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Primarily in eastern Pennsylvania and in Missouri

Our Own Ullmans

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US Census for PA Philadelphia Missouri Immigrants

Ullmans in PA, Montgomery & Chester Co based on newspaper clippings, including obituaries:

1 PHILIP ULLMAN			b: 1785 Germany				d: Aft. 1860		
  +ANN CLAYTON			b: ca. 1790 PA				d: 04 Nov 1878 Up. Prov., Mont. Co., PA		
.. 2 Lewis Ullman		b: 12 Apr 1808 Phoenixville, Chester, PA d: 23 Mar 1867 Phoenixville, PA		
     +Elinor/Ellen Vanderslice	b: 17 Feb 1813				d: 01 Sep 1881 Phoenixville, PA		
.... 3 John V. Ullman		b: 1835					d: ca. 23 Aug 1913 Phoenixville, PA		
.... 3 Uriah C. Ullman		b: 17 Feb 1837 Up. Prov., Mont. Co., PA	d: 30 Sep 1900 Phoenixville, PA	 AFN 1POC-9PV	
       +Cornelia Roberts	b: 28 Oct 1838 PA			d: 07 Nov 1923	m: 20 Oct 1861	
...... 4 Lewis R. Ullman	b: 13 Aug 1862 Phoenixville, PA		d: 14 Jan 1943		
         +Martha W. Barth	b: 22 Feb 1862 Montgomery Co., PA	d: 16 Dec 1945	m: 21 Sep 1888	
...... 4 Clayton L. Ullman	b: 13 Nov 1864				d: 06 Jun 1928 Phoenixville, PA		
...... 4 Joseph W. Ullman	b: 08 Apr 1868				d: 1901 Phoenixville, PA		
         +Mary/May Harris	b: 01 Jul 1874 Reading			d: 22 Aug 1963 Phoenixville, PA	m: 04 Jul 1892	
...... 4 Harry Bean Ullman	b: 15 Jul 1871 Phoenixville, PA		d: 01 Dec 1935 East Pikeland, PA		
         +Margaret Elnora Miller b: 23 Oct 1872 East Pikeland, PA	d: 15 Apr 1953		
...... 4 Howard M. Ullman	b: 22 Aug 1873 Phoenixville, PA	d: 25 Jul 1950 Jacksonville, FL		
.... 3 Mary Frances Ullman	b: 02 Oct 1838 Montgomery Co., PA	d: 06 Jun 1926 Phoenixville, PA		
.... 3 Margaret Ullman		b: Mar 1842 Phoenixville, Chester, PA 	d: Bet. 1900 - 1910		
       +Joseph L. Meigs		b: Jul 1838 Massachusetts		d: Bet. 1900 - 1910	m: 07 Jun 1864	
...... 4 Annie E. Meigs				
         +? Buckwalter				
...... 4 Alice L. Meigs		b: Jul 1881			
.... 3 Agnes E. Ullman		b: 11 Mar 1844				d: 08 Feb 1919		
       +Bertless S. Stott	b: 10 Feb 1844				d: 18 Jan 1917	m: 02 May 1865	
...... 4 Charles Lewis Stott	b: 06 May 1866			
...... 4 Nellie MarvStott	b: 19 Jun 1868			
         +Willis G. Wilson	b: ca. 1868					m: 15 Apr 1895	
...... 4 Emma Josephine Stott	b: 03 Jun 1872			
         +Frank Valentine	b: ca. 1872			
...... 4 Francis O. Stott	b: 30 Jul 1881			
.... 3 Emmeline M. Ullman	b: 11 Oct 1846 Phoenixville, PA		d: 28 Jul 1939 Phoenixville, PA		
.... 3 Lewis T. Ullman		b: 1849 Phoenixville, PA		d: 25 Jan 1900 Phoenixville, PA		
       +Martha Allen		b: 1854 PA				d: 21 Apr 1900 Phoenixville, PA	m: 21 Nov 1872	
...... 4 Allen T. Ullman	b: ca. 1873			
...... 4 W. L. Ullman		b: ca. 1873			
         +Washington L. Rowland	b: ca. 1870			
...... 4 Flora Ullman		b: ca. 1873			
...... 4 Allen L. Ullman	b: 1874			
...... 4 Mabel Elenor Ullman	b: 30 Sep 1875			
         +Washington L. Rowland	b: 01 Sep 1873					m: 01 Jun 1898	
.. 2 Sarah Ullman		b: 1813	d: 1844		
.. 2 Ann Ullman			b: 1815			
     +William Young		b: ca. 1815					m: 30 Sep 1834	
.. 2 Philip Ullman		b: 11 Jun 1816 Montgomery Co., PA	d: 06 Mar 1865 Montgomery Co., PA  AFN 1QZX-KM8		
     +Eve Spare			b: 26 Jul 1822 Worcester, Mont. Co., PA d: 12 Apr 1881	m: 07 Mar 1844	AFN 1QZX-KNG
.... 3 Elizabeth W. Ullman	b: Nov 1844	d: 1917		
       +Davis Longacre/Longaker	b: 02 Dec 1833 Up. Prov., Mont. Co., PA	d: 06 Mar 1897 Lansdale, PA	m: 05 Jun 1866	
...... 4 Eva L. Longaker				
...... 4 Catherine Brower Longaker					d: 11 Aug 1869		
...... 4 Harry D. Longaker				
...... 4 Davis Brower Longaker	b: 01 Mar 1872			
...... 4 John Ullman Longaker				
...... 4 Francis Brower Longaker				
...... 4 Elizabeth Spare Longaker					d: 05 Sep 1896		
...... 4 George E. Longaker				
...... 4 Abbie W. Longaker				
...... 4 Helen Larue Longaker				
.... 3 Mary Ullman		b: 1845			
.... 3 Emma Ullman		b: 1847 PA			
       +Henry Cornog		b: 1841 PA			
...... 4 Ullysses G. Cornog	b: 1867 PA			
...... 4 Horace Cornog		b: Sep 1869 PA			
.... 3 Jane Ullman		b: 1848			
.... 3 Catharine Ullman		b: 1849			
       +Napoleon Wack		b: ca. 1849			
.... 3 Kate Ullman		b: 1851			
.... 3 Amanda Ullman		b: 1853			
       +William Childs		b: ca. 1853			
.... 3 John Allen Ullman	b: 03 Mar 1855 Montgomery Co., PA	d: 03 Mar 1861 Montgomery Co., PA		
.... 3 Anna Ullman		b: ca. 1856			
       +William Kidd		b: ca. 1856			
.... 3 George Spare Ullman	b: 1860			
       +Anna May Whitworth	b: 1871			
...... 4 George Whitworth Ullman b: 1888			
         +Anna P. Dreschler	b: 1895			
...... 4 Edna A. Ullman		b: 1892			
...... 4 Helen Tabitha Ullman	b: 1900			
...... 4 David Allen Ullman	b: 1907			
         +Marie H. Hanrattie	b: ca. 1907			
.. 2 John Ullman		b: 21 Sep 1819 Montgomery Co., PA	d: 16 Apr 1900 St. Joseph, MO	Burial: Mt. Mora Cemetery, St. Joseph, MO
     +Wilhelmina Davis Watson	b: 1826 PA				d: 01 Apr 1891 St. Joseph, MO	m: 22 Jun 1847	Burial: Mt. Mora Cemetery, St. Joseph, MO
     *2nd Wife of John Ullman:				
     +Nettie Rosenthal		b: Nov 1870 Missouri				m: 1897	
.. 2 Mary Ullman		b: 1822 Up. Prov., Mont. Co., PA	d: Aft. 1900		
     +Benaiah Thompson		b: 1819 Montgomery Co., PA		d: Aft. 1850	m: 31 Dec 1839	
.... 3 Mary Ann Thompson	b: 1842			
.... 3 Elizabeth A. Thompson	b: 1844			
.... 3 John S. Thompson		b: 1845			
.... 3 Susanna Thompson		b: 1847			
.... 3 Edward Thompson		b: 1849			
.. 2 Benjamin Franklin Ullman	b: 01 Aug 1824 Up. Prov., Mont. Co., PA	d: 28 Dec 1905 St. Joseph, MO		
     +Catherine Jane Buzzard	b: 25 Nov 1827 Reading, PA nearby	d: 09 Feb 1878 St. Joseph, MO	m: 04 Jan 1846	
.... 3 John Louis Ullman	b: 26 Oct 1846 Phoenixville, PA		d: 04 Dec 1924 St. Joseph, MO		Burial: 06 Dec 1924 Mt. Mora Cemetery, St. Joseph, MO
       +Fanny Walsworth		b: ca. 1850				d: 21 May 1892 St. Joseph, MO	m: 19 Sep 1878	
...... 4 Blanche Ullman		b: Nov 1871 St. Joseph, MO		d: Aft. 1920		
         +William R. Coy	b: Jun 1870 Missouri			d: Aft. 1920	m: 1894	
...... 4 Kate Ullman		b: Apr 1879			
...... 4 Louis Ullman		b: 30 Nov 1881				d: 25 Dec 1930		
         Dora ?								d: 12 Jul 1927		
.... 3 William H. Ullman	b: 16 Nov 1855 Philadelphia, PA	d: 18 Nov 1892 St. Joseph, MO		
       +Catharine		b: ca. 1855			
       *2nd Wife of William H. Ullman:				
       +Kate Shirley		b: ca. 1855				d: Aft. 1908	m: 29 Sep 1878	
...... 4 William Hunter Ullman	b: 30 Oct 1880			
.... 3 Catherine Ullman		b: Jan 1856 St. Joseph, MO		d: 18 Mar 1893		
.... 3 Emma A. Ullman		b: 19 Sep 1858 St. Joseph, MO		d: Apr 1934 Kansas City, MO	Burial: 12 Apr 1934 Mt. Mora Cemetery, St. Joseph, MO
       +Charles FranklPerkins b: 1855 Washington, Wayne Co. IN		d: 20 Sep 1888 St. Joseph, MO	m: 18 Sep 1878	Burial: 22 Sep 1888 Mt. Mora Cemetery, St. Joseph, MO
...... 4 Catherine Jane Perkins	b: 27 Dec 1878 St. Joseph, MO		d: 28 Jul 1939 Des Moines, Iowa		
         +Charles P. Massard	b: ca. 1880 Missouri			d: Aft. 1920	m: 1902	
...... 4 Benjamin Ullman Perkins b: 02 Jan 1879 Grand Rapids, MI		d: 31 Jan 1955 Kansas City, MO		
         +Alma Hansen	b: 03 Nov 1878 Chicago, IL			d: 12 Mar 1968 Canton, OH	m: 1918	
...... 4 William Franklin Perkins b: 09 Jun 1883 St. Joseph, MO		d: 11 Feb 1957 Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO		Burial: 16 Jun 1958 Mt. Mora Cemetery, St. Joseph, MO
...... 4 Henry/Harry Lewis Perkins b: 30 Nov 1886 St. Joseph, MO	d: 23 Sep 1926 St. Joseph, MO	Burial: 25 Sep 1926 Mt. Mora Cemetery, St. Joseph, MO
...... 4 Emma Agnes Perkins	b: 28 Aug 1888 St. Joseph, MO		d: 16 Dec 1970 New York City, NY		
         +Mark Anthony Storm	b: 14 Feb 1886 St. Joseph, MO		d: 15 Jun 1968 Brookfield, MO	m: 04 Jan 1909	
.... 3 Bennie Ullman		b: 10 Sep 1863 MO			d: 11 Apr 1872 St. Joseph, MO		
.... 3 Franklin Ullman		b: 05 Feb 1866 St. Joseph, MO		d: 03 Jan 1867 St. Joseph, MO		
.. 2 Rachel Ullman		b: 1828	d: Aft. 1900		
     +Joshua H. King		b: ca. 1828				d: Aft. 1880	m: 16 Jul 1846	
.... 3 Joshua King		b: 1850			
.... 3 Joseph M. King		b: 1853			
.... 3 Emma F. King		b: 1856			
.... 3 George King		b: 1858			
.... 3 Ellen King		b: 1863			
.... 3 Wellington King		b: 1867			
.... 3 Irene King		b: 1867			
.... 3 Mathias King		b: Jun 1870			
.... 3 Grant King		b: 1872			
.. 2 Hannah Ullman		b: 10 Jul 1831				d: 16 Dec 1910 St. Joseph, MO		Burial: 18 Dec 1910 Mt. Mora Cemetery, St. Joseph, MO
     +Benjamin L. Zimmerman	b: 09 May 1829				d: 16 Sep 1914 St. Joseph, MO	m: 11 Oct 1853	Burial: 18 Sep 1914 Mt. Mora Cemetery, St. Joseph, MO
.... 3 William L. Zimmerman	b: 06 Jan 1854 PA			d: 29 Jul 1917 St. Joseph, MO		Burial: 31 Jul 1917 Mt. Mora Cemetery, St. Joseph, MO
.... 3 Albert Zimmerman		b: 1856 Michigan			Burial: 18 Apr 1939 Mt. Mora Cemetery, St. Joseph, MO
       +Bessie Hill		b: 1872						m: 1909	
.... 3 Joseph Zimmerman		b: Aug 1861			
       +Florence E. ?				
...... 4 Earl J. Zimmerman	b: Feb 1887			
.. 2 David Ullman		b: 1834			
.. 2 Harriet Ullman		b: 1836					d: Aft. 1900		
     +Wilbur Carey		b: ca. 1836					m: Bef. 1858	
.... 3 Lydia Ann Carey		b: Feb 1858 Iowa			
       +John Haserda		b: Aug 1856			
.... 3 Florence Carey		b: ca. 1860			
...... 4 Earl Zimmerman		b: ca. 1895			
         +Rosalie Wacker	b: ca. 1895			
          +? King		b: ca. 1870			
.... 3 ? Carey				

