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                                                                                  St Kew Baptism's

                                                                                          1691 - 1700

                                                                                   Transcribed by Christine Parker


            Note: These registers were in a poor state from flood/fire, not all records easily decipherable or visible




Surname Forename Year Date Sex Father Forename Mother Forename Father Occupation Register Notes Transcriber Notes
?owse Philippa 1696 26-Feb Dau   Honour   Base chidl couple more entries cant see
Ally or My Nathan   1694   Son Nathan          
Bennet ? 1691   ?         page is practically ruined from flood/fire
Brown ? 1691   Dau Ralphi        
Brown Grace 1696 7-May Dau Ralph  Joan      
Brown John 1698 27-Aug Son Ralph Joan Yeoman    
Brown John 1699 1-Feb Son William Barbara Tayl    
Bullock Elizabetha 1691 13-Jun Dau Roberti        
Button Jacobis 1692 31st Son Johannis        
Callaway ? 1691   ? Richardi        
Callaway Phillip 1697 7-Apr Son Richard Joane      
Callaway Ann? 1699 11-Dec dau Richard Joane      
Charlick Humphridus? 1691 5-Sep Son Humphridi        
Cleave ? 1691     Thomce        
Cleave Johannis 1692 20th Son Thomas        
Cleave ?onna 1695 15-Jul Dau John Susanna      
Cleave John 1697 16-May Son John Temperance      
Cleave Richard   1697 17-May Son Thomas Barbara      
Cleave Richard 1699 11-Sep Son John Susanna Husbandsman    
Cleave Thomas 1700 1-Apr Son Thomas Barbara ?    
Clemence John 1696 Aug Son   Joane   base child  
Cocke Elizabeth 1697 19-Sep Dau Thomas Chalen      
Colliver ? 1692 22nd Son Thomce        
Colliver Thomas 1698 21-Aug Son Thomas Thomazi(n?)     last letter in binding
Cook Johannes 1694 28-May Son Thoma        
Couch Elizabetha     dau Nicholce        
Couch Mary 1695 17-Mar Dau Nicholas Anne      
Couch Susanna 1698 2-Oct Dau Nicholas A??? Taylor   wifes name invisible.igi user subm has Anna Jenkin for his marriage
Couch John 1699 8-Oct Son Nicholas Ann Labourer    
Craddock   1691 13th ? Humphridi       few more entries cant see
Cutlip Edward 1700 1-Jul Son Richard Mary      
Downing ? 1700 14-Jan dau John ? Carp    
E??? Constantine 1696 23-Nov Son John ?   Twin,joint entry with John rest of letters in binding
E??? John 1696 23-Nov Son John ?   Twin,joint entry with Constantine. rest of letters in binding
Eastabrooke Joane 1698 20-Sep Dau Thomas Mary Husbandsman    
Elary Jona 1694 20-May Son Richardus        
Ellery Isabellaye 1695 7-Jan Dau Richard Mary      
Elliry Josephiss     Son Richardi     Joint entry with Maria  
Elliry Maria 1692 7-Aug Dau Richardi     Joint entry with Josephiss  
Fraud William 1696 1-Nov Son Richard Elizabeth      
Froad Charles 1699 5-Feb Son Richard Elizabeth Cop:    
Haine Susanna 1695 28-Jan Dau Constattine Anne      
Harres Williemus 1694 Dec   Johanies        
Harrey Clements 1696 28-Jul Son John Anne      
Harris ? 1691   Son Johannis        
Harry Dorothia 1692 8th Dau Willielmi        
Harry Mary 1698 18-Dec Dau John Elizabeth Husbandsman    
Harvery William 1697 27-Jun Son George Temperance      
Harvey Jane 1700 10-Oct dau George Temperance      
Heathman Malachy 1700   Son George ? Husb    
Helborn Moses 1699 16-Jan Son Moses Jane Husbandsman    
Helbourne Johannies 1694 25-Jul Son Moses        
Higgs John 1695 29-Dec Son Samuel   Philippa      
Higgs Phillip 1697 31-Jan Son Phillip Charity      
Inch Willimus 1691   Son Johannis        
Inch Elizabetha 1692 23-Mar dau Philippi        
Inch ? 1693   Dau Sampsonis?       few more entries cant see
Inch Elizabeth 1696 18-Oct Dau Phillip Ma---     rest of letters in binding
Inch Mary 1697 4-May Dau William Lucy      
Inch Robert   1698 11-Apr Son John Joan      
Inch Hambly 1698 3-Jan Son William Luce Husbandsman    
Inch ? 1700 14-Oct Dau Phillip Mary?      
Jago John 1697 27-Jun Son John Margery      
Jeffery ? 1692 25th Son Johannis        
Jewell Phillip   1695 8-Sep Son Francis   Joan       
