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                                                                    St Kew Baptism's

                                                                                          1711 - 1720

                                                                               Transcribed by Christine Parker

            Note: These registers were in a poor state from flood/fire, not all records easily decipherable or visible




Surname Forename Year Date Sex Father Forename Mother Forename Abode Father Occupation Register Notes
? Elizabeth 1717 July Dau   ?     Base child
Andrews William 1712 29-Jun Son William Joan      
Andrews John 1718 5-Apr Son William Joan      
Barton Mary 1715 21-Oct Dau Robert Elizabeth      
Branch Elizabeth 1713 16-Nov Dau Richard Ma???      
Branch Katherine 1716 30-Apr Dau Richard M----      
Branch ? 1717 4-Mar Son Richard Mary      
Brown Susanna 1714 25-May dau William Barbara      
Brown Anne 1716 10-May Dau William Barbara      
Brown Moses 1718 20-Mar Son William Barbara      
Burton Anne 1711 19-Mar Dau George Elizabeth      
Button Thomas 1716 16-Jun Son Thomas Anne      
Callaway Phillip 1716 11-Apr Son Richard Grace      
Callaway Cordelia? 1717 17-Dec Dau John blank      
Callaway ?an 1717 1-Feb dau Richard Grace      
Callaway ??ane 1719 8-Mar Dau John blank      
Calloway Richard 1714 20-Oct Son Richard Grace      
Cleave Elizabeth 1718 1-Sep Dau John Katherine      
Cleave Richard 1719 3-Oct Son John Katherine      
Clemence Mary 1714 27-Apr dau John Elizabeth      
Clemence Richard 1716 30-Apr Son John Elizabeth      
Clemence Walter 1716 11-Feb Son John Jane      
Clemence Joseph   1718 10-Aug Son Richard Eliz     Joint entry with Benjamin
Clemence Benjamin 1718 10-Aug Son Richard Eliz     Joint entry with Joseph
Clemence John 1719 5-Oct Son Richard Elizabeth      
Couch Martha? 1712 30-Aug dau Nicholas Anne      
Courtney George 1712 29-Jun Son Robert Elizabeth   A Trawller  
Dancaster ??anna 1712 12-Aug dau John El      
Dancaster John 1713 15-Dec Son John Elizabeth      
Dancaster Thomas 1716 5-Jul Son John Elizabeth      
Dancaster Edward 1719 March the last Son John Elizabeth      
Drake Elizabeth 1715 24-Oct Dau Humphrey Elizab      
Froud Mary 1711 23-Apr Dau John Frances      
Froud William 1713 10-Mar Son John Frances      
Froud William 1714 29-May Son Charles Frances      
Froud Francis? 1715 Jan Son John Frances      
Froud ? 1716 4-Dec Son Charles Katherine      
Gard Robert   1715 1-Aug Son Robert Blanch      
Gard Elizabeth 1718 1-Nov Dau Robert Blanch      
Guy Joan 1711 28-Apr Dau   Mary     Base child
Hambly John 1718 23-Mar Son Richard Anne      
Harry William 1717 Dec ye last Son William Phillippa      
Harry Dorethy 1719 10-Oct Dau William Phillippa      
Harvey Robert? 1717 13-Nov Son John Jane      
Harvey John 1720 23-May Son John Jane      
Hay Rachell 1711 20-Feb Dau John Bridget      
Hicks Thomas 1711 3-Dec Son John Phillippa      
Hicks John 1714 7-Dec Son Mr John Mary      
Hicks Elizabeth 1716 7-Oct Dau Mr John Mary      
Hicks Jenny 1718 4-Oct dau Mr John Mar---      
Inch Phillip 1712 7-Dec Son   Mary     Base child
Inch Ann 1713 16-Feb dau John Joan      
Inch Phillippa 1716 12-Aug Dau John Joan      
Inch Phillip 1718 26-Nov Son John Joan      
Jacob John 1713 22-Jun Son John Mary      
Jacob ? 1715 30-Dec Son John ?     Twain joint entry with Benjamin
Jacob Benjamin 1715 30-Dec Son John ?     Twain joint entry with above
Jeffery Jane? 1717 20-Sep Dau   Jane     Base child
Keirst Mary 1711 29-Jul Dau John Joane      
Keirst John 1714 2-Mar Son John Jane      
Keirst Dorethy 1719 25-Mar dau John Jane      
Kendall Mary 1711 16-Dec Dau Samuell Grace St Tudy    
Kendall Grace 1716 4-Nov Dau Samuell Grace      
Kendall James 1718 14-Dec Son James Phillippa      
Kendall John 1719 4-May Son Samuell Grace      
Knight Elizabeth 1713 23-Mar dau Samuell Joan      
Knight Mary 1717 4-Apr Dau George Phillippa      
Knight ?ote 1717 10-Jun Dau Samuell Joan      
Lang Jane 1711 2-Jan Dau Mr John Mary      
Lang John 1714 8-Jun Son Mr John Mary      
Lang Philippa 1716 22-Feb Dau Mr John Mary      
Langdon Rebecca 1716 27-Mar Dau Degory ?      
Langdon Joan 1718 7-Oct Dau Digory Mary      
Lobb Richard? 1714 7-Feb Son John ?      
Lobb Elizabetha 1719 7-Sep Dau John Eliza      
Lynam ??ne 1713 2-Jun dau John Phillippa      
