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St Kew

1795- 1813

Transcribed by Christine Parker

Surname Forename Year Day Month Sex Father Forename Mother Forename Abode Register Notes Transcriber Notes
? John 1795 29-Jul Son Robert Ann      
Allen Philley 1805 29-Dec Dau John Mary      
Allen Richard 1807 15-Mar Son John Mary      
Allen Robert 1809 26-Nov Son John Mary      
Allen John 1812 2-Aug Son John Mary      
Audridge Elizabeth 1795 26-Jul Dau Philip Mary      
Audridge Philip 1797 22-Oct Son Philip Mary      
Audridge Richard 1800 15-Jun Son Philip Mary      
Audridge Mary 1803 12-Sep Dau Philip Mary      
Audridge Peggy   1805 3-Feb Dau Philip Mary      
Audridge Sarah 1812 1-Mar Dau Philip Mary      
Bate John Olver 1804 22-Apr Son John Ann      
Bate ? 1806 19-Oct Dau John Ann     Name obscured in book binding
Bedford Abraham Brown 1805 16-Dec Son John Susannah      
Beer Walter 1795 25-May Son Thomas Jane      
Beer John 1796 20-Jul Son John Charity   Privately  
Beer John Webber 1796 6-Nov Son Thomas Jane      
Beer Thomas 1802 25-Dec Son Thomas Jane      
Beer William 1806 25-May Son Thomas Jane      
Beer Mary Ann 1811 22-Dec Dau William Grace      
Ben??ey Thomas 1798 22-Apr Son Arthur Mary   Twin.Joint entry with James.  
Ben??ey James 1798 22-Apr Son Arthur Mary   Twin.Joint entry with Thomas.  
Benny William 1795 27-Dec Son Arthur Mary      
Best George 1805 24-Jul Son   Rebeccah   Base child  
Bishop Philippa Pearse 1806 3-Aug Dau Thomas Jane      
Bishop Jane 1807 30-Jul Dau Thomas Jane      
Bishop Thomas 1808 8-Dec Son Thomas Jane   Privately July 11  
Bishop Elizabeth 1811 14-Mar Dau Thomas Jane      
Blake Lydia 1811 9-Jun Dau   Grace   A base child of Simon Orchard  
Blewett John 1796 25-Dec Son William Elizabeth      
Blewett Jenifer 1799 9-Jun Dau William Elizabeth      
Blewett William 1801 17-May Son William Elizabeth   Publickly 17 May  
Blewett Margery 1803 25-Jul Dau William Elizabeth      
Blewett Robert 1805 6-Oct Son William Elizabeth      
Blewett Nanny 1808 1-May Dau William Elizabeth      
Blewett Ann Mitre 1811 5-May Dau William Elizabeth      
Bligh William 1795 25-Oct Son Thomas Mary      
Bligh Thomas 1797 12-Nov Son Thomas Mary      
Bligh Prudence 1798 12-Nov Dau William Prudence      
Bligh James 1799 6-Oct Son Thomas Mary      
Blight Mary Ann 1810 25-Feb Dau William Ann      
Bluett Mary 1795 15-Mar Dau William Elizabeth      
Bolten? Elizabeth 1807 20-Dec Dau John Ann      
Bonny Arthur 1801 27-Jul Son Arthur Mary      
Boscomb  Catherine 1802 2-May Dau William Jane      
Boscombe Jenny? 1798 25-Mar Dau William Jane      
Boscombe Dennett? 1807 12-Jul Dau William Jane     Forename partially obscured
Boscumbe John 1800 25-May Son William Jennifer      
Boscumbe Richard 1805 July Son William Jane   Numbers obscured in book crease  
Boscumbe ? 1806 28-Dec Son Samuel Ann     Name obscured in book binding
Braddon Henry 1798 14-Dec Son Henry Sarah   Privately  
Braddon Edward Nicholas 1801 16-Aug Son W Henry Sarah   Privately Next few entries have no parents names
Braddon Henry 1802 26-Jul Son Wm Henry Sarah   Publickly  
Braddon Edward Nicholas 1802 26-Jul Son Wm Henry Sarah   Publickly  
Bray Ann 1796 13-Mar Dau Nicholas Mary      
Bray Mary Ann 1798 9-Dec Dau Nicholas Mary   Publickly  
Bray John 1801 29-Nov            
Bray Nicholas 1804 13-May Son Nicholas Mary      
Bray Robert 1807 19-Apr Son Nicholas Mary      
Bray Joanna? 1809 3-Oct Dau Nicholas Mary      
Brillan George Symons 1802 20-Sep Son George Mary-ann   IGI has Brittan.The l's arent crossed.  
