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Camelford UM Circuit

                                                                                                                1911 - 1934

                                                                               Transcribed & Copyright to Mike Gabriel


Surname Forename Middle Name Year Date Baptised Date Born Father Mother Location of Event Abode
Boundy Robert Harold 1916 12-Nov 4-Aug William Elizabeth Ann Amy Rowe chapel Penforda,St.Breward
Colman Mildred Kathleen 1926 9-May 27-Mar Alfred Beatrice Jane at home St.Breward
Crowle James Henry 1926 1-Jan 21-Sep-25 Henry Hilda Daisy Emma at home St.Breward
Hawken William Arthur 1921 21-Aug 3-Jul William Arthur Rosalind at home Limehead
Hill Kathleen Mary 1927 3-Jul 13-May William Emily   St.Breward
Holman William Gerald 1928 1-Feb 15-Nov William Annie   Bolatherick
Little Gerald Burnley 1928 1-Feb 9-Jan Russell James Florencce Mary   St.Breward
Lutey Lionel David James 1926 7-Jul 1-Jun Russell James Florence May at home St.Breward
Marshall Dora   1931 14-Oct 26-Jul Richard Thomas Phyllis   Limehead
Nottle John   1911 29-Nov 9-Aug George Mary   Rowe,St.Breward
Nottle Norah Irene 1921 18-Aug 3-Apr William Sidonia Georgina at home Candra
Pearce Alice Gwendoline 1915 7-Jul 5-Jun Richard Emily St.Breward St.Breward
Pethick Marjory   1929 1-Apr 31-Mar Henry Hamilton Eliza   Limehead
Sleeman Thomas Edgar 1915 16-May 26-Apr Herbert Jessie at home St.Breward
Sleep Dulcie May 1932 2-Sep 27-Jan William John Olive May   12,Claylands
Teague Gladys Mary 1928 17-Oct 29-Sep William Thomas Florence May   St.Breward
Wills Brenda   1924 22-Sep 4-Jul George Minnie at home Camperdown