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Rosch / Roesch Genealogy

Rosch references

Rosch listed in Rupp's 30,000 Immigrants:

Name Date Ship Original Port Master/Capt.
Rosch, Hans 10/14/1731 Snow Louther Rotterdam Joseph Fisher
Rosch, Abraham 09/27/1746 Ann Galley Rotterdam William Wilson
Rosch, Heinrich 10/09/1747 Restauration Rotterdam/via Leith James Hall
Risch, Joh. Friederich 08/28/1750 Two Brothers Rotterdam Thomas Arnt
Rosch, Georg Heinrich 09/14/1751 Andrew Rotterdam James Abercrombie
Rosch, Johann Georg 09/16/1751 Nancy Rotterdam Thomas Coatam
Rosch, Michael 10/16/1751 Duke of Wirttemberg Rotterdam  
Rosch, Michael, Jr. 10/16/1751 Duke of Wirttemberg Rotterdam  
Rosch, Conrad 10/04/1752 Neptune Rotterdam John Mason

Wurttemburg Emigration

Emigration according to the Wurttemburg database:

1700s Pennsylvania Census - Philadelphia

Surname First Name Year
Rosch Abraham 1746
Rosch Heinrich 1747
Rosch Jacob 1747
Rosch George Ernst 1750
Rosch George Henrich 1750
Rosch Jacob 1750
Rosch George Henrich 1751
Rosch Michael 1751
Rosch Michael, Jr.   1751
Rosch Conrad 1752
Roesch Johannes 1753
Roscher   Conrad 1764

Rosch in Pennsylvania

Roschs Married in Berks County, Pennsylvania in 1700s

From Berks County, PA Marriages 1730-1800

Rosch: Daughters of the American Revolution

DAR Volume 12 page 281 ID Number: 11737 & Volume 30 ID Number: 29238
Philip Heitshu and Catherine Rupert, d/o Philip Rupert and Catherine Rosch, his wife.
Lieutenant Philip Rupert, who was born in Germany, and had served in Canada under the British, became a zealous patriot. He was with Washington in the Jersey campaign, and was wounded at Brandywine. He died at Catawissa, 1829, aged ninety-one.

DAR Volume 51 page 229 ID Number: 50504, DAR Volume 106 ID Number: 105819, DAR Volume 52 page 7 ID Number: 51013
Joseph Paxton and wife Catharine Rupert, d/o
Leonard Rupert and Sally Bright, his wife.
John Philip Rupert and Catherine Rosch, his wife.

DAR Volume 58 page 120 ID Number: 57346, DAR Volume 71 page 66 ID Number: 70179, DAR Volume 112 page 306 ID Number: 111956
Thomas W. Lloyd and wife Elizabeth Rupert, d/o.
Leonard Rupert and Sallie Bright, his wife.
John Philip Rupert and Catherine Rosch, his wife.

DAR Volume 67
DAR ID Number: 66943
Peter Fornwald (1771-1847) and Ann Elizabeth Rupert (1773-1866), his wife, m. 1795.
Philip Rupert and Catharine Rosch (1744-1828), his wife, m. 1762.

Philadelphia arrival

List of foreigners imported in the ship Virtuous Grace, John Bull, Master, from Rotterdam; qualified Sept 24, 1737: RAUSCH, Michael also listed as RONSH, Michael 42.

York (Adams) Co., PA

Roesch in Wuerttemberg

From James Oberacker's Baden-Wuerttemberg Ahnentafel Report - 27 Dec 1998

Rosch in from Graben, Baden, Germany in 1700 to Ohio in 1800s

Johann Wendel ROESCH (b. 23 Oct 1770 at Graben, Baden, Germany), married 9 Jan 1798 at Graben, Baden, Germany to Katharina HERBSTER. Children:
Wilhelm ROESCH (b. 29 Nov 1803 at Graben, Wuerttemberg, Germany - d. 17 Apr 1876 at Tully Twp. Marion Co. Ohio), married 7 Jun 1834 to Salome KAMMERER.

Johan Jakob Rosch and Maria Dorner in Heuchlingen

Johan Jakob Rosch b:1768 in Heuchlingen d:1838. married Maria Dorner. He was a weber. Son named Wilhem Heinrich b:1821 d:1891.same place. Married a Griesser. Daughter named Agate b. 1849 in Setzingen d. 1883 in Heuchlingen; had married a Krauss.