Relationship to above not established:

Several of these Ullmans were butchers in Phoenixville area.

Orphans Court decedents, Chester Co:

Obituary, 4 Nov 1878, DIED - Mrs. Ann Ullman, of Upper Providence township, Montgomery county, died on Saturday morning last, aged about 90 years. Deceased was the mother of the late Colonel Lewis Ullman, of Phoenixville, and until the last year or two had been quite active and retained her facilities to the last.

Register of Deaths for Chester County, Vol 2 (1893-1907), page 266, Chester County Archives

From the History of Montgomery County by Theodore W. Bean:

From the Advertisments and Notices from the Norristown, PA Herald

From the Chester County, PA Villiage Record

October 29, 1861 - ITEM #16597

Marriage On the 20th [?] inst., by Rev. Wm. Weaver, mr. URIAH
C. ULLMAN, of Phoenixville, to Miss CORNELIA ROBERTS, of

May 9, 1865 - ITEM #19420

Marriage In Phoenixville, on the 2d inst., by the Rev. Wm.
Weaver, at the residence of the bridefather, Mr. BERTLESS
S. STOTT, to Miss AGNES E. ULLMAN, third daughter of Col.
Lewis Ullman, both of Phoenixville, Chester county.

US Census

1840 Upper Providence, Montgomery Co., PA Census:
Lewis Ulman: 2M < 5; 1M 30-39; 2F < 5; 1F 20-29.
1840 Upper Providence, Montgomery Co., PA Census:
Philip Ulman: 1M 5-9; 1M 30-39; 1F < 5; 1F 5-9; 1F 10-14; 1F 30-39.
1850 Phoenixville, Chester Co., PA Census:
Name Age Profession Birth Place
Lewis Ulman 44 Soup boiler??? PA
Ellen Ulman 38   PA
John Ullman 14   PA
Maissea? Ulman 12   PA
Nancy Ulman 11   PA
Margaret Ulman 7   PA
Ellen? A. Ulman 5   PA
Emeline Ulman 3   PA
Lewis Ulman 1   PA
1850 Lwr Providence, Mont. Co., PA. pg 239/120, ln 36, dwelling 235, 13 Aug 1850:
Name Age Profession Birth Place
Philip Ulmen 38 Laborer PA
Eve 28 PA
Elizabeth 6 PA
Mary 5 PA
Emma 3 PA
Jane 2 PA
Cathrine [sic] 1 PA
Catherine Spear 60 PA
1860 Phoenixville, Chester Co., PA Census:
Name Age Profession Birth Place
Lewis Ullman 43 Hotel Keeper PA
Uriah Ullman 22 Hired farmer PA
Mary F. 20 House keeper PA
Margaret 18 House keeper PA
Agnes 14   PA
Emeline 13   PA
Lewis 11   PA
1860 Upper Providence, Montgomery Co., PA Census:
Name Age Profession Birth Place
Philip Ullman 43 Carpenter PA
Eve 38   PA
Mary 14   PA
Kate 9   PA
Amanda 7   PA
John A. 5   PA
1880 South Ward, Phoenixville, Chester Co. PA
Name Sex Rel Age Born in F. b. in M. b. in Occupration
Uriah Ullman M 42 PA PA PA Butcher
Cornelia F W 40 PA PA PA Keeping house
Lewis M S 17 PA PA PA Works in brickyard
Clayton M S 15 PA PA PA Works in brickyard
Joseph M S 11 PA PA PA At home
Harry M S 8 PA PA PA At home
Howard M S 6 PA PA PA At home
1880 South Ward, Phoenixville, Chester Co. PA
Name Sex Rel Age Born in F. b. in M. b. in Occupration
Ellen V. Ullman F 67 PA PA PA Keeping house
John D. M S 44 PA PA PA Farmer
Mary F. F D 40 PA PA PA At home
Emma M. F S 15 PA PA PA At home

Phoenixville & Chester Co.

Chester & Montgomery Co., PA Philadelphia Missouri Immigrants

1700s Pennsylvania Census - Philadelphia

Surname First Name Year
Uhlmann   Friderich Engleha   1732
Ullman Johannes 1752
Ullmann Michael 1752

1790 Pennsylvania Census

No Ullman of any spelling noted in Montgomery County.

