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This page provides an index to the people mentioned on this site. The link from their name points to the place on this site where they are mentioned. Where there are biographical or photographic details for the person they are indicated beside the name. Additional details for the person can usually be found on RootsWeb.

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ALSTON, Gladys Jane Biography
ANDERSEN, James Biography
ANDERSON, Sarah Biography
ANDREWS, Walter Frederick Biography
ASTLEY, Charles Biography
BARNES, Ruth Gladys Biography
BARRON, Frances Biography
BASSENDEN, Elsie Doris Biography
BATEMAN, John Henry Biography Photos
BECK, Matilda Maria Biography Photos
BERGE, Nina Biography
BERKAHN, Alice Matilda Biography Photo
BERKAHN, Christian August Biography Photos Article
BERKAHN, Clarence Biography Photo
BERKAHN, Elsie Biography
BERKAHN, Francis Christian Biography Photo
BERKAHN, Gordon Biography  
BERKAHN, Grace Muriel Biography
BERKAHN, Henry Herbert Biography Photo
BERKAHN, Irene Biography Photos
BERKAHN, Mervyn Mathias Biography Photo
BERKAHN, Olive May Biography
BERKAHN, Percy Wilfred Biography Photo
BERKAHN, Reynold Oliva Biography
BERKAHN, Vina Eveline Biography Photo
BLAIKIE, Mary Ann Biography Photo
BRAINE, George Joseph Biography
BRANDT, Walter Hands Carl Max Biography
BROUGH, Isabella Biography Photos
BULST, Selma Biography Photos
BURNETT, Agnes Isabella Biography
BURNS, Edith Ida Biography
CHITHAM, Caroline Biography Photo
CROZIER, Hugh Blaikie Ross Biography Photo
DREAVER, David Biography Photo
DROGEMULLER, Christopher Carl Dietrich Biography Photos
DUXFIELD, Elizabeth Sarah Biography Photo Articles
EBBETT, Frederick William Biography
ELLETT, Una Mckelvie Biography
ELLIS, William Biography
EVANS, Alfred Biography
FISHER, Eileen Sylvia Biography
FOOTE, Doreen Biography
FULLFORD, Clara Biography
GATENBY, Joshua Mellor Biography
GIBBINS, Edward Oscar Biography
GILBERT, Emma Biography
GRIFFIN, William George Biography
HALPIN, Mabel Alice Biography
HAM, Rita Marie Biography
HANRAHAN, Margaret Mary Biography
HANRAHAN, Peggy Biography
HANSEN, Alice Biography
HARFORD, George Joseph Biography
HAYLOCK, Fanny Maria Biography Photo
HEAVEY, Alice Maude Frances Biography Photo
HEAVEY, Allan Frank Cullen Biography
HEAVEY, Eileen Mary Josephine Biography
HEAVEY, Grace Kathleen Jane Biography
HEAVEY, James Biography Photo
HEAVEY, James George Olive Alphonsus Biography
HEAVEY, Kenneth Biography
HEAVEY, Lillian Ivy Biography
HEAVEY, Nevill Graham Biography
HEAVEY, Theresa Annie Patricia Biography
HEAVEY, William John Michael Biography
HOLLAND, Norman Sydney Biography
HOLMES, Emily Biography
HOOK, Gladys Amelia Biography
HOOPER, Reginald Richardson Biography
HOSKIN, John William Biography
HUMPHREYS, Elizabeth Ann Biography
HUNT, Joseph Andrew Biography
JONES, Alice Biography Photo
JONES, Annie Biography
JONES, Charles Biography
JONES, David - Born 1858 Biography
JONES, David - Born 1903 Biography Photos
JONES, Emily Biography
JONES, Eva Biography Photo
JONES, Percy Biography
JONES, Walter Biography Photo
KITTO, John Henry Biography
KORTE, Christopher - Born 1848 Biography Photos Article
KORTE, Christopher - Born 1881 Biography Photos
KORTE, Christopher William Ernest Biography Photos
KORTE, Dorothea Magdelena Catherina Biography Photos
KORTE, Frederick William Biography Photos Article
KORTE, Freida Biography Photo
KORTE, Freiderke Henriette Johanna Biography Photo
KORTE, Hanna Biography Photos
KORTE, Heinrich Friederich Johann Korte Biography
KORTE, Henry Biography
KORTE, Johan Heinrich Friedrich Christoph Biography Photos Article
KORTE, Johanna Maria Margaretta Gertrude Biography Photos
KORTE, Martha Louie Margareta Biography Photo
LE LIEVRE, Jeane Biography
LEITH, Ann Biography Photo
LITHERLAND, Maria Biography Photo
LITTLE, Edith Isobel Biography
LIVETT, Florence Ethel Christine Biography
LOGAN, Ann Biography Photo
LYNCH, Charles Avis Biography
MACDONALD, Isabella Manson Photo Article
MAGNUSSEN, Ole  Biography
MAISE, Esther Biography Photo
MANSON, Nils Peter Biography
MAYES, Esther Biography
MCBAIN, Elizabeth Cameron Biography
