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                                                                             St Kew Baptism's

                                                                                                    1755 - 1769

                                                                                             Transcribed by Christine Parker



Surname First Name Year Date Sex Father Mother Register Notes Transcriber Notes
? Ann 1755 July/Aug Dau William Ann    
? Jane 1757 June Dau   Frances Base Child
? Joan 1759 1-Jan Dau Thomas Martha    
? Phillippa 1761 Feb Dau   Mary Base child
? Richard 1763 Feb/Mar Son Phillip ?   ink missing in parts
? Jennifer 1763 30-Oct Dau ? Mary   Ink faded
Air Mary 1756 7-Jun Dau   Martha Base Child
Andrew Mary 1755 26-Dec Dau Edward Lydia    
Andrew Thomas 1758 12-Mar Son Edward Lydia    
Andrew Elizabeth 1760 6-Jul Dau Edward Letitia    
Aunger George 1759 March Son Thomas Grace    
Beer William 1756 2? Nov Son Walter Ann    
Beer Elizabeth 1759 16-Apr Dau Walter Ann    
Beer John 1761 27-Sep Son Walter Ann    
Beer Benjamin 1763 26-Jul Son Walter Ann    
Beer Joseph 1765 28-May Son Walter Ann Twin,joint entry with Ann
Beer Ann 1765 28-May Dau Walter Ann Twin,joint entry with Joseph
Bennett? Mary 1768 5-Apr Dau Joseph Jane    
Bishop Mary 1758 27 Aug? Dau   Mary Base Child
Bishop Richard 1766 11-Aug Son John Joan Privately  
Bishop Ann 1767 26-Dec Dau John Joan    
Blewett John 1768 3-Jun Son John Mary   2 more entries cant read
Blight Charles 1757 11-Apr Son Richard Joanna    
Blight Richard 1764 22-Feb Son Richard Joanna    
Branch ? 1760 4-May Dau Richard ?   next entry unreadable
Bray Ann 1761 25-Oct Dau   Mary Base Child
Broad Catherine 1755 April Dau Charles Catherine    
Broad Amy 1757 Dec Dau Charles Catherine    
Broad William 1760 Nov Son Charles Catherine    
Broad Ann 1763 9-Jan Dau Charles Catherine    
Broad Robert 1767 27-Mar Son Charles Catherine    
Brown Thomas 1764 26-Oct Son   Susanna Base Child
Brown Philippa 1767 27-Jan Dau Thomas Elizabeth    
Brown Jane 1767 23-Apr Dau Thomas Joanna    
Brown Thomas 1769 22-Jan Son Thomas Elizabeth    
Buckler William 1755 April Son Isaac Avis    
Burton   Samuel 1755 3-Aug Son William Mary   a lot of numbers on page in book binding
Burton   Ann 1758 Jan/Feb Dau Robert Honour    
Burton   William 1758 27-Mar Son William Mary    
Callaway Mary 1755 March Dau Richard Elizabeth    
Callaway Mary 1758 4-Jul Dau John Elizabeth    
Callaway Elizabeth 1760 July Dau John Elizabeth    
Callaway Cordelia 1765 5-Apr Dau Richard Elizabeth    
Calloway John 1766 16-Mar Son John Elizabeth Publickly Mar 31
Caloway Elizabeth 1757 Sept Dau Richard Elizabeth    
Charlick Catherine 1756 2? July Dau Francis Dorcas    
Charlick Mary 1759 5-Nov Dau Francis Dorcas    
Clemence William 1757 10-Oct Son Walter Thomasin    
Clemence Richard 1760 25-Jul Son Thomas Martha    
Clements Mary 1764 4-Nov Dau John Honour    
Cock Henry 1765 17-Jun Son Christopher Joanna    
Collins Mary 1756 29-Sep Dau Gregory Mary    
Colliver Ann 1758 27-Sep Dau Thomas Jane    
Colliver Jennifer 1763 18-Sep Dau Thomas Jane    
Colliver John 1767 5-Apr Son Thomas Jane    
Couch Latitia 1755 27-Dec Dau John Latitia    
Couch John 1757 Sept Son John Latitia    
Couch William 1759 27-May Son John Letitia    
Couch Nicholas 1761 5-Jul Son John Latitia    