1810 Pennsylvania Census

Name Co. Page Twp. Details
Ulman, Myers PWCD 142 Mifflin
Ulman, Philip Montgomery 242 Upper Providence 10100=00100-00
Ulman, Myers Philadephia 253 Celler Ward

1810 Delaware Census

Ulman, John J. New Castle Co Celler Ward Page 253

1820 Pennsylvania Census

Name Co. Page Twp. Details
Myr Ullman Philadelphia 117 Southwark 020011-000011 sloppy columns
Jacob Ulman Bucks 295 Hilltown 200001-11110
Philip Ulmer Mont. 177 Upper Providence 210010-20010-0001

1830 Pennsylvania Census

Name Co./Twp. Page Details
Ulman, Larers DAUP 622 1110001000000-1100001000000
Ulman, Philip MOUP 1221 1110001000000-1100001000000

1840 Pennsylvania Census

Name Co. Page Twp. Details
Ulman, Jacob Berks 345 Earl Twp
Ulman, Joseph West 420 Greensbw
Ulman, L Lycoming 113 Williams
Ulman, Leonard Lycoming 104 Hepburn
Ulman, Lewis Montgomery 183 Upper Providence 2000010000000-2000100000000
Ulman, Philip Montgomery 184 Upper Providence 0100010000000-1110010000000

1850 Pennsylvania Census

Name Co. Page Twp.
Uilman, John Montgomery 308 (roll 799) Upper Providence
Uilman, Philip Montgomery 308 (roll 799) Upper Providence
Ullman, Casper Butler 075 Franklin
Ullman, Hannah MGM 468 Limerick
Ullman, Henry PHI 214 Chestnut
Ullman, Jacob Indiana 185 Washington
Ulman, Benjamin Chester 077 Phoenixville
Ulman, Caroline Phila. 413 No. Libe
Ulman, David Lycoming 357 Williams
Ulman, Henry Phila. 296 No. Libe
Ulman, Isaac Lycoming 357 Williams
Ulman, Israel NOR 151 Easton B
Ulman, Joseph Phila. 51 Blockley
Ulman, Lewis Chester 092 Phoenixville
Ulman, Mary Phila. 295 No. Libe
Ulman, Mosese Tioga 270 Liberty age 19 b. Europe Clerk
Ulman, S. Lycoming 367 Williams
Ulman, S. Luzerne 435 Wilkes-Barre
Ulman, S. S. Venago 142 Franklin
Ulaan, Simon Phila. 435 North Mo
Ulmar, Magdalena LEG 007 Salsburg
Ulmen, Philip Montgomery 120 Lower Pr

1850 Missouri

Name County/City Ward Page
Ulhlmann, Ferdinand St Louis Co., St. Louis 1st 044
Ulleman, Frederick St Louis Co., St. Louis 5th 189
Ullman, Alexander St Louis Co., St. Louis 1st 011
Ulman, Samuel Miller Co. 13th Dist. 438

1860 MD Census

Name County/City Ward Page
Ullman, Adolph Baltimore 1 W. 091
Ullman, Elizabeth Baltimore 1 W. 091

1860 Pennsylvania Census

Name County Page Info
Ullman, Augustus Philadelphia 590 14th Ward 2D
Ullman, Elizabeth Montgomery 723 Plymouth Twp.
Ullman, Emma Montgomery 584 Upper Providence; age 12; living in Joseph & Frances Fitzwater household
Ullman, Frederick Allepgheny 332 W. Pittsburgh, 7th Ward
Ullman, H. C. Lycoming 274 Jersey Shore
Ullman, Henry Philadelphia 658 17th Ward E
Ullman, Henry Lycoming 836 Williamsport
Ullman, Isaac Lycoming 841 Williamsport
Ullman, Jacob Philadelphia 766 11th Ward 1D
Ullman, Jacob Blair 684 Altoona, West Ward
Ullman, Lazarus Lycoming 822 Williamsport
Ullman, Lewis Chester 618 See above
Ullman, Michael Philadelphia 833 23rd Ward 9P
Ullman, Philip Montgomery 339 See above
Ullman, Philip Montgomery 573 See above
Ullman, Sophia Northampton 309 Easton
Ullman, Theodore Lancaster 611 Leacock Twp.
Ulman, Catherine Philadelphia 586 10th Ward
Ulman, Denis Philadelphia 845 23rd Ward 9P
Ulman, Gabriel Philadelphia 364 16th Ward WD
Ulman, Hantia? Philadelphia 464 13th Ward
Ulman, Jacob Lancaster 346 Marietta
Ulman, Leora Philadelphia 004 20th Ward 1D
Ulman, Moses Lycoming 8842 Williamsport
Ulman, Moses Lycoming 881 Williamsport
Ulman, Myer Blair 521 Tyrone City
Ulman, Sarah Crawford 043 Beaver Twp.
Ulman, Simon Philadelphia 003 20th Ward 1D
Ulman, Stephen Crawford 044 Beaver Twp.
Ulman, Zadock Lycoming 896 Williamsport

1860 New Jersey Census

Name County Page Info
Ulman, Blossy Camden 317 Gloucester Twp.
Ullman, Moses Somerset 715 Bedminster Twp.
Ullman, Sophia Somerset 715 Bedminster Twp.

1860 Mortality

1860 Delaware Census

Name County Page Info
Ullman, Rose New Castle 8 Wilmington 4th Ward

1870 Missouri Census

Name County Page Info
Ullman, Benjamin Buchanan 554 S Half 4W
Ullman, Henry Atchison 448 Tarkio Twp
Ulman, Albert Nodaway 685 White Cloud
Ulman, Ann Buchanan 495 St. Joseph
Ulman, James W. Livingston 609 Medicine Twp

1880 Washington Twp, Buchanan County, Missouri Census

Includes John Ullman, age 62, born PA, father born Germany, mother born PA; Willemina Ullman, age 52, she and parents born PA.

