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Baumgardner [Baumgartner] in Frederick/Carroll Co., Maryland -
Adams/York Co., Pennsylvania Area

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1700s Census Philadelpha, PA

Surname First Name Year
Baumgertner Hans Michael   1732
Baumgertner   John 1732
Baumgertner Michiel 1732
Bumgardner John 1732
Baumgardner Frederick 1732
Baumgardtner     John Frid. 1736
Baumgardner Rudolph 1736
Baumgartner Johan Georg 1736
Baumgardner Henry 1743

Frederick Co., Maryland Civil Records

1830 US Census - Pennsylvania

Surname First Name   Page # County District/Town
Baumgardner   Jacob 175 Cambria Conemaugh Twp.
  John Jr. 170 Cambria Conemaugh Twp.
  John 170 Cambria   Conemaugh Twp.
  Joseph 175 Cambria Conemaugh Twp.
  George 094 Dauphin Hanover Twp.
  John 097 Dauphin Hanover Twp.
  Christian 254 York Newbury Twp.
  John 345 York Manheim
Baumgartner Adam 363 Union Beaver Twp.
  Henry 363 Union Beaver Twp.
  John 363 Union Beaver Twp.

1850 US Census - Maryland

Surname First Name Page # County District/Town
Baumgartner   Barbara 312 Carroll 1st Dist
  Elizabeth 246 Carroll 3rd Dist
  Henry 250 Carroll 3rd Dist
  Henry 309 Carroll 1st Dist
  Jacob 249 Carroll 3rd Dist
  John 250 Carroll 3rd Dist
  John 270 Carroll Westminster
  John J. 270 Carroll Westminster
  Josiah 312 Carroll 1st Dist
  Mary M. 312 Carroll 1st Dist
Baumgardner Thomas 062 Frederick Fredericktown
Baumgartner Andrew 025 Baltimore   Baltimore, 4th Ward

1860 US Census - Maryland

Surname     First Name       Page #   County     District/Town
Baumgardner   Eliz 1034 Carroll Myers Dist
Baumgardner   Jacob 1034 Carroll Myers Dist
Baumgardner   Mary 1034 Carroll Myers Dist
Baumgardner   Peter 1034 Carroll Myers Dist
Baumgartner   David? 966 Carroll Taneytown Dist
Baumgartner   Henry 966 Frederick Taneytown Dist
Baumgartner   John 920 Carroll Mt. Pleasant Dist
Baumgartner   Lavenia     968 Carroll Taneytown Dist
Baumgartner   Peter 966 Carroll Taneytown Dist
Baumgartner   William 981 Carroll Taneytown Dist


Westminster, Carroll Co., MD Info

Listed as attorneys:

1880 City Directory

1798 Tax Assessment

Pipe Creek/Westin 100

Taneytown/Piney Creek 100

1837 Carroll Co. Tax List

Each entry is name of person assessed; name of tract; type of building(s); acreage.

Tracey Research of Land Tracts

Frederick Co. Burials

From Names in Stone, unless otherwise noted. Includes only those born before 1820.

Francis Sharrer Account Books 1846-1917 of coffin sales

The index was compiled from the account books of Francis A. Sharrer and successor firms in Westminster, Carroll Co., MD, and lists only funeral accounts. Entries generally hae name of deceased (unless otherwise noted) and date account was recorded. The original account books at in the manuscript collection of the Historical Society of Carroll Co., 210 E Main St., Westiminster, MD, 410-848-6494. The typical record also includes name of person who paid the bill. An appointment is recommended for persons wishing to view the originals.

Taneytown, Maryland Lutheran Cemetery

These tombstone inscriptions were recorded on 1 Oct 1889 as found in The Democratic Advocate newspaper on 14 Dec 1889, Carroll Co, Maryland, abstractd by D. Shipley, web site

Henry d/ 16 Nov 1880 @ 69y.11m.5d.
...Anna (w/o H.) d/ 4 Nov 1883 @ 69y.4m.2d
...Anna M. (d/o H. & A.) d/ 9 Jan 1847 @ 11y.10m.5d
...Eva E. (d/o H. & A.) d/ 19 Jan 1868 @ 27y.28d
John d/ 8 Sep 1828 @ 48y.8m.5d
...Elizabeth (w/o J.) d/ 10 Jun 1851 @ 66y.1m.10d
John d/ 17 Sep 1876 @ 78y.9m.11d
...Mary A. (w/o John) d/ 15 Feb 1874 @ 75y
Mary G. (w/o D.) d/ 21 Oct 1862 @ 29y.10m.25d

St John's Cemetery

Lcated in Westminster, Carroll Co., MD. This list was transcribed 20 October 1889 and published in "The Democratic Advocate" on 30 November 1889.

Piney Creek Cemetery

Located 1.25 miles SE of Harney, Carroll Co., MD. Begun 1771. These records were compiled July 7, 1940 by Henry James Young who generously gave a copy to the Maryland Historical Society which can be found in the "A" files.