MCLAREN, Bessie Biography Photo
MCLAREN, Elinor Biography Photo
MCLAREN, Elizabeth Dickinson Biography Photo
MCLAREN, Ethel Mary Biography Photo
MCLAREN, Frederick Archibald Biography Photo
MCLAREN, Jack Biography
MCLAREN, James Biography Photo
MCLAREN, John Duxfield Biography
MCLAREN, Pat Biography Photo
MCLAREN, Thomas Biography Photo Articles
MCLAREN, Thomas Henry Biography Photo
MCLERNON, Thomas Biography Photo
MILES, Charles Biography
MIST, Emily Biography Photo
MORGAN, Lillian Trixie Biography
MORTLEMAN, Mary Isabella Photo Article
MUDGWAY, James Victor Biography
NEEVE, Kenneth William Biography
O'HALLORAN, Ellen Mary Biography
ORMSBY, Martha Biography
ORMSBY, Matoa Te Ota Biography
PAGE, Blanchard Biography
PAGE, Dorothy Florence Biography
PEACHEY, Rosina Martha Biography
PEARSON, John William Biography
POMRANZ, Emily Louisa Biography
REDPATH, Annie Logan Biography Photos
REDPATH, Elizabeth - Born 1856 Biography Photo
REDPATH, Elizabeth - Born 1890 Biography Photos Article
REDPATH, Euphemia Biography Photos
REDPATH, George b 1860 Biography Photos
REDPATH, George b 1892 Biography Photos Article
REDPATH, James Darling Biography Photo
REDPATH, Margaret Biography Photos
REDPATH, May Wood Biography Photos
REDPATH, Thomas Biography
REDPATH, Thomas Henry Biography Photo
REID, Mary Muir Biography Photos
REVELL, Charles Biography
RHODES, Alfred Biography
ROBERTS, Watkin Biography
ROGGENKAMP, Maria Louisa Frederika Biography
ROSE, Maria Louisa Frederika Biography
RUSHBROOKE, Alban George Biography Photo
RUSHBROOKE, Alice Mary Biography
RUSHBROOKE, Bertha Louise Biography Photo
RUSHBROOKE, Ernest Edwin - Born 1859 Biography Photo Article
RUSHBROOKE, Ernest Edwin - Born 1886 Biography
RUSHBROOKE, John Biography
RUSHBROOKE, Louise Biography
RUSHBROOKE, Mary Louisa Biography
RUSHBROOKE, Phyllis Biography
RUSHBROOKE, Thomas Allen Biography
SCHULTZ, Otto Heinrich Julius Biography Photos
SCHULTZ, George Alexander b 1912 Photos
SCHULZ, Otto Heinrich Julius Biography Photos
SCOTT, David Biography Photo
SIMPSON, Thomas James Biography
SPURDLE, Annie Biography
SPURDLE, Elizabeth Annis Biography Photo
SPURDLE, Frederick Lawrence Biography
SPURDLE, Frederick William Biography Article
SPURDLE, Harriett Biography
SPURDLE, Harry Biography
SPURDLE, Henry Biography
SPURDLE, Laurie Biography
SPURDLE, Mary Ann Biography
SPURDLE, Oliver Cooke Biography Photo
SPURDLE, Samuel Oliver Biography Photo
SPURDLE, Sarah Biography
STANLEY, John Biography
STIELLER, Rosalind Matilda Biography
TRASS, Elva Margaret Biography
TRUEMAN, Albert Ernest Biography
TRUEMAN, Alfred William - Born 1853 Biography Photo
TRUEMAN, Alfred William - Born 1904 Biography
TRUEMAN, Alice May Biography
TRUEMAN, Annie Elizabeth Biography
TRUEMAN, Arthur Alfred Biography
TRUEMAN, Bessie Olive Biography
TRUEMAN, Emily Christina Biography Photo
TRUEMAN, Ernest Edward Biography
TRUEMAN, Frederick Ernest Biography
TRUEMAN, George Henry Biography Photos
TRUEMAN, Lily Grace Biography Photo
TRUEMAN, Norman Edward Biography
TRUEMAN, Rosina Ann Biography
TRUEMAN, Violet Ann Biography
VETTE, Caroline Friederike Wilhelmina Biography Photos
WALKER, Alexander Biography Photos
WALKER, Catherine Biography Photos
WALKER, Charlotte Biography Photos
WALKER, Christina Biography
WALKER, Ellen Biography
WALKER, Isabella Biography Photo
WALKER, Jessie Ann Biography
WALKER, John Biography Photos
WALKER, Kate Biography Photos Article
WALKER, Katrine Biography Photos Article
WALKER, Kitty Biography Photos Article
WALKER, Nellie Biography Photo
WALLACE, Agnes Biography
WALLACE, Alfred Gilbert Biography
WALLACE, Alfred Henry Humphries Biography
WALLACE, Catherine Kerby Biography
WALLACE, Esther May Biography
WALLACE, James Biography Photo
WALLACE, John Alexander McKain Biography Photo
WALLACE, Joseph Biography Photo
WALLACE, Mary Jane Biography
WALLACE, Richard Biography
WALLACE, Thomas Morton Biography
WALLACE, William Biography
WALLACE, William John Biography
WATERS, Emily Grace Biography
WESTGATE, Archibald William Biography
WHITCOMBE, Elizabeth Biography
WILKINSON, James Reeve Biography Photo Article
WRIGHT, Alice Mary Biography
WRIGHT, Ellen Sarah Biography Photo
YOEMAN, Clifford Arnold Biography