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This page has information about sources used to develop the Family Tree (GEDCOM file) displayed on RootsWeb.  Numerous contacts have added information by making their family tree on Genes Reunited, Ancestry and other websites available. Also numerous relatives have made information and photographs available. The authors of these publications, manuscripts and GEDCOM files, and others who have provided information, are acknowledged. Thanks.

Family Histories

Spurdle Heritage, ESA Publications Ltd, Box 9453, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand. Editors: Janette Howe and Robyn Spurdle. ISBN 0-908756-46-1. Published to coincide with the Spurdle Family Reunion held in New Plymouth on 21-23 Feb 1992.  William and Sarah Spurdle arrived in New Plymouth from England with their family on the Timandra in 1842. The publication gives details of their descendants.

Spurdle Heritage

The Wallace Family History. Manuscript by Doreen Corrick, 1988.  Summarizes Doreen’s research into three Wallace brothers who went to New Zealand with the 65th Regiment in 1846: Arthur, John Alexander McKane and James.  PDF version available (email the address shown on Contacts page).

The Rushbrooke Family. Manuscript by the late Michael A Rushbrooke, Lavenham, Suffolk, 2000.  This manuscript contains information on the Rushbrooke Family from 1120 to 1997, including the descendants of Ernest Edwin Rushbrooke who migrated to New Zealand in 1899.

The Pavitt Family of Banks Peninsula. Compiled by Rex and Adriene Evans. Published by Evagean Publishing, Auckland, New Zealand, 1996. ISBN 0-909032-64-5.  Records the family tree of the Pavitt family who migrated from England to Akaroa, New Zealand on the Monarch, arriving in 1850.

A Watkins Family of New Zealand. Compiled in 1967 by R W Cromarty, a descendant of Doctor Daniel Watkins, 1791-1882, who settled at Akaroa in 1850. The manuscript has information on Daniel's ancestors (circa 1646) and trees for descendants.

Annie - a family history. By Ann McDonald and Sue Brown, 2008. Information on descendants and ancestry of Annie Margaret Bateman (b 1922). Annie's tree overlaps with my tree for the Redpath family.


Much of the marriage, birth and death information included in the GEDCOM displayed on RootsWeb has been checked against sources such as BDM indexes published by New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs, UK Registrar-General's Office, NSW and Victorian BDM registries and UK Census information has been obtained from Scotlands People and Ancestry. On-line cemetery databases and New Zealand Society of Genealogists Inc. NZSG Kiwi Index, burial index and marriage index have provided useful information too.

A list of frequently used on-line resources is listed on my Bookmarks page.

The task of checking is still incomplete!


A number of people have contributed information as either GEDCOM files or as unpublished family trees. The following list is not complete, not including people who have provided information on their more immediate families.

Hugh Drougemuller, Canada – Descendants of Chris Drougemuller (1873-1956) and Johanna Korte (1879-1962).

John Thorpe - Descendants of Evelyn Mary Duxfield (1902-1990).

Debra Duxfield, Wellington – Descendants of John Duxfield (1818-1890).

Malcolm Ward - Descendants of Frederick William Duxfield (1860-1948).

Kerin Schultz – Descendants of Otto Schultz (1865-1933) and Dora Korte (1875-1942).

John Hallett, England – Descendants of Richard Spurdle (1674-1731).

Lyn Aislabie, Hamilton, New Zealand - Descendants of William Wallace (1848-1925) and Mary Jane Wallace (1850-1912).

Jenny Miller, New Zealand - Descendants of Thomas McLaren (1862-1958).

Pat Redpath, Wairata, New Zealand – Descendants of George Redpath (1860-1914) and Charlotte Walker (1860-1921).

Julie Daymond-King – Spurdles in Two Newspapers 1852-1877.

Elizabeth Graham-Campbell, Queensland - Descendants of John Alexander McKane Wallace (1819-1895).

Judith Canvin, New Plymouth – Descendants of Joshua M Gatenby and Martha L Korte (1887-1970).

Nicola Gearry - Descendants of Daniel Watkins (1791-1882).

Joy Brown, Owhango - Descendants of Vina Berkahn (1895-1978) and Ole Magnussen (1891-1943).

Marcus Lynam, Hamilton - Descendants of Franz Heinrich Frederich Berkahn (1832-1916).

Franklin Jefferson - New Zealand Korte family.

Carole Bridge, Tauranga - Descendants of Arthur James Gedge (1888-1963).

Ken Greenman - Descendants of Cedric Eric Harford (1914-1986).

Sue Penrose, Queensland - Descendants of James Wallace and (1846-1936) and Caroline Chitham (1850-1935).

Brian Major, NSW - Descendants of Joseph Wallace (1853-1948) and Sarah Spurdle (1854-1921).

Preben G. Kristensen, Denmark - Ancestors and descendants of Inger Marie Larsdatter (1837-1914).