Saint Mary's Lutheran Cemetery

Carroll County, Maryland, Off Rte 97, Silver Run MD; lat: 3941'04"N, lon: 7703'00"W

Krider's (St Benjamin's) Lutheran & Reformed Cemetery

Located near Westminster, Carroll Co., MD. This list taken October 25, 1889, was found in The Democratic Advocate and was published the 1 Feb 1890.

Bachman's Cemetery

Located in Bachman's Valley in Carroll Co., MD. Interments to 27 Sep 1889 taken from The Democratic Advocate newspaper.

Leister's/St John's Cemetery

Located on the Leisters Church Rd just off Rt 482, NE of Westminster, Carroll Co., MD. This list was transcribed 26 Sep 1889 and published in The Democratic Advocate on 8 Feb 1890.

Index to Marriages/Deaths from Baltimore Sun 1837-50

Frederick County Land Records 1763-67

From Frederick County Maryland Land Records Liber J Abstracts, 1756-1761 and 1763-67 abstracted by P. A. Abelard

Frederick Co., MD Indentures

From Western Maryland Genealogy Vol. 12, No. 3; Jul 1996
by D. V. Russell
25 May 1813 - Anthony Kenauff binds his son Jacob Kenauff, age 18 last 31 Jan to Jacob Baumgardner, Junr., blacksmith, to age 21.


1851 - J. J. Baumgardner won as Register of Wills; lost in 1853 (from Scharf)

Daniel Baumgardner line according to Mrs. Nevin Dutterer

Daniel Baumgardner (ca 1772 - bef 1838), m. Catherine Ebert (ca 1782 - 1838) on 16 Nov 1807

  1. Rachel Baumgardner (4 Nov 1808 - 14 Jun 1885) m. Adam Nusbaum 10 Nov 1826
  2. Isaac Baumgardner
  3. Elizabeth Baumgardner (21 Apr 1815 - 3 Feb 1875) m. Jonthan Weller 2 May 1833
  4. Henry Baumgardner (2 Sep 1813 - 6 Mar 1896) m. Barbara Burrier 10 Oct 1844
  5. Ephriam Baumgardner
  6. Mary Baumgardner (19 May 1807 - 7 Nov 1883) m. Samuel Nusbaum 3 Jan 1837

Maryland Militia in Revolutionary War

From Maryland Militia in the Revolutionary War by S. Eugene Clements & F. Edward Wright

Frederick Co., MD Wills

From Western Maryland Genealogy, Vol 3:

From Frederick County, Maryland Will Index 1744-1946, complied by S. F, Flowers

Name Liber/Folio   Date Executor
Baumgardner, Elizabeth TS-1-141 30 Mar 1904 Samuel G. Ohler
Baumgardner, Henry JKW-1-481 04 Jun 1896 Joseph W. Baumgardner
Baumgardner, Henry SDT-2-380 30 May 1917 Edward T. Baumgardner
Baumgardner, Jacob HS-3-259 03 Mar 1824 Renun. of executorship
Baumgardner, Jacob CES-1-112 11 Feb 1901 Adelaide Baumgardner
Baumgardner, Thomas SGC-1-348 31 Mar 1873 Margaret Baumgardner
Baumgardner, William D. JH-1-236 21 Jun 1937 Grace A. Baumgardner
Baumgartner, Henry GME-2-133 1 Feb 1836 Jacob M. Kesell, al
Baumgartner, Jacob GME-1-442 27 Feb 1833 Renun. of executorship
Baumgartner, John GME-1-208 26 Feb 1831 Renun. of executorship
Bomgardner, Elizabeth HS-2-278 02 Aug 1819 John Bomgardner
Bomgardner, Erhart A-1-356 30 Jan 1770 Eve Bomgardner, al

Frederick Co. MD Unprobated Wills (from Western Maryland Genealogy, Vol 1):

Frederick Co., Maryland, Administrations

Name Account Liber Folio
Baumgardner, Everhart   Final Account   B#2 (1768-1776) &bnsp 198

Carroll Co., Maryland, Wills

From Carroll County Wills and Administration Index, 1837-1899:

Name Will Book Page Probate Date
Baumgartner, Barbara 1 90 23 Sep 1878
Baumgardner, Daniel 4 226 16 Dec 1872
Baumgartner, Elizabeth 3 358 23 Oct 1865
Baumgardner, Henry 5 135 23 Nov 1880
Baumgartner, Jacob 1 146 07 Sep 1840
Baumgartner, Jacob 1 435 28 Sep 1846
Baumgardner, Jacob 4 34 18 Oct 1869
Baumgarner, John 4 453 25 Sep 1876
Baumgartner, John J. 4 546 07 May 1878
Baumgartner, Peter 1 295 19 Feb 1844

Carroll Co., Maryland, Administrations

From Carroll County Wills and Administration Index, 1837-1899:

