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                                                                      St Kew Baptism's

                                                                                          1701 - 1710

                                                                                                                                         Transcribed by Christine Parker

            Note: These registers were in a poor state from flood/fire, not all records easily decipherable or visible


Surname Forename Year Date Sex Father Forename Mother Forename Abode Father's Occupation Register Notes Transcriber Notes
? Elizabeth 1708 5-Nov Dau Tho       Gent    
? Joseph   1709 23-Apr Son     Brighter   "a child born at Brighter whole parents are unknown"  
Andrews ? 1709 7-Jan Son William Joane        
Ayrs Hannah 1705 28-May dau Edward Hannah        
Bennick Edward 1706 5-May Son John Margerett        
Bishop ? 1707 2-Jun Son William   End      
Brown William 1701 14-Oct Son Ralph Joan   Husb    
Brown William 1701 4-Dec Son William Ba----   Tayl    
Brown Phillip 1703 31-Mar Son Ralph jane        
Brown Abraham 1704 16-Jan Son William Barbara        
Brown Thomas 1707 24-Feb Son William Barbara        
Brown John 1710 20-Sep Son William Barbara        
Burton Robert   1706 6-Jun Son George Elizabeth        
Button Sarah 1703 3-Nov Dau George Jane        
Callaway Elizabeth 1701 Sept ye last Dau Richard ?       name in book binding
Chalick Mary 1705 11-Dec Dau John Mary        
Cleave Thomas 1701 27-Apr Son John Susanna   Husb    
Cleave ? 1702 8-Mar Son Thomas Barbara        
Cleave Edward 1703 5-Sep Son John Susanna        
Cleave Mary 1706 25-Aug Dau John Sus-----   Poor Labourer    
Cleave Elizabeth 1709 3-Apr Dau John Susanna        
Cock James? 1704 28-Jan Son Thomas          
Condon George   1708 11-Jan Son   Sarah     Base child  
Conyer Constis? 1705 10-Apr Dau John Martha   Seaman    
Couch Anne? 1702 1-Jun dau Nicholas Anne        
Couch William 1705 1-Jan Son Nicholas Ann        
Cutlip Mary? 1702 1-Dec Dau Richard Mary        
Cutlip Dorcas 1705 21-Feb dau Richard Mary        
Cutlip Joane 1709 14-Feb Dau Richard Mary        
Downing Faith 1702 12-Jan Dau John Faith        
Downing Moses 1705 27-Oct dau John Faith        
Downing ? 1707 28-Jun Dau John Faith        
Dra(k?)es ??ph 1707 6-Sep Son Humphrey Elizabeth        
Eyre Thomas? 1704 Dec Dau   Margeret     Base son  
Froud Letitia 1704 19-Feb Dau Samuel Mary        
Froud Elizabeth 1709 20-Jun Dau John Frances        
Froud Susann 1709 29-Jul Dau Charles ?        
Froud? ? 1705 9-Jul Son Thomas Barbara        
Garland Thomas 1705 1-Apr Son Humphrey Mary        
Giles Mathew 1703 30-Jan Son Richard Elizabeth        
Giles ? 1707 23-Jun dau Richard         had line for wife
Heathman George? 1702 2-Mar Son George Philippa        
Heathman ? 1707 6-Jan dau George Phillippa        
Helburn William 1702 28-Sep Son Moses Jane        
Hellborn John 1702 1-Jun Son   Mary     Base child,name in book binding  
Helman Elizabeth 1708 12-Oct Dau Joseph Sarah        
Hicks Mary 1709 14-May Dau Thomas Mary Endel      
Hicks Philippa 1710 29-May Dau Mr John Mary        
Higgs Elizabeth 1701 19-May dau Samuel Philippa   Husb    
Inch Jonathan 1701 14-Jan Son   Lucy Trelill   Twain,joint entry with Martha  
Inch Martha 1701 14-Jan Dau   Lucy Trelill   Twain,joint entry with Jonathan  
Inch Dinah 1701 10-Mar Dau John Joane of Trel:   Trelill? Looks like a ah on end of childs name  
Inch Katherine 1703 6-Mar Dau John Joan        
Inch John 1704 6-Feb Son Phillip Mary        
Inch Mary 1705 12-Feb dau John Joa.. Trel:      
Inch Mary 1708 9-Feb dau John Joan        
Inch Richard 1709 7-Mar Son William Sybella        
Inch (Ele?)nor 1710 26-Sep Dau John Joane        
Inch Smith Philippa 1704 5-Dec Dau John Joane        
Jeffery A??ei 1701 13-Jul Son William Mary        
Jeffery Richard 1703 29-Feb Son William Mar--       29 Feb is a leap year
Keast Jane 1704 2-Oct Dau John Jane        
Keiast ? 1707 25-Mar Son John Jane        
Lang Catherine 1707 7-Apr Dau John Mary        
Lang Mary 1709 13-Dec Dau John Mary        
Larke Anne 1702 29-Jun Dau Francis Mary        
Launder Mary 1704 Nov   Dau John? Elizabeth        
Line Elizabeth 1701 8-Apr dau John Susanna   Mas    
Lucas ? 1702 6-Sep Dau Gideon Sybella        
Lynam Jane 1702 25-Aug Dau William Bridget        
Lyne John 1703 9-Nov Son John Susanna        
Martiall Nicholas 1701 17-Feb Son Nicholas Elizabeth        
Martiall Elizabeth 1707 1-Oct dau Nicholas Susan           
