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                                                                               St Kew Baptism's

                                                                                                    1770 - 1780

                                                                                             Transcribed by Christine Parker©



Surname Forename Year D/M Sex Father Fore Mother Fore Father Occ Reg Notes Trans Notes
? Ann 1776 9-Mar Dau   Catherine   Base Child  
???? William 1776 5-Jun Son Samuell ?   Privately  
Alford Mary 1770 25-Jul Dau Nicholas Martha      
Alford alias Kent Nicholas 1775 10-Sep Son Nicholas Martha   Father deceased  
Anderson Ann 1772 26-Jan Dau   Grace   Base Child  
Andrew William 1776 Oct Son James Grace   Privately  
Arscott Richard 1777 7-May Son Richard Mary   Mary his wife deceased.Privately  
Aunger Robert 1774 5-Jun Son Thomas Jennifer      
Bennett  Harriott 1774 13-Jun Dau Joseph Jane Clerk    
Blake William 1779 12-Sep Son David Mary      
Blewett Elizabeth 1770 5-Jul Dau John Mary   Publickly Aug  
Blewett Robert Kay 1772 16-Apr Son John Mary      
Bothen? John 1774 30-Oct Son Thomas Elizabeth      
Branch Mary 1775 12-Feb Dau   Elizabeth   Base Child  
Bray Charles 1772 9-Aug Son Charles Margaret      
Bray John 1775 5-Jan Son Charles Margaret      
Bray Richard 1776 19-Feb Son George Tillany      
Bray William 1777 4-May Son Charles Margaret      
Brown Abraham 1771 15-Sep Son Thomas Elizabeth      
Brown Prudence 1772 30-Jan Dau William Margery      
Brown Catherine 1772 28-Apr Dau Thomas Joanna      
Brown Francis 1772 9-Aug Son Abraham Susanna      
Brown Jane 1774 26-Apr Dau William Margery      
Brown Francis 1774 7-Sep Son Abraham Susanna   Privately'  
Brown Margaret 1776 27-Dec Dau William Margery      
Brown Susanna 1778 5-Apr Dau Thomas Elizabeth      
Brown Ann 1779 28-Feb Dau Abraham Susanna     Leap Year
Burton   Jane 1770 25-Feb Dau Thomas Elizabeth      
Button John 1771 20-Oct Son Thomas Elizabeth      
Button Agnes 1773 23-May Dau Thomas Elizabeth      
Button Azias 1777 Jan Dau Thomas Elizabeth      
Button Thomas 1779 9-May Son Thomas Elizabeth      
Calloway Mary 1770 26-Aug Dau Richard Elizabeth      
Chair Thomas Brown 1779 24-May Son Thomas Philippa      
Cleave Mary 1772 29-Jun Dau Robert Philippa   Privately  
Cleave John 1774 16-Apr Son Robert Philippa   Privately  
Cleave Samuel Higgs 1776 2-Jul Son Robert Philippa      
Cleave Philippa 1779 4-Jan Dau Robert Philippa      
Cleave Rebecca 1779 31-Oct Dau Thomas Rebecca   Publickly Dec 27  
Clements Jane 1770 June Dau Walter? ?      
Clements Elizabeth 1771 27-Jul Dau John Honour      
Clements Mary 1772 15-Mar Dau Walter Ann      
Clements Walter 1774 9-Oct Son Walter Ann      
Clements Thomasine 1778 22-Mar Dau John Mary      
Clements John 1780 27-Mar Son John Mary      
Cock Philippa 1776 25-Jan Dau James Elizabeth      
Cock James 1778 18-Jan Son James Elizabeth      
Colliver Thomas 1779 28-Dec Son James Catherine   Privately.Publickly Mar 27 1780.  