  • Name Date Administrator Appointed
    Baumgartner, Eleanor 08 Feb 1881
    Baumgartner, John 31 Jan 1853
    Baumgardner, John H. 17 Feb 1892
    Baumgartner, Josiah. 29 Dec 1873
    Baumgartner, Lewis P. 03 Apr 1882
    Baumgartner, Margaret A. 13 Jan 1885
    Baumgardner, Samuel 31 Dec 1849
    Baumgartner, William N. 05 Oct 1880
  • Carroll County Chancery Records

    From Chancery Books of Carroll County, Maryland; Volumes 21-40; 1873-1889 abstracted by Virginia D. Stenley

    Chancery Book 22, pp 59-74 1873 #1386

    John J. Baumgartner, Trustee vs. Francis H. Orendorff, et al. Sale of real estate.
    John Orendorff died intestate. Children: Francis H. Orendorff, husband of Emily L. Orendorff; Josephus A. Orendorff; and James A. Orendorff, of Frederick County, husband of Mary M. E. Orendorff. Property being parts of New Farm, Time Enough Yet, Rochester, Ohio, Resurvey on Kelly's Delight, and Jacob's Lot Enlarged.

    Chancery Book 23, pp 511-530 1874 #1427

    John K. Longwell vs. William H. Baumgartner, Administrator of Josiah Baumgartner, deceased, et al. Sale of real estate to satisfy creditors.
    Josiah Baumgartner died 14 Dec 1873, intestate, leaving widow Elizabeth Baumgartner, of Littlestown, Adams County, PA. Children: Jerome L. Baumgartner, of Philipsburgh, Centre Co., PA, husband of Elmira Baumgartner; Sylvester J. Baumgartner, of San Francisco, CA, husband of Ettie Baumgartner; William H. Baumgartner, of Tyrone, Blair Co., PA, husband of Laura Baumgartner; and Mary Baumgartner, of Littlestown, Adams Co., PA. Josiah had a sister, Mary Magdaline Baumgartner, of Philipsburg, PA. Property being parts of Troublesome Job, Owings Second Chance, Resurvey on the Pines, and Addition to the Pines.

    Chancery Book 26, pp 252-270 1877 #1692

    Adam Motter vs. David C. Ott and wife. Foreclosure.
    David C. Ott and his wife, Jemima Ott. Properties situate on Monocacy River, part in Frederic Co., near Keysville, being part of One Brother.

    Chancery Book 28, pp 300-319 1879 #1863

    Jacob L. Storms vs. Annie L. Keller, Executrix, et all. Salve of real estate to satisfy creditors.
    John Keller died c. Oct 1878, testate, leaving widow, Anna Louisa Keller. Children: Catherine Louisa Keller; and Annie C. Keller. Properties situate near Tannery Station on Western Maryland Railroad, being part of Walkers Discovery.

    Chancery Book 31, pp 123-137 1880 #1976

    James Conly, et al. vs. Margaret A. Baumgartner. Sale of real estate to satisfy creditors.
    Samuel Baumgartner died 6 Sept 1849, leaving wido Barbara Baumgartner who died c. 10 Dec 1877. Children: Louis C. Conly, of Baltimore City, wife of James Conly; Margaret A. Storms [sic], of Buchanan Co.., MO, wife of James Storm; Julia A. Grammer, died 21 Feb 1852, wife of William H. Grammer (he died 11 Jan 1862), mother of Samuel B. Grammer. Samuel B. Grammer sold his interest to real estate to John J. Baumgartner who died May 1878, testate, leaving said interest to widow, Margaret A. Baumgartner, since declared insane and confined at Mt. Hope Asylum for the Insane in Baltimore Co. Land originally conveyed to Samuel Baumgartner from John Baumgartner, Executor of Jacob Baumgartner. Property situate in Myers District, on county road leading from Joseph E. Hahn's Mill to PA line, c. 1 mile from Kingsdale, being part of Ohio.

    Chancery Book 31, pp 223-238 1877 #1749

    William H. Hahn vs. Peter Louis Baumgartner's Addition to Westminster, et al. Foreclosure.
    Peter Louis Baumgartner and his wife, Mary C. Baumgartner. Property devised by his father, Jacob Baumgartner of Jacob. Sisters of Peter L. Baumgartner were: Susan Bish, wife of William Bish; and Rachel Wentz, deceased, wife of Jesse R. Wentz. Property situate in Myers District, being part of Ohio.

    Chancery Book 35, pp 385-394 1885 #2296

    Charles T. Reifsnider and William L. Seabrook, Trustees vs. Josephus Bankert and his wife. Sale of real estate to satisfy creditors.
    Josephus Bankert and his wife Susan Bankert. Property being part of Baumgartner's Addition to Westminster.

    Chancery Book 35, pp 537-560 1885 #2287

    John J. Baumgartner died May 1878, testate, leaving widow, Margaret A. Baumgartner, who died 24 Nov 1882, intestate. Children: John J. Baumgartner; Margaret A. Baumgartner; Nathaniel H. T. J. Baumgartner; Ann L. Baumgartner; and Thomas O'Neal Baumgartner. Properties situate in City of Westminster, being parts of Timber Ridge, Conover's Delight, Loveall's Enlargement, New Farm, and Walker's Discovery.

