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17th & 18th Century
Court News & Abstracts
The Colonial Province of Maryland

Jeoffrey Horney
Mill Hundred, Talbot County, Maryland

At March Court 1687 it was presented that Jeoffrey Horney
of Talbot County, planter, on the last day of June, 1687at Mill Hundred
about 6 of the clock stole a barrow hog of Obedia Judkins.
He was Ordered to restore four fold the value of the hog.
Ordered to stand in the pillory for two hours.


Mortaugh Horney
Mill Hundred, Talbot County, Maryland

At March Court 1687 it was presented that Mortraugh Horney laborer,
on 28 June, 1687 at Mill Hundred stole a barrow Hog of Obediah Judkins.
Ordered to restore four fold the value of the hog.
Ordered to stand in the pillory for two hours.

Colonial Families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Volume 5.
H e n r y C. P e d e n, Jr & F. E d w a r d W r i g h t. 1999.

January Court 1707
Talbot County, Maryland

At January Court in 1707, it was presented that Samuel Hambleton
on 18 December 1706 committed fornication with Elizabeth Horney,
a lewd woman and begot with child.
[TAJU Cr 6399-1:387]

June Court 1707
Talbot County, Maryland

William Dixon, glover, claimed at his house was Elizabeth Horney,
daughter of Geoffry Horney, a poor decrepid woman who can neither stand nor go
since about 4 years ago and her said father being gone and her mother dead
was left helpless until he the petitioner took charge of her;
she being deluded by some wicked person has delivered of a bastard child
and is unable to care for it. Samuel Hambleton, the alleged father
of the child to appear at the next court.
[TAJU Ch399-1]

November Court 1707
Talbot County, Maryland

At November Court 1707, payment was made to William Dixon, glover,
for keeping Elizabeth Horney, a poor lame woman and her child
and for burying said Elizabeth.
[TAJU CR 6399-1:382]

Chester, Kent County, Maryland
Hector Grant, James Horney and Esther Anderson
are tried and executed at at Chester, Kent County, Maryland
for the murder of their master, Richard Waters.
The Men were Hang'd, the Woman Burn'd.
Story in the Maryland Gazette

November 1, 1794
Campbell County, Virginia Court Records
William Jordan of Bedford County, Virginia to George Jude, of Charlotte County, Virginia 309 curr., 606 acres in Campbell County, Virginia on both sides of Little Falling River, adjoining lands of Jordan, Edwards, Dabbs, Smithston, Venable Horney.

D. B. 3, p. 531.
Source: Edward P. Valentine,The Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers, Vol. 1-4, 1864-1908.
Richmond, Virginina, The Valentine Museum.

Court News
19th & 20th Century
Maryland, United States of America

Philip Horney
House of Delegates 1833
Talbot County, Maryland

[Dee's note: Was the following the obit for the above Phillip Horney?]

Easton Gazette
June 11, 1842
Saturday issue, Easton, Talbot County, Maryland
Died this town Thursday last, Phillip Horney.

Thomas Horney

Farmer, born about 1793
of Wye, Piney Neck, and Prospect Bay farm,
Talbot and Queen Anne's Counties died leaving a will
dated 17th March, 1859 in Queen Anne's County, Maryland.
He mentions in his will his children: Thomas, John, Peter, James, Noah,
William, Edward, Martha Smith and Nancy Evans and his horse, Tom.
1st day of April 1859, his children refused to administer
said estate and renounce all right & title & claim.

[ Thomas Horney and his first wife, Elizabeth Betsy Sewell,
were my 4th great grandparents. I transcribed Thomas Horney's will

1898 - 1972
William Raymond Horney
Soldier, Banker, Judge, Deacon
Judge of Court of Appeals 1957-1968
Born May 11, 1898 at Wye, Carmichael, Queen Anne's County, Maryland
Died November 26, 1972 at Memorial Hospital, Easton, Talbot County, Maryland
Buried November 29, 1972 at Old Wye Cemetery at Old Wye Episcopal Church
Wye Mills, Talbot County, Maryland

[ William Horney was the great-grandson of Thomas Horney, (see above)
of Talbot and Queen Anne's, & his second wife, Henrietta Mary Pinkind

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