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Jannerup, Thisted, Denmark

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This page has information about Jannerup in Denmark. Christian August Berkahn (1873-1942), ninth child of Franz Frederick Heinrich Berkahn and Inga Maria Larsdatter, was born in  Jannerup, Denmark. In 1874 he migrated with his parents to New Zealand and the family settled near Dannevirke.


Jannerup is a village and parish in northwestern Jutland in Denmark. It is located in the municipality of Thisted, in Region Nordjylland. The municipality covers an area of 1,072 km², and has a total population of 45,549 (2008). Prior to 1970, Jannerup was located in Hundborg Herred (Hundred) shown in the map below.

Jannerup is approximately 6 km west of Sjörind, the nearest railway station, and 12 km west of Thisted town. Aerial photographs of the area show agricultural land with a patchwork of grain crops in fields. Between Jannerup and the western coast are sand dunes, the result of sand drifts that covered previously fertile land in the 19th Century.

The village has a church and about ten houses, most of the houses having farm buildings close by.

The maps below show the location of Jannerup in Denmark (top map) and the parish (bottom). A detailed map of the region published in 1900 is shown on a separate web page - Thisted Amt.


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Hundborg Hundred

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19th Century

Help needed. Can you provide information for this page? Specifically I need a description of 19th Century Jannerup village and/or parish based on census information or historical reports (in English language). Check another Places page to see the type of information I have been including in this section.

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Jannerup Landscape

Landscape near Jannerup

Jannerup Mill

Windmill near Jannerup

Mill near Jannerup

Farmland and windmill west of Jannerup

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