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Welcome. This web site is to supplement genealogy information shown on Rootsweb. I update the family tree database on Rootsweb about every three months when new information on people and events has been collected. This site allows additional photos and information to be made available for those who are interested. In 2010 I began a blog to provide brief posts on my research - see recent posts on this page.


My genealogy project started in December 2001 when I began collecting family history information on my family and my wife’s family (Chris Korte and Katherine Wallace).  Since starting, I have added information collected by others on the wider families to my database (see Sources) – my acknowledgement of their efforts. 

A copy of the family tree information I have collected can be viewed on Rootsweb WorldConnect. Most of the people in my Rootsweb WorldConnect Database lived in New Zealand.  People born since 1930 are listed as “Living” for privacy on Rootsweb. I have not listed sources on RootsWeb. I am happy to provide further information if requested (see Contact).

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Chris Korte's WorldConnect Tree

Please contact me if you find errors, want something removed, or can provide further information. I have a form for family members to submit additional information and corrections by email.

You can see some of the on-line resources I use for my genealogy research on the Links page.

Family notes and photos

This site has family photographs and biographical notes on families that settled in New Zealand from Europe. Depending on stage of research, some families have relatively detailed information while others have incomplete information.

If you can provide additional or missing photographs, or additional notes on family members, please contact me.

Articles and Places

This site has reports and articles related to the wider family that can be accessed from the Articles page. Information is transcribed or scanned from newspaper articles and published reports.

The Places page gives details of selected locations where family members lived in Europe and the United Kingdom prior to emigration to New Zealand.

Over time I intend to add further articles to this site.

Statistics and Changes

The Statistics page has summary statistics for the individuals in my RootsWeb family tree database - main surnames, country of birth, year of birth.

RSS Feed Changes to this web site are listed on the Site History page. Changes to the RootsWeb database are outlined on the Database Changes page. A summary of more recent changes are listed at the top of the page under the menu. You can get an RSS feed of changes.

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