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St Breward


1558 - 1599

Transcribed and Copyright Christine Parker

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Surname Forename       Year Day Month Sex Father Forename Mother Forename Abode Transcriber Notes
ADAMS Isabella 1576 10-Mar Dau of Lewis      
ADAMS Christopher 1577 22-Feb Son of Lewis      
ADAMS Grace 1581 1-Dec Dau of Lewis      
ADAMS Margery 1586 16-Apr Dau of Lewis      
ADAMS John 1599 27-Oct Son of   Elizabeth    
BAKER   1558 13-? Dau of Richard      
BAKER Elizabeth 1572 3-Mar Dau of John      
BAKER Catherine 1574 7-Mar Dau of John      
BAKER John 1578 15-Aug Son of John      
BAKER Joan 1581 23-? Dau of John      
BAKER Hercules 1582   Son of John      
BAKER William 1583 27-? Son of John      
BAKER Catherine 1591 19-? Dau of John      
BATE Catherine 1567 13-? Dau of Richard      
BATE Christopher 1571 26-Feb Son of Richard      
BATE Robert 1575 28-Apr Son of Richard      
BATHE Elizabeth 1567 11-? Dau of Henry      
BATHE John 1568   Son of Henry      
BATHE Jane 1569 24-Feb Dau of Henry      
BATHE Thomasine 1571 26-Mar Dau of Henry      
BATHE Anthony 1572 31-May Son of Henry      
BATHE Lewis 1572 5-Mar Son of   Agnes    
BATHE Isaac 1573 19-Nov Son of Henry      
BATHE Grace 1574 6-Mar Dau of Henry      
BATHE Philippa 1575 17-Mar Dau of Henry      
BATHE Richard 1577 1-Jun Son of Henry      
BATHE Humphry 1578 18-Jul Son of Henry      
BATHE Alice 1581 14-Oct Dau of Henry      
BATHE Philippa 1592 2-Sep Dau of Henry      
BAWDEN Barbara 1587 12-Dec Dau of William      
BEDLEME Ambrose 1589 18-Feb Son of   Joan    
BILLIN Isabella 1572 25-Dec Dau of Jone      
BLACKE Robert 1561 May Son of Robert      
BLAKE Humfrey 1568 23-Mar Son of Robert      
BLEWET William 1579 27-Feb Son of Tristram      
BLEWET Tristram 1581 28-Mar Son of Tristram      
BLEWET John 1583   Son of Tristram      
BLEWET Dorothy 1586 12-Mar Dau of Tristram      
BLEWET Thomas 1589 13-? Son of Christian      
BLIGHT John 1567 18-? Son of Walter      
BRAIE Barbara 1567 9-? Dau of Thomas      
BRAIE John 1567 15-? Son of William      
BRAIE Patience 1568 20-Mar Dau of William      
BRAY Ambrose 1579 10-Jan Son of Robert      
BREWARD Ibot 1578 6-May Dau of John      
BREWARDE Agnes 1572 20-Aug Dau of John      
BREWARDE Robert 1574 Oct Son of John      
BROAD John 1587 6-Apr Son of Robert      
BROADE Grace 1582   Dau of John      
BROADE William 1591 11-Oct Son of William      
BROWNE Grace 1573 21-Nov Dau of Agnes      
CERNICKE   1558 5-? Son of William      
CERNICKE Wendon 1561 Dec Dau of William      
CERNICKE Avice 1577 20-Mar Dau of John      
CHAMPMAN Margaret 1576 6-Feb Dau of John      
CHAPLEN   1558 4-? Son of John      
CHAPMAN Joan 1575 19-Aug Dau of Stephen      
CHAPMAN Robert 1578 29-Sep Son of John      
CHAPMAN John 1581 14-Oct Son of John      
CHEPMAN   1559     William      
CHEPMAN John 1583 12-Nov Son of John      
CHEPMAN Joan 1588 10-? Dau of John      
CLETER Susanna 1578 13-Dec Dau of John      
