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The table below gives the changes to this web site, and the date of the change. Changes to the RootsWeb Family Tree are shown on a separate page. You can get an RSS feed of site history.


Date Changes made to Project Website

12 Aug 2017
  • All pages updated with a brief summary, previously headed "About".
  • Minor changes to notes for Heavey family to include death information for Nevill Heavey.
  • Spelling mistake ("geneaology") on page header corrected!
  • Addional pictures added to Motuhora Railway Photos page and page re-organised.

20 Jul 2017
  • Family Tree Locations page updated following update of tree on, replacing a tree from 2011.
  • People Index page updated to remove in-page menu from mobile version.
  • Numerous updates and additions to Matawai page
  • Colours of in-page menus and buttons updated to match new colour scheme.
  • Colours of tooltips updated to match new colour scheme.

8 Jul 2017

18 Jun 2017

13 Feb 2017

30 Jan 2017
  • New blue colour scheme implemented for site based on #65AAC2 with new logo, background images, and menus.

24 Jan 2017
  • The Home page completely changed to include a series of feeds showing updates to the project.
  • A new About page was published outlining information on the site, including text transferred from the previous Home page.
  • Site Map page updated to include new About page and Site visitors pages.
  • Page menus updated to include new About page.
  • CUSS for tables changed so alternating rows shaded.

22 Jan 2017
  • Due to Google ending availability of Google feed API in December 2016, recent Word Press blog posts stopped displaying on the Home page. Blog posts are now powered by Feedwind.
  • Site visitors page updated with data from Google Analytics for the period 2010-2016. The previous site visitors page with data for 2010-2013 is still available.

9 Jan 2017
  • My bookmarks for research page checked and hyperlinks updated where out of date.
  • Page outlining history of the Korte farm Ruanui at Matawai near Gisborne in New Zealand updated. Additional details added/corrected based on information from Papers Past.
  • Contact details page updated following move from Horsham to Ballarat, Victoria.
  • Copyright date information updated on all pages

5 Nov 2015

4 Jul 2014

7 May 2014
  • Obituary from New Zealand Herald added to biographical notes of Alban George RUSHBROOKE (1884-1933).
  • Google analytics code updated to analytics.js (Universal Analytics).

21 Apr 2014

31 Dec 2013

29 Oct 2013

11 Aug 2013
  • Updated modal windows so they displayed (they had stopped working!) and were scaled to fit screen size.
  • Modified how tool tips are displayed with Likno Web Tooltips Builder.
  • Updated template to improve page loading.

14 Jul 2013
  • Added ability for visitors to add comments to Family Notes, Family Photos and Places pages; for example for Awatuna, Matawai and Ruanui.
  • Visitor Comments added to the Guestbook page and some Family Notes pages since 29 March were approved so they displayed. Comments did not display on the Home page previously.
  • A Visitors comments page added to site to consolidate all comments left by visitors on different pages.
  • Floating menus changed on some pages so they were smaller and covered less text.
  • Floating menu added to Awatuna page to speed navigation.
  • RSS feed added to site.

29 Mar 2013
  • The page with information about Tree visitors was updated with data for a month. Previously the page had only a few days of data from Google Analytics.

2 Mar 2013
  • Added ability for visitors to add comments to Family notes pages. Code from HtmlCommentBox was used to allow visitors to add comments to a page and for displaying visitor comments.
  • Guestbook page updated with HtmlCommentBox, to allow visitor comments to be viewed without leaving site.

24 Feb 2013
  • Tree visitors page added to site. This page uses data from Google Analytics to report on visitors to my family tree on RootsWeb WorldConnect. The page gives statistics on tree visitors, page views, pages per visit and time spent viewing pages.
  • A new page with statistics about the family tree was added to the site. The new page has statistics for the database as of January 2013. It replaces the previous page that had statistics for 9 August 2009.