Roesch in from Stuttguart to Illinois, then Florida

Parents came from Stutguart, Germany in the 1800's. Florrie was born about 1/19/1873 and died 4/1968 at 94 years of age. Her parents: Dr & Mrs Otto Roesch came to this country from Stutguart, Germany and came to Ilinois and Dr Roesch studied to be a doctor and received his degree in St. Louis, MO. They latter lived in Ft Ogden, FL and are both buried in a church cemetery there. wbeaujean@OHSGH.ANG.AF.MIL

Wuerttemberg Emigration Index, Volume 4 Results

page 168

Name: Roesch, Johann Jacob
Birth Date:
Birth Place: Neidlingen
District: Kirchheim
Application Date: 1853
Destination: North America
Number: 835940

page 168

Name: Roesch, Johannes
Birth Date: 20 Sep 1840
Birth Place: Gomaringen
District: Rtl.
Application Date: Apr 1867
Destination: North America
Number: 841056

Roesch in Iffezheim in late 1600s

A large part of my ancestors originates from Sandweier. Since the first decades of the church books of Sandweier are very incomplete, I decided to execute a complete analysis of the first two church books. This covers the period of 1679 to 1785. Only by this analysis it was possible to detect connections which would have remained hidden with a superficial handling.

The handling is not final yet. At present the first church book (1679 to 1740) is completely analysed. By the second church book (1740 to 1785) those are marrying completely, the baptism analysed from 1740 to 1749 and the funerals not yet. By the analysed sections about a fifth electronically were captured and are represented on this page. Some few data originate from other periods.

The following data are based, if not differently indicated, on the microfilms of the Roman-catholic church books of Sandweier, FHL 1046098, part of 1 and 2.

Children in Sw. rk. ~:
a: Joannes Bernhardus, SW00200, ~ 17,9,1697, as name of the nut/mother is crossed out for Anna Maria and in other writing Catharina entered, (P.: Ignatius Roesch, SW10400, schulmeister (" more ludimagister ") from Iffezheim; Margaretha Burkartin, SW01601, from Sw.);
b: Franciscus Josephus, SW00300, ~ 27,3,1699 (P.: Joannes Burkard, SW01600, Bg. in Sw.; Anna Maria Roeschin , SW10401, from Iffezheim);
c: Ignatius Antonius, SW00250, ~ 20,3,1702 (P.: Ignatius Roesch, SW10400, schulmeister in Iffezheim; Margaretha Burkartin, SW01601, from Sw.)

Rosch Surname .Ott surname

To: CHIEFSTORM@AOL.COM Wilhelm H. Rosch b:1821 in Heuchlingen son of Johann Jakob b:1768 and Maria Dorner b:1776?

Maria Barbara Ott b:1767 Hohen Meinringen? married Johannes Weidemann b:1766 in Dettingen a.A Germany.

Estate Records (County of Berks) 1752-1914

Last Name   First Name Middle YearTownship
Rush Eugenia F. 1850   Bern
Rush John 1848 District
Rush Mary 1850 Reading
Rush Michael 1812 Reading
Rush Stevan 1816 Reading
Rush William 1847 District
Rush Benneville 1852 Reading
Rush Catharine 1853 Reading
Rush Philip 1871 Reading
Rush Samuel 1854 Washington
Rush John 1883 Hereford
Rush Mary E. 1883 Hereford
Rush Barbara A. 1899 Reading
Rush Carrie 1905 Reading
Rush Henry W. 1905 Washington
Rush Margaret 1889 Amity
Source: Berks County, PA Registrar of Wills


World Family Tree

Vol #1 Tree #2470

1590-1995; Most common surnames: Hodapp, Moritz, Imming, McCAFFREY, Moriz, Wiersma, Johnson, Dieker; Most common locations: Germany, KS, IL, MO, IA, NE, Ireland, CA.

Vol #1, Tree #1224

Cullum, Stoermer, Wright of PA, Germany 1557-1995 contains: Cullum, Stoermer, Wright, Keller, Fisher, Kivler, Rosch, Bailey. Most common locations: PA, Germany, NY, Canada, VT, NJ, WI, CA. Foreign: Canada, England, France, Germany, Haiti, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, United Kingdom World Family Tree Volume #2, Tree #2991 Kahn, Fiack, Hiegel of CA, AR 1782-1992 contains: Kahn, Fiack, Hiegel, Donnelly, Dye, Colagrossi, Warnock, Weinrich. Most common locations: CA, AR, Ireland, Switzerland. Foreign: Germany, Ireland, Italy, former Soviet Union, Switzerland

Maria Cathrina Rosch & Johann Schnitzius

ROSCH, Maria Cathrina, b 10 May 1752 in Kröv married Schnitzius, Johann on 22 Feb 1773 at Kröv. Children:

Jacob & Anna Rosch in Virginia

On 12 Sep 1786, Barbara BOID was one of the sponsors for a daughter born to Jacob ROSCH and wife, Anna in Zion Church, Hamburg, Shenandoah Co., VA.

