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This page has all the comments left by site visitors, in the current and old Guestbooks.

I welcome your comments about this site or the family tree. Leaving comments can help others researching similar topics.

I am always keen to hear from others able to provide additional information, corrections, documents or photographs. If you have suggestions on how the site could be improved please contact me.

If you want your comments to remain private, please contact me directly - details on contact page.

You can leave comments related to Family notes, Places and Family Photos on those pages.

To leave a comment in my Guestbook on this page, fill in the fields, then click on the "Comment" button. You need to leave your email address, but it will not be displayed. Your Name and Comment will be displayed. Tick the box to obtain any replies to your comments. When all the fields are completed, click on the blue Comment button.

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Before March 2013 the guestbook for this site was hoted at Rootsweb. You can view the old Guestbook to see your and/or other's comments.



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