Couch Charles 1763 2? Oct Son John Latitia    
Couch Frances 1765 7-Dec Son John Latitia    
Couch Elizabeth 1768 10-Jul Dau John Letitia    
Crowle Catherine 1759 9-Nov Dau Nicholas Susannah Private.Twin,joint entry with Susannah
Crowle Susannah 1759 9-Nov Dau Nicholas Susannah Private.Twin,joint entry with Susannah
Dancaster M????? 1755 25-Apr Dau John Mary    
Dancaster Joanna 1758 March Dau John Mary    
Elliot Thomas 1755 2-Mar Son William Sarah    
Elliot ? 1758 10-Aug ? Richard Sarah   name and sex on ruined part of page
Elliot Ann 1761 29-Mar Dau William Sarah    
Ford George 1766 20-Oct Son Thomas Elizabeth Publickly Jan ?? Next entry to faded/smudged to read
Ford Sarah 1768 6-May Dau Thomas Mary    
Frad Richard 1755 14-Dec Son Charles Jane    
Frad Richard 1758 June Son William Elizabeth    
Frad William 1760 Aug Son William Elizabeth    
Frad Elizabeth 1765 18-Oct Dau William Elizabeth    
Frad William 1768 19-Apr Son William Elizabeth    
Frade Samuel 1763 3-Apr Son Charles Jane    
Frade Susanna   1763 4-Apr Dau William Elizabeth    
Frade William 1766 16-Jan Son Charles Jane Publickly 2 Feb
George Nathanael 1755 12-Feb Son Joseph Barbara    
George Matthew 1756 7-Feb Son Richard Catherine    
George Deborah 1758 10-Sep Dau Richard Catherine    
George John 1761 18-May Son Richard Catherine    
George Mary 1761 24-Oct Dau Joseph Barbara    
George Philippa 1764 5-Nov Dau Joseph Barbara    
George James 1767 25-May Son   Loveday Base child 2 more entries unreadable
George Joseph 1767 5-Nov Son Joseph Barbara    
Goodman Mary 1755 7-Jan Dau William Ann    
Green William 1758 June Son William Catherine    
Grigg Mary 1757 1-May Dau Edward Mary    
Grose Philippa 1761 19-Nov Dau Ambrose Mary    
Guard? William Dewstow 1766 14-Sep Son   Mary Base Child
Guy John 1767 11-Nov Son John Florence Twin,joint entry with Nicholas Mothers name looks like it starts with a J but IGI has Florence?
Guy Nicholas 1767 11-Nov Son John Florence Twin,joint entry with John Mothers name looks like it starts with a J but IGI has Florence?
Hamley Elizabeth 1755 12-Jun Dau Mr John Lucy    
Hamley Thomas 1757 25-Jul Son Mr John Lucy    
Harris Joanna 1760 Sept Dau John Alice    
Harry Jane 1755 6-Jul Dau Richard Ann    
Harry Catherine 1757 May Dau Richard Ann    
Harry John 1766 24-Jun Son Matthew Elizabeth    
Harry Elizabeth 1768 2-Apr Dau Matthew Elizabeth    
Harry Jane 1769 7-Jun Dau Richard Ann    
Hawke Robert 1755 12-Feb Son John Ann    
Hawke John 1757 22-May Son John Ann    
Hawken Rebecca 1760 4-Apr Dau   Philippa Base  
Hecks Elizabeth 1761 18-Oct Dau William Elizabeth    
Heswell Samuel 1758 4-Nov Son William Ann    
Higgs Elizabeth 1758 25-Jun Dau Richard Sarah    
Higgs William 1760 4-May Son Richard Sarah    
Higgs Jane 1761 25-Oct Dau Richard Sarah    
Higgs Ann 1763 Feb Dau Richard Sarah    
Higgs Mary 1769 2-Apr Dau William Ann   few entries cant see
Hill Mary 1755 March Dau Christopher Mary    
Hill Mary 1756 2? Nov Dau Thomas Mary    
Hill Thomas 1759 27-May Son Christopher Mary    
Hill William 1760 6-Jan Son Thomas Mary    
Hill Samuel 1769 1-Nov Son James Elizabeth    
Hoar John 1756 19-Apr Son William Jane    
Hoar Jane 1758 28-Mar Dau William Jane    
Hoare Stephen 1761 16-Apr Son William Jane    
Inch William 1760 Nov Son William Sarah    
Inch Mary 1764 26-Jan Dau William Sarah    
Inch Frances 1764 20-Mar Dau John Frances    
