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Including Surname Variants

Marriage Licenses

  Ann Horney     Norvell Lucas     Apr 13, 1824     Talbot County, MD  
  Ann Lizzie Horney     William Chase     Nov 30, 1882     Caroline County, MD     "Colored"  
  Ann Lizzie Horney     James Clarkson     Dec 9, 1882     Caroline County, MD     "Colored"  
  Ann Horney     David Evans     May 5, 1838     Queen Anne's Co., MD     Minister Bain  
  Benjamin Horney     Eliza Littleton     Aug 5, 1824     Talbot County, MD  
  Benjamin Horney     Temperance Caulk     June 25, 1849     Baltimore, MD     Minister Sewell  
  Deborah Horney     William Standley     Feb 10, 1779     Caroline County, MD  
  Elizabeth Horney     Laurence James     Aug 1, 1744     Talbot County, MD  
  Eliza Horney     Peter Cumberford     Nov 3, 1747     Talbot County, MD  
  Elizabeth Horney     John Anderson     Aug 9, 1775     Caroline County, MD  
  Elizabeth Horney     Jonathan Tarr     Dec 27, 1838     Talbot County, MD  
  Fanny Horney     Tibbles Porter     Mar 19, 1805     Talbot County, MD  
  George Martin Horney     Ann Elizabeth Prichett     Jan 6, 1868     Caroline County, MD     "Colored"  
  Isaac J. Horney     Mary Ann Norris     Dec 20, 1849     Talbot County, MD  
  James Horney     Elizabeth Hopkins     Jan 11, 1741     Talbot County, MD     Minister Nicholas
  James Horney     Ann Caulk     Jan 16, 1797     Talbot County, MD   ;
  James Horney     Mary Keene     Apr 4, 1811     Caroline County, MD  
  Jane Horney     Thomas Ashcroft     Oct 26, 1742     Talbot County, MD     Minister Nicholas
  Jeffrey Horney     Deborah Baynard     Oct 6, 1739     Talbot County, MD  
  Jeoffry Horney     Lucretia Scott     Aug 11, 1779     Caroline County, MD  
  John Horrohone     Mary Clifford     Dec 22, 1709     Talbot County, MD  
  John Horney     Ann King     by 1722     Talbot County, MD  
  John Horney     Sarah Wantling     Jun 11, 1750     Talbot County, MD  
  John A. Horney     Dorothy C. Ridgaway     Oct 16, 1823     Talbot County, MD  
  John R. K. Horney     Eliza Ann C. Lucas     Jan 8, 1838     Caroline County, MD  
  John Wesley Horney     Mary Elizabeth Browne     Jan 14, 1846     Queen Anne's Co., MD     Minister Sutton  
  John R. K. Horney     Elizabeth Young     Jan 11, 1847     Caroline County, MD 
  John Henry Horney     Lucretia Truxon     July 27, 1868     Caroline County, MD     "Colored"  
  Joseph Horney     Caroline Horney     Dec 19, 1840     Baltimore, MD     Minister Kepler  
  Littilla Horney     Richard Tarr     Dec 7, 1811     Talbot County, MD  
  Lorenzo Horney     Susan E. Jones     Mar 3, 1884     Caroline County, MD     "Colored"   
  Lucretia Horney     Joseph Anthony     Dec 28, 1788     Caroline County, MD  
  Lydia Horney     John Salisbury     Jan 23, 1781     Caroline County, MD  
  Margaret Hony     Jacob Kelly     Nov 18, 1731     Maryland  
  Margaret Horney     Lambdin Dawson     Apr 7, 1811     Talbot County, MD  
  Martha Ann Horney     John L. Collier     Dec 31, 1828     Queen Anne's Co., MD     Minister Reed  
  Mary Horney     John Roberts     Oct 30, 1775     Caroline County, MD  
  Mary Horney     John Morsel Liles     Oct 14, 1802     Talbot County, MD  
  Mary Elizabeth Horney     John S. Wise     Dec 20, 1842     Talbot County, MD  
  Mary A. Horney     Jonathan Longfellow     Dec 29, 1882     Caroline County, MD  
  Mary E. Horney     Lawrence Perkins     Sep 1, 1885     Caroline County, MD      "Colored"   
  Mortaugh Horney     Elizabeth Christison     1691-1693     Talbot County, MD  
  Nancy Horney     Shadrack Dyall     Jan 11, 1782     Caroline County, MD  
  Nancy Horney     James Harrison     Apr 5, 1803     Talbot County, MD  
  Nancy S. Horney     Heley Moffett     Apr 14, 1818     Talbot County, MD  
  Peter Horney     Sarah A. Blunt     Nov 5, 1851     Queen Anne's Co., MD     Minister Ayers  
  Phil Horney     Mary Wilson     May 21 1745     Talbot County, MD  
  Philip Horney     Mary Nice     Dec 17, 1814     Talbot County, MD  
  Philemon Horney     Sally Wells     Dec 31, 1818     Talbot County, MD  
  Rebecca Hony     Thomas Robinson     Nov 26, 1732     Queen Anne's Co., MD  
  Rosanna Horney     Thomas Sewall     Feb 17, 1820     Queen Anne's Co., MD     Minister Reed  
  Samuel Horney     Elizabeth Blades     Apr 20, 1813     Talbot County, MD  
  Samuel Horney     Lydia Jane Chapman     Nov 25, 1830     Baltimore, MD  
  Samuel Horney     Elizabeth Caulk     Jan 6, 1840     Baltimore, MD     Minister Roberts
  Samuel Horney     Mary Elizabeth Wise     Dec 23, 1840     Talbot County, MD  
  Sarah Horney     John Bridges     Sep 8, 1814     Talbot County, MD  
  Sarah Horney     Milburn Wales     May 20, 1816     Talbot County, MD  
  Sarah Horney     Charles T. Bailey     Sep 8, 1842     Talbot County, MD  
  Solomon Horney     Mary Gibson     Mar 8, 1748/9     Talbot County, MD  
  Solomon Horney     Mary Williams     Sep 5, 1831     Baltimore, MD     Minister Roberts
  Thomas Horney     Elizabeth Sewell     Nov 15, 1814     Talbot County, MD     Minister Valliant  
  Thomas Horney     Mary Pinkind     Nov 18, 1833     Queen Anne's Co., MD     Min. Greenbank
  Thomas Horney     Mary Jane Holton     Oct 9, 1837     Baltimore, MD     Minister Healey
  Thomas Horney     Jane Sheldon     Nov 14, 1844     Baltimore, MD  
  Thomas Horney     Susan Ann Harris     Dec 20, 1849     Talbot County, MD  
  Thomas Horney     Hester Harris     Jun 8, 1842     Talbot County, MD  
  Thomas W. Horney     Rachel Ann Earle     Jan 27, 1844     Queen Anne's Co., MD     Minister Allen  
  William Horney     Nelly McCarte     Sep 21, 1797/98     Kent County, MD  
  William Horney     Ann Hull     Dec 28, 1805     Talbot County, MD  
  William Horney     Hannah Knotts     Sep 3, 1810     Talbot County, MD  
  William Horney     Fanny Edgar     Apr 6, 1814     Talbot County, MD  
  William Horney     Amelia Kinnamont     Jan 2, 1838     Talbot County, MD  
  William Horney     Mary Jane Bane     Oct 31, 1845     Baltimore, MD  
  William S. Horney     Laura J. Roszelle     Nov 22, 1871     Dorchester County, MD
  Woodfoot Horney     Priscilla Doyle     Jan 27, 1847     Baltimore, MD     Minister Best  