COCKE John 1561 Sep Son of Thomas      
COCKE Margaret 1567 21-? Dau of Thomas      
COCKE Alson 1570 18-May Dau of Thomas      
COCKE Sibelle 1571 1-Sep Dau of Thomas      
COCKE Elizabeth 1572 13-Nov Dau of   Joan    
COCKE Gelian 1578 5-Apr Dau of Thomas      
COCKE Joan 1574 Feb Dau of Thomas      
COCKE Thomas 1577 17-Nov Son of Thomas      
COCKE Mary 1579 21-Dec Dau of Thomas      
COCKE Edward 1581 14-? Son of John      
COCKE Gilian 1582   Dau of William      
COCKE Emblin 1583   Dau of William      
COCKE Robert 1586 23-May Son of John      
COCKE Thomas 1596 26-May Son of John      
CORNISH Dorothy 1589 28-Nov Dau of Joan      
COUCHE Margaret 1567 4-? Dau of   Margaret    
COUCHE Roger 1568 1-? Son of   Margaret    
COULINGE John 1560 May Son of Henry      
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DANNON Willmot 1575 20-Jul Dau of John      
DANNON Mary 1576   Dau of Robert      
DANNON Margery 1577 29-Nov Dau of John      
DANNON Agnes 1579 28-Dec Dau of Robert      
DANNON Lewis 1580 4-Jan Son of Robert      
DANNON Michael 1583 22-Sep Son of Robert      
DANON John 1567 29-? Son of John      
DANON Joan 1569 5-Jun Dau of John      
DANON Joan 1570 20-Sep Dau of John      
DANON Jone 1572 19-Mar Dau of John      
DANON Dorothy 1575 2-Apr Dau of Robert      
DANON   1579   Son of John      
DAVIE Avice 1583 17-Dec Dau of Richard      
DAVYE   1559 2-?   Stephen      
DAVYE Joan 1560 Jun Dau of John      
DAVYE Nicholas 1561 Mar Son of John      
DAVYE Margaret 1569 4-Jun Dau of George      
DAVYE John 1570 29-Oct Son of George      
DAVYE Catherine 1574 Feb Dau of Richard      
DAVYE Patience 1579   Dau of Richard      
DAVYE John 1580 4-Mar Son of Richard      
DAVYE Reginald 1587 9-Feb Son of Richard      
DAVYE John 1590 5-Dec Son of Lawrence      
DAVYES Reginald 1587 28-Sep Son of John      
DAWE   1558 14-? Son of Robert      
DAWE William 1561 Apr Son of Robert      
DAWE Joan 1561 Apr Dau of Robert      
DOLMAN Graciana 1587 11-Apr Dau of   Elinor    
EDWARD John 1583 17-Oct Son of William      
EDWARDE Agnes 1570 18-Nov Dau of William      
EDWARDE Robert 1575 7-Oct Son of William      
EDWARDE Minuara 1575 6-Feb Dau of William      
EDWARDE Catherine 1578 15-Apr Dau of William      
EDWARDE Rose 1579   Dau of William      
EDWARDS Minsera 1571 26-Jan Dau of William      
EDYE John 1568 23-? Son of Thomas      
FILPE Philippa 1583 25-Dec Dau of Walter      
GAICH Dorothy 1589 14-Feb Dau of   Alson    
GILBERT John 1561 Sep Son of   Joan    
GILBERT John 1568 11-? Son of   Joan    
GILLE   1559 4-?   John      
GILLE Nicholas 1561 Nov Son of John      
GILLE Elizabeth 1567 13-? Dau of John      
GILLE Lewis 1574 2-Jun Son of George      
HAMBLYE   1558 10-? Dau of        
HAMBLYE   1559 8-? Dau of John      
HAMBLYE   1559 11-?   Thomas      
HAMBLYE Robert 1561 Apr Son of John      
HAMBLYE Ibot 1561 Jan Dau of Roger      
HAMBLYE Tristram 1561 Jan Son of Thomas      
HAMBLYE Robert 1567 9-? Son of John      
HAMBLYE Margaret 1567 7-? Dau of Roger      
HAMBLYE Matilda 1568 17-? Dau of Thomas      