    Index to Adams Co. PA Wills & Administrations

    Frederick Co. MD Marriages

    From Maryland Marriages

    Frederick and Carroll County Marriages

    From FTM Marriage Index, Maryland 1655-1850, which is based on FHC films 0014082 for Frederick Co and 13206080 for Carroll Co.

    Date Groom Bride County
    16 Nov 1807     Baumgardner, Daniel Eppert, Catherine Frederick
    22 Aug 1810 Baumgardner, Jacob Koons, Magdalene Frederick
    06 Feb 1819 Ohler, Thomas Baumgardner, Catharine     Frederick
    10 Nov 1826 Nusbaum, Adam Baumgardner, Rachel Carroll
    02 May 1833 Weller, Jonathan Baumgardner, Elizabeth     Frederick
    02 Jan 1837 Nusbaum, Samuel Baumgardner, Mary Frederick
    20 Jun 1843 Conley, James Baumgardner, Louisa Frederick
    28 Sep 1844 Kerr, Francis T. Baumgardner, Mary Carroll
    07 Oct 1844 Baumgardner, Henry Burrier, Barbara Frederick
    19 Oct 1846 Baumgardner, John Joseph     Hayden, Mary Ann Carroll
    22 Jul 1847 Close, John Baumgartner, Mary Ann Carroll
    26 Feb 1849 Mathias, Edward Baumgardner, Rachel Carroll

    Carroll County Marriages

    From Carroll County, Maryland Marriage Licenses 1837-1899

    Date Groom Bride
    28 Sep 1844     Kerr, Francis T. Baumgardner, Mary T.
    19 Oct 1846 Baumgardner, John Joseph Hayden, Margaret Ann
    22 Jul 1847 Close, John Baumgartner, Mary Ann
    26 Feb 1849 Mathias, Edward Baumgardner, Nancy
    27 Dec 1854 Baumgardner, William Shaner, Julia (?)
    08 Jun 1855 Hann, Isaiah Baumgardner, Elizabeth
    09 Dec 1858 Baumgartner, Samuel P. Dudderar, Sarah
    11 Jun 1859 Yingling, Urias Baumgardner, Matilda
    09 Mar 1861 Essig, Jacob Baumgartner, Margaret
    02 Dec 1862 Kesselring, William Baumgardner, Susan
    20 Jan 1863 Baumgardner, Bartholomew Stambaugh, Elizabeth
    20 Jan 1863 Baumgartner, Moses Peter Stambaugh, Annie
    15 Feb 1864 Willhide, Niles Baumgardner, Levina
    08 Oct 1866 Weant, Aaron Baumgartner, Emily C.
    28 Feb 1870 Baumgardner, Lewis L. Michhaley, Sophia
    18 Nov 1871 Baumgartner, Daniel Mathias, Amanda
    21 Dec 1871 Ohler, Emanuel L. Baumgartner, Alice R.
    21 Apr 1873 Baumgardner, John A. Baer, Susan L.
    09 Mar 1875 Fogle, John M. Baumgartner, Lizze C.
    22 Mar 1879 Baumgardner, Samuel Bower, Margaret J.
    26 Aug 1880 Baumgartner, John D. Hess, Jennie
    26 Dec 1882 Reindollar, Newton C. Baumgartner, Laura V.
    04 Jan 1886 Shade, John F. Baumgartner, Sophie A.
    05 Feb 1887 Baumgartner, John J. T. Wilson, Susanna C.
    14 May 1886 Baumgardner, George H. Gorsuch, Annie L.
    24 May 1887 Baumgardner, Peter Naille, Annie K.
    19 Dec 1887 Baumgardner, John S. (Mong. Co, OH) Koontz, Maggie E.
    16 Apr 1888 Machen, Augustus W. (OH) Baumgartner, Nannie L.
    19 Dec 1889 Fuss, Edward M. Baumgartner, Mary C.
    14 Sep 1891 Baumgardner, John H. Sauble, Jennie
    17 Feb 1891 Lippy, Edward Baumgartner, Agnes
    29 Dec 1892 Leese, Albert Baumgartner, Kate
    19 Apr 1893 Hyle, Howard M. Baumgardner, Ida M.
    20 Nov 1893 Hahn, David H. Baumgardner, Lou A.
    20 Nov 1893 McCormick, Alex (widower) Baumgardner, Virginia (widow)
    23 Oct 1894 Orendorff, Francis H. (widower) Baumgartner, Margaret A.
    24 Aug 1895 Baumgardner, Peter Huger, Wirtie (Adams Co., PA)
    19 Nov 1897 Harner, Edward S. Baumgardner, Carrie E.
    14 Dec 1898 Angell, J. Albert (widower) Baumgardner, Mary Alice
    28 Feb 1899 Baumgardner, George D. (Halltown, NY) Maus, Edith B.