Broad Mary 1796 15-May Dau Robert Ann      
Broad Barbara 1798 11-Mar Dau William Mary      
Broad Robert 1798 15-Apr Son Robert Ann      
Broad John 1800 29-Jul Son William Mary      
Broad Charles 1801 14-Feb Son Robert Ann   Publickly 25 May  
Broad John 1803 25-Jul Son Robert Ann      
Broad Ann 1805 29-Sep Dau Robert Ann      
Broad Anthony 1808 March Son Robert Ann     Date partially obscured by book binding
Broad Elizabeth 1811 24-Mar Dau Robert Ann      
Brown Mary Fradd 1807 27-Dec Dau Thomas Elizabeth      
Brown Jane 1809 27-Aug Dau Abraham Jane      
Brown Susannah 1810 14-Jan Dau Thomas Elizabeth      
Brown Abraham    1812 26-Jan Son Thomas Elizabeth      
Bunt John 1802 30-May Son Thomas Mary      
Buscombe Ann 1796 17-Jul Dau William Jane      
Buscombe Elizabeth 1805 18? Aug Dau Philip Mary      
Buscombe William 1810 25-Dec Son John Susannah      
Buscumbe Elizabeth 1810 28-Apr Dau William Jane      
Button Thomas 1805 26-May Son John Ann      
Button Isey? 1805 18? Aug Dau Edward Ann   "he was married out of bridewell"  
Calloway Ann 1797 25-May Dau John Jane      
cant decifer Thomas? 1800 27-Jan Son Robert Susannah      
cant decifer Mary 1800 10-Feb Dau Thomas Jane   Very faint  
Carveth Thomas 1795 15-Nov Son John Sarah      
Carveth Edward 1798 30-Sep Son John Sarah   May 30th Privately.30 Sept Pub  
Chapman William 1805 14-Apr Son John Elizabeth      
Chapman Susannah 1807 18-Oct Dau John Elizabeth      
Chapman John 1810 29-Jul Son John Elizabeth      
Chipman Richard 1802 25-Apr            
Chipman Wm Th??y 1802 15-Jul Son   Tomasin      
Cleave Robert 1795 11-May Son Thomas Rebecca      
Cleave Thomas 1797 26-Feb Son John Catherine      
Cleave Barbara 1798 18-Jun Dau Thomas Mary   May 16th privately.Pub 18 June  
Cleave Jonathan 1807 24-May Son John Catherine      
Clemence William 1796 10-Jan Son John Betsy      
Clemence John 1801 26-Apr Son John Betsey   Publickly  
Clements Samuel 1806 31-Mar Son John Mary      
Clements John 1807 16-Aug Son John Mary      
Clements Mary Ann 1808 2-Oct Dau John Mary      
Clements William 1810 5-Aug Son John Mary      
Clements Rebecca 1812 7-Jun Dau John Mary      
Cock Sarah 1795 12-Apr Dau James Mary      
Cock Cordelia 1795 11-Oct Dau Edward Elizabeth      
Cock Elizabeth 1797 1-Jan Dau William Jane      
Cock John 1797 11-Jun Son Edward Elizabeth      
Cock William 1800 16-Nov Son William Jennifer      
Cock John 1803 Feb Son William Jenefer      
Cock Jenifer 1805 29-May Dau William Jenifer   William deceased  
Cock Harriet 1810 1-Apr Dau James Jennifer      
Cock James 1812 2-Aug Son James Jane      
Cole William 1810 23-Sep Son John Jennefer      
Coleman Susanna 1795 27-Dec Dau John Mary      
Colliver Thomas 1795 18-Jan Son   Mary      
Colliver Mary 1796 24-Jan Dau James Catherine      
Colliver? Philip 1812 9-Feb Son William Colliver Jane St???   Base son  