Marriages in Maryland Newspapers
THE SUN (Baltimore)

  Agnes V. Horney     February 19, 1863     George T. Green     February 23, 1863  
  Benjamin Horney     June 25, 1849     Temperance Caulk     July 10, 1849     2  
  Charles T. Horney     December 14, 1863     Elizabeth A. Irons     December 19, 1863  
  Mary Lizzie Horney     June 24, 1862     James R. Woolen     June 25, 1862  
  Mary Charlotte Horney     March 7, 1865     Samuel B. Whiteford     March 10, 1865  
  Ellen M. Horney     August 8, 1866     Chrisopher W. Barcher     August 18, 1866     2B
  Mary R. Horney     November 7, 1870     Arthur Brown     December 13, 1870     2C
  Sallie E. Horney     December 25, 1865     Thomas V. Redman     December 30, 1865  
  Sallie F. Horney     December 4, 1866     Augustus R. Neily     December 6, 1866     2B
  Sarah Horney     October 29, 1867     Thomas H. Kirby     January 21, 1868     2C
  Samuel Horney     January 9, 1840     Elizabeth Caulk     January 11, 1840     3  
  Samuel Horney     September 29, 1863     Eliza L. L. Evans     October 1, 1863  
  Thomas Horney     November 14, 1844     Jane Sheldan     November 16, 1844     2  
  Thomas Horney     April 28, 1861     Elizabeth King     May 5, 1861  
  William H. Horney     December 26, 1866     Eugenie F. Sands     January 3, 1867     2B
  Woodfoot Horney     January 28, 1847     Pricilla Doyle     January 30, 1847     2  


