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Cornwall Muster Roll 1569

St Breward


Surname Forename Weapon/Armour Status Definition
Bakere John Bill    
Bakere (Jun) John Bill    
Bate Richard      
Bathe Harrye Sword Dagger ab  
Blacke Robert 3 Arrows    
Bonifant Richard Bow - 2 Arr aa Able Archer
Braye Thomas 4 Arrows ab  
Brushe John Bill - Pr.Splints- Sallet ab  
Brushe Pettere Harkebut pah  
Chapell John Bow 6 Arr aa Able Archer
Chapman Willm Bill    
Chapman John Bow 12 Arr pab  
Chapman Harrye Bow 12 Arr pab  
Cocke Steven Bow    
Cocke Nycholas Bill    
Coll John Bow - Sh.Arr    
Coll Harrye Bow - 4 Arrows    
Danon Thomas Bow - 3 Arrows pab  
Danon Robert Bow - 2 Arrows aa Able Archer
Davy Richard Harkebut pab  
Davye John      
Davye Gorge   ab  
Edye Thomas   ab  
Edye John      
Fylipp Walter Bill -Scull pab  
Gyll Gorge Bill pab  
Gyll John Bill ab  
Hamblye John Bow - 6 Arr aa Able Archer
Hamlye Thomas 2 Arrows    
Hamlye Rogere Bill ab  
Hamlye John Bill pab  
Harrye John Bow - 2 Arrows    
Hawking Nycholas Gake - Pr.Splints Bill - Sallet    
Hawking John Bow -3 Arrows aa Able Archer
Hawking Willm Bill - Sallet ab  
Hawking John Bow - 6 Arrows aa Able Archer
Hawking John      
Hawkinge John 2 - Arrows    
Hawkinge Steven Bow - Sh.Arr paa Principal Archer
Hobbe John Bill pab  
Hobbe (Jun) John Bill pab  
Hocking John Bill - Sallet ab  
Hocking (Jun) John Bill    
Hockinge Thomas Bow- 6 Arr- Sallet -Scull aa Able Archer
Hockinge  John Bow - Sh.Arrows- Sallet-Bill    
Hockinge (of) Penquyett John      
Hodge John Bow -12 Arr Pr.Splints    
Hornybroucke Ollyforde Bow - 4 Arr aa Able Archer
Kernycke Willm Bill - Pr.Splints-Sallet    
Knyght John 3 Arrows    
Koke Thomas Bill - Sallet  pab  
Koke Nycholas Bow - 4 Arr Arr -Scull    
Kornycke John Bow - Sh.Arr Sallet Bill    
Leb Thomas   ab  
Lybbe Robert Bill ab  
Marten Willm 2 Arrows    
Marten Willm Bill ab  
Maye Nycholas Bow -Sh.arr -Sallet- Bill    
Medys John Bill ab  
Neuton Thomas Bow - 6 Arrows aa Able Archer
Neuton John Bill pab  
Oliver Thomas      
Palmer John      
Polyen John Bow - 6 Arr- Bill ab  
Pytt Thomas      
Pytt John      
Renell Willm Bill pab  
Renell Thomas Bill pab  
Ricarde Robert Bow -Sh.Arr aa Able Archer
Robyn John Bow - 4 arrows paa Principal Archer
Robyn John      
Robyn (Jun) John      
Rogere John Coat of plate - Sallet- Bill    
Roucke Nycholas      
Rowe Robert Bill - 4 Arrows ab  
Smythe Peter Bill    
Smythe John Bill ab  
Smythe Gorge Bow - 6 Arrows aa Able Archer
Smythe John Bow - 6 Arrows aa Able Archer
Tome Willm Bill - Sallet Pr.Splints aa Able Archer
Walkye Steven Bill ab  
Walkye John Bill    

Bill -                       The end of a long cutting blade curves forward to form a hook, which is the bill's distinguishing characteristic. More

Bow -                     Longbow, generally made of yew and 6 foot long. More

Pr.Splints -           Strips of metal to protect the forearms.

Sallet -                  War helmet used in 15t century. More

Hakebut -             Early form of firearm. More

Scull -                    Helmet without a brim

Sh. Arr -                A sheaf contained 24 arrows - there were two sorts lightweight and stel tipped heavyweight which was capable of piercing mail

Coat of Plate -    Form of torso armour consisting of metal plates sewn or riveted to a cloth or leather backing. More