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Family notes - James Heavey

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This page has biographical information about James Heavey (1866-1938), his wife Fanny Haylock (1874-1955) and their children.

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James HEAVEY and wife

James HEAVEY (1866-1938)

Photo of James Heavey

James Heavey, the second son of John Heavey and Mary Cullen, was born in 1866 in Multyfarnham, Westmeath, Ireland. He migrated to New Zealand about 1875 with his parents. James's father John worked for the railways in Otago as a platelayer (a workman who lays and repairs railroad tracks). James's parents settled in Oamaru.

James worked for the NZ Railways. He was living in Wellington in 1900 when he married Fanny Maria Haylock in Wellington. The couple had eight children, born at various locations in the southern North Island where James was based with the railways. From 1914 to 1928 James was a bridge keeper at Ngawapurua south of Woodville. James and Fanny retired to Palmerston North. James died in 1938 in Palmerston North, and was buried in Terrace End Cemetery, Palmerston North.

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Fanny Maria HAYLOCK (1874-1955)

Photo of Fanny Haylock

Fanny Maria Haylock (also known as Frances), the eighth child of George Haylock and Theresa Josephine Watkins, was born in Akaroa in 1874. Her parents were both from well known Akaroa families that settled in Canterbury in 1850 when the colony was established. As noted above, Fanny married James Heavey in 1900 and had eight children. Fanny and James also raised two grandchildren, Ken and Nevill. It is not known who the parents of these two are, and previous family trees have shown them as children Fanny and James. In the death notice for Nevill Heavey, it was noted that he was the youngest child of Frances and James.

Fanny was a keen gardener. She won prizes for her carrots, onions, cucumbers in South Taranaki Horticultural shows in 1906 and 1907. Fanny died in 1955 in Palmerston North, and was buried in Terrace End Cemetery, Palmerston North.

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Children of James and Fanny

Lillian Ivy HEAVEY (1901-1983)

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Lillian Ivy Heavey was born about 1901, the eldest child of James and Fanny Heavey. Details of her birth have not been located. In 1925 she married Walter Frederick Andrews, and her name was given as Ivy Lillian Anderson. On the 1928 NZ electoral roll Walter's occupation was cheese maker. Ivy and Walter lived in Sydney, Australia from about 1930. Walter was a salesman. Walter died in 1971 and Ivy in 1983. They were both buried in Woronora Cemetery, Sutherland.

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James George Olive Alphonsus HEAVEY (1901-1975)

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James George Olive Alphonsus Heavey was born in 1901 in Patea. James was an engine driver for the NZ railways. In 1934 he married Nina Berge and the couple lived in Taumarunui. They had five children. About 1950 the family moved to Napier where James continued to work as an engine driver until he retired. James died in Hawkes Bay in 1975 and his body was cremated in Hastings.

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William John Michael HEAVEY (1903-1976)

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William John Michael Heavey, the third child of James and Fanny Heavey was born in in 1903 in Hawera. According to electoral rolls, William was a cheese maker at different factories: Woodville 1928, and at Kauwhata and Bunnythorpe in the Manawatu.

William married Ellen Mary O'Halloran in 1932 and the couple had one son and two daughters. The couple moved to Onga Onga in Hawkes Bay about 1950 where William worked as a rabbiter and latter as bus driver. William and Ellen retired to Tauranga where William died in 1976 and Ellen in 1979. They were both buried in Tauranga.

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Eileen Mary Josephine HEAVEY (1906-1987)

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Eileen Mary Josephine Heavey, the second daughter of James and Fanny Heavey, was born in in 1906 in Hawera. In 1931 she married Thomas James Simpson, a post office clerk. They lived in Wellington and had five children. Eileen died in 1987 and Thomas in 1989. They were both cremated in Karori, Wellington.

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Grace Kathleen Jane HEAVEY (1908-1996)

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Grace Kathleen Jane Heavey, the third daughter of James and Fanny Heavey, was born in in 1908 in Halcombe. In 1931 she married Edward Oscar Gibbins (Ossie). Initially Grace and Ossie lived in Feilding, but they moved to Marton about 1937 where Ossie worked as a machinist. The couple had four sons. Grace died in 1996 and Ossie in 2005. Both were buried in Marton.

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Alice Maude Frances HEAVEY (1910-1990)

Photo of Alice M F Heavey

Alice Maude Frances Heavey, the fourth daughter of James and Fanny Heavey, was born in in 1910 in Woodville. In 1931 she married Alfred Henry Humphries Wallace, great grandson of John Alexander McKane Wallace.

Alice and Alfred lived in Palmerston North and had five children. Alfred worked as a motor painter and subsequently as a driver. About 1969 Alfred and Alice separated, with Alfred moving to Gisborne to work and Alice to Wanganui to live with her daughter. Alfred died in Gisborne in 1986 and was buried in Palmerston North. Alice died in 1990 in Wanganui.

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Theresa Annie Patricia HEAVEY (1913-1988)

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Theresa Annie Patricia Heavey, the fifth daughter of James and Fanny Heavey, was born in in 1913. In 1934 she married Norman Sydney Holland, a factory worker in Palmerston North. The couple had no children and lived in Palmerston North until about 1950.

Norman and Theresa moved to Hawkes Bay where Norman worked as a rabbiter and later as a water inspector in Napier. Norman was a shop assistant in Edgecumbe when he died in 1962 aged 48. Theresa (known as Tess) moved back to Palmerston North after Norman died. She died in 1998 in Palmerston North. Both Norman and Tess were buried in Palmerston North.

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Allan Frank Cullen HEAVEY (1915-2005)

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Allan Frank Cullen Heavey, third son of James and Fanny Heavey, was born in in 1915 in Woodville. In 1939 he married Elva Margaret Trass. They had two daughters.

Allan worked in the dairy industry, first as a cheese maker at Bunnythorpe, then as a foreman, and a factory manager at Edgecumbe and Katikati. He finished his career as a laboratory technician in Tauranga.

Elva died in 1974 in Tauranga and was buried there. Allan remarried after Elva's death and moved to Hamilton. Allan died in 2005.

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Kenneth HEAVEY (1922-2013)

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Kenneth (Ken) Heavey, born in 1922 when Fanny Heavey was 51, was a grandchild. Ken married Florence Ethel Christine Livett in 1947 and they had two children. The family lived in Palmerston North where Ken worked as a soldier (1946-1954), a driver (1957-1969), a storeman (1972-1978), a baker (1978) and a production manager (1981). Florence (also known as Christine) died in 1988 and was buried in Palmerston North. Ken died at Chiswick Park Rest Home, Palmerston North in 2013.

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Nevill Graham HEAVEY (1928-2017)

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Nevill Graham Heavey, born in 1928 when Fanny Heavey was 54, was presumably a grandchild or adopted. Nevill married Ruth Gladys Barnes in 1954 and they had two sons. According to electoral rolls Nevill worked in various jobs in Palmerston North: sick bay attendant (1949), seaman (1954), machinist (1957). In 1970 the family lived in Melbourne, Australia. Neville died at Monash Gardens Nursing Home, Mulgrave, Melbourne in 2017.

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