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This page gives a summary of visitors to my family tree on Rootsweb WorldConnect, based on Google Analytics. The site has been tracked by Google Analytics since February 2013.

Google Analytics provides statistics on visitors, page views, pages per visit and time spent viewing pages.

Visitors who leave when they see the site is not what they are looking for are classified as bounce visitors. A visitor can bounce by: Clicking on a link to a page on a different web site; Closing an open window or tab; Typing a new URL; Clicking the "Back" button to leave the site; Session time-out (no activity for 30 minutes). Bounce visitors generally only viewed one page and almost immediately - the site was not what they were looking for.

The remainder of site visits are classified as non-bounce. Usually the non-bounce visits involve two or more pages, and involve the time it takes the visitor to scan and read page content.

Visitors and Pageviews

The following results are based on data for 9 months (Mar-Dec 2013) and will be updated as more information becomes available. During the 9 month period there were 4,248 visits by 3,080 unique visitors.

Non-bounce visitors viewed 12 pages on average and the average length of non-bounce visit was almost 10 minutes.

Statistics for all visitors and non-bounce visitors
(visits per month, pageviews per month, pages viewed per visit, average duration of visit).

  Visits Pageviews Pages per

All visitors        
2013 (9 mths) 472 3,324 7.1 5:28
2013 (9 mths) 282 3,134 11.1 9:09

Non-bounce visitors came from 32 countries. As shown in the table below, the top country for non-bounce visitors was New Zealand. Most pages were viewed by visitors from New Zealand and United Kingdom.

Top countries of non-bounce visitors
(Number and percentage of visits, pages viewed per visit and average duration of visit).

Country Visits % Pages per

New Zealand 1,540 61% 12 9:33
Australia 469 18% 11 9:29
United Kingdom 282 11% 11 9:22
United States 110 4% 8 5:42
Canada 53 2% 13 8:35

Most people who visited the family tree on Rootsweb found it from a search engine, with Google being the main source (67% of visits). Some visitors were referred from other web sites, mainly genealogy sites. The number of referrals from this site to the family tree site was 12% of visits.


The table below shows the number of visits and pageviews by non-bounce visitors to pages with different family names. The maiden surname, not married surname, was used to classify results for women. Only the top 25 families for pageviews are shown.

The "Pages in Tree" column in the table below shows the number of pages on Rootsweb for the family, including those with first names shown as "living" for privacy. "Pages viewed" indicates the number of these pages viewed. Usually only a proportion of the available pages on Rootsweb were viewed, but often pages were viewed more than once. "Total Pageviews" indicates the number of times a page from the family was viewed. "Duration" indicates the average time a page from the family was viewed .

Pageviews for different families by non-bounce visitors
(Pages on Rootsweb, Number of pages viewed, Total Pageviews for family, Average duration of each pageviews in min:sec)

Family Surname Pages in Tree Pages viewed Total Pageviews Duration

WALLACE 482 338 2884 1:01
SPURDLE 419 235 1639 1:01
DUXFIELD 257 250 1283 1:57
REDPATH 130 91 532 1:18
BERKAHN 103 87 448 1:18
HAYLOCK 121 77 368 1:16
KORTE 41 39 352 1:07
MUDGWAY 39 38 294 2:41
WATKINS 145 69 290 1:54
BROUGH 85 53 247 1:15
CAMERON 83 55 233 1:51
COTTRELL 19 17 227 1:52
McLAREN 79 37 217 1:02
REVELL 69 40 205 1:06
HARFORD 151 75 198 1:05
McLERNON 32 22 190 1:49
BECK 22 15 183 1:38
ASTLEY 24 24 182 1:48
SCOTT 60 38 180 1:30
RUSHBROOKE 158 45 175 1:17
MAJOR 99 35 170 1:45
CROPPER 10 10 161 1:43
LITHERLAND 10 10 160 2:25
GEDGE 53 32 158 1:41
BENSEMANN 30 28 156 1:07

The two most frequently viewed pages were for John Alexander McKane WALLACE (209 pageviews) and his grandfather James WALLACE (143 pageviews).


For the technically minded, I have briefly described how tracking of web pages on Rootsweb WorldConnect can be done using Google Analytics. You can read the description on my blog. Generation of the table above is based on Analytics data exported to Microsoft Access so that family names can be matched to web page URLs using the record ID.

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