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Site visitors (2010-13)


This page gives a summary of site visitors based on Google Analytics. The site has been tracked by Google Analytics since July 2009.

Google Analytics provides statistics on visitors, page views, pages per visit, time on site and new visitors.

Visitors who leave when they see the site is not what they are looking for are classified as bounce visitors. A visitor can bounce by: Clicking on a link to a page on a different web site; Closing an open window or tab; Typing a new URL; Clicking the "Back" button to leave the site; Session time-out (no activity for 30 minutes).

This page has been replaced by an new updated page that reports site visitors for seven years, 2010 to 2016.

Visitors and Pageviews

In the four calendar years 2010-2013 there were almost 25,000 visits to this website by 21,629 unique visitors, with 67% of visits classified as bounce. Bounce visitors only viewed one page and left after a few seconds - the site was presumably not what they were looking for.

Non-bounce visitors (8,015 visits by 6,941 unique visitors) viewed 3.7 pages on average: 54% 2 pages, 17% 3 pages, 9% 4 pages, 20% 5+ pages. The average length of non-bounce visit was over 5 minutes, with 43% of visits being less than 1 minute, 21% of visits being 1-3 minutes, 21% of visits being 3-10 minutes and 15% of visits lasting over 10 minutes.

Statistics on an annual basis are shown in the table below.

Annual statistics for all visitors and non-bounce visitors
(visits per year, pageviews per year, pages viewed per visit, average duration of visit).

  Visits Pageviews Pages per

All visitors        
2010 5,965 11,834 1.98 1:51
2011 5,823 11,566 1.99 1:34
2012 7,308 12,992 1.78 1:21
2013 5,887 10,340 1.76 2:12
Total 24,983 46,732 1.87 1:43
2010 1,787 7,653 4.28 6:11
2011 2,068 7,811 3.78 4:24
2012 2,298 8,298 3.25 3:55
2013 1,628 6,081 3.74 7:57
Total 8,015 29,764 3.71 5:22

Non-bounce visitors came from 102 countries over the three years. As shown in the table below, the top five countries for non-bounce visitors were New Zealand, United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada. Non-bounce visitors from New Zealand and Australia viewed more pages on average and stayed on the site longer.

Top five countries of non-bounce visitors during 2010-13
(Number and percentage of visits, pages viewed per visit and average duration of visit).

Country Visits % Pages per

New Zealand 2,916 34% 4.26 7:12
United States 1,378 18% 2.89 3:28
Australia 1,115 12% 4.82 7:50
United Kingdom 925 12% 3.20 3:26
Canada 279 3% 3.22 3:17

Most visits to this site were by visitors using desktop computers. However mobile device use is increasing with the following number of visits: 45 in 2010, 163 in 2011, 493 (7%) in 2012 and 833 (14%) in 2013. Most of the mobile device visitors used Apple devices (ipad and iphone).

In 2013 most people who visited the site found it from a search engine, with Google being the main source (56%). Some visitors were referred from other web sites, mainly genealogy sites. A proportion of visitors (20%) visited the site directly.


Google Analytics allows analysis of which pages are visited, and how often. The following statistics are based on the four year period 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2013.

The table below shows the number of pageviews for different parts of this web site: total pageviews and pageviews by non-bounce visitors. The different sections of the site correspond to the headings on the menu. For example the Site section includes the following pages: Site map, Site changes, Site visitors, Contact details, Guestbook, People index, Places index and Site Information. Each section had different numbers of pages available to view.

Pageviews for different sections of this site.

Section Pages Total
Non-bounce Visitor

Home Page 1 3,891 3,147
Site 9 1,613 1,527
Family Tree 6 3,511 2,060
Family Notes 12 9,490 5,395
Family Photos 21 6,874 4,765
Places - Europe 17 9,465 4,828
Places - NZ 4 3,380 1,754
Articles 14 3,735 1,895
Search Page 1 475 474
Handheld 143 1,309 1,129

The Home page was the most frequently visited page on the site.

The Places - Europe, with 17 pages, received a large proportion of pageviews. Within this category, the Lubeck page was the second most visited page on the site with 2,203 pageviews by all visitors and 1,194 pageviews by non-bounce visitors.

Of the four pages for places in New Zealand (one being an index), the most popular page was the Matawai page. The page was the third most visited page on the site with 2,202 pageviews by all visitors and 1,064 pageviews by non-bounce visitors.

The Handheld section duplicated pages in Family Notes, Family Photos, Places and Articles sections; with content split over several smaller pages. The Handheld section of the site was introduced in April 2010 and removed in June 2011. The section had a large number of pages that were visited infrequently.

Although there were 475 pageviews of the search page, once search results pageviews were included, there were 3,021 pageviews.

The table below gives more detail on pageviews for family notes and photo pages, based on non-bounce visitors. Most pageviews were for the Walker, Redpath and Korte family pages, families with both notes and photo pages. Column totals for this table do not match the one above because some index pages are excluded in the table below.

Pageviews for different family pages by non-bounce visitors

Family Notes Page Photo Pages Total

Berkahn 497 50 547
Heavey 237 None 237
Jones 168 38 206
Korte 689 895 1,145
McLaren 318 None 318
Redpath 612 887 1,499
Rushbrooke 359 None 359
Spurdle 616 None 616
Trueman 160 None 160
Walker 686 1,976 2,662
Wallace 791 None 791