Cornich John 1795 15-Mar Son John Mary      
Cornish William 1802 10-Oct Son George Mary      
Cornish George 1803 13-Nov Son George Mary      
Cornish Elizabeth 1805 13-Oct Dau George Mary      
Couch Robert 1798 23-Dec Son William Ann   Publickly  
Couch Catherine 1801 25-Oct            
Couch Ann 1803 2-Oct Dau William Ann      
Couch John 1804 25-Jan Son James Ann      
Couch Sampson 1805 22-Jul Son William Ann      
Couch James 1806 2-Jun Son James Ann      
Couch William 1807 6-Dec Son Willaim Ann      
Couch Thomas Webber 1808 14-Aug Son James Ann      
Couch Thomas 1810 27-May Son William Ann      
Couch Ann 1811 21-Apr Dau James Ann      
Couch James 1812 1-Nov Son William Ann      
Cowling Nicholas 1796 23-Oct Son Richard Susannah      
Cowling George 1800 29-Jul Son Richard Susannah      
Cowling Richard 1801 28-Jul Son Richard Sarah      
Cowling Ann 1802 7-Nov Dau Richard Sarah      
Cowling Susannah 1803 May Dau Richard Susannah      
Cowling John Cowling 1804 14-Oct Son John Ann   (born before marriage) Son of John  Cowling & Ann his wife  
Cowling Jennifer 1804 11-Nov Dau Richard Sarah      
Cowling Elizabeth 1806 13-Apr Dau Nicholas Susannah Trewaren    
Cowling Mary 1808 25-Feb Dau Richard Sarah      
Cowling Eliza 1809 28-May Dau Richard (Deceased) Susannah      
Curgenven Constantine 1797 26-Jun Son John Ann      
Curgenven Sarah 1799 16-May Dau John Ann      
Curgenven William 1800 Dec Son John Ann   Privately 26 Dec  
Curgenven Thomas Richard 1802 3-Aug Son John Ann      
Curgenven Peter 1804 5-Feb Son John Ann   Also publickly  
Curgenven Peter 1806 8-Jul Son John Ann      
Curgenven Mary Ann 1807 29-Jul Dau John Ann   Privately 9 Mar 1807.Publickly  
Curgenven William Henry 1809 24-Jul Son John Ann      
Derrant Rebecca 1808 2-Oct Dau Harry Philippa      
Derrant Samuel 1811 16-Feb Son Henry Philippa      
Dinner Ann 1809 1-Oct Dau Thomas Mary      
Dinner Alice 1811 24-Mar Dau Thomas Mary      
Ede Moses 1797 23-Jul Son Moses Sarah      
Ede Aaron 1812 26-Jul Son Moses Sarah      
Finemore Betty 1806 9-Mar Dau John Elizabeth      
Finnemore Mary 1810 28-Jan Dau John Elizabeth      
Finnemore Mary 1811 31-Mar Son John Elizabeth      
Ford George 1800 27-Apr Son George Jenifer      
Ford Elizabeth 1803 24-Jul Dau George Jane      
Ford Eliza 1805 15-Dec Dau George Jenifer      
Ford Charles 1809 5-Feb Son George Jennifer   Twin,joint entry with William  
Ford William 1809 5-Feb Son George Jennifer   Twin,joint entry with Charles  
Ford Samuel 1810 Sept Son George Jennifer      
Fradd Letitia 1795 28-Oct Dau Richard Ann      
Fradd Elizabeth 1796 25-Jul Dau William Charity      
Fradd Jenny 1798 19-Jan Dau William Charity      
Fradd Mary 1799 29-Dec Dau Wm Charity   Very faint  
Fradd Richard 1800 14-Apr Son Richard Ann   Privately 10 Mar.  
