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Photos and information are organised by family on this site. Use this page to navigate to different families.

The people in the table below were settlers in New Zealand from Europe. Depending on stage of research, some families have relatively detailed information while others have incomplete information. All these people are ancestors of Katherine Wallace or Chris Korte.

Select a person from the table below to see notes on them, their wife and children. Where photos are available, I have included. Addtional photos (larger) are on Family Photo pages.

Johan Heinrich Friedrich Christoph KORTE

Germany Flag

b 1848 Hanover

d 1905 Taranaki


Maria Louisa Frederika ROGGENKAMP (ROSE)

Germany Flag

b 1851 Lübeck

d 1889 Taranaki


Caroline Friederike Wilhelmina VETTE

Germany Flag

b 1859 Hess

d 1936 Taranaki


UK Flag

b 1829 Scotland

d 1889 Otago


Ann LEITH (also known as Ann LOGAN)

UK Flag

b 1838 Scotland

d 1922 Otago

Alexander WALKER

UK Flag

b 1838 Scotland

d 1909 Otago


Isabella BROUGH

UK Flag

b 1837 Scotland

d 1914 Otago


UK Flag

b 1859 Norfolk

d 1940 Waikato


Ellen Sarah WRIGHT

UK Flag

b 1857 Norfolk

d 1937 Waikato

Thomas McLERNON (known in NZ as T. McLAREN)

UK Flag

b 1862 N Ireland

d 1958 Waikato


Elizabeth Sarah DUXFIELD

UK Flag

b 1861 Northumberland

d 1944 Waikato

John Alexander McKane WALLACE

UK Flag

b 1819 N Ireland

d 1895 Wanganui


Esther MAISE

UK Flag

b 1818 Belfast

d 1893 Wanganui

Oliver Cooke SPURDLE

UK Flag

b 1833 Somerset

d 1911 Taranaki



UK Flag

b 1828 Leicestershire

d 1911 Manawatu

Alfred William TRUEMAN

UK Flag

b 1853 Staffordshire

d 1932 Horowhenua


Elizabeth Ann HUMPHREYS

UK Flag

b 1854 Wales

d 1892 Wellington



UK Flag

b 1869 Kent

d 1956 Wellington


UK Flag

b 1866 Ireland

d 1938 Manawatu


Fanny Maria HAYLOCK

NZ Flag

b 1874 Canterbury, NZ

d 1955 Manawatu


UK Flag

b 1858 Wales

d 1902 Manawatu


Emily MIST

UK Flag

b 1868 Hampshire

d 1954 Hawkes Bay

Christian August BERKAHN

Denmark Flag

b 1873 Denmark

d 1942 Tararua


Matilda Maria BECK

NZ Flag

b 1876 Tararua, NZ

d 1952 Tararua