HAMBLYE Richard 1568   Son of John      
HAMBLYE Richard 1569 9-Apr Son of John      
HAMBLYE Margaret 1570 19-Oct Dau of John      
HAMBLYE Lewis 1570 2-Jan Son of Thomas      
HAMBLYE Margaret 1571 16-Jul Dau of Roger      
HAMBLYE Josia 1571 9-Jan Dau of John      
HAMBLYE Reddigon 1573 18-May Dau of John      
HAMBLYE Matthew 1573 25-Feb Son of Thomas      
HAMBLYE John 1574 10-Aug Son of John   of Corgelly  
HAMBLYE Robert 1575 30-May Son of John      
HAMBLYE Elnor 1575 22-Dec Dau of John      
HAMBLYE Pentecost 1577 27-May Dau of Thomas      
HAMBLYE Philippa 1577 14-Aug Dau of Roger      
HAMBLYE John 1577 13-Dec Son of John      
HAMBLYE Margaret 1577 Mar Dau of   Mary    
HAMBLYE Isabella 1579   Dau of Oliver      
HAMBLYE Gelian 1580   Dau of Thomas      
HAMBLYE Christopher 1581 22-Oct Son of John      
HAMBLYE Catherine 1588 Oct Dau of William      
HAMBLYE Christopher 1589 21-Jul Son of Richard      
HAMBLYE Philippa 1591 17-? Dau of Richard      
HAMBLYE? Margaret 1561 Feb Dau of William      
HARRY John 1573 19-Jun Son of John      
HARRYE Nicholas 1599 28-Feb Son of Thomas      
HAUKIN John 1578 23-Oct Son of Thomas      
HAWKEN   1558 18-? Son of Nicholas      
HAWKEN Philippa 1560 Dec Dau of John      
HAWKEN William 1561 Apr Son of Nicholas      
HAWKEN Margaret 1567 12-? Dau of John      
HAWKEN John 1573 9-Jan Son of   Agnes    
HAWKEN   1579   Son of John      
HAWKEN Joan 1579 5-Mar Dau of John      
HAWKEN Mary 1580 21-Jan Dau of Margery      
HAWKEN Mary 1581 26-Nov Dau of John      
HAWKEN Grace 1587 16-May Dau of William      
HAWKEN Nicholas 1589 13-Mar Son of John      
HAWKIN Thomas 1560 Feb Son of Richard      
HOBBE Elizabeth 1572 7-Dec Dau of Jone      
HOBBE Margaret 1581 12-? Dau of John      
HOBBE Thomas 1582 21-? Son of Joan      
HOBBE Onora 1583 3-? Dau of John      
HOBBE Elizabeth 1587 22-Mar Dau of John      
HOBBE William 1569 9-Dec Son of John      
HOBBE?   1559     Thomas      
HOCKEN   1558 15-? Dau of John      
HOCKEN   1559 21-?          
HOCKEN Edward 1567 8-? Son of Stephen      
HOCKEN Joan 1568 13-? Dau of John      
HOCKEN Agnes 1568 17-? Dau of Thomas      
HOCKEN Joan 1568 23-Mar Dau of Stephen      
HOCKEN John 1569 13-May Son of John      
HOCKEN Dorothy 1570 22-Nov Dau of Thomas      
HOCKEN Thomasine 1571 30-Mar Dau of Stephen      
HOCKEN Joan 1572 4-May Dau of John      
HOCKEN Valentine 1572 28-May Son of Thomas      
HOCKEN John 1573 6-May Son of Stephen      
HOCKEN Philippa 1573 7-Jun Dau of Thomas      
HOCKEN Elizabeth 1574 10-Oct Dau of   Thomasine    
HOCKEN Onora 1574 20-Jan Dau of Thomas      
HOCKEN William 1575 2-Mar Son of John      
HOCKEN Thomas 1576 20-Mar Son of John      
HOCKEN Robert 1577 25-Aug Son of John      
HOCKEN Margaret 1577 15-Sep Dau of Thomas      
HOCKEN Henry 1577 22-Jan Son of Stephen      
HOCKEN John 1578 13-Jun Son of John      
HOCKEN Edward 1579   Son of John      
HOCKEN Thamasine 1580 20-Nov Dau of John      
HOCKEN Gilian 1581 Mar Dau of Thomas      
HOCKEN Agnes 1586 7-Jun Dau of Robert      