1880 Buchanan Co., MO Washington Twp St. Joseph
Chester & Montgomery Co., PA US Census for PA Missouri Immigrants


City Directories

  • 1803, 1804, 1805, 1806, 1807, 1808, 1809, 1810
    • No entry
  • 1812
    • Ulman M. grocer 187 Cedar
  • 1814
    • Ulmen M. grocer 81 Shippen
  • 1816
    • Ullman M. tavernkeeper corner Shippen and 3d
  • 1817
    • Ullman M. tavernkeeper corner Shippen and 3d
  • 1819
    • Ullman, Mrs. gentlewoman 212 Chestnut
    • Ulman, Mayert [sic], grocery & tavern NW cor. 3d & Shippen
  • 1820
    • Ullman, Mrs. gentlewoman 212 Chestnut
    • Ulman, Mayer, grocery & tavern NW cor. 3d & Shippen
  • 1823
    • Ulman, Myer, drygoods store, 82 north Fourth
  • 1825
    • Ulman Mayer, tavern keeper 57 Shippen (pg 443)
  • 1828
    • No Ullman/Ulman
  • 1829
    • Ulman, A & J, jewellers b 121 Chestnut
    • Ulman, J, jeweller 57 Shippen
    • wid, tavern keeper 57 Shippen
  • 1830
    • Ulman
      • A & J, jewellers, b 121 Chestnut
      • J, jeweller, 57 Shippen
      • wid, tavern keeper, 57 Shippen
  • 1835
    • Ulman
      • A & J, jewellers 57 Shippen
      • wid, 57 Shippen
  • 1851 (McElroy's)
    • Ullman
      • Jacob H., beer house, 144 High
    • Ulman
      • Henry, cordwainer, Moore's Ct.
      • Jacob, dry goods, 119 M road
      • John, laborer, 33 German
      • Simon, merchant, 25 N 3d, h 141 N. 10th
  • 1859 (Biddle)
    • Ullman
      • Gabriel, segars & wines, 327 N 3d & 913 Charlotte
      • Henry, cordwainer, 1412 Darien
      • J.H., Ullman's Hotel, 312 and 314 Race
    • Ulman
      • Jacob Ulman, dry goods, 513 Francis
      • Simon, merchant, 29 N 3d, h 825 N 8th
  • 1859-60 (Boyd's)
    • Co-partnership directory
      • Ettinger & Ullman (David Ettinger and Michael Ullman) 101 and 103 N 3d.
  • 1863
    • Ullman
      • Moyer, merchant, 706 Market, h 614 Wood
      • JOHN HENRY, hotel, 312 & 314 Race
    • Ulman
      • Abraham, merchant, 337 N 3d, h 211 Vine
      • Gabriel, merchant, 337 N 3d, h 211 Vine
      • G. & Son (Garbriel & Abraham Ulman), liquor dealers, 327 N 3d
      • Hezekiah C., attorney-at-law, 925 N 10th
      • M., clothing, 31 N 3d, h 638 Marshall
  • 1864
    • Ulman
      • Abraham, mer. 327 N 3d, h 211 Vine
      • F., bricklyaer, 20 Denton
      • G. & Son (Garbriel & Abraham Ulman), liquors, 327 N 3d
      • H. C., attorney-at-law, 925 N 10th
      • Jacob, drygoods, 513 Wilder
      • Michael, drover, 893 N 6th
    • Ullman
      • Henry, currier, 148 Margaretta
      • J. H., hotel, 312 Race
      • Michael, wholesale clothier, 328 Market, h 638 Marshall
      • Myer, clothier, 486 Market, h 222 Vine
  • 1865-6 (page 686)
    • Ulman
      • Abraham merchant 327 N 3d, h 211 Vine
      • G. A. Son (Gabrael & Abraham Ulman) liquors, 327 N 3d
      • H. C. attorney, 925 N 10th
      • Jacob drygoods, 513 Wilder
      • Leora millinery, 717 Callowhill
      • Michael drover 893 N 6th
      • A. Mitchell (H. C. Ulman & Walter B. Mitchell) real estate agents 9 S 3d
    • Ullman
      • J. H. hotel 312 & 314 Race
      • Michael wholesale clothier, 328 Market, h 638 Marshall
      • Moyer clothier, 406 Market, h 610 Marshall
      • Susanna gentlewoman, 149 Master
  • 1870 (pg 1530)
    • Uhlman
      • Carl, shoemaker, h Union av n Main, C Hill
      • Flurin, bricklayer, h 1118 Dunton
    • Ullman
      • John, shoemaker, h 832 N 4th
      • Michael (McComas, Ullman & Co., h 1325 N 7th
      • Moyer (S. Ettinger & Ullman), h 545 N 7th
    • Ullmann
      • John, lager, 2130 Chestnut
    • Ulman
      • Abraham (G. Ulman & Son), h 211 Vine
      • Gabriel (G. Ulman & Son), h 211 Vine
      • Jacob, clerk, h 513 Wilder
      • Leon, h 1212 Cass
      • Michael, drover, h 891 N 6th
      • Nathan A., confectioner, h 1212 Cass
      • Rudolph, cabinetmaker, h r 235 Shippen
      • Sarah, wid Simon, h 802 Judson
      • G. & Son (Gabriel & Abraham), grocers, 327 N 3d
  • 1875 (pg 1515)
    • Ullman
      • Adam, clerk, h S 9th Locust
      • Charles (William Green & Co., h N Y
      • John, lager, 226 S 10th, h S 9th c Locust
      • Louisa, h 1336 Crease
      • Michael (McComas, Ullmann & Co., h 1325 N 7th
      • Moyer (M. Ullman 7amp; Co.), h 545 N 7th
    • M. & Co. (Moyer Ullman & Samuel Luchs), liquors, 29 N Front
    • Ulman
      • Abraham (G. Ulman & Son), h 211 Vine
      • G. & Son (Abraham Ulman), fruits, 327 N 3d
      • Jacob, clerk, h 513 Wilder
      • Leon A., salesman, h 439 Master
      • Louis, millhand, h 4358 Creason, Myk
      • Michael, drover, h 891 N 6th
      • Sarah, wid Simon, h 802 Judson
  • 1885 (pg 1768)
    • Uhlman
      • Carl M., hatter, h 1937 Leithgow
      • Ferdinand, h 2043 Howard
      • Florence, bricklayer, 2043 Howard
      • Louis, segars, 34 N 13th
    • Uhlmann
      • Joseph F., milk, 2802 Emerald
      • Louis, weaver, h 233 E. Lehigh av
    • Ullman
      • Adolph, cooper, h 2986 Cambridge
      • Henrietta, widow, h 630 Bainbridge
      • Jacob, salesman, h 1840 Franklin
      • John, drygds, h 1017 Vine
      • John, liquors, 285 S 9th [out of order; after Ullmann]
      • Lem, h 1115 Market
      • Lewis T., salesman, h 121 N 3d
      • Morris, clerk, h 945 Randolph
      • Regina, widow, 1635 Franklin
    • Ullmann
      • Edward, weaver, h r 2144 Hope
      • Ullmann's Hotel, 312 Race
      • Jacob, grocer, 136 Allen
  • 1895 (page 1903)
    • Uhlman
      • Justus, grocer, 250 York
      • Lewis, salesman, h 996 N 6th
    • Uhlmann
      • Florian, bricklyr, h 2043 Howard
      • Jos, milk, 2502 Emerald
      • Max, engineer, h 612 N 16th
    • Ullman
      • Alex, manager, 1115 Chestnut, h 547 N 20th
      • Augusta, restaurant, 622 S 5th
      • Benj. tailor, h 1841 Judson
      • Fredk, salesman, h 2019 Marston
      • G. Wm, h 1635 Franklin
      • Jacob, salesman, h 2208 Mt Vernon
      • J. Jos, salesman h 1824 Taylor
      • Regina, wid Michael, h 1635 Franklin
    • Ullmann
      • Geo., clerk, h 235 S 9th
      • 's Hotel, 312 Race
      • Jacob, grocer, 136 Allen
      • Jno, lager, 235 S 9th
      • Jno, Jr., lithographer, h 235 S 9th
      • Rose, wid Edwd, h r 2144 Hope
  • 1900 (page 2318-9)
    • Uhlman
      • Florian, h N 2043 Howard
      • Louis H., weaver, h 2937 Ogden
      • Sophia, grocer, 2937 Ogden
    • Uhlmann
      • Chas A., machinist, h 3014 No Leithgow Chas M., grocer, 259 York
      • Emil, h 2724 N Fairhill
      • Jos F., milk, 1920 & h 1918 E Cumberland
      • E. Max, engineer, h 612 N 16th
    • Ullman
      • Adam S. folder, h 350 Mercy
      • Benj. cutter, h 1841 Judson
      • Gottlieb, bartender, h 1641 S Jessup
      • Harry G. (Chas S. Dengler & Co.), h 421 N 33d
      • Jacob, h 2208 Mt Vernon
      • J. Jos, mgr, 29 N 13th, h 649 N 56th
      • Regina, wid Michael, h 1635 N Franklin
    • Ullmann
      • Albert E., hatter, h 413 York
      • Berthold, clerk, h 1930 N 32d
      • Frank, clerk, h 2518 N 8th
      • Geo A., clerk, h 1930 N 32d
      • Jacob, dry gds, 413 York
      • Jno, liquors, 235 S 9th, h 1930 N 32d
      • Jno J., bartender, h 235 S 9th
      • Rose, wid Edwd, h r 2144 Hope
    • Ulman
      • Arthur G., dry gds, h 891 N 6th
      • Benj. dry gds, h 891 N 6th
      • Geo, wagons, Venango c N 18th, & livery, 1720 & h 1718 Venango
      • Hiram A., broker, h 1532 Poplar
      • Isaac, salesman, h 891 N 6th
      • Michael, drover, h 891 N 6th
      • Monroe, segars, h 891 N 6th
      • Moses F., salesman, h 1431 Poplar
      • Solomon, salesman, h 891 N 6th
      • Victor B., salesman, h 1431 Poplar
    • Ulmann
      • Berhard & Co. (foreign), woolens, 607 Lippincott Bldg
  • 1921 (page 1072)
    • Ullman
      • Benj pantaloons 33 S 2d h 3233 Clifford
      • Elennora wid Jno h 1930 N 32d
      • E b h The Sunderland
      • Irving mgr Broadway Music Corporation h 37 S 39th
      • J Jos salesman h 649 N 56th
      • J Jos Jr student h 649 N 56th
      • Max tailor 1238 N 2d
    • Ullmann
      • Albert leatherctr h 4122 N Marshall
      • Edw surveyor h 2138 N VanPelt
      • Eleanor wid Jno h 2138 N VanPelt
      • Frank chauffeur h 2010 E Glenwood av
      • Frank J officer h 1554 S. Stillman
      • Geo lab h 2138 N VanPelt
      • Jacob h 2728 N Marvine
      • Jos instmkr h 1724 St. Paul's sq
    • Ulman
      • Abraham (Centennial Garage) & tailor 2203 Fitzwater
      • Benj H (Ulman Bros) h Royal Apts
      • Bros (Jos & Benj H) skirts Sheridan bl
      • Harry G h 242 Manheim Gtn
      • Jos (Ulman Bros) Sheridan bl
      • Jos F phys 2629 N 29th
      • Pauline R wid Moses F h 1818 N 17th
      • Wm salesman h 1820 N Broad
    • Ulmann
      • Berhard & Co art needle work 1033 Chestnut

From Public Leder Newspaper, Philadelphia, PA, Index to marriages and Deaths and Items of Genealogical Interest, Vol II

Philadelphia Wills early 1700s - 1810

26 Nov 1798 - John Ullman was witness for George Stouse. A John Ulmer was a witness for Yost Art in 1792 and for Jacob Freed of Germantown on 14 Aug 1795.

Philadelphia Marriages prior to 1810

From Records of marriages in Pennsylvania prior to 1810

Berks Co., PA

From Berks of Old ed. by W. L. Iscrupe:

War of 1812

Ullman in DAR Lineage Books

DAR Volume 23 page 137
DAR # 22394
Moses Koch and Matilda Ulman, d/o
Simon Ulman and Sarah Moyer

DAR Volume 28
DAR # 27899
Herrmann Weiller and Ellen Ulman d/o
Simon Ulman and Sarah Mover

DAR Volume 44 page 126
DAR # 43330
Lydia Louisa Park and Solomon Ulman s/o
Simon Ulman and Sarah Moyer

DAR Volume 78
DAR # 77860
Mary Elizabeth Tolman and William Curtis Ulman s/o
William Ulman and Leafy Ann Curtis

DAR Volume 116 page 246
DAR # 115787
William L. Ames (b. 1843) m. 1869 Laura A. Ulman (1844-97).