Inch Robert 1766 27-Mar Son William Sarah    
Jacob Margaret 1755 8-Jun Dau Jacob Margaret    
Jacob Jonathan 1758 18-Jun Son Jacob Margaret    
Jacob Benjamin 1761 16-Apr Son Jacob Margaret    
Jacob Joseph 1764 26-Aug Son Jacob Margaret    
Jacob John 1767 21-Oct Son John Margaret   Publickly Nov 15
Jeffery Nicholas 1756 June Son John Elizabeth    
Johns Joseph 1764 6 Mar? Son   Mary Base Child
Jolly Philippa 1769 28-Mar Dau   Mary Base Child
Kendal Mary 1758 8-Oct Dau Richard Mary    
Kendal William 1760 9-Jun Son Richard Mary    
Kendal Elizabeth 1763 8-May Dau Richard Mary    
Kent Margaret 1765 5-Nov Dau Joseph Ann    
Kent Ann 1767 30-Jul Dau Francis Blanch    
Kent Richard 1767 9-Aug Son Philip Jennifer    
Knight John 1757 July Son John Edith    
Knight Jane 1762 8-Feb Dau John Mary    
Knight William 1764 3-Feb Son John Mary    
Knight Rebecca 1764 18-Apr Dau John Edeth    
Knight Mary 1766 4-Aug Dau John Mary    
Knight Dorothy 1769 10-Jul Dau John Mary    
Lander George 1766 10-May Son George Margaret    
Landrey Jane 1762 30-Jan Dau George Marg    
Langden Azias 1757 May Dau William Mary    
Langden William 1761 April Son William Mary    
Launder Elizabeth 1763 2? Oct Dau George Margaret    
Launder ? 1769   Son George Margaret    
Launders William 1765 30-Jun Son William Elizabeth    
Launders Charles 1767 Jan Son William Elizabeth    
Launders Judith 1768 3-Nov Dau Edward Charity    
Lean Richard Wilton 1763 2-Oct Son   ? Base Child
Lobb William 1758 5-Aug Son Richard Elizabeth Baptised privately
Lobb Grace 1760 Jan   Dau Richard Elizabeth Posthumous Dau
Lynam Elizabeth 1761 16-Apr Dau Jacob Mary    
Lynam Richard 1763 21-Aug Son Jacob Mary    
Lynam Honour 1767 27-Oct Dau Joseph Elizabeth privately,publickly Nov 1
Mabley Humphry 1761 16-Apr Son Humphry Charity    
Mabley Henry 1762 12-Jun Son Humphry Charity    
Mably Charity 1765 17-Dec Dau Humphry Charity    
Mably Philippa 1768 10-Apr Dau Humphry Charity    
Markham Jane 1755 May Dau William Elizabeth    
Menhenniot Mary 1768 2-Feb Dau John Sarah Sojourner  
Miter John 1761 2-Aug Son John Margery    
Mitre Mary 1756 16-May Dau Charles Patience    
Mitre Ann 1759 March Dau Charles Jane    
Mitre Mary 1767 9-Aug Dau John Margery Privately few more entries unreadable,smudged faded
Morish Alice 1763 16-Aug Dau John Alice   Morris?
Morrice John 1765 26-May Dau Samuel Jane    
Morris John 1756 5-Nov Son John Alice    
Morris Jane 1757 Oct Son Samuel Jane    
Morris Samuel 1759 11-Feb Son Samuel Jane    
Morris Edward 1760 Nov Son Samuel Jane    
Morris Grace 1769 29-Sep Dau Samuel Jane    
Nitting Priscilla 1756 22-Feb Dau John Dorothy    
Nitting Ann 1757 Dec Dau John Dorothy    
Nitting Mary 1759 24-Jul Dau John Dorothy    
Parsons John 1756 Sept Son John   Has a dash for Mother
Philp Thomas 1761 6-Oct Son Francis Honour    
Philp James? 1763 3-Jul Son Francis Honor    
Philps Jane Read 1768 12-Jul Dau Francis Honour    
Pinch Mary 1755 26-Jun Dau John Mary    
Pinch James 1767 27-Jul Son Richard Elizabeth    
Pinch Elizabeth 1768 30-Oct Dau Richard Elizabeth    
Pollard Henry 1757 4-Mar Son Henry Ann    
Pollard James 1759 25-Jul Son Henry Anne    
Pollard John 1762 16-May Son Henry Ann    
Pollard William 1766 16-Jan Son Henry Ann Joint entry with Ann,Publickly
Pollard Ann 1766 16-Jan Dau Henry Ann Joint entry with William,Publickly