    Maryland State Archives

    From Agency Series in TRANSER at the Maryland State Archives DISTRICT COURT 11 FR (Docket) MSA T237 Dates: 1826-1829 Box No.: 10 Description: Samual Baumgardner Accession No.: MSA No.: T 0237-100 Location: 1/55/14/46

    Baltimore City Superior Court (Chancery Papers) -

    Maryland State Archives MSA C168 Dates: 1852/04/08 C545: John Warrick, James L. Raven, and Andrew Baumgartner vs. Adam Adams and Joseph Adams. Ratification of sale of lot on Caroline St. Accession No.: 40,200-4535 MSA No.: C 168- 134 Location: 2/15/14/61

    DAR Baumgardners

    DAR Volume 94 page 54 ID Number: 93164 Descendant of Emanuel Ebbs, as follows:

    1. George Samuel Garvin (b. 1856) m. 1877 Alveretta Baumgardner (b. 1856).
    2. Daniel Harrison Baumgardner (b. 1834) m. 1856 Katherine Spots (1833-91).
    3. Emanuel Baumgardner (1786-1860) m. Mary Ebbs (b. 1796).
    4. Emanuel Ebbs (1743-1840) enlisted, 1777, as private under Capt. Joseph Smith, Col. Nathaniel Gist, Maryland Line; was engaged in the battles of Long Island, Stony Point, Trenton and Monmouth. He died in Miftlin County, Pa.

    Church Records

    Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Conewago Chapel, McSherrystown, PA

    Births / Baptisms

    Birthdate Baptism Date     Child's Name     Father Mother Sponsors
    09 Jun 1793       Samuel Jacob BAUMGARDEN Magdalena Peter Storm, Eva  
    20 Sep 1798 21 Sep 1798 William Jacob BAUMGARDNER Magdalena Joannes Lipp, Magdalena      
    10 Aug 1801 30 Aug 1801 Elisabeth Jacob BUMBGARDEN Magdalena H. Gubernator & wife  

    Trinity Evagelical Lutheran Church, Taneytown, MD -

    St. Benjamins Church - Begun 1757, Reformed and Lutheran, north of Westminster MD on Gettysburg Pike

    Elias Lutheran Church, Emmitsburg, MD

    Deaths - 14 Nov 1879 - Baumgardner, Mary; age 52-0-26



    Contributors to the purchase of the Parsonage in 1868 -

    Zion Church, Lutheran Congreation [now Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran], Manchester, MD

    From Maryland German Church Records, Vol. 10

    Liberty Chapel Lutheran Church, Daysville Rd., Frederick Co., MD

    Mt. Prospect Methodist Church, Lewistown, Frederick Co., MD

    Evangelical Reformed Church, Frederick MD

    None noted

    Monocacy Lutheran Congregation & Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, MD

    From Maryland German Church Records

    St. Peter's Reformed (Yellow)(Formerly Salem) Church, Springfield

    Sherman's (St. David's) Union Church, Lutheran & Reformed Congregations, West Manheim Twp, York Co, PA


    Christ Reformed Cemetery, Union Twp., Adams Co., PA

    Christ Reformed Church, Littletown, Adams Co., PA

    Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever

    Compiled by Mildred Smith (

    Marriage Records

    Baptismal Records

    Chirst Lutheran Church, York, York Co. PA




    First Reformed Church, York and Trinity First Reformed Church




    Union Lutheran & Reformed Congregations at Quickel's Church, Conewago Twp. York Co., PA

    St.. Matthew's Lutheran Church, Hanover, PA

    Carroll Co. MD Guardianships (from Western Maryland Genealogy, Vol 3):

    Dub's Cemetery, Manheim Twp., York Co., PA

    Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Hanover, York Co., PA

    Prospect Hill Cemetery, York, PA

    Stone Church Cemetery, Codorus Twp., York Co., PA

    St. Bartholomew Cemetery, West Manheim Twp, York Co., PA

    Fairfield Cemetery, Hamiltonban Twp., Adams Co., PA

    Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Germany Twp. Adams Co., PA

    Flohr's Lutheran Cemetery, Franklin Twp, Adams Co., PA

    Black Rock Cemetery, Manheim Twp, York Co, PA

    York Co., PA Newspaper Marriage References

    VILLAGE RECORD ITEM #4608 Chester Co., PA October 29, 1839

    Marriage In Columbia, on the 17th inst. by the Rev. E. Miller, Mr. JOHN J. COCHRAN, junior editor of York 'Republican,' to Miss CATHARINE BAUMGARDNER, daughter of Thomas Baumgardner, Esq. of York. [Also listed in Maryland Gazette 7 Nov 1839 but with John Cochran's middle initial as "T."]

    Compiled by York County Historical Society

    York County Wills

    From Early German Settlers of York Co., PA by Keith A. Dull
    1 Jul 1799 (prob. 11 Oct 1805) - Bernhard Bobb, h/o Gertrud mentions daughter Margaretha, m. Henry Baumgartner about 1786.
    From Index to Probate Inventories of York Co. Pa. by D.A. & B. L. Paup

    1783 York County Tax List

    Pennsylvania Oathes of Allegiance

    9 Jun 1783 - Jacob Baugert deserted British/Hessians in NY

    Tax Records

    PA Archives, 3rd Series, York Co

    War of 1812 (PA, MD, VA only)

    Civil War

    York Co. - Roster of 87th Regiment P.V.I Co. A Sml. Baumgardner, rank, Corp'l, mustered in Sept. 11, 1861, for a three year term. Wounded June 23, 1864. Discharged on Serg'ns Certificate, May 12, 1865. Veteran.