Ullmans in the Civil War in Pennsylvania

Name Enlist Date Rank Regiment
Edward Ulman 02 Jul 1863 Corpl C Co. Moson's Cav Reg. PA
Edwin S Ulman 24 Apr 1861 Priv A Co. 11th Inf Reg. PA
H C Ullman 21 Jun 1861 Capt A Co. 34th Inf Reg. PA
Jacob Ullman 31 Aug 1861 Corpl E Co. 75th Inf Reg. PA
Jacob Ulman 11 Sep 1862 Priv Byers' Co. Indpt Cav Reg. PA
John Ullmann 27 Sep 1861 Priv H Co. 75th Inf Reg. PA
John Ulman 08 Aug 1862 Priv D Co. 123rd Inf Reg. PA
John Ulman 01 Jun 1861 Priv D Co. 27th Inf Reg. PA
Joseph E Ulman 14 Feb 1862 Capt Ulman's Co. Indpt LA Reg. PA*
Joseph E Ulman 24 Aug 1864 Priv C Co. 207th Inf Reg. PA
Leon A Ulman 12 Aug 1862 Priv I Co. 131st Inf Reg. PA
Leon A Ulman 24 Apr 1861 Priv A Co. 11th Inf Reg. PA
Marcus Ullman 21 Aug 1861 Priv A Co. 91st Inf Reg. PA**
Nathan A Ulman 11 Sep 1862 Priv K Co. 3rd Inf Reg. PA
Uriah C Ullman 03 Jun 1863 Priv A Co. 91st Inf Reg. PA -
Also, 34th Reg PA Militia (Emergency Men; disch 24 Aug 1863

*Ulman's Independent Battery Light Artillery; organized at Harrisburg 14 Feb 1862, mustered out 7 Mar 1862.
**The 91st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry was formed in Philadelphia in fall 1861. After serving in Washington and Alexandria, they arrived just after the Battle of Antietam. They served in all the major campaigns of the Army of the Potomac after that, through Lee's surrender at Appomattox. About 200 officers and enlisted men died, more from battle than from disease. Ullman, Marcus veteran, pvt co.A, enlisted 21 Aug 1861, wounded 12 May 1864 at Spottsylvania Court House, VA. absent, sick, at muster out [Bates; Walter] Subsequently listed as a veteran.

Ullmans in Pennsylvania National Guard

PA National Guard Veterans' Card File, 1867-1921

Ullman in Indiana

Alumni of P.A. Allen/Bluffton H.S., Bluffton, Wells Co., Indiana, according to the 1922-24 Retrospect yearbooks

Ullman, Howard M. 1911 Mgr. Red Cross Mfg Co Bluffton, IN
Decker, Verdi (Marr. Ullman) 1917 Bluffton, IN

Emma Ullman (17 Aug 1854 near Peru, Miami Co., IN - 8 May 1907 Peru Twp., Miami Co., IN)- marriage 26 Feb 1885 in Miami Co., Indiana to Pleasant L. Hochstetler.

Ullmans among foreign-born voters of California in 1872

by Jim W. Faulkinbury and FEEFHS, 1996 A Web-Base finding aid to the compiled voter registration data in Jim W. Faulkinbury's "Foreign-Born Voters of California in 1872". His compilation also contains information regarding the naturalization of these voters; namely the date, place and court of record where the naturalization took place.

For details on how to obtain this additional information, please see FREEHS How Do I Obtain More Information. Note: This is one of a number of files that comprises a total of 61,691 records extracted by Jim W. Faulkinbury, C.G.R.S. from the county level Great Registers of Voters for California in 1872. They were hand-coded into HTML by FEEFHS and initially posted as 29 files in late March 1996.

Surname, Given..Age / Reg Yr.....Birthplace...Record No.
Uhlman, Mathias......36 in 1868......born in Hanover......57570
Uhlmann, Henry......28 in 1871......born in Austria......57571
Ullman, Solomon......37 in 1872......born in France......57582
Ullman, Solomon......33 in 1868......born in France......57583
Ullmann, Morris......38 in 1868......born in Hungary......57584

Chester & Montgomery Co., PA US Census for PA Philadelphia Immigrants

Ullman in Missouri (and Kansas)

1887-90 Ullman listings in St. Joseph, Missouri directories

Name, Business Occupation Location, Residence, Year includes people who worked at Ullman businesses and some living at same addresses

Ulman Deaths in St. Joseph, Missouri

From St. Joseph Missouri Death Notices from the Catholic Tribune by the NW Mo. Gen. Soc.

Buchanan County, MO - Index to Wills

Ullman in Kansas

Leavenworth, Kansas Newspaper Name Index, 1866-1868: Leavenworth Daily Commercial -

1890-91 Kansas City, MO City Directory

Missouri Land Patent Search - Bureau of Land Management

ULLMAN, CHARLES 8/1/1892 45996 MO4250__.411
ULLMAN, CHARLES 4/22/1901 46685 MO3310__.481
ULLMAN, CHARLES 4/22/1901 46686 MO3310__.482
ULLMAN, LUDWIG 1/15/1872 30856 MO5750__.095
ULLMAN, LUDWIG 1/15/1872 30857 MO5750__.096
ULLMAN, LUDWIG 1/15/1872 30859 MO5750__.097
ULLMAN, MICHAEL 11/1/1851 18707 MO0890__.238

1890 Ullman listings in St. Louis, Missouri directories

Ulman Deaths in St. Louis, Missouri

From The St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Miscellaneous Ulllman Info

H. C. Ulman's Pennsylvania Business Directory and Eastern, Western and Southern Circular. . . . (1854/55; FHL fiche 6044310; computer number 656837

Chester & Montgomery Co., PA US Census for PA Philadelphia Missouri

Ullman Immigrants

Rupp's 30,000 Immigrants:

Name Date Ship Original Port   Master/Capt.
Ullman, Johannes  11/08/1752 Snow Louisa  Rotterdam John Pittcairne
Passenger Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia
Name Arr. Date Ship From
Ulman, Philip 15 Nov 1803 Favourite Amsterdam
Ulman, Mayer 12 Dec 1807 Louisiana
Ulman, Seerman 16 Aug 1816 Broderschap
The Alsace Emigration Book Vol. I by C. Schroder-Muggenthaler
Name Birth Yr Birthplace Emigration  Dest. Source
Uhlmann, Fanny 1838 Soulzmatt 12 Nov 1865 NY Film
Ulimann, Hienche Drusenheim 24 Mar 1838 Film
Uliman, Jacques Drusenheim 24 Mar 1838 Film
Ullmann, Lehman 1842 Sierentz 2 Feb 1861 NY Film
Ullmann, Mathias1826 Durmenbach 9 Apr 1847 New Orleans  Film
Ullmann, Salomon 1832 Durmenach 19 Apr 1851 New Orleans Film
Ulmann, Abraham 1836 Sierentz 17 Sep 1857 NY Film
Ulmann, Judas 1837 Sierentz 18 May 1857 NY Film
Ulmann, Nathan 1833 Durmenach 12 Jun 1857 New Orleans Film

German Emigration
Ship Route Arr. Date Name
Hermann Bremen, Germany to New Orleans 8 May 1854 259 Marie Ullmann age 56, Frau, from Baireuth 3 Colli
260 Henriette Ullman age 15, Tochter from Baireuth
Trumbull Yurrup* to New York 08 May 1855 281 Charlotte Uhlmann age 26, f, from Hesse
SS Bremen Bremen, Germany to New York 03 Jun 1864 6 H. Ulmann age 44, m, Mercht, from New York, Upper Saloon
Christel Bremen, Germany to New York 24 Jul 1867 53 Carl Uhlmann age 25, man, joiner, from Germany
SS Silesia Hamburg, Germany to New York 18 Jul 1881 778 Carl Ullmann age 62, m, weaver, from Saxony
779 Christiane Ullmann age 57, f, woman, from Saxony
780 Adolph Ullmann age 17, showmaker[sic], from Saxony
Cimbria Hamburg via Havre to New York 16 Nov 1881 1048 Simon Ullmann age 18, m, merchant, from Prussia
SS Canada Havre, France to New York 17 Nov 1881 12 Mr. Ullmann age 55, m, Merchant, France, to Panama, 1st Class
SS Mosel Bremen via Northampton to New York 21 Nov 1881 180 Ernst Uhlmann age 23, m, baker, from Germany, Steerage
SS City of Rome Liverpool, England to New York 01 Jun 1883 616 Marie Uhlman age 9, f, no occ., from Germany, to Wisconsin, After steerage
SS Eider Bremen, Germany via Southampton, England to New York 22 May 1886 977 Sabrina Ullmann age 17, f, no occ., from Austria B Dembioa
SS Ems Bremen and Southampton to New York 16 Oct 1889 54 Adam Ullmann age 64, m, tourist, from Germany, Second Cabin

Ullman Emigration from Wurttemburg

Name Origin Year Destination
Ullmann, Isak Eschenau, Obersulm, HN 1855 America
Uhlmann, Georg Albrecht Friedrichsruhe : Zweiflingen, KÜN 1855 Australia
Uhlmann, Friedrich Unterhöfen: Harsberg, Pfedelbach, KÜN 1855 Australia
Uhlmann, Gottlieb Linsenhofen, Frickenhausen, ES 1851 Peru
Uhlmann, Moses Isak Freudental, LB 1854 N. America
Uhlmann, Mayer Freudental, LB 1854 N. America
Uhlmann, Albrecht Unterhöfen: Harsberg, Pfedelbach, KÜN 1856 N. America
Uhlmann, Abraham Bad Buchau, Stadt, BC 1854 America
Uhlmann, Bernhard Laupheim, Stadt, BC 1851 N. America
Uhlmann, Friedrich Kleinbottwar, Stadt Steinheim an der Murr, LB 1852 Australia
Uhlmann, Christian Lehrensteinsfeld, HN 1855 Australia
Uhlmann, Siegfried Wiblingen, Stkr. Ulm 1854 N. America
Uhlmann, Simon Freudental, LB 1855 N. America
Uhlmann, ? Olnhausen, Jagsthausen, HN 1852 America
Uhlmann, Salomon Laupheim, Stadt, BC 1855 N. America

Die Vorfahren 1997 Pomeranian Database

To obtain MORE INFORMATION on a listing here, goto the Die Vorfahren 1997 Database (DV97) FrontPage.