Jewell Jane 1696 29-Dec Dau Francis Joane      
Jones or Jonas Thomus 1693   Son Guillelmi?        
Kellow Willimus 1691 4-Sep Son Degorii        
Kendall Margery 1696 1-Dec Dau James Marge??     rest of letters in binding
Knight Georgius 1692 25th Son Davidis        
Knight John 1698 29-Nov Son David Mande Husbandsman    
L??? ? 1691   ? Johannis        
Lark Francis   1699 17-Apr Son Francis Mary      
Launder Elizabeth 1697 18-Jan Dau John Elizabeth      
Lewarren Ann 1700 18-Feb dau Robert Susanna      
Line Anna 1694 3-Jan has son? Johannies        
Lucas Rebecca 1697 11-Apr Dau Gideon Sybella      
Lucas Honor  1699 29-Oct Dau Gideon Sybella Husbandsman    
Luckis Gidion 1694 Aug Son Gidion        
Lynam Honnor 1694 28-Aug has son? Willimus        
Lyne Susanna 1698 25-Apr Dau John Susanna      
Mathew William 1696 27-Jul Son John Elenor   has an X beside entry  
Matthew Gratia     Dau Willielmi        
Minars Joanna   21st dau Walteris        
Moyle Margaret  1699 29-Apr Dau Constantine Prudence      
Moyle Constantine 1700 18-Mar Son Constantine Prudence      
Nation ? 1695   Son John (Clerke) Elizabeth    Next few pages more of repeat image. few more entries cant see
Nation Charles 1700 4-Oct Son John Elizabeth Clerk    
Nation  Elizabeth 1698 12-Apr Dau John ? Clerk   wife name invisible.igi has Eliz
Ole?? Abigall 1694 27-Apr Son Johannes        
Oliver Richardus 1694 30-Dec Son Roberttus        
Oliver Mathew 1696 20-Feb Son Mathew Juda      
Oliver John 1697 28-Mar Son Robert Wilmet      
Oliver Mathew 1698 1-Aug Son Mathew Judah      
Oliver James 1699 26-Aug Son Mathew Juda Husbandsman    
Oliver Prudence 1699 10-Jan dau Robert Wilmet Husbandsman    
Oliver or Oldver       Dau Roberti        
Packet alias Smith Richard 1699 Aug Son Richard Martha     3 more entries cant see
Packet or Smith Catherine 1697 14-Nov Dau William Mary      
Pearse Mary 1695 4-Jun dau Walter Anne      
Peirce William 1699 27-Dec Son Thomas Mary Husbandsman    
Perkins Elizabeth 1700 1-Apr Dau Thomas Joan      
Pinch   1692   Son Henrici        
Raskerry Mary 1696 13-Sep dau Richard A      
Rawe Willia(m) 1696 18-Aug Son Joseph Jane      
Riggs Jacquest 1699 30-Jan dau Phillip Charity Carp    
Rogers William 1697 15-Aug Son William Katherine      
Roskelly Thomas 1700 1-Jan Son Richard Avice Husb    
Roskilly John 1698 28-Sep Son Richard A??? Had Husbandsman but crossed out   rest of letters in bidning
Rush? Johannes 1694 10-Apr Son Johannes        
Sampson ??arkeus 1694   Son Johannes        
Slogget John 1700 16-Apr Son John Mary      
Smith alias Packit Geogius 1694 29-Apr   Mathenus        
Smith alias Packt Maria? 1693   dau Willielmi        
Soby ? 1691   ? Johannis        
Soby Anna 1694 29th has son? Johannes        
Soby Richard 1697 23-Oct Son John Elizabeth      
Soby Thomas 1700 3-Sep Son John Elizabeth      
Symons Johannes 1694   Son Johannies        
Thomas Catherine 1695 8-Oct dau William Elizabeth       
Thomas Phillippa 1696 20-Oct Dau John Ma---     rest of letters in binding
Thomas William 1699 2-Apr Son William Elizabeth      
Thomas  ? 1692 29th ? ???ini        
Warren Jane 1697 2-Nov Dau Thomas Jane      
Webber Johannos     dau Thomas        
Webber Johannos 1693   Son Jonathanis        
Webber James 1695 23-Feb Son ThomasMary        
Webber Richard 1697 1-Mar Son Thomas Grace      
Wilcock   Joan 1699 22-Sep dau Chrystopher Sicilia Husbandsman    
Wilcocks James 1697 2-Nov Son Chrystopher Cicilia      
Will(s?) Philippus 1693   Son Johannes        
Williams John 1698 7-Jul Son John Elizabeth      
Williams Dorethy 1700 9-Jul dau John Elizabeth      
Wills Philippa 1695 19-Feb Dau Nicholas Margeir(y?)      
Wills ? 1697 1-Dec Son John Margery     name in binding
Worden Johannos     Son Johannis        
Worden Elizabeth   1695 1-Oct dau John Grace      
Worden ? 1697 2-Feb Son John Grace     name in binding
Worden Phillip 1698 28-Mar Son Thomas Philippa      
Worden Katherine 1698 3-Jul Dau Thomas Katherine      
Worden Margery 1700 29th Dau Thomas Philippa     next entry cant see