HOCKEN Joshua 1586 3-Jul Son of John      
HOCKEN Mary 1586 16-Feb Dau of Robert      
HOCKEN Lawrence 1587 18-Dec Son of Henry      
HOCKEN senior Hercules 1575 38-Apr Son of John     Prob meant to be 28
HORNABROOKE Henry 1570 7-Mar Son of Oliver      
HORNABROOKE William 1572 15-Oct Son of   Thomasine    
HORNEBROOKE John 1586 28-Sep Son of Richard      
HORNIBROOKE William 1569 2-Apr Son of Oliver      
HOSKIN   1559            
HOSKIN Alson 1569 26-Jun Dau of Thomas      
HOSKIN Philippa 1588 13-? Dau of John      
HOUCT Catherine 1591 3-? Dau of Thomas      
HOWKEN David 1561 Mar Son of Philip      
HOWKEN Joan 1570 21-Oct Dau of John      
HOWKEN Otns 1572 13-Mar Son of John      
HOWKEN Lewis 1573 14-Oct Son of John      
HOWKEN Graciana 1575 Jan Dau of John      
HOWKEN Joan 1599 10-Dec Dau of Robert      
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IDYE Joan 1560 Mar Dau of Thomas      
IDYE Grace 1567 6-? Dau of John      
JOCE Joan 1586 30?-Feb Dau of Stephen      
KELLOWE Thamasine 1578 27-Aug Dau of John      
KELLOWE Agnes 1581 11-? Dau of John      
KERNICKE Thomas 1569 21-Mar Son of William      
KERNICKE Mary 1571 30-Sep Dau of William      
KERNICKE Alson 1573 8-Jun Dau of William      
KERNICKE Philippa 1574 15-Dec Dau of John      
KERNICKE Alson 1575 23-Sep Dau of John      
KERNICKE Peternel 1575 28-Mar Dau of John      
KERNICKE John 1578 8-Aug Son of John      
KERNICKE Lewis 1582 17-? Son of John      
KERNICKE Catherine 1583 12-Dec Dau of John      
KERNICKE Ursula 1589 25-Nov Dau of John      
KERNICKE Thomas 1597 20-Jul Son of John      
KILLOE Thomas 1577 1-Jul Son of Richard      
KIRNICKE Christopher 1587 3-Dec Son of John     Joint entry with Peter
KIRNICKE Peter 1587 3-Dec Son of John     Joint entry with Christoper
KNIGHT Margaret 1567 14-? Dau of John      
KNIGHT Amelia 1573 25-Apr Dau of John      
LAMPIM Joan 1579 8-Feb Dau of Robert      
LANDERYE Dorothy 1586 13-Oct Dau of John      
LANEDON Jane 1567 24-? Dau of John      
LANGDON John 1580 11-Jul Son of John      
LANGSTON William 1577 23-Feb Son of Robert      
LANNERY Jane 1580 16-Feb Dau of John      
LANXON Mary 1589 23-Aug Dau of Robert      
LANXSON Jane 1587 20-May Dau of Robert      
LAWMOLKIN   1559 3-?   John      
LIBE Margaret 1560 Feb Dau of Robert      
MARKE William 1574 15-Aug Son of Richard      
MARTEN Henry 1571 23-Jun Son of William      
MATHEW Temperance 1575 1-Apr Dau of   Margaret    
MAY   1559 27-?   Nicholas      
MAY Thomas 1574 3-Sep Son of Thomas      
MAY Alson 1576 7-Apr Dau of William      
MAY Mary 1577 7-Oct Dau of Thomas      
MAY John 1578 May Son of William      
MAY Joan 1579 19-Mar Dau of William      
MAY Catherine 1580 1-Jul Dau of Thomas      
MAY Humphry 1581 23-? Son of William      
MAY Robert 1583   Son of William      
MAYNE Onora 1589 13-Jul Dau of   Joan    
MOWNE Mary 1560 Sep Dau of Nicholas      
NANSMOLKIN William 1561 Apr Son of John      
NEWTON John 1567 10-? Son of John      
NEWTON Mary 1570 22-Oct Dau of John      
