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Photos - George Henry Trueman


Photographs of George Henry Trueman (1876-1961), and his children. As noted in the caption, some of these photographs require verification of names - please get in touch or leave a comment if you can verify identity of people.

Henry Trueman

George Henry Trueman
Labelled as "G. Henry Trueman"

Henry and Thelma Trueman

George Henry and daughter Thelma
Not labelled, but thought to be Thelma.

Thelma Trueman

Thelma Trueman
Labelled "Thelma Rita Trueman, December 1987".

Source of photos

Scans of photographs from an album and loose photos that belonged to Harold Trueman. After Harold died, the photographs were retained by the Palmerston North City Council from when they cleaned out the house that Harold rented. Recently I was sent the collection by Catheryn Te Paiho from the Council.

Alick and Harold Trueman

Alick and Harold Trueman
Not labelled.

Henry and Harold Trueman

George Henry and son Harold Trueman
Not labelled.

Harold Trueman

Harold Trueman
Labelled "Harold Trueman".

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