Surname, Given Name(s)
UHLMANN, Henrietta
ULLMAN, Amelia
ULLMAN, August
ULLMAN, Ferdinand
ULLMAN, Gustav
ULLMAN, Johanna
ULLMAN, Matilda
ULLMAN, Ulricka
ULLMAN, Wilhelm
ULLMAN, Wilhelmine
ULLMAN, William
ULLMANN, Augusta
ULLMANN, Ernst James
ULLMANN, Fredericke
ULLMANN, Henrietta
ULLMANN, Pauline

Stammbaum--Surname Index

Index of surnames from the first five issues of Stammbaum. Each entry is followed by one or more references, each consisting of a Roman numeral followed by a dash, followed by a number. The Roman numeral (I to V) indicates the issue number of Stammbaum. The following number is the page number on which the surname appears in that issue.

Ullman III-29, V-19
Ullmann V-13, V-16, V-20, V-24, V-25, V-26

For more information about Stammbaum, please view the Stammbaum home page.

Ullman Passenger Arrivals

Name Year   Record Group
Ullmann, C. 1843 New Orleans Pass. Lists
Ullmann, Carl 1841 NY Pass. Lists
Ullmann, Folk 1842 NY Pass. Lists
Ullmann, J 1843 NY Pass. Lists
Ullmann, J. 1841 NY Pass. Lists
Ullmann, Lotte 1840 NY Pass. Lists
Ullmann, Mathias 1847 New Orleans Pass. Lists
Ullmann, Sophie 1840 NY Pass. Lists
Ulmann, Emanuel 1840 New Orleans Pass. Lists
Ulmann, Eva 1842 NY Pass. Lists
Ulmann, Eva 1847 New Orleans Pass. Lists
Ulmann, Lotte 1843 NY Pass. Lists
Ulmann, S M 1840 NY Pass. Lists
Ulmann, Sophy 1844 NY Pass. Lists
Uhlmann, Caroline 1849 New Orleans Pass. Lists
Uhlmann, Elis 1842 NY Pass. Lists
Uhlmann, Georg Ch 1848 New Orleans Pass. Lists
Uhlmann, Hein 1842 NY Pass. Lists
Uhlmann, Js Erenst     1842 NY Pass. Lists
Uhlmann, Maria 1842 NY Pass. Lists
Uhlmann, Simon 1845 New Orleans Pass. Lists

From New York Passenger Arrivals, 1849-1868 transcribed by Michael Cassady; FHC file #1421602 Item 20

Ullman WWI Civilian Draft Registrations

William Ullman14 Aug 1882WhiteChurchillNV
Ullman Moore Wilson2 Sep 1884BlackWarrenMS
Gustave E. Ullman7 Feb 1888Oconomowoc WI WhitePalm BeachFL
Jacob Ullman1 Dec 1878WhiteBoise CityID

Ullman in FTM World Family Tree Volume

WFT #5, Tree #3656, Ullman, McFadden, Griffith of OH, Germany 1753-1996

ULMAN in Boston in 1860

Ulman's in Boston, MA in the 1860's. Particularly Alonzo Ulman and Wm Ulman who owned a Piano Forte.

Ullmann Home Page

The following Ullmann genealogical information was researched and written by our father Albert W. Ullmann. It is through his hard work and persistent research that we have a tremendous volume of family history. Not only was he a dedicated and proud family historian but also a loving father and husband. With deep gratitude for many happy memories we dedicate this Ullmann Home Page in loving memory of Albert W. Ullmann. -- Geoffrey C. Ullmann -- 1997 --

The earliest ancestor which I can trace is my great grandfather, Christian Ullmann. He was probably born about 1820. He married Rosina (Schmude) who bore him at least three children, two sons and a daughter. Very little is known about Christian except that he was a "Day Laborer."

The three children came to America at the end of the 19th century. The daughter, (name unknown) married Maschecovsky and last lived on Holyoke St., East Hampton Mass. Her children were Ted, Tillie, and Mary (Holt), a nurse. One son of Christian and Rosina, (name unknown) also had a son, Charles, a blacksmith. His wife was called "Aunt Minnie." William Ullmann (Friederich Wilhelm Ullmann). He was born in Krotoschin, Posen, August 22, 1848. It is possible that Christian and Rosina moved with their family to Russia near Bialystok to obtain work during the Russian railroad boom. It appears they lived in the small town of Starocielces near Bialystok. -- Albert W. Ullmann -- 1982

We are very interested in finding any descendants of the two unknown children of Christian and Rosina Ullmann.

FTM Genealogy Site: Descendants of Christian Ullmann

Samuel Ullman of Birmingham, Alabama

Samuel Ullman, who emigrated to the US from the Alsace region of France/Germany and settled in Mississippi and, ultimately, Birmingham, Alabama. I do not know his wife's name, but I know they had at least one child, Edward, who married a woman named Gertrude from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Samuel Ullman appears to have been a writer of some repute, and there may still be a high school in Birmingham named after him.

Frederick August Ullman or Ullmann

From Hamburg or a town near it to the US in 1924; 20 years old. He settled in New York.

Ulman's (Olman's) in Michigan


John William Ullmann and Augusta Offerman from Reutnitz, Germany to Connecticut

Looking for info on John William Ullman b 11/09/1845 in Reutnitz, Germany. Married Augusta Offerman b 05/08/1848 in Reutnitz. They came to Pleasant Valley, Connecticut between 1884-1886. John's parents were John Gottlieb Ullman and Johanna Christierna Luttwig. Does anyone know of this family?

Ulmen/Ulmans from Niederzissen, Ahrweiler Co., Rhineland, Germany, to Wisconsin/Montana

Arrived at port of NY in 1847.  Lived in Milwaukee Co., WI, 1848-1856, then to Mankato, MN 1856-  Issue may have moved to Quincy IL; Superior WI; Ray ND, Omaha NE & elsewhere.  

Mathias ULMEN or ULMAN (1822-1891) and his wife Elizabeth VOGTMAN.  He immigrated in 1847, and lived in Milwaukee, WI and Mankato, MN. Their ten surviving children are Michael (1849), John (1852), Elizabeth SCHWEITZER (1852), Clara KRON (1855), John B. (1857), Caroline ROBEL (1859), Mary GREABER (1862), Henry (1864), George (1866) and Emma WATTERS (1868).

Also living in Mankato were his brother Michael ULMEN (1829-1899), his father Peter ULMEN (1797-1879), an uncle John ULMEN (1805-1888) and John's son, John ULMEN (1833-?).

Also researched the ancestry of the ULMEN and related families around Niederzissen (between Bonn and Koblenz) in Rhineland, Germany.

Johann Uhlmann to US circa 1871

From Switzerland, Johann Uhlmann b. 1844, came to USA around 1871.

Uhlman & Brooks in Nebraska

Uhlman, Walter b. 24 Jan 1895 Elighly, NE, USA; m. Brooks, Thelma Francis.


Uhlmann from the Chemnitz/Liepzig/Karl-Marx-Stadt area to Michigan

Parents of: Moritz Wilhelm UHLMANN (b.11/17/1841 in Germany, d. Bay City, MI 04/27/1925); m. Earnestine Theresa RUEDIGER (b.01/01/1845 in Marbach, Saxony, d. Saginaw, MI 11/22/1896). If any of you know any RUEDIGER's from Marbach, Germany, or siblings of Moritz, please let me know, too!

Also, I'd like to know of any descendants for:

  1. Whilomena UHLMANN (b. 1867 in Germany)
  2. Charles or Karl UHLMANN (b. 02/02/1868 in Germany)
  3. Leonhard Alexander UHLMANN (b. 03/31/1875 in Amelith, MI)
  4. Maria Katherina UHLMANN (b. 01/18/1881 in Amelith, MI)
  5. Fredrich Wilhelm UHLMANN (b. 02/18/1883 in Amelith, MI) Home page

Uhlmann to Michigan

I have a Henry K. Uhlmann in MI who married (?) Sara Ruhin and had son, Martin Sylvester Uhlmann, born approx 1903. Sara later moved to NY. Only know that ancestry is "Prussian".

Karl Ulmen Wisconsin in 1800s

Karl Ulmen born late l820's and lived down in Milwaukee, Wisconsin area for awhile, then moved to Appleton area. First wife was deceased and had several children with her, remarried in Appleton area and had 5 children.

Ulman in Boston, Massachusetts area in 1800's

Particularly, Alonzo Ulman and William Ulman who owned a piano company.

Ulliman family from Germany to Ohio

Uhlmann from Pennsylvania to Ohio

Frederick Englehart UHLMANN family. He married an Elizabeth. Their children were Barbara, b. 1738 in Philadelphia Co., PA; Bernhard, b. 1748 in Lancaster Co., PA; Eva Magdelena, b. 1751 in Lancaster Co., PA; Johannes, b. 1753 in Lancaster Co., PA; and John Frederick, b. 1755 in Lancaster Co., PA. Affiliated names are Baum, Keller and Lampeter.