NEWTON Peter 1574 22-Apr Son of John      
NICCOLES Joan 1599 15-Dec Dau of Richard      
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OLIVER John 1572 21-Apr Son of Thomas      
OLVER William 1568 13-? Son of Thomas      
OLVER Matthew 1573 6-Dec Son of George      
OLVER John 1596 2-Jul Son of John      
PALMER Ibot 1570 30-Jun Dau of   Catherine    
PAWE William 1578 9-Jun Son of Thomas      
PAWLY Margaret 1560 Oct Dau of John      
PAWLYE Joan 1561 Apr Son of   Elinor    
PAWLYE William 1567 30-? Son of John      
PAWLYE Elizabeth 1572 13-Nov Dau of John      
PHILPE John 1570 9-Sep Son of Walter      
PHILPE Robert 1571 21-Mar Son of Walter      
PHILPE Onora 1575 7-Oct Dau of Walter      
PHILPE Lewis 1578 6-Apr Son of Walter      
PHILPE Margery 1578 23-Jul Dau of Walter      
PHILPE John 1580 19-Feb Son of Walter      
PHILPE John 1586 17-Jun Son of Thomas      
PHILPE Margaret 1588 20-Mar Dau of Thomas      
PHILPE Hercules 1592 6-Sep Son of Thomas      
PINCHE Joan 1567 21-? Dau of Robert      
PITT Joan 1560 Apr Dau of Thomas      
PITT John 1569 28-Sep Son of John      
PITT Thomasine 1570 23-Jul Dau of John      
PITTE Thomas 1573 7-Mar Son of John      
PRIER John 1573 27-Aug Son of Thomas      
RAWE Richard 1589 21-? Son of   Onora    
REEDE Grace 1582 17-? Dau of John      
RENDELL Thomas 1568 28-Feb Son of Thomas      
RICARDE Thomas 1560 Jun Son of Stephen      
RICARDE Joan 1560 Jan Dau of Robert      
RICCARD  John 1588 23-? Son of Robert      
RICCARDE Mellicent 1568 28-? Dau of Robert      
RICCARDE Susanna 1572 2-May Dau of Robert      
ROBINS Christopher 1574 21-Oct Son of John      
ROGERS Clemas 1566 20-Mar Son of John      
ROWE Robert 1567 23-? Son of Robert      
ROWE William 1569 21-Feb Son of Robert      
ROWE George 1572 7-Sep Son of Robert      
RUNDELL Catherine 1560 Sep Dau of Thomas      
RUNDELL Lewis 1574 18-Feb Son of Thomas      
RUNDELL Roger 1577 24-May Son of Thomas      
RUNDELL John 1589 24-Jul Son of John      
RUNDELL Elizabeth 1599 12-Sep Dau of John      
RUNTE Isabella 1599 5-Aug Dau of John      
SAMPSON Richard 1588 13-? Son of John      
SERTWELL Thomas 1560 Aug Son of Edmund      
SHEPHEARDE John 1560 Jan Son of John      
SHEPHEARDE Thomas 1560 Jan Son of John      
SIMON Stephen 1569 21-Oct Son of   Alson    
SMIGHTE Joan 1567 4-? Dau of John      
SMITH   1558 22-?   John      
SMITH Robert 1578 13-Jul Son of John      
SMITH Mary 1579 16-Dec Dau of George      
SMITHE Joan 1567 21-? Dau of John      
SMITHE Patience 1569 24-Feb Dau of John      
SMITHE Peter 1571 25-Oct Son of John      
SMITHE Temperance 1571 2-Nov Dau of John      
SMITHE Anne 1574 12-May Dau of John      
SMITHE Philippa 1574 12-May Dau of John      
SMITHE Gelian 1574 28-Sep Dau of George      
SMITHE Isabella 1575 23-Mar Dau of John      
SMITHE John 1576 28-Feb Son of George      
SMITHE Hercules 1577 24-Nov Son of John      
SMITHE Alson 1581 24-? Dau of George      
SMITHE Thomas 1586 20-Sep Son of George      
SMITHE Lawrence 1589 15-Aug Son of George      
SOUTHERIN John 1578 10-May