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This page has links to several historical articles and reports that relate to family members.

1865 Voyage of Dona Anita

Description of the barque Dona Anita and a brief description of the voyage to New Zealand in 1897. Johan Heinrich Friedrich Christoph KORTE, or Christopher Korte as he was known in New Zealand, was a passenger on the ship.

1877 Murder Trial

Wellington newspaper reports of the arrest and trial of Mary Ann Trueman and her daughter Mary Leonard Mudgway for the murder of the newly born son of Mary Mudgway. The murder trial was reported in considerable detail. Mary Ann Trueman was the great-great-great grandmother of my wife Katherine Korte.

1878 Drowning

New Plymouth newspaper reports of the drowning of Frederick William Spurdle in the Waitara River.

1894 Dress Reform Wedding

Otago newspaper reports of the wedding of James Reeve Wilkinson and Kate (Katrine) Walker (and reaction to the clothes of the wedding party). The wedding was referred to as the Reform Dress Wedding or Rational Dress Wedding.

1897 Voyage of Gothic to NZ

Description of the Gothic and newspaper reports of the steamship's voyage from London to New Zealand in 1897. Ernest Edwin RUSHBROOKE, his wife Ellen Sarah WRIGHT and their six children migrated to New Zealand on the steamship Gothic. Mary Alice Wright and James Wright, Ellen's sister and brother, traveled to New Zealand with the family.

1913 Matawai Bush Fires

Newspaper report of Matawai bush fires in 1913. The fires occurred on the wedding day of my grandparents, Elizabeth Redpath and Fred Korte. It prevented Fred's brothers and some guests attending the wedding. A lot of damage occurred in the Matawai district.


1920s - Letters from the UK

In 1921 Thomas and Elizabeth McLaren returned to the UK to visit family. Transcriptions of two letters by Elizabeth are shown on separate pages. A letter written on the voyage from Wellington to Panama contains little of genealogical interest, being a description of life on the ship. A letter from Northern Ireland to Elizabeth's daughter Elinor describes visits in County Antrim. A letter from Northumberland describes the location of Wiliington North Farm where the Duxfields had lived in the 1860's before going to New Zealand.

1940 Banana Skin Death

Wellington newspaper reports of death of Joyce Myrtle Spurdle, who died as a result of injuries sustained when she slipped on a banana skin.

1942 Cranking Death

Newspaper report of the 1942 coroner's inquest relating to the accidental death of Christian August Berkahn at Makotuku railway station. Christian was killed by his car while starting it with a crank after the battery had gone flat.

1958 Matawai School Jubilee

Matawai School, near Gisborne, opened in 1908. The school held a a 50 year Jubilee in 1958. Extracts from the Jubilee souvenir publication are reproduced. Elizabeth Korte (nee Redpath) was the first teacher at Matawai School.

1982 Suicide Bombing

Account of 1982 suicide bombing designed to destroy the Wanganui law enforcement computer. The bomber, Neil Roberts, was the grandson of Bertha Louise Rushbrooke and Watkin Roberts.

Dr George Redpath (1892-1951)

Newspaper reports about Dr George Redpath (1892-1951). George was medical school when the first World War was declared. He served with the New Zealand Army Medical Corps, being gassed twice and suffering from shell shock.

1910 Opening of Matawai Hall

Newspaper reports about the initiation of a project to build the first Hall in Matawai and the subsequent building opening in 1910. Henry Korte, with others, provided singing at the opening concert.