son Thomas Dorothy    
Martin Elizabeth 1783 30-Mar Dau John Elizabeth    
Martin Francis 1785 8-Mar Son Thomas Dorothy    
Martin Ann 1785 7-Aug Dau John Elizabeth    
Martyn John 1781 23-Jul Son John Elizabeth    
May Mary 1780 4-Jun Dau Joseph Mary    
Maye Joseph 1782 3-Nov Son Joseph Mary    
Mitre Robert 1786 14-May Son John Temperance    
Moyle Ann 1782 5-Nov Dau Constantine Ann    
Olver Ann 1780 8-May Dau John Mary    
Olver Mary 1783 6-Apr Dau John Mary    
Parsons Peter 1781 14-Mar Son Sampson Ann    
Parsons Mary 1783 28-Jul Dau Sampson Ann    
Phillipps William 1786 July Son John Elizabeth    
Philp Francis 1781 16-Sep Son John Ann    
Philp Jennifer 1782 7-Apr Dau Thomas Mary    
Philp William 1783 2-Mar Son John Ann    
Philp Ann 1784 27-Jun Dau John Ann    
Philp Mary 1785 6-Feb Dau Thomas Mary    
Philp William 1786 12-Mar Son John Ann    
Pinch William 1780 20-Feb Son Richard Grace    
Pinch Robert 1780 15-May Son John Mary    
Pinch Elizabeth 1782 5-Jan Dau Richard Grace    
Pinch George Aunger 1783 28-Sep Son Richard Ann    
Pinch William 1784 13-Jun Son Richard Grace    
Pinch Grace 1784 15-Aug Dau Richard Ann    
Pollard Ann 1782 27-Jan Dau Henry Martha    
Pollard Mary 1783 3-Aug Dau Henry Martha    
Pollard Mary 1786 15-Jan Dau Samuel Ann    
Pomery Melloney Scobell 1780 13-Jul Dau Rev Joseph Melloney Publickly 17 Aug  
Pomery John 1781 9-Jul Son Rev Joseph Melloney Joint entry with George.Privately.Twin.  
Pomery George 1781 9-Jul Son Rev Joseph Melloney Joint entry with John.Privately.Twin.  
Pomery John 1782 1-Jan Son Rev Joseph Melloney Twin.Joint entry with George.Publickly  
Pomery George 1782 1-Jan Son Rev Joseph Melloney Twin.Joint entry with John.Publickly  
Pomery Mary 1782 13-Nov Dau Rev Joseph Melloney    
Pomery Joseph 1783 16-Dec Son Rev Joseph Melloney Privately.Died Suddenly.  
Pomery Grace 1786 13-Jun Dau Rev J  Melloney    
Pope Elizabeth 1780 2-Jan Dau John Elizabeth    
Pope Mary 1782 31-Mar Dau John Elizabeth    
Pope Hannah 1784 8-Feb Dau John Elizabeth    
Pope Thomas 1786 18-Oct Son Thomas Ann?    
Pope Grace 1786 19-Nov Dau John Elizabeth    
Prior John 1783 13-Apr Son William Jane    
Prior Fanny? 1783 15-Aug Dau John Johanna    
Prior Jonathan 1785 26-Jun Son William Jane    
Read Barbara 1784 13-Mar Dau Mr Read Loveday    
Roskilly John 1784 12-Jan Son John Sarah    
Rowe James 1780 9-Jul Son William Joan    
Rowe Jane 1781 1-Apr Dau Lawrence Jane    
Rowe Susannah 1783 16-Nov Dau Laurence Jenny    
Rowe Amos 1785 25-Jul Son William Elizabeth    
Rowe William Marrish 1786 30-Apr Son Laurence Jenny    
Sampson Mary 1782 17-Mar Dau William Charity    
Sampson Elizabeth 1785 30-Mar Dau William Charity Privately.'relieved by the Parish' Not sure of meaning of comment.
Sleeman Peter Angrove 1781 30-Sep Son   Mary Base Child  
Smith Hannah 1781 13-Apr Dau Richard Mary    
Smith Mary 1784 9-May Dau Richard Mary    
Stanlick Mary 1782 12-May Dau William Mary    
Stanlick Richard Goodman 1784 22-Aug Son Samuel Mary    
Stanlick Jennifer 1786 24-Dec Dau Samuel Mary    
Strout Jenny 1786 2-Apr Dau James Mary    
Symons Sarah 1781 1-Jan Dau John Mary    
Thomas Mary 1780 2-Mar Dau John Mary    
Thomas Anthony 1780 2-Jul Son William Frances    
Thomas Samuel 1780 31-Oct Son John   Privately.Wife's name not entered  
Thomas John 1782 4-Feb Son John Catherine    
Thomas Elizabeth 1783 16-Mar Dau William Susannah    
Thomas Mary 1783 7-Sep Dau William Frances    
Thomas Pamela 1785 9-Feb Dau John Catherine    
Thomas Philippa 1785 1-Sep Dau William Frances    
Trelevan William 1780 24-Sep Son Nicholas Grace    
Tucker George 1783 13-Apr Son George Eliza      
Tucker Susannah 1785 17-Oct Dau George Elizabeth    
Tucker Richard 1786 23-Apr Son Richard Elizabeth    
Webber Betsey 1785 2? July Dau William Elizabeth   Has Webber repeated agin after Wife
White Mary 1782 24-Nov Dau John Mary    
White John 1784 25-Jul Son John Mary    
White Philip 1784 3-Oct Son George Tucker Catherine Base child of Catherine White & George Tucker  
White William 1786 11-Jun Son John Mary    
Wilce George 1783 30-Dec Son George Catherine    
Wilkey John 1783 10-Jun Son Richard Jennifer    
Wilkey Betsey 1785 8-Feb Dau Richard Jennifer    
Williams   Grace 1783 9-Mar Dau Humphry Mary Twin.Joint entry with Margaret.  
Williams   Margaret 1783 9-Mar Dau Humphry Mary Twin.Joint entry with Grace  
Williams   Bridget 1783 29-Dec Dau Henry Bridget    
Williams   Ann 1785 6-Feb Dau Henry Bridget    
Williams   Ann? 1785 23-Oct Dau Humphry Mary    
Wills Catherine 1781 4-May Dau George Catherine    
Wilton Ann 1781 18-Sep Dau Richard Jennifer    
Worden Mary 1780 10-Nov Dau Samuel Jane    
Worden John 1781 27-Dec Son Samuel,jun Jane    
Worden Jenifer 1783 14-Jan Dau Samuel Jane    
Worden Samuel 1784 16-May Son Samuel Jane    
Worden William 1784 20-Jun Son Richard Ann    
Worden William 1785 25-Sep Son Samuel,jun Jane    
Worth Nancy 1786 24-Jul Dau Richard Ann