6 Feb 2013
  • Site visitors page completely updated. Data from Google Analytics for three calendar years 2010-2012 (19,000 visits to this website) were available for analysis.

28 Jan 2013
  • Page added with information and history of Awatuna in Taranaki.
  • Details of Thomas McLAREN (1862-1958) updated, following research showing that his brothers emigrated from Ireland several years before him (instead of all travelling to New Zealand together).
  • Location of Abergavenny Farmhouse, Scoulton, United Kingdom added to Rushbrooke family notes.
  • New page added giving details of Clipbush Barn, Abergavenny Farm, Scoulton - a farm building converted into a residence.

15 Jan 2013
  • Photograph of Ernest Edwin RUSHBROOKE (1886-1915) added to his biography. Photograph of the 1921 opening of the Matawai Post Office added to the page for Matawai. Both photographs were originally published in the Auckland Weekly News.
  • Menus updated so that responsive to page width using Linko AllWebMenus.
  • Page layout changed to show a single column on phones and tablets.

18 Nov 2012
  • Further biographical details added for John WALKER (1863-1927) based on NZ Electoral Rolls and Post Office Directories.
  • Additional images added to Matawai page: the settlement in 1913, the railway station in 1954 and St Mary's church.

24 Sep 2012

13 Sep 2012
  • Rushbrooke family notes updated to include obituary for Ellen Sarah WRIGHT. The obituary indicates she was known by her second given name, Sarah, so the Rushbrooke page has been updated to reflect this.
  • Heavey notes page updated to reflect that the last two children in the family (Ken HEAVEY and Neville HEAVEY) were grandchildren raised by their grandparents.
  • New page added giving details of George REDPATH based on newspaper reports.

24 Jun 2012

17 Jun 2012

28 Apr 2012

3 Jan 2012
  • Site visitors page updated with addition of 2011 visitor data from Google Analytics.
  • All pages updated so the ticker was removed below the menu. The ticker had listed recent updates to the site, but these are now posted to the Blog site that can be seen on the Home page.

29 Oct 2011

28 July 2011
  • Details for Annie Elizabeth TRUEMAN 1878-1941 updated following a match being found in a tree prepared by Murray Griffin on Her husband and descendants were also added to the tree on RootsWeb.

4 June 2011
  • Style sheets and layout updated so the same pages and information will display on both computer screen and other devices, with the styles changing layout for windows less than 970px. This was to avoid having to update the handheld pages when changes were made to the larger pages used by computer screens. Handheld pages were removed from the site. Numerous format changes were made so that information displayed appropriately in a double column layout, a single column layout and when the page was printed.

24 Apr 2011
  • Family notes updated based on information in electoral rolls 1853-1981: Trueman notes.

2 Apr 2011
  • Site colour scheme updated: background image changed to improve readability, hyperlink colour changed.
  • Family notes updated based on information in electoral rolls 1853-1981. This source provides information on occupation and where living (similar to a census). Family notes updated: Jones, Berkahn, Korte, Rushbrooke, McLaren, Heavey, Redpath, Wallace. The family tree on RootsWeb was also updated with information from the electoral rolls.
  • Site visitors page replaced with an updated version giving visitor information for the 2010 calendar year.
  • Photo added to Wallace family notes, probably John Alexander McKane Wallace and wife Esther.
  • Updated page with genealogy bookmarks (links to other research sites). New page added giving locations on internet where copies of my family tree can be viewed.
  • New Guestbook page added to site to allow public comments to be left.

20 Feb 2011
  • Menu changed to include a print command, as some new web browsers no longer have this function on their tool bar. Menu changed to highlight main menu item for page displayed.
  • Locations Index page added for locations in both New Zealand and Europe.

13 Feb 2011
  • Layout of site changed so that page width 960 px instead of 750 px. The wider page allows more information to be shown on screen, and larger images.
  • Menus updated, and a menu added to People Index page.
  • Numerous changes made to improve page printing, especially the Family Notes pages.

