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St Kew Muster Roll


The inhabytants of the paryshe not particularlye charged by this

statute of amore will fournyshe at there common charges

& expences 3 pere of almayn rivetis furnyshed.



Adame John ab a Gebe
Adame John ab  
Adame Thomas ab Bow
Aleyght James ab Bill Sallet
Alight Thomas ab Gorget Jalen 12 Arrows
Alyght Willm   Sallet
Androwe Edward ab  
Archare John   Bow Sh.Arr Sallet Bill
Archare Nycholas   Bow
Archare John   6 Arrows
Arnoll Thomas ab  
Badkocke John paa Bow Sh.Arr
Barraball Androwe pab  
Bathe John pah  
Bettayn Willm ab Bill
Blacke John   Bill
Blewett John    
Boswynes John ab  
Brayttayn Robert ab  
Bryand Walter    
Butsed Thomas ah Coat of Plate Bow Sh.Arr 2 Sallets Harq
Button John   Bow 6 Arrows
Button John    
Calwaye Willm ab Bow 5 Arr
Calwaye Willm    
Carnsewe Gorge paa Bow Sh.Arr Sallet Bill
Carnsewe Esq Willm   Corslet Pike Harq Morion Sallet Bow Sh.Arr Steel Cap
Cavell John paa Bow Sh.Arrows
Cleve John ab Bow
Cradeeke Willm   Bow
Crewyse Petere aa Bow 4 Arr
Crome Thomas ab Bow Sh.Arr Bill Sallet
Cronne (or Croune) Willm    
Dagge Ric ab Bow Sh.Arr Sallet Bill
Dagge John paa Bow Sh.Arr Sallet Bill
Dagge John ab  
Dagge George ab  
Dagge [erased] John ab  
Dall (or Doll) German ab Bill
Dangerd John ab Bow 6 Arrows
Dangerd Ric aa Bow 6 Arrows
Dangerd John   Bow 3 Arr
Dowe Petherecke   Harkebut
Dynaunc John ab Bow Sh.Arr
Edward Willm ab Bill
Frode Thomas   Bow Sh.Arrows Sallet Bill
Frode John ab Bow 12 Arrows
Frode Willm    
Gefferye Ric ab Bow
Goldsmythe Willm aa Bow Sh.Arr
Gradlen Willm ab Gleve
Harper Ric    
Harper Edward ab Bill
Harrye Edward ab Abell
Harrye Benett    
Hawken ric ab  
Hewchen James aa Bow Sh.Arr Sallet
Hockenge Willm ab Bill
Hockinge Willm   6 Arrows
Hornabroucke John ab  
Hoskenge John ab Gleve
Inche Phelyppe ab Alm.Rivet Bow Sh.Arr Sallet Bill
Inche Thomas ab Bow Sh.Arr Sallet Bill
Inche John aa Bow 12 Arr
Inche Nycholas aa Bow 4 Arr
Inche John ab Bow 5 Arr
Inche Willm ab Bill
Inche Roberte aa  
Jefferye John    
Jefferye Ric aa  
Jefferye John    
Jefferye Humffreye    
Jenkinge John   Polaxe
Jenkinge Willm   Bill
Jull Walter ab Bill
Jull Thomas   Bow 3 Arrows
Kempe John   Bill
Kempe Thomas    
Kingdon John ab  
Knebone Steven    
Lampen Steven aa  
Lampen Lyan    
Langford John ah Harkebut
Langforde Willm    
Lobye Willm ab Bow Sh.Arr Sallet Bill
Lobye John aa  
Lukye Thomas    
Lymscott Petere ab Bill
Lynam John pab Rivet 2 Bows 2 Sh.Arr Bill 2 Sallets
Lynam John aa  
Marlonde John   Gleve
Marten John ab Bow 6 Arr
Marten Thomas   Bow Sh.Arr
Marten John ab Bow 4 Arrows
Mathewe Willm ab 2 Alm.Rivets 2 Sallets Bow Sh.Arr Bill
Mathewe Benett   Bill
Maye Benett   Bow 6 Arrows
Meger Nicholas ab Bill Sallet
Megere More paa Bow 4 Arrows
Moyes Harry   Bill Splints
Moyes Willm ab  
Moyes John ab  
Mychell John ab Bow 3 Arr
Nycolls Thomas aa Alm.Rivet 2 Bows 2 Sh.Arr 2 Sallets Bill
Nycols John aa Alm.Rivet Bow Sh.Arr Sallet Harkebut
Offe John ab Bow 6 Arrows
Olver Petere    
Olver John ab a Lyve
Orchare Ric    
Orchare John pab  
Pakett Ric   Bill
Pakett Willm    
Parson Thomas ab Bow 6 Arr
Parson John   Bow 6 Arr
Parson Nycholas ab Bow 6 Arr
Pedlere Charles ab Bill
Phelyppe Ric ab 6 Arrows
Profytt Thomas pab  
Pryste Thomas ab  
Pyckewell Robert aa  
Roche Thomas aa  
Ruffe John ab Bill
Sallere Humfrye ab  
Sherwill John    
Slogett Robert ab Bill
Smythe Nycholas   Bow 4 Arrows (was erased)
Smythe Edward aa 12 Arrows
Smythe John pab Bill
Smythe Richard ab  
Sobye Thomas ab Bow 12 Arr
Sobye Robert aa  
Sparnall John   Bill
Stere John    
Stere Willm pab Bill Sallet
Stere Thomas ab  
Steven Thomas    
Stevens Willm ab  
Sutton John ab  
Synkelere Thomas   Bow 12 Arrows Scull
Taylere Richard ab Bow
Tenye Edye ab  
Tome Ric ab Bill
Trehane Steven   Pike Sallet
Tremell Lewese    
Urye Thomas    
Wade John ab  
Wales Willm   5 Arrows
Ward Harry aa Bow 12 Arrows
Weales John   Bow Sh.Arr Bill Scull
Weales John ab Pr.Splints
Weales William   Bill Sallet
Weales Willm ab  
Webber Nycholas aa Alm.Rivet 2 Bows 2 Sh.Arr Bill 2 Sallets
Webber Willm paa Alm.Rivet Bow Sh.Arr
Webber Willm   6 Arrows
Webbere John ab  
Webbere John aa Bow 12 Arr
Weren John    
Weren John ab Bill
Wevere Peter   Bill
Wilkye Henry   Bill
Wilkye Thomas ab  
Williams Nycholas ab        Bill
Wrothe Robert