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                  Katherine "Kathleen" Brown circa 1920 - 1930

                  Carmelina Calabrese   90th Birthday Celebrated
                  Giuseppe Joseph Calabrese & Enriquita Rosa Triste ~ 1918 in El Paso, Texas
                  Joseph & Rosa Calabrese ~ 50th Wedding Anniversary
                  Joseph S. Calabrese, Jr and his wife, Catherine ~ 1970s
                  with their niece and nephew, Jeanette & Michael Calabrese
                  John Calabrese & Ruth Linthicum Calabrese family ~ 1940s
                  Pat Painter Calabrese Sunderland ~ 1984
                  with Marlene, Juanita, John and Denise Calabrese
                  Mrs. Doris Mary Calabrese Horney~ 1970s
                  (daughter of John T. Calabrese and Ruth Linthicum)
                  Tammy's wedding photos ~ 1983
                  (daughter of Doris M. Calabrese and Raymond A. Horney)
                  Pauline Calabrese ~ 1940s
                  Doris & Pauline Calabrese 1955 grade 9 George Fox Junior High Yearbook
                  Thoresa Ann "Tess" Ruby
                  (daughter of Pauline Calabrese and George Ruby)

                  Julia Ellinghaus

                  Kenneth Gabler

                  James Raymond Goldstraw
                  Ella Elizabeth Goldstraw
                  Mary Elizabeth Peterson Goldstraw

                  Nina Edna Hoofnagle

                  Distant Horney Cousins     1700s-1900s
                  Peter James Horney           1862 - 1949   (my great great-grandfather)
                  Aaron Wrightson Horney   1891 - 1949   (my great-grandfather)
                  Calvin Aaron Horney Sr     1914 - 1976   (my grandfather)
                  Raymond Aaron Horney Sr   (my dad)
                  Diana Lynn "Dee" Horney   (me)
                  Tammy Lee Horney               (my sister)
                  Raymond Aaron Horney Jr   (my brother)
                  Raymond Aaron Horney III   (my nephew)
                  Seth Alexander Horney         (my nephew)
                  Horney Family 5 Generations 2003
                  Calvin Aaron Horney Jr family (my uncle)
                  Calvin Aaron Horney III family (my cousin)

                  Ruth Rosalie Linthicum
                  Charles Keyser Linthicum Jr,
                  wife Florence & daughter Betty ~ 1940s

                  Nicholas Peterson
                  Mary Elizabeth Peterson

                  Eugene & Ida Isabelle Thomas Young
                  Eugene & Ida Thomas Young ~ 50th wedding anniversary

                  Enriquita Rosa Triste
                  of Agua Nueva Old Mexico, in El Paso Texas 1918

                  Mrs. Pauline Triste La Scala ~ circa 1955 age 80
                  of Agua Nueva Old Mexico, El Paso Texas and Mesa Arizona
                  visits her daughter, Enriqueta Rosa Triste Calabrese
                  in the mid 1950's in Baltimore City, Maryland

                  John Joseph Watson
                  Tim and Michael Watson

                  Kenneth H. Weaver Jr.
                  George Weaver ~ Civil War Photo

                  Eugene & Ida Isabelle Thomas Young
                  Eugene & Ida Thomas Young ~ 50th wedding anniversary

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