28 Jan 2011
  • Modal windows updated so pictures and text centred.
  • Minor layout changes and error corrections.
  • Links to Google Maps made from map pictures on Places - Europe and Places - NZ pages.
  • Dreamweaver page template and pages updated for 2011.

17 Nov 2010
  • Home page changed. Recent posts to blog added to the page, and layout updated. The blog provides brief posts on my research.

9 Nov 2010
  • Two pages added with transcription of letters from the United Kingdom to New Zealand in the 1920s. One was by Elizabeth McLaren (nee Duxfield) from Northern Ireland. The second is a letter written about 1920 following a visit to Willington North Farm in Northumberland where the Duxfield family had lived in the 1860's.
  • Menu and site map page updated to reflect recent additions to site.

14 Oct 2010
  • Page added with Index of people. The index list people in the family tree mentioned on site in biographies, photographs and articles.
  • Page with article about 1958 Matawai School Jubilee updated with a layout similar to other long pages on the site, with a floating menu to allow easier navigation.
  • Links to blog added to Home page - the blog has brief posts about my research.

11 Sep 2010
  • Page updated with reports of suicide bombing of the Wanganui Computer Centre by Neil Roberts in 1982. Newspaper articles from The Press, Christchurch, added to page.

15 Aug 2010
  • Page added giving details of death of Joyce Myrtle Spurdle, who died as a result of injuries sustained when she slipped on a banana skin.
  • Menu updated with new colours.

24 May 2010
  • Matawai and Ruanui page layout changed so that navigation possible using a floating menu. Additional photos added to the Ruanui page.

28 Apr 2010
  • 1906 Ruanui Dairy details updated to correct year (incorrectly listed as 1907 previously).
  • Additional child, Charlotte Walker added to pages for Walker Family Notes.
  • Additional pages created for handheld devices - 18 Photo pages, 49 Places pages. Main content (except many photographs) available on both the Screen and handheld device versions of the site. Minor changes to some screen version pages.

4 Mar 2010

22 Feb 2010
  • Template for handheld devices developed so that pages could be displayed without the AllWebMenus menu for non DHTML browsers and devices.
  • Template copyright notice updated.
  • Part of content duplicated in 63 new pages for handheld devices with small screens for testing. Further pages to be converted, and some site links still to be made functional.

7 Feb 2010
  • Page added giving history of the Korte farm Ruanui at Matawai near Gisborne in New Zealand. This page includes a slide show with historical and recent photographs.
  • Menu updated to separate Family Notes and Family Photos, and menu fonts enlarged. Minor updates and corrections to several pages.

20 Dec 2009
  • Page added giving history of Matawai near Gisborne in New Zealand.
  • The menu updated to separate details of places in Europe and New Zealand. Format of page giving details of 1958 Matawai School Jubilee changed so that all extracts included on page, instead of being on several separate pages.

5 Dec 2009
  • Menu changed to mega drop down style.
  • Minor changes and updates to a number of pages.

1 Oct 2009
  • Additional images added to Jannerup page.
  • Dalry page updated, including a photograph of River Garnock.

9 Aug 2009
  • Page added with newspaper reports of the accidental drowning of Frederick William Spurdle in 1878.
  • Page added with reports of suicide bombing of the Wanganui Computer Centre by Neil Roberts in 1982.
  • Photograph pages added on 17 May replaced with modal windows using Likno Web Modal Windows Builder.
  • Database statistics updated.

4 Jul 2009
  • Background image for pages changed.
  • Position of Change ticker under menu moved to make easier to read.
  • Dreamweaver site template edited to stop menus printing.
  • Family Notes pages and Places pages updated so display on portable devices (tables removed from layout).
  • Obituary for George Redpath added to Redpath Family Notes page.
  • Korte Family Notes page updated with information published in the Poverty Bay Herald.