Fradd Charles Constantine 1802 21-Apr Son Richd Ann      
Fradd Charles 1802 7-Jun Son William Charity      
Fradd William 1804 22-Jul Son William Charity      
Fradd Hannah 1809 30-Jul Dau William Charity      
Fradd Mary 1809 5-Nov Dau William Elizabeth      
Goodman Ann 1799 5-May Dau John Catherine   Publickly  
Goodman Elizabeth 1801 19-Jul Dau John blank   By Rev R Kingdon  
Goodman James 1805 30-Jun Son John Catherine      
Goodman Mary 1807 15-Nov Dau Richard Mary      
Goodman James Johnson 1809 24-Sep Son Richard Mary      
Goodman Sampson 1811 29-Dec Son Richard Mary      
Green John 1800 9-Nov Son   Mary      
Grose William 1796 28-Jun Son Richard Elizabeth      
Grose Mary Ann 1804 31-Oct Dau Thomas Mary      
Grose ? 1807 30-Mar Dau Thomas Mary     Name obscured in book binding
Grose John 1810 30-Sep Son Thomas Mary      
Grose Hannah 1812 16-Apr Dau Thomas Mary      
Hambley Philip 1803 Mar Son Philip Catharine      
Hambly Thomas 1804 12-Feb Son Joseph Dorothy      
Hawk   Robert 1797 21-Jun Son Robert Ann      
Hawke William 1796 9-Oct Son Thomas Eleoner      
Hender? John? 1799 26 Dec? Son       Too faint to see parents  
Hewett Edward 1795 28-Jun Son   Grace      
Hewett Moses 1799 14-Apr Son Thomas Jane   Publickly  
Hewett Aaron 1800 16-Nov Son Thomas Jennifer   Privately.Publickly 8 Sept  
Hewitt John Bas??on 1801 1-Nov Son   Grace      
Higgs Joseph 1796 26-Dec Son John Catherine      
Higgs Richard 1799 19-Jun Son John Catherine   Privately June 19th.  
Higgs Albert 1800 21-Oct Son John Catherine   Was Baptised St Endellyon  
Higgs John 1809 23-Oct Son Samuel Mary   Privately 3 aug  
Hill John 1798 18-Nov Son William Elizabeth   Publickly  
Hill Thomas 1801 8-Feb Son William Elizabeth      
Hill George 1803 Mar Son John Margaret      
Hill Dorcas 1805 6-Jan Dau William Elizabeth      
Hill John 1805 24-Feb Son John Margeret      
Hill Dorothy 1807 12-Apr Dau John Margaret      
Hill John 1811 28-Jul Son William Elizabeth      
Hitchens Thomas 1810 19-Aug Son John Ann      
Hitchins Mary 1808 3-Jul Dau John Ann      
Hocken Thomas 1795 5-Jul Son John Jane      
Hockin   Catherine 1803 15-May Dau John Jennifer      
Hocking Harriet 1797 10-Sep Dau John Jane      
Hocking William 1800 3-Oct Son John Jennifer      
Hocking Jenifer 1806 3-Aug Dau Francis Mary      
Hughes Ann 1801 14-Oct            
Huntingdon John Thomas 1800 26-Jan Son John Elizabeth   Very faint  
Huntingdon William 1805 20-Jan Son John Elizabeth      
Inch Ann 1796 9-Oct Dau William Mary      
Inch Robert 1799 24-Mar Son William Mary   Publickly  
Inch Elizabeth 1801 22-Feb Dau William Mary      
Inch William Higgs 1803 May Son William Mary      
Jackett Christiana 1801 11-Oct            
Jackett Thomas 1807 25-Jan Son Thomas Priscilla      
Jacob Catherine 1812 1-Mar Dau George Catherine      
Jacob Elizabeth 1804 19-Aug Dau Samuel Elizabeth      
Jacobs John 1799 5-May Son George Catherine   Publickly  
Jacobs Benjamin 1802 11-Apr            
Jacobs Peggy? 1804 13-May Dau George Catherine     Forenames in dark page crease,not all visible.
Jacobs ? 1806 28-Jul Dau Samuel Elizabeth     Name obscured in book binding
Jacobs ? 1806 23-Oct Dau George Catherine     Name obscured in book binding
Jacobs Ann 1809 12-Nov Dau George Catherine      
Jacquest? Grace 1800 8-Jun Dau Jonathan Betsey      
Jacquest? Sarah 1804 26-Feb Dau Thomas Priscilla      
Jacquett Priscilla 1809 5-Nov Dau Thomas Priscilla      
Jeffery John Thomas 1798 23-Sep Son John Ann      
Jones John Braden 1796 15-May Son John Elizabeth      
Jones Elizabeth 1801 20-Sep            
Jones William Bate 1809 12-Mar Son blank Maria Jones   Has on same line Williams of Treworna  
Jory Ann 1797 1-Oct Dau John Ann      
Jory Jane 1807 20-Sep Dau John Ann      
Keate Tamazine 1810 11-Jun Dau John Alice      
Kellow Sarah 1796 17-Jul Dau Richard Ann      
Kellow Richard 1802 27-Jun Son Richd Ann   Twin, joint entry with Ann  
Kellow Ann 1802 27-Jun Dau Richd Ann   Twin,joint entry with Richard  
Kellow Robert 1802 21-Nov Son John Elizabeth      
Kellow Jenny 1804 8-Jan Dau Richard Ann      
Kellow John 1810 15-Apr Son Richard Ann      
Kellow Betsey 1811 15-Dec Dau   Mary   Base daughter of Mary Kellow  
Kellow John 1811 29-Dec Son Henry Ann      
Kent Richard Cowlong 1796 16-Oct Son   Susannah      
Kent Richard 1797 25-Jun Son Philip Dinah      
Kent Richard Hocking 1799 29-Sep Son Philip Dinah      
Kent Mary 1803 7-Jan Dau   Jenifer   Base child.  