    Berks County, PA

    Reading, Berks Co., Taxables 1752

    Bomgartner, Earhard

    Index to Wills & Administrations 1752-1850

    18th Century Berks Co. Church Records, Vol 3/1

    Other Pennsylvania

    Baumgardner in the Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society.

    The list should be read as: Last Name; First Name; MI; Volume; Pages, Pages...; Notes

    Baumgaertner;John; ;2;247;
    Baumgard;George; ;55;9;
    Baumgardner;Anna; ;35;233,235,236;
    Baumgardner;Barbara; ;8;12,13;
    Baumgardner;Catherine; ;43;169;
    Baumgardner;Catherine; ;97;31;
    Baumgardner;Clara; ;35;233;
    Baumgardner;Henry; ;18;16;
    Baumgardner;Henry; ;31;22;
    Baumgardner;Henry; ;34;214;
    Baumgardner;Henry; ;35;229;
    Baumgardner;Henry; ;38;39;
    Baumgardner;Henry; ;47;88,89;
    Baumgardner;Henry; ;64;179;
    Baumgardner;Lillian; ;34;199;
    Baumgardner;Margie;35;233; ;
    Baumgardner;Mrs. H.;K.;19;60;
    Baumgardner;Mrs. Harry; ;96;4;
    Baumgardner;Mrs. Henry; ;54;141;
    Baumgardner;Mrs. S.;P.C.;8;271;
    Baumgardner;Mrs. S.;P.C.;11;236;
    Baumgardner;Mrs. S.;P.C.;13;74;
    Baumgardner;Mrs. S.;P.C.;18;16;
    Baumgardner;Mrs. S.;P.C.;34;199;
    Baumgardner;Peter; ;8;12,13;
    Baumgardner;Sudie; ;35;233;
    Baumgardner;Susan; ;35;233;
    Baumgardner;Thomas; ;9;6;
    Baumgardner;Thomas; ;10;310;
    Baumgardner;Thomas; ;13;56;
    Baumgardner;Thomas; ;21;67;
    Baumgardner;Thomas; ;26;96,99;
    Baumgardner;Thomas; ;27;171;
    Baumgardner;Thomas; ;28;167,1;
    Baumgardner;Thomas; ;35;229,318;
    Baumgardner;Thomas; ;36;215;
    Baumgardner;Thomas; ;39;17,43;
    Baumgardner;Thomas; ;44;58,76;
    Baumgardner;Thomas; ;65;116,134;
    Baumgardner;Thomas; ;66;78,79,80;
    Baumgardner;Thomas; ;83;65;
    Baumgardner;Thomas; ;86;97;
    Baumgartner;Isaac; ;6;44;
    Baumgartner;Jacob; ;21;24;
    Baumgartner;Matthew; ;22;39;
    Baumgartner;Nicklaus; ;21;26;

    Lancaster Co. Deeds

    21 Jul 1777 - Jacob Baumgartner, Oath of Allegiance

    Revolutionary War - Lancaster Co., PA

    Baltser Baumgartner and Adam Baumgartner are listed as privates in "A Muster Roll of Captain Thomas Koppenheffer's Comparny of Militia of Colonel Timothy Green's Battalion of Lancaster County on their March for the Camp in The Jerseys." Advance montey paid 12 Aug 1776. They are also listed as deserters with the note they live "in Hunnover Township near Adam Harper's."

    Baumgardner in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania

    Biographical Annals of Lancaster County, PA - Containing Biographical and Genealogical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens and Many of the Early Settlers; publishers: J. H. BEERS and CO. 1903; AUTHOR: begun BY JOHN F. MEGINNESS (

    St. Mary's Catholic Church, Lancaster, PA

    From Lancaster Co. Church Records, Vol 3

    Lancaster Co. Wills

    Lancaster Co. Deeds

    From Lancaster Co. Pa. Deed Abstracts & Revolutionary War Oaths of Allegiances complied by R. T. Mayhill


    Williams Twp Congregation, Saucon, Northampton County, PA

    Old Moravian Cemetery, Bethelem, PA

    Trappe Records, New Providence Twp, Montgomery Co, PA

    14 Apr 1734 - Michael Baumgartner was sponsor for Johan Michael Steinbach.


    Henry Baumgartned, died 1 Feb 1836 - Will lists wife Catharine and children: Maria Magdalena, John, Jacob, Elisabeth, Catherine, Henry, Rachel, and Sarah.

    Other Genealogies

    Margaret Baumgartner Adams Co.PA 1800'S

    Margaret Barbara BAUMGARTNER married to John Washington BEARD in Adams County, Pennsylvania; one known child Jacob Beard b. Nov 1813.