Cornish William 1770 Dec Son William Elizabeth     few more entries with mising ink
Cornish Frank 1774 16-Oct Son William Elizabeth      
Cornish George 1778 4-Jan Son William Elizabeth      
Couch Susanna 1773 3-Oct Dau John Letitia      
Couch James 1775 14-May Son William,Jun Ann      
Couch William 1775 28-May Son John Latitia      
Couch Sampson 1777 14-Dec Son William Ann Gent    
Couch Robert 1780 23-Apr Son William Ann      
Cowling Elizabeth 1777 4-Aug Dau John Mary      
Cowling Thomas 1780 19-Mar Son John Mary      
Dancaster Jennifer 1773 12-Sep Dau James Elizabeth      
Dancaster Nicholas 1775 28-Jan Son James Elizabeth      
Dancaster James 1776 1-Dec Son James Elizabeth      
Dancaster John 1777 30-Jan Son Thomas Tillany      
Derrant Rebeccah 1780 15-Jan Dau Henry Margery      
Dewstow Mary 1772 1-Jan Dau William Elizabeth   Privately.Joint entry with Elizabeth  
Dewstow Elizabeth 1772 1-Jan Dau William Elizabeth      
Dewstow Ann 1774 24-Apr Dau William Elizabeth      
Dewstow John 1776 22-Sep Son William Elizabeth      
Draydon William 1772 5-Nov Son George Tillany      
Draydon Jennifer 1779 21-Nov Dau George Tillany      
Dustow William 1778 24-Oct Son William Elizabeth   Privately  
Ford William 1770 9-Sep Son Thomas Mary      
Ford Susanna 1772 24-Nov Dau Thomas Elizabeth      
Frad Jennifer 1771 3-Apr Dau Charles Jane      
Fradd Jennifer 1778 13-Sep Dau Richard Elizabeth   Privately  
George Barbara 1771 1-Jul Dau Joseph Barbara      
Gill Richard 1770 19-Aug Son John Elizabeth      
Gill   Thomas 1776 28-Apr Son John Elizabeth      
Goodman Ann 1777 1-Dec Dau   Mary   Base Child Next entry cant see
Grose Ambrose 1771 24-Nov Son Thomas Jane      
Grose Philipa 1773 4-Mar Dau Thomas Jane      
Grose Mary 1774 5-Jun Dau Thomas Jane      
Grose Philippa 1776 8-Jul Dau Thomas Jane      
Grose Ann 1778 8-Jun Dau Thomas Jane      
Grose Thomas 1780 16-May Son Thomas Jane      
Guard  Nicholas 1779 5-Sep Son   Mary   Base Child  
Guy Thomas 1771 3-Mar Son John Florence      
Guy John 1771 May Son Ambrose Hannah      
Guy William 1773 31-Jan Son John Florence      
Guy William 1774 2-Feb Son Ambrose Anna      
Guy Philippa 1775 30-Jan Dau John Florence      
Guy Thomas 1776 3-Mar Son John Florence      
Guy Charles 1776 13-Jun Son Ambrose Anna      
Guy Elizabeth 1779 2-May Dau Ambrose Hannah      
Hambly William 1774 5-Jan Son William Grace      
Hambly Elizabeth 1775 15-Oct Dau William Grace      
Hambly Mary Docton 1777 6-Apr Dau William Grace      
Harry William 1771 10-Nov Son Matthew Elizabeth   Publickly Jan 1 1772  
Harry Ann 1772 5-Nov Dau Richard Ann      
Harry Elizabeth 1774 19-Mar Dau Matthew Elizabeth      
Harry John 1775 18-Jan Son Richard Ann      
Harry Elizabeth 1775 6-Nov Dau William Mary      
Harry Mathew 1776 20-Sep Son Mathew Elizabeth      
Harry Margaret 1777 11-May Dau Richard Ann      
Harry Richard 1778 4-Jan Son Matthew Elizabeth      
Harry William 1779 14-Nov Son Richard Ann      
Hewett Moses 1772 4-Mar Son Thomas Lucy      
Hewett Ann 1773 3rd Sept? Dau Thomas Lucy      
Hewett John 1774 18-Sep Son Thomas Lucy      
Hewett James 1776 25-Nov Son Thomas Lucy      
Hewett Thomas 1779 3-May Son Thomas Lucy      
Higgs William 1772 11-Apr Son William Ann   Privately  
Higgs or Inch Mary Higgs 1779 12-Sep Dau John Higgs Catherine Inch   Doesn’t specify which surname re child  
Hocken John 1771 17-Feb Son Ralph Jennifer      
Hocken Nicholas 1774 5-Mar Son Nicholas Ann   Privately  
Hocken Grace 1775 4-Jun Dau Hugh Jennifer      
Hocken William 1776 7-Jul Son Nicholas Ann      
Hocking Jane 1778 11-Oct Dau Nicholas Ann      
Hocking James 1779 30-May Son Hugh Jenny      
Hosken Ann 1773 3-Jan Dau Hugh Jennifer      
Inch Nicholas 1771 13-Oct Son William Elizabeth      
Inch Joseph 1774 10-Jan Son William Elizabeth      
Inch Richard 1775 17-Apr Son William Elizabeth      
Inch John 1777 25-May Son William Elizabeth      
Inch Elizabeth 1779 29-Aug Dau William Elizabeth      
Jacob Jacob 1774 4-Jul Son John Margaret   Privately'  