May William 1703 2-Mar Son John Bridget        
May John 1706 2-Apr Son John Bridget        
May Richard 1708 23-Mar Son John Bridget        
Morice Charity 1705 26-Feb Dau Thomas Elizabeth        
Morice Elizabeth 1707 19-Oct dau Thomas Elizabeth        
Moses Gart??? 1701 20-Jun dau John Thomasin        
Moses Thomas 1702 26-Dec Son John Thomazin        
Moses John 1704 21-Feb Son John Thomazin        
Moses Mary 1706 18-Mar dau John Thom--        
Moses Edward 1710 30-Apr Son John Thomazin        
Moyle Margaret 1702 9-Mar Dau Constantine Anne        
Moyle ? 1705   ? Constantine Prudence        
Moyle Elizabeth 1707 8-Nov dau Mr Constantine Prudence        
Moyle Alice 1709 28-Dec Dau Mr Constantine Prudence        
Nation Richard 1702 23-Mar Son John Elizabeth   Vic    
Nation Elizabeth 1706 28-May dau John Elizabeth   Clerk    
Nicholls Jane 1706 9-Jul dau blank? ?   Mariner   name in book bidning for mother
Oldver Jane 1708 15-Feb dau Nicholas Marge--        
Oldver Sarah 1710 30-Jan Dau Nicholas Mary        
Oliver John 1705 18-Apr Son Mathew Julia        
Oliver blank 1709 15-May Dau Robert ?        
Parsons Mary 1706 16-Oct Dau John Elizabeth   Millar    
Parsons John? 1708 20-Sep Son John Elizabeth        
Parsons ? 1710 5-Dec Dau John Elizabeth        
Pawley Richard 1709 17-Jan Son Richard Elizabeth        
Peirce ? 1701 20-Nov Son Thomas Ma---        
Peirce Anne 1709 6-Jun Dau Thomas Phillippa        
Perry Sarah 1706 2-Apr Dau William Sarah        
Perry Francis   1708 14-Sep Son William Sarah        
Peter   Charles 1706 11-Feb Son Thomas Diana   Gent    
Peters ? 1702 27-Apr Son James Jane   Husb    
Peters Margeret? 1704 19-Feb Dau James Jane        
Peters John 1705 17-Apr Son Thomas Diana   Gent    
Peters ? 1707 15-Apr Son James Jane        
Phillips William 1707 6-Mar Son Mr Humphry Gartrude        
Pinch Mary? 1703 11-May Dau John Elizabeth        
Pinch James 1704 11-Oct Son John Elizabetha        
Pinch Elizabeth 1706 8-Oct Dau John Elizabeth   Poor      
Pinch B???? 1708 6-Dec Dau John Elizabeth        
Pinch John 1710 13-Mar Son Thomas Brichet        
Powell (Jo?) hn 1710 3-Oct Son Thomas Jane        
Rawlin Elizabeth 1701 28-May dau Charles Eliz   Sm    
Riggs William 1704 6-Feb Son Phillip Charity        
Rogers Blanch 1701 10-Mar Dau William Katherine   Husb   Most of the first names are in the books bindings
Rogers Thomas 1704 17-Apr Son William Katherine        
Roskilly Richard? 1702 22-Oct Son Richard Avice        
Roskilly Elizabeth 1703 29-Feb Dau Richard Avice        
Roskilly ? 1707 21-May Dau Richard ?        
Rundell Grace 1709 7-Nov Dau Joseph Elizabeth        
Simth (Smith?) Katherine 1709 2-Jun Dau Joseph Elizabeth        
Slogget Mary? 1701 Feb Dau John Mary        
Slogget Richard 1704 5-Jun Son John Mary        
Slogget James 1708 18-Feb Son John Mary        
Sluggard William 1706 12-Oct Son John M---   Husb    
Smale Margeret  1710 26-May Dau Will     St Laurent      
Smith Elizabeth 1701   dau John ?        
Smith Mary 1706 Dec the last dau Joseph Elizabeth   Miller    
Stac? John 1705 8-May Son William Margeret        
Sturbridge William 1703 Nov ye last Son John Gr(ace?)        
Sweet Mary 1701 12-Aug dau John Elizabeth        
Sweet John 1703 8-Oct Son John Elizabeth        
Sweet Elizabeth 1707 8-Jan dau John Elizabeth        
Thomas William 1707 2-Mar Son John Elizabeth        
Thomas ? 1707 21-Aug ?   Margaret     Base child  
Warren Samuell 1701 10-Dec Son Samuell Mary   Husb    
Warren John 1708 27-Sep Son Samuell Joan        
Warren ? 1709 ? Dau Samuell ?        
Webber Elizabeth 1701 4-May dau Thomas Mary        
Webber Elizabeth 1706 21-Apr Dau Thomas ?        
Webber Elizabeth 1706 21-May Dau   Elizabeth     Base child  
Webber Richard 1709 14-Mar Son Mr John Barbara        
Webber ? 1710 1-Jan Dau Thomas Agnes       another 2 entries cant see
Wilcock ? 1701 11-Mar Son Chrystopher Cecilila   Husb    
Wilcock Thomas 1703 5-Jan Son Chrystopher Sicilia        
Wilcock Thomas 1705 9-Apr Son Chrystopher Cicilia        
Wilcock Elizabeth 1710 20-Mar Dau Chrystopher Cicilia        
Wilcocks ? 1707 28-Jun Son Chrystopher Sicilia        
Wilkey ? 1705 24-Jul Son John Phillis        
Williams ? 1702 5-May dau John Elizabeth        
Williams John 1707 28-Oct Son John Honor        
Williams Joane 1710 26-Sep Dau Richard Elizabeth        
Wills Thomas 1701 9-Sep Son John Mary   Husb    
Worden Elizabeth 1701 1-Apr dau John Grace   Tayl    
Worden Thomas 1703 9-Nov Son Thomas Philippa        
Worden Mary 1709 25-Oct Dau Thomas Phillippa