Kent ??ily 1804 20-May Dau Philip Dianah     Forenames in dark page crease,not all visible.
Kent Francis    1806 28-Sep Son Philip Dianah      
Kent Hugh Hockin 1809 15-Jan Son Philip Dianah      
Kent Mary Ann 1811 25-Dec Dau Thomas Mary      
Kent Susannah 1812 18-Oct Dau Philip Diane      
Kernick Richard 1809 1-Jan Son William Jane      
Kestell Robert 1801 21-Jun Son Thomas Jane   Publickly 21 June  
Kite? Ann Fradd 1812 1-Nov Dau John Alice      
Knight Christiana 1805 July Dau Jonathan Christiana   Numbers obscured in book crease  
Knight William 1807 25-Jan Son Jonathan Catherine      
Lander John 1801 9-Mar Son James Elizabeth   Privately  
Lang Mary 1796 3-Apr Dau Nathaniel Catherine      
Lang Catharine 1798 28-May Dau Nathaniel Catharine      
Lang Jenefer 1800 6-Apr Dau Nathaniel Catherine      
Lang Grace 1803 7-Jan Dau Nathaniel Catherine      
Lang Joseph 1805 Nov Son Nathaniel Catherine   Twin son joint entry with Benjamin.Privately 28 Nov.Both (dead?)  
Lang Benjamin 1805 Nov Son Nathaniel Catherine   Twin son joint entry with Joseph.Privately 28 Nov.Both (dead?)  
Lang James 1809 19-Feb Son Nathaniel Catherine      
Launder Thomas 1800 14?May Son Peter Ann      
Launder James 1803 April Son James Elizabeth      
Launder George 1805 July Son James Elizabeth   Numbers obscured in book crease  
Launder Richard 1808 28-Feb Son James Elizabeth      
Launder Elizabeth 1810 4-Mar Dau James Elizabeth      
Launder William 1811 1-Dec Son James Elizabeth      
Lean John 1805 July Son Richard Catherine   Publickly.Privately no date  
Lean Richard 1806 7-Oct Son Richard Catherine      
Lean Mary 1807 15-Nov Dau Richard Catherine     Privately
Lean Mary 1808 17-Jun Dau Richard Catherine      
Lean Robert 1809 10-Mar Son Richard Catherine      
Lean Benjamin 1809 27-Dec Son Richard Catherine      
Lobb Susanna 1801 26-Dec            
Lobb Jennifer 1804 22-Jul Dau Richard Hannah      
Lobb Mary Hannah 1806 23-Apr Dau Richard Hann       
Lobb Philippa 1808 23-Oct Dau Richard Hannah      
Lobb Richard 1812 1-Mar Son Richard Hannah      
Lynam John 1797 27-Dec Son Richard Phillippa      
Marks James 1809 22-Oct Son James Elizabeth      
Marks Mary Ann 1812 23-Feb Dau James Elizabeth      
Mathews Ambrose 1795 27-Dec Son William ?      
Mathews Henery 1798 15-Apr Son William Welthon?      