Jacob George 1776 29-Jul Son John Margaret      
Jacob Jonathan     1779 25-Apr Son John Margaret      
Jolly Philippa 1775 18-Jun Dau   Mary   Base Child  
Jory Mary 1773 2-May Dau John Mary      
Jory Mary 1776 10-Jun Dau   Mary   Base Child  
Jory Charles 1777 11-Feb Son John Mary      
Jory Philippa Jory 1779 10-Oct Dau John Mary      
Kellow John 1778 2-Jan Son John Catherine     Catherine nee Westlake,neePomery
Kellow William 1779 24-Oct Son John Catherine     Catherine nee Westlake,neePomery
Kent Margery 1772 15-Nov Dau Francis Blanch      
Kent Susanna 1773 24-Jan Dau William Elizabeth      
Kent John 1774 10-Jul Son Francis Blanch      
Kent William 1776 29-Jul Son William Elizabeth      
Kent Francis 1777 8-Jun Son Francis Blanch      
Kent George 1779 25-Dec Son Francis Blanch      
Kent Ann 1779 25-Dec Dau William Elizabeth      
Kent/Keat Joseph 1770 14-Oct Son William Elizabeth     n in surname poss an a
Kent? John 1773 4-Feb Son William Grace      
Knight John 1772 6-Jan Son John Mary      
Knight Frances Lynam 1774 29-Jul Dau John Mary      
Knight Catherine 1777 11-Mar Dau John Mary   Privately  
Launder John 1772 26-Jan Son George Margaret      
Launder Edward 1772 27-Mar Son Edward Charity   Publickly April 20  
Launder William 1774 9-May Son George Margaret   Privately  
Launder Peter 1774 29-May Son Edward Charity      
Lynam Mary 1771 11-Aug Dau Joseph Elizabeth      
Martin William Brown 1772 24-Jul Son John Elizabeth      
Martin Jennifer 1776 17-Mar Dau John Elizabeth      
Martin Thomas 1778 10-May Son John Elizabeth      
Martin John 1780 4-May Son Thomas Dorothy      
May Catherine 1776 15-Sep Dau Joseph Mary      
May Mary 1780 4-Jun Dau Joseph Mary      
Menhenniot Elizabeth 1770 Dec Dau John Sarah      
Menhenniot Lucy 1773 23-May Dau John Jane      
Menhenniot William 1775 18-Jun Son John Sarah      
Menhenniot Philippa 1777 6-Jul Dau John Sarah      
Mitchell Ann 1771 23-Feb Dau John Mary      
Mitre Robert 1770 10-Jun Son John Margery      
Mitre Elizabeth 1773 1-Oct Dau John Margery   Twin daughter,joint entry with Jennifer  
Mitre Jennifer 1773 1-Oct Dau John Margery   Twin daughter,joint entry with Elizabeth  
Moyle Christiana 1772 7-Jul Dau Richard Ann   Privately  
Muck Patience 1779 1-Jan Dau John Elizabeth   Publickly Jan 17  
Olver Ann 1780 8-May Dau John Mary      
Pascoe Frances? 1772 25-Sep Dau William Elizabeth   Privately  
Pascoe William 1774 16-Nov Son William Elizabeth      
Pascoe Ann 1776 21-Nov Dau William Elizabeth      
Pascoe John 1779 3-May Son William Rebecca      
Perrey William 1776 28-Mar Son William Joanna      
Perrey Thomas 1778 20-Sep Son William Joanna      
Phillipps Jonathan Webber 1776 1-Sep Son Mr John Susanna   Privately  
Phillipps Susanna 1778 26-Feb Dau Mr John Susanna      
Phillipps Mary 1778 22-Mar Dau   Ann   Base Child  
Philp Francis 1771 4-Jun Son Francis Honour      
Philp Samuel 1774 1-Feb Son Francis Honour      
Philp Mary 1779 16-Nov Dau John Ann   Privately  
Pinch Ann 1771 27-Jul Dau Richard Elizabeth      
Pinch Jenny 1775 10-Sep Dau Richard Elizabeth      
Pinch James 1777 24-Aug Son John Mary      
Pinch James 1778 14-Nov Son Richard Elizabeth   Privately  
Pinch William 1780 20-Feb Son Richard Grace      
Pinch Robert 1780 15-May Son John Mary      
Pooly Ann 1770 29-Jul Dau Robert Hannah      
Pope Robert 1771 June Son John Mary      
Pope William 1776 21-Jul Son John Elizabeth      
Pope Frances 1777 31-Aug Dau John Hannah      
Pope Frances 1778 8-Feb Dau John Elizabeth      
Pope Elizabeth 1780 2-Jan Dau John Elizabeth      
Prophett John 1770 12-Aug Son John Catherine      
Prophett Elizabeth 1773 25-Oct Dau John Catherine      
Ray William 1778 8-Mar Son Joseph Mary      
Reynolds Robert 1775 1-Nov Son Robert Susanna      
Roskilly Betsy 1770 17-Aug Dau John Sarah   Publickly 24 Sept  
Roskilly Mary 1772 31-Aug Dau John Sarah      
Roskilly James 1774 5-Nov Son John Sarah      
Roskilly Sarah Farnis? 1777 23-Feb Dau John Sarah     Francis?
