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Peter James Horney

February 24, 1862 ~ October 13, 1949

Peter James Horney was born February 24, 1862 in Winchester, Queen Anne's County, Maryland. He was born ten months and twelve days after the start of the U.S. Civil War when Abraham Lincoln was president. Peter was three years old when the Civil War ended on April 9, 1865 and when President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated 6 days later.

Peter was attending school by 1870 and from 1880 to 1910 he was an Oysterman in Queen Anne's County, Maryland. By 1911, he moved across the Chesapeake Bay to Baltimore City. He was a Stationary Fireman from 1915 to 1930. In addition, he was a Piano Chipper in 1920. Peter remained living in Baltimore City until 2 months before his death. He died at the age of 87 on October 13, 1949 in Springfield State Hospital, Sykesville, Carroll County, Maryland.

Peter was the youngest child of John Wesley Horney, Sr and Mary Elizabeth Browne of Prospect Bay Farm near Winchester, Queen Anne's County, Maryland. He was the grandson of Thomas Horney and Elizabeth "Betsy" Sewell of Talbot and Queen Anne's County, Maryland.

His sisters and brothers were:
Mary Elizabeth Horney b. about 1847
Martha A. Horney b. March 18, 1851 m. Thomas O'Donnell
Sarah C. Horney b. about 1853 m. James P. Harris
John Wesley Horney, Jr b. October 28, 1855 m. Susannah Jane Bryan
Noah Wrightson Horney b. December 16, 1859 m. Annie Elizabeth Spilker
Peter James Horney married first to Margaret Virginia "Jennie" Shriver on April 22, 1890 in Queen Anne's County, Maryland. She was born January 1870 the daughter of William Henry Shriver of Kent County, Maryland. Peter and Jennie had one child, Aaron Wrightson Horney. Jennie Shriver Horney died November 11, 1908 in Springfield State Hospital, Sykesville, Carroll County, Maryland.
Peter married secondly to Wilhelmina M. "Willie" Thomas of Queen Anne's County, Maryland. They had no children together. Wilhelmina was the widow of John R. Bradley before her marriage to Peter Horney. Her parents were Wesley Thomas of Dover, Kent County, Delaware and Elizabeth Ann Higgins of Winchester, Queen Anne's County, Maryland.

_ 3 Generations of Horneys
about 1942, Baltimore City, Maryland

left to right:
Aaron Wrightson Horney about age 51
Samuel Arthur Horney about age 20
Peter James Horney about age 80

Peter Horney Records

During Peter James Horney's lifetime
there were 18 presidents of the United States of America

1861-65 Abraham Lincoln
1865-69 Andrew Johnson
1869-77 Ulysses S. Grant
1877-81 Rutherford B. Hayes
1881 James Garfield
1881-85 Chester Arthur
1885-89 Grover Cleveland
1889-93 Benjamin Harrison
1893-97 Grover Cleveland
1897-1901 William McKinley
1901-09 Theodore Roosevelt
1909-13 William H. Taft
1913-21 Woodrow Wilson
1921-23 Warren Harding
1923-29 Calvin Coolidge
1929-33 Herbert Hoover
1933-45 Franklin D. Roosevelt
1945-53 Harry Truman

Peter Horney Records

2002 and updated March 4, 2005 by D i a n a "D e e" H o r n e y - G a b l e r, great great granddaughter of Peter James Horney.

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