Louisa Ullman & Lewis McVay in Ohio

Ullman, Louisa b. Jun 1879 Monroe County, Ohio, d. 1948 Monroe County, Ohio. Married McVay, Lewis (May 1874 Monroe County, Ohio - 1935 New Matamoras, New Matamoras Cemetery, Washington County, Ohio; parents McVay, Esau and Flint, Elizabeth. Kenneth M. Oates 25 Lavender Ln. Levittown, PA 19054 3909

John Ulman from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Ontario, Canada in 1700s

John Ulman, born Lancaster PA around 1755. Moved to Niagara area of Ontario. Married Catherine Huff. Especially interested in his son Benjamin, born 1800 in New York.

Ullman in Staten Island, New York in 1800s

Bernard Emile Ullman  m. Corson, Mary Louisa  
  Isabelle Sarah Ullman  m. Locke, Robert Henry, Reverend  
    Percival Glenroy Ullman May 29, 1849 Staten Island, Richmond County, New York   Huguenot Park, Staten Island, Richmond County, New York Butcher, m. Isabelle Sarah   
  Percival Glenroy Ullman, Jr.  
  Reginald Glenroy Ullman   
            Roscoe Tucker Ullman  

Jewish Cemetery, Clifton Ohio

Data collected by Team One students from Princeton High School from Jewish Cemetery on Old Ludlow, in Clifton, Ohio. They collected the data as best they could from the grave markers. Limitatations to this study include weathering of some of the older stones, and the instructors limited knowledge of the Hebrew Language. This data has been sent to the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Cincinnati.

Ullman, Amelia 1843 - 1902 female
Ullman, Joseph 1827 - 1884 male

Uelmen from Germany to Wisconsin/North Dakota in 1800s

Paul Uelmen, son of Matthias and Susanna Uelmen, b. 18 Dec 1830 in Germany, m. Anna Gertrude Becker 19 Jan 1855, d. 13 Dec 1913 in Perth, ND. Children:

Submitted to National Genealogical Society by M. B. Lyons, Reston VA; based on transcript from bible of Paul N. Uelman.

Ullman/Ullmann/Ulman/Ulmann/Ugma/Uyhmann/Uihmann from Rakovnik, Bohemia region to Wisconsin/Montana

This branch of the Ullmans has been traced back to 1623 with the birth of Wentzl Ugma. It appears that before spellings were standardized in the 1800s, a phonetic rendering of what would later be shown as Ullman was spelled Ugma, Uyhmann, Uihmann, etc., the "g" and "i" symbols being used at the time to show an "ll" sound.

Our ancestral villages were Sössen (Cz. Sosen) and Grosse Chmeleschen (Cz. Velka Chmelistna) located west of Rakovnik (which is 50 km west of Prague) and north of Pilsen. Our immigrant ancestor was Conrad Ullman who entered the country in 1872 and settled in Chicago, moving in 1882 to the Marshfield, Wisconsin area, and finally to the area north of Big Timber, Montana in 1908. He and his wife (Emilia Schneider who immigrated with her mother in 1864, [both women were also from Sössen]) are buried in Harlowton, Montana.

The direct descendents of (Generation 1) Wenzl and Maria Ugma down to the immigrant Konrad (Conrad) in Generation 8 are:

We would be highly interested in communicating with anyone who can trace their ancestors to the area of Sössen, Bohemia.

Bob Ullman

Ullman from Chotesov & Jesenice, Bohemia, Austria to Nebraska

Emirgrated through New York in 1886, to Steinauer, Nebraska (Southeastern Nebraska... near Pawnee City, Nebraska). He left his parents in Bohemia, although the family was Austrian.

I have recently confirmed the ancestoral location for my Ullman(n) line coming from Bohemia. If any of your Ullman(n) ancestors came from the following towns in Bohemia, I would appreciate receiving a note...

The area is west of Prague about 50 miles. The towns are:

Ullmans from Grosslippen in mid 1800s

Karl Ullmann born in Grosslippen (now Lipno okr. Louney) b. 6 Jan 1860 to Franz Ullmann (jnr) and Rosina Janek both from Grosslippen. Franz Ullmann (Senior - father of Franz jnr) was from Praschin (Zbrasasin) and mother Elizabeth Valenta who died on the 9 July 1859 was from Kolleschau Bez. Jechnitz. I understood Bez. means "shire or county of". My other ancestral villages around this period (mid 19th century) were Grosslippen (now Lipno), and Marquaretz (Markvarec/Marwaritz).


Rosalie ROSENBAUM DEXTER (b. 11 Aug 1835, Schwabach, Bavaria) mother's maiden name was Babetta UHLMAN (b. 1815 in Uhlfeld, Bavaria, d. 22 Sep 1841) m. 1834 Jacob Loeb ROSENBAUM (d. 1864 USA) in Schwabach, Bavaria. Babetta's father's name was Samsan UHLMAN and his mother's name was Buhle (translated in German to Babetta) Frankenthal.

In 1838, Jacob and Babetta moved to Munich, Bavaria, where she died. Upon her death from "some throat disease" Babetta UHLMAN ROSENBAUM left 3 children: Rosalie (b. 11 Aug 1835); Moritz (b. 20 Jan 1837); and Joseph (b. 1 Apr 1838).

Grandfather I. ROSENBAUM, (d. 1830/39) was in the linen factory business (Lienan Weberai) left 2 sons: Mashe Baer and Jacob Loeb.

After 3 years of trying to keep his family togther, Jacob sent his children to their grandparents UHLMAN in Uhlfeld, Bayern, as he was "broken in health and spirits and the fear of losing his sight". Grandfather UHLMAN died in 1845 and the grandmother divided the children: Rosalie to an aunt in Bayreuth, Morris to Offenbach near Frankfurth a Main, and Joseph to an Uncle ROSENBAUM. They all returned to the grandparents when Rosalie was about 12 years old.

Jacob ROSENBAUM had gone to America and sent for his chidlren. They sailed from Bremen on the Washington, one of the first two steamships running from Bremen to New York, on 15 Apr 1850 and arrived 4 July 1850, after a three day stop in Liverpool. Their uncle, Sig UHLMAN, was to meet them when they arrived. Their father was in Lancaster, WI at the time started for Milwaukee when he heard his children had arrived...

Ulman in Czech Republic

Any Ulmans from Czech Rep? My Grandfather was Oldrich Ulman and first Ulman in my family to come to America.

UELMEN/UELMAN in Wisconsin

Uelmen/Uelman surname, especially in Wisconsin. My oldest relatives are Nicholes Uelmen (married to Margaret Theusah). I have no idea where they were born, married or died, but I do know they had one son named Nicholes Andrew Uelmen who was born July 1878 in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.

John Ulman from Pennsylvania to New York in late 1700s

I am trying to locate a John Ulman (b. about 1754 possibly in Lancaster, PA area), married Catherine Huff, possibly born Canajoharie. NY. The Ulmans resided in the Tonawanda New York area around 1800; then moved to Niagara, Ontario. Children were: Catherine, Elizabeth, Margaret, (married Asa Carpenter), Bernard, Benjamin (married Eliza Freel), Ann and Peter. These children were baptized at St. Mark's Niagara, Ontario on 1 Jun 1817.

Ullmans of Christ Lutheran Church, Stouchsburg, Berks Co, PA

From Records of Pastoral Acts Christ Lutheran Church, Stouchsburg, Berks Co, PA, edited by Frederick Weiser:

Phillip Ullmann & Catherine Christman from Windstein, Alsace, France ~1834 to Ohio

Phillip Ullmann (1793-1850) and his wife Catherine Christman (1789-1839) along with at least one son, Frederic Guy (1830-1896) emigrated to the US from Windstein, Alsace, France about 1834. I know they eventually settled in Ohio because they are listed in the 1850, 1860, and 1870 Ohio census.

The 1850 Ohio census shows that Frederic Guy Ullmann and his wife Maria Lovett (1834-1903) had four children, one of whom was Edward Ullmann (1863-1943). This branch spent some time in Kansas before moving to Oregon.

Uhlman in SE Indiana ca. 1860

The mother and father may have come from Germany to southeastern Indiana, USA around 1860. They had at least one daughter, Teresea.

Ulman Family of New York Carrie Ullman married to Ira White; she was born in about 1860 & moved to Maryland.

Frederick George Ullman from Metzingen, Wurtemmburg, Germany

Frederick George Ullman, b. 23 June, 1872, Metzingen, Wurtemmburg, Germany.

Simon Ulman married to Sarah Meyer 1817 in Reading, Berks Co, PA

ULMAN, Simon, to Sarah MEYER, 20 Dec 1817 listed in Marriages Published in Reading Adler Newspaper (1811-25), Reading, Berks Co, PA. Info from USGENWEB from file contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Larry Haines The newspapers generally included additional information which is not provided here, normally the township and/or county of residence of both married persons was given and sometimes the names of parents, usually only the father.

Ulmen/Ulmans from Niederzissen, Ahrweiler Co., Rhineland, Germany, to Wisconsin/Montana

Arrived at port of NY in 1847.  Lived in Milwaukee Co., WI, 1848-1856, then to Mankato, MN 1856-  Issue may have moved to Quincy IL; Superior WI; Ray ND, Omaha NE & elsewhere.  

