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Horney Cemetery
Prospect Bay Farm
Windward Cove, Greenwood Creek
Queen Anne's County, Maryland

Died Aug. 5. 1913
Age 78 yrs.
Asleep in Jesus, Blessed sleep
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Died Aug. 26, 1914
Age 74 yrs.
Stop passenger as you pass by,
as you are now so once was I.
As I am now, so must you be,
prepare for death and follow me.
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Died Aug. 12, 1886
Age 21 yrs.
Not dead but still sleepeth.
None knew him but to love him,
None named him but to praise.
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Died Aug. 23, 1913
Age 46 yrs.
Loved in life, in death remembered.
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Died Dec. 30, 1912
Age 72 yrs.
Gone but not forgotten.
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John Wesley Horney Sr. of Prospect Bay Farm
Greenwood Creek, Queen Anne's County, Maryland

Centreville Record
published Saturday Morning
August 3, 1901

Mr. John Horney passed away quietly last Thursday night in the 80th year of his age.
Funeral at the 7th Day Adventist Church. Interment at "Prospect Bay Farm."
He leaves a widow and several children to mourn his loss.


Residents, Hunters, Landscapers, Builders Realtors, Historians, etc.,
of the Perry Corner, Windward Cove and Prospect Bay area near Grasonville, Queen Anne's County, Maryland

Dee's plea for help:
John Wesley Horney, Sr was my fourth great grandfather. John was born about September 20, 1822 in Talbot or Queen Anne's County, Maryland and died July 26, 1901 in the 80th year of his age at Fords Store, Queen Anne's County, Maryland. John W. Horney married Mary Elizabeth Browne on January 14, 1846 by Reverend Sutton in Queen Anne's County, Maryland. Mary was born about February 1829 and was still living April 23, 1910 at age 81. I have been searching for about 5 years and have not been able to locate her date and place of death or obituary. I have not been able to locate John or Mary Horney's tombstones. John Wesley Horney Sr was the son of Thomas Horney and his first wife, Elizabeth Betsy Sewell. They were my fifth great grandparents who were married November 15, 1814 by Reverend Valliant in Talbot County Maryland.
Thomas Horney was born about 1793 and died between March 17 - April 1, 1859 at his Prospect Bay Farm in Queen Anne's County, Maryland. I have not yet located their tombstones.

William G. Horney was the son of Thomas Horney and his second wife, Henrietta Mary Pinkind. He was the half brother of John Wesley Horney, Sr.
William G. Horney was born July 5, 1835 at the prospect bay farm and died August 5. 1913. He married Ann Wilhelmina Todd. The photos I have taken of the tombstones of William G. Horney and his family The are those at the top of this page.

I have not yet located the gravestones of John Wesley Horney, Sr, his wife, Mary Elizabeth Browne Horney, or his father, Thomas Horney. They should be located in what was the Prospect Bay Farm which was located at or near what is now Windward Cove on Greenwood Creek near Eastern Bay, Queen Anne's County, Maryland. If anywone found these tombstones I would be most graciously greatful if you would contact me at:

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