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Betty's Cove Meeting House
Society of Friends

Betty's Cove Meeting House was located near St. Michaels River, (now called the Miles River) Talbot County, Maryland. It predated Third Haven Meeting House.   Betty's Cove is mentioned the 24th day of the first month 1676 in the minutes of Third Haven Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends. The men's meeting was held at the home of famous Quaker, Wenlock Christison in Talbot County, Maryland. Bryan Omealy and John Pitt were to oversee the finishing of the meeting house at Betty's Cove.

"Att our men's meeting at Wenlock Chrystison's the 24th day of the first month 1676 it was concluded by the meeting that the meeting house att Betty's Cove should be finished as followeth; viz't To seale the Gable end and the Loft with Clapboard, and make a partition betwixt the new roome and the old, three foot high, seiled, and with windows to lift up and down, and to be hung with hinges, according to the direction of Bryan O'Mealy and John Pitt, who are appointed by the meeting to have oversight of the same and to be done with what conveniency may be."
Source: THMM - Third Haven Meeting Minutes

"This minute refers to the repairing of completion of the first meeting house that was erected in this county, namely that upon the creek making in from St, Michael's river, between the lands of Friends Robert Dixon and William Hayward, Esq. It was at this house George Fox attended in 1672, and not the Third Haven meeting house, that now standing near Easton, as is commonly supposed."
Oswald Tilghman 1915.
Source: History of Talbot County Maryland 1661-1861 Volume 1, part A. Pages 107-108.
by Oswald Tilghman, Easton, Maryland. 1915, 1994.

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