Lynam Hannah 1714 15-Feb Dau John Phillippa      
Martin Thomas 1716 24-Apr Son Richard Jane      
Martyn ? 1713 22-Sep Dau Richard Jane      
May Charles 1718 2-Jun Son John Bridget      
Metre John 1714 Nov Son Robert Margaret      
Michell William 1717 25-Feb Son William Eulalia      
Miter Richard 1716 23-Oct Son Robert Margeret      
Mitre Catherine 1719 3-May dau Robert Margaret      
Morice Thomas 1711 19-Feb Son Thomas Elizabeth      
Moses William 1712 30-Nov Son John Thomazin      
Moses Robert   1715 14-Aug Son John Thomazin      
Moyle ? 1712 18-May dau Mr Constantine Prudence      
Moyle Prudence 1714 19-Oct Dau Mr Constantine Mrs Prudence      
Moyle Mary 1717 July Dau Mr Constantine Prudence      
Moyle ??mes 1719 8-Sep Son Mr Constantine Mrs Prudence      
Nation Mary 1718 21-Oct Dau Mr John Sybella   Clerk  
Nicholls (Hon?)or 1714 15-Feb Dau William Joan      
Nicholls Grace 1717 24-Feb dau   Mary     Base child
Nicholls ??ne 1719 1-Jun dau William Joan      
Oldver ??ry 1713 14-Apr dau Nicholas Margeret      
Oldver Margeret 1716 3-Apr Dau Nicholas Margeret      
Oldver John 1717 7-Feb Son Nicholas Margaret      
Oliver John? 1712 14-Jul Son Robert Blanch      
Parsons Thomas 1712 20-Jan Son John Elizabeth      
Parsons Elizabeth 1715 19-Apr Dau John Elizabeth      
Pawley James 1715 4-May Son James Gunnet      
Pawley Thomazin 1716 13-Jan Dau Henry Grace      
Pawley Daniell 1718 14-Sep Son Henry Grace      
Perry Robert   1711 17-Apr Son William Sarah      
Perry William 1713 Feb ye last Son William Sarah      
Peters Thomas 1712 1-Jul Son Thomas Diana   Gent  
Peters ??inia 1712 8-Mar Dau James Jane      
Peters Jane 1720 19-Apr Dau James Jane      
Pinch Martha 1711 2-Jul Dau John Elizabeth      
Pinch ? 1712 9-Jun dau Thomas Bridget      
Pinch Aves 1713 17-Nov dau John Elizabeth      
Pinch William 1713 26-Dec Son Thomas Bridget      
Pinch Elizabeth 1715 16-Oct dau Thomas Brigett      
Pinch John 1716 5-Aug Son John Elizabeth      
Pinch Grace 1717 20-Oct Dau Thomas Bridgett      
Pinch Joseph   1718 13-May Son John Elizabeth     Joint entry with Mary
Pinch Mary 1718 13-May Dau John Elizabeth     Joint entry with Joseph
Pinch Thomas 1719 26-Sep Son Thomas Bregett      
Powell ??ry 1713 3-Aug Dau Thomas Jane      
Riggs Samuell 1717 6-Oct Son Jonathan blank      
Riggs Jonathan 1718 2-Sep Son Jonathan Xhian (Christian)      
Riggs Phillippa 1719 13-Sep Dau Jonathan Xhian (Christian)      
Roskilly Mary 1714 5-Jul Dau John Mary      
Roskilly Elizabeth 1719 20-Oct Dau John Gunnett      
Rundell Philippa 1712 9-Jun dau Joseph Elizabeth      
Rundle Rebecca 1713 30-Nov dau Joseph Elizabeth      
Sawyer Hugo 1718 4-Jul Son   Margeret     Base child
Si???? Mary 1715 Feb     Dau John ?      
Simons Richard 1712 19-May Son Richard Margery      
Smith Florence 1718 25-Mar dau Mathew Elizabeth      
Smith al:Packet Mathew 1719 5-May Son Mathew Elizabeth      
Sweet Robert   1711 24-Apr Son John Elizabeth      
Sweet Joan 1715 1-Nov Dau John Elizabeth     Twian dau joint entry with Jane
Sweet Jane 1715 1-Nov Dau John Elizabeth     Twain dau joint entry Joan
Sweet George 1717 Mar Son John Elizabeth      
Tambling William 1719 1-Feb Son Humphrey Ann      
Tamlain Ann 1717 4-Dec Dau Humphrey Ann      
Thomas Katherine 1712 29-Apr Dau John Elizabeth      
Thomas ? 1712 26-Oct Son   Margeret     Base child
Thomas John 1713 23-Aug Son Nicholas Elizabeth      
Thomas ??ry 1714 9-Mar Dau Nicholas Elizabeth      
Thomas Methusaleah? 1715 19-Jun Son John Elizabeth      
Thomas Rebecca 1716 27-Nov Dau Nicholas Elizabeth      
Tomes George? 1715 13-Mar Son George ?      
Treis Andrew 1718 24-Jan Son John Katherine      
Webber Mary? 1712 4-Nov Dau John Barbara      
Webber John 1715 18-May Son John Barbara      
Webber ??mes 1717 12-Nov Son Mr John Barbara      
Whetter John 1714 20-Aug Son John Mary      
Whore John 1716 2-Apr Son Stephen Mary      
Whore Mary 1717 28-Sep Dau Stephen Mary      
Whore William 1719 18-May Son Steven Mary      
Williams (Pen?)elope 1713 31-Mar Dau Richard Elizabeth      
Williams Elizabeth 1715 26-May Dau Richard Elizabeth      
Williams Richard? 1716 18-Mar Son John Mary      
Worden Mary 1712 3-Jun dau George Ruth      
Worden Rebecca 1714 11-Feb Dau George Ruth      
Worden Thomas 1716 4-Sep Son Thomas Elizabeth      
Worden Dorothy 1717 16-Sep Dau John Marian      
Dorcas 1717 Mar dau John Katherine