Matthews Elizabeth 1808 12-Jun Dau William Mary      
Matthews Anthony Thomas 1810 10-Jun Son William Mary      
Matthews Elizabeth 1812 27-Dec Dau William Mary      
May Mary Ann 1807 31-May Dau William Christiana      
May William 1810 13-May Son William Christiana      
Menhennett Mary 1805 9-Jan Dau John Mary      
Menhiniot William 1802 14-Jan            
Menhinnett Philippa 1803 May Dau John Mary      
Menhinnett Elizabeth 1806 28-May Dau John Mary      
Menhinnett Barbara 1808 March Dau John Mary      
Menhinnett Margery 1812 1-Mar Dau John Mary      
Menhnick John 1810 15-May Son John Mary      
Mill John 1798 18-Feb Son   Jane      
Mitre James 1800 ? Son John Temperance   Privately 22 April.? Over Publickly  
Mitre ? 1807 22-Feb Dau John Temperance     Name obscured in book binding
Mitter Temperance 1795 27-Jul Dau John Temperance      
Mitter Catherine 1797 21-Dec Dau John Temperance      
Mitter James 1801 12-Jan Son John Temperance   Publickly  
Mitter Margery 1803 Mar Dau John Prudence      
Mitter Jenny 1812 27-Dec Dau John Catherine      
Moyle Prudence 1795 27-Dec Dau William Joanna      
Moyle Jane 1810 23-Jul Dau William Margaret      
Par??? Rebeccah 1811 14-Apr Dau Thomas Mary      
Parson Jane 1798 18-Jan Dau Lewis Jane      
Parson Lewis 1803 Feb Son Lewis Jane      
Parsons Margaret 1805 7-Apr Dau Lewis Jane      
Pascoe Christopher 1812 27-Dec Son Christopher Elizabeth     End.Consult the new register.
Penelyson? Loveday 1798 11-Mar Dau Henry Honor      
Perry William Hamley 1810 Sept Son William Mary      
Perry Johanna 1812 6-Sep Dau William Mary      
Persan Mary 1795 26-Jul Dau Lewis Jane      
Philp Elizabeth 1795 28-Apr Dau John Ann      
Philp Jane 1796 3-Oct Dau Samuel Gertrude      
Philp Rebecca 1796 12-Oct Dau John Ann      
Philp Richard Francis 1800 6-Mar Son Samuel Gertrude   Very faint  
Philp Francis Richard 1800 6-Mar Son Samuel Gertrude      
Philps Samuel 1797 19-Nov Son Thomas Mary      
Pinch Prudence 1795 22-Mar Dau Richd Grace      
Pinch John 1798 23-Jul Son Richard Grace      
Pinch Anna Guy 1803 2-Oct Dau James Elizabeth      
Pinch John 1806 4-Jul Son James Betsey      
Pinch ? 1806 7-Dec Son Edward Thomasin     Name obscured in book binding
Pinch Edmund 1808 10-Jan Son Edmund Tamasin      
Pinch Robert 1810 26-Aug Son Edmund Tamasin      
Pinch James 1811 28-Jul Son James Elizabeth      
Pinch Mary 1812 9-Feb Dau Richard Mary      
Pinch Richard 1812 22-Mar Son John Bond Grace Pinch     Base child
Pinch Stephen 1812 6-Sep Son Edmund Tamasin      
Pollard Joanna 1795 10-May Dau   Jane      
Pollard Jenifer 1798 7-Oct Dau James Jane      
Pollard Grace 1799 19-May Dau Samuel Ann      
Pope Thomas 1795 19-Apr Son   Jenny      
Prior Richard 1795 26-Jul Son William Jane      
Prior Frances 1797 19-Nov Dau William Sarah      
Prior ???? Ann 1806 14-Dec Dau William Mary     Name obscured in book binding
Prophet Jennifer 1796 4-Sep Dau John Martha      
Prophet John 1800 2-Nov Son John Martha      
Prophet Elizabeth 1804 1-Jul Dau Joseph Rose      
Prout John 1796 21-Feb Son John Mary      
Prout Tamasine 1797 31-Dec Dau William Elizabeth      
Prout Richard 1799 28-Jul Son John Mary      
Pryer William 1805 24-Feb Son William Mary      
Pryer Jonathan 1811 1-Sep Son William Mary      
Pryor John 1809 19-Mar Son Willaim Mary      
Rogers Elizabeth Bonnd 1796 18-Sep Dau Melchezidia Honor      
Rogers Jennifer 1806 27-Jan Dau William Mary      
Roskilly Richard 1808 March Son James Frances      
Rowe Jane 1805 3-Feb Dau William Catherine      
Sampson Philippa 1798 1-Apr Dau James Philippa      
Sampson William 1802 22-Aug Son James Phillippa      
Samson Margery 1795 14-Jun Dau James Philippa      
Samson Dorothy 1796