Roskilly John 1779 4-Aug Son John Sarah   Publickly Aug 8  
Rowe Elizabeth 1770 June Dau Hugh Ann      
Rowe Ann 1774 31-Mar Dau William Joan   Privately  
Rowe William 1775 19-Nov Son William Joan      
Rowe Ann 1775 31-Dec Dau William Elizabeth      
Sampson George 1777 31-Jul Son William Charity      
Scott William 1772 11-Mar Son William Elizabeth      
Scott Thomas 1774 14-Aug Son William Elizabeth      
Sloggett Philippa 1779 13-Jun Dau   Mary   Base Child  
Smith Hannah 1770 14-Oct Dau Richard Mary      
Smith Mary? 1773 30-May Dau Richard Mary     2 more entries hard to see
Smith Christopher 1775 16-Jul Son Richard Mary      
Soper John 1776 25-Oct Son John Elizabeth   Privately  
Soper Catherine 1778 4-Apr Dau John Elizabeth   Privately  
Spur William 1776 28-Jul Son John Mary      
Symons Ann 1773 24-Jan Dau John Molly      
Symons Susanna 1777 16-Nov Dau John Molly      
Taylor Jennifer 1774 31-Jul Dau William Elizabeth      
Thomas John 1770 5-Aug Son William Frances      
Thomas Ann 1772 21-Apr Dau William Susanna      
Thomas Frances 1772 25-Jul Dau William Frances      
Thomas Samuel 1774 12-May Son William Frances      
Thomas Philippa 1774 31-Dec Dau William Susanna      
Thomas Catherine 1775 5-Mar Dau William Mary      
Thomas Robert 1776 19-Feb Son William Frances      
Thomas William 1777 1-Apr Son William Susanna      
Thomas Elizabeth 1778 3-Jan Dau John Catherine   Privately  
Thomas Nicholas 1778 18-Mar Son William Frances      
Thomas Susanna 1779 19-Dec Dau William Susannah      
Thomas Mary 1780 2-Mar Dau John Mary      
Thomas Anthony 1780 2-Jul Son William Frances      
Trelevan Elizabeth 1773 7-Feb Dau Nicholas Grace      
Trelevan Grace 1777 23-Feb Dau Nicholas Grace      
Truscott Hugh 1778 16-Jul Son John Catherine   Privately  
Warne Philippa 1772 6-Jan Dau Joseph Jane      
Warne Stephen 1772 15-Sep Son Simon Susanna      
Warne John 1775 26-Feb Son Joseph Jane      
Warne Cornelius 1775 2-Jul Son Simon Susanna      
Warne Jennifer 1778 22-Apr Dau Joseph Sara?      
Warne Henry   1778 2-Aug Son Simon Susanna      
Webber Thomas 1770 8-Jul Son Thomas Ann      
Webber John 1771 25-Jul Son John Elizabeth      
Webber Jane 1772 8-Jun Dau Richard Ann      
Webber Nicholas 1773 27-Jun Son Thomas Ann      
Webber Elizabeth 1773 28-Dec Dau John Elizabeth      
Webber Grace 1775 17-Apr Dau Richard Ann      
Webber Catherine 1775 2-Jul Dau Thomas Ann      
Webber William 1775 21-Nov Son John Elizabeth      
Webber Grace 1778 24-Jun Dau John Elizabeth      
Webber Ann 1778 5-Jul Dau Richard Ann      
Wedd? Martin 1773 Jan Son Samuel Ann      
West ? 1771 14-Jul Dau Samuel Ann      
West Samuel 1774 10-Nov Son Samuel Ann   Privately  
West John 1777 29-Dec Son Samuel Ann      
White Elizabeth 1779 6-Jun Dau   Catherine   Base Child  
Wilce Ann 1775 9-Jul Dau George Catherine      
Williams   Jane 1779 26-Jul Dau Humphry Mary      
Wills John Soper 1779 18-Jul Son George Catherine      
Wilton Philippa 1775 6-Dec Dau Richard Jennifer      
Wilton Samuel 1776 14-Nov Son Richard Jennifer      
Wilton John 1778 4-May Son Richard Jennifer   Privately  
Wilton James 1779 21-Jul Son Richard Jennifer      
Joan 1770 April Dau Charles Margeret