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Photos - Christopher W E Korte

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This page has photos of Christopher William Ernest Korte (1881-1944), his wife and their children. Source of photos is indicated in the caption.

Photo of Chris Korte

Chris Korte
Source - Marie Korte, Hamilton

Photo of Selma Bulst

Chris's wife, Selma Bulst
Source - Marie Korte, Hamilton


Chris and Selma Korte.
Wedding photo taken at Hexton, Gisborne, 1915
Source - Marie Korte, Hamilton


Photo of Chris Korte at chopping competition

Chris Korte
Source - Marie Korte, Hamilton

Chris Korte's children 1930s

Chris and Selma's children
Photograph taken in the 1930's outside their Matawai home. From left: Myrtle, Fred and Doris.
Source - Robert Korte, Gisborne

"Chris Korte's children

Doris (left), Fred and Myrtle Korte, about 1940
Source - Robert Korte, Gisborne

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