Roesch and Landau near Sandusky, Ohio in late 1800's

ROESCH/LANDAU - John Karl (Carl) ROESCH and Caroline LANDAU were married circa 1888, in the vicinity of Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio. Due to religious differences, they were probably married by a Justice of the Peace. Confirmation of where and when were they married?

Quaker Naturalizations in 1760 in Pennsylvania

Aug-Sep Rush, Conrad Phil Co. 1761 [PA Archives 2:2:418]

Philadelphia 1745, 1746

Barbara Rosch in Philadelphia in 1700s

Trying to track down the parents of Susanna Miller, b. 1755 to Sebastian Miller and, perhaps, Barbara Rosch. This was probably a Germantown Philadelphia family. Also, in an inaccessible branch of my family an elderly relative holds an elderly genealogy book which links this family to the Kunders, founders of Germantown.

Conrad Rosch in Philadelphia in 1775

From Henry Miller's Staatsbote, 1767-1779: issue dated Nov 28, 1775, Conrad ROSCH, Kensington, Philadelphia County.

Resch, Rauch, Roesch, Resh, Rush, Lancaster County,PA

Searching for descendants of Heinrich Roesch, a 1748 immigrant. The name has had many changes in spelling. The immigrants were Amish/Mennonite. JACOB RESH 1800-1875,married Elizabeth Groff, had 10 children Jacob was the son of JOSEPH RESH(b 1771),married Esther Sensenich. Joseph and family moved to Berks County PA but Jacob stayed in Lancaster County. Six of the 10 children are buried in Weavertown Cemetery, Leacock Twp.,PA. It is believed one of the other four, moved into Lancaster City and married/became Catholic and had a son FREDERICK S. RESH. I am searching for a son of Jacob who had a son named Frederick.

Rosch in Poland in 1800s

Searching for information: Henry Rosch: Birth/Death unknown dates, probably Poland. Wife: Mary ? Children: Adela Rosch Born 8/16/1884 Laponow, Austria (now Poland) Died 7/28/70 Lemont, IL USA married Ignatius Wroblewski Born 2/1/1870 Tarnow, Austria (now Poland) Death Date: Unknown. Chicago IL?

Fred Rosch b. Franfurt, Germany to Columbus, Ohio

Fred ROSCH born in Frankfort, Germany 02-19-1895. Died: 1965. Came to the States settled in Columbus,Ohio. 4 surviving children, none know of his heritage was in the Merchant Marines worked for the City of Columbus as a Lineman.

ROSCH, Emil from Prussia to Iowa; 1831-1926

Emil ROSCH, son of William, was born in Prussia, Germany 21 April 1831. He was in Dubuque County, Iowa by 1864 when he married ELISE SADLER. Elise was born in Luxembourg 7 July 1841. They moved from Dubuque to Clinton County, Iowa and then by 1869 to Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa. They had 6 children, Lizzie, Karl (Carl, Charles), John, Herman, (my grandfather), Emil, and Theodore.

Philip Roesch from Baden, Germany & Helen Jenette Cardey in Wisconsin in late 1800s

Philip Roesch, son of Mathias and Magdalena Jehle Roesch (Rosch), b. 1 May 1842 in Baden Baden, Germany; m. 7 Sep 1865 in Grant Co., WI; d. 18 Mar 1940 in Lancaster, Grant Co, WI. Children (all born Grant Co., WI):

From 1987 National Genealogical Society submission by David W. Gelback, Urbana, IL.

Conrad Rosch married to Susanna Schoenbach in Philadelphia

St. Michaelis & Zion Congregation (German Evangelical Lutheran) of Philadephia lists marriage of Conrad Rosch to Susanna Schoenbach on 10 May 1759.

Hannes Rosch to US in 1731

Hannes Rosch on ship Snow Lowther from Hamburg into Philadelphia 14 Oct 1731, master Joseph Fisher.

Daniel Rupert & Catharine Rosch in Pennsylvania

RUPERT, Daniel: Would like to know wife and children of Daniel Rupert, b. 28 Sep 1787, s. of Johann Philip Rupert and Catherine Rosch d. 13 Mar 1876 Delaware T. Northumberland Co. Pa. Wife may have been Sarah SHADY.

Rosch & Stoermer in Prussia in early 1800s

Rosch, Maria Katharina: b. ca 1801 Goldlauter, Sachen, Prussia Married 25 Nov 1820 in Goldlauter, Sachen, Prussia to Stoermer, Friedrich Wilhelm. Children:

Catharine Rosch & Andreas Von Willer in PA in late 1800s

Record of Pennsylvania Marriages, Prior to 1810, Vol.1, p.708: 1780, July 30, Rosch, Cath., and Andreas Von Willer.

New York City Directory, 1890

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