  Groom     Birthplace     Married     Marriage Location     Bride  
  David Horney     Galway, Ireland     November 1720     Portsmouth, NH     Elizabeth Broughton  
Source: N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. 24, p. 14.

  Groom     Birthplace     Married     Marriage Location     Bride     Birthplace  
  Captain Gilbert Horny     Pool, England     Mar. 28, 1792     Portsmouth, N. H.     Miss Theodore Heacock     Cork, Ireland  

Marriage Licenses

  A. S. Horney     Ruth A. Slack     Mar 28, 1867     Randolph, NC  
  Alexander S. Horney     Jane Coffin     Mar 14, 1838     Randolph, NC  
  Alson G. Horney     Susan G. Mendenhall     Aug 24, 1850     Guilford, NC  
  Ambrose Horney     Luzena Rick     Sep 11, 1865     Randolph, NC  
  Andrew J. Horney     Joanna Hackney     Sep 16, 1866     Randolph, NC  
  Charles P. Horney     Lucy L. J. Chipman     Nov 20, 1855     Guilford, NC  
  Davis Horney     Nancy Vickory     Oct 10, 1834     Guilford, NC  
  Henry W. Horney     Elizabeth Welch     Sep 13, 1859     Guilford, NC  
  James Horney     Rebeckah Charles     March 19, 1853     Davidson, NC  
  Jared Horney     Sarah Ingram     Sep 5, 1838     Randolph, NC  
  Jeffery Horney     Kiziah Smith     Sep 29, 1807     Randolph, NC  
  Jeffry C. Horny     Kesiah Welch     Oct 11, 1843     Guilford, NC  
  John Horney     Mary Caldwel     Jan 15, 1803     Rowan, NC  
  John Horney     Phebe Pope     December 30, 1824     Davidson, NC  
  John Horney     Elizabeth Adams     Aug 28, 1828     Guilford, NC  
  Jonathan Horney     Lydia Horney     Feb 18, 1824     Guilford, NC  
  Jonathan Horney     Lilea Wheeler     Apr 13, 1831     Guilford, NC  
  Joseph Horney     Caroline Brown     May 27, 1861     Guilford, NC  
  Levi B. Horney     Janet Baker     October 31, 1850     Davidson, NC  
  Paris Horney     Margaret Teague     Jul 30, 1821     Stokes, NC  
  Paris Horney     Elizabeth Welborn     Sep 15, 1831     Davidson, NC  
  Paris P. Horney     Mary Jane Hiatt     Aug 27, 1855    Guilford, NC  
  Philip Horney     Nancy Carter     Sep 22, 1801     Guilford, NC  
  Philip Horney     Pheby Odell     Apr 26, 1813     Guilford, NC  
  Phillip Horney     Patsey Smith     May 6, 1814     Guilford, NC  
  Richard L. Horney     Emiline McCallister     Sep 22, 1866     Randolph, NC  
  Samuel Horney     Emelia Charles     Aug 16, 1816     Guilford, NC  
  Solomon Horney     Sarah G. Jackson     Jan 5, 1847     Guilford, NC  
  Stephen G. Horney     Elizabeth Wheeler     Aug 26, 1843     Guilford, NC  
  William C. Horney     Nancy Jane Brookshire     Nov 10, 1868     Randolph, NC  

Marriage Licenses

  Ann Horney     William McWilliams     1777     Philadelphia, PA     Shrewsbury Parish  

Marriage Licenses

  John Honey     Hannah Bussel     Feb 2, 1748     Stafford, Virginia  

Horney Records

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