Pollard Jennifer 1769 25-Jul Dau Henry Ann    
Pooley William 1762 20-Jan Son Hugh Susanna    
Pooly Hugh 1757 Sept Son Hugh Susannah    
Pooly Joel 1767 25-Oct Son Robert Hannah    
Pope John 1756 July Son Thomas Elizabeth    
Pope Nicolas 1758 9-Apr Son Nicholas Mary    
Pope John 1762 26-Dec Son Thomas Elizabeth    
Prior John 1756 22-Feb Son John Mary    
Prior William 1758 23-Apr Son John Mary    
Prior Thomas 1761 15-Feb Son John Mary    
Prophett Temperance 1767 12-Feb Dau John Catherine    
Reynolds William 1767 19-May Son William Ann Sojourners in this Parish
Reynolds Ann 1769 8-Mar Dau William Ann Sojourners
Row Elizabeth 1756 17-Mar Dau William Michal    
Row Arthur 1756 9-May Son William Elizabeth    
Row Rebecca 1757 Dec Dau William Elizabeth    
Row Thomas 1758 27-Aug Son William Michal    
Row Jennifer 1760 Dec Dau William Elizabeth    
Row Thomas 1762 31-May Son William Micel    
Rowe Henry Cholwell 1766 19-May Son Hugh Ann    
Scott John 1769 7-Nov Son William Elizabeth    
Scroll? James 1761 12-Nov Son James Elizabeth    
Seawen Samuel 1756 Nov Son Samuel Joan    
Smith Christopher 1769 Oct Son Richard Mary    
Sobey John 1763 20-Mar Son Richard Mary    
Soper John 1755 8-Jun Son John Catherine    
Spur Daniel 1755 9-Mar Son Christopher Grace    
Spur Joseph 1757 31-Jul Son Christopher Grace    
Spur Elizabeth 1760 March Dau Christopher Grace    
Spur Grace 1766 19-May Dau Christopher Grace    
Spurr? Mary 1762 26-Jul Dau Christopher Jane    
Stone Richard 1765 26-Oct Son Richard Elizabeth    
Stone Jane 1767 16-Feb Dau Richard Elizabeth    
Taylor ? 1759 24-Aug Son Nehemiah Sarah    
Taylor Mary 1762 7-Nov Dau William Elizabeth    
Taylor Elizabeth 1768 28-Nov Dau William Elizabeth    
Thomas Philippa 1757 July Dau John Philippa    
Thomas John 1759 6-Jan Son   Catherine Base Child
Thomas George 1766 25-Feb Son George Ann    
Tonkin Catherine 1756 Dec Dau Thomas Ann    
Tonkin Mary 1758 27-Dec Dau Thomas Ann    
Truscott Edward 1766 1-Jul Son Edward Mary    
Tucker Mary 1758 18-Jun Dau Richard Mary    
Venicomb? Diana 1760 Sept Dau   Mary Base Child
Warn William 1756 Dec Son John Sarah    
Warn Bartholemew 1769 6-Nov Son Simon Susannah    
Wayatt Sarah 1764 19-Feb Dau Richard Sarah    
Webber Jane 1760 Nov Dau Richard Ann    
Webber William 1762 28-Feb Son Richard Ann    
Webber Elizabeth 1763 ? Dau Thomas Jane   Clearly Jane
Webber Catherine 1766 25-Jul Dau John Elizabeth    
Webber Thomas 1767 28-Apr Son Richard Ann    
Webber John 1768 27-Mar Son Thomas Ann    
Webber Jane 1768 6-May Dau John Elizabeth    
Weeks Catherine 1761 19-Jul Dau   Constance Base Child
Williams   John 1755 19-Feb Son Richard Elizabeth    
Williams   William 1757 May Son Richard Elizabeth    
Williams   Elizabeth 1759 April Dau Richard Elizabeth    
Worden Mary 1756 May Dau Samuel,Jun Grace    
Worden Samuel 1758 27-Mar Son Samuel Grace    
Worden Elizabeth 1760 16-Mar Dau Samuell Grace    
Worden William 1762 7-Mar Son Samuel Grace   2 more entries unreadable all squished together
Worden John 1766 30-Dec Son Samuel Grace    
Wyatt Mary 1760 10-Feb Dau Richard Sarah    
Wyatt Catherine Roskilly 1762 23-Feb Dau Richard Sarah    
Wyatt Richard 1767 22-Mar Son Richard Sarah Twin,joint entry with Elizabeth.Publickly April 20
Wyatt Elizabeth 1767 22-Mar Dau Richard Sarah Twin,joint entry with Richard.Publickly April 20
John 1756 7-Jun       "A Foundling"