17 May 2009
  • Separate pages for Site Changes (this page) and RootsWeb Database Changes to replace previous combined Changes page.
  • Several pages added to display larger photographs shown on Places pages.
  • Photographs added to Sprakensehl page.

27 Apr 2009
  • Some emails lost as a result of a virus in April - please contact again if you did not get a reply.
  • Great Ellingham page updated with photo of Bury Hall.
  • Pages added giving details of 19th Century Jannerup in Denmark and Lübeck in Germany.

6 Apr 2009
  • Update to TRUEMAN family page, with addition of photos provided by Sally Stevens, and further family information added.
  • Search page added to allow searches of the site.
  • Site search added to footer on all pages.

15 Mar 2009
  • Update to Heavey page, with inclusion of missing death information.
  • Update to Trueman page with addition of family members found from NZ BDM registrations (Historical records).
  • Replaced data entry PDF form - Family Group Record - with a new version that had instructions for Adobe Reader. Files cannot be saved in Adobe Reader, information can only be emailed.

9 Mar 2009
  • Multyfarnham page updated following receipt of information from Con Maxwell, a former resident of the village.

1 Feb 2009
  • Changes to ticker (under menu) updated to prevent images from RootsWeb displaying within ticker.

11 Jan 2009
  • Font family defined for site as shown on screen: Verdana (1st choice if installed), "Times New Roman" (2nd choice), Georgia (3rd Choice), sans-serif (last choice). "Times New Roman" is used for printed output.
  • Correct flag added to menu for Heavey family!
  • CSS style sheet added for handheld devices.
  • Page added giving details of 19th Century Multyfarnham, Westmeath, Ireland.

30 Nov 2008
  • Pages edited for search engines, with addition of page descriptions and keywords.
  • Changes to ticker under menus to make clearer in Firefox.

8 Nov 2008
  • Photograph pages added to web site: Redpath (9 pages), Korte (6 pages), Walker (3 pages).
  • Menus replaced using Likno AllWebMenus. Menus updated to include photo pages.
  • Recent site changes ticker added to pages.
  • Site Map page added to web site.
  • Newspaper reports of 1894 wedding of James Reeve Wilkinson and Kate (Katrine) Walker (Dress Reform Wedding) added to Articles.

7 Sep 2008

24 Aug 2008

26 Jul 2008
  • New menu added to site, and minor changes to pages to reflect menus. This change is intended to make navigation easier.
  • The site requires ActiveX to be enabled for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Javascript to be enabled for Firefox.
  • Page added giving details of 19th Century Scoulton village, Norfolk.

25 Jun 2008
  • Site updated using cascading style sheets (CSS), and a two column layout where possible. All pages were changed in layout, but not much of the content was changed.
  • Errors in links to RootsWeb database were fixed (i.e. where missed on 20 Apr 2008).
  • A Links page was added to site - this lists many of the sites I use for genealogy research.
  • Tool tips or hints were added to all links to make site navigation easier, and many incorrect tool tips were corrected.
  • Minor corrections/additions made to many pages.

20 Apr 2008
  • Added a PDF form - Family Group Record so that information can submitted using Acrobat Reader. There is a link to this form on Contacts.
  • New GEDCOM uploaded to RootsWeb. As a result of corruption of genealogy database on computer, the database had to be rebuilt. Reference numbers for individuals were changed in the rebuild. All links to individuals on RootsWeb updated on this site.

3 Feb 2008
  • Change to family page for Wallace - removed inconsistent statements about James Wallace.

19 Jan 2008
  • Updated layout of all pages on site.
  • New page added to site: Article on Sprakensehl, a village in Germany added to site.
  • Statistics pages added to site, based on data uploaded to RootsWeb on 15 Jan 2008.
  • New page added to site based on 1877 Newspaper reports of the arrest and trial of Mary Ann Trueman and her daughter Mary Leonard Mudgway for murder.

15 Jan 2008

15 Dec 2007

7 Nov 2007
  • Site History page added to site (this page)

6 Nov 2007