Mathias ULMEN or ULMAN (1822-1891) and his wife Elizabeth VOGTMAN.   He immigrated in 1847, and lived in Milwaukee, WI and Mankato, MN. Their ten surviving children are Michael (1849), John (1852), Elizabeth SCHWEITZER (1852), Clara KRON (1855), John B. (1857), Caroline ROBEL (1859), Mary GREABER (1862), Henry (1864), George (1866) and Emma WATTERS (1868).

Also living in Mankato were his brother Michael ULMEN (1829-1899), his father Peter ULMEN (1797-1879), an uncle John ULMEN (1805-1888) and John's son, John ULMEN (1833-?)

Also researched the ancestry of the ULMEN and related families around Niederzissen (between Bonn and Koblenz) in Rhineland, Germany.

Uhlman from Chemnitz, Germany to St. Joseph, MO

UHLMANN, last N dropped @ 1863, went to St.Joe, MO from Chemnitz, Germany about 1860. M. Lizette Doll 1863 in Omaha, NE.

Uhlmann in Augustusburg (formerly Stadt-Schellenberg) in Chemnitz area

Recorded in St. Peter's Evangelical Church in Augususburg in the 1700-1800's. Many of that area were involved in the textile industry .  

David Jonathan Uhlmann - son of Christoff Adam Uhlmann
born: January 2, 1783
baptism: January 5, 1783
marriage: May 22, 1808 to Regina Fredericka Hubler
death: February 17, 1857

Fredericka Wilhelmine Uhlmann - daughter of David Jonathan Uhlmann
born: July 30, 1809
marriage: October 31, 1830 to Christian Friedrich Weber
death: October 12, 1881

Uhlmann-1800 Alsace

Ullman family from West Virginia in 1836

1. Douglas Ullman, place of birth and date of birth unknown, spouse unknown, father of:

2. James Harding "O" Ullman born 1836, died June 4, 1907, in Kanawha Co., WVA, m. July 30, 1874, in Charleston, WVA to Victoria Catherine Woodrum, parents of

3. John William Ullman, born March 30, 1881 in WVA and died about 1926 in Muncie, Indiana, married Anna Lela King who died August 27, 1919 in Muncie, Indiana; they were parents of a daughter who died shortly after birth and five sons including

Several descendents still live in West Virginia.

Ullman / Alleman from the Finger Lakes region, Waterloo area NY 1800's

Uhlman from Emmantal region in Switzerland to U.S. ca 1880-1890

Uelmen from Strohn/Schalkenmehren, Ger in 1857 via NY to Auburn, Wisconsin

The immigration records shows the family members who immigrated as:

Adam Ullman 50 Laborer from Germany
Margarite Ullman 43
Catherine Ullman 16
(John) Adam Ullman 11
Nicholas Ullman 9
Peter Ullman 4

1 UELMEN, Andrew b: Strohn, Ger. ? d: Strohn, Ger. ?
.. +DARTERS, Catherine
.... 2 UELMEN, Matthew b: 1767 Strohn, Ger. ?d: 02-19-1813 Schalkenmehren, Ger.
........ +SCHUMPEN, Sophia b: 1768 Strohn, Ger. ? d: 09-26-1814 Schalkenmehren, Ger.
.......... 3 UELMEN, Johnn Adam b: 05-30-1806 Schalkenmehren, Ger. d: 04-3-1860 St. Michaels, Washington County, WI
.............. +LEHNERZ, Margrethe Schmidt b: 02-17-1813 Eckfeld, Ger. d: 03-16-1889 Auburn Fondulac County
................. 4 UELMEN, Katharina b: 05-12-1840 d: 11-19-1918
................. 4 UELMEN, John Adam b: 01-17-1842 Strohn, Ger. d: 10-10-1924 Campbellsport, WI
..................... +SIMON, Margaret b: 08-3-1850 d: 05-16-1895 Auburn, Fondulac Co., WI
....................... 5 UELMEN, Nicholas
....................... 5 UELMEN, John
....................... 5 UELMEN, Frank
....................... 5 UELMEN, William
....................... 5 UELMEN, Daughter I
....................... 5 UELMEN, Daughter II
....................... 5 UELMEN, Peter b: 07-7-1852
....................... 5 UELMEN, Adam Edward b: 06-27-1881 Auburn, Fondulac Co., WI d: 04-9-1939 Milwaukee County Hospital, Milwaukee WI
........................... +FALTER, Mary Barbara b: 02-22-1891 Addison, Washington Co., WI d: 07-17-1925 Fredonia, Ozaukee Co., WI
............................. 6 UELMEN, Francis Thomas b:Private
............................. 6 UELMEN, Bernardine Katherine b:Private
............................. 6 UELMEN, Margaret Barbara b: 08-29-1919 Random Lake, Town of Fredonia, Ozaukee County, WI d: 03-27-1987 Tampa, Hillsborough Co., FL
.................................+ALBERTE, John b: 07-7-1919 Milwaukee, WI, 20th St. & Wells d: 01-24-1995 Lutz, FL
............................. 6 UELMEN, Edmund b: Private
............................. 6 UELMEN, Audrey b: 01-15-1923 Fredonia, Ozaukee Co., WI d: 1994 Milwaukee, WI
....................... 5 UELMEN, Mathias b: 09-23-1884 d: 09-1967
................. 4 UELMEN, John Joseph b: 10-27-1843 Strohn, Ger. d: 10-18-1943 Strohn, Ger
................. 4 UELMEN, Nikolaus b: 03-30-1845 d: 02-1-1906
................. 4 UELMEN, Anna Gertrud b: 10-8-1847 d: 05-16-1848 Strohn, Ger.
................. 4 UELMEN, Maria Gertrud b: 08-26-1850 Strohn, Ger. d: 06-3-1851 Strohn, Ger.
................. 4 UELMEN, Peter b: 07-20-1852 Strohn, Ger. d: 07-7-1926

Uelman to Wisconsin in 1856

Looking for further info on family of Johann Adam Uelmen b. May 30 1806 m. Mary Margaretha Lenenz or Lenertz b. Feb 7,1813 immig. to Wis. in 1856 and settled in Fond Du Lac Co. Auburn Twp. Their children were: Nicholas Uelmen b. July 20, 1840,Katherine Uelmen b. Oct. 28,1840, John Adam Uelmen b. Jan. 17, 1842, Anna Gertrud b. Oct. 8, 1847 d.1848, Maria Gertrud b. Aug,26 1850 and Peter Uelmen b. July 20, 1852. Peter's obit. says the family was from Strom Germany and another source lists it as Strohn.

Ullman - Pfalz Rhine Bavaria, Germany pre 1829-
Ullmann - Rhineland, Norfolk Co. Ontario, Canada 1863-1939

Isaac James Ullmann from Strasbourg to Michigan/Wisconsin

Isaac James Ullmann born near Strasbourg and came to US in 1810s. Lived in Detroit and in Berrien Co., Mich., and in Racine, Wis.

Jerome Ullman & Sarah Allen in Sharon Springs, NY

Jerome Ullman m. Sarah Allen; children: Roy O. Ullman in Sharon Springs, NY, Gilbert, Charles, Jonathon and maybe a sister by the name of Marjotie Louise.

Samuel Ullman & Camille Katz in NYC

Jacob KATZ (b. 22-May-1840, France) and Caroline LEVY (b. 16-Jun-1843 immigrated to NYC, NY, USA, he 14-Jun-1867. I have been unable to determine the town in France they came from, but believe it was in the Alsace region, a town with Soultz or Sulz in the name, near Strassborg. Jacob's naturalization papers do not indicate a village, just that he came from Germany. After his arrival in the US, the area turned back to France. Both Caroline and Jacob were bilingual in French and German.

Jacob KATZ had a sister, Camille, who also came to NYC (don't know when) who married a Samuel ULLMAN. They had three children; Felix, Helene and Leo.

Adolph Ullman in Kentucky/Ohio; Max Ullman in Georgia

Adolph Ullman, married in Louisville, Kentucky in 1885. Adolph had a brother named Max and a sister named Lotte. Max was the president of a bank in Brunswick, Georgia. In one of the bank panics that occurred in the early 20th century, he was found dead, and it was never determined whether it was murder or suicide. Adolph, brewed and bottled rye whiskey in Cincinnati, Ohio, and I once found two empty bottles from his whiskey company in B. Altman's Department Store in New York City. I think that the three Ullman children were born in Munich, Germany, and that their father's name was Nathan. Their mother's name was Terese Neustatter Ullman.

George & Elise Ullmann from Germany to US in 1920s

George and Elise (Herzog) Ullmann who immigrated from Germany in the 1920's. George was from Grossmittland. Elise was from Emden.

Ulman NYC / Glen Cove NY in late 1800s & 1900s

Audrey Barclay Ulman (1904-1995), the daughter of Julien Stevens Ulman and Gertude Oldfield Barclay.  I know very little about this side of the family. I do know that there was a

Julien Stevens Ulman who lived in the New York City Area, born October 1, 1865 and died May 7, 1920. He married Gertrude Oldfield Barclay April 29, 1901 in Short Hills NJ.  His parents were Solomon B. Ulman and Jo(h)anna Bach(e). Morris Ulman who was a brother of Julien Stevens Ulman.

Compiled by S. Kauffman; Last revised 11/21/09