    Anna Maria Baumgardner & Frederick Kraft from Germany to Somerset Co., PA

    Anna Maria BAUMGARDNER m. Frederick KRAFT (1714 in Grossrildesheim, Germany - Bef. 1802 in Berlin, Somerset County, Pennsylvania) on 6 May 1776. Source: Markley(DECANN)

    Genealogical Record of the Baumgardner Family by C. M. Baumgardner

    "Our branch of the Baumgardner family in America began with the arrival in the port of Philadelphia, of the English ship "Francis & Elizabeth", on August 30, 1743, carrying over 400 emigrants from Western Europe. The ship roster listed a Henry Baumgardner, "under 20 years of age", who embarked at Rotterdam, Holland...."

    "He settled on a farm in York County, Pennsylvania, marrying and raising a family, although we have no record of his wife's family name. One of their children was named Christian, born in 1769, and he married BEtsy Shelley in York County about 1792. One of their numerous children was William, born 1797, who married Mary Linford of Nw Brunswich, New Yersey, in the year 1817. Their first child John, was born in 1818, Abram (our grandfaterh) in 1820, Henrietta in 1822, and following were Thian, Hiram, George, Sadie and possibly others of whom we have no defnite record. Abram and his older brother John, led their younger brothers and sisters north into Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, after the early death of their mother and father, about 1835."

    A Baumgardner Family in America by James Travis Baumgardner


    Henry Baumgardner at age 48 immigrated to America on the ship Francis and Elizabeth August 30, 1743 (Rupps page 158). It is probably he came as a single man leaving a deceased first wife and several children in Germany. It is also probably that some of this older sons preceded him to America. The writer is inclined to believe that Valentine, an immigrant on the ship Saint Andrew Gally September 30, 1737, was Henry's son by his first wife. Valentine's first two children, boys, born in the early fifties were named, John Adam and John Phillip. Michael and John Peter possibly could have been brothers of Valentine.

    "About 1744, Henry married a second time, Mary Balzer, a younger daughter of Jacob Balzer of East Hempfield Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania...built their home on a part of Conestoga Creek near the Balzers....

    "Before Henry died in the middle sixties he had bought a track of land, near Adam Harper's in northeastern East Hanover Township twenty some odd miles north of the original home in Hempfield Township. There is no record of the transaction, a fact that is not considered unusual.

    "In "Eagle's Dauphine and Lebanon County History," page 107, Hanover Township, East, is a nottation that Heinrich Baumgardner married Rosina Laedin, March 16, 1769. Thus, it would seem...with the eldest son, Heinrich, as head of the house....

    "**PHILIP BAUMGARDNER (about 1747-1818)

    "Philip married Catherine about 1772. They had eight children:

    John married Susanna
    Catherine married Jacob Coons
    Peter married Catherine
    Adam married Elizabeth
    *Michael (dired before 1828) married Catherina Scherg
    Elizabeth married William Reinkle
    Margaret married John Abberdal
    Philip, Jr. (died before 1828, no issue)

    "In 1781 Philip bought land in East Hanover township. By 1783 he had added more acreage.

    "In Legenon D/B-D, page 232, a deed was executed the Union Canal Company by Philip's wife Catherine and John, his eldest son, joint executors of Philip's will listing the above heirs except Philip, Jr. This transaction was made May 23, 1828....

    "**Philip referred to as a 'non-associator' during the Revolutionary War in court records.
    "*The U.S. Census of 1820 lists Michael and Catherina children as four boys and three girls. In settling Philip's estate in 1828, Michael was deceased. Jacob and John Sherk administrators...."

    "*ADAM BAUMGARDNER Brother to Balzer

    "Adam was born about 1751 probably in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He enlisted in Capt. Thomas Koppenheffers Company, Pennsylvania Militiz, with his borthers, Balzer and John in 1776.

    "About 1773 he married Elizabeth. After the war they settled in Annville Township, Lancaster County, where they lived the remainded [sic] of their lives...the Swatara Reformed Church records (1740-1862) only notes the following: Born to Adam and Elizabeth Baumgardner, August 23, 1775, a girl, Maria Catherine. February 3, 1777, a son Adam...."

    "HENRY BAUMGARDNER 1770-1841

    "In the Dauphin County Pennsylvania Book J page 77 upper Paxton township dated August 16, 1841.

    "William Baumgardner, son of Henry Baumgardner petitions the court stating that his father Henry Baumgardner dired intestate March 1841, leaving his wife Barbara and issue of four leaving [sic] children, the petitioner, William, George, Henry IV and Catherine who married Joseph Osman and the three deceased children Jacob, John, and Elizabeth married to Joseph Shuman and their children as follows: Jacob's children, Jacob, John, and Elizabeth Ann, minors, guardian John Jury. John's children, Elizabeth, Amanda, Matilda, Catherine, Rebecca, and John William - all minors, guardian John Weaver of Miflin township, Elizabeth's children - Matilda, wife of John Cooper, Elizabeth, Catherine, and Maria Lousa, the last three minors with guardian Jacob Seal. Esq."

    The Baumgardner/Baumgartner Family by G. A. J. Breitbard

    "Biographical Sketches
    "From: 'Portrait and Biographical Record of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania' (published in 1894) page 136 - "Henry Baumgardner, one of the most highly respected citizens of Lancaster, is President of the Gas Light and Fuel Company and is a successful coal merchant. In all public enterprises he has been liberal, and active in everything relating to the general welfare. He was one of the organizers of the First National Bank, of which he is still a Director, and assisted in the formation of the Lancaster Trust Company, being elected its Bice-President, a position he has held from the start. For several year he has been a member of the school board, for a long period served as a member of the City Council and was Chairman of the Finance Committee.

    "The paternal grandfather of our subject was Leonard Baumgardner, a Hessian soldier, who came with the English army to America during the Revolution. He deserted from the ranks, enlisted under Washington and fought for freedom. After hostilities had ceased he settled in York, Pennsylvania, where he followed his trade of a dyer, and there his death occurred when he was seventy-nine year of age. His son, Thomas, who was born in York, was a hatter and a furrier by trade. He sestablished a business in his native village, which was the largest of the kind in that section, and which afforded constant employment to upwards of sixteen men. In his later years he invested his extensive means in property both in and near York, where he engaged in gardening and farming until he retired. His last days were passed at the home of our subject, his death occurring March 4, 1872, when he was in his ninetieth year. Like his father he was a devoted Lutheran. His wife, whose maiden name was Elizabeth Gartman, was also born in York, where she died nearly fourscoe years of age. Of here children the four older, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph died in York. Thomas is a resident of Lancaster; Henry is next in order of birth; liza, deceased, was the wife of Jacob Upp, and atherine, Mrs. Cochran, died in this city.

    "Henry Baumgardner, of this biography, was born in York, February 9, 1821, and after finishing the common schools was for two years a student at the Pennyslvania College, at Gettysburg. September 30, 1839, he first set foot in Lancaster, being engaged as a clerk with the firm of Baumgardner and Carson until 1842, when the junior partner died and he became a member of the firm, of which his borther Thomas was the senior partner. The dry goods store which they carried on was located on the northwest corner of North King Street and Penn Square..."

    "In 1846, Mr. Baumgardner was married in Lancaster to Anna Kurtz, who was a native of this city, and whose death occurred here. She was the mother of four children: Clara, Mrs. Hufford, of Reading; Anna ?., Mrs. Green, of East Orange, N.Y.; Henry K., who is in the coal and lumber business here; and William K., who died at the age of two years. The present wife of our subject was formerly Mrs. Mary S. Cadwell, whose birth occurred in Hartford, Conn."


    Baumgardner in World Family Tree

    Vol. #4, Tree #507: CT, MD 1557-1994 contains: Buckingham, Hayden, Potter, Gilbert, Bradley, Stults, Machen, Baumgardner

    Baumgard(t)ners in Ultimate Family Tree CDs

    Name Year   Record Group
    - Elizabeth 1805 Lanc. Co., PA Church
    - Eve Berks Co., PA Wills
    - George Berks Co., PA Wills
    - John 1763 Lanc. Co., PA Land
    - John 1765 Augusta Co., VA Land
    - Magdalena 1763 Lanc. Co., PA Land
    - Matthias 1805 Lanc. Co., PA Church
    - Samuel 1805 Lanc. Co., PA Church
    - ? Berks Co., PA Church
    - ? 1751 Berks Co., PA Church
    - Alvin 1846 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Antoine 1848 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Banlie? 1848 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Catharine 1789 Lanc. Co., PA Church
    - Catharine 1797 Lanc. Co., PA Church
    - Elisabeth 1846 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Ephemia 1848 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Gabriel 1846 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Hans 1750 Augusta Co., VA Wills
    - Henry 1804 Augusta Co., VA Marriages
    - Jacob 1846 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - James 1789 Lanc. Co., PA Church
    - Jean 1846 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Jean 1848 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Joh 1840 NY Pass. Lists
    - Johann 1848 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Johannes 1840 NY Pass. Lists
    - John 1797 Lanc. Co., PA Church
    - John 1844 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - John Adam 1751 Berks Co., PA Church
    - John Philip Valentine   1753 Berks Co., PA Church
    - Jos 1849 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Joseph 1843 NY Pass. Lists
    - Joseph 1849 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Madalaine 1846 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Madelaine 1848 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Magdalena Kraft 1789 Lanc. Co., PA Church
    - Margaretha 1844 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Maria 1840 NY Pass. Lists
    - Mary 1844 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Mathias 1848 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Mic 1840 NY Pass. Lists
    - Sarn 1846 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Ursule 1848 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Valentin 1844 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Valentin 1849 New Orleans Pass. Lists
    - Valentine Berks Co., PA Church
    - Valentine 1751 Berks Co., PA Church
    